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07-01-2010, 06:11 AM
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The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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07-01-2010, 06:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It is so easy to eat at a leisurely pace when out on the patio while the garden is lush; CREDIT moi for not rushing my eating - even if it was easy and a pleasure. My guess is that the goal is to make our response to all the Beck strategies just as much a pleasure so that they are our first choice rather than having to use Oh, Well.

Another example of easy is walking to my gym - CREDIT moi. I looked forward to it yesterday because there are several well tended gardens along the way, and they're all different each time I walk by. Was remembering that before my journey I almost never walked that distance because it was so easy to drive it, LOL.

onebyone - Kudos for "the top of my fridge clutter-free" - each space is a big step forward. You did make me ponder - what do we keep in the small cabinets above our fridge? So I just went and peeked. They hold the large platters and extra plates that have always magically appeared when we are serving a crowd and I never knew where they lived. Thanks for tweaking me on that one.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for being "really good" at eating mindfully yesterday. Congrats for getting thru your angst about shifting your meal plan - dinner with hummus appeals to me.

Yep, we start our kale from seed. I marvel every time I look at these huge plants and realize that the recipe is entirely contained in the DNA of one cell which is invisibly small even in the tiny seed which is mostly just enough food for two leaves to break the surface of the soil so the plant can feed itself on carbon dioxide and water. Yay for Mother Nature. Yay for being part of the scheme. Yay for Watson and Crick for the simple explanation.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for home made refrigerator pickles; those are sooooooo good. We get some from time to time when my DS - who subscribes to a CSA - makes up a batch and shares. I hadn't realized that they were less salted than the jarred pickles from the supermarket.

Shepherdess - Waving with supportive thoughts as you continue to think of Maggie. I thought of Maggie when out walking and stopped to pet a very friendly Australian Shepard Tri-color. Aussies can be such friendly dogs.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for recognizing the " 'medicating' with food" - with Double Kudos for choosing the perspective "I have had some unhelpful behaviors with food." Yep, there's a lot on your agenda all screaming "feed me" like a nest of baby birds - but they're just sabotaging thoughts disguised as baby birds. You're on to them.

Donna (new2me2) - Congrats on the new low scale reading. I admit that if I tried your idea of stair walking while brushing my teeth perhaps I would get in enough minutes to make my Dental Hygienist stop telling me to brush longer.

Readers - day 31
Decide About Drinking

The Facts About Alcohol

Unfortunately, alcohol contains calories - a lot. At 7 calories a gram, it's nearly twice as caloric, gram for gram, as protein and carbohydrates (both of which are about 4 calories per gram). Plus, most of the mixers that go into alcoholic drinks are highly caloric. One mixed drink can easily contain 400 calories.

Many dieters try to make up for those calories by eating less. But eating less can lead you to eat more later. Plus, alcohol itself tends to lower your inhibitions, making you much more likely to overeat or eat something you hadn't planned.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 220.

07-01-2010, 07:20 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

BillBlueEyes, a very impressive forum you are moderating-a sticky! Congratulations on the Thanks for sharing your interesting thoughts about choosing Beck principles first because they actually become enjoyable. I have been noticing that, too. Especially when I am standing in the kitchen and mindlessly start to eat something. I stop because it just doesn't feel right anymore.

I, too, have sad puppy news. My old guy, Rudi, disclocated his hip yesterday morning. He is with our vet, and while she is quite positive right now I find myself cautiously optimistic. My heart is already broken....*credit* to Beck that I know that food won't make this better and I'm making pretty decent choices right now. One day at a time here....

Shepherdess, I am so sorry....and feel your pain. I'm sending hugs over my hill.

Take care everyone.

07-01-2010, 10:30 AM
Today is a good day. I got another new low for the 1st of the month, the day I change my ticker. And, I met my June exercise goal. My reward for meeting my exercise goal is the Wii game that new2me2 is using: Walk It Out. I hope to get by a game store this afternoon to pick it up.

WI: -0.15kg (new low), Exercise: +40 1605/1600 minutes for June, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: credit for finding things easy, and remembering to give yourself credit anyway!

Lexxiss: sorry for your sad news about Rudi. Sending hugs and warm thoughts.

FutureFitChick: glad you were feeling more positive the next day. Refrigerator pickles are easy because there is no canning involved. Slice the cucumbers and onions, boil the marinade of vinegar and spices for one minute and pour it on top, then refrigerate for four days. They keep for about a month. I'm not quite sure what makes them a pickle versus, say, marinated cucumbers, but that's what they're called.

new2me2: congrats on the new low!

onebyone: yay for a clutter-free refrigerator top. That used to be a trouble spot for me, too. In our new house, the refrigerator is too tall for me to reach so it's completely clear!

07-01-2010, 11:02 AM
Good morning Becksters! Another good day yesterday, although no credit for exercise, lol. By the time I got home I just couldn't decided what I wanted to do. I probably should have just gone out for a walk, but didn't and ended up not doing anything. :) I have a plan today though...start out with some Gold's Gym Cardio Shapeboxing (another Wii game), then as much Walk It Out as I can stand, lol. Tomorrow is my WW meeting, and I've asked the leader to bring a workout DVD set that they showed last week so that I can purchase it, then I'll have something new and fun to do tomorrow evening.

This morning's spontaneous exercise was leg lifts while washing dishes.

The new low is holding this morning. Yay! :) I'm about halfway to my goal now!

onebyone Oh gosh, I have one of those over the fridge cabinets too and I have no idea what I've got stored up there...probably something I will never use but don't want to get rid of (some old trophies come to mind--I won a bowling trophy for a high score in a tournament, and some karate trophies and I keep them because NO ONE would believe I ever did those things and this way I have proof, lol). Good for you for clearing that space!!!

BillBlueEyes Interesting about making the Beck techniques our first choice. I found myself yesterday reaching for something, then putting it back because I wasn't hungry. It made me happy, and I don't recall thinking once about Beck, lol. LOL on the teeth brushing...yep, I must admit, pleasing my dentist did cross my mind when coming up with that one, lol.

Lexxiss Oh, I so hope Rudi gets better! :hug:

gardenerjoy YAY on your new low!!!! That is so fantastic! And, congratulations on reachin your exercise goal! And, I LOVE your reward...I'll warn you though, I couldn't find that game in any of our local stores, I had to finally order from, but if you have a Gamestop by you they MAY have one either new or used.

07-01-2010, 11:19 AM
Hi Becksters! First of all, thanks to all of you for your kind words and genuine support as I face this part of my life. I know that I need to be brave about this - even though it’s a long long recovery. I am not able to really work, do workshops, run around with my grandson, or even walk through the grocery store or mall. Right now my foot/ankle does not hurt. But, it’s because I am not going many places or moving around that much.

Yesterday was a healthy day…up until bedtime. This is three days in a row - I have eaten extra in the evening. I must be willing to push through and use my resistance techniques to stop and end this trend.

Today I am doing a ‘prep’ day for my colonoscopy tomorrow. The last prep made me sick. This prep is different. So and CANNOT eat today…just liquids (broth, gaterade, tea, popsicles, etc.). I need to get this out of the way.

gardener joy - it’s a happy happy day - you get to change your ticker. Yippee. This is a definite credit. Thank you for your reminder of persistence.

Lexxiss - sorry about Rudi - hope everything is OK. It’s really wonderful when the Beck stuff comes to your mind and helps you break an old habit.

Billbe - yes, slow mindful eating is one of the benefits of really doing the Beck things. My guess is that the goal is to make our response to all the Beck strategies just as much a pleasure so that they are our first choice rather than having to use Oh, Well.
I think that is something to really strive for - I am glad you can live that a good portion of your life.

New2me2 - I LOVE your spontaneous exercise. Carry on! Sounds like your Wii system is really helping with exercise.

Futurefitchick - good idea…planning ahead for the special dinner at the Pub! Thanks for the reminder that I’ll be able to watch any weight progress with clothing and measurements while I am not able to put any weight on my foot.

Shepardess - I am so so sorry about Maggie. I know there’s a hole in your heart now. Try to fill it with fun thoughts and stories with her in it.

Onebyone - good job on the space on top of the fridge and in those cupboards! the only way out is through
Very true.

07-01-2010, 01:27 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I decided I really like having a plan, even though making it may feel like a pain (especially with a spontaneous meal eating husband). When ended up eating out last night, because my husband wanted to see Shrek 4 in 3D before it left our theaters. So, I plan to make last night’s dinner tonight.

Love the garden related posts. Speaking of gardens, I am trying to combat a major population of Japanese Beatles that are eating my new cherry tree to death as well as my grapevines. I didn’t spray for grubs this year. For some reason my brain thought I was done with those bugs. Silly me!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, have you scheduled your surgery? Best of luck with colonoscopy preparation.

BillBlueEyes, I misread your note to me and thought it said “dinner with humans appeals to me”. I laugh at your notion of Watson and Crick making it “simple”. I appreciate their work, but the pandora’s box of myseteries they opened keeps lots of us busy these days!

GardenerJoy, thanks for the recipe. I’ll have to try that. It must be fun to move your ticker lower!

Lexxiss, so sorry to hear about your pup and glad that you are feeling your progress at the same time. How old is your guy and is he a large breed?

new2me2, congratulations on your new low! Thanks for your insight about your lunch menus. Reading your spontaneous exercise moments brings a smile to my face for your great ideas.

Onebyone, great job getting on track!

07-01-2010, 11:33 PM
Hi Everyone

I just thought I'd check in tonight because I have a very busy day tomorrow. My Rudi came home tonight and is in a garden cart to keep him from re-dislocating his hip. Mom is on the couch with a barf pail and I'm in the middle with my laptop. Tomorrow is Dr appts for Mom, and 24 hr care for Rudi but *credit* I will trade duty with DH and get to the pool in the morning.

Food has been darn good! I'm amazed that I just don't feel like eating junk. What's up with that? lol

Sending best wishes to everyone...I'll be reading posts for really helps. Thanks for being here!

07-02-2010, 12:12 AM
'Lo, Beckies. Just checking in on a great summer night. The lake was like glass, and no one, not one soul, not a boater or fisherman in it 'cept moi...well, moi and 3 Loons..momma, daddy, and one baby, but they didn't pay me no never mind. *sigh.

Am actually catching up on the gardening.....weeding and watering..still gotta replant Swiss Chard and beets..not much point in trying to replant the rabbit-ravaged spinach..too hot now. Flowers are getting really revved up...will post pics soon as I can figger out this new $^@%^@%@ camera. I have a much greener thumb than a digital one,.

Am so happy for summer produce. So much easier to stay on track with my own freshly picked raspberries and crop is looking good..tomatoes coming on...and whoever of our dear Beckies said that rabbits don't bother pepper plants once they are a foot tall was right!

Big company plans for entire weekend of the 4th.... traditional summer fare planned..burgers, brats, hot dogs, kabobs, potato salad, etc. big fruit bowls, etc, laffin' cuz nunna that tempts me..will stick to my Green Monster and the fruit and stuff I want, 'cuz I can!

07-02-2010, 06:21 AM
Hi Coaches
Well I am back from my few days away. I found that no matter how well I thought I had planned and how good my intentions, when I am on what my brain sees as vacation, I have trouble maintaining my program. I was way outside my food comfort zone - I had to eat out and in unknown restaurants, and it all became too hard. The good news is that I am not going to my sisters tomorrow - I had intended going for 5 days and now I don't need to. I can get back on track. It is always REALLY difficult at her place - big sister and all no matter how old I get.

My weight is only 217.8 so it is similar to what it was when I left - but I am sure there is more to come. I wasn't too bad - ate lots of protein and tried to reign in the inner glutton. But I didn't track anything because didn't have a clue what it counted for and probably didn't really want to.

I will catch up with personals tomorrow - I can see a lot has been happening and some of it sad and unfortunate. It is nice to be back and I will get back on track. On the bright side today has been good and I had a very healthy green smoothy for breakfast. But I need to shop and get organised

My new mattress came today - I am rather looking forward to going to bed!

Have a good day Beckies

07-02-2010, 07:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I had a legitimate reason to stop at Whole Foods while out for a walk (CREDIT moi) - I needed a pint of fresh ground peanut butter. Who'd have guessed that they were having cherry festival where you had to stop at ten stations to get an answer to each of the ten questions on your application for a FREE something or another. And, of course, each station had a FREE sample of a cherry concoction: fresh cherry, cherry cole slaw, cherry salad with feta, grilled salmon with cherry, cold cherry soup, cherry turkey salad, cherry jam over French goat cheese, cherry spritzer, cherry mascarpone, green salad with cherry balsamic vinegar dressing, cherry pie. <sigh> . . . I did them ALL; I really got into it. I now know that Michigan is the cherry growing state in the U.S. and that cherries contain high levels of Melatonin. (Did I mention that they were FREE and that the prize will be FREE if I win?) But I counted it as my afternoon snack.

I have no idea why it matters that cherries contain Melatonin. But I'd have that cherry salmon again in a heart beat.

maryblu - Super good news, "cuz nunna that tempts me" - that's a good place to be. Your lake with parents and loon chick sounds like paradise - even with the rabbits competing for your garden.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for Japanese Beatles attacking your cherry tree - no doubt I'm a little sensitive to protecting cherries at the moment, LOL. Kudos for choosing a plan that includes your reality of having a "spontaneous meal eating husband." Just need a spontaneous section of your plan. What mystery of the biochemistry world are you chasing?

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on the new low ... again. I like the sound of again in that sentence. And Kudos for making your ambitious exercise goal for June. It was fun watching that counter increment.

Beverlyjoy - I hope you have an OK colonoscopy today. For me, the routine itself was the easy part - the prep part was the PITA. Ouch for facing evening snacking creeping in, but good news that you can see it and select strategies to face it down.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Welcome home. Kudos for all attempts to "to reign in the inner glutton" even when you're concerned that you were doing some vacation eating. Yep, I know about adult older siblings remaining BIG brothers for life, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay that Rudi is home - garden cart and all. Sending you supportive thoughts as you tend to your mother and Rudi both. Kudos for having the wherewithal to get yourself to the pool despite being on 24 hour duty. And Huge Kudos for having reached the mindset where mindlessly eating "just doesn't feel right anymore."

Donna (new2me2) - Kudos for "putting it back because I wasn't hungry" - that's such a good skill that you've incorporated into your brain that eating is about hunger. For years that connection didn't occur to me, LOL.

Readers - day 31
Decide About Drinking

The Facts About Alcohol

You might think it's okay to make spontaneous decisions to drink. But just as you've had to learn to eliminate spontaneous eating and stick to your food plan, you have to learn to eliminate spontaneous drinking. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk, sooner or later, for gaining weight. You need to make decisions about whether and how much to drink today, before you find yourself presented with the question. Otherwise, you're likely to drink too much.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 220.

07-02-2010, 10:02 AM
O.....M.....G, BillBE...a cherry orgie! Sounds to die for...nothing I could have resisted, nor would I have wanted to. Sometimes, ya gotta let go! Judith will smack me, but really! What a treat! Those small tidbits of to-die-for-fancy-stuff...that I would never make..omg.

Yay summer.

07-02-2010, 11:00 AM
I'm taking the new car in for service and the appointment is at noon. A rather awkward time for eating around, so I need a plan. Think, think. Okay. I don't seem to be hungry now, so I'm going to have a late veggie-laden breakfast with an extra carb and call it brunch. Then, have my normal snacks and supper. That should work.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +40 40/1800 minutes for July, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

new2me2: My local Gamestop did have one copy of Walk It Out! It's fun and I was singing "Walking on Sunshine" all evening!

Beverlyjoy: hope your colonoscopy prep goes as well as it can.

FutureFitChick: we had Japanese Beetles last year -- they are voracious!

Lexxiss: yay for not feeling like eating junk when surrounded by ill people/dogs! Hope everyone is recovering today.

maryblu: happy summer! Love your garden tales and your plans for the 4th.

seadwaters: wonderful to see you back here! Sounds like you're getting a handle on things post-vacation. Hope your mattress is comfy!

BillBlueEyes: the cherry festival sounds like fun! Glad you could enjoy it while not letting it derail an overall healthy lifestyle.

07-02-2010, 11:36 AM
Good morning friends! I did well yesterday eating within my plan, with a few planned extras like watermelon at our company lunch-time barbeque. I also stuck to my plan of Wii Gold's Gym Shapeboxing and then Walk it Out, doing about 20 minutes of each, but today I did both at a higher impact level, so didn't need to go as long.

This morning I was down slightly more, which is good because today is WW weigh-in, lol. I "should" be down a pound from last week's weigh-in...I wish I could remember how much I ate and drank before last week's meeting so all factors are the same. :D :D :D

Beverlyjoy Thinking of you as you go through your prep! You can practice your hunger today. :p Yes, the Wii is really helping me to exercise longer. It's not as intense as what I'd been doing, but it's helping me be up and moving much longer than I would normally.

FutureFitChick :wave:

Lexxiss Glad Rudi is home! Great plan to have someone help with the watch duty! It's important to take care of yourself as well!

maryblu The lake sounds heavenly!

seadwaters (Cheryl) It doesn't sound like you did too bad on vacation to me! Credit for trying! Can't wait to hear how you like your new mattress!

BillBlueEyes OMGosh, I LOVE cherries. Your WF expidition sounds wonderful! :D Good to know they have Melatonin, lol...

gardenerjoy Sounds like you have a good plan for your car service today! I'm so happy you found a local copy and that you LIKE it, lol!! As you gather more songs, you can edit the play list to take any that are too slow, too fast or that you don't like. You could do that now but you wouldn't have many songs, lol.

07-02-2010, 12:07 PM
I am new here. Stage 1. Thanks in advance for support.

07-02-2010, 01:29 PM
On Day 6 of the Beck Solution. Just back from vacation and feel proud of all the things I did right! Excited to keep going!
I am new also and will be making this my diet buddy system.

07-02-2010, 01:38 PM
I am new here. Stage 1. Thanks in advance for support.

Welcome!! You're welcome in advance! :wel3fc:

On Day 6 of the Beck Solution. Just back from vacation and feel proud of all the things I did right! Excited to keep going!
I am new also and will be making this my diet buddy system.

Welcome! Good job on doing well on your vacation! :welcome3:

07-02-2010, 10:53 PM
I just wanted to update that I am still working on the program but I had to put it on the back burner for a few days as things got really hectic (excuses, I know :^:) I am back on track and I will be finishing week two in a couple days. It's great to see there are other Beck newbies here as well ;) For myself, I think the real work will be begin once I get to week three where I am actually supposed to be "on plan" .I mentioned before that most things seem kind of redundant right now since I already have a plan in place that works, but I am still following through with each day and reading my response card #1 from the workbook when in doubt..."do it anyway, even if you don't want to" I do have to get more strict about the not eating while standing rule. I find it especially hard when I let myself get too hungry and I want to pick at my dinner before getting to sit down. I am making progress with the mindful eating though. I am remembering to slow down and pay attention to my food. Mose meals are taking 20 minutes or more to eat now which is progress :) I hope to post again when I start week three.

Have a great week!

07-03-2010, 12:17 AM
I continue to pursue this in a half-hearted fashion. I'm giving myself credit that it is better than quitting. 8 days of vacation starting tomorrow. Back again after.


07-03-2010, 06:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner last night was out to a Vegan restaurant that I'd discovered on a recent walk; the menu posted in the window enticed me back. DW and I walked there - CREDIT moi. We did our usual order of different entrees and split. It was unusually good food for modest prices, in portions that fit my food plan. CREDIT moi for discovering Seitan with peach BBQ and Moqueca tofu and for thinking them delicious. DW was pleased that we had stuff that was more work than she would have wanted to do at home, which seems like a good use of a restaurant.

Also did my usual gym, CREDIT moi. Worked a little harder than usual to counter feeling like I'm not really pushing myself enough at the gym since I'm no longer using a personal trainer.

maryblu - It was a Cherry F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L, not an O-R-G-I-E, LOL. But, you're right, it was to-die-for and I have no regrets. The only sample I could have skipped was the cherry pie since I knew what that tasted like. Right on with your "Yay summer."

Anne (AnneWonders) - Yep, "half-hearted" is better than dropping out for sure. With a lot of stuff on your plate it would seem to me that it's a challenge when all of it can't be at full AnneWonders intensity. Have a nice vacation - hopefully a little relaxing after your intense business travel.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Scheduling eating around awkwardly timed appointments is a challenge. Sounds like you did a noble job doing that.

Donna (new2me2) - Kudos for "planned extras" - it's so easy when we do real planning. Watermelon sounds like a good choice at a company BBQ where I would suspect you faced some really bad choices as well.

sweetnlow28 - Ouch for "really hectic" with Kudos for staying on-plan even if not doing all of your Beck Program stuff. Neat that you've spotted that the urge to nibble dinner comes with getting too hungry - once you've named the challenge, then it's possible to look for strategies to combat it.

Overlord - Kudos for entering Stage 1 in the green book - so many good strategies to learn in the first stage. Austin is one on the nicest cities in the US, IMHO. Is there a story behind the dog in your Avatar?

Houston2Command - Kudos for doing a vacation right - that's one of the hard ones. And Kudos for promptly finding this forum for your Diet Coach/Buddy when you hit day 6: Find a Diet Coach.

Readers - day 31
Decide About Drinking

How Much, How Often

Think about your choices: You can decide not to drink at all, or you can set some kind of limit. For example, you might decide to have one drink a day, a week, a month, or somewhere in-between. Or you might have a drink just on special occasions. If you choose to drink, you'll need to figure out how to fit it in without taking in too many calories. Ask yourself, Do I really want to spend my calories this way? Would I rather eat ______ or ______ instead?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 220.

07-03-2010, 06:19 AM
:welcome: Overlord :welcome:

And, on the occasion of signing up, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Dr. Beck's books?

And how did you find the Beck forum on 3 Fat Chicks?


07-03-2010, 06:20 AM
:welcome: Houston2Command :welcome:

And, on the occasion of signing up, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Dr. Beck's books?

And how did you find the Beck forum on 3 Fat Chicks?


07-03-2010, 06:22 AM
Hi Coaches
Well I spent all my credit money and then some when I was on vacation - I bought rather a lot of clothes that I really like and which fit so I am really pleased. I am back in my food comfort zone as Beverlyjoy puts it. I shopped today and have the right food in the house so heading in the right direction.

I have been reading "Strong women stay young" and it is interesting that all the ill effects of aging early seem to have hit me because of "enforced" idleness the last year. I have found it really motivating as it is about improved function and has a fairly straight forward home strength training program. It is certainly true for me that you can't get a lot of benefit from an aerobic activity (or much else) if you have no strength. I am looking forward to getting involved - need to buy ankle weights and dumbbells!

I hadn't really seen or understood these ideas before:
From BeverlyJoy - "a standard emergency meal that you turn to - Swap out the planned meal for a pre-selected backup plan...I have a pre-selected plan for each of our favorite restaurants and I swap that in. It keeps me still in control, but with some flexibility." and BillBE - "I have a list of backup meals on my plan and a list of behaviors for banquets, restaurants, and pot-lucks where I don't know what food will be available. It's universally unavoidable to have to change plans when you live on a planet with other people." I hadn't quite seen it expressed this way so I want to work on these plans soon

I have back through postings for the last few days. Apologies to any I miss

Anne (AnneWonders) - See that your last trip was a bit challenging and that you are off again - hope things go well for you. Travelling is difficult - especially somewhere totally new where you don't know what to expect

BeverlyJoy - I can see that the foot surgery is a bit scary. But you are putting in all the planning and there will be few surprises. Lets hope thatt you are on the quick side of normal! I am sending consoling thoughts your way. Can't you weigh standing on one leg or is this a really silly question?

BillBlueEyes - the day-to-day moving with the program are certainly noteworthy. A good point - same as giving credit and motivating oneself

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Sorry to hear about Rudi and happy to hear that he is back home. Hope things are going well with your mother

Donna (new2me2) - Great progress on the planks - will have to have a go.

Futurefitchick - I certainly hadn't made as much money as I spent on clothes! My goal for the days away was to get away from my everyday life and have a break. I achieved that - but not always in the best way. I know what you mean about dieting takes up so much time - it really does and if you take your eye off the ball you can find yourself anywhere. You are right - it is about creating habits and I need to remember that. Sorry to hear about your grief for your father

Gardenerjoy - Isn't a new car fabulous. Hope you are enjoying it. Congratulations on reaching onederland! Credit you

Maryblu - I like your rules - I have added a green monster to replace my usual breakfast smoothy. In Australia we have Vital Greens which I am using along with the spinach and I am hoping it will work its magic

Onebyone - I am glad to see you back here and on track. Your decluttering is a bit of an inspiration. Hope you find a way out of the corner you felt trapped in.

Shepherdess - I am so sorry about your loss of Maggie - it is so hard to lose a beloved dog. I have tears in my eyes reading it. I can totally empathise with what happened and how you feel about it. I am glad you have Jen to run with to deal with both your grief

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by- Read A&R cards - yes - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes - $1
- Limit junk food to once per day - NO
- Made food plan - sort of
- Food on-plan - no
- Posted to the list - Here I am - $1
- Ate seated every time - yes
- Ate mindfully and slowly - 80%
- Put down fork occasionally - 70%
- Weighed myself - Yes - 217.4 - $1
- Drank water - some
- Exercise - no

Working on - :running:
Getting back on track

Have a good day Beckies

07-03-2010, 08:16 AM
Hi Beck friends, coaches, buddies… Well, I got through my colonoscopy prep OK this time. The results were normal - no polyps or anything else. I am grateful for that. As a result of the ‘prep’ I am at 199 on the scale. But, it is not ‘real’ - but, sure was fun to see. It’s a good incentive to get there for real.

I stayed on my food plan yesterday once I got home. - credit. That felt good too. I slept most of the afternoon. The July 4th weekend fun started last night with DS doing a fireworks display for the nieghborhood. It was the fountain type - they were great! We live at the end of a cul de sac. It works so well. What is more fun than the squeals of small children watching fireworks.?

We are having a family cookout on Sunday. July 4th is my mom's birthday, too. We are doing burgers and brats and hotdogs. I'll have my garden burger. I am going to make a healthy green bean salad for a healthy side. My neighbor is bring over a fruit plate. We are getting red white and blue cupcakes for the birthday 'cake'. I can stay away from cupcakes. And, the kids love cupcakes.

My mom's apartment is right in front of the city park where they do the fireworks - we usually join the folks in their grass area to see the show.

Thanks to everyone for your support as I face this foot/ankle surgery. I have not scheduled the day yet. I have a long list of questions for the surgeon. Also, I am checking out the two choices where I can have it done. It may sound strange - but, I am checking out the different prices because we don’t have very good health insurance.

Seadwaters - so fun to use your ‘credit’ money on your vacation!!! Thanks for your wonderful reminder of doing strength exercises too. I can try and weigh on one foot after the surgery…I’ll have on casts or boots, etc for months. I can’t hop onto the scale…but, I figure out the best thing as I face it. (maybe get on it on one foot from the wheelchair….???) Many good credits and more money again in ‘the fund.’

Billbe - thanks for the reminder of splitting on entrée (it’s not just for seniors any more!) I agree with DW - nice to eat something out that’s too much work to eat at home. Glad you could put the cherry taste testing fest in as your snack. We lived in Michigan for 23 years a while back. It's a cherry wonderland. Yes…the cherries have been so good this year. They are like a ‘health party’ with a pit.

Anne wonders - so glad you posted!! Take your response cards and read them on your vacation. It could help. Have fun!!!

Sweetandlow - so glad you posted. Sorry about the stresses. Credit for using so many of the beck techniques all ready. I found that when I really stopped eating standing up- it made a huge difference in the amount of food I consumed in a day. Every time you go to put food in your mouth while standing and DON”T you reinforce that behavior. Say to yourself something positive like: well done! or credit or…yes!… etc. Let yourself know that you are doing so positive for yourself and changing that old behavior!

Houston2commond - WELCOME!!! I am so glad you posted. Credit for doing well on your trip!!! Post as often as you can - so we can all get to know you.

New2me2 - so glad to hear of you having an on plan day and exercise too! It’s a great combo. I loved your idea of practicing my hunger experiment on prep day!!

Overlord - WELCOME !!! This thread is a great place to get support. So glad that your posted. Look forward to get to know you.

gardener joy - credit for planning ahead when you know you will be busy at your normal lunch time! Credit for again reading your cards.

Lexxiss/Debbie - so glad that Rudi is home! Hope your mom is feeling better. I am doing a happy dance for your willingness to eat healthfully when faced with lots of stress. Well done.

Futurefitchick - I totally agree how helpful having a plan is. It just helps the day go smoother in many ways. It’s decided. We don’t have to think about it. Less of those what can I eat food thoughts spinning in your head all day.

07-03-2010, 10:57 AM
I took a loaner during my car service appointment, but only drove it a couple of miles to a place that I'm not very familiar with but knew had walking trails. So, I walked over an hour and a half. And then, I still wanted to do some of my new Wii game and some of my old Wii Fit. That gave me lots of exercise minutes! Which led to a nice big loss on the my official weigh-in day for the summer Biggest Loser challenge on 3Fc.

WI: -0.75kg (new low), Exercise: +195 235/1800 minutes for July, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

new2me2: yay for being on plan with both food and exercise!

Welcome Overlord and Houston2Command!

sweetnlow28: yeah that eating while standing one is a struggle -- but so worth it! I realized several months in that I was consuming a hundred or more calories while prepping one of our favorite meals and, of course, being barely aware that I was doing it all!

AnneWonders: hope you have a wonderful vacation!

BillBlueEyes: the vegan menu sounds delicious!

seadwaters: glad you found clothes you liked! The last time I lost weight, I refused to buy new clothes because I was too cheap. I think that contributed, subconsciously, to gaining the weight back -- I needed to fit into the clothes I owned! This time, I've been buying some lovely things as I lose, so now I'm motivated to keep the weight off so I can still wear the new things.

Beverlyjoy: so glad the colonoscopy went well and gave the desired results. I have bad health insurance, too, and it really has turned me into a more informed health care consumer. I'd prefer the reduced worry of better health insurance, but, so far, not enough to work full time which is what it would take.

