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07-01-2010, 06:56 AM
Rosebud said: THANKS RUTH ~ yes, with being in southern Ontario, you can put things in so much earlier than us; and a wider range of flowers too. I'm actually in Eastern Ontario, two zones colder than Fatmad. The early peas were a fluke - it was a very mild March. No blueberries here until late July but I do have raspberries, black currants and "black caps". What a wonderful season of the year to stay on programme!


07-02-2010, 09:19 AM
Have been getting back on track, eating better again and getting out for walks and gardening. Through it all the metformin has kept my sugars stable. Haven't been high or low at all, very steady.
But not losing anymore weight. Seem to be stuck where I am.
And not happy about that weight.

Meanwhile, I am happy to hear that everyone here is enjoying the summer and fresh fruit and veggies, and getting out and about. We just had a lovely Canada Day, hope our friends to the south enjoy their national holiday on Sunday. There weather is going to stay fabulous by the look of things.

07-02-2010, 11:20 AM
Good thing I can't absorb carbs through my pores or I'd be dead by now. I just spent the last three hours prepping things for tomorrow's chicken BBQ - macaroni and potato salad plus carrots in a honey based dressing! Yes, there will also be pie. :shrug: Twenty dozen rolls are in the works too.

I'm sticking to my healthy eating by just serving at the BBQ tomorrow although I will take home a serving of chicken which will do me two meals at home.

07-02-2010, 03:25 PM

We got back home from our CANADA DAY fireworks display after 11 pm last night and it was exceptional this year, I must say ... well, it is our 100th birthday anniversary so it was a special one. Our dear NIKO with us and he just curled up in a ball in the back seat and slept through the whole thing ... :lol:

I was busy this AM baking some breakfast slice to use up some ripe bananas, which is really just a healthier version of Banana Bread for DH. I made some for myself too with a few raisins and topped with a few walnuts. Will freeze some for the rest of the month or two.

Have a great weekend, and HAPPY JULY 4th to our American friends here ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-04-2010, 03:54 PM
Ruth, you have more willpower than me to be able to make those things and then avoid them.
Have had company all weekend, and did a small cheat, (ate half a slice of sugar free pie for dessert on Friday) and though I stuck to my woe, did overindulge with quantities too.
Got a bit stressed out trying to juggle work and guests, but my darling daughter took charge of the situation and did a great job on the home front, leaving me to work without distraction.
My dog is sick, so hope she makes it through the heat wave. Our geothermal heat that we put in last winter can reverse to blast cool air through the house. We've never had air conditioning before, but for her sake, its quite nice.
We have had a lovely holiday weekend, hope our american friends enjoy their national holiday too.

07-04-2010, 10:42 PM
:wave: We have quite a heatwave with terrible humidity going on up here; not usual for this area but the second time we have had it so far. Yesterday was nice up at our lot; had a nice sprinkling of :rain: in the afternoon and during the night too. We got out for a wee bit of shopping and walking this AM; but have stayed indoors with the A/C all afternoon and evening. :D

Eating well and except for some stomach/intestinal problems (have to get this checked out as it was minor before;then went away and has come back today twice), am doing good this month. Hoping and praying that it is nothing too serious. :^:

Hope you all have a nice week coming up ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-05-2010, 01:08 PM
Hope the tummy trouble isn't serious and you can get it checked out soon, Rosebud. (Tell me again where you are in Ontario - I keep thinking Timmons.)

Well, I had to adjust my ticker after the weekend - BGL held steady but there were several indiscretions foodwise. Back to super-clean eating today with an asparagus, HB egg and greens salad about to happen. I also have a gorgeous melon that I'll slice up and portion out carefully.

It's really, really hot and the gym is not AC so no session today although my timely reminder did pop up. I guess lugging around the hose and finishing the deck power-washing will have to be the "exercise" for this day.

Drink water, chickies!

07-05-2010, 10:56 PM
THANKS, RUTH ~ yes, I do live in a small town near Timmins. Timmins is the closest city to where we live and we often have to go to their bigger hospital for tests, procedures, and surgeries. I sent you a private message about that as our internet provider told us not to mention our town as it was so small people would be able to identify us too easily (and I am sure several of our friends, relatives, and acquaintances already have, from what I have been hearing). So much for security, eh? :lol:a

I am calling for an appt tomorrow when our clinic is supposed to be open. We do have limited doctors becuz it's a small town. Funny, we just got three news one to replace those leaving and people are still having to wait a long time for appointments. I am still glad to have our system over the one in the US though. :D

Today, things looked a bit better too. I have been eating very well and am glad for that. Got a bit of walking in today as well. I am trying to do a bit of something every day; and Sunday is my rest day. Some of my bushes and flowers we planted last week are starting to bloom for us today; it makes it all worth while to see them. I agree -- we need to drink lots of water; esp during this hot weather!

Have a great week, people ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-06-2010, 04:00 PM
RUTH ~ I did get an appointment for July 20th @ 3:30 pm so that is pretty good; only 2 weeks away. I do try to eat complex carbs most often; whole grain bran bread and have been working in whole grain pasta as well. I also try to have veggies and/or salad for both lunch & dinner each day. Some days I may have a HM veggie soup and a salad for dinner; or a lettuce/spinach salad for lunch and a coleslaw for dinner (or visa versa).

I just bought a bag of new mixed coleslaw which has shredded red & green cabbage, carrots, and broccoli stems; and it is nice and crunchy -- great fiber in there. It is my new favorite one and I saw that they also have a new broccoli slaw and a carrot slaw available too. I will be in slaw heaven as it is my favorite salad.

I have been adding some baby spinach to my romaine lettuce salads lately too. I pick about 12 leaves and put them in a baggie in the fridge and they stay nice and crispy for the next day too. Near the end of its cycle, I will pick all of them and put them into the freezer as they are nice in soups, sauces, and stews.

We woke up to :rain: today which is good becuz it has cooled things down for us; it's still a bit humid but it's better than what we had. My newly planted day lilies and my Goldfinger Cinquefoil bush are blooming now; and the brown-eyed Susans will be very soon. The white Abbotsford Cinquefoil bush has been blooming since we bought it, as have the Sweet William Dianthuses.

Hope you all have a great day ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-06-2010, 10:56 PM
I just bought a bag of new mixed coleslaw which has shredded red & green cabbage, carrots, and broccoli stems; and it is nice and crunchy -- great fiber in there. It is my new favorite one and I saw that they also have a new broccoli slaw and a carrot slaw available too. I will be in slaw heaven as it is my favorite salad.

I have been eating more coleslaw myself. Really enjoying it, and its so easy when you buy it in a bag. I just use mayo for dressing. On reading ingredients, I see a lot of "coleslaw" dressings have sugar in them, and quite a lot of sugar at that. Anyone know of sugar free "coleslaw" dressings?