07-03-2010, 03:05 PM
Well apparently I drank MORE water the week before because WW has me down 2 pounds this week. By my weigh-in, it was slightly more than a pound, but hey, I'll take it, lol. Tomorrow is my Beck official weigh-in.

I bought an exercise DVD wet from the Weight Watcher leader and tried the beginner workout last night. It was fun and I like the instructor, who I've worked out "with" before as I have several of her other DVDs. I think I'm more intermediate, so will try that next time.

I'm planning on some of my Walk It Out today, but not much else as I have a nice 1 hour deep tissue massage in a couple of hours and don't want to undo that, lol.

sweetnlow28 You get lots of credit for doing it anyway! :) You're reading your cards, etc. That's a good thing!

AnneWonders Indeed, half-hearted is definitely better than nothing! Hope you have a great vacation!

BillBlueEyes LOVE that you walk to eat out! Big credit for working a little harder! :)

seadwaters(Cheryl) Good for you for spending that credit money on vacation!

Beverlyjoy Yay on getting through the prep and YAY that everything looks good. How wonderful that you can see the fireworks from your mom's apartment!

gardenerjoy Wow, fantastic job on all that exercise! Congratulations on your loss for the Biggest Loser challenge!!!!

07-03-2010, 08:00 PM
Thank you all for your kind words and support during the loss of my Maggie dog. We're still missing her, but we're getting back to functional in day-to-day life. For me that was a pretty low bar, LOL. Jen and I are back to marathon training. Running is still sad, but we can get through it without crying.

DH's sister and her family are in town so we have been having lots of fun family time. We spent the day hiking around on the mountain, had a picnic and enjoyed a nice July day. Everyone comes out to our place to celebrate the 4th. We're barbecuing and will light some fireworks. It should be a good time.

I'm having trouble logging on at my house. Getting onto 3fc has always been slow, but this last week, my computer will spend all day trying to load it. Not quite sure why. I'm not techy or patient enough to figure it out. But I can log on just fine from the computer from DH's office in town. So I'm going to try posting at least once a week, more if I can, and see how that goes. I definitly need to think about Beck again. I haven't been over-eating, but that mosnter will rear it's head before too long.

Happy Independence Day to all the the Yankies and for the rest, I hope you have a lovely, early-July day.

07-03-2010, 08:14 PM
Hello Everyone!

Thank you to those of you who pointed me toward this board. I've been reading all of the July posts and I'm so impressed with all of the progress reports (in all aspects of life) and I'm happy be able to join in!

Talk to you soon,

07-03-2010, 08:18 PM
Coaches/Buddies, we’ve had a lot of fun low-key celebrating for my husbands birthday. Lots of meals out and movies. It has been fun. I got to talk with some friends I hadn’t seen much of for a while, which was really nice. For our dinner at the Irish restaurant, I had originally decided to have a reuben, my favorite sandwhich, and to skip the pub chips. But, when I got there, I decided instead to have a shrimp cocktail and salad instead. So I was proud of that choice for the better, but really disappointed after weighing this morning.

My trainer kicked my bu** yesterday! I am sore all over today! We went out to lunch at Maggiano’s yesterday. I find that place hard to eat at healthfully. I ended up with the eggplant parmeasan, and stopped when I was comfortably full. At lunch, they offer to send an entire second entre home with you. So, I’ve got three extra meals at least from our lunch out. I felt like I did when I was in grammar school and had made bad choices to steal something. I’ll probably be freezing the leftovers to use as special dinners during the next couple weeks.

Today I grabbed three small cookies and ate one while walking up stairs. Ouch!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +0.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no just once
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: working on it next
Tracked today’s food: working on it next

AmberPr, welclome!

BeverlyJoy, glad your test went well.You are sooo close to Onderland.

BillBlueEyes, your cherries sound fun, if nothing else. We all need fun. My mystery quest is how we can all age healthfully, or at least a very small corner of that treasure.

GardenerJoy, fantastic preparing ahead with your brunch idea. I’ll have to use that one sometime. Congratulations on the terrific energy levels.

Houston2Command, hello. Nice to meet you!

Lexxiss, phenomenal attitude about the chaos surrounding you.

Maryblu, I love your attitude about the celebration events. How cool and calm!

new2me2, hi back at you. Glad your weigh in went well.

Overlord, welcome to the group.

Seadwaters, sorry your vacation was rough. Let me know how to master that when you figure it out! I really liked what you said: I know what you mean about dieting takes up so much time - it really does and if you take your eye off the ball you can find yourself anywhere. You are right - it is about creating habits and I need to remember that.

Shepherdess, bummer about the posting difficulties. Hope you have a good holiday.

[B]Sweetnlow28[B], hi! I’ve just started week 3 (I am working my way very slowly through the pink book.) I really like what I’ve learned the last few days. Glad you are slowing down some.

07-03-2010, 10:58 PM
Hi Coaches

Happy Independence Day to all you US folk - I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

I was having a bad time last night with malware - many pop-up windows, download of shortcuts to what seemed to be porn sites :o, loss of task manager etc. It was a thing called defense center (sic) which looks like the real thing. Had to do malware clean out this morning. It meant I didn't get to finish or edit my post too thoroughly nor say hi to all the new members - will do so today.

Today I have to do my tax as seeing accountant tomorrow - I want my refund NOW to pay health bills

Boo Hoo - first Sunday in July weigh-in 217.8 (up about 2# for the month)- I have changed signatures and profile to reflect this as I want a fresh start. I wonder if that means I should deduct money from kitty (which is currently in negative balance after holiday spending)?

AmberPr - Welcome Amber - glad you found your way over to these great coaches and buddies

Anne (AnneWonders) - Always good to see you here - half-hearted or not. Much better than dropping out of the group

BeverlyJoy - Glad the scope preparation went better than last time and you actually got it finished with - and enjoy onederland while it is there: motivational I am sure! Your food plans for the weekend sound sensible as usual. Do check out the prices - I had REALLY good health insurance and was way out of pocket - still paying off the debts from last year. My tax refund should clear it hopefully

BillBlueEyes - Your food stories lately are enough to make a girl hungry. The cherry "festival" was definitely not something to pass up by the sound of it. Credit for walking to find delicious and healthy food

Donna (new2me2) - great progress with exercise and weight loss - WW seems to be agreeing with you

Futurefitchick - The eating while standing up is hard to defeat and particularly sneaky! Yay for keeping and freezing leftovers - much better than eating them. Good list of credits - hope you get your food plan done

Gardenerjoy - Credit for all that exercise - you are so diligent! And it is showing in your weight so YAY

Houston2Command - Welcome - and well done on vacation. I find this difficult so credit

Overlord - Welcome and good luck with the programme - I find it very helpful

Shepherdess - Computer problems are really disturbing because you KNOW they are going to take way too much time to sort out so I commiserate. I am glad you and Jen are running it out and that you are still thinking about the marathon. Have a great Sunday

ETA - you have changed your Avatar - it doesn't look quite as desolate and a great shot

sweetnlow28 - Thanks for the progress report. The eating while standing up thing is a challenge indeed

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by- Read A&R cards - yes - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes - $1
- Limit junk food to once per day - NO
- Made food plan - vaguely $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - haven't really eaten yet
- Posted to the list - Here I am - $1
- Ate seated every time - not yet
- Ate mindfully and slowly - 80%
- Put down fork occasionally - not yet
- Weighed myself - Yes - 217.8
- Drank water - YES - have been getting water regularly today
- Exercise - have planned to do the strength set later

TALLY = $6 (will start a tally on Sundays and do a weekly total. This will pay off the clothes I have ALREADY bought LOL)

Working on - :running:
Starting strength training and making it a habit - $1

Have a good day Beckies

07-04-2010, 07:14 AM
:welcome: Amber (AmberPr) :welcome:

And, in honor of your first posts, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And how did you find you way this the Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?


07-04-2010, 07:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A glorious warm day it was. It's a bit dry around here so it made sense that while having dinner on the patio seven different species of yard birds appeared at out bird bath. Having them so close made me feel part of the natural world.

Took my long walk, CREDIT moi. And ate on-plan, CREDIT moi. Bought local blueberries and local cherries at the farmers' market to do a taste comparison with the New Jersey blueberries and Michigan cherries from the supermarket. Usually, local wins big time - in this comparison, not so much. That seemed a bit strange.

FutureFitChick - Yay for a trainer who works you hard, with Kudos for continuing with that. Let me know when you master the Italian Restaurant - the traditional Italian menu around here is the Southern Italy high calorie stuff; my only hope is to take most of my platter of food home.

Exciting research area, "how we can all age healthfully" - especially since we're all surrounded by those who become frail early and others who are like my 96 year old friend who is out walking every day. Was reading about the Citric Acid Cycle yesterday as part of my quest to read a current edition biochemistry text book. Naturally, I'm overwhelmed, but am just beginning to get a feeling for the "themes" that appear within the complexity. I'm currently a fan of my Mitochondria.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for 195 minutes of exercise - great jump start on your July goals. Neat use of a wait for your car to be serviced and the dealer's loaner.

Shepherdess - Kudos for working through your grief by moving forward. Hope your big celebration goes well. Thought of you while at the Vegan Restaurant the other night - wished you were with us; think you'd have enjoyed it and you could have guided us through some of the options.

Beverlyjoy - LOL at your dip into Onderland - but at what a price! Nice to have positive medical diagnosis from any test. Neat phrase that cherries are "like a ‘health party’ with a pit."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for spending your award money on clothes with a Double Yay that they're clothes that you really like; my take is that dressing smartly at our current body shape is 24/7 giving ourselves credit for where we are. I wouldn't mess around between scale readings and awards for your behavior. Let your body figure out its weight while you work on your strategies. Ouch for that malware event; freighting stuff.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for an artificial extra pound of scale loss; good idea to recognize it so that next week won't seem like a failure. Like the thought of a "1 hour deep tissue massage."

Amber (AmberPr) - Yep, progress reports to our Coaches/Buddies is what it's about. Which of the Beck books are your reading?

Readers - day 31
Decide About Drinking

How Much, How Often

If you struggle with this decision, write out a list of the advantages and disadvantages of drinking and talk about your decision with your diet coach. Come up with a plan that works for you. Margaret, for example, decided that she wouldn't drink at home, only when she was out with friends. Once she made this a firm rule, she had little difficulty giving up her nightly glass of wine. Ken, on the other hand, is a beer connoisseur. He decided that he'd drink only one beer a day, having it with dinner so he wouldn't be tempted to accompany his beer with any unplanned snacks.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 220-221.

07-04-2010, 09:34 AM
Hi Beck coaches and buddies. Yesterday was a great Beck Day for me. Wow - so grateful. I did some new Response Cards (food pushers, emotional eating), read from both of my Beck books, did a lot of writing and thinking about responding to food in a healthful way. Many credits.

DH wanted to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant for a date. I love the steamed Hong Kong sea bass. I had just reread the chapter on going out to eat. I took my portion and moved the extra rice and fish to the side. I put my napkin on my plate when I was done so I was not tempted to eat any more. Credits. Looking forward to lunch with the leftovers. Also - DH wanted his weekly trip to the Dairy Queen. I could get my No Sugar Added yummy fudge bar with only fifty calories.

Today is a cookout for Independence Day and my Mom’s birthday. I’ve planned healthy options for me. I am grateful for the willingness to plan.

Plan/log/measure/count calories - yes - had to eyeball the amount of fish
Eat seated/no seconds- all the time
Fork down - some of the time
Slow mindful eating - a lot of the time
Taste the food - a lot of the time
Leave a bite - all the time
Read response cards - some twice
Read Beck books
Filled in my journal questions - some of them
Exercise, spontaneous exercise - no

Billbe - glad you ate outside with the birdies. We’ve had lots of goldfinches eating the seeds from the cosmos. Something about that bright yellow color is thrilling to me. Credit for your walk to get healthy things at the market!

gardener joy - wonderful credits with your walking and Wii, etc. That’s great…you are making great strides in your monthly goal. Hooray for a weight loss at your Biggest Loser sight. Credit for food 100% OP.

New2me2 - so glad about your nice loss!!! Enjoy your new DVD - credit for trying new workout things.

Shepardess - it’s good that you can get through your run without crying. The sadness and missing her at that time will linger, I know. Enjoy your family time and all that hiking, etc. I am sorry to hear that your internet connection is not working well. Will miss your daily post. Hope it get fixed soon.

Amberpr - WELCOME - so glad you’ve posted here at Beck. I think you’ll find Dr. Beck techniques helpful.

Futurefitchick - credit for eating healthfully at the restaurants and getting some meal to take home (willingness to not eat it all is a credit!). It doesn’t always show on the scale when you’d like to see it though. Darn.

Seadwaters - sorry to hear of your computer woe’s - I hate when that happens. Glad you’ll have extra money for those darn medical bills. Oops on the weight gain…yes, fresh start. Hop right back on your plan.

07-04-2010, 12:26 PM
Good morning Beck friends! Happy Independence Day to us US folk! :)

Well my official Beck weigh in shows me exactly where I was last week. :)

The massage was very good and really worked out a lot of knots. As I expected, I didn't feel like undoing that so did no exercise. So, my exercise yesterday was shopping. :D

It's still early here, so eating is on plan and as soon as I finish here I will do a workout...probably the intermediate workout off the new DVD.

I've decided to stay in today...finish the girly stuff by painting my toenails. I think purple will be in order this week. :cool:

Shepherdess I am glad you are feeling a bit better and have started running again! Your day with family sounds GREAT!

AmberPr Hello! Welcome!!!

FutureFitChick Great job on deciding to eat a healthier option! Try not to get discouraged over what the scale says right now!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Yikes with the malware!!! I'm glad you were able to get it cleaned up. Credit to you for starting fresh and for updating your weight no matter what. I think all those things help make us be accountable. I wouldn't deduct from the kitty worked for and earned everyone of those's not revokable!

BillBlueEyes Sounds like you had a great day!

Beverlyjoy You DID have many good credits! Nice job! And extra great job on dividing your dinner and then placing your napkin over it so you wouldn't eat more! Have fun at your cookout!

07-04-2010, 01:24 PM
We're kind of curmudgeonly about this holiday. We live in a county with a fireworks ban, surrounded by counties that sell them. So, our favorite thing to do on the 4th of July is stick close to the house and make sure none of the neighbors burn it down with an illegal bottle rocket. We will cook out tonight -- chicken, grill-roasted potatoes, and salads. Oh, the refrigerator pickles are ready and we discovered last night that they make a wonderful cucumber-tomato salad. So, we'll have more of that. Hope all the USians have a happy 4th!

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +80 315/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: glad that you and yours are finding your way back to healing. Your 4th of July plans sound like a blast!

AmberPr: welcome!

FutureFitChick: glad you're enjoying the holiday/birthday weekend and staying reasonably well in control -- including posting here! Good job!

seadwaters: do NOT deduct from your credit kitty because there's a gain on your scale -- those credits are for the behaviors not the numbers! That's my opinion, and apparently I feel strongly about it since I don't usually tell people with capital letters what to do and NOT do! Good for you for starting fresh with the reality of today and not letting a minor setback get in the way of that.

BillBlueEyes: I always find it odd when local doesn't win, too. It's rare but it does happen. I asked a farmer once and he said it generally had to do with rain. Too dry or too wet at the odd times and it will effect the sweetness and wateriness of the fruit.

Beverlyjoy: yay for many credits involving reading, thinking, and strategizing your way to food sanity!

new2me2: Let us know how you like your DVD! Enjoy your day in and the purple toenails!

07-04-2010, 02:57 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Just a quick check in. My two patients provide for lots of spontaneous exercise. :lol:

I am reading everyone's posts, and don't have the oomph for personals right now. I ate off plan for dinner on Friday night, but other than that I have been consciously trying to stay focused on my food requirements while taking care of others. When I went out to run errands this morning I parked as far out as possible and got a little extra walking in. When I got back it was time for my breakfast smoothie and vitamins and I asked my Mom to please wait for 5 minutes and I would return after taking a minute for myself.

Take care everyone! :welcome2: to the new Becksters! Thanks, all, for being here!

Happy July 4th!

07-04-2010, 04:31 PM
Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday was a hot day - 90 degrees. I worked in the yard clearing branches from our woods while my dof chased whatever was scooting around under the leaves.

Today I woke up to 70+ with 100% humidity. It started to rain a few hours later, but not before I got a quick walk in. I then finished a movie I fell asleep watching last night (I love Tivo) and nibbled on my husbands raisenettes that he brought home last night. Decided that wasn't a good breakfast and had some cheese and crackers.... weekend eating is hard for me. I feel like I graze all day. I'm in need of a project or an activity and just can't seem to settle on anything. (perfectionism?)

I'm glad to have found the Beck book. I'm not entirly sure how I found out about the program. I know I've been doing some poking around on ediets and trying to find something new. I've started two programs this year, and I haven't made any progress. I'm hopeful for this one as it is helping set myself up instread of flying by the seat of my pants.

So far I've:
Got my Diet Buddies!
came up with some advantages
written out some response cards
weighed myself

Earlier this year I tried the herbalife diet shakes. They kinda rubbed me the wrong way. It just didn't feel right to me to be drinking these two ice-cream-like drinks a day. Since I hate the after taste of fake sugar, I used real sugar, and that just didn't jive with my love of sugar--- I'm adicted to sugar. I lost 5 pounds and gained it all back.

Then I did my favorite pre-diet diet and lost about 10 pounds. I've put 8 back on.

About two years ago I successfully took of 35-40 pounds and I'm pretty much keeping it off (even gaining 5-10 pounds of winter weight and taking it back off has been doable).I have developed some better habits with each and every plan I try, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to lose even the next 10-15 pounds. My first goal is to get below 200.

So, here I go again. My next evolution in healthy eating habits! ;)

How are you organizing your Beck's stuff? Is it all in a box? Laying out? On your computer?

How do you get those cute little pound markers?

How do you create your signature lines? I love how so many of you keep track with them, or do you put them in for each post?

FutureFitChick: Thank you for the welcome! I've been thinking about a fitness coach myself. That's a huge thing to have made that kind of investment in yourself. And I love the idea of freezing the leftovers - Do you divide them out and freeze them into seperate meals? BTW: I love how your posts have your "Things I'm most looking forward to"- awsome.

Cheryl/seadwaters: Thank you for the welcome! I hate viruses - good luck getting it all cleaned up. I love how you keep track of your successes/Credits on your postings, and I really love how you pay yourself for those achievements, even the small ones.

BillBlueEyes: Thank you for the warm welcome! It's pretty cool to see my name so big and the flashing welcome! I'm not sure how I found Beck's - A post someplace convinced me to buy the book and a search lead me here, to 3 Fat Chicks. I could use a little dry weather today -- it actually looks like it's starting to clear up. Might be able to get that BBQ yet today! I love cherries too. They are my favorite go to fruit of the season.

Beverlyjoy: Thank you for the welcome, I'm glad to be here. Way to go yesterday! I love the idea of putting the napkin on my plate when I'm done. I'm such a nibbler myself.

new2me2: Hello to you too! I've had exactly one massage - I'm going to have to add that to my list. My Daughter has a few fancy colors of nail polish. I've tried the green, orange and yellow on my fingernails. I just can't pull it off, but purple on the toes-- that I really like!

Gardenerjoy: Thank you for the welcome! Hope your home stays safe tonight ;) Chicken for us too. I really like that you post mini goals-- alot less overwhelming.

Debbie/Lexxiss: Way to take care of yourself. I think that can be one of the hardestest things to do. I still stuggle with feeling guilty and defensive when I decide to do something for myself- like I shouldn't. You are so close to goal! Does it get harder or easier?

07-04-2010, 05:10 PM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Things are going pretty well. I have not started exercising. I've had severe hypertension for a while, and I have no health insurance, so I haven't seen a doctor in a long time. Trying to walk or bike outdoors in Austin right now seems insane (it's very hot and humid). At the end of the month, I'll be moving into an apt. complex that has a nice fitness area, where I will do the elliptical machine.

Bill, the avatar has no deeper meaning.

Yesterday I did the hunger experiments. Ate a hearty breakfast, felt desire a few times, easily dismissed, never really felt physical hunger, ate a nice salad with ahi tuna steak for dinner. Then I went to a party where there was quite a lot of delicious food around . . . and I had none of it! I actually didn't even feel very desirous of it. Someone asked me if I'd lost weight recently, which is great, but simply impossible. Maybe it was just my confidence that they were seeing. I did drink three beers.

This morning, I was stranded at my friend's apartment, where there was no food. I went to McDonald's and ate a bacon egg and cheese bagel, and a hash brown. I hated every second.

I discovered this plan maybe a year and a half ago, just by browsing Amazon. I was attracted to it mostly because of the cognitive behavioral therapy. I have had quite a bit of therapy, which had a CBT slant to it, and has been very helpful. I started this program once before, but my life was thrown into chaos when I was laid off and had to move hither and yon. Now I think my life is stable enough to give it the attention it requires.

Keep up the good work everyone! You deserve all the advantages of being healthier!

07-05-2010, 05:32 AM
Hi Coaches

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July - and that the weather was good. I had a good day - got to the aqua fit class for the first time in a week and it did my back a lot of good. I fell heavily onto one knee just before I went away and my back has been horrible ever since so hopefully the pool and the chiropractor (manipulative therapist?) today will do their magic. Got my tax finished and submitted with the accountant so I am happy. I will get a healthy return which covers a good portion of the health debt (and my clothing splurge!).

Today I had a plan and followed it and last night was also good. I didn't end up exercising last night because I was messing with my tax - not a healthy distraction. I still need to get weights so will investigate that tomorrow.

AmberPr - A good list of credits for today. It can be difficult to plan for the weekend and I always find that without a plan to start with I always end up all over the place. I am sure BillBE will explain about the signatures - but you need to wait for 20 days and 20 posts before you can access the signature area. I organise my Beck stuff on my iPhone in a program/application called iconic notes. Then I have them with me

BeverlyJoy - Sounds like a good Beck day yesterday - and I will need to take on board your excellent eating out strategies.

BillBlueEyes - I used to watch bird behaviour for hours where I worked and people thought I was nuts (they were common pigeons) - but I can understand the obsession. They are a nice way of engaging with nature and help with existential issues. I am totally into what can help with healthy aging - I want to understand how to increase function and decrease disability - at 59 I feel "frail" and that has to change

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for lot of spontaneous exercise lol. Hope things with your mum and family go well

Donna (new2me2) - Glad you got a good massage - I am thinking of one this week. Yay for no weight increase

Gardenerjoy - Hope the house stayed safe! All fireworks are banned in my state (not sure about the country) so lots of local fireworks to attend. Credit for all

Overlord - that is great that you will have an exercise area in your new appt - seems like the outdoor bike might be a bit risky at first. Big credit for trying the hunger experiment - and double credit for that you could resist all the food around you - well done. I am glad your life is stable enough to give this program a go now - good luck

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by- Read A&R cards - no
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes - $1
- Limit junk food to once per day - NO
- Made food plan - Yes $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am - $1
- Ate seated every time - yes $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - 80%
- Put down fork occasionally - yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - 217.4 $1
- Drank water - YES - have been getting water regularly today
- Exercise - YES - :swim: $1

TALLY - DAY = $7; Week = $13

Working on - :running:
Starting strength training and making it a habit

Have a good day Beckies

07-05-2010, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Participated in a Normal-Rockwell kind of extended Fourth of July BBQ starting at noon: family, extended family, friends, people I've met before whose names I didn't remember, little kids in the pool, the young men roasting a suckling pig over the fire, waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food - the whole wonderful disaster. I worked hard at my plan to eat more than usual but still under control. I did well sticking to the roasted veggies, organic salad with edible flowers, fruit and the like, CREDIT moi. Took one bite from DW's cheeseburger; it was the best I can remember ever having, but one bite was enough. I'm grateful to the book that reminded me that the first bite fires all our taste buds and that the remainder just isn't the same.

Then I got antsy waiting for the pig to finish and, when it finally was presented, ate a bunch although I didn't stuff myself. Coarsely chopped pig from the spit being eaten with hands, while standing around, doesn't lend itself to the Beck rules, LOL. Oh, Well. Compensated by declaring that it was both lunch and dinner and having only a cucumber from the garden later in the evening, CREDIT moi. Yay for a garden fresh cucumber with a little yogurt dressing.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Gotta try that combining refrigerator pickles into a cucumber-tomato salad - sounds yummy. Hope your house lasted through the local fireworks; the (illegal) fireworks had started by 6:00 last evening and I heard some when I woke up at 4:00 am this morning. It must seem odd to the British couple down the street.

Shepherdess - Waving. Thinking of building myself a cabin in Wyoming. Seeking your advice. There's some land on Craigslist that I'm considering. Claims to have nice views. Some dude named Freudenthal is peddling 1366 acres for only $125M. Should go quickly - that's less that a hundred grand an acre. What's your take?

Beverlyjoy - Always struck by, "I am grateful for the willingness to plan." Everything in one sentence. Nice demonstration of the way to enjoy a restaurant experience. Count me, also, as one who never tires of the brilliant yellow of the Goldfinches. When we had thistle feeders we had them in droves, but they apparently don't find much in DW's garden to their tastes. I'll mention Cosmos to her, since I know she likes them.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for that back; do hope that the "manipulative therapist" gets it under control. Congrats for getting your tax paperwork done when that's the most important task on your agenda. David Sibley, popular birding author, strongly suggests watching the common birds at length. He points out that that's a lot easier than the rare birds, that you can learn the parts of the birds to identify that way, and rather importantly, that you can immediately eliminate the common birds when you spot a rare bird because you've done your homework.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for giving yourself five minutes from your double care-giver role; you so have to guard against burn out.

Donna (new2me2) - Seems like a wise step to preserve the benefits of a good massage.

Overlord - Kudos for the success with the hunger experiment - without experiencing serious hunger. Yep, I can imagine Austin is a challenging place for outdoor exercise at peak summer, even though you have that neat Lake Austin so close by.

And Kudos again for being surrounded by delicious food and, "I had none of it!" That's working your program for sure. It's good to have someone around who is a believer in Cognitive Behavior Therapy to encourage us all along. Sometimes the obvious parts of CBT are difficult (like giving ourselves credit) just because they're so . . . obvious.

Amber (AmberPr) - Kudos for identifying that your weekend eating is an opportunity to get onto your eating plan. Yep, I do think that the Beck strategies, along with planning, can help out there.

I organize my Beck stuff on an Excel spreadsheet where it's easy for me to find.
The neat weight trackers in people's signatures are available after 20 days and 20 posts - a site rule to fight the huge wave of spammers that flood the web. You already can add the S/C/G: x/y/z/ that appears under many of our Avatars.
Once you get your tracker, it appears automatically with each post (if you checked that option in your profile). Yours is currently blank; mine is text; others use the trackers. They are changed separately from posting as desired. Some folks change daily, some monthly, some only if it moves by five pounds or more.

Readers - day 31
Decide About Drinking

How Much, How Often

Whatever you decide to do about alcohol is fine, as long as:

You don't skimp on food.
You plan when and how much you'll drink.
You calculate beforehand how caloric the drink is.
You don't allow alcohol to lead to unplanned eating.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 221.

07-05-2010, 07:28 AM
"Once more into the breach".

Well, I've been putzing around with reading the darn book but this is IT. My life does not seem to be getting more peaceful so I will make the time to read. I read this thread every day but need to get my brain in gear. I've been dieting for the past 50 years (really!) and need an attitude transplant.

So - all other reading is put aside until I have read the book.

07-05-2010, 11:38 AM
Hi Becksters/coaches/friends… yesterday was fun....having a cookout for America, my mom and my aunt (all with July 4 birthdays). It was hot...but - we have shade after 5pm on our deck and backyard. My food went well - Credit. Always grateful for that.

Dh had some homemade trail mix with chocolate chips. It was on his dresser. I used my resistance techniques to stay out of the chips. Eventually, I put it in his sock drawer. Credits

At 8pm I started to get stomach cramps and pain. It was weird. I ended up not going to the fireworks. Finally at 3:30 am - the pain subsided. What was that about? Maybe left over from the colonoscopy? My fiber cereal after not eating some for days? I don't know. I thought - if it's not gone by morning, I'll have to go to the ER. But - after 7 hours of being doubled stopped. Go figure. I feel fine now. I did eat a little extra at 2am….toast, dry cherrios with the stomach pain. It didn’t help. But - thought maybe it would. Funny - how I thought food would help a stomach ache. I drank diet ginger ale. That did seem to help.

I sat outside in the backyard with the heating pad (funny thing to see outside!) for 40 minutes of fireworks that a neighbor was doing a street away. A lot of coin went into it, indeed. I was so happy to see it. I am grateful I ended up seeing some fireworks. So beautiful.

Today we are going to my cousin's house for a cookout celebrating our Aunt's birthday. My plan is scoping out the food. Making the healthiest choices - fill my plate carefully ONE time. No seconds.

Plan/log/measure/count calories - yes -
Eat seated/no seconds- most of the itme
Fork down - some of the time
Slow mindful eating - a lot of the time
Taste the food - a lot of the time
Leave a bite - all the time
Read response cards - yes
Read Beck books -no
Filled in my journal questions - yes
Exercise, spontaneous exercise - no
Weighed - yes

The scale is still barely under 200 - but, it is a 'leftover' from my Friday colonoscopy. I not counting anything the scale says until Wednesday. The nurses said - things will be back to where they should be in 3-5 days.

New2me2 - I love shopping as an exercise. I vote for that every time! Sounds like a healthy day PLANNED! Purple toe nails rock.

Gardner joy - sorry you have to deal with the stray rocket heading your way. Credit for planning a healthy day.

Lexxiss -glad you are getting your spontaneous exercise…credit! Sorry about the Friday night oops. Forgive yourself and hop right back on your plan. Carry on.

Amberpr - you are doing so well as you begin your journey with Beck. Ouch on the raisonettes. Maybe you could ask DH to keep them out of site. I do it all the time. Somewhere dr. Beck said to ask like this. “It would be so helpful if you would_________. “ It really often works at my house. Good for you keeping a lot of your previous weight loss. The Beck techniques will help, too.