07-07-2010, 08:39 PM
MAD -- I just use Miracle Whip with a bit of white Vinegar; or lite sour cream; or lite Ranch dressing with my coleslaws. I suppose you could check out the BLUE MENU ones to see if they have less sugar or maybe you could make your own too.

INTERESTING SIDE NOTE HERE: recently a friend of mine (and her DH) came back to our town (they used to live here) to visit family and friends; while visiting with us, she told me something interesting. Her DH is diabetic, and she said the diabetic counselor told her DH to stop drinking 'DIET' sodas and to drink regular instead becuz the body reacted worse to the diet ones than the sugar ones. So far, he hasn't had any adverse reactions to this change; and I think he only has one a day.

Well, another lady told me once that I shouldn't be afraid to put real sugar in my tea and coffee (in small amounts), as the sweeteners may be worse for us. She was a volunteer for the diabetes association too.

I have read that the real reason is that the body still thinks you ate sugar becuz it tastes sweet and so it releases insulin and that is why our sugars dip down too much and are not balanced (for some of us, that is). Also by putting in a little sugar or natural sweeteners in your drinks, you can keep your blood sugar levels more balanced over the day. Some people put a little cream and sugar in their coffee for the same reason.

I also heard that using all these fake sweeteners leave us more hungry than if we had used sugar or other natural sweeteners in the first place -- and the only rule is to limit how much we have each day.

Have any of you heard this same new message?

07-08-2010, 06:36 PM
I know that I cannot tolerate regular sodas now. I cannot stand the taste, they are much too sweet for me. Being a type 1, with NO insulin production whatsoever, I guess it wouldn't affect me either way. I cut out sodas of all varieties a few years ago, I will only have a small or medium soda once or twice a month, otherwise it is water, water, tea, water, or more water! lol I drink fruit juice at the same frequency as soda, as I feel that if I am going to ingest fruit, might as well eat it and benefit from the fibre content! lol

:) Fallen off the bandwagon recently, blood sugars going high. Starting back up with my diabetes nurse weekly appointments.

07-08-2010, 07:29 PM
CASANDRA ~ like you, I don't drink a lot of soda either, but every now and then I get a yen for it, so I always have some on hand, just in case (esp in the summertime, with some ice). I have always bought diet soda for the same reason you mentioned: I just find the regular ones way too sweet for me now; and have for most of my life, as I don't have a huge sweet tooth either ...

Most of the time, I just drink water, tea, or coffee; but more water than anything. My DH drinks regular soda and always has, as he just doesn't like the taste of diet sodas, so every one is different. People used to think it was odd that I drank so much water. They would offer me coffee, tea, pop (all kinds), juice, milk, etc ... but in the summer, when it is hot ... a nice glass of cold water is my #1 preference. :D

07-09-2010, 10:38 PM
I haven't had a regular soda in years, but recently switched to mainly having the schwepps ginger ale since its made with splenda. No effect on sugars for me, before or after the metformin started. I do drink a few every week. I like fizzy drinks. I prefer perrier to still water to enjoy. (I do drink plenty of regular water, from the brita filter). It not that I'm unconcerned about artificial sweeteners, but that I think the sugar in soda's is too much of a risk for me. Another good option, is to add soda water into a quarter glass of a favourite juice. Fizzes it up, you get only natural fruit sugars usually, but cut down to size.
I find its the caffeine in a lot of sodas that spikes my sugars, so I gave that up. In the U.S., more of the sodas have caffeine, and higher amounts of caffeine than we have in Canada. I stick to diet gingerale or soda with cranberry juice for my fizzy drinks.

07-09-2010, 10:44 PM
ALso, on an odd note, got a period on Thursday, and feel crummy today. Fell off the wagon and ate some very sweet milk chocolate that was great. (usually if I have choc, its a few squares of dark stuff) .
The periods have been few and far between in the last year, went from September to March (around the time Mum died) again 2.5 weeks later in April (for her funeral) so I put that down to stress, and not again until now.
I decided to attribute this one to weight loss, a lot of women I know who lost weight in the perimenopause said that seemed to affect cycles, fat loss affecting hormones. Its one side effect of weight loss I am NOT appreciating.

07-09-2010, 11:42 PM
MADELEINE ~ I am 51 yy and am having the same issues as you with my menses. I started peri-menopause around 46 y/o; and I also get them only every 3-4 months or so. This last one was a doozy and it was not fun at all. It was so bad that I had to stay home for about a week to rest; it lasted a very long time too (1.5 weeks +) -- probably becuz of the long span in between. Thankfully, it's over now and I'm feeling a lot better. BTW, I up my vitamins during those times and try to eat extra healthy stuff, just in case it helps some. Hope you are feeling better soon ... :hug:

07-10-2010, 08:18 AM
My sympathies, Ladies. I remember it well although it's in the distant past.

Been doing OK lately despite the heat with good readings. Last night I forgot my meds though and ended up with a 7.2 this morning. It's nice to feel OK about waiting a bit for breakfast.

Weight has been up and down a lot - heat makes me retain water badly - but I am on plan and drinking lots of water.

Enjoy the weekend.

07-12-2010, 07:25 PM
I seem to be able to take my metformin earlier in the day, and the gas is not as bad as it was before. Overall, with time, I am tolerating it better. BUT, I do get the leg cramps and pains if I forget my B vitamins. They make it tolerable to continue, but I am pleased the gas is better.
My sugars have been great, going to get my A1C drawn tomorrow and see what 3 months on the metformin has done for me.
I should know by the end of the week where I am at.

07-13-2010, 05:58 AM
Fatmad, Happy HA1C Day! It'll be interesting to see the results.

My weight is still yo-yoing. :shrug: I seem to be messing around with the same three pounds this month but FBGL is solidly stable so I'll try not to fret. I am loaded with raspberries and green beans are nearly ready so food has been good. My BBQ is finally fixed. Grilled veggies here I come!

07-13-2010, 05:34 PM
:wave: Am doing well; sticking to my plan, and making some small changes here and there. Am loving working with my flower gardens: great exercise for me. Most of them are blossoming right now; just waiting on the painted daisies which I can see some buds forming. The bluebells are nice and green; but the bells haven't shown up just yet.

I was surprised to see that I had apples on my crab apple tree; not big or ripe and will have to check how many. Not likely enuff to make anything yet though; but I was still tickled pink to see them anyways.

As I was just telling someone else, this has been a big dream of mine; to grow fruit and flowers and bushes and plants (perennials) on our own lot and here where we live too. I am learning a lot and enjoying them too.

Today, I had a vegetarian lunch to change things up a bit; great for a :hot: summer day. I was thinking about what ELLEN told us that when she switched to a vegetarian menu that her sugars started to come down.

I have a theory ~ that maybe becuz her body is now using up the CARBS AS A PROTEIN SUBSTITUTE -- that is bringing her blood sugar levels back in line. It kinda makes sense to me. We may find that different plans will work for people with different body types.

Hope you all have a great week ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-14-2010, 07:47 AM
Rosebud, gardening is good for your soul and body in so many ways. I love the peace I feel when working in mine.

I'm having a wonderfully serene week because I have two extra dogs visiting. That means I'm around the house a lot and am getting odds and sods off my list. I'm ignoring the scale and focusing on the BGL and water.

May your Hump Day be just a gentle slope day.

07-14-2010, 09:50 PM
COuldn't find my lab requisitions yet, so haven't done the A1C. Perhaps tomorrow. It will have been 3 months since starting the metformin. Here's hoping. However, today I had a fasting of 5.8 (still a bit high, haven't taken a fasting sugar for a while, I realized, am only checking sugars twice a week lately, and usually ac or pc).
Also, due to ongoing problems with constipation (sorry probably TMI) I had a high fibre breakfast. No added sugar, but had one brick of shredded wheat, and some fibre one with milk. Pc sugar at 1 hour was 9.8 and at 2 hours was 8.0
So in spite of the metformin I am obviously still very sensitive to ANY carbs, even lower glycemic things. This is really disappointing, I was hoping to go off the metformin to kick up the weight loss.
Well, exercise can increase

07-16-2010, 10:37 PM
MADELEINE ~ I found that after awhile the Metformin didn't keep my blood sugar levels down as well as at the start. For me, the best thing to lower mine are healthy eating but more exercise, like walking helped the most. I am now off the Met but my sugar levels are the same as when I was on it and I don't have the ravenous side effects that I had before.

I was thinking that maybe some protein with only 1 serving of high fiber cereal like the Fiber One or All-bran or All-bran flakes might work better. OR, an egg with one slice of high-fiber whole grain toast.

The other thing I have been wondering while listening to diabetes patients comment in this forum is this ... do you really have to get your blood sugar levels down that low to be considered normal or in control?

Someone told me anywhere around 7.0 is considered normal and good; but others say anything under 9.0 is OK too. Like for CASANDRA, whose body doesn't produce any insulin at all, so she has to take some to use up the xtra sugars in her blood, but for the rest of us -- is it more about balanced and reasonable numbers? Just wondering ... :D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-16-2010, 11:19 PM
The other thing I have been wondering while listening to diabetes patients comment in this forum is this ... do you really have to get your blood sugar levels down that low to be considered normal or in control?

Someone told me anywhere around 7.0 is considered normal and good; but others say anything under 9.0 is OK too. Like for CASANDRA, whose body doesn't produce any insulin at all, so she has to take some to use up the xtra sugars in her blood, but for the rest of us -- is it more about balanced and reasonable numbers? Just wondering ... :D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ... Rosebud :flow1:

I think it depends what your goals are. I want to have sugars that are "normal" for someone without diabetes. I have pre-diabetes (or did) and to consider it reversed, I would need sugars that imply I don't have it anymore.
That is what I have been trying to do, reverse the diabetes while it is still possible. Of course, I understand, that even if I do everything right, I may still not reverse it, or even progress on to true diabetes.
My other goal (and my absolute goal) is to prevent damage to my body from diabetes. The damage, (such as neuropathy, heart disease etc) happens with sugars that are too high. The actual number of "too high" depends on the research we read, but generally, the close we can keep to non-diabetic numbers, the less likely we are to have damage.
My administrator's husband is dealing with the effects of not keeping control for several years. He has a foot ulcer that hasn't healed after two years, lost his job as a result, and has had two small amputations of part of his foot. So I have some pretty good idea of what I want to avoid. I prefer to keep my numbers very tight.
(ps, I always have protein and a bit of fat with meals, but even so, the grain carbs spike me no matter what. )

07-17-2010, 03:46 PM
I have pre-diabetes (or did) and to consider it reversed, I would need sugars that imply I don't have it anymore.

My other goal (and my absolute goal) is to prevent damage to my body from diabetes.

YES, I am/was in the same boat as you (pre-diabetic); my numbers are in a steady ^under^ 7.0 range, even now that I am off the Metformin, so I am very grateful for that. That was the goal of my doctor and myself from the start: to keep full-blown diabetes and it's damaging effects at bay ...

ps, I always have protein and a bit of fat with meals, but even so, the grain carbs spike me no matter what.

Ya, many people have that problem; your body must be very sensitive to them. I always had to watch for dips too though (hypo-dips, I call them); so eating every 2-3 hours helps me -- and eating protein and some good fats are a priority for me as well.

07-19-2010, 12:08 PM
Hello Ladies,

Well, I guess I belong here with you guys as I was diagnosed with diabetes T2 last month. It wasn't extremely high, but the A1c was a little above 7. The doctor put me on Metformin 500 and my numbers came down but were all over the place. And my blood pressure was up. My blood pressure was coming down so he didn't change my bp meds when I went to see him last Friday, but he doubled the Metformin to 1000. Blood work came back and my good cholesterol was low and triglycerides were too high. So I'm on meds for that as well. I ordered Atkins book and I'm reading it while I have started Atkins Induction today.

DH was diagnosed with it Friday as well although he isn't on meds for it yet. He has other issues and the doctor thinks his could be caused by the fact that he has had so many blood tests taken for different doctors during the past month, however, I think he is going to have to make some decisions about what he is going to do. He is dealing with the fact right now of shock that he even has diabetes.

I don't understand how I can have a BS reading of 112 mg/dl at night and wake up to a 123 mg/dl. I was diagnosed with diabetes back in the late 80s and controlled it for years with diet and exercise. Meds were different then. I like the new meds, just not used to how they work.

Have a good day.

07-19-2010, 09:07 PM
TRISH ~ during the night your body uses up or distributes the nutrients you have eaten during the day; the stomach ones go first, but the rest go through your intestines.

Also, that may be "the DAWN EFFECT" at play there. Your sugar was at 7.0/112 when you went to bed, then it goes down as you sleep; around 3 AM, your body then dumps some insulin into your body and you end up with a higher reading in the morning. This happened to me all the time, and I would get those hypo-dips almost exactly at 3 AM; becuz they would wake me up and whoa, talk about dizzy.

So ... to counteract that, I made sure to have a small snack before bed (usually protein like cheese, but sometimes a couple of wheat crackers with PB or cheese; or half an apple or yogurt, etc).

Had busy day up at our lot (where our camping trailer is parked right now); so I got lots of exercise in today and ate well. I am thrilled that we got so much done, but am very tired and sore now. I will rest really good tomorrow to make up for that. Have a great week ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-20-2010, 07:52 AM
:welcome: Pattygirl.

The heat and humidity are giving me yo-yo weights these days. It's strange how water retention increases in heat - probably a body defense mechanism. My ticker is back to being truthful this morning. BGL has been great lately although there have been a few morning lows from not enough carbs with dinner. I know better.