How I organize my Beck … I use a pretty spiral journal that has some pockets for my resistance cards. I open up to two pages. On the left side is my daily plan and then what I actually eat with the calories. On the left side is where I put on the things I am working on… I list: water, exercise, eat seated, no seconds, full fullness, taste the food, leave a bite etc. Just writing it down is a daily reminder. I also write down the techniques of avoid unplanned eating. I write down: food is not an emergency, a place for sabotaging thoughts, credits, reflections for the day and more. Do I fill it in every day…no - but, I do it often enough to have to think about what I am doing. For me, just writing it all down everyday is helpful and a good reminder. (oops, I am repeating myself!) Everyone does their Beck stuff differently.

Overlord - so glad to hear your new apartment will have a workout place! It’s amazing how often you can think of that hunger experiment when you are faced with unplanned food. I always remember one thing mentioned in the Beck book - people have gone for days without eating. (so I should be able to get through a couple of hours)

Seadwaters - I am so glad to hear you were able to get to your aqua class! I hope the chiropractor can help your sore knee. Credit for having a plan and following it.

Billbe - love the sound of your Norman Rockwell 4th. (DH and I went to his museum last year on our way home after visiting my sister at Cape Cod…awesome) I totally agree about having one bite. I do that often with DH - especially desserts. first bite fires all our taste buds and that the remainder just isn't the same. This is so true…thanks for the reminder

Ruthxx - I’ve been dieting/trying to find food sanity a very long time too. I am’s never to late to try again. We must keep trying again…you never know when it will finally ‘take’.

07-05-2010, 12:09 PM
SUPER CREDIT - although I knew I did not eat that poorly on vacation and was pretty active, I was still scared to get on the scale. I was so worried it would say I gained 3-4 lbs and I would feel deflated.
My scale is very old and I knew not quite accurate so I happened to be at Academy and found a scale with the body fat calculator as well. Bonus. I really wanted that too.
Got on the scale and uh-huh, barely gained 1 lb!!!! I was ecstatic. Then despite myself, I started thinking how the broken scale would have said higher, so it really was higher and just went down that trail for about 15 minutes. I literally found myself in the hole punching my face in! Then I remembered that the doctor's scale had said the pound less, not the broken scale! But more importantly, what did it matter. my new scale was telling me great things.
So my credit to myself is for seeing it and turning it around. :jig:

Good news, that extra pound is now gone! woo hoo.

Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

I found the site looking for diet buddies online that recognized Beck. I want to be surrounded by positive support and with people who are speaking the same language.

07-05-2010, 12:17 PM
Good morning Beckies! I do indeed have purple toes this morning. :D Purple with little white stars.

My official Beck weigh-in day shows me up two-tenths of a pound. That will go away so I'm not concerned and I'm not going to change my ticker, lol.

Eating was on plan yesterday except for a couple of cubes of watermelon right before bed. I've got the watermelon aleady cut up, but I'm finding I don't overeat that so it's a good treat for me.

My exercise was the intermediate workout of the WW Punch DVD, which was a good 35 minute workout, then a while later I did 30 minutes of Walk It Out.

Up for today, probably Walk It Out at some point, but I MUST do some decluttering myself, so I'm going to make myself do it for 1 hour, lol. And, I have a little housekeeping to do, but nothing major.

Spontaneous exercise, was holding my plank for 1 minute this morning. I may do that a couple more times at some point today.

gardenerjoy Fireworks are not sold here either I think, but EVERYONE seems to have them, and they always seem to be VERY close.

Lexxiss LOL on the spontaneous exercise...I know that when I was down with my foot my poor mother got LOTS of spontaneous exercise! It's not easy! Good for you on the other spontaneous exercise as well, and for taking that time for yourself!

AmberPr Sounds like you got some great exercise clearing the yard! As far as healthy eating habits...I'm finding Beck has helped with that too...not directly so much, but indirectly it has me thinking about a lot of things in a lot of ways I didn't before.

As far as organization...I am so organized at work, but at home it's a mess, so my Beck stuff is basically strewn about, but fortunately mostly on my coffee table.

The pound ticker I have is from tickerfactory.

And, re the nail polish...I can't keep polish on my fingernails, but it seems to last on my toes, so I do that regularly during the summer. I have lots of fun colors and some decals that I also use to "decorate". :D Me thinks I shall be one of those crazy old ladies who wears bright colors. :p

Overlord Very wise to wait on the exercise, especially in that heat! The end of the month is not that far away! Major credits for your hunger experiment and for having none of that delicious food!!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Hope the pool and chiropractor help!!! Yay on the healthy tax return!!!

BillBlueEyes The BBQ sounds quite fun! Major credit you for healthy eating and thinking (mostly, lol)!

Ruthxxx Good for you for making your health a priority!!! Welcome back!

Beverlyjoy Major credit for "hiding" DH's snack and NOT eating it whilst you did it! :) Hum, the stomach cramps and pain could still be from the colonoscopy...they use a lot of air which can cause that. I'm still waiting for the results of that last lab test I sent in last week to see if I have to have another one! I'm glad it went away. Good luck at todays outging!

07-05-2010, 12:19 PM
Houston2Command I see you posted whilst I was typing my longwinded post and didn't want to leave you out, lol. Great job on turning around that thinking (and recognizing that you needed to)!!!

07-05-2010, 01:16 PM
Our cookout got rained out. Plan B was pasta, which, in my current method, is little more than a showcase for roasted summer vegetables, so still appropriately seasonal and delicious!

I got an honorable mention in this week's Biggest Loser Beach Party Summer Challenge!

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +90 405/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: good job taking care of yourself while taking care of your patients!

AmberPR: yay for jumping in! Organizing my Beck stuff: the books are on a shelf near my desk, my Advantages and Responses "cards" are really lists on a different sheet but the same Excel file where I record my morning weight, my food plan is sometimes written in a stenographer's notebook designated for it but also ends up on any old scrap of paper that's convenient or often just in my head (although I recommend writing it down at first -- I did that for months).

Overlord: glad to see you jumping in as well. I've largely become an indoor exerciser between allergies and weather. While you wait for the elliptical you could try pacing, walking in place, and stretching at home. Also, putting on some music and dancing, although I grant that might be even more of a stretch for a guy than a gal (and most gals find dancing at home alone pretty strange and embarrassing, at first).
Good job with the hunger experiment and learning exactly what it is supposed to teach! It's been nearly a year since I did it and I'm still able to pull out "hunger is not an emergency" and really believe it at appropriate times.

seadwaters: good efforts on your exercise and taxes!

BillBlueEyes: sounds like a wonderful 4th! Yay for being in control except for freshly roasted pig. Not too bad!

Ruthxxx: happy reading!

Beverlyjoy: Glad your stomach scare subsided. I think I'd assume that it had something to do with the colonoscopy or prep, if it happens only once. If it happens again, dear Beverlyjoy, I'd be recommending the ER.
You did a great job with yesterday's cookout and today's plan sounds great too!

Houston2Command: oh, look! You jumped in, too! Way to go! Great job talking yourself down from scale mania -- been there, LOL!

new2me2: Cool! White stars on purple sounds lovely!

07-05-2010, 08:20 PM
Hi, my dear Beckies, just some random musings about camping/company/fourth of July rituals.

It strikes me as just *wrong, how much focus there is on food with company around. Here we were at the lake, with fireworks, dawgs, canoes, kayaks, great, clean, lovely water, and it seems the whole weekend was prepping, serving, cleaning up after, planning, serving..on and on..the next meal. This was with 5 active kids around. *sigh.

The good news is: I was the hostess, so got a lot of exercise doing all of the above. Guests pitched in more than anyone could ask, just great working together, but it sure seemed that food prep consumed me. Oh, well, all fun, great fire works, and happy, tired and departed company.

Got a great new summer toy. It is a big floaty thang with an anchor, and stairs to climb on and a mesh area as part of it, so you can float on it, roll into the mesh and be in the water. The best "Fun Island" ever.

It just kills me how fast summer is going. It *just *kills *me. Even the anticipation of my first real, summer tomato can't compensate for how fast summer is going.

07-05-2010, 11:54 PM
Gardenerjoy, thanks for advice. I will try five minutes of moving around in some way, each day. Thanks for everybody's feedback and support too!

I'm still in stage one. Today was the first day I ate according to a plan. At this point, the plan does not need to be THE PLAN, but I skipped ahead and modeled the day's food plan according to what the book says I should do (2400 cal. plan). It was too much. I could not finish the meals that were recommended. Besides not finishing the meals, I stayed on plan.

I've made another plan for tomorrow. It is not exactly like THE PLAN, because it doesn't have to be yet. It is healthy and I feel positive that I can stick to it.

Also, I am quitting smoking at the same time! No cigarettes yesterday or today.


07-06-2010, 12:39 AM
Good evening everyone,

It was nice to have another day off. The weather was warm, but I still got in a couple of walks:cheer2:.

Today felt more like a start. I began the morning by weighing myself :cheer2:, measuring my food :cheer2: and counting calories :cheer2:. Entered all of it into my diet journal :cheer2:. Wasn't a planned day, but I stayed within my calorie allotment.

Went to the grocery store and purchased some of the usual, healthy suspects :cheer2:. There was a new diet orange pop (soda) at the store. It was sweetened with Stevia. I hate the taste and the aftertaste of fake sugar, and I think it gives me a headach, however, I have used stevia at home from time to time, so I was excited to give it a try. It didn't cut it for me. Still the yucky taste, although the taste didn't seem to linger and I didn't get a headache. I'm not much of a pop drinker anyhow, but it was worth a try.

Good Night!


Overlord: Sounds like we're at about the same place in the book. I sort-of tried the eating experiment this morning too. I caught myself once, when I was between projects, feeling like i should find a snack. It was interesting to catch myself- hope I/we can stay focused on it! I also understand the seasonal weather. Living in MN we have the cold and snow. Usually I can still get out, but it can be limiting (at least I can put more clothes on..!) --- Wow, smoking too! You are ambitious!

SeadWaters: Ouch, hope the therapy was helpful today! Thanks for the tip about the iphone - I need to learn how to sync stuff...

Bill: Sounds like it was a yummy 4th! Thank you for the clarification on the signatures and trackers--- that will give me some time to get it to wiggle a little bit.

Ruth: Are you done? Did you finish reading it?

Bev: Great job skipping the trail mix! I really understand that battle well. I'm such a "oh a couple wont hurt" kinda gal. I will keep working on the family--They are usually pretty good. Hope you're still feeling well! I like how you organize your Beck stuff in your journal. I'm going to note that for later (when I'm ready).

Houston2Command: Yeah for the pound! We bought a digital scale a year ago too, I love it.

new2me2: You are doing great! That's funny about the nail polish, I have the same problem. I try to wear it on my finger nails, but I hate how it looks when it starts to chip and I'm so lazy sometimes that I let it look like crap for too long...I've been trying a buff color (so the chips don't show) but I think my nails are sortof splitting more than they have in the past. Toes are the way to go!

gardenerjoy: Looks like you had a great day! I take it these veggies are out of your own garden?

maryblu: I hear you on the food prep. I usually have Thanksgiving at my house and I'm always amazed at how it seems like I just finished cooking and everyone is done eating and we're cleaning up.

Good Night! :yawn:

07-06-2010, 05:20 AM
Hi Coaches
A good on plan day - I found myself being mindful of choices and options which is always good. I have found a place that has the ankle weights and the hand weights in the right sizes and should have them in a few weeks so progress. Today I took myself to the gym and did a circuit all by myself without the person with the cattle prod. I am feeling really motivated - the book was useful. A shame I go back to work next week but I guess I had to get to this place first. I have a lovely new iPhone toy where I can log my exercise as see progress - hopefully it will encourage me to keep it up. Also I hate carrying around a bit of paper to remember what weights I used so this solves it.

Found myself eating the olives as I packed them in the fridge - totally mindless behaviour. Fortunately I only scarfed 2 of them

Amber (AmberPr) - You have a good list of credits indeed. I agree with artificial sugar being a problem. But I also have to stay away from real sugar because of cravings I guess. So it looks like I need to tame the sweet tooth

BeverlyJoy - You have been in the wars. difficult to see the bright side that at least you got to see some fireworks but as usual you found something to be grateful for. Ginger is always good for Gastro intestinal issues. I need to create a mantra from "scoping out the food. Making the healthiest choices - fill my plate carefully ONE time. No seconds". Will make a response card for the feeling of wanting to eat everything in sight. I notice you are up in the middle of the night - hope things are OK

BillBlueEyes - Not often that a spit roasted suckling pig crosses one's path - you showed admirable restraint. You seem to have a lot of social events in your life - I would need to go into training for them.

Donna (new2me2) - I don't think I would change my ticker for 2/10 either! Only for substantial and at the end of the month maybe for me. Good luck with decluttering

Gardenerjoy - An honourable mention - you are doing so well at the moment - huge credit.

ETA - didn't do a good cut and paste job!

Houston2Command - Like GardnerJoy's term - scale-mania - I've been there too! Great that your weight gain was small and now gone!

Maryblu - Your lake experience sounds so nice! I love floating around on water and the "fun Island" sounds just the thing. You are right - socially just about everything revolves around food, and then drinking alcohol. Amazing

Overlord - Note "also quitting smoking at the same time" - credit at the idea and I hope you go well. There is a lot of grief to get prepared for with giving up nicotine - or it can hit you by surprise. Good for you that you are starting to plan - it is a rare skill. Good luck with increasing mobility and spontaneous exercise. There are some good books on simple strength training at home - and websites

Ruthxx - Loved the "I've been dieting for the past 50 years" - lol. How true is that! Feels like my life story. Welcome back - it is great to see you here. The book is certainly worth a read. October 1 is coming soon - are you going this year or last?

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - NO
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - NO
- Ate mindfully and slowly - 80%
- Put down fork occasionally - will try tonight
- Weighed myself - Yes - 216.4 - $1
- Drank water - YES
- Exercise - YES - :lifter: - $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $4; Week = $17; Grand Total = $17

Working on - :running:
Staying on plan and making good choices in that plan

Have a good day Beckies

07-06-2010, 05:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I followed my plan to spend most of my day in my cool basement playing with patch cement; CREDIT moi for sticking to my plan. And made it to the gym - CREDIT moi - not many people there on the last day of the three day weekend. Eating on-plan during the summer is easier for me than during the winter (CREDIT moi). When we load trays to take outside to the patio, there is no thought of additional food when that's done. And evening eating isn't as tempting since evening around here - married to a gardener - doesn't begin until it's too dark for her to continue tending her plants. By the time I can think about evening snacking, it's bedtime.

Walked to our community garden to pick the one, single cucumber that we had seen from the day before would be ready. It was. We picked it ... and picked some seven others that had appeared by spontaneous generation - I know they weren't there 24 hour before, LOL. Louis Pasteur wouldn't have been so quick to dismiss spontaneous generation if he had studied cucumbers.

maryblu - Just stop all this "how fast summer is going" talk already. Cool new summer toy that allows you to be your own island. Maybe you can sneak up on your loons, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - So neat that you've turned pasta into "a showcase for roasted summer vegetables." Perhaps pasta, like meat, should be viewed as a garnish for veggies. You're really moving on your July exercise goal.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - So, it's from the beach to "breach" - this thread can always benefit from good old South Beach experience. Kudos for recognizing that waiting for calm to descend upon your life is your version of Waiting for Godot, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for diet ginger ale coming to the rescue. Big Ouch for that much stomach pain two days after your procedure. Hope all remains well. Kudos for moving your DH's "homemade trail mix with chocolate chips" - that kinda stuff is hard for me when visible because I so easily pretend that only one, single grab won't count (rather mundane Sabotaging Thought). Even if it didn't count, I'd never stop at one grab if it's good stuff, LOL.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Just can't do better than "being mindful of choices" - sounds like a good day. Yay for finding the weights that you need. And big Yay for a new iPhone toy to distract you to staying on your path.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for watermelon - one of the gifts of the summer gods. Kudos for 65 minutes of good workout.

Overlord - Kudos for staying on-plan even if it's a pre-plan. It'll be fun hearing which recipes work for you. Good luck tackling smoking at the same time - letting some of the CBT strategies leak into that issue should be a good idea.

Houston2Command - Kudos for giving yourself credit for spotting that Thinking Error of predicting a vacation gain even though you knew you were eating OK. Old scales are just fine if they give repeatable results, since we're not so much interested in our absolute weight as we are in our progress. If yours isn't repeatable, maybe having a new scale as an early reward for your next mini-goal is possible.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for warm summer days in Minnesota; Kudos for taking advantage of them with several walks. And Kudos for the "usual, healthy suspects" from the grocery store.

Readers - day 31
Decide About Drinking

When you drink, notice and enjoy every sip. Drink slowly so it'll last longer. As soon as you've finished your drink, order a no-calorie beverage, so you won't be tempted to order another alcoholic beverage.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 221.

07-06-2010, 09:11 AM
Hi Beck folks, coaches, buddies,

Yesterday I stayed in my calorie range...I am always grateful for that. I didn’t stay with my exact plan. I had that stomach cramp thing again in the afternoon, (for an hour or so) I think it's related to me eating too much fiber so soon after my colonoscopy. I will watch it carefully. Therefore, I changed what I ate after that to something a little more bland. I probably should check it out with my doctor - but, just can’t ‘deal’ with one more thing. I’ll think about it.

Gosh, it's been hot here! Wow - am so grateful to have air conditioning and a ceiling fan. How did our parents, grandparents and I manage without it years ago.

I've been pretty careful with my food of late - but, I haven't been getting in my stretches or strengthening exercises. Today I WILL do this for sure!!!

plan/log/measure/count calories - yes, but changed plan
fork down between bites - some of the time
eat seated only, no seconds, - most of the time
leave a bite - all of the time
TASTE the food/ slow mindful eating - some of the time
feel fullness - no
lots of water - yes
exercise/spontaneous ex. - no
remind myself that eating everything I'd like to isn't an emergency yes
remind myself that food/eating doesn't cure stress or physical pain -yes
Arc/rc - yes
Beck book - no
Worked in my journal - yes

Houston - so glad the scale ‘smiled’ at you after your vacation.

2newme2 - sounds like you are right on target. Carry on!

gardener joy - yum - roasted veggies and pasta are so good. Too bad no cookout, but - a wonderful substitute. Congrats on your honorable mention.
Thanks for the good advice on my stomach pain and cramps, etc. I will watch it carefully. I am thinking that it may have to do with me going right back into my regular routine of fiber, iron, full amounts - maybe too much too soon.etc.

Maryblu - Fun island sounds fun, indeed. I am glad you had help on the trip and managed to get exercise while preparing things, etc.

Overlord - sending resistance ‘vibes’ to you as you also quit smoking. Hold on CAN do it. Credit for making a plan!!!

Amberpr - so many great credits…well done. I do like stevia. I have never had it in pop, however. Sometimes other sweeteners give my a headache.

Seadwaters - I found myself being mindful of choices and options which is always good. - isn’t this what we are striving for!! Well done. Your new weights sound good. Two olives - think about it for a moment, forget it and carry on. Yes, I have been up in the night several times…I am thinking about all the things I am facing. I am a worrier - No one need worry in my presence, I’ll do it for them. LOL I am doing a little meditation to help.

Billbe - well done staying on plan, doing your basement work and getting to the gym. Good job using evening gardening as a decoy for late night eating. I’d like the ‘magic words’ for making extra veggies appear overnight in the garden!

Have a GREAT day everyone.

07-06-2010, 11:01 AM
Good morning friends!

I got my 60 minutes of decluttering in, plus 30 more minues of housecleaning...WW counts all that as activity, yay! :D This is a major credit because everytime I go on vacation, I unpack only what is necessary and the rest stays on the bed in the spare room until I go on vacation again. :o So I'm ahead of the game a bit now. I still have LOTS to do in there since that is the "black hole" of doom...but at least the vacation stuff is put away, lol.

I did 45 minutes of Walk It Out later in the day. Eating was on plan and in general it was a nice relaxing day.

This morning I lost that .2 and saw it another .2, lol. If I can make it below the 150 mark this week, I may just put another charm on the bracelet even though it hasn't been a full five pounds! :)

gardenerjoy Your pasta sounds VERY healthy! :) Congratulations for the honorable mention!!!!!

maryblu It really IS amazing that gatherings of all kinds seem to be centered around food! Oooh, your floating island sounds very fun and relaxing!

Overlord I started before actually getting to the plan part too. I'm doing the pink book, so there wasn't really a plan set out in the book, but I did start my own even before she said to start one, lol. MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS and CREDIT for quitting smoking!!!

AmberPr Impressive list of credits!!! I've been using stevia in my protein shakes...I'm getting used to the taste I think. I still mix it with 1/2 T sugar, but I'm hoping to eventually be able to stand the taste enough to cut out the sugar completely.

seadwaters (Cheryl) Yay for being on plan, working out by yourself and finding the weights you needed. I love my iPhone toys, lol...very handy!

BillBlueEyes Impressive list of credits as usual! :)

Beverlyjoy Hope that cramping goes away soon!!

07-06-2010, 11:45 AM
Just learned there is an Amber Alert for a little girl abducted from her front yard in the small town where I grew up. So disturbing to think that nowhere is safe.

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +120 525/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryblu: glad your 4th went well, in spite of including too much kitchen time

Overlord: great start -- I find it helpful to approach it all as a big experiment and you've already got that going!

AmberPr: yay for all the credits in the form of smiley cheerleaders! I got my garden in late -- so far, I'm only harvesting basil from it, although I think I could grab a couple of peperoncini peppers this week. I'm eating mostly produce from our CSA box supplemented a bit from the Farmers Market.

seadwaters: sounds like real progress on the exercise front -- yay!

BillBlueEyes: LOL at the magical appearance of cucumbers

Beverlyjoy: great to see you're here this morning and doing okay. Sounds like prudent changing of your plan.

new2me2: yay for all the activity! I'm amazed how motivating Walk It Out is -- I want to build a rainbow, everyday. Apparently, it appeals to my inner 8 year old.

07-06-2010, 12:07 PM
Update - I spoke to the nurse at the gastroenterologists office and told her of my night of severe stomach area pain. And - my short bout yesterday. She felt it probably had to do with my body reacting to the amount of fiber I was giving it while it was still kinda empty. I am to call them if it happens again.

Thanks everyone for your concern.

07-06-2010, 12:35 PM
Coaches/Buddies, had a good weekend, except ended up eating constantly on Sunday. Stupidly, I was shocked when I recorded my food for the day and found myself over my target. Duh.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: somewhat
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: not yet
Left food on my plate: yes

AmberPr, thanks for sharing your history. I think the trainer has really made a difference, but I feel very lucky to have found the right one too. He has really helped take the intimidation of the gym out of it for me. And, starting really slow so having little pain along the way has helped a lot too. As far as organizing my Beck stuff, I keep my posts in a journal file on my computer. I use a GoWearFit to track my activity and log my food, which I can also access on my iPhone. Also on my daily to-do list, I keep the link of my response cards so it is right there when I am ready to tackle that for the day. So, I’m mostly digital.

BeverlyJoy, great job at the Chinese restaurant. That is terrific. Thanks for the comfort over my scale disappointment. I loved putting the temptation in the sock drawer. That puts a new spin on putting a sock in it! Hope the tummy feels better soon!

BillBlueEyes, yeah, I think I didn’t appreciate my mitochondria nearly enough until the last few years in grad school. Are you in science too? I don’t know anyone else that has a biochem in their stack of reading. Interesting observations about your fruit and the bird bath image sounds great. Really, really appreciated your party eating strategy.

GardenerJoy, loved your idea to stay and protect the homefront for the 4th. Congratulations on the award. Bummer for the rain, but your pasta sounds splendid.

Houston2Command[B], yep, scales do messy things with the mind at times.

[B]Maryblu, your lake time sounds amazing.

new2me2, thanks for the comfort regarding my scale disappointment. Your 4th sounds fantastic with a massage and nails getting done!

Overlord[B], curious what you hated about your McDonald’s breakfast. OMG, good luck on the quitting smoking at the same time. Did you have a health scare?

[B]Ruthxxx, loved your post about getting an attitude trasplant! I need that many days too.

Seadwaters, I hope you got good news from the accountant. Enjoy your new toy!

Shepherdess, hope you are well. I miss reading your posts with your computer being so slow!

07-06-2010, 12:42 PM
I didn't know this thread exsisted until recently. I read the book about a week and a half ago, and am trying to implement the skills well enough that I can delve into the eating plan. (I have the complete beck diet solution for life book, one including the skills and an eating plan)

07-06-2010, 10:51 PM
HI Coaches!

Back at work today. Was pretty busy, but I felt like a lot got done.

:cheer2:Played around with the "hunger" experiments today. I had a little larger breakfast at 7:30 and then didn't eat until lunch at 12:00. I came home around 4:30 and had a bannana and now I'm waiting for dinner. Ususally I'm snacking on something a couple times a day - grapes, chocolate chips, nuts, carrots.... It was interesting to see that if I had enough calories for breakfast, I didn't really need to have a snack. I can see how it will be better once I'm planning my meals in advance because then I wont be hedging my calories and not having enough calculated by the end of the day.

I've been looking at differant websites and plans to figure out how many calories I should be having each day. It looks like to lose weight, they recommend 2100 calories. Doesn't that seem high? I usually aim for about 1600-1800 - is that too low? How do you strategies your caloric intake?

Cheryl: Yep, sugar is a big trigger for me. If I have too much in the morning, there's a good chance I'll want it all day long. What made you decide to get the wrist and ankle weights?

Bill: What a great system for beating the evening snacks. That and after work are my tricky times.

Minnesota has had a really early spring, continued on with lots of rain and sunshine. Most everything is 3-4 weeks ahead of time. My neighbors just picked 3 gallons of blueberries!

Beverlyjoy: Sorry you're still feeling yucky! Glad you had the fiber confirmed.

new2me2: Congrats for working on the "black hole." I find that those decluttering moods strike once in awhile and I love tossing/giving away all that junk that had been multiplying. Can loose a few pounds that way!

I like the idea of mixing stevia with regular - better 1/2 way than no way.

Gardenerjoy: What's a CSA box?

FutureFitChick: I hate those grazing days!

Thank you for all the tips. I'm going to check out that GoWear fit- sounds like a good way to keep track of it all.

ma26: Nice to meet you! I'm new to the book...only on pg. 80,but progressing!

07-06-2010, 11:32 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I wish I could say hi to each of you, but a quick visit will have to do tonight.

Welcome to our new Beck friends!

This is the first time I have sat down today (except for meals) :lol: My Mom and I have different schedules so I have been going to bed for two hours and setting the alarm and going over to put her to bed. The pup slept through the night and so did we. I have so many personal things to do, I may actually set the alarm early for myself.

My pink book is sitting outside and I keep hoping to sit down and read, but what it does right now is "remind me".
Today I:
made time to sit down for my own meals *credit*
said "no choice" more than once *credit*
discussed Beck strategies with a friend who came to help and saw the book*credit*
focused on making better choices-I'm having grapes for dessert instead of my allotted NSA ice cream*credit*
made it to the pool for 1/2 hr water aerobics*credit*

Thanks for all your support! I look forward to the day when I can get back on MY schedule. A week from today my pup will get to see if he can bear weight on his leg again. He visited the vet today and she thinks his hip has stayed in the socket. Yay!

07-06-2010, 11:46 PM
Still gearing up for the actual meal plan. Everything going okay.

FutureFit: I guess it was a health scare; i learned my blood pressure was too high for too long. Also just been meaning to get around to it for a long time.

I've lost 10 pounds since I've been keeping track!

07-07-2010, 01:02 AM
Shout out to all dear Beckies,

Am winding down after first day back at work after great July 4th break. Time to refocus back on the world of work, but don't want to. Oh, well, my work demands that I march on, and given the economic climate, that is a good thang.

Bought the Abs Circle Pro today. ....waiting for DS to put it together for me tomorrow morning..not a big deal, but got my exercise walking behind the old fashioned-not-propelled mower tonight, so tomorrow is time enough. Have a friend who swears by it, so will report back.

I agree with you, BillBE; it is so much easier to eat joyfully, healthfully, in summer...edible podded peas fresh from the garden munched down just taste sooooooooo good. Had Caprese for suppa tonight..nuthin' else..just Caprese.

The loons continue to entertain..still floating as a family in the middle of the lake.

Stay cool, BillBE and all my Beckie mates on the coast.

07-07-2010, 05:09 AM
Hi Coaches
I had a good on-plan day and last night - and I am cooking an on-plan dinner. I am getting a bit nervous about work next week and my difficulties with dealing with lack of time and hunger and no food - I can only prepare so much ahead of time. I need to get organised over the weekend to be ready. Farmer's market on Saturday so I can buy good meat and veggies. I have been doing a lot of exercise this week which feels good - have more planned for the rest of the week

AmberPr - Working on planning sounds like a good idea - it is the heart of the program. I went with the recommended calorie level - 2000 - (for Beck) and found that because of the medication I am on and the low level of activity because of immobility issues, it was too much as I wasn't losing. So I dropped back 200 calories. I am still trying to decide if I will lose there or need to drop back further. You could try it out and see what happens. I am getting the adjustable weights as part of a rehab program - I read a book called "Strong Women Stay Young" and it was really very inspiring about the benefits of strength training and I could identify with the cases in there. Even if I start with .5kg weights I can build up - and want to

BeverlyJoy - Glad your stomach has settled and that you got good advice. Regarding weighing yourself - health centres here have seated weight devices - so do some malls. Maybe you could hobble over on crutches or whatever and do it that way if it is important for you (of course the weight of the cast can't be estimated)

BillBlueEyes - Summer seems far away here - especially in terms of the length of the day. But I am enjoying the coolness. Credit for having a plan and sticking to it and making it sound just the right thing to do

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I really hope you get to do YOUR schedule soon Debbie - take care of yourself. Great news about the dog

Donna (new2me2) - Good effort decluttering. Good luck on getting the next charm!

Futurefitchick - Moving on from an over plan weekend - good idea. I did get good news from the accountant which is a relief

Gardenerjoy - The world can be a scary place indeed - and having it driven home that it is nearby is even more scary. Great work on the weight loss - definitely in onederland now

Ma26 - :welcome2:- this is a great place to get helpful ideas and direction so I hope you can stay awhile

Maryblu - Can't wait to hear about the Abs Circle Pro - hope you enjoy it

Overlord - Oh the power of tracking what we eat - amazing. Thanks for the reminder

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - only once last night - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - NO - nibbling at sink
- Ate mindfully and slowly - 80%
- Put down fork occasionally - I did
- Weighed myself - Yes - same - 216.4 - $1
- Drank water - YES
- Exercise - YES - :swim: - $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $22; Grand Total = $22

Working on - :running:
Getting strong - physically and in the program

Have a good day Beckies

07-07-2010, 06:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It got to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit around here yesterday. Even though it had cooled a tad before my evening walk, I was one wet guy when I returned, CREDIT moi.

DW picked up food for dinner at Whole Foods; just too hot to even think of cooking. I saved half my piece of chicken breast to have with my lunch today, CREDIT moi. It isn't so hard for me to leave something on my plate when I have its destination in mind.

maryblu - Just had a Homer Simpson image, drooling, "Edible pea pods" LOL. Also looking forward to your report on the Abs Circle Pro. Waving to the loons on the lake.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for "eating constantly on Sunday" - it's just amazing how easily that can catch us even when we're trying to be vigilant. Kudos for leaving food on your plate, though. And nope, I'm not a scientist, I'm an engineer. I do find it easy to be curious about science - especially since I'm not facing the pragmatic difficulties of trying to make an experiment work or dig some meaning out of unexpected data.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - I agree that that Amber Alert is so disturbing; I hate the feeling that our kids aren't safe. Kudos for another 2 hours of exercise.

Beverlyjoy - Congrats for figuring out what was causing you stomach issues, and for the wisdom of getting that confirmed by your doctor. Hope your exercises went well yesterday.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Smart to begin planning already for your meals when you go back to work. Yay for farmers' markets for fresh choices. I do love watching your tally dollars increasing each day.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad that you're surviving your double duty as care-giver. Kudos for making a half hour for yourself to get to the pool. Hope your mother is recovering well.

Donna (new2me2) - Thank you so much for, "... every time I go on vacation, I unpack only what is necessary ..." - thought I was the only one to do that, LOL. And Super Kudos for decluttering; I'll try to let that inspire me.

Overlord - Congrats on the ten pounds gone from the scale. Good luck figuring our your eating plan.

Amber (AmberPr) - Kudos for doing the hunger experiment. What level of hunger did you experience? (Drooling over "3 gallons of blueberries.")

Re Caloric Intake: There have been several threads on that topic lately. Some dozen ways of calculating a number were suggested, but, ultimately, always concluded that you have to experiment on yourself to see what works. Seems like a lame recommendation, but we do all seem to be significantly different in how we process food.

ma26 - Great that you've already read the green book and are working on your eating plan. Do let us know which of her recipes you like - several others are working on that plan.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

Many dieters tell me that they feel anxious about gaining weight while on a trip. Teresa, for example, had been following a diet for several months and had lost a considerable amount of weight when the time came for her annual trip to the beach with her immediate and extended family. In past years, Teresa had gained an average of 4 to 5 pounds every time she went on vacation. She asked me, "How can I possible follow my diet when I won't be in charge of the kitchen and when I'll be eating out a lot?"

I told her what I tell all dieters: Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you can stay in control if you plan a strategy before you go.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 223.

07-07-2010, 06:47 AM
:welcome: ma26 :welcome:

And, even though you've been here for three months, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the book by Dr. Beck?

And how did you find this thread on 3 Fat Chicks?

07-07-2010, 08:32 AM
Hi Beckfolks, coaches, buddies - stayed in my calorie range always grateful for that. My actual food plan took a few twists and turns but, I resisted temptations. DH had some homemade trail mix - it was 'calling' to me all day. (even though I had put it in his sock drawer) I didn't want to deal with it anymore so I squirted liquid dish soap in the bag and threw it in the trash. Mission accomplished!

Yes...I did do my stretches and strengthening exercises yesterday. CREDIT I am planning to do them again today.

My tummy felt fine all day - so I think that saga is over...LOL.

Journal -no
plan/log/measure/count calories - yes - however, changed plaan
fork down between bites - some of the time
leave a bite - all the time
eat seated only - most of the time - tasted once while cooking
no seconds - all the time
lots of water - yes
slow mindful eating - no
feel fullness - no
TASTE the food - some of the time
Beck book - no
Arc/rc - no
Exercises - YES
Counted some credits - yes
Weighed myself - yes

Billbe - I totally hear you on dealing with his heat. Credit on healthy Whole Foods take out and the willingness to save some for your lunch. They have the best take out around.

Maryblu - wow - a hand push mower is major exercise!! I too love a Capresse salad for supper - good reminder.

New2m2 - I totally agree that decluttering and house cleaning IS exercise. Great to get even more exercise and being on plan. Yay for another charm.

gardener joy - I hope they’ve found the little girl. You are making strides in your monthly exercise. Carry on.

Futurefitchick - glad you had a good weekend. I try to keep track of my calories as the day goes on. I ‘hate’ those end of the day surprises.

Ma26 - WELCOME - so glad you found this forum. I think you’ll find the Beck techniques so helpful in learning to live with food in a healthy and sane manner.

Amberpr - glad to hear you’ve done the hunger experiment. It has actually been helpful to me along the way. I think there are many website that will give you a range of calories to follow. I use the range from It’s been helpful.

Lexxiss - so glad you posted. I am glad you are finding time to take care of you along with your mama, dh and the pup. Great job on getting to the pool and making time to sit while you eat.

Overlord - sometimes those health scares can help us get healthier. Hooray and well done on your weight loss!!

seadwaters - I understand about concern for having time to get the healthy food in place for good eating. It does take planning. Your idea of getting alot done on the weekend has worked well. The fact that you are thinking about it will head you in the right direction. some point I'll be able to weight myself when I get to a walking cast, perhaps. Heck - now I weigh with shoes on and an ankle brace. LOL

07-07-2010, 11:08 AM
Good morning Beck friends! Eating was on plan yesterday. My exercise was 45 minutes of Walk It Out and spontaneous exercise was 4 round trips down and up the stairs while brushing my teeth. :D

Weight was up a bit today and I'm hoping that was the excess of salt I've had over the last day and a half, so not getting excited about that.

This morning so far, my spontaneous exercise was taking the long way around to the stairwell and then (can this still be considered "spontaneous" even though I do it every day, lol) I walked up the two large flights of stairs to my floor.

[QUOTE=gardenerjoy;3373069] Sure hope they find the little girl! We seem to have quite a few of those out here. Walk it Out is definitely motivating! It's a fun way to get in some activity, and it's so fun that it keeps me moving longer than I would if I did any other kind of activity, so that's always good. There is another Wii game called Just Dance that is kind of fun...I am TOTALLY uncoordinated, so I don't get all the moves, but it's a lot of work TRYING to get them too, lol. And, I also use Gold's Gym Cardio now and's mostly a boxing type game, but you have goals to meet which keeps you at it. :) I say YAY for our inner 8 year olds! :D

Beverlyjoy Glad to hear that your stomach has calmed down!!! I just LOVE your dish soap tactic! major credit!

FutureFitChick Oh gosh, I sure hate those days when I seem to eat constantly. I've had my share. You get MAJOR credit, though, for actually being accountable and recording it all!!!! That's something I still struggle with...being accountable. :o

ma26 WELCOME!!!

AmberPr It's kind of amazing that we really don't need to eat as much as we 'think' we do, lol. I've been amazed each time I've done the hunger experiment! This is how I made it through my recent vacation...waiting until I was hungry and then only eating reasonable portions and enough to be satisfied. I found that I was only eating 3 times a day! I usually eat much more at home.

Lexxiss Hope you're having a great day! Glad to hear the good news about your pup!

Overlord Congratulations on your 10 pound loss!!

maryblu Shouting out back to you! :) I'll be waiting for your review of the Abs Circle Pro. Oooh, push mowers are EXCELLENT exercise, lol.

seadwaters (Cheryl) Hoping your work week next week goes very well and much better than you could ever imagine!

BillBlueEyes Ouch on the 100 degrees...I do NOT like heat, lol. We had a couple of THOSE days in February of all months...thankfully none since. LOL on the unpacking!!! usually stays there until I need to get ready for the next vacation. Truth be told, my friend and I ARE trying to plan another one, so I am motivated to get that room cleared out before it's a done deal.

07-07-2010, 11:14 AM
The little girl abducted from my home town was found alive overnight, in the suburb west of me. Very happy this morning that she has been reunited with her family. Today's new low may be a bit artificial since both my appetite and my sleep were effected -- I found out she'd been found when I obsessively got up to check headlines at 3 in the morning. But I woke up hungry this morning!

WI: -0.3kg (new low), Exercise: +25 550/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: so glad that you checked things out with the nurse and reported back to us -- thanks!

FutureFitChick: yay for the mostly good weekend and your long list of credits!

ma26: welcome!

AmberPr: I'm too lazy to pull the book out, but I think in the Complete Beck Diet for Life, she would have you try 2100 calories for a week and, if that doesn't do the trick, reduce the calories by a hundred calories a week until you start losing a half pound to a pound a week. I must admit, that seemed a little high to me, too. I do exchange plans, so I'm not that sure of my calorie counts, but I think I started around 1900. I stalled after losing 20 pounds and bumped it down to around 1700. After another 20 pounds and another stall, I'm now losing at around 1500 calories.
I do think it's easier to start at a high calorie count and then gradually change to lower counts, because the previous success makes me more willing to make the change now. But other people have taken the completely opposite theory -- used one of those calculators to calculate the calorie need at their goal weight, and just do that from the beginning. They lose faster than me, but I think some also get frustrated at the big change and don't keep it up -- kind of a higher risk but faster reward method.
CSA=Community Supported Agriculture. We buy a subscription to a farm, paying for it in the spring and then getting a box of produce each week during the growing season. It's a great way to support a local farmer, get reasonably priced sustainably-grown produce, and try new vegetables.

Lexxiss: yay for all the credits even during a challenging time!

Overlord: congrats on the 10 pounds! And good job continuing to check in. I base a large percentage of my success on reporting in every day. It works whether it's chatty like today or very brief and factual like it is when I'm in a hurry.

maryblu: Caprese is the perfect summer meal!

seadwaters: sounds like you've got a good plan as you go back into the work world. Good job being willing to take that on!

BillBlueEyes: big credit for walking in the heat. Love the strategy of having a destination in mind for the leftovers -- an excellent response to the starving children in China sabotaging thought. A destination closer to home is more practical, anyway.

Beverlyjoy (again): LOL at trail mix calling from the sock drawer! Good job getting rid of the problem.

new2me2: good job with the stairs -- doing them every day counts for something!

07-07-2010, 12:09 PM
I can't believe it's already Wednesday!

Well I was very good on my pre-diet diet yesterday even when I was doing the hunger test day. Wow, it was much harder than I had predicted. Maybe because I was focused on how hungry am I. I was starved by lunch even with a small snack.

The deli gave me the wrong sandwich so instead of my super healthy small sandwich they gave me someone else's triple decker tuna sandwich. I ate 1/2 of it and had a large bowl of veggies for snack later. CREDIT
And I ate my first ever FIBER bar and it wasn't too bad tasting either! CREDIT Read my ARC 2x. CREDIT

so I am afraid to say it but I am so excited. I lost 2 lbs this week already! I am officially my pre-pregnancy weight. I was of course overweight then but it is still a milestone. My daughter turned 2 in May so not too bad. CREDIT

Been sick with a summer cold so have not gotten back to exercising as I had hoped and planned. Need to be able to breathe without constant coughing but I may go sit in the sauna today to help the healing along.

Have a great day! :smug:

07-07-2010, 12:25 PM
I am just researching Becks right now, and will probably be ordering the books today. It's hard to get a clear definition of how the program works, but from what I have read so far it sounds as if the main focus is the mental and emotional aspects of being overweight, and losing weight. And the green book apprears to offer an actual diet plan. Is that correct? So if I already have a good understanding of nutrition and what I need to be healthy I really would not benefit from the green book?
Any points in starting out? I already track everything, and have been dieting all my life, obviouisly with no success!
I found you while looking at the various threads on 3FC, and then I have done a little bit more research online, but I am having a hard time finding a clear description of the program.
Thanks in advance

07-07-2010, 01:24 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I am really struggling today with my constant battle of enacting my daily plan. I sound like such a two year old – “I don’t wanna do that now!” Some days I can plan ahead. Some days I know I over plan and have unrealistic expectations. But pretty much everyday I can’t get done what I want to get done, know needs to get done, and advance my goals forward. This is an exasperating and exhausting struggle. Being tired, the internet, or some emergency always manages to interrupt. It has to stop. I know I have a lot of great potential in me. But never being able to realize that potential leaves me slowly sinking in quick sand. These are the days, when I’m able to, that I end up hibernating at home, convincing myself that I’m giving myself a fresh new start to make tomorrow the perfect day. Ugh! When will my delusions join in with the reality of the rest of the world that goes on progressing every day? I know I’m human like everyone else. Why do I feel so weak!?

Thanks to your comments, I’ve been doing more thinking about the weekend. I think being away from my calorie tracking software on the beach was part of the problem. Plus, my husband hurt his foot really badly on the beach, so I was less willing to give input for dinner while we were trying to find a restaurant open in a small town at 10 PM after a long visit to the ER. I’ve been trying to get more planning oriented with our meals out, but hubby has been in kind of a blah mood and not always willing/able to help make concrete plans.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no, just once
Read Response Cards at least two times: no, just once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: somewhat
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no

AmberPr, great observations on the hunger experiment. Regarding calories, many times people plateau at whatever calorie level they are eating at. If you start at higher (2100), it will allow you room to decrease your calorie level, as a smaller body will need fewer calories. That also helps in dealing with plateaus as well. Your activity level will also be important in deciding how many calories you should eat in a day too.

BeverlyJoy, you and your dishsoap have tremendous power over cravings! I’m inspired.

BillBlueEyes, yea for engineers! I have lots of them in my family. Bummer about the heat. I appreciated destination leftovers.

GardenerJoy, really glad the girl was found. What a dear you are to feel so connected to a child you’ve never even met.

Houston2Command, congratulations on reaching the pre-pregnancy weight. That has to feel great. I had a really terrible time when I did the hunger experiment. I was in such an incredibly foul mood the entire time. Looking back, it seems rather ridiculous.

Lexxiss, glad you are hanging in there with all of the chaos! Sending positive thoughts your way.

Ma26, hi there and welcome to the group.

Mikkijoe, welcome to the group! The Beck books focus on learning the strategies to think like a thin person does. This may sound silly, but I have found the pink book to be really helpful in teaching me to identify when I’m headed down a bad path that is common to leading to weight gain. The approach is also called cognitive behavioral therapy, teaching how to change your thinking about dieting and food. The pink book does not have an eating plan, but instructs you to find a healthy diet plan and a back up for that plan. Good luck getting started.

new2me2, great job with the spontaneous exercise.

Overlord, congratulations on 10#!

Seadwaters, love seeing your tally! Good luck planning ahead for your work lunches. Hope you can get the bulk of the prep work done over the weekend.

07-08-2010, 01:43 AM
Wanna share a rare moment with my Beckies. Caught a shadow out my picture window facing the lake tonight and saw it was the Bald Eagle swooping down into the lake below me for a fish. No big deal; I have seen that scene many times. What I cherish, because I have only heard a handful of times, was the war cry schreech...way cool, and very compelling.

Had another evening suppa of Capresse...soooooooooooo good. Who needs meat?

I am happy for new Beckies; I look forward to learning from you all..and still am very grateful for all our dear, faithful Beckie posters..learn so very much.

07-08-2010, 05:40 AM
Hi Coaches
More exercise today at the gym - worked with the trainer to develop a program I could put into the iPhone and do on my own when I can get there. She thinks I am a little nuts.

I feel like I am in the zone at the moment with my food plans and my eating - a nice change. I was out today for lunch and trying to find something without grains or too many carbs - it is always difficult. I got a pear and macadamia salad with parmesan - it was perfect. It will be more difficult at work unless I take my food so I must be organised. My weight has been down a little each day since I got back so hope that keeps up

BeverlyJoy - I am beginning to understand the complexities of this surgery. No walking cast to begin with so you will be very immobile. Bravo dealing with tempting trail mix - it got what it deserved

BillBlueEyes - I am so glad it is no longer hot here - but you get such extremes over there. We don't really have seasons. Credit for walking in the heat - I am never up to it. And credit for saving your dinner for a healthy lunch

Donna (new2me2) - Walk it out sounds like fun and you sure get your use out of it! Hopefully the weight is just a day-to-day fluctuation

Futurefitchick - I am sorry you are struggling - this program, even though it is simple in its outline and structure, can be really difficult and make unusual demands. I can totally relate to the "I don't wanna do that now!" thinking :tantrum:- I go through it all the time. And I have to drag out the "NO CHOICE" card (it sometimes works!) - because if I want to get off this merry-go-round there is no choice. But I don't have to like it!

Gardenerjoy - Glad the little girl was found and you can rest and eat - I am sure everyone feels so relieved

Houston2Command - The hunger test is enlightening - I should probably do it again. Great restraint with the ring-in sandwich - credit

Maryblu - Capresse (another thing I had to look up on Google) sounds like the perfect summer food. And getting to hear the War Cry of a bald eagle sounds amazing.

Mikkijoe - WELCOME :welcome2:- hope you hang around for a while

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - YES - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes (progress!) - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $!
- Ate mindfully and slowly - YES
- Put down fork occasionally - I did
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 0.8 - 215.6 - $1
- Drank water - YES
- Exercise - YES - :lifter: - $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $7; Week = $29; Grand Total = $29

Working on - :running:
Shopping lists, lunch food, and getting organised for work

Have a good day Beckies

07-08-2010, 06:21 AM
:welcome: Mikkijoe :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined last month, :wel3fc:

Glad to hear that "I found you while looking at the various threads on 3FC" - good spotting.

07-08-2010, 06:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Yay for an air-conditioned gym (CREDIT moi). It's a motivator knowing that when I leave, it's out into the furnace, LOL.

Eating on plan is so easy with gazpacho for dinner, CREDIT moi, which is doubly good with cucumbers picked from our garden the evening before.

maryblu - Yay for Bald Eagles!!! And Double Yay for Bald Eagles who let you hear their "war cry schreech." I was worried that that sentence was headed toward the loons instead of the fish. Drooling here over your Caprese - thank you Italians for inventing such good food.

FutureFitChick - Ouch and Ouch for "exasperating and exhausting" - it can feel overwhelming when there's so much too do. It's worth looking to which of the Beck strategies can help you focus on one, single, finite task to be done in the next hour. Sometimes this helps me break out when I'm tied up in knots, often because I have a task on my list that can't be done - I call them my End World Hunger tasks which then block out the Write Brief Report type tasks that can be done. Good luck wrestling all this stuff under control while your life is full.

Sending healing thoughts to your DH's foot; I hope he gets back to mobile quickly.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such good news that the little girl is back safe with her parents - I though of you the instant that I heard the news. LOL that my lunch is, indeed, closer than China. You also remind me that sometimes when I save a partial serving for my lunches, DW tosses it in a week after it's spoiled - yet the saving for a cause makes it easier for me to leave it.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for the liquid soap solution to triggers calling your name.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - LOL at "She thinks I am a little nuts" when, in fact, "I feel like I am in the zone." I like the affirmation from someone who recognizes that I'm actually doing something - even if they can't figure out what, LOL.

Donna (new2me2) - Yep, it's spontaneous, and worthy of a self credit, even if repeated daily. You remind me of the Catch-22 of employee evaluations. If you're the kind of person who regularly walks-on-water, then your evaluation won't read Exceeds Expectations because your supervisor already knew you'd do that, LOL.

Houston2Command - Kudos for a wise response to getting the wrong sandwich. And Ouch for being immobilized with a summer cold; BTDT.

Mikkijoe - Yep, it's a bit difficult to figure out how Cognitive Behavior Therapy works without reading the book and giving it a try. I found it tempting to dismiss the whole thing as simplistic - just imagine a grown man giving himself credit for going to the gym. You know, Big Boys Don't Cry and all that stuff. But the small strategies do change our relationship with food so that the overeating can cease. Hope you get the books and jump right in.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

Making a Travel Plan

About a week before your trip, create a diet strategy. I want you to think about this in advance so that you can remind yourself of it every day before you leave. Decided how closely you'll follow your diet, specifically what exceptions you'll make and how much weight, if any, you'll allow yourself to gain. These decisions are individual. There are no right or wrong answers. Some people do better if they try to follow their diet as closely as possible when they're away, so that they don't gain any weight during this time. This strategy, however, is totally unrealistic for most people. If your eating rules are too strict, you might get fed up and abandon your diet altogether.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 223.

07-08-2010, 08:33 AM
Hi Beckfolks…coaches…buddies - once again my plan took many twists and turns. However, I was able to stay in my calorie range - always grateful for that. But - changing foods all day long can get me into ‘trouble’. So, I will concentrate on staying with the plan better.

I got my surgery date yesterday - July 27. I have pre-op testing next week. They have to figure out why I have shortness of breath now and then before they’ll do it.

Good and happy news. I think it’s official because I have seen that number one for four days now - I am in onederland. YAY. I am at 199. I am doing my onederland happy dance and feeling a lot of gratitude. :) Thanks to you all for you support, wisdom and kindness. Of course, thanks to Dr. Beck for her techniques in learning to live with food in a more sane manner. They have given me some hope. However…it comes along with having willingness to try - which can change from day to day.

Yesterday I was making something with peanut butter and got it globbed all over my hands. Of course, I wanted to lick it off. But, I washed it off and said out loud - “Credit”. Before I went to bed I just wanted to do some stress eating. But, I did my resistance techniques (ISNIR, and the Five D’s) and got through it. Credit.

My onederland happy dance ---> :dance:

Write in my Journal - yes
plan/log/measure/count calories - yes - however, changed plan
fork down between bites - some of the time
leave a bite - all the time
eat seated only - most of the time
no seconds - all the time
lots of water - yes
slow mindful eating - no
feel fullness - no
TASTE the food - some of the time
Beck book - no
Arc/rc - yes
Exercises - no
Counted some credits - yes
Weighed myself -

New2me2 - credit for a good day. I love that you did the stairs while brushing your teeth for extra exercise!

gardener joy - so glad to hear of the little girl’s return home. I can’t imagine the horror of going through it. Nice to see that weight go down when it does.

Houston2command - it’s so good that you’ve gotten through the hunger experiment. One thing that Dr. Beck mentioned is that people have gone for a week without eating and have lived through it. It the difference is learning between ‘need’ and ‘want’. It’s been helpful at times. Hope your cough is better.

Mikkijoe - so glad you posted. Dr. Beck provides many techniques in learning to actually ‘live’ with food in a sane and healthy manner. There are many things to try, learn and practice in your daily life. For me…I know so much about nutrition - but - it’s learning concrete ways of avoiding binges, walk away from food cravings/desires, and much more. We each have our own way of living with these ideas. This forum is very helpful and supportive.

Futurefitchick - I totally hear you on just not wanting to do it all. I feel that way too sometimes. It is overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes when I have those sabotaging thoughts I write them down and then shout at them in my mind. When I have those ‘tomorrow’ thoughts…I tell myself that my tomorrows have lasted months and years, so I should try to not go there in my thought process.
I hope your husband’s foot is better soon. I can totally identify.

Maryblu - so thrilling to see that eagle swooping. I am a bird lover too. These are the special things to see. I am looking forward to when our tomatoes will be ready to pick.

Seadwaters - good idea to put the trainer’s ideas on your iphone. They will be so handy…CREDIT So happy to hear about being in the ‘food zone’. That’s a nice place to get to.

Billbe - I agree - couldn’t imagine working out in this heat. I feel for any of the outdoor working folks these days. Yum…gazpacho sounds good!

07-08-2010, 10:47 AM
Quick post today as the nephew is on his way to help us out with yardwork today. Welcome to Mikkijoe! Yay for seadwaters finding herself in the zone! Congrats to Beverlyjoy for being in Onederland (and finally believing it)!
And greetings to everyone else!

07-08-2010, 11:31 AM
Good morning everyone!

Did my usual 45 minutes of Walk It Out, then about 20 minutes of a lower body weight workout.

Oh, and my weight dropped back down a bit today, yay, lol!

I've been feeling bloated the last few days, so I know what I've been eating is a bit too much for my gastro stomach to handle, so today I've gone back to blander, more digestible foods. I brought a big jar of vegetable juice to try to get some veggies in (obviously WON'T drink the whole thing, lol). I've been trying to eat a little bit of black beans in a psuedo chili (not really chili because I can't do the spices, lol, sheesh, lol), but I think the beans are too much. The gastro diet I've seen warns against them, but I thought maybe just a little (like 1/4 cup) would be okay. Ha. LOL!

Today's goal is to do my Weight Watcher's Punch DVD again.

gardenerjoy I'm so glad the girl was found!!!

Houston2Command I think you hit the key! We are often so focused on the food and the hunger! I think this is where distractions come in handy, but it's hard to get to THAT place too, lol. MAJOR credit for eating only half of that sandwich. CONGRATULATIONS on your 2lb loss!

Mikkijoe Just saying hello as you've already gotten some great answers to your question.

FutureFitChick Being tired definitely affects my ability to stay on track. Sometimes it helps me to NOT think about ALL the stuff I have to do, but to try to accomplish only ONE thing. Maybe I'll eat whatever I want, but just focus on WAITING until I'm hungry to eat it. I think this really does get easier as we practice it more and more, but the beginning is pretty tough to overcome our years of conditioning.

maryblu Very cool on hearing the war cry. I was able to see several eagles in Alaska, but never heard the cry!

seadwaters (Cheryl) I think putting the program on your iPhone is a GREAT idea!! Nuts indeed, HA! :D YAY, on your downward trend!!!! Yes!

BillBlueEyes Definitely YAY for airconditioning! During the summer months here I have to have a fan on me AND the airconditioning or I tire to soon. LOL on the evaluation reference! :)

Beverlyjoy I'm so glad you got your surgery date! July 21 will be exactly 2 years since MY foot surgery, so you were almost on my anniversary, lol. Hope the testing shows you are in perfect health! YAY for onderland!!!!! :D MAJOR credit for washing your hands instead of licking, lol!!!

07-08-2010, 12:18 PM
great job Beverlyjoy!!!! I saw your number before I read your post and I was like Lookee there! Woo Hoo! Believe!

07-08-2010, 01:57 PM
Coaches/Buddies, dinner plans ended up changing twice last night! Augh! But, I managed to stay under my calorie target and had no interest in eating to fill in the missing calories. I’m continuing to have sleeping issues. I spent some time in fairly intense meditation this morning, so I am feeling much more whole than yesterday. What a mess I can get sometimes! Thanks for all of the support. I appreciate that I can be honest with my coaches & buddies.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: did not weigh
Read Advantage Cards two times: once
Read Response Cards at least two times: once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no

BeverlyJoy, you deserve 50 happy dancers for your accomplishment. That is going to help you so much for your surgery! Your words of encouragement are really precious to me! One by one, things get done!

BillBlueEyes, great point about gym A/C. I never would have appreciated that a year ago. That is progress for me. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. One by one, things get done!

Houston2Command, hello!

Maryblu, love hearing about the creatures at the lake.

new2me2, great job with all of the exercise and I really appreciate your kind words. One by one, things get done!

Seadwaters, I think your trainer is nuts. That is totally a great idea! Thanks for your comforting words.

07-08-2010, 02:54 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

My relationship with food is seeming to continue quite well as I embark on another extremely busy day. *credit* for working the Beck tools into my life at a point when I could never have imagined my life being so demanding. I notice many moments during the day when I refrain from eating behaviors that used to go right alongside major stress. Interesting, especially when a big focus right now is continually working with many tempting foods as we encourage my Mom to eat.

I read posts every day and thought I'd try to get back to some personals today. I have a chore which needs to be taken care of which I can do on my bike :cp:,so I'll try and return later.

Have a great Beck day, everyone!

ETA-It seems these days I "plan" what I am going to do then actually "do" what is put in front of me next. My family contacted me-they all want to come out to visit Mom. They will start arriving next Tuesday. I spent the entire afternoon on the phone. It is dinnertime and I still need to attend to my patients. Good news-as my hand went to grab a piece of curried tofu that hadn't made it's way to the frig, I stopped, and took a moment to reflect how many times each day I stop myself from grabbing-at least 20 times-it's the stress response. 20x7=160 times/week I don't put some small bit of food in my mouth-it sure adds up. *credit* for noticing.

07-08-2010, 11:14 PM
Hello All,
I'm back from vacation--we had a wonderful trip to DC, walked to 14 museums from our hotel, and I was averaging 15,000 steps a day! The food was great--Spanish tapas, Greek, German. The app for my calorie counter was hard to use and I ended up not tracking my calories--I figured the sheer amount of walking was my rationale. I only gained 1.2 pounds! I was amazed.

Unfortunately, after getting home, and returning to work on Tuesday, my boss met me at the door to tell me the hospital was closing the library and I was laid off. I still can't quite believe it. It was a shock. He was very kind and told me to take all the time I needed to pack up my stuff--I was there 12 years so I had a lot of things to bring home. I'm sad about not getting to say goodbye to people, and that my projects are all abandoned in mid-air, and of course that my paycheck and health insurance will soon be gone.

I have a lot of time to snack, but my therapist advised writing out a schedule for each day, to keep myself moving, and less likely to obsess. I've been going to the gym to walk every night--since it's been 102 degrees! And the habit of eating out when we are tired will need to be broken--which will probably lead to lower calories. Of course a good friend and neighbor showed up with a "sorry you lost your job" plate of freshly baked brownies. . .oh well.

Shepherdess--I was so sorry to hear about your dog Maggie! We are feeling creatures, and I'm sure Maggie was part of you at a deep level. It makes perfect sense to me that you would grieve deeply.

07-08-2010, 11:55 PM
Quick hi to all my dear Beckies, and while I am not organized enough to do personals, I appreciate all of you who are!!!

That said, Lexiss, *credit, you, for not only your Beck behaviors, but *recognizing them as such. I think that is a very important part of behavior modification..that recognition. CREDIT YOU!!