Every morning "gym" pops up on my daily calendar and every morning I hit delete. :nono: My excuse is that I'm really busy and that the AC in the gym is cruddy. HOWEVER.....I am not busy between 7:30 and 8:30 most mornings and the air is cooler then so I'd better put on my Big Girl panties and get back at it. The hilly village of Amelia in Umbria is going to be a challenge in October. I'll be cooking and eating Italian for a week so ....

On with the day...... and I can't do the gym this morning because I need to leave for Kingston in hour with a water sample for the lab - our Fair opens Thursday and we failed a water test! The guy who operates then lemonade stand will not be pleased.

07-20-2010, 12:22 PM
Morning Ladies,

My BP is back down below 120/80 which is actually normal for me. My BP was alway lower until the past few months. Fast BS was 120 mg/dl which is an improvement from the 195 when I saw the doctor the first time last month. Just doesn't come down really fast does it? But I am thankful it is down where it is. It was 108 mg/dl 2 hours after my main meal yesterday so I think I'm making progress. I put my weight ticker back on my signature and was nice to see that I've lost 12 lbs so far this year. I think it helps to see that. I'm on Atkins Induction Day 2 so hopefully things will get even better.

Ruth Thanks for the Welcome. I am doing a little exercise here and there during the day but not all at once. Once during the day, I use my stationary bike although I barely make 2 minutes on it right now. I figure starting to do anything is good and my goal is to do at least 15 min a day. I know that the true answer for me and the control of my BS is to do exercise first thing in the morning, but right now I just don't have the energy. I hope that as the Induction stage of Atkins takes affect maybe I will get the energy to get back to that.

Rosebud I remember reading in Metabolism Miracle that we need to eat a snack before going to bed because the liver dumps insulin in the body during sleep, but then would forget to do it when I go to bed. Thanks for reminding me. She said some people even have to eat a snack in the middle of the night if they wake up. I did eat a cheese stick before going to bed last night and will continue to do that. I never did the middle of the night snack because I didn't want to make a habit of eating during the night, but maybe I'm wrong on that one. I'll have to see how things go with the Atkins Induction phase first. I may have to change my mind and eat the cheese stick when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Have a great Tuesday Everybody.

07-20-2010, 02:41 PM
Been awhile since I checked in anywhere. :o

Glad for the info on dawn effect. I too have that and never remember
what to do. Went to doc yesterday, A1C was 5.9, only a .1 higher than last time. Don't have to go back for 6 months.:carrot:

I too keep track like Trish with my BS. 120, ect. Is the other way just like the A1C? How do you know where your at, sugar wise?

I have the Zumba Fitness dvd, latin dancing. It's fun; but, I'm not very good at it. Too much to swing around. :lol::dance::dancer: I do feel better and a smidge tighter. :)

I'm a type 2 on insulin and pills. Lantes, humolog, januvia, & others. :dizzy:
Feeling pretty good tho-except for humidity. :dizzy:

07-20-2010, 11:23 PM
Trish, another thing for your fasting sugars: when do you take the metformin? Are you taking one pill at 1000mg or 2 - 500 mg pills? If so, try taking them at different times of day. If you take the 2nd one with supper and the first with breakfast, you should find that you can keep steady most of the time.

BTW everyone, I realized that my fasting sugars went up when I starting taking the metformin earlier in the day. I had started in the am, but had more digestive problems, so I swtiched to supper time, and the gas and bloating were less with that time slot. But over time I have been tolerating it better, and was taking it with breakfast again, so that explains why the fasting sugars were higher again. BUT, I have no trouble using diet to keep the sugars steady during the day, so the metformin needs to be taken in the pm. I switched back to supper time and voila, am sugars are just fine.

Still haven't made it to the lab for my A1c, I would do it at work, but the doc wants a few things that we don't usually do, so I have to find out what tubes to use!
Anyone else have a vitamin D level done? It seems to be the in thing, though I doubt I would have any trouble with it.

07-21-2010, 01:27 PM
My doctor has me taking a single 1000 mg metformin at my biggest meal. However, now that I'm doing low carb, I really don't have a biggest meal. I tried the eat a few bites of something when I woke up a little after 3am, but my am reading was 132 mg/dl. So that didn't work out to good for me. I am trying to do Atkins Induction of 20 g carbs a day. But today I bought some whey powder to make a 3 g carb shake in the evening. Our main meal is around 2 pm. I just don't care to cook etc just for me in the evening. My sister who had lapband surgery in December has lost 75 lbs mostly eating protein. Of course, she can't eat much at a time any way. She uses a whey powder she gets at Walmart but the carbs were to high for me so I found one today at Bi-Lo grocery that is on 3 g carb per serving and it is made with water instead of juice or milk.

fatmad - My doctor checked me for Vitamin D. I thought I was getting plenty with my Multi and calcium... about 800 units a day. He told me that I needed to be taking 2000. So I got D3 at Walmart that is 2000. I read that the D3 has a better shelf life. I remember when they said you could get too much D so be careful. Now they say we don't get enough. So it is good to have it checked.

What I found interesting in my blood work is that my bad cholesterol was okay, but my good cholesterol was too low. I was not surprised to find that the triglycerides were high because of the diabetes. Seems that goes with it.

Hope everyone is doing well and has a great day.

07-22-2010, 12:28 PM
Well, this morning the FBS was 115 mg/dl. Just hope it stays there. Have to go get my pnuemonia shot today when DH goes for his PT blood test for the coumadin. Dr. marked on the bill and told me I needed to get it last week when I had my physical then we both forgot it.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

07-22-2010, 03:32 PM
Hello, everyone! I hate that I have to meet you all this way, but that is the way it is, I guess. I have a huge history of type 2 in my family and I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant. I don't want to have type 2 and recently I was told I had pre-diabetes and I should monitor my diet. So here I am.

Hey, Trish! Nice to see a familiar face. IE just wasn't for us, I suppose. I still like the principles, but it just doesn't work when you have blood sugar problems. Great job on your FBS! Mine today was 94! That's the lowest it's been since I started checking, so I'm happy. I know it could be better, though. I had readings in the 80's when I was pregnant, but that was almost 7 years ago.

Nice to meet everyone else!

07-22-2010, 07:43 PM
theCandEs Hi, I also loved IE principles too. Great on getting your number to 94. I don't want to be diabetic and deal with the problems that come with it either. I hope to be able to get it under control. I've been reading some on Primal Blueprint on line, but I didn't by the book. Although I can't go the raw meat, I can buy the fact of eating protein, fruits and veggies. Hope things go well for you. Are you on meds or just doing it with diet and exercise?

07-22-2010, 10:11 PM
:welcome: to our group, CANDES ~ glad you found us over here; we are on different plans, but we are working towards similar goals. :D

TRISH ~ those were good numbers this morning; congrats to you! :carrot:

I had to go for testing at our hospital for my sugars and iron, etc. I did a pre-test and was 5.0/80 this AM; and that is without any Metformin. Don't mind me, while I cheer myself ... :cheer: I had an ounce of cheddar cheese and a tea at 9 pm last evening, so that is probably why. Didn't get to eat my breaky until 11 am, so I was very, very hungry by then! :drool: I was in control -- and just had a raisin bran muffin and a coffee at TIMMY's ... :D

We had another :hot: one today, but it is cooling off now. We had turkey drums with roasted veggies for dinner; and I got some walking in today as well as we had to go do some pick-ups and errands today twice.

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-22-2010, 10:38 PM
I finally did my A1C today, LOL, my co-worker did the blood draw in her car before we went into breakfast at a diner this morning. I realized I didn't have time for the next couple of days to get to the lab, so we decided this was the best way. I was worried someone would see us and think we were doing drugs or something. I will get the results at the office by saturday tho, so I won't have to wait long.
Fasting sugar was 5.5 on my glucometer at the time. So switching back to supper metformin has been fine.
A little NSV last evening, was driving home from a long work day, ( got called out at 5 am, going home at 7) and was already justifying going through mcdonalds or tim hortons drive thru. I had eating good snacks and lunch on plan, but was really needing supper then, but home was still 25 min away. BUT, I did it! I did not eat junk, I went home, and found hubby had made ww spaghetti. I could eat the meat sauce over some stir fried zucchini. It was great. And I did fine. Then went to bed.
Also, I know I talked about it on the atkins thread, but after the first 3 months of atkins was fine, since late march I have struggled with constipation problems. Decided to go with NSA metamucil and all is well. It seems to have kickstarted the weight loss again too. I will believe I am down to 171 if the scale is still there on Monday.

Wellcome to new friends. HOpe we can all have a good summer.
Holidays start on MONDAY!

07-23-2010, 06:40 AM
Good morning! Weight is up a bit because I was in town late yesterday after a day from **** and found myself at the Chinese buffet! :nono: Bad choice! I really DO have an addiction. Strangely enough I tried to talk myself out of it. That's never happened before. Maybe next time the results will be different.

The Delta Fair is on until Sunday but I have no problem avoiding Fair Food. I actually usually lose weight from walking around checking things out. (I'm a Director.) We fed our judges yesterday at noon - darned potato or macaroni salad plus ham which seems to be the norm in the country! I suggested 3-bean salad and got shot down. Some things will never change.

07-23-2010, 09:26 AM
Also, I know I talked about it on the atkins thread, but after the first 3 months of atkins was fine, since late march I have struggled with constipation problems. Decided to go with NSA metamucil and all is well. It seems to have kickstarted the weight loss again too. I will believe I am down to 171 if the scale is still there on Monday.

Wellcome to new friends. HOpe we can all have a good summer.
Holidays start on MONDAY!

Let us know how the A1C turned out when you find out! Good luck.

Also, I completely understand about constipation. I NEVER had it before going lower-carb. And even when I eat lots of veggies, which I do, I still have days when it's not very comfortable. I don't do Atkins, per se, but I limit my carbs to fewer than 100 net a day, so it's much lower than the SAD.

I add ground flax meal to my cottage cheese or yogurt in the morning, or eat a teaspoon of chia seeds with a glass of water. Sometimes I use Metamucil, but I don't like the texture very much. All of those help a lot.

07-23-2010, 11:46 AM
My FBS was 115 mg/dl again this morning. :carrot: While I want it to keep going down, I am thrilled to have it the same low number 2 days in a row. I stayed up late and woke up early. I was so tired when I went to bed that I forgot to eat my little snack before I went to bed and too tired to get up and eat it when I was in bed and remembered it. So hopefully things everything is coming together for me. My BP is back down to normal for me it was 116/68 this morning. I've added a little bit of fruit to my low carb diet. As I wrote before, I read about the Primal Blueprint on line. I can do protein, fruit and veggies. I don't even miss the junk food any more. I bought some low carb protein whey powder and drink the shakes. The chocolate one takes the place of the ice cream I used to enjoy. I've made a lot of changes that seem to be automatic with no stress doing it. It's like I'm ready for the changes.

synger & fatmad - I struggled with constipation before too. I take a Potassium/Magnesium that DH takes for atial phib and the magnesium took care of that. Now that I take Metformin and drink the shakes, I'm trying to figure how to adjust the potassium/magnesium because I either get too much magnesium and end up running to the potty or end up constipated when I cut it back too much.

Rosebud - Congratulations on the low fasting numbers and for staying in control yesterday. Great accomplishments. Let us know how your tests turn out.

Ruth - Enjoy the fair. It is hard to get people to fix healthier foods. I find that most people at church gathering always bring more fattening foods even those I know are on diets themselves. Sometimes what some people call healthy, isn't healthy for us.

Y'all have a great Friday and weekend.

07-23-2010, 09:36 PM
I could eat the meat sauce over some stir fried zucchini.

I love to do this with leftovers as well; sometimes, instead of pasta -- I serve my sauce and/or meatballs and sauce over long string green beans, or sauteed string cabbage or slaw or zucchini thins (cut in long strips). I am finding new ways to eat things that taste great as time goes on ... :D

YES, I will keep you posted on the results of all my tests; it is nice to see so much improvement over time. I am learning what things I can resist and what things I can't, but I am also going to enjoy this life too. I am fortunate that I have never been a big sweets nut; so I can go into Tim Horton's occasionally, and just buy coffee OR a coffee & a bran muffin with no problem (they even have low-fat versions here) ... ;)

The doctor gave me a prescription for some stool softening gel pills; I have metamucil here too, but only use it now and then. He is pretty sure that constipation caused the blood in my stools a while back (but I still have to have a colonoscopy becuz of my age and a family history of colon cancer, just to be on the safe side). I am pretty sure too as I forgot to mention some soreness and tenderness on and off. He said that he could see evidence of a tag, so I gotta watch that now that I am eating so differently ... :dizzy:

Have a wonderful weekend and a great vacation for those on there way ... :hug:

07-23-2010, 10:14 PM
A1C results are in, 5.7, a nice healthy number. My fasting was 5.0 by lab, but 5.8 on my glucometer, which means I am more than 10% off, which my diabetes educators says I shouldn't be. So maybe I am a bit lower than I think when I test. BTW, my vitamin D was low! So I will be adding more of a supplement again. I had cut back on the supplement with the warm weather, I was out in the sun almost everyday, and not so well covered.

07-24-2010, 03:14 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm not on meds or anything. I'm just trying to keep the BS down through diet and exercise. Things are going well. I was really stressed at first, but now I think I can do this. FBS was 94 again today, so that is good.
Very tired. Need to go to bed. Everyone have a good weekend! :)

07-24-2010, 07:35 AM
Plugging along. This has been a very stressful week but, aside from one incident, I'm sticking to my eating plan. There has been lots of walking at the Fair but I'm planning to get back to the gym on Monday. I need to make ME my priority for a while! BGL has been just great!