Nuxmaga, I have no words to express my feelings/thoughts for you. No words of wisdom; I got nuttin'. Am searching, searching for something meaningful, helpful. This is a Beck thread, so I should say something meaningful and smart about CBT as it relates to weight loss, correct? Here is what I am going to attempt to say.....hope it makes sense, not sure if it will help.

You got handed the worst of the worst situation, and totally out of your control. You will have your hands full trying to deal with replacing the income/benefits/personal fulfillment rewards of the job you lost. That was/is out of your control. The neat thing about Beck is, it gives you the tools, the steps, the no-brainer-just-do-this way to control your eating. Just do it. Just do it, and you have control, at least of that part of your life. If you are like most of us, the weight control part of your life has eluded you, so if now, if at this of all times, you can exert control on *that, it will be empowering and amazing. Just grab onto the Beck tools, cuz they apply to other areas of your life as well. We all wish you well, and are here to *listen.

07-09-2010, 12:59 AM
Hi Beck Folk,

Maryblu: I think you said it wonderfully for Nuxmaga. Beck skills help quiet one area in life that, for me, used to be a loud part of my day. That allows me to think about other problems so much more clearly. I only hope that one day if I'm handed such as difficult challenge as Nuxmaga, that I'll be better prepared to deal with it.

Thanks everyone, for all for your daily posts. I lurk around, but do get so much inspiration daily from you!


07-09-2010, 05:33 AM
Hi Coaches

Another wet day here - but I still went swimming. I was the only one there (usual lately on Friday and in winter) - the group leader was fairly tolerant for my exuberance given she gets paid when no one turns up or just l'il old me. I am getting to the point where I lap the others in the group - lol. I started out way back and now I am getting stronger - still hopeless on land but it is good to see progress. This is the last week I can come to all sessions because next week work. My weight is still dropping - today a new low of 214.6 - if it is still there on Sunday I get a new vegetable (and $250 - $50 per pound)! Not sure why the large drops this past week but I won't complain

BillBlueEyes - So hot there - I didn't realise it got so hot. Good thing for air con in gyms. I would be incapable in that heat. Gazpacho a good remedy.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for Onederland and Yay for a happy-dance. It is official. I am glad you have got a date to work towards for your surgery. And yay for the expert use of resistance techniques - credit

GardenerJoy - hope the gardening with the nephew went well. Mine didn't turn up because of the rain

Donna (new2me2) - Shame about the beans - I am doing low carb and need to be careful with how many I have and I love chilli beans so can feel your pain!

Futurefitchick - Ouch for not sleeping - that makes life really difficult. Meditation is always worthwhile and I hope it does the trick. You are maintaining a good list of credits

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Crisis management mode is wearing to say the least - and is always disruptive of plans. Well done on the resistance techniques. Take care

Nuxmaga - Glad you had a great vacation. It is hard to come back to real life - especially the reality of what you have to face at the moment. I really like what Maryblu said about the programme - in the midst of all the unpredictability it might offer control and stability. Sending good thoughts your way. Credit for exercising in the heat and finding a solution to that

Maryblu - great advice - something I need to think about often
Woodland - :wave:- hope things are going well

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes (progress!) - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - sort of
- Put down fork occasionally - not that I remember
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 1# - 214.6 - $1
- Drank water - YES
- Exercise - YES - :swim: - $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $6; Week = $35; Grand Total = $35

Working on - :running:
Shopping lists for Farmer's Markets tomorrow

Have a good day Beckies

07-09-2010, 06:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Another walk in the heat - CREDIT moi - but not as hot as earlier in the week. Did observe that if I reversed the direction of my walk, I would pass the kids water fountain in the park at the end and could just indulge - returning home wet, cooled down, and happy, LOL.

Had one yummy ear of corn with my lunch. Boy do I ever like cold corn on the cob (no butter, no salt). That's worth mentioning as a CREDIT moi because last summer I ate an ear of corn every single day. Finally figured out that a hundred extra calories a day adds about a pound in a month - DUH! And, was gratuitously reminded by my DW that corn had little nutrition despite being a vegetable.

Blueberries are down to $1.50 a pint and both DW and I are just scarfing them down. I do like my blueberries.

maryblu - Waving back. Wondering if you typed your message from your "island" in the middle of your lake.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for focusing to pull yourself out of a funk. Yep, it's difficult to stay on a food plan when dinner plans change twice before even sitting down.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Welcome back from vacation - Kudos for a lot of walking.

Sending my best supportive thoughts for handling the awful news about your job. That's a rough one to deal with after 12 years, but sounds like you're taking a sane, thoughtful approach to it - despite facing a plate of brownies from a well-intentioned friend.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for the nephew who does yardwork.

Beverlyjoy - Honking Congrats for reaching onederland with Massive Kudos for your willingness to try and willingness to wash peanut butter off your hands. Letting go of the licks is such a big step forward in changing our relationship to food.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats on the additional pound. I just love that in my mind you're getting rich by losing weight at $5 per pound. Kudos for the progress you're making with your swimming. I like the idea of a personal swimming coach.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Oh Yes, Kudos for giving yourself credit for those "20x7=160 times/week I don't put some small bit of food in my mouth" - that's really incorporating your Beck strategies. LOL at the reality that what you "do" is what's put in front of you next rather than your plan. Good luck with hosting all your family and staying on your plan nevertheless.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for a big jar of veggies - already juiced.

Woodland - Neat reminder that using Beck skills for our eating and exercising frees up our energy to face the other issues of our lives.

Houston2Command - Waving back toward Houston. Are you feeling the effect of the Gulf oil spill yet?

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

Making a Travel Plan

. . .
A better strategy might be one of the following:

Allow yourself a few hundred extra calories every day. (This is what I do.)
Follow your usual plan every day but add minor splurges on a few occasions.
Follow your diet every day except for a splurge on the last day.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 223.

07-09-2010, 09:54 AM
Hi beck folks - yesterday was on plan all day until right before bedtime. I started reading the forums about my surgery and it's recovery - I was totally freaked out and terrified. I did eat extra - but, stopped. I did get a lot of helpful hints and information, but - I think I need to stop reading them for now. I have a very long list of questions. I'll call the doc's nurse and maybe go see him again. It’s amazing how things can trigger an emotional response with food. (well, not really that amazing for me LOL) But, I am working on it every day.

Thanks to you all for your cheers and support as I moved into the land of One.

I must be willing to use all the techniques it takes to have some level of sanity with food. It is a daily process. I wish I could just do these things without thinking and writing about it daily. It takes what it takes….... (I need to think of them as a daily gift to myself - rather than a chore)


plan/log/measure - yes, eat extra before bed
count my calories - yes
put fork down between bites - some of the time
slow mindful eating - I need to do some timing today - some of the time
really TASTE it - some of the time
leave a small bite of food - all the time -
lots of water - yes
Exercise - yes
meditation - I'll need this soon more than ever
no second helpings - all the time
eat seated only - most of the time
give myself credit when I do things right - some of the time
use my resistance techniques - some of the time
say Oh Well to any unfairness I might feel - forgot that one
Weigh - no

say 'No Choice' - do I just drive right through a red light - of course not - there's no choice. If I want food sanity I must to willing to say No Choice to myself when necessary - working on it

Billbe - credit for arranging that walk near the drinking fountain. I am loving the blueberries, too. My mom always said - “Remember, corn is what they feed pigs to fatten them up.” I hate that thought. But, it’s true. We eat fresh corn a couple times a week when it’s in season - would want it every day like you did last year, too. Credit for realizing you need to fit it in your plan the most healthful way you can.

Seadwaters - so, so glad to hear that you are getting stronger and stronger.
Even if it’s not as strong on land. Progress is progress! Wonderful to see that weight going down. YAY From where do you get $50 per pound? From yourself? Awesome.

Woodland - hi!! Glad you posted. Carry on.

Maryblu - I totally agree with recognizing the behaviors as Beckisms. It’s helpful to me too.

Nuxmaga - so glad you had a good vacation..sounds wonderful! That small gain should go quickly once you get back into your food comfort zone. I am so, so sorry to hear about your job being eliminated. It’s hard to see your projects end and not getting to say goodbye to friends. I hope you can go back and maybe have coffee together. I love the idea of a daily schedule. I think that will help you transition to a new routine with out it feeling like you are freefalling.

Lexxiss - you have many challenges with your mom now. I am glad to hear that the Beck techniques are helpful in getting through this with a semblance of food sanity. Credit for not grabbing the food all day. Hope all goes well with the family visiting.

Futurefitchick - credit for getting through dinner changing twice!! I used to meditate daily. I too find it helpful. I’ve already decided that I’ll need to get back to it before and after my surgery. I agree - we have to be honest here with our coach/buddies/friends. If we start fibbing here, I don’t think it will work very well.

Houstontocommand - thanks for your shout out of happiness for my reaching onederland!!

New2me2 - credit for such good and consistent exercise. Sorry your tummy stuff can be a such a daily challenge. But, you understand it and know what to do to feel better, thankfully. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to like it ! What kind of foot surgery did you have a couple of years ago?

gardener joy - so glad you have your nephew to help in the garden! Gardening is such good exercise, too.

07-09-2010, 11:32 AM
Good morning coaches/buddies!

I stuck to my exercise plan and did the advanced workout off the WW Punch DVD. It was a great workout and my heart rate monitor said I burned 415 calories! Now, that seemed a little high and generally I would write that off a glitch with the monitor, except that I use a really good heart rate monitor and it usually shows a pretty accurate picture of things. It takes into consideration my age, weight, height and heart rate and if anything, in the past, it's shown calories on the "low" side. Pretty awesome even if it was a little high, lol.

Eating was on plan, but again felt bloated. Today is WW weigh-in and I'm pretty sure it will show a slight gain. I haven't lost anything this week, and am still up slightly from this time last week (two-tenths of a pound, lol).

I think the weight gain is partially because I introduced a little more carbs back into my plan because of the WW points...I may just say phooey on the points and eat what I need to. ;)

FutureFitChick Yay for no interest in eating to fill the missing calories!! :) Hope you got more sleep!

Lexxiss Excellent on recognizing how well you're doing in changing your thinking about food!

Nuxmaga Sounds like a GREAT vacation!!! Everyone has already said it so well on your job loss, so I'll just add that I'm so very sorry!

maryblu Quick hello right back at you! :)

Woodland Waving to you! :wave:

seadwaters(Cheryl) Yay on your fitness progress! CONGRATULATIONS on your new low!!!! Yay!

BillBlueEyes Yeah, I always seem to like the things with little nutritional value, lol!

Beverlyjoy Credit to you for stopping when you did!!! For all of my surgeries I did a lot of Internet research, and it really can be overwhelming! I had a very painful bunion caused by a deformity of the foot. I could barely walk by the time I sought help--every step was excrutiationly painful. They had to cut the bone in two places in order to get it set correctly and put pins in to hold it together, lol. The pain after the surgery was less than the pain I was having before the surgery, and as the year went on, the pain from the surgery got less and less until now, at the two year mark, there is no pain whatsoever when walking.

07-09-2010, 11:39 AM
Since none of you know me, I feel that I must for myself be honest which right now seems very hard. I have a terrible fight with dieting/weight loss in that when I screw up -- better yet, have a bad moment -- I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW. I AM SO ASHAMED of that bad moment. I know you will judge me. I know you will think: Houston is pathetic. She shouldn't even be here.

The problem is, that by not admitting it, I don't get over it, I beat myself up more, and I continue in the wrong direction.
So I had a bad moment. I screwed up. I ate horribly. I haven't even started the diet part yet. I am not supposed to start until Tuesday. So there. Now you ALL KNOW my dirty secret.

Why is that so shameful for me to admit? And it wasn't like I ate a whole cheesecake. It was a few slices of pizza and cheesy bread. geez.

This is why the Beck Solution is so important to me. My mind thinks I am a failure today but if any of you said the same to me, I'd think how silly, so you ate some pizza. you aren't fighting mystical creatures and now you've lost your ability to carry the holy sword which is the only way to beat the creatures and win the battle. How absurd!

I hope that by being so honest here I can continue to be honest every day and thereby stop the cycle. I really need to be okay with being honest and not feel like if I tell you, you will label me a failure AGAIN.

I actually feel better admitting it too and feel a new sense of commitment. Now that's something to be excited about! Thanks for listening and not judging!!!

07-09-2010, 12:31 PM
I worked for hours in the yard yesterday, but didn't count any of it as exercise because I have plenty of minutes to apply to my goal for July. I like having both life activity (spontaneous exercise) and exercise in my day.

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +30 640/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

Houston2Command: CREDIT for being honest here! It's a great place to do it since we've all been there, too. Keep this in mind "I haven't even started the diet part yet." You can't be off your diet if you aren't on it, yet! I'm so glad that you've discoverd Beck -- these principles are so helpful in cutting that cycle of overeating, guilt, overeating.

new2me2: Good job with your workout! Maybe your WW leader will have some opinion about how to fiddle with the points to get you into losing mode?

Beverlyjoy: Way to go with stopping once the emotional eating started. You've got a lot to deal with. But, you also have a lot of new tools that you are handling really well.

BillBlueEyes: yay for summer produce and finding ways to make them fit into a healthy food plan

seadwaters: glad you were able to swim and it's great that you are really noticing results!

Woodland: hello -- glad to have you hanging around!

maryblu: thanks for your words for Nuxmaga -- excellent observation for all of us.

Nuxmaga: so sorry that you are dealing with this at such a time. I love your therapist's advice about having a schedule and goals for yourself each day. This is a shock and it's going to take some time to even fully integrate the new reality into your mind and life. Take care of yourself during the process!

Lexxiss: CREDIT for building that resistance muscle and noticing that you're doing it! I find days that don't go according to plan particularly difficult, so I'm really impressed that you are doing so well in the face of that. Will having more family around mean you can take a bit of a break for yourself next week?

FutureFitChick: glad that meditation led you to a place of more groundedness. Hope sleep improved -- that is such a big key that we often miss, I think.

07-09-2010, 02:15 PM
Hello Beckies! Getting to DH’s office to check in has proved difficult, but I’m doing my best. DH’s sister, her husband and two boys had been staying with us for several days and since they left, food has been a bit sloppy. I’m not planning ahead and waiting until I’m hungry to figure out what to eat, and recently, I’ve been hungry constantly. I’ve got just over a month until I run my marathon and I’m getting close to my peak mileage and DH has had a ton of projects for me that require heavy lifting. I’m grunt labor around here. I believe the phrase is, “Strong back, weak mind,” LOL.

The scale is staying steady, but that’s only because of all the extra activity. Once my activity levels go back to normal, I’m afraid the eating habits will remain. So I’m trying to get a handle on all of this—figure out how much I need to eat to fuel all this activity and do it in a responsible and controlled way.

On a positive note, in spite of being ignored, the lettuce and spinach are growing in my garden and I’m getting some nice salads out of it. They’re a bit leggy because I never got back to thin them and they’re trying to grow around thistles. I write this with shame knowing all the great gardeners in this group. It’s so nice to have forgiving plants. I’m harvesting these plants a bit early, but calling it a late thinning and trying to clear some weeds around the lettuce and spinach still left. There is just not enough time to do everything I want to do. . .

A big warm welcome to all those new to this forum! After years of yo-yo dieting, Beck is the first thing that is actually working for me for the long haul. I wish you all great success with it and look forward to getting to know you.

Maryblu, I thought about your lovely Caprese salads yesterday when I got my first cherry tomato. I don’t know if it was cheating that I bought a plant that already had a couple starting, but in gardening, I need all the help I can get.

Beverlyjoy, congrats on reaching Onederland! Kudos for setting the surgery date and hugs because I know it’s a scary thing to look forward to.

BillBE, LOL at the prospects of buying Frudenthal’s prime WY real estate. PETA put in a bid for it as part of an anti-grazing campaign. The gov’s office replied that they were only considering serious bids so it’s still available if you’re interested.

Houston2Command, I just wanted to tell you that I know exactly where you are coming from. Admitting those slip-ups is so difficult, but none of us on here are perfect. I’m constantly working to silence that voice that says I shouldn’t bother if I can’t do this perfectly. That’s the same voice that kept me heavy for years. Kudos for recognizing the problem and admitting it so publicly.

Seadwaters, kudos for getting a personal trainer and starting a strength routine. I’m so impressed with how far you have come with exercise since I know it was struggle.

Nuxmaga, I’m so sorry about your job. It’s frustrating that after years of work, they ended it so abruptly. It just seems so unfair. Sending hugs while you sort everything out. Great job recognizing the potential pitfalls and coming up with a plan to deal with it.

Waving to everyone else and sending cooling thoughts to all of you facing record heat.

07-09-2010, 10:41 PM
Hello All,
Thank you for all the kind words about my sudden job loss! I really appreciate it. Today I walked 10,900+ steps, credit. Tracked my food, credit, and under my calorie goal, credit. Had the kids size water ice when dh and I went for a snack--I'm finally listening to myself and not ordering something larger. Water ice loses its charm for me pretty quickly if I get anything above a kids size, even though the sabotaging thought says, "It's a treat. You *need* to get something bigger."

I spent time in the studio, yay! I also checked out a knitting group that meets during the day, which was a lot of fun, and gave me some human contact.

Shepherdess--yay for getting ready for a marathon! That is very cool. Kudos for gleaning some salads from your garden.

Gardenerjoy--I agree that it's good to have both life activity and exercise in a day. I feel so much better when I get up and do something.

New2--Credit for your new work out and giving your heart some exercise!

Houston--I hear you on the self-criticism. It's one of my biggest challenges. I am glad you had the courage to be honest! You are getting yourself acclimatized to normal human stuff that the critical voice freaks out about. You ate some pizza--entirely human and nothing about you as a person or your worth. The worst for me is when I criticize myself for criticizing myself--I am learning to step back and notice the pattern. It's like nesting dolls--one criticism nested inside another nested inside another.

Beverlyjoy--You are doing so well with the surgery decision process! Health anxiety is one of my struggles, and I think you are so smart to take a break from the internet research--there comes a point when you realize there is no site called "Beverlyjoy's exact health issue solution"--and that the more research you do, the more anxious you get.

Bill--Kudos for walking in spite of the heat and staying hydrated! Thanks for saying I sound sane--I feel surprisingly sane, which may be shock, or may actually be sanity. . .

07-09-2010, 11:38 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Today was a good food day! As always, now, lots of spontaneous exercise. I got to sit down to an enjoyable OP dinner and check in with everyone.

BillBlueEyes, I wasn't aware that corn has very little nutritional value. Blueberries are healthier and tastier, too.

Nuxmaga, I was cheered to hear that you had a good day! for getting out for some human contact!

FutureFitChick, I hope you are feeling better.

Shepherdess, good to hear from you! BTW-I'm a marginal gardener but I enjoy it!

gardenerjoy, lol for not counting gardening exercise even when it IS exercise! Answering your question, it will probably be just as busy when my family comes but it will be nice to see everyone and I ?? may have a little bit more flexibility.

Houston2, no big deal, just move on. I find it really helpful to take the emotion out of unplanned eating AND scales. Thanks for trusting us!

Donna (new2me2), good job staying OP and being open to tweaking when necessary!

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for vigilance during stressful times. I, too, am amazed how my emotional response always has to do with food. BTW I haven't gotten to say congrats on onederland. I was estatic and still am

Cheryl (seadwaters) I am encouraged every day when I read your posts. You mentioned not sure why the large scale drops-perhaps it is *credit* to you for working so hard at it!

Woodland, always nice when your drop by! Yes, Beck skills do quiet that part of life that used to be constantly appearing.

maryblu, I think you hit the nail on the head about having control of eating when everything else is spinning in every direction. It is very empowering!

Ok, I need to get a few hours of sleep. I set the alarm for checking on my Mom. I know I didn't say hi to everyone, but know I read every word every day!

ETA-Got a few and am enjoying some early morning peace and quiet. I had mentioned I was reading Women Food and God, by Geneen Roth. I came across two powerful statements I thought I would share; "Change happens when you understand what you want to change so deeply that there is no reason to do anything but act in your own best interest." and "The biggest obstacle to any kind of transformation is the voice that tells you it's impossible."

07-10-2010, 05:03 AM
Hi Coaches
Went to the Farmers Market and bought meat for the week and veggies - now I can plan food for the week. I also bought some plants and herbs - very minor because I can only grow in pots on the deck which is the only place I get enough sun. A lot of the herbs do better in winter and don't bolt to seed. The sort of things that I can cut the odd leaf off for dinner - rainbow chard, English spinach, rocket (arugula), mint, bok choy etc. Hope they grow.

My weight was up again today - by 2 pounds! This is why I can't congratulate myself that the drop was to do with virtuous activity because it just seems to be all over the place. It is driving me nuts

BeverlyJoy - Credit for recognising emotional eating and stopping! I can see how the websites could freak you out. I think there is such a thing as too much information LOL - maybe you could just trawl for relevant info about rehab, and resources, and supports needed. The rest might be best left as a mystery. I am paying myself! I will transfer the money made from credits once per month and from 5 pounds as it happens (convincingly) . This will be one good wardrobe (but I am robbing Peter to pay Paul). I always mean to budget for a wardrobe and never do it - so now I am.

BillBlueEyes - Credit for walking in the heat and taking the opportunity to have a splash - I bet the kids thought that was interesting. I discovered I have a thing about corn - love fresh corn but discovered it is a grain and I am avoiding grains for a bit (sort of an elimination diet to see what happens). And I cleaned out the cupboards. The only real grains I had were all corn. I gave it all to the little girls who walk the dogs - 3 lots of microwave popcorn, a multi pack of 6 bags corn chips, a multi pack of 10 popcorn, and some corn tortillas! Weird - this will solve my junk food problem no end.

AND I noticed cherries at the supermarket - for half the usual price of local ones - and they were from the US. They taste AMAZING - there must be some sort of glut or something. They have never tasted like this

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad you could drop by and glad you are having a good food day. Hope things with your patients are OK

Donna (new2me2) - You are doing well with exercise to burn that many calories. I will have to learn how to use my heart monitor watch - I am sure it could be useful. Hope your weigh-in is OK.

Gardenerjoy - Doing well - you make me think about exercise and consistency

Houston2Command - Thank you for being brave and being honest with yourself and us - it makes it easier for all of us to be honest and also to bear witness to each others efforts. I imagine all of us have something to "confess" each day - and Beck has taught me that it is important to note it, tell it to my coaches, and to move on and forgive myself. Whenever I hide it from myself I go into a downward spiral, stop weighing myself and effectively give up. Hang in there

Nuxmaga - You do sound really sane - and composed. And your exercise seems to be staying on track too. Impressive I'd say

Shepherdess - Good to read your post - sounds like things are hectic. Hope you get the control you want/need but you seem to be handling it. Yay for home grown salads

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes except for spontaneous cherry eating
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - No (cherries)
- Ate mindfully and slowly - sort of
- Put down fork occasionally - not that I remember
- Weighed myself - Yes - UP 2#! - 216.6 - $1
- Drank water - YES
- Exercise - Nope - and my body needs a rest

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $4; Week = $39; Grand Total = $39

Working on - :running:
Food plans for next week

Have a good day Beckies

07-10-2010, 07:58 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Realized that I would be satisfied with only half my pork chop at dinner last night. But, there wouldn't be a work lunch I could take the leftovers to until Monday, so I ate the whole thing. Ouch. I'm really slow here at just leaving food on my plate. Either it's the "starving children in China" or just my frugal nature, but it seems like an unacceptably huge waste. Think I'll have to revisit the Beck chapter with the exercise for leaving food. But CREDIT moi for on-plan eating.

While eating dinner on the patio, DW was puzzled by a lone bird at the peak of a tall evergreen tree some two houses over. It never moved. Finally, after dinner, she got her binocs and saw it to be a Cedar Waxwing. Super treat! We don't get to see them as yard birds.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Big Kudos for going right out and finding a knitting group that meets during the day. Yep, knowing that you sound sane is a clear indication that you are.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for having so many exercise minutes that you don't need to count all that gardening work out.

Shepherdess - Yay for having many weight lifting chores to build your strength as well as regularly running to build your cardio-vascular and endurance. You're doing a lot of workouts. Kudos for recognizing that your eating will have to adjust when this phase changes. I have a lifetime image of all the high school football stars just ballooning after their final season. Thanks for letting me know that my land is still available; I still have some juggling of finances to find the spare $125M, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Thanks for “Remember, corn is what they feed pigs to fatten them up.” - I'll try that one when the urge is strong. Yep, "It is a daily process." I, too, wish it'd just go away but I'd eat and exercise on-plan with no effort.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - That's a great bunch of plants and herbs to be able to tend from your deck. Monster Kudos for giving the neighborhood girls your stash of snacks - all rather amazingly corn-centric. Glad we're shipping you guys something as healthy as cherries.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for staying op on your schedule. Thanks for the Geneen Roth quotes - she's always so inspiring.

Donna (new2me2) - Yep, 415 calories is an awesome workout - you must have felt great. Yay for "phooey on the points and eat what I need to."

Houston2Command - One of the things that the Beck strategies helps me with is avoiding huge feelings, like shame, about eating off-plan. I remember playing high school football; we'd lose yardage on a play and just get up determined to do better on the next play. That's the attitude I'd like to learn about my eating instead of having stuff when my eating loses a few yards on a play. Kudos for honestly facing what you're doing.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

Making a Travel Plan

. . .
Using any one of these strategies might cause a small weight gain (assuming your splurges aren't too big), which is reasonable and certainly much better than gaining a lot of weight. You'll feel better about yourself if you decide in advance that this is what you want to do. You won't feel very good if you try not to gain weight, eat more than you'd planned, and end up gaining weight anyway.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 223-224.

07-10-2010, 10:32 AM
Hi folks... I'm dismally slow at getting to this list and getting my Beck plan in high gear. Still down 5 pounds, have good morning routines and breakfast choices all habitual now. Lunch is usually okay, snacks too, but dinner and after dinner eating are still my downfall. Dinner just continues too long. And I do drink wine. Soooo, time to start counting those calories and making it a choice, not just pouring what I think is a "drink". And seriously planning dinner.

Had an interesting stressful 2 days and didn't overeat. My horse got away from me and my friend while deep in the woods. We had stopped and dismounted to saw a log that was chest high across the trail. The horses were fine and relaxed then all of a sudden hers bolted down the trail, and mine pulled herself free and went too, dragging her rope. We found her horse, but not mine, and I had to come back out the next day with a friend to look for the mare. Luckily we found her, but had to cut her free of rope reins and saw big brush and limbs out so she could move. She's fine. It took an hour to free her after we finally found her. It was pretty tense for me... but I didn't eat much, actually less than usual - and forgot to eat lunch the day we found her. Hum, that means there's a sandwich somewhere in my car or trailer. Could be yucky after a few days in the heat.


07-10-2010, 12:44 PM
I did stacks of paperwork yesterday. Ordinarily, in that situation, I play games of solitaire to reward myself for tasks completed. Yesterday, I used the Wii Walk It Out game instead. Several short bursts of exercise gave me more energy throughout the day than sitting all day! Who knew?

WI: -0.85kg, Exercise: +60 700/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

ponee: what a relief that you found your horse safe and sound

BillBlueEyes: love the football analogy to the ouches of our eating life

seadwaters: yep the scale will drive you crazy if you let it. Are you graphing your weight? It helps me to see the long term trend even on days when I get an unexplained gain.

Lexxiss: glad you got a chance to sit down for time of your own. Thanks for the inspiring quotes!

Nuxmaga: great job with all your credits. I, too, am finding kids' sizes are plenty for summer treats. But, man, that sabotaging thought is a tough one to get past. It's starting to get easier, though, as it becomes habit.

Shepherdess: my garden survives on neglect sometimes, too. I felt better when I visited one of our CSA farms and realized that weeds get the better of them, too. For the most part, the stuff we want will grow right alongside the weeds. Watering is the one thing I really have to keep up on in July and August.

07-10-2010, 02:42 PM
Thanks everyone for your information about caloric intake. It really helps to have people to run things by.

I've been gone and busy the last couple of days. Feeling a little overwhelmed with life. I co-own a business and I just found out yesterday that my main sales rep is putting in her two week notice. I'm happy for her. It's a good job with benefits-- can't turn those jobs down in this climate. In a way it's a good thing because I now have the opportunity to change my sales program to work better for the company.

I'm still in Stage One of the eating plan (Green Book) and realize that I want to stay here a little bit longer. I'm a great one for rushing things and I know that when I do, I skimp on some things.

My current Goals:
• Plan my meals in advance
• Log calories every day
• Check-in every day
• Take my vitamins 2x a day
• Read response and advantages cards
• Weigh myself
• Eat sitting down
• Exercise twice a day
• Always have water/tea ready to drink
• Give myself credit

I'm too pooped and behind to catch up with each of you. But, thank you for all your support! Will try to peak thorough this weekend and catch up!


07-10-2010, 03:39 PM
Good morning Beck friends! I'm not sure how it happened but the WW scale showed I lost .2 pounds since last week. I can't see how it's possible that my scale showed a slight gain and theirs showed a slight loss, lol, but that didn't stop me from doing the happy dance right then and there in front of everyone! :o Really, I did. :o :D I think my co-workers know I'm a little whacko but that just confirmed it, lol.

Houston2Command I don't any of us would ever judge you or anyone else for something we've all done ourselves! Don't even feel ashamed to say what you need to. You should give yourself a huge credit for posting about it. EXCELLENT for recognizing the negative self-talk and for doing something about it!

gardenerjoy Yeah, I like having the spontaneous exercise and the formal exercise both in my life. The spontaneous is usually more fun anyway, lol.

Shepherdess Major credit for recognizing an anti-Beckian behaviour and for trying to fix it before it becomes a problem!

Nuxmaga Major credit for getting the kid size treat! And yay for finding a great knitting group!

Lexxiss[/] Glad you got some rest! Very powerful statements from Geneen Roth!

[B]seadwaters (Cheryl) Having some good things on hand should make your meal planning a lot easier in the coming week! I really do like using my heart rate's very informative. I've heard many times to use perceived exertion as a guide to how hard you're working out, but I found that for me it really isn't. I usually feel like I'm working out harder than I actually am, lol. Seeing my heart rate right there in front of me lets me know that.