07-24-2010, 08:21 AM
Hello everyone,
I am new here and have been on the Ideal Protein Plan for 2 weeks. It had done wonders for my glucose levels. I can not wait until I go in August for my bloodwork.
I look forward to learning more here and getting to know some of you.
Tina Lou

07-24-2010, 08:58 AM
:welcome: Tina Lou. Yes IP certainly should help with your levels. I'm on South Beach and watching carbs.

07-24-2010, 12:00 PM
:welcome3:Tina Lou. I started out doing Atkins, but have just slipped into low carb modified Primal style. Meaning I eat protein, veggies and a little fruit. This has helped bring my FBS #s down almost to normal.

My FBS reading was 116 mg/dl this morning up a pt. I tried eating oatmeal last night because I read that it helps bring BS back to normal. I'm not sure that would work for me. I've decided to stick with what works basic low carb and then add exercise back into my plan starting Monday. I think the exercise will help bring #s back into the normal range.

Cande It is great that you can be in normal range with just exercise and diet. That is how I took care of it the first time I was diagnosed with diabetes. But then about 3 years ago I put back almost all the 70+ lbs that I had lost. Hopefully I can eventually do that again and get back to normal weight this time. I also hope that the diabetic problem will be eliminated as well. My doctor seems to believe the Metformin will help me lose weight so I don't mind being on it if I have to be.

Fatmad Glad you had such great results on A1C test. I look forward to see results of my bloodwork next month too. I am working so hard to get things back to normal that I think I will see some good improvement then.

Rosebud I think that is great that you never craved sweets. I never did until I started have BS problems. I need to remember that when I crave sweets that it is a sign that my BS is up.

Ruth I think that we all need to learn how to make ourselves our priority. I have always been good at taking care of others and putting me last. I remember my Mama telling me several months before she died, "If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will". I think I'm learning that I can't do a good job caring for others if I don't take care of me.

Y'all have a great day and weekend.

07-24-2010, 01:41 PM
Trish -- I think 116 is still good. BTW, I like the South Beach Diet. It has some IE principles to it, too. I've never tried Atkins. I did lose 10 pounds on SBD when I did it last year, and I never gained it back, which is unusual. I also have the Hungry-Girl book. It's actually kinda good. She has some low sugar/ low carb kinds of recipes.

Tina Lou -- I'm new here, too. Nice to meet you!

Ruth -- I'm going with SBD, too. Glad your BGL's are good.

fatmad -- I wonder why the numbers are off so much. Is there a way to test your meter?

Justwanttobehealthy --I love zucchini. I will have to try that when the pasta craving hits.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Not sure what we will be doing, but it will probably involve lots of cleaning or yard work. :D

07-24-2010, 03:09 PM
I love to do this with leftovers as well; sometimes, instead of pasta -- I serve my sauce and/or meatballs and sauce over long string green beans, or sauteed string cabbage or slaw or zucchini thins (cut in long strips). I am finding new ways to eat things that taste great as time goes on ... :D

I like making a low-fat ratatouille -- saute onions, eggplant, zucchini, and tomato together until they're soft. I serve meatballs or chicken over it, instead of using pasta. VERY tasty, and lots of veggies.

07-24-2010, 05:26 PM
I had forgotten how much I liked Ratatouille until I had some with a meal the other day, eating out. SO I was thinking about making some and your idea of meatballs or chicken on it sounds perfect. I will do that.

In the meantime chickies, I need to do some planning. WHile I am frequently challenged by my work schedule to stay on plan, I have done very well the last few months with meal planning, taking healthy meals and snacks to have ready for when I'm called out to work, and avoiding the temptation of off plan foods and fast foods on the way home. It is sometimes the days off or weekends off that challenge me. NOW, I am about to start a month of work. So instead of regular irregular hours, I will have no regular hours in my life for a month. My last holiday month was taken up with my week trip to go skiing, (I did cross country) so I trained daily to get ready and exercised ALOT on the trip, and was able to eat on plan almost the whole time, my only cheats were some wine with a couple of romantic dinners, and one dessert.

So this holiday is more about friends and family. We have a friendship campout weekend, that will be a food fest and quite a bit of drinking. Then about 10 days at the cottage, then a weekend wedding, followed by a family picnic, a few days to recoup, and a weekend with family with a wedding thrown in.
THe cottage time will be manageable, but I am worried about everything else. I want to be able to "cut loose" a bit, but don't want to overdo it.
My husband and I are talking about how to moderate ourselves with all of this too. He has a drinking problem that he works to moderate. We both want to enjoy the moment without the moment ruining things for us!
SO I want lots of feedback about how do this, for multiple occasions.
I am looking at this as a learning time, since life happens all the time. For the rest of my life, there will be occasions beckoning me to abandon my way of eating and careful blood sugar control. There will be parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, festivals etc. I hope to attend many, but remain true to my long term goals. So lets chat, share your wisdom

07-24-2010, 08:57 PM
:welcome: TINA LOU ~ there are lots of those lower carb plans to choose from, aren't there? I think that helps people that we can choose one that work the best for each of us. I'm on a combo plan: probably a bit of everything -- counting calories, diabetic servings, volumetrics, limited healthy carbs (not no carb); and sometimes, I even throw in some vegetarian dishes ... :lol:

MADELEINE ~ ya, it is a balancing act, but like you say; we might as well learn how to deal with them now. We are going on a holiday in September, but thankfully the hosts of the B & B know that we are eating healthier and eat pretty healthy themselves, so that helps a lot. We are supposed to stay over at some friends on the way back, but again they are also eating well too (he is a diabetic).

At the family gatherings, you could try sticking to leaner meats and salads; maybe even making them your contribution to the feasts. You could try limiting your drinks; and take some lower calorie versions along with you. Take things that taste good, but that you know are healthy; just fool them. That's what I would do ... ;)

Just had a quiet day at home; we had :rain: most of the day; but the :sunny: is now peaking out ... :flow1:

07-25-2010, 11:30 AM
Oh, I think the summer is so good, it seems SOO much easier to stay on track with good weather around us. I have managed another little pound down. I believe this puts me to a BMI category of no longer being obese, but just overweight!
I am so inspired by everyone's stories.

07-25-2010, 11:44 AM
Fatmad Congratulations on the 1 lb loss:carrot: Fantastic.

I was so excited this morning when I saw my BP was 106/61 which is about normal for me and my BS was 109 mg/dl:carrot:. Then I went and weighed and I was down 2 more lbs making my total weight loss this year 15 lbs. I know 15 lbs doesn't sound like much for 7 months, but when you take into consideration that I was only bouncing up and down for about 5 of those before my doctor gave me the Metformin prescription and I got on my own lc plan, 15 lbs is FANTASTIC.

You know I was thinking this morning that if there is anyone out there diabetic or not who is struggling with weight loss like I did for the past few years...DO NOT GIVE UP. Keep trying. If you try something and it doesn't work KOKO till you find the one that does.

Have a Super Sunday everybody!!!

07-26-2010, 01:23 AM
Congrats, fatmad and Trish on the weight loss!

I had a disturbing day. :( FBS was 110. Hmm. Not good. Then, I decided to do a "test" to see if I did indeed have actual blood sugar problems and just how bad the situation was. Well, let's just say it was not good. I ate a plain bagel, tested one hour after BS = 184 and at two hours BS = 156. :yikes: Since I haven't been officially diagnosed by a doctor (one did tell me at a health screening), I thought I would use this to see where I stood. Well, I'm officially pre-diabetic. I guess it's good to know now, though, so I can do something about it.

I go to the doctor on Aug 5. That was the next available.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm going to bed. :moo:

07-26-2010, 07:29 AM
Survived the final days of the Fair and am right back on track this morning. I'm even going to the gym after missing it for a couple of months! i hope my personal trainer still knows me! I'll probably be sore tomorrow but I need to do this for ME. My life is way too hectic lately and I am going to put ME time onto the schedule.
Ratatuoille is wonderful stuff. I must make some as soon as our local tomatoes are in. It's an August taste around here.
Hang in there, chickies!

07-26-2010, 11:47 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

Cande My BS was back up to 142 mg/dl this morning. At least I know what the problem was for me. I am sure it was the red potatoes I ate with my roast yesterday and maybe the sugar free gum. I am learning what foods that my body will not tolerate.

Years ago I learned that my BS reading was way lower after exercise than before. So I decided to test and see if that is true for me now, but things have changed at this age and it didn't work. I did my reading before my exercise and checked the reading after and it was 4 pts higher. So even our bodies change on us over the years. This is definitely a learning experience as we learn what works and what doesn't... what we can eat and what we cannot. I have no doubt that I cannot eat starchy veggies or foods. So will stick with my low carb plan.

Rosebud I also do a combo. I don't count calories, but I think I have to stick to lean meats and volumetrics. If I stick to that everything seems to work out nicely. I love salads, veggies and some fruit so that helps a lot.

Y'all have a good day!!

07-26-2010, 01:48 PM
Hey, Trish! Yeah, I think I know what caused mine, too. I had just a smidge of pasta last night. It was the "low carb" kind. I guess pasta is off limits for me. I think I did better with the regular pasta than this kind. I think this kind hangs around too long. I'm keeping a food diary with my numbers on it so I can tell what food I can eat and what I can't.

Ruth, I'm going back to the gym, too. I used to go to an "aerobics" (it was cardio and weights) class. I miss it. I was waiting for my boys to start back to school so I can go.

For today, FBS 102. Still not great, but I will take it. AND, I've lost 5 pounds since last week. I don't think it is all water, because I have been trying to drink more water than usual, something that has always been difficult for me. So now, at least, I finally weigh what my ticker says. LOL

07-26-2010, 06:09 PM
You know ladies, everyone is different becuz, last Monday night, I had a small, new potato with my dinner of lean meat and veggies -- and the next AM, my blood sugar reading was only 5.0/80. For me, the trick is HOW MUCH? When I say small potato, I mean one that is only 2-3" across. My DH and I separate the small ones out for me and he eats the larger ones (medium & larger); plus we always buy NEW potatoes (which have less starch in them) and we eat them with their skins on too.

As you can tell, it is a matter of trial & error to see which foods send our sugars soaring and which ones don't. I read somewhere that there is a degree of starch levels -- veggies, fruit, whole grain breads, then beans, brown rice, wg pasta, and new potatoes/corn/peas, etc.

If you think that you can honestly forgo bread or rice or pasta or potatoes for the rest of your life, then do so. I know for me that is not a reality, so what I am using is portion size as my #1 guide and it is working for me.

I measure everything; and it has become second-nature to me now. Sure, there are some days that I eat just a nice steak with a nice veggie mushroom medley with 1/4 cup kniblet corn, and a salad (like tonight for instance) -- but the rest of the time, I eat what I like and enjoy of those foods; and am just careful how much of them.

I know that there are some things that make me want to binge; and I have now identified them on a list -- chippies, nachos, hickory sticks, popcorn, cookies, salted nuts, pretzels, etc. It's those munchie things that get me, so now I forgo them and have replaced them with something healthier.

Have a great day -- time to make that nice steak dinner ... :D

07-27-2010, 03:03 AM
Rosebud, really that is what I have been doing. Today we had steak, salad, grilled vegetables, and I had a piece of a roll. BS at 2 hours was 107. I'm not sure what range is acceptable, but I was willing to go up to 120 for my post meal reading. 2 hours after the pasta and it was 131, and my portion was extremely small. I don't know how I can eat less than what I did. One noodle? Two noodles? LOL

07-27-2010, 08:06 AM
Survived the trip back to the gym and was actually amazed that I hadn't regressed as much as I suspected. I guess gardening has helped. :)

Today I plan to do at least 15 minutes on my treadmill here at home - I may not even dust it first!

By the way, yesterday's food was not stellar. My neighbour gave me three cobs of corn "just to try" ans I could not resist. I also finished the potato salad (little new potatoes) but my BGL was still OK this morning.

Today will be better. I'm about to start off with blueberries, yogurt and Fibre 1. I do have a BBQ tonight but will bring along my 3-bean salad and some melon. We're having chicken kebobs so things will be manageable.

Happy Tuesday!

07-27-2010, 02:20 PM
Quick one here. I have my mammogram and also an ultra sound of lymph glands under my left arm. Doc said it was swelled.

I decided to join South Beach Diet site and use their plan and tools. I think doing this low carb by myself is too difficult. Please I can have a few more things. I like the structure of it. My doc was pleased when I told him I was going to follow the SBD plan.

I'll catch y'all later. I hope everyone has a great day.

07-27-2010, 05:57 PM
Patty, remember we have a large South Beach Forum here on 3FC. There's lots of good stuff there. Scroll down and dive in. We have lots of beach chairs but you'll have to wait in line for a cabana boy! ;)

07-27-2010, 07:07 PM
Thanks Ruth. I'm joining the 3fc SBD group as well. Awe no cabana boy? haha

I glad to say that whatever my doctor was looking for wasn't there. The tests showed everything is fine.

Have a great evening Everybody

07-28-2010, 01:17 AM
CANDES ~ :lol: ya, I understand what you are saying ... that is why I mentioned the "starch gradation list". For me (and obviously many others), I find that pasta puts my sugars up higher than new potatoes, corn, or peas. To me, pasta should be AFTER them, not before them on the scale. Many people say what you did -- that pasta (even whole grain and in small amounts) sends their sugars way up. It is also too easy to eat too much of it; I have to measure it out just like for cereal and other stuff.