BillBlueEyes I still have a hard time leaving food on my plate. I get around that by only cooking what I intend to eat, but in doing that I'm not really addressing the problem of what to do when I DO have more food on my plate than I want to eat.

ponee How scarey about your horse, I'm glad everything worked out okay in the end! Major credit to you for not overeating with all the stress!

gardenerjoy Super major credit for using Walk It Out as a reward!!!! Yay, and I say again, Yay! :D

AmberPr Major credit for finding a positive in a not so positive situation!!

07-10-2010, 03:39 PM
Hi beck folks, coaches, buddies…yesterday was a very healthy day - I am always grateful for that! I stayed true to my plan very well - credit. I have been very aware again of not licking my fingers or cooking utensils again. Credit.

I spoke with the surgeon’s nurse for 25 minutes with questions. I feel much more informed about what will happen, what I can expect, time line of recovery, things I need to have when I come home, how long I'll need to have someone taking care of me, etc. It is very overwhelming to think about what they are going to do and the long recovery. I will have to take it a day at a time.

Today is hanging with DH. I like that. We have many gardens. I am not allowed to walk on the grass because of my ankle. So, I guided (bossed) him around the garden the best I could to have him do some weeding and primping - from afar.

plan/log/measure - yes
count my calories - yes
put fork down between bites - some of the time
slow mindful eating - some of the time
really TASTE the food - a lot of the time
leave a small bite of food - all the time
lots of water - yes
exercise - no
meditation - no
no second helpings - all the time
eat seated only - all the time
give myself credit when I do things right - yes
say Oh Well to any unfairness I might feel - no

Amberpr - you have a good list of daily goals. I totally agree about taking the new daily tasks at the rate you are most comfortable. I believe most people do this too.

gardener joy - credit for using your Wii and that it gave you extra energy during the day - a wonderful by product of exercise.. Isn’t it nice to not even ‘need’ to count gardening in your total because you’ve been doing so much!

Ponee - it’s good to realize how important planning is in the long run for sane living with food. I am glad you got through some extra stress and not eating about. So glad you found the horse and that ended up well.

Billbe - sorry about the pork chop incident - the ‘starving children’ thing is hard to let go of. If I faced with a bigger meat portion at home….I cut it in half before it goes to the table. At a restaurant is harder, though. (Dr. Beck says to cut it in half and move it over to the other side of the plate - I call that the 'no access zone) Cedar Waxwing…Nice!

Seadwaters - CREDIT for getting to the farmer’s market and getting such nice veggies and herbs. You always do well when planning ahead - utilizing the weekends well. I love how you are paying yourself for new clothes!!

Lexxiss - so glad to hear that things are going well and even getting spontaneous exercise! Thanks for those good quotes.

Nuxmaga - very nice to see all those credits! All that walking is terrific! LOL - on no site for ‘Beverlyjoy’s no anxiety health issues solution’!! It’s a good reminder - thanks. Glad you checked into the knitting group.

New2me2 - I am so, so impressed with your consistent exercise - CREDIT I hope you can figure out the best food plan for yourself. I am glad you don’t have foot pain any more. Glad you had a loss at ww - happy dances are always appropriate.

Houston2command - I can totally understand and relate to the ‘honest about food issues’. It was hard for me to allow/make myself be honest here. Some times I still don't want to admitt when I binge or go crazy with food. But, truly - there is not judgement here of what happens with your eating or plan. We are here to help you the best way we can. You said - The problem is, that by not admitting it, I don't get over it, I beat myself up more, and I continue in the wrong direction. This is true - you can be honest here, really.

Shepardess - glad you could get to the internet! Grunt labor - LOL. I guess it’s keeping the calories burning. I hope you can get back to training for your run. Once things slow down to a ‘mild roar’ - hope you can get back into your food/life routine. I am glad the scale is not showing any gains despite not planning as much as usual.

07-10-2010, 06:38 PM
OMG, ponee, no wonder we are such kindred spirits! Another horse person. I just sold mine last year after having one for 14 years. Two different Arabians, actually. Sold when I couldn't keep him next to the park anymore. Got so spoiled riding on 14 miles of horse trails with nothing but lakes, woods, hill, and plenty of flat prairie to let is all out! Loved galloping up those hills. Still miss it, but not sure I will get back into owning again. Your adventure was my worst nightmare..never happened, but I always made sure I had comfortable boots on just in case!

Did a solo night for dancing last night. Nothing like a street dance to a good band in a town of 200 people. Pretty laid back. Ended up dancing with a gaggle of girls in a big circle. I had 20 years on most of them, 25 or more on others. Felt pretty good to be keeping up with them, especially since my ankle is still giving me fits. Still swollen, still hurts..guess that is likely to continue until I rest it. That's OK, November is coming.

Time for a Green Monster with my very own freshly picked raspberries and then a soak in the lake. .the best medicine for my poor ankle.

BillBE, interesting that a Cedar Waxwing is not so common for you. Really common here. I got to learn what a Pileated Woodpecker sounds like. One landed outside my window on a tree this morning and brought me bolt upright with his screech. I realized that I hear that alot, just didn't know what it was.

Life is good!

Best to all.

07-10-2010, 07:03 PM
Hi Coaches
I was pouting last night about yesterday mornings weight because even though it had been going down all week for the first time it did leap an unprecedented 2 pounds. I have been graphing daily in the hope of seeing a downward trend and it had been everywhere but down. More like a see saw! But this week it had been looking DOWN except for yesterdays blip and while I don't usually obsess a girl does like to see progress

And today on weigh-in morning it was UNDER 215 - it was 214.8 - so I am taking it as down :woohoo:and taking credit for it!

Will check in later with today's progress but I had to change my ticker :o

07-10-2010, 08:04 PM
Wasn't yesterday going to be the day that I started planning and got back on track? OK, today is the day. I was having some leftovers for lunch that I knew weren't a full lunch, but you know, I was going to figure it out when I got there. And yes, I had just identified this as a problem. So after finishing the leftovers and finding myself still hungry I just started munching away on trail mix. Saying "Oh well" to that.

I am taking lots of credit for a victory at an Italian restaraunt. My favorite dish is a gnocci with Alfredo sauce. It's so wonderful, but then disgusts me the next day when I open the leftovers box and pour off a 1/4 in of oil that has separated. So I used every kind of resistance technique and ordered something healthier. The gnocci is one of those dishes that I will allow myself occassionally, but not after an eating mishap earlier in the day. I also need to be strong enough to throw the leftovers away.

Today is a good day. We got up early and went on our historical society's treck visiting some sites along the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails and the Pony Express. I was joking with DH that we were walking the same paths as hundreds of thousands of immigrants who thought Central Wyoming was just another h*** to endure on their way to the Promise Land.

There was lots of riding in the car, but also lots of getting out and walking. And for the more spry among us, we got to scramble up the back of Independence Rock to look at the signatures inside a cave. We all packed our own lunch, which made healthy eating easy.

Right now we're at my FIL's house so DH can watch all the World Cup games he's recorded--we don't get any TV reception at our house. I'm posting right now to avoid the box of doughnuts that I've been offered several times now.

Seadwaters, every-day weigh-ins are very helpful, but they can drive you crazy if you let them. Those 2 lb bumps can be demoralizing, and a 2 lb loss can give you a false sens of security. The thing I used to remind myself when I saw unexpected gains was that it takes approximately 3500 to gain/lose 1 lb and even on my worst day I don't eat an extra 3500 cal. Kudos for waiting it out and finding good news on the scale the next day!

Maryblu, I once heard Clinton Anderson describe Arabians as a horse, just more so. They have every virtue of a horse, only more so and every problem of a horse, only more so. It takes some serious guts to love galloping hills on them. Yay for being able to out dance girls 20 yrs younger!

BeverylyJoy, great job asking all the questions about your surgery so you'll be well-prepared when it happens. And lots of credit for doing it all calmly and eating healthy while you're planning for your surgery!

New2me2, yay for an unexpected gain at the weigh-in. You deserve to celebrate! It's always nice to have some positive feedback to show for all your hard work.

AmberPr, you're smart to take the program slow. When I was starting on the Green Book, I saw that Beck suggests you stay at Stage I (and Stage II, if I remember correctly) for at least 2 weeks. I saw that as a goal, but soon realized that the real goal is getting all the skills well-established before moving on.

Gardenerjoy, yay for using exercise as a mini-reward and a way to break-up dreaded work. It's one of those things I always read about, but have a difficult time implementing. Great job actually doing it and finding it rewarding!

Ponee, yikes for losing your horse! Glad it all worked out well. Life is never dull when you're dealing with horses. Kudos for maintaining the 5 lb loss and for making your early meals a habit. Once you've established those early habits, you can tackle the more challenging ones.

BillBE, ouch for losing out to those starving children in China. Throwing away food is always a tough one and once I find the answer, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for the analagy of seeing dieting mishaps as losing yardage in a game. I needed a reminder that I just need to step back up to the line and find a way to get the ball back.

Lexxiss, great job staying OP while your life is so busy. I'd read a review of Women, Food and God and it looked intersting. Thanks for those great quotes. I'll have to pick up a copy.

Nuxmaga, yay for all those steps! Great job realizing that a child's size is large enough and ignoring that annoying voice that says that treats should be supersized!

07-10-2010, 08:49 PM
Re: the major guts, Shepherdess, major guts or big time stoopid. I have to say my two guys were pretty mellow for Arabians, but they still did do the major side swing/ shying move---sometimes with an elevator drop to boot. I never did get dumped, though. Better lucky than good.

You didn't mention Arabians are also the prettiest breed by far. I now realize that every horse I ever drew as a kid was an Arabian..shorter bodied, longer legged, and that amazing deep dish that makes its head so breathtakingly beautiful. That said, my favorite breed is the Peruvian Paso. Amazingly sweet ride.

During those years I went from 165 to 220 and back down again. Can't tellya the difference in every way. When I was riding in the park two things struck me. 7 out of 8 riders were female, if not more, and more than half of them (us) were heavy. No way to know why, but it sure was true.

07-10-2010, 11:36 PM
Hello All,
I walked to breakfast with a friend, though the waffle special I had was more a dessert than anything else. . .oh, well. I did walk 10,000+ steps altogether today, credit. I tracked my food, credit. dh and I resisted the urge to eat out with all the humid heat, and I made an improvised white bean, hearts of palm and roasted pepper salad that turned out quite delicious, credit.

Got a bit overwhelmed thinking of all I need to do--I want to spend as much time planning and promoting my craft business while I figure out what to do with my unemployed self. I unpacked my bags of stuff I brought back from the library where I worked--I read a pile of thank you cards that I got over the years from my library users, and felt both sad to be gone, and glad that I had helped them.

07-11-2010, 01:06 AM
Hello everyone, long time no posts.

Hard to come back here with my tail between my legs, so to speak. The last month has been all about working many, many hours, lots of stress, lots of hotel stays, and slowly dropping every good habit I spent the last 8 months cultivating. I would rally for a day or two and then revert to eating lots of junk, not planning, not exercising. For me, it is all about dealing with stress by comforting myself with food. And the sad and predictable thing is living like that makes me sad, angry at myself, defeated, and above all makes me feel unwell most of the time.

Today I ate well and on plan, I exercised and did weights, I planned tomorrow and I read the response and advantage cards. Struggling to give myself credit. Struggling not to beat myself into the ground about what has been going on for the past month or so. Afraid that I won't continue doing this tomorrow.

I really need to post here and I really need to read your posts. I missed this place every day but felt too defeated to post. But here I am and it is helpful to know that most of you have been where I am. I hope it is OK if I start back here and not do personals for awhile-- I just can't find time and that also has kept me away.

Hugs to you all.

07-11-2010, 06:05 AM
Hi Coaches
I have had a catch up day getting ready for work later in the week. I have made lists of everything in the freezer so I don't even have to think about it come dinner time. I have a few go-to meals now for lunches so I am on top of things hopefully. I feel like I have just turned a corner with weight loss and don't want to lose that.

I transferred $289 for my 5 pound loss and my weeks credits into a separate internet account - it felt good

BillBlueEye - I'd have trouble throwing away half a pork chop - that is where the dogs come in handy. They ate some chilli canned tuna because I found it too hot - lol - they didn't mind at all.

BeverlyJoy - Glad you got to talk with the nurse and get some questions answered. Yay for staying true to plan. I have learned to wash my hand and not lick them - felt like a triumph. But find myself licking spoons occasionally. Love the description of "guiding" your DH in his gardening efforts

CeeJay - I am really glad to see you here. Sounds like you had a great day - so just keep moving forward. It has been nice for me over the last few weeks on leave to do personals every day. But that is about to stop because I am back to work next week and I will have trouble managing the workload and the travel and the planning. So I will post everyday and do personals when I can. But I know what you mean about it keeping you away. And it needn't - and I have to remember that too.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for the opportunity to have a happy dance - will work on that HR monitor

Gardenerjoy - Great exercise as usual. Computer games can be a distraction but you seem to have found a solution

AmbrePr - Seems good to move slowly and get things consolidated as you go. Good list of goals

Nuxmaga - Your list of credits is great - dinner sounds yum oh. It is really sad that you had no warning to leave your job and no anticipatory grief - it wasn't handled very well at all.

Ponee - Glad you found your horse! Sounds fairly high stress. Credit that you have maintained the 5ib loss - hope counting goes well

Shepherdess - Well done at the Italian restaurant - great resistance. The days activities probably used up ample calories for whatever you wanted though, by the sound of it. Good avoidance technique to log on here rather than eat doughnuts

Credits - :sunny:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes (no more corn in the house to spend on snacks) - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Yes
- Put down fork occasionally - sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - down - 214.8 - $1 Changed Ticker
- Drank water - YES
- Exercise - No

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $5; Grand Total = $250 + $44

Working on - :running:
Food plans for next week

Have a good day Beckies

07-11-2010, 07:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Our Cedar Waxwing was perched atop the evergreen during dinner on the patio again last night again. It feels like the neighborhood has a new sentry.

Out for a bike ride with DW after dinner (CREDIT moi); it was seriously cooled down from a rapid two inches of rain. Plants around here needed the water and we all needed the heat dissipated. I spent part of the rain in my basement watching no water coming in because of the hydraulic cement I'd recently worked into the cracks and holes. CREDIT moi again for doing that work and getting to enjoy its success.

Today's the day I increment my ticker by a month - CREDIT moi. Time to think about a reward for reaching five years.

maryblu - Color me jealous; I've never heard a Pileated Woodpecker screech nor a Bald Eagle screech - vocal birds, yours. Kudos for dancing the young girls under the table. Had to google Peruvian Paso - that's a sharp looking horse.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Continued Kudos for your continued steps toward finding your new journey. Reading thank you cards is a way of giving yourself credit for your years of contributions at the library.

CeeJay - It's a great time to be climbing back on your horse with the discussions around here about Arabians and Peruvian Pasos - you can think of climbing back on one choice animal. Kudos for your planning, exercising, and reading Response Cards - good start.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such a neat idea to use short bursts of "Wii Walk It Out" instead of solitaire as a work break. Wonder if that'd fly at the office, LOL.

Shepherdess - What a neat trip with your historical society to view the trails of the great migration west. And neat that you're one of the more spry who can scramble up to the cave with the signatures. Kudos for breaking away from your beloved gnocchi at the Italian restaurant.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for choosing a DW who accepts being "guided" around - now that's a sign of true love. And Kudos for organizing a 25 minute discussion of your upcoming surgery to get yourself prepared. I like your phrase, "no access zone."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats for breaking the 215 barrier and for actually moving your reward money into its own account. Good grief - you might be the only mortal alive with a list of what's in her freezer. Yay for dogs to take care of choice morsels of leftovers; I miss my Aussie.

Donna (new2me2) - LOL at your happy dance in front of your WW team - who just happen to be your co-workers. Yep, preparing only the desired volume of food is the best strategy of them all.

ponee - Amazing story of recovering your horse. So glad for the happy ending. Was your horse a bit thirsty and hungry by that time? Kudos for not eating your way through the emotions that evening. LOL at your sandwich ripening in the heat.

Amber (AmberPr) - Kudos for responding to "a little overwhelmed" by making lemonade out of an unexpected lemon. Good luck with the new direction for your business.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

Making a Travel Plan

. . .
To figure out what your strategy should be, think about which foods or beverages you'll most want to have while you're away. Will you enjoy sipping mixed drinks at the bar? Indulging in a rich dessert after dinner? Sampling new and unusual foods?

Once you create your strategy, write it down in your diet notebook. Read it every day until you leave (and every day while you're there), so you'll have this strategy firmly in your mind.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.

07-11-2010, 01:22 PM
Happy Sunday! I had an active Saturday -- a walk with a friend, a walk with DH, and I still wanted to build my rainbow in the Wii Walk It Out game, so I did that, too.

WI: -0.15kg (new low), Exercise: +95 795/1800 minutes for July, Food: 95%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: yay for 4 years and 10 months! And for a dry basement!

seadwaters: good job with dinners in the freezer and lunches on automatic!

seadwaters, CeeJay, AmberPR, and others: I love seeing your posts, with or without personals. Part of what makes our little community so vibrant is that variety. Please keep posting whether you have the time and energy for personals or not. Your posts are of value to all of us!

AmberPR: great job on making your list of goals during a time of stress -- and on recognizing the opportunity nestled in with the challenge you are currently facing.

new2me2: yay for the happy dance at the WW scale! Scales can be mystifying.

Beverlyjoy: so glad that you were able to talk to the nurse and get questions answered. I really think that you are getting yourself well prepared for this.

Shepherdess: great job on the Italian restaurant. Alfredo sauce is on my "evil" list. Your historical tour sounds wonderful!

maryblu: love the street dance as exercise -- brings back my youth in a small town!

CeeJay: great to see you back here and with a good plan for moving forward!

07-11-2010, 01:38 PM
Hi I would like to rejoin the discussion,I was on here last year and enjoyes Beck Diet Solution alot.I got kind of side tracked,seperation,divorce,moving.I am getting settled now andwould like to restart from day #1 pink book.I have 20 more pounds to lose and not making headway with all this stress but I would like to put it behind me and focus on this for now.I did use Phentermine-medication for some of the weight loss,it is an effective tool but not something to use forever.Beck can last a lifetime,I need a refresher. thanks Wendy

07-11-2010, 03:25 PM
Jen and I got our long run in this AM. It's great having such an enthusiastic running partner. We're back at my FIL's so DH can watch the world cup final. The doughnuts were still on the counter and after a hard run, they were still looking pretty appealing even a day old. I have to admit taking a good long look, but had my planned granola bar instead. They may be in the other room, but I'm still thinking about them, but am working that resistance muscle.

Wendylan, welcome back! So sorry for everything you have been through in the past year, but great job coming back and giving Beck another go. Your right that Beck can last a lifetime.

Gardenerjoy, yay for an active day. I have no idea what it means to "build a rainbow," but it must be good! Congrats on another new low.

BillBE, I love the new addition to your neighborhood. Glad things cooled off for you. I got pretty whiney when we had a few days that got up to 90 until I heard the E. coast weather reports. I'll join you in missing an Aussie. Apparently today was bring your Aussie to the dog park day. It was a good reminder of what a great dog they are.

Seadwaters, your organizational skills are always amazing. I have never thought of having a list of what is in my freezer, but it is a great idea. Yay for putting all those Beck dollars in their own account.

Ceejay, it's great to see you back here. Great job getting back on that horse (or wagon). It's tough to stay on track when life gets so hectic. You deserve credit for each and every Beck skill you were able to practice while all that was going on. Hope your work load eases soon!

Nuxmaga, LOL at waffle being more dessert than breakfast. Why is is that most breakfast choices are just dessert with a different name? Kudos for getting so many steps. I think your heat would send me to the couch pretty quick. Hugs while you're still working through losing your job, but all those thank you cards are a tribute to what great work you did.

Maryblu, I had to google Peruvian Paso, but they do look like a very cool horse. For the most part, I only have two categories for horses: horses I can ride and horses that will hurt me. There are very few horses in the first category, LOL. I'm always impresses with good riders.

07-11-2010, 04:14 PM
Good morning (for only a few more minutes here), lol. Well the scale had me back down again, so whatever it was has done with me apparently, lol.

I'm still struggling with a plan and trying to work the points system at the same time, but have decided that when in doubt, the plan will be the deciding factor. As long as I'm practicing my Beck principles I don't think I can go wrong.

Today is definitely on plan though, and, surprisingly within my points, lol. I think it might be because I got sidetracked with Walk It Out, lol. I walked and walked around my "island" until I had found everything I wanted, then had so much coinage left I had to open some new, that happened at the 1 hour mark, so I walk around for another 45 minutes until I had "spent" all my coins. :p So, credit moi with 1 hour and 45 minutes of not being on the couch! :)

I haven't been reading my cards again, and will pull them out and put them in a different place so that I see them every day. I've got them stuffed in the Beck book, but since I'm finished with it, I'm not remembering to look at them. I think I'll put them all by my computer...that way I'll see them twice a day at a minimum.

Beverlyjoy I'm so glad you spoke with the nurse! Now you can prepare ahead of time! I froze a lot of meals so that I could just hobble to the freezer, pop something in the microwave and sit down again. My mother came every day for a couple of weeks, then every other day, to help me do things I couldn't, like take out the trash, etc. I bought a bench for the shower and a hand held shower nozzle (can't get that foot wet), and could do that myself, but she wanted me to wait until she came each day just in case I fell, lol. (By-the-way, just say when you are tired of hearing me talk about this, lol--I won't be offended, lol)

seadwaters (Cheryl) You are so correct...a girl DOES like to see progress...and looks like you got some!!!! Congratulations for being below 215! :) Yay for making that money transfer!!! What a great reward!

Shepherdess You betcha you got a lot of credit at the restaurant!!
Your trek sounds very fun! (The doughnuts will NOT taste as good as resisting them will feel later.) You did great to eat the granola bar instead!

Nuxmaga Great job on all the walking! And, yay for a healthy salad that was yummy!

CeeJay You do whatever you need in order to get back on track! Don't add stress by thinking you have to respond to everything. The important thing is that you recognize where you went wrong and are correcting it! Yay for you!

BillBlueEyes Great work on the basement Mr. Fix-it, lol. You definitely need a really great reward for 5 years...that's an amazing milestone!

gardenerjoy Yay for all that exercise! :)

wendylan Nice to meet you Wendy! Glad you came back!

07-11-2010, 04:44 PM
Hi Beck folks - coaches - buddies - Yesterday was a great food and Beck day. I am always grateful for that! I stayed with my plan, read the Beck book for a while, did my stretches and strengthening exercises, read all my response cards and made a new one. Many credits. New card says: ‘You strive to have sanity with food. When you find the willingness to go forward - it is a gift to yourself.’

Our cousins are coming over for a cookout tonight. I am always glad when we have friends over here because I can control my food much better.

plan/log/measure yes
count my calories - yes
put fork down between bites - some of the time
slow mindful eating - a lot of the time
really TASTE it - a lot of the time
leave a small bite of food - all the time
enjoy the food - all the time
lots of water - yes
exercise - yes
meditation - I did some deep breathing
no second helpings - all the time
eat seated only - all the itme
give myself credit when I do things right - sometimes

New2me2 - I am glad you are figuring out your food plan/points. Credit for all that exercise!! Good idea to put your response cards near the computer. I pull my beck book out every now and again to read and reread it. I don’t mind at all any suggestions/tips you share about the foot surgery! I have been thinking about preparing some of my veggies ahead (and freezing them)- not sure DH will want to ‘measure’ them when the time comes. LOL

Shepardness - so glad you got your run in!! Major credit for using that resistance muscle with the donut and staying with your planned snack. Well done!
Good job on taking into account your food earlier in the day when at the Italian restaruant!

Wendylan - nice to meet you. I agree - the Beck techniques really ARE things for a life time of living healthfully with food. Sorry to hear of your rough patch for a while. I hope things are postitive now.

Gardener joy - many credits for all that exercise!! Well done. Always wonderful to see those new lows on the scale.

Seadwaters - all your lists and preparations are deserving many credits! What a good idea to put your credit/weightloss money in a separate account. So nice to get to change your ticker!!

Billbe - so nice to hear the waxwing is still about - also - YAY for a dry basement!
Glad you and DW got in a nice bike ride after the rain. I am doing my five year happy dance in your honor (on my good ankle - lol). That is a wonderful achievement to be quite proud of.

Ceejay - so glad to see your post! Isn’t it amazing how the healthy things we have done for a good amount of time - well, they can drain out of our brains in a flash. It has happened to me and many folks. Yes, hop back on your food plan, keep posting, read your response cards and plan - plan - & plan some more.

Nuxmaga - so many good credits - keeping track of food - walking - using those resistance techniques. Well done! I am glad you got a chance to read those lovely letter of thanks and more.

Maryblu - it’s nice to hear about your horses, too. A street dance and a green monster sound like a good combination!

07-11-2010, 05:37 PM
Friends, I'd like to join you here. My idea is to keep a log on my BlackBerry of happenings during the day and then upload at bedtime. I'll try it out and see how I get on.

A day at work, slogging through a proposal. (I run my own research business.) Food was straightforward - I ate what I packed. No formal exercise and I always miss that.

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y +1.75lbs on last week

Read ARCs: YY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: ?

Formal exercise: N

Informal exercise: YY
Parked at end of supermarket car park
Schlepped shopping bags car-house 3 times (the house is some distance from where I park)

Give credit: YYYY
For organising template on BlackBerry
For doing a 'big shop'
For eating wisely
For leg exercises

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Wendylan :wave:

Shepherdess: :no: to doughnuts. They are probably stale, don't you think?

Ceejay :wave: Good to see you. You gave me probably my most powerful response: "When I want to eat standing up, I'm going to find a seat and sit down." Thank you so very much.

Time for me to turn in now. Good night, all.

07-11-2010, 07:44 PM
My dear Beckies, today was a day made for gardening, so I did. 8 hours in the garden is *so NOT WORK!!!! What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was hot and muggy..only ~84 degrees, but enough humidity to seduce me into running the central AC, something I do only about 12-15 days each summer. Drove into the city last night to dance to my favorite, favorite, favorite band and it still was 88 degrees at 9:00 p.m. Woke up this morning with windows wide open and the breeze blowing off the lake. Just looked at the thermometer and it is 68 degrees. Only in Minnesoda, right Amberpm?

Glad you cooled off, BillBE, and as for your basement patch job; it has been tested and held. I am sure you are very pleased, and I now think of you as Boston's Red Green.

If we talk any more about horses, I will have to start a separate thread; those of you who know me know I have only *passions, not *interests...and yes, I know: there is a fine line between passion/obsession. That said, shepherdess, I am not such a great I always say, better lucky than good. BillBE, your intellectual curiosity knows no bounds. I just have to say, with the Peruvian Paso, the draw is the incredibly smooth gate, plus it is bred for sweet temperament. When I rode one, I was literally flying across the ground, my hair blowing back, and I felt nothing underneath me; it was that smooth. An old horse woman's dream, for sure.

Ceejay, sista, welcome back! Isn't it incredible how when we are straying from Beck we can't bring ourselves to post? I have to say, I am truly, truly impressed with those of us who are struggling but still continue to post and 'fess up. That is the reason Beck makes us get a coach!! It is really hard to keep posting honestly and *not get back into better Beck behavior. Off topic, again, but, sista, you will feel my pain. Everyone knows by now that the Simon and Garfunkel concert tour has been canceled. I have never been so sorry to get a refund; I had great seats!

Here is my Training Day story:

I have been hearing a cry for the last 3 days that sounded alot like a Seagull, but not, and it is too early for Seagulls to be around. Have also noticed a hawk flying above me, but am "hawk illiterate"..when I see one, I am pretty sure it is a hawk, but don't know one from another. Today, I hear the screech, look up, see the "hawk", but then see 2 adults and a smaller one...doing this training thing over the lake....much like the training day I saw 2 summers ago that was an extraordinary event with 2 adult Bald Eagles and a there is all this calling/screeching and some pretty impressive flying...second only to the Bald Eagle thang...and then...DOH!!! The Osprey is called the "Fishing Hawk"; I was seeing the baby being went on for the better part of the afternoon. Osprey parenting is very cool..both mom and pop are on the nest with the young-uns, and they are there to entertain us humans for ~2 months. I am always sad when the nest is empty around the first of August or so. Great spectacle; glad I was finally smart enough to put it together.

07-11-2010, 10:47 PM
Hello Buddies and Coaches:

I am as grateful as Beverlyjoy. :D Two entire days on plan.

Seadwaters, new2me2 and gardenerjoy- thank you for the support about the personals.

BillBlueEyes-I am back on the horse, but I think it is more like a pony. :)

wendylan- welcome to you. I wish you well on your journey.

Shepherdess and silverbirch-thanks for the welcome back.

Beverlyjoy- thanks for the plan, plan and plan some more advice. Exactly what I need to do.

maryblu- sorry about the Simon and Garfunklel show- cancelled here too. I am making up for it with 2 nights with Neil Young- cannot wait.

I am giving myself credit today for:

riding exercise bike 30 mins
walking around looking for blueberries
eating healthy and on plan
planning this week and packing up lunch for tomorrow
reading advantage and response cards

Tomorrow I am back to a daily morning weigh in. Not looking forward to that, but it is only information after all.

I am checking in tomorrow no matter what.


07-11-2010, 11:08 PM
Hi All,
I tracked food today, credit. Forgot my pedometer, but dh and I parked and walked a hill to get to the Italian Festival that his coworker invited us to--so at least credit for that, though probably not for the fried dough or the cannoli. . .oh well. It was a truly delectable cannoli, so I do not have regrets about that. Watched the World Cup without continuous snacking since I brought my knitting. Of course one of our friends is a pastry chef and he baked cookies right there at the host's house!

Ceejay--Welcome back! Please keep reading, and checking in when you can. I try to get to personals, but I don't all the time, and I just accept that I will contribute those when I can. I have a similar critical voice--remember that it just wants to replicate itself, that's its only goal. So if it says "beat yourself up for not sticking to your plan" then you will feel even worse, and most likely eat to comfort yourself--which will generate more beating up and on and on, and if your critical voice is like mine, then it will attack you for beating yourself up--"You know that doesn't help. Why do you keep beating yourself up? You are a bad person."

07-12-2010, 05:34 AM
Hi Coaches
Well I made lists and tried to get the most out of my last day on leave. I enjoyed the pool, saw the chiropractor (my back is still a mess) and I tried to organise my office - something I of course should have done ages ago. I am hoping that I will be able to usually work at home on Fridays and then I can do Aqua on Mondays after work and Fridays at lunch time. It should work- but I need the discipline to leave work on time on Mondays. Then I need to think about how to fit in the gym. Once at work I tend to stay there until about 6 or 7 pm which doesn't leave the time after an hours drive home. I need to keep these projects going - I have added aqua to my diary (as Beck suggests) but not sure how to manage the gym. I would like to be home in the evenings occasionally LOL. The hand and ankle weights will help of course (when I get them next week) but it makes me wonder why I have a gym membership. Anyway - I am rambling

This just crashed (several times) - a good thing I copy it from time-to-time! I will need to be brief!

BeverlyJoy - Yay for gratitude - an important place to be. Hope the cookout went well

BillBlueEyes - Yay for another month - your record is really impressive and inspiring. It wouldn't be the same place without you. I think you should think of something BIG for 5 years - amazing. A cedar waxwing looks pretty cute. What sort of an Aussie did you have?

CeeJay - Great list of credits for the day. As you say - the weigh in is just useful information for your interest and benefit

Donna (new2me2) - I so want a WiiFit! You remind me that I need to refocus on my A&R cards

Gardenerjoy - Yay for a new low and Yay for building a rainbow - what is that??

Maryblu - Great training day stories. You live in a truly blessed location by the sound of it

Nuxmaga - Knitting - a great defence against mindless snacking with the world cup

Shepherdess - Hope the resistance muscle worked against stale doughnuts! And it is a nice image to think of you running with Jen

SilverBirch - I like your check-list idea - I might investigate it. Nice to see you back

Wendylan - :welcome2: - Good to see you here and I hope you stay for a while

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Wasn't thinking about it!
- Put down fork occasionally - sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - up - 215.6 - $1
- Drank water - YES - not enough
- Exercise - Yes - $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $7; Week = $12; Grand Total = $250 + $51

Working on - :running:

Have a good day Beckies

07-12-2010, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a bike ride (CREDIT moi) and kept thinking of all the reasons that I needed to go to Trader Joe's. The only real reason was for a FREE sample of something delectable. So I didn't go there. Double CREDIT moi. Instead I chose a path where I could stop periodically and catch the status of world soccer on large TVs.

Food is on-plan with many, many cucumbers. Our vines yield all at once, so DW went looking for new recipes for cucumber salads; dinner included cucumbers with non-fat yogurt, cumin, and a touch of cayenne. So good. Then DW reached over and picked a few mint leaves to break up over it. Amazingly good. Mint isn't an intuitive herb for me - I think of it as just right for iced tea. Gotta rethink mint in my life now. Our new Cedar Waxwing continued on sentry duty.

maryblu - I love watching Osprey - they're on a comeback on the East Coast due to platforms being installed along the coast. They are so elegant diving for fish. But I am jealous - I've never seen the parents training their young to fish. If I can't get that chunk of land I'm eying in Wyoming, maybe I'll have to consider Minnesota. Do you guys accept newcomers?

Wendy (wendylan) - Ouch for a really rough year. Kudos for rising out of that to get back on track. Neat insight that "Beck can last a lifetime."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Ouch for fried dough - that stuff lures me and I can smell it from a mile away. Neat idea to knit yourself through the World Cup.

CeeJay - Kudos for two days on plan as well as Kudos for "walking around looking for blueberries" which sound fun.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for topping off two walks with your Wii Walk It Out game. That's really neat. Reminds me of the way I used to eat, LOL.

Shepherdess - Yay for a good long run as you train for your marathon (half-marathon?). Kudos for being clear that those donuts are not for you - probably made with pig lard, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - I particularly like the part of your new card, " is a gift to yourself." Thanks for the one legged happy dance, LOL.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats for completing your first day back at work - looks like you have a solid plan in place. Out Aussie was a tri-color; I had my heart set on a Blue Merle, but this little guy chose us at the breeder's and we took her home in only one visit.

silverbirch - Yay for BlackBerry Beck. And Yay for the exercise of slogging through proposals and schlepping home the groceries. Seems to me the ultimate in planning, "I ate what I packed."

Donna (new2me2) - I'm inspired by your perspective, "As long as I'm practicing my Beck principles I don't think I can go wrong." Yay for getting involved with virtual coins to get in an hour and 45 minutes of Wii.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

Try to think of specific situations that might arise while you're away that will test your resolve. Then figure out what you'll do about them. Consult your diet coach, if you like.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.

07-12-2010, 10:37 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I continue to be very mindful of my attitude and relationship with eating. I engaged in unplanned eating last night after a rough evening and acknowledged the associated emotions and moved on. I've planned out my day and will avoid stepping off my plan in order to seek comfort. Checking in always helps.

Thanks for being here everyone!

07-12-2010, 10:44 AM
Back from vacation. Glad I went. Glad I'm back. Ate a healthy breakfast, and have a good lunch packed.

Will check in properly tomorrow.


07-12-2010, 10:58 AM
Hi coaches...friends - Yesterday was mostly on my plan. I did do some stress eating before bed. I just wasn't willing to do what I know is helpful. Gosh it just feels terrible. I know it's related to health concerns and the surgery, etc. Another health concern has popped up.

Enough is enough. (aren't we suppose to have fewer health concerns when we lose weight...LOL) Anyway - I am going today for my pre-op appointment with my doctor and hopefully, she'll be able to figure things out with me.

But - I got up and planned for a healthy day. I definitely need to do some meditation today. I am feeling very anxious about things. Also - I am committing to read my response cards two times today. And do all the writing and journal/wookbook type stuff. That should help me get back on track.

yesterday -
planned/log/measure - some of the time
count calories - yes...until I ate too much
exercise - yes
eat seated - always
no seconds - some of the time
fork down - not much
beck/response card - no
lots of water - yes
taste food - yes
slow eating - some of the time

I’ll try and come back later for more personals. Thanks for always being such good Beck coaches and friends.

07-12-2010, 11:07 AM
Good morning Beck friends/coaches! I had a good eating day yesterday and managed to stay on "my" eating plan and only used a couple of the "weekly" points WW gives. I consider that a major credit, lol.

Today should be good as well. I have semi-planned for a possible baked treat from my gluten-free worker, who found some gluten free Bisquick and was going to buy some this weekend, lol. She may not have had time to bake, but it's in the back of my mind that a treat may show up today or tomorrow, or not at all. In any case, if it shows up, it's semi-planned. :) She was also going to buy some for me, so she may not bring me anything even if she did bake. :D

Another credit...put my response cards by the computer and have read them twice already! :D I decided to rewrite a couple of them, so did that as well.

Beverlyjoy I love your new response card!

silverbirch Glad you've joined us!!

maryblu I really love to hear about your wonderful lake and all the happenings surrounding it! :)

CeeJay Great list of credits!! Good outlook on the daily weigh in!

Nuxmaga Credit for walking and for keeping busy so you wouldn't snack continuously!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Thinking of you as you head back to work!

BillBlueEyes Good job on the Trader Joe's thing, lol! Ummm, the cucumber salad sounds wonderful!

Lexxiss :wave: ing back! :) Wow, GREAT job in recognizing the emotional side of your eating and then moving on!

AnneWonders Welcome home!

07-12-2010, 11:22 AM
I'm using my resistance muscle in my dreams, now. I dreamed I found some Halloween candy. Eating it right away wasn't even something I considered. I briefly considered, in my dream, working it into my plan. But, ultimately, I decided it probably wasn't good anyway and threw it away!

For those who asked, building a rainbow is one aspect of the Wii Walk It Out game. You're walking around a virtual island and one activity you can do every day is a kind of treasure hunt. Find all seven different-colored rainbow spheres and a rainbow appears over the island -- even at night, which is striking against the dark sky but probably gives the kiddies a warped notion of physics. Building a rainbow everyday is motivating my current consistency with exercise.

WI: +0.5kg, Exercise: +35 830/1800 minutes for July, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

AnneWonders: good to have you safely home!

Lexxiss: good job recognizing what was going on with the emotional eating and putting a plan in place to fix it right away. Hope everything goes better today.

BillBlueEyes: way to go finding a path away from Trader Joe's! The cucumbers with mint sounds intriguing -- I may try that!

seadwaters: yay for lists and plans! Hope your work goes well.

Nuxmaga: good job with all the walking and truly enjoying the treat. Love that you avoided snacking by knitting!

CeeJay: Two days on plan! Yay for that and for gratitude about it -- I think that can be such a helpful attitude. That's a great list of credits!

maryblu: love the osprey story -- glad the weather improved for gardening!

silverbirch: Keeping track of things on your Blackberry and posting them here sounds like an excellent way to do things! Love the format you made for it.

Beverlyjoy: so sorry you are dealing with another health stress -- I hope it's no big deal and disappears quickly! Good job with planning for a new healthy day!

new2me2: Yay for an hour and 45 minutes with Walk It Out! It took me quite awhile to get my Advantages and Responses cards in a format and place where I'd really read them everyday. So, keep trying until you find something that works for you. Oh, reading today's post -- I'm glad putting them near your computer worked!

Shepherdess: glad you got a run with Jen! I hope you managed to continue to resist the doughnuts!

wendylan: Welcome!

07-12-2010, 11:33 AM
Good day Fellow Becksters.
Thanks for all the positive feedback to my honesty post.

Lots of turning lost horses & employees into situations we can handle without emotional eating. Great job! I love seeing the positive we can elicit.

I went to the BIG store Saturday and bought all my food for the next two weeks which is the initiation into my "I Diet." Tonight I prep, parcel and pack it all back into the fridge and freezer so every day, every meal, every snack is on target. I am so excited. I bought a food journal tracking book a few weeks ago. It is also where I get to track body measurements, feelings, etc. Found it at Barnes & Noble.

Very excited for my start. Today I skip lunch as part of my hunger test. Ugh. Mentally, it gets to me more than if it were to just happen. Planning it makes me over-contemplate it.

And today I go back to the gym and face it. One day at a time.

Have a great day!

07-12-2010, 05:59 PM
A day of out and abouting with the DB which has been very nice. We found a very good quality chair for a good price in a charity shop.

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: YY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: ?YN??

Formal exercise: Y
20 mins yoga

Informal exercise: YY
Walked round town for 3 hours whilst the car was having a service.
Lugged chair up to the house

Give credit: YYYY
* Sat down to take pills this morning.
* Only had a white coffee mid-morning in the cafe. I've never really liked 'shop' food (that is, not homemade) though I do eat it sometimes.
* Sat down to have a drink & regroup when I got home.
* Did not eat anything when making the tea. Credit+.

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Beverleyjoy - so sorry to hear you've got another health concern. I suppose the Beckian response would be 'Oh, well' and get on with it but it certainly does seem unfair.

Anne - good to see you. You were my signpost to this board, all those years ago when you started posting here.

It's been a good day. I hope to make another one tomorrow.

07-12-2010, 06:46 PM
I haven't posted in a few days because I've been off-plan! Bleargh!

What I've learned over the past few days is that I have a web of compulsions: eating, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, drinking caffeine. Mess with one and you mess with the whole web.

I mentioned before I've been quitting cigarettes at the same time I'm dieting. What I didn't mention is that I've been doing snus, a spit-free oral tobacco. It's not as good as giving up tobacco altogether, but it's a lot better than smoking.

Well, I tried giving up snus a few days ago, and I ended up going bonkers. I became very agitated. I went to a coffee shop and had a double latte, which I drank very quickly. Surprise surprise, I became much more agitated! I then went to a liquor store and bought a bottle of whiskey and mixers, went home and got drunk all by myself. Then it was dinner time, and I felt too wasted and tired to make dinner, so I ordered a pizza, which I ate almost entirely as fast as possible. How terrible!

The next two days, I went out with friends and continued drinking and then eating off-plan. Bleargh.

So today, I'm back on plan. I've written extensively in my journal, a la cheat sheet.

What have I learned?

I'm not giving up snus right now. Nicotine is powerfully physically addictive. I am only human, I need to pick my battles. At least I'm not smoking.

I need to quit drinking completely for the time being. I need to avoid situations where my friends will be drinking.

I need to ease up on the caffeine. I'm trying to switch to green tea.

Also, I need to plan ahead more than just the next day. If I wake up and don't already have a plan, the chances of me going to the dark side are much greater. From now on, when it's my day off from work, I will plan something like five days in advance. Currently, I've planned til Friday.

Can anyone else identify with what I've been through? Any advice?

07-12-2010, 07:08 PM
Hi,I am working on day one writing my advantage cards,I had the old set and I used some of them and made new ones.Interesting on my old cards one of the advantages was to wear regular size clothes,I wear regular size clothes now,between a 12-14,wow I met that one.I can walk into a regular size store pick up a 12-14 try it on and it fits!!!!!!!20 pounds to go maybe that will be btw 10-12,that would be perfect for me.I got to the gym today and ate on plan so far.
Overlord,I understand what you are saying.I have a few addictive things I do when I get upset or depressed and to not do them is very haqrd and makes me agitated.#1 is eating pure sugar candy,sweettarts,skittles,starburst ect...Matter of fact at work if I get really stressed out they bring me skittles and tell me they fear for their lives.Next I like shopping or spending money I shouldn't.On occasion I like to gamble and can't leave if I have lost money and want it back.I was doing some dating online and texting.They told me at work I'm addicted to that too.Taking a break from that.
So what do we do?Good question,I think Beck helps alot with that and like my friend told me when I was feeling sorry for myself "suck it up and put your big girl panties on" In other words eveyones life sucks in one way or another,get over and move on .Don't let yourself feel sorry you are in certain situations,easier said than done.
AA,NA,OA all helpful support groups,I don't go to them but the 12 steps can be healing if I let myself be healed. #2Came to believe that a power greater than myself can restore me to sanity,in AA.
I try to subsitiute going to the gym to feel better,helps when I let in,raises endorphins like alot of those other things.Why cant I be addicted to eating healthy and working out? It would be so much easier.But I totally understand thats for sure. Wendy

07-12-2010, 08:15 PM
Hi, Beckies,

Overlord, All I can tellya is this: for me, I can only truly hold the line with my wt. with no alcohol. Not only are the calories too much, but I associate fine dining/ eating enjoyment with wine. No wine, food is just food. Whatever it takes to kick the smoking, I am with ya! Good luck.

Wendylan, I think what I learned today helps with the "suck it up" ...others have it so much worse. Two work colleagues, both male and under 50 are facing terminal cancer. Unthinkable. Both with families, have health lifestyles, what gives? Unthinkable. Talked today for the first time with the person so close to me who was crushed in the tornado in June. She was found under a freezer in the store where she had taken shelter; she was found with a pulse, but not breathing. Crushed..broken ribs on both sides..two broken vertebrae, concussion. Today she was laughing that quick burst of laughter so dear to hear. Had a lot to say about how she has rethought life; she never was one to take things for granted, but she just said, "My ribs hurt; big deal; I'm alive."

Just heard something on the news I had not thought of. As sick as I am about the BP destruction in the Gulf of Mexico, as much as I have listened to the repercussions (get pist at people making jokes about eating shrimp now while they still exist), I am a long way from the gulf. Didn't think about that in November, the day before freeze up on my lake and the loons leave, they will be headed for the gulf ...and be threatened. Minnesoda, my lake without loons is unthinkable. *sigh.

07-12-2010, 08:54 PM
Hi Overlord. Sorry about your few days of non-Beck behavior. I can totally relate. In part, it could have been me about 5+ years ago. For me, it was a matter of seeking the support of those I knew would support me and making the choice to stay away from the rest for a few months. For those I knew were supportive, I told them I'm not smoking anymore and asked them not to do it in front of me for a few months. They got it and supported me by smoking out of sight. So I didn't ask them not to, but to just not let me see it. For other habits that were not so easy for me to break, I just had to stay away from the influences completely. I'm not Ghandi. If you can't be out with those friends and not drink, then consider hanging out with other people for a while. Let the other people know you'd love to grab a coffee and chat but you're taking a break for now.

In the end, you still have to resist because the vices are always beckoning us. Exercise your resistance muscle, as Beck would say. Anyway, that was my experience. Now years later, most of those people are not my friends anymore anyway. Turns out vices were our most common and undesirable link. Now when I see them, they haven't changed and it's not too impressive.

Be positive and committed! I too need to have 5 days planned in advance. And that's an okay problem to have. Thanks for sharing your tribulations with us. It really helps all of us in some way. :D

07-12-2010, 09:00 PM
Super quick post, I have about 4 minutes, so I type fast but there may be some typos!

A couple days ago there was a mention about corn on the cob. Trust me, I loves me some fresh corn! I have allowed myself to have one ear a week this summer....there have been times that I ate 2 ears a dinner, at least 4 days a week! In fact when I was a child I became very ill with 'corn fuel poisoning' Corn really is a fuel, and when you get enough in your system you end up with a horrid fever, dehydration..oohh boy

Anyway this year I am going to have it without butter! I found a Mexican seasoning that I also eat on my fruit, it has citric acid, chili pepper and salt, it is wonderful on melon, cucumbers, and now my corn!

If you have a hispanic grocery store in your area you should try it, great prices on produce, especially fruit! ANYWAY

Corn on Cob
123 cals
2 grm fat
27 carbs
5 protien
386 Potassium
13 Magnesium
4 iron
4 fiber

The potassium, mag, iron and fiber are a huge bonus for me, as those are things I am always low in!

Oppps did not type fast enough, shall post more later

07-12-2010, 09:23 PM
Hello everyone!

It's been another really nice weekend. Rained at night and just during the morning. (I'm so's my message from last night I didn't get to post!)

Went to a local art festival Saturday with my mom, sister and my daughter, It was fun to ooh and ahh over all the beautiful creations. Worked in the yard some. Started a hasta (or is it hosta?) garden under some redpines. Now I just have to get some hastas!

Also, a friend of mine came by and took the dog kennel out of our yard. I got it free from someone a few years ago when we got our dog. She hated being in it and whimpered the whole time. We, not knowing what we wanted to do with it, just left it up. Because it was getting zero use, it was becoming rooted to it's location in the long grass. Now it's gone to a new home and I couldn't be happier.

:cheer2: CREDITS :cheer2:

• Plan my meals in advance
• Log calories :cheer2:
• Check-in :cheer2:
• Take my vitamins 2x a day :cheer2:
• Read response and advantages cards :cheer2:
• Weigh myself :cheer2:
• Eat sitting down : Mostly
• Exercise twice a day : Just once today + a little yard work
• Always have water/tea ready to drink :cheer2:
• Give myself credit :cheer2:

• Did lots of meal planning, recipe searches, etc. Have a hard time coming up with meals for the week. I need to make it simpler for myself.
• Tried a new lo-cal recipe. Grilled chicken & asparagus over wilted greens. It was pretty good.

Back at ya's:

Wow, everyone is doing so good! I'm back running out the door. Have a good night!


07-12-2010, 09:32 PM
seadwaters, CeeJay, AmberPR, and others: I love seeing your posts, with or without personals. Part of what makes our little community so vibrant is that variety. Please keep posting whether you have the time and energy for personals or not. Your posts are of value to all of us!

Thank you for that! I tend to try to be so perfect and when I can't, I procrastinate....It's a good reminder to also do what works for me on any given day.


07-12-2010, 11:40 PM
Hi All,
Got some more stuff done that I have time for, since I'm unemployed--applied for a passport, which I've been putting off. Stopped at the donut shop on the way back, ouch. I was feeling sad that I'd just mailed my release form to my former employer, saying I won't sue them for laying me off(if I don't sign, no severance pay)--the donut didn't really help, but it was hard to remember that ahead of time. . .

Did Zumba, credit. Tracked food, credit, and stayed under calorie goal, credit. Tomorrow I go to pick up our CSA veggies, and will be driving by the French bakery. I'm resisting even making a plan to avoid snacking--I'm tired, and old habits are very ingrained.

Beverlyjoy--sorry to hear another health issue has popped up. That sucks.

Amberpr--Credit for meal planning, and realizing you need to make it simpler for yourself. I have that barrier when planning--wanting to pick the "right" meals, as if I'm cheating if I find an easier way, when in fact it would just be kindness to myself.

07-13-2010, 01:46 AM
Coaches/Buddies, maybe eventually I’ll remember how painful it is to get caught up on the forums when I neglect to make time to post for a few days!

Went to the gym today to work out with my trainer. I finally got some sleep last night, which was a real relief and the first time in about six nights.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +2.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no, only once
Read Response Cards at least two times: no, only once
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, worked during lunch
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: only at lunch

AnneWonders, glad to see you are back.

AmberPr, glad you are taking your time with the program. I have a pretty full schedule too and really need to ruminate on how to really incorporate the Beck strategies into my life permanently. Great job on all of your credits yesterday.

BeverlyJoy, so sorry to hear you are continuing to feel anxious about your surgery. The long distance gardening cracks me up. Maybe you could set up teleconferencing with your plants. Three cheers for meditation!

BillBlueEyes, love community water fountains. They are so much fun. We had those in my neighborhood in St. Louis too. Too bad about the pork chop. Hydraulic cement is a new one to me. I’ll have to read about that sometime.

CeeJay, hugs to you to help build you back up. No worries! Just glad to see you post.

GardenerJoy, still loving seeing the 199 on your ticker. Also love the idea of an activity break after paperwork. Great job with the activity yesterday too. Your dream was pretty awesome. Its like dreaming in a foreign language!

Houston2Command, hugs to you for feeling like a failure! More hugs and then here are some more. We all struggle, every day. I try to work towards progress, not perfection. Wow! Hope yesterday went OK for you. You are tackeling a lot!

Lexxiss, great job on not picking up extra bites of food the other day. Thanks so much for posting the Roth quotes. Looks like I’ll be reading that one too soon.

Maryblu, hope your ankle heals up soon! Loved your osprey story. So glad you got to hear the music of your friend’s laughter. I hope your loons make it home safely.

Mikkijoe, ooooo! That corn seasoning sounds marvelous.

new2me2, congratulations on the great 415 workout! Also, I’m happy for you for the loss you didn’t expect. Good idea for moving the cards.

Nuxmaga, so sorry to hear about your job. That is always a hard shock to endure. Good for you for being sure to get out and talk with people. Knitting is a fabulous idea to keep my hands out of the snack bowl. Thanks! Bummer about the doughnut. How did the bakery passing-by go?

Overlord, have you considered nicotine patches? They would give you the ability to slowly taper down the nicotine concentration to make the withdrawal more tolerable.

ponee, so glad you recovered your horse. I would be frantic!

Seadwaters, congratulations on your new low, but sorry that it has continued to bounce around a bit.

Shepherdess, so happy to read your post. I know you will get things back in check in no time! I love gnocci too. Have you tried it with a pomodoro sauce? Independence Rock sounds neat. I’ll have to check that out on our epic trip we are planning to the west for 2012. I wish my thoughts about healthy eating strategies would permeate my brain as much as Chocolate Angel doughnuts do! Ugh!

Silverbirch, great idea to record your thoughts throughout your day. I’m going to think about doing that too. Thanks for sharing. Great job with spontaneous exercise!

Wendylan, hi and welcome to the group! Congratulations on your happy realization about your old response cards.

Woodland, hi! Thanks for posting the other day.

07-13-2010, 05:22 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Very busy pretty good. Last weekend we stopped by a yard sale and the bonus was free (pie) cherry picking. DH pitted them all and last night was my once a year, one helping of cherry dessert. It really isn't bad in calories, but I don't eat white sugar any more. It was very good and I had only one bite over my portioned serving*credit* and stopped. Mom had one serving and DH ate the rest. Whew! I credit Beck skills for a very sane attitude. Good news-my pup just got up and started walking yesterday. I am very grateful!

I guess I am up and I have lots to do before company starts arriving later today. (I get to go to the pool today, too Yippee!!)

Take care everyone!

07-13-2010, 06:05 AM
Hi Coaches

First afternoon back at work and it was nice to catch up with everyone. It will get serious soon! Work is a stimulating place to be / activity to be involved in. This morning I saw the surgeon for one year follow up and to check scans etc. And everything was OK. I am really good at repression and suppression so can ignore things but driving away I allowed myself to be a bit tearful so I must have been a bit apprehensive and a bit vulnerable - and it was obviously a relief! I saw the rheumatologist too - and he thinks I will need a knee replacement real soon now. This is sort of a major irritation but not an existential crisis so I will try and put it off. A girl can only take so much sick leave (but I still have another 45 weeks worth so that is reassuring to say the least). Food for first day at work was good and dinner was all planned so now I will go and get it ready

AnneWonders - Waving - hope you are doing well - sounds like you are off to a good start to the day

AmberPr - Grilled chicken and asparagus looks good! Great list of credits. I totally identify with your need to make it simpler and I spend ages looking for recipes when I don't need to. A while back we talked about having a list of a few go-to meals that you can rotate through and that made sense to me so that is what I have been doing. Same breakfast and basically the same lunch every day and a few (5-7) options for dinner to rotate through. It has made my life easier

BeverlyJoy - I'm really sorry about the new health concern - hope you can get on top of it. Hope the pre-op appointment went well and that your on plan day progressed as planned

BillBlueEyes - Very wise avoiding Trader Joe's - from a diet recipe type group I kibitz on they seem to have a wonderful variety a food (no doubt for sample FREE tastings!). I am very jealous - we don't have the population to have anything like this store or whole-foods - sigh. A cucumber glut - hmm-mm. Love with yoghurt, lots of garlic, salt, lemon juice and lots of mint. But sure your DW knows that one. Very tasty. Also really nice in Asian stir fry without the seeds. Your Aussie sounds like she was special - and yes - Aussies of the dog variety do tend to be very friendly

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope you manage to get organised for the influx! I can understand about the cherries - I have carefully measured my allocation the last few days - the US ones are irresistible at the moment and not too jet lagged!

Donna (new2me2) - Good planning for baked goods! Hope they materialised. Electronic response cards are good to handle

Futurefitchick - So glad you got some sleep - insomnia is just awful. Yay for trainers who push us to do our best. Great list of goals and credits

Gardenerjoy - I love the idea of dreaming about resisting food temptations - maybe it means that the precepts have filtered to the unconscious level and have become a part of your being! Wouldn't that be nice. Thanks for the explanation of the rainbow - I so want a Wii Fit. Maybe I can buy one instead of clothes with all my credits!

Houston2Command - Its lovely to "hear" your enthusiasm and excitement. I am a great believer in the BIG shop where you get everything stocked up (and on plan)

Maryblu - I am so depressed thinking of your ospreys going to the gulf - I hope the news I heard today that they might have capped it is true! I can't even look at the news of it as it is just too awful to be borne

Mikkijoe - Great to hear from you

Nuxmaga - Yay for staying under the calorie goal, and ouch for some off-plan eating. As they say to me - forgive yourself and move on

Onebyone - Are you out there - are you OK?

Overlord - Sounds like a spectacular couple of days - great to see you back. I am / have been a drug and alcohol specialist. This fact plus the fact that I stopped smoking myself when everyone thought I would be the last person smoking leads me to say that stopping smoking is really quite difficult (bit of an understatement). I know that things are different in the States to Australia but if available maybe the nicotine patches are useful for you - no gastrointestinal upsets etc. Or over here they are suggesting both the nicotine gum and the patches - go talk to someone. It is difficult and it will derail your weight loss. There is a HUGE grief response to not taking nicotine - at this point not smoking is the goal - the nicotine is a separate goal maybe. You seem all organised for the next few days - planning, planning and more planning. Great to see.

Wendylan - Great idea to work on the advantages cards. You sound really insightful and it is sensible to translate that insight into some diet action as you are doing
Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Wasn't thinking about it!
- Put down fork occasionally - sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 0.2 - 215.4 - $1
- Drank water - YES - not enough
- Exercise - No

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $6; Week = $18; Grand Total = $250 + $57

Working on - :running:
some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all

Have a good day Beckies

07-13-2010, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had cucumber spears with my lunch (in my man-salad), dipped cucumber slices into hummus for afternoon snack, and cucumber with basil vinaigrette with dinner. Did I mention that the cucumbers are arriving all-together? There's a CREDIT moi in there somewhere, LOL.

maryblu - We've had the same thoughts about our migrating birds headed toward the Gulf of Mexico. Big Ouch. Thanks for sharing your friend's attitude, "big deal; I'm alive." I like that.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Welcome home. I do love that "Glad I'm back" feeling after a vacation.

Wendy (wendylan) - Yep, "Why cant I be addicted to eating healthy and working out?" Maybe we should start HA - Healthy Anonymous - to give it credibility, LOL.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for leaving food on your plate at lunch.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for applying for your passport and other good uses of your newly available time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Working your Beck strategies in your dreams is taking it to the next level; you've arrived, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts as you juggle another health issue. And Kudos for "But - I got up and planned for a healthy day."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Super good news that "everything was OK."

silverbirch - Yay for "a very good quality chair for a good price" which must have been a joy to lug up to your flat just thinking about your bargain.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - The major secret to success, "...acknowledged the associated emotions and moved on." Love the notion of FREE cherry picking; Kudos for planning a portion and sticking to your plan.

Donna (new2me2) - LOL at "semi-planned" for a treat that might arrive.

Overlord - Yep, I, for one, can identify with the struggling to get it all under control. The best advice I know is to do what you've just done - look it all over, acknowledge what's happened, and make a plan for tomorrow. It's so tempting to hide from your Diet Coaches/Buddies when you're off track; glad you're back. My own experience is that losing is much easier without the alcohol.

Houston2Command - Neat planning by preparing foods for two weeks in advance. Hope your hunger experiment went well yesterday.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for Hostas - especially for that part of the garden that doesn't get enough sun. We have a dozen varieties next to our house in the deep shade; they thrive enough to need splitting about every other year. Kudos for a bunch of credits.

Mikkijoe - 'corn fuel poisoning' is a new one for me. Thanks for the reminder that corn has lots of Potassium and Magnesium. Smart move to plan one ear per week.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

These are some solutions dieters I've counseled use to help prevent gaining too much weight while they're away from home:

Exercise more. It will help counteract small amounts of overeating. You can either do formal exercise or take advantage of recreational activities that require a moderate to high expenditure of energy.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.

07-13-2010, 09:00 AM
Hi Folks,

I'm new to the Beck program and found you while looking for a diet coach online. I've been making my way through the pink book, in week 2 now, and have been making progress in some areas like recognizing sabotaging thoughts, but some things like eating slowly are harder for me.

I'm 58 yrs old, want to lose about 15 pounds. It's not a big number but I'm only 4'10" so it looks and feels like a lot! I've struggled with my weight all my life and kept it under control for many years with exercise. For the past 18 months I've had a hip problem and have had pain with almost all movement, sometimes bad and sometimes not so bad but always there. It was extremely depressing because I love exercise, movement and sports, and I moved less, ate more and gained weight.

Recently my hip has been improving, so now I need to get my eating and thinking in order :)

Credits for yesterday:
Stayed on plan
Planned exercise - yoga
Ate dinner more slowly
Walked 30 minutes after dinner

I've read some of this thread, will start trying to get to know y'all and post daily. Thanks in advance for your support!


07-13-2010, 10:00 AM
Good morning!!

Happy to report that yesterday was my 3rd entire day on plan!! Today I am away from home for 2 nights in hotels so major challenge, but I feel OK about that too.

I thought about my choice: either I work really hard at my new postition and eat away all the stress and find myself sad, worried and defeated OR I work really hard at my new postition but still make what I need to do the major priority (eat well, exercise). The key for me is planning and structure. So that's what I am concentrating on.

Credit yesterday for:

riding exercise bike 30 minutes
doing weights
eating on plan and healthy
planning the next 3 days in detail making room for exercise and healthy eating
packing up lunch for today
reading cards

Credit today for:

weighing in
eating a healthy breakfast
posting here.

Have a good day, will be checking back in on Thursday

07-13-2010, 10:31 AM
Hi Beck folks - just 'running' by - I need to take my mom to the doctor, etc.

I think my family doctor is not talented, uncommunicative, never pro-active and an uncaring person - I think she's an idiot. I have thought all of these things at different times over the last couple of years - and my appointment with her reinforced these thoughts again. (I got 'put' with her when my dr. left the practice) I never say things like this lightly or easily at all, ever. I won't go into detail what transpired with her- but, after discussing it with 5 friends, they agreed (I asked them to judge the situation objectively). But, I did the pre-op stuff and am addressing things I need to do to get ready for the surgery.

I have been thinking of changing family doctors for a while now - this is it for me.

Yesterday was not a good food day. I must turn it around today! So far so good.

rbp - Welcome - I am 58 too! Dr. Beck's techniques are a wonderful way to learn to have a healthy and sane relationship with food. I am so glad you posted.

Have a good day, friends/coaches.

07-13-2010, 11:37 AM
Good morning friends/coaches!

The maybe treat didn't come, lol. The store didn't have the gluten-free Bisquick, so no baking. That worked out well, lol.

I'm still struggling/warring with myself on trying to make the points fit with my plan, but I'm getting closer to just forgetting them (the points, lol). I keep saying that, but eventually it will be true, lol, so bear with me, please, lol. :o

I didn't quite meet my exercise goal for yesterday; by the time I got home I had a terrible stomach ache, so played around on the computer for a while to see if it got better. By the time I WAS better, it was getting pretty late, so I just did 45 minutes on Walk It Out at an easy pace. Today's goal is to do the WW Punch DVD or Zumba...if I'm feeling great, I'll do Zumba, if I have some problems I'll do the WW Punch beginner workout and Walk it Out.

I forgot to wear my new pedometer yesterday, but it would have been a GREAT day to have one! It was VERY busy at work, and a lot of it required that I walk to a printer farther away from me, and I had to make SEVERAL trips, but alas I forgot to wear it. SIGH, lol. I've got it on today though, and it may be just as busy judging by the two people who left work for me for today.

gardenerjoy LOL on your dream! Credit for practicing Beck even in your dreams! :D

Houston2Command Major CREDITs for all your pre-planning! Great job! You said "mentally, it gets to me more than if it were to just happen"...gosh, isn't that the truth! It's such a battle sometimes, but it IS really mostly in our head, lol.

silverbirch Your day out sounds fun and great find on that chair!

Overlord I think we must all have compulsions of one sort or another...and, that's probably why we're all here! Smoking and dieting are two HUGE life changes, so don't feel bad about having to pick your battles. I can certainly identify with what you've been through although my compulsions are different than yours. You've really got a great plan though, so major credit to you!

wendylan Yay for having met one of your previous goals!

maryblu I think a lot of people across the country don't think the spill affects them, but in one way or another it affects all of us. :(

Mikkijoe Um, your corn sounds wonderful!

AmberPr Yay on decluttering your yard! :)

Nuxmaga Ouch on the donut! You reminded me I haven't done Zumba in a while...I'm going to try for that today! :)

FutureFitChick Glad you were able to get some sleep!

Lexxiss Um, of my favorite fruits! I'm SOOO happy your pup is up and around!!! Great news!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Glad your first day back was good! Yuck on the knee replacement! You're reminded me that I have my cards on my I just need to remember to look at that, lol.

BillBlueEyes LOL on man-salad!

rbp (Randi) Hi! :welcome2: I'm 55 and my story is a little bit like yours. I had about 25 pounds to lose though, but struggled most of my life with it. Some health issues side-lined me from exercise for about 3 years, and I medicated with food, lol. The combo of no exercise and extra food did a number on my waistline! Glad your hip has been improving!

CeeJay YAY for 3 days on plan!!! Major credit! Very profound realization you came to!

Beverlyjoy Ug...doctors, lol. I've had to fire a couple but fortunately have now found a really great team! It took a while, but I've been very happy with them (and I've got a few, lol).

07-13-2010, 12:25 PM
I bought some more new clothes (on sale) that actually fit. Before long, I'll have enough to give away the majority of what's in my closet that's now two or three sizes too big!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +35 865/1800 minutes for July, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: good job with the once-a-year dessert! Hope all goes well with your company.

FutureFitChick: So glad you were able to work out with a trainer and got some sleep!

Nuxmaga: Ouch for the donut! Hope you find a way to avoid the French bakery and that the CSA box is good compensation!

AmberPR: yay for all the reasons to cheer! Your grilled chicken dish sounds lovely!

Mikkijoe: thanks for the corn-on-the-cob info. Potassium is a big deal for me, too, so it's nice to know that summer treat is getting me some!

Houston2Command: Interesting to realize that old friends were relationships built around vices that no longer work for you. Yay for all your prepping and freezing and packaging!

maryblu: yeah, I hadn't thought of that connection between the Minnesota lakes and the Gulf. So glad your friend injured in the tornado is able to laugh and enjoy a long conversation with you.

wendylan: exercise works for me, too, not an addiction but a very worthy substitute if I can get myself to just start -- and the more I do it, the easier it gets!

Overlord: sounds like you have a great plan for getting back on track! I've found it helpful to prioritize my vices. I wish I didn't play so many computer games, but it's better than overeating, so I allow it for myself. I definitely understand the need to keep something physically-addicting like nicotine going for awhile as you get other parts of your life under control.

Silverbirch: yay for a good day and all of your credits!

seadwaters: so glad that your first day back to work went well in so many ways including food. Bummer about the knee, but putting it off for awhile sounds good for now.

BillBlueEyes: yay for finding many ways to use cucumbers!

rbp: welcome!

CeeJay: yay for another good on-plan day and for thinking out how work and health can go together for you!

Beverlyjoy: good job recognizing that your family doctor isn't working for you -- that is such a difficult thing. Yay for making a plan to get back on track!

new2me2: hope you like your new pedometer! Walk It Out should add lots of steps!

07-13-2010, 12:50 PM
good morning! I was so excited for Day 1 that I woke up at 4 am. (diet dork). I wanted to do a workout dvd but I couldn't get the dang dvd player to work so I improvised with the punching bag and jump rope for as long as my lungs could handle it.

I know Beck is all about the 5 lb. increments but my mind is focused on 7-10. I keep thinking how awesome it is going to be when I am even 7 lbs less.

Gardenerjoy - congrats on the smaller clothes. feels good, I'm sure!
I have been trying a trick lately where I force myself to where clothes a little too snug and just a little uncomfortable (only on the weekends). It reminds me all day to be mindful of eating and I get to look forward to these clothes hanging loosely on me.

many credits to myself for getting to Day 15 - first diet day. I am thinking and eating like a thin person!

07-13-2010, 01:52 PM
Still waiting for my book, oh how that UPS man takes his time! I think they will come today though. Tonight I will lock myself in my room and READ, and Tuesday night is the only night I have things I like to watch on TV, but I have better things to do tonight!
Proud of myself for turning down treats lateley, and the one treat I have allowed myself (Lime Slushie from Sonic) I have gone to the small size. Also giving myself credit for eating lunch and breakfast, two things that I struggle with while at work, and it one of the key elements in my metabolism issues! I know what I know, but I dont do what I know I need to do!

Gardenjoy Its such a blessing to give clothing away! How exciting to be able to help someone else out. I am thankful you posted about Walking It Out, I was not aware there was a program like this and I am going to look for it.

new2me2 How exciting to see you ticker on the half way mark, that has to be a huge pat on the back for you

Beverlyjoy Praying for peace of mind and trust in the medical professionals while you have your surgery!

CeeJay 3rd day on plan --GREAT success! I like your attitude about taking on the challenge of being away from home

rbp Sorry to hear about your hip pain. my husb dealt in horrible hip pain for over 2 years, to the point of walking with a cane at the age of 54. He fell 3 months ago and ended up having a hip replacement because they discovered his hip was riddled with arthritis--just one side. But the reason I tell you this is a couple months before he fell he finally started to get some relief from the pain, because he quit all artificial sweetners--no lie. He used to drink 4-5 diet pepsi's a day, and the asparatame was a poisoning to him. It effected the way his brain received pain, once he got it out of his system his pain level went from a 7-8 out of 10, to a 4-5.....just thought I would share that, dont know if you use alot of artificial sweetners or not, but it is worth a try.

BillBlueEyes I wanted to thank you for you dedication and leadership to this post! I know you will be of great assistance and encouragment to me in this upcoming journey

Seadwaters Love your credit system, I might 'borrow' that idea

Debbie R Such good news about the pup, I am sure that takes a load of worry and stress off of you!

Futurefitchick Great job on getting some sleep, it is very interesting to me to read articles about the huge benefits of getting 7-8 hours of sleep while trying to lose weight

Nuxmaga I am thinking about looking into CSA -- I dont know if they offer it in my area, I am in central Washington, where there is ton of produce

AmberPr Perfection is over rated--ever met someone who is perfect?

Wendylyn 20 pounds to go YEE HAW

Overlord Nicotine is so hard to kick, keep in mind it is a 2 part addiction. One is the drug itself, but the worst is the physical habit. The drug you can get out of you system in a week or so, but the physical habit takes alot longer. Its SO not easy!

Silverbird great credits, keep up the great momentum

Houston I too am excited to get started, love your comment about "going to the gym to face it" That IT is a huge scarey monster for me

Have a great day all!

07-13-2010, 06:15 PM
Dear friends and coaches

Some good achievements today. I am tired now.

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: Y

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: PPNNY

Formal exercise: Y
20 mins yoga

Informal exercise: Y
About an hour walking round the shoreline & a small island.

Give credit: YYY
* flexible in adversity (needed to get to work, had to wait for freezer to get down to temp to reload after defrosting)
* did not develop full blown migraine working on annual accounts with the DB. (I cannot multi-task to save my life.)
* flexible enough just to set up a skype account for a business call tomorrow. (Yes, it's easy but I've never skyped** and see my multi-tasking point above.)

** Reminds me of the joke about Rudyard Kipling (who wrote the Just So stories, the Jungle Book and much more)
Q: Do you like Kipling?
A: I don't know, I've never kippled!

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Bill - we live in a little house. Go along the lane, up the track and then along the path. It's the one at the end, with fields on three sides and lavender in the front garden.

Beverleyjoy - your doctor must be a nitwit for you to be so forthright. You strike me as someone who gives the benefit of the doubt. Change doctors. You deserve the best, not someone you were just allocated. :hug:

07-13-2010, 09:10 PM
I did manage to continue to resist the doughnuts on Sunday. Thanks BillBE for the reminder that they are probably cooked in lard. I’ll remember that next time. I did have to leave the house to get a salad. I had already planned to have one and it worked out nicely as a distraction. I’ve been working that resistance muscle pretty hard for a few days. I’m still trying to figure out how to fuel all the miles I’m running.

I went for a run this AM with my Jen dog. I had a hard time getting out of bed and didn’t feel much like running. I did it anyways, so credit for that. As always, it feels good once I’m up and out. I read awhile back that when training for a marathon, you not only have to schedule time for the extra miles you’re running, you also need to schedule extra time for sleep. I thought that didn’t apply to me, but apparently it does. It turns out I’m human after all.

I made the front cover of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup. It’s a small circulation, but I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t think you can read the article from their web page, but you can see some pictures of me and my sheep:

New2me2, sounds like the WW plan is working well for you. It’ll take some practice, but you’ll eventually figure out how to juggle the point system and the Beck plan. Yay for a day at work that keeps you active.

Beverlyjoy, I love your card about striving to live sanely with food. I may have to steal that one. Sorry about a new health problem cropping up and the stress eating that followed. And sorry about the frustrations with your Dr. Best of luck finding a new one. Great job putting the stress eating behind you and recommitting to your plan.

SilverBirch, I love your new posting plan. It’s great to see you here. Looks like you are earning lots of credits—especially walking for 3 hrs while your car is getting service!

Maryblu, LOL that you have passions not hobbies. I would say 8 hrs of garden not-work is more than a casual gardener. If you’ve finished working on yours, maybe you can come by here and help me get mine under control.

CeeJay, congrats on 3 days OP! I love the reminder that staying OP is a choice and the consequences of going off plan are too severe. Best of luck on 2 days in a hotel.

Nuxmaga, great idea to use knitting to avoid snacking while watching the World Cup. Ouch for the stop at the donut shop, but kudos for identifying the problem and for making a plan to avoid another possible pastry mishap.

Seadwaters, yay for a good 1 year check-up. Hugs for feeling vulnerable. It sounds like you have a great plan to keep up those water work-outs you have come to love. You’ll figure out how to fit in the weights as well. Finding a balance is life-long pursuit.

BillBE, yay for all those cucumbers! It’s such a great summer treat. I have not had much luck growing cucumbers—not sure my problem. I can grow winter squash like nobody’s business. I’m appreciating your daily Beck quotes on travel. We’re planning a trip soon and it’s a helpful reminder that I need to figure this stuff out before we leave.

Lexxiss, great job hanging in there while your life is busy. Kudos for identifying the problems that bring on unplanned eating and taking steps to avoid it in the future.

AnneWonders, glad you had a good vacation and returned home safely. Best of luck getting back to that routine.

Gardenerjoy, LOL at resisting candy in your dreams. Yay for Beck permeating your unconscious. Congrats on a closet full of clothes that don’t fit! Great job racking up all those exercise minutes. Your July goal is going to be a breeze!

Houston2Command, LOL at waking up at 4 because your so excited to start your diet. You’re like a kid at Christmas. I love the enthusiasm. Yay for “thinking and eating like a thin person!”

Overlord, I think you’re smart to recognize that you can’t tackle all these problems at once. These are all big changes and it can be a bit overwhelming to face them all that the same time. I once read a column that suggested making one change at a time and keeping it up for 2 weeks to a month before making the next change. It can be frustrating to go so slowly, but it’s better to ensure that each change will stick for the long haul.

Wendylan, congrats on being able to walk into a store and pick up “regular size” clothes! Thanks for the reminder to “suck it up. . .” It is true that we all have our challenges and we can either face them and deal with it or we can let them get the better of us.

Mikkijo, I had never hear of “corn fuel poisoning,” but it just goes to show you that too much of anything can be toxic. Distance runners are warned of “hypotremia” which is water toxicity. Thanks for the tip about the Mexican seasoning. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. It sounds great. Hope your book arrives soon!

AmberPr, great job doing all the planning for the week. It’s so much easier to stay on track when everything is well-planned (says the girl who is having a hard time planning). The longer you stick with your plan, the simpler it becomes. I have a number of meals that I know will work, I know what I need at the store and I can make them without thinking.

FutureFitChick, yay for getting sleep. It is interesting how much easier it is to eat well when I’m getting enough sleep. We live in a society that doesn’t properly value sleep and sees it as wasted time. Kudos for keeping up with your gym workouts.

Welcome rbp! Glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you. You’re right that 15 lbs on a smaller person can be a lot. It’s a struggle no matter the number. Ouch for the hip pain. It’s frustrating to be sidelined when you’re used to being active.

07-13-2010, 10:05 PM
Shepherdess, wow very cool. Front cover star! You look great!
dump the doughnuts! You're better than them! :dust:

I am looking forward to tomorrow as much as today. :hyper: And with no guilty acts today, I can't wait to step on that scale. (don't worry my expectations are reasonable).

I give myself credit for talking myself out of every sabotaging thought today. As excited as I am, I really did not expect a single one. But they are just looming around stinking up the place looking for a crevice to come out and get me. :devil: Today my resistance muscle said NO.

wrote down every bite - credit!

now, i just need me and my daughter to be done with these chest colds!!!

a manana, becksters

07-13-2010, 10:35 PM
Hi All,
I drove right past the French bakery--yay! I need to plan ahead in the future--I would've much rather had the French pastry than the doughnut I had yesterday. Went to the gym to walk, credit. Tracked food, credit, and stayed under calorie goal, credit. dh and I are in frugal mode with my job loss, and it's kind of scary to think of all the money that was going into snacking.

Shepherdess--what a cool front page story! Those coated sheep are just too cute. You look at ease.

Beverlyjoy--I'm sorry your family doctor is deficient in so many important human skills. I'm glad you are able to focus on what you need to get done to get your surgery. I worked with doctors at my job, and the variations in ability to relate as a human being were huge.

07-13-2010, 11:57 PM
Hello everyone!

Good news! We already filled the sales position that came open late last week. Funny how that happens. I'm feeling pretty blessed.:cloud9:

I haven't been staying completly on my written plan, but I have been staying within my calories, so I'm feeling pretty good. The scale hasn't been very reflective for the past week or so-- keeps jumping around from 205 to 208-- I'm pretty sure it's salt., but it's irritating!


Overlord: I cut down my alcohol consumption about 2 years ago. From 2-3 bottles a week, to maybe a couple glasses a month. I know that contributed to my first 40 pound loss. I felt better, walked more, wasn't consuming all those extra calories--- I don't even really miss it too much.

Seadwaters: So glad things went well at your check up!

Rbp: Hi Randi! Glad you are here!

CeeJay: Wow! 3 days! That is so awesome.

Beverlyjoy: Congratulations for the clarity and conviction to change your doctor.

New2me2: I hate those cruddy days, but you get major credit for pushing through it and doing your exercise!

Gardenerjoy: I love new clothes. I just got rid of my last size, after having kept that off for a few years. It's really hard to get rid of them because 1) I wonder if I'll need them again and 2) because I spent good $ on them and I hate to just "give" them away...and I'm too lazy to iron the up, take a picture and sell them on ebay.

Mikkijoe: Great job making the small changes! And your right, the only perfect person I know is the one I "think" I need to be. I'm so much better than I was, but it's funny how it pops back up again.

Silverbirch: Great list of credits

Shepherdess: That's so cool that you made the front page! (You look great BTW)

Houston: Sounds like you had an awesome day! Hope you feel better and that the scale is good to you.

Nuxmaga: Great job passing up the pastries!

:cheer2: CREDITS
• Plan my meals in advance : mostly
• Log calories : yep
• Check-in : yep
• Take my vitamins 2x a day: yep
• Read response and advantages cards : nope
• Weigh myself : yep:
• Eat sitting down : yep
• Exercise twice a day : yep
• Always have water/tea ready to drink: nope
• Give myself credit

:cheer2: :cheer2:Extra Credits:

Mixing Stevia in with my honey for breakfast and getting use to it.
Stayed out of both my husbands ice-cream and my daughters cookies.
Haven't felt like a need more after I have a snack. Was really surprised when I had a 100 calorie Yoplait choc/raspberry, enjoyed it and felt it was enough.
Chose a salad for lunch even when my date was ordering a chocolate shake.
Not giving up even when the scale wont budge.

07-14-2010, 12:07 AM
'Lo, Beckies,

I continue to be grateful for, but amazed by all of you who can do personals and never miss a person! Even our new Beckies can do it. The fact that BillBE can do it doesn't surprise me; I just expect it (no pressure there!), but am very much in awe of all of my dear Beckies who do. It just seems like too much pressure for me, being sure I don't miss anyone. That said, I try to "cherry pick" the themes that really speak to me for the day.

Beverlyjoy, I just had a great experience today with my neurologist, who correctly diagnosed my dizziness. It *is due to the fall 3 weeks ago when I sprained my ankle and focused on that. I am sure he is correct that I dislodged a bit of calcium one of the cilia in my inner ear canal; it is floating around and making me dizzy. We all deserve the correct diagnosis and treatment, not a best guess, and certainly not a best guess delivered with *attitude. The good news is, it can be treated with physical therapy, not a drug. We also went over the lab results of my physical. He was laughing, shaking his head, saying, " I wish these were my numbers". Triglycerides 46..Cholesterol..good to bad ratio 2 to 1..that is unheard of...I will share with my Beckies what I told him; it is the fish oil supplements. My cholesterol was troublesome until 10 yrs. ago when I started fish oil supplements. I take 2000 mg. daily, but do alotta salmon and tuna and fresh caught fish as well.

Ceejay, sista, glad you are consoled with 2(!) nights of Neil Young. I am getting my solace for the S and G cancellation by getting to see Duke Robillard late in July. I have followed his website, and he is such an east coast boy..this is the farthest west I have ever known him to be..and only 60 miles from me: I am *so THERE!!!!

Shepherdess,thanks for sharing this part of your extraordinary life with us! Way cool.

Houston2command..way cool for annihilating every sabataging are so in the zone!

To all my dear Beckies. last night was one of *those Minnesoda lakes summer nights..I woke up at 2:30 and had to shut off my satellite blues channel to listen to the loons ..they were just irrationally exuberant...not sure what it all means, but it was as if they were trying to tell me they would be alright. *sigh, I hope that is true, and that it is all going to be alright for all the wildlife (including humans)

07-14-2010, 01:09 AM
Thanks for all the words of support. On track, fighting the good fight!

07-14-2010, 05:07 AM
Well, the day started pretty good, but made a left turn into awful somewhere along the line.

I'm getting back on track starting now.


07-14-2010, 05:27 AM
Hi Coaches

Thinking about it the most significant thing about yesterday with seeing doctors and going back to work in the afternoon etc was that I stayed on plan. If I hadn’t had a plan or a list of meals I would have eaten anything. I even planned what/where I would eat between doctors - or I would have eaten all those delicious looking things I saw everywhere. And I would have gotten celebratory take-away on the way home last night instead of my defrosted precooked food. So credit to me for making and following all these plans: I hope I keep it up. I think sometimes it is easier to stay on-plan with the big things and that it is the little things that come up and ambush me - overtired, bit rushed and stressed, and distracted are all dangerous states.

I passed up chocolate biscuits at lunch time and felt good about it. Have not snacked on any junk food for the last few nights - only healthy snacks

AnneWonders - Waving - hope you take a right turn out of awful soon. Sending encouraging thoughts

AmberPr - Credit for controlling those calories. It is difficult when the scale jumps around to just treat it as information - but you can do it!

BeverlyJoy - Sounds like changing doctors could be a plan. It is difficult where I live to find a new one - not sure how that will be for you

BillBlueEyes - Sounds like a great cucumber-centric day

CeeJay - That’s great - 3 days on plan. You say it all when you say the key for you is planning and structure

Donna (new2me2) - Hope the stomach feels better and you feel up to Zumba (which is fun!)

Gardenerjoy - Yay for new clothes - and yay for having a bunch of them that are too large. This is real progress

Houston2Command - LOL diet dork. Yay for thinking and eating like a thin person: Credit for “no guilty acts” and for defeating sabotaging thoughts
Maryblu - Great health results - hope the inner ear issue resolves. I started to take fish oil recently for arthritis and took the 4000mg twice a day that they recommended. I didn’t realise you are supposed to work up to that dose. The heartburn was incredible!

Mikkijoe - Oh - no book yet! Credit for planning and eating your meals to fix identified problems with your metabolism. Yay for passing up treats and exercising your restraint muscle

Nuxmaga - Credit for an on-plan and restrained day

Overlord - Great to hear you are on-track and fighting the good fight - credit

Rbp - Welcome Nice to meet you - I am 59! I can relate to having problems with exercise and it sounds like you have been having a struggle. This is a good place to be to get all sorts of support and ideas

Shepherdess - I looked at the magazine and read what I could of the article - now I have a face to connect to your posts! I remember the first time I saw sheep in “raincoats” here we all fell about. They were in bright yellow or blue slickers - looked great. Now I even know why they have them on! Yay for “didn’t feel much like running. I did it anyways”. Enjoy your extra sleep if you can

SilverBirch - I like the way you log your credits and the frequency of activities.

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Nope
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - None - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - more or less
- Put down fork occasionally - yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - same - 215.4 - $1
- Drank water - YES - not enough
- Exercise - No

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $23

Working on - :running:
some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all

Have a good day Beckies

07-14-2010, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had gazpacho for dinner again last night, CREDIT moi. Get used to hearing this from me; The cucumbers just keep coming.

Nice walk (CREDIT moi) and then a short bike ride to an event at the local park. Got to observe the obvious: when you're out and about, there's less time for eating at home.

Irrationally Exuberant (maryblu) - It's not just the loons on the water, LOL.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Thanks for the demo, "starting now" instead of the more common, starting tomorrow.

FutureFitChick - Waving. Thought of you after I gave a pint of blood yesterday and tried to visualize a zillion cells working to make new blood. Wondered where they'd get the iron to do it.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Great job driving past that French bakery. Yep, when I started my journey, I noticed that I had been spending about $10 a day on snack stuff - that adds up.

CeeJay - Kudos for the third day on plan. Yep, "The key for me is planning and structure" sounds like a winning approach.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for an emerging new wardrobe. When do you pass on the clothes that are "two or three sizes too big" ?

Shepherdess - Cool photos - both you and your bum lambs look great. Hope this publicity helps your wool business. Kudos for all your resistance muscle work - you have been doing a lot of that lately.

Beverlyjoy - You do seem clear about your doctor. I know it's difficult to choose a new doctor, but good luck in your search; you deserve to feel respected and treated.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for "stayed on plan" - interesting that it's the little things that lie in wait to grab you. Good job on the chocolate biscuits at lunch - those would have tempted me.

silverbirch - Love the description of your house surrounded by fields and lavender. Yay for being "flexible in adversity."

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for keeping at the struggle between points and your plan until you get a plan that fits you. It's worth the effort.

Overlord - Can't do better than on track.

Houston2Command - A punching bag is pretty good improvisation for 4am, LOL. Monster Kudos for recognizing about yourself, "I am thinking and eating like a thin person!" Vivid image of Sabotaging Thoughts there, "looming around stinking up the place looking for a crevice to come out and get me."

Amber (AmberPr) - Congrats for so promptly filling your sales position; hope the new hire works out. Special Kudos for "Stayed out of both my husbands ice-cream and my daughters cookies."

Mikkijoe - Hope that UPS delivers your Beck book so you can get to reading. I'm a big fan of supporting my local bookstores, but, alas, am also addicted to one clicking at Amazon. Thanks for you kind words.

Randi (rbp) - Yep, bumping up against that old eating slowly is a surprise. Kudos for making progress on Sabotaging Thoughts - the number of them each day caught me by surprise, also.

Ouch for that hip - but here at the Beck Health and Convalescence Thread, a lot of recovery from physical stuff going on; you're at the right place.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

These are some solutions dieters I've counseled use to help prevent gaining too much weight while they're away from home:

. . .
Eat brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. If you sleep later than usual, combining these two meals will allow you to eat a larger meal in one sitting.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.

07-14-2010, 07:10 AM
:welcome: Randi (rbp) :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

Neat that you were able to find this Beck Forum by looking about on-line.

How did you find out about the Beck books themselves?

07-14-2010, 07:16 AM
Hi folks - despite a very stressful day yesterday - I managed to stay in my calorie range. It's a wonderful miracle...I am grateful. Many foods were avoided by my dousing them with the trusty liquid dish soap. LOL (dh's potato chips, tortilla chips and a small piece of banana bread) Better in the trash than in me.

I am dealing with my health concerns the best I can. Day by day - everything will be figured out one way or the other.

Thanks to you all for being supportive of my health thoughts and concerns. I don't say these things easily or lightly.

Today I will aim for another good day.

I'll try to be back later.

07-14-2010, 09:29 AM
Good morning everyone and thanks for the warm welcome :) Yesterday was good, credit to me for staying on plan. It was more challenging because my husband was doing an afternoon/evening volunteer thing so I ate dinner alone. I have a history of eating badly when he does that (the "if nobody sees me eat bad stuff it doesn't count" syndrome), and I had to use a lot of mental effort to stay on plan. Credit for taking a longer walk (40 min) and stretching afterwards.

I'm seriously thinking that the hip pain and body aches that have been plaguing me for so long may be related to gluten sensitivity. I haven't had wheat for 3 days and my hip is feeling better than it has in 18 months. This is after several doctors, x-rays, MRI, blood tests, and the only thing they could find was mild arthritis which shouldn't be causing the kind of pain I've been having. A chiropractor helped some, but the effect of the no-wheat has been immediate and startling - I feel like a new person! I'm hoping it persists, and if it does I'll try having a slice of bread somewhere down the road to see if the pain comes back.

Like maryblu, I'm going to "cherry pick" my responses, too. I'd like to thank everyone who welcomed me and will try to respond individually to everyone at least once every few days. I'm afraid that if try to do everyone every day I'm going to burn out and stop posting!

BillBlueEyes - I also heard about the Beck books online, I'm not sure where but probably in a fitness forum. I