Your choice of the roll was good; it is higher on the list (meaning less starch). That's why it is good to try them and see what happens; then eat the things that don't send them up. I have no problem with the small new potatoes, or 1/4 cup corn or peas or carrots. It is a matter of trial and error ... :D

Sounds like everyone is doing well and we like to hear that; have a great week ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-28-2010, 02:34 AM
:lol: @ Rosebud -- Yeah, I think I will have to stay away from the pasta for now. I did try your new potato trick tonight and it went okay. 115 post-meal reading. I had a sugar-free pudding for dessert (12g carbs). I thought I could handle that, but afterward I became extremely hungry. Maybe I need to eat some protein with my dessert.

@ Trish -- South Beach is a good plan. They have some good recipes, too. I'm glad your test came back okay.

@ Ruth -- :lol: I need a cabana boy. If only I lived near the beach! Well, you know, our nearest beaches are covered in tar balls right now, so I guess it's not always a good thing.

As for me, I'm trying to hang in there. I had a crying spell this afternoon. :cry: I guess it's just been a bit overwhelming for me lately. I know I will get through this, but it's getting to me right now.

07-28-2010, 12:14 PM
Hi everyone. My BS was back down to 113 this morning even though my first of phase 1 SB was a weird day of eating but stayed OP. So I'm thankful for that.

Rosebud That is great that you can eat the starchy veggies. I hope I will be able to do that eventually especially the corn which is my favorite. I used to think I could not give up potatoes, but that was when hubby Bill was living and he was a meat and potatoes man. Tony is harder to please food wise, but he could care less about eating potatoes except he does like the red potatoes and will eat them with the skin on. I can't eat pasta either. Cute experience with our GD. When Tony's daughter and her family come to visit they always want Grandad's spaghetti. Last year when they came, I bought the spaghetti spuash for me. Our little 7 yr old GD kept working so hard with her spaghetti and when we asked her what she was doing she said, "I'm trying to get my spaghetti to look like Nannie's". :lol:We had to explain that I wasn't eating the same spaghetti as hers.

Cande South Beach gives me a little more carbs that I think I need so I can get some energy. :hug:Sorry you a feeling low. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Hope everyone has a great day.

07-28-2010, 01:45 PM
Thanks, Trish! I'm going to be okay. I just had a moment. Where do you get the spaghetti squash? I've looked everywhere and can't find it.

07-28-2010, 04:15 PM
Quick one here. I have my mammogram and also an ultra sound of lymph glands under my left arm. Doc said it was swelled.

I decided to join South Beach Diet site and use their plan and tools. I think doing this low carb by myself is too difficult. Please I can have a few more things. I like the structure of it. My doc was pleased when I told him I was going to follow the SBD plan.

I'll catch y'all later. I hope everyone has a great day.

hope all is well Pattygirl. just an fyi, it isn't always breast and lymph nodes that swell. I have had sweat glands in my 'pits swell and cause pain and problems too, and recently a friend of mine was misdiagnosed with a swollen lymph glands but the biopsy was negative, turned out to be infected sweat gland too. So a thorough medical check up is definitely indicated. GOod on your doc for checking it out.

07-28-2010, 04:24 PM
:hug:CANDES ~ that's not bad for a post-meal reading really. Sorry you had a bad moment, isn't it great that they pass so quickly? Try not to worry about this, you will get the hang of it; give yourself a little time. The reason the readings vary is that our bodies are different; you will soon find out what you can have and what you can't. You are doing great already!!! :D

Sometimes, the spagetti squash is available and sometimes not; based on the season and where it is coming from. Here, it is usually in the produce section where the winter turnips are, but not always available; I have never tried it, but plan on it too. We are trying new veggies all the time, so that we can have more low-cal choices ...

TRISH ~ ya, I would rather give up the pasta (even though I love it); every now and then, I get a yen for spagetti, so I make wg spagettini and save up 2 portions (1 cup cooked) for it by having less for breakfast and lunch. As it is, we only have it once a week at most or every other week lately.

Have a fantabulous Friday folks ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-29-2010, 02:20 AM
Thanks, Rosebud! I will have to keep checking for the spaghetti squash.

I had something weird happen today, but I think now I know what to look for when my sugar goes way up. I ate a snack, and then had dinner too close to my snack. I thought since everything was relatively "low carb," so to speak, that it would be okay, but I found out I was wrong. After dinner, I felt extremely tired. It felt like a weight was sitting on my head. It was only an hour after dinner, but I checked my BS and it was 217!! Whoa! I drank some water and took a 25 minute walk outside to see if that would help, and I guess it did, because it was 121 at the 2 hour mark. Still, it really scared me for a minute there. I need to be more careful from now on.

As a side note, I checked my husband at the same time as me, and his at one hour was 110. He ate way more carbs than I did for dinner, too. Well, I'm glad at least one of us is healthy.

Good night, all! :moo:

07-29-2010, 12:42 PM
Hi Everybody

Just checking in really quick.

Cande Thanks for sharing your experience. I either ate things too close together or something as well. I experienced what I read on SBD website that some people have what they call South Beach flu like symptoms which I thought that is what I was experiencing. But maybe not. Any way, my FBS was 113 yesterday and 125 this morning. So not sure what happened. On the website, I read the recommended way of eating on Phase 1 and so I added some things to make it more legal and appropriate, but I think the way I was doing it with the protein shakes works best for me. So I'm back to that this morning and feel a lot better.

I tried taking Metformin later in the day and obviously that didn't help so decided to try today what someone else said they do and cut my pill in half and had one half this morning with morning protein shake for breakfast and will take the other one when we have our main meal and see how that works. My doc had me taking the whole thing at my biggest meal, but I don't have a "bigger" meal since I space things out pretty evenly.

Hope everyone has a good day.

07-30-2010, 12:11 PM
Changing the way I take the Metformin 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 later in the day helped bring the blood sugar down. Back to drinking my shakes one replaces one meal and one as a bedtime snack. I still consider myself SBD sense smoothies are allowed. Since I have no cravings I'm moved on to Phase 2 so I can have 1/2 c berries in the morning shake. It works and that is all I cae about. Down 3 lbs this morning. So all is well.

Y'all have a great weekend.

07-30-2010, 05:22 PM
Checking in. BGL has been running a bit high (for me) at 5.3 and even a 6.1. That's 95.4 and 109.8 for the USA. I think I need to get back to monitoring the carbs more. I sure hope to see the 180's next month.

07-30-2010, 09:57 PM
CONGRATS, TRISH ~ 3 lbs is a great drop really! :carrot:

RUTH ~ Hang in there, things will get better if you keep at it. We hope you hit the 180's too; that would be so sweet! :D

CANDES ~ Obviously, your DH is what I call a "carb-burner" ... he burns off the carbs really fast (lucky ducks those kind of men, eh? My DH is the same.)

Got lots of walking in today while shopping -- going around in circles trying to find everything on my list (cuz they keep moving things); but that's OK, becuz the time just flew by. Warm day today, but it is cooling off now. We're just having a quiet night at home after two busy and active days.

Have a great weekend everyone ... Rosebud :flow1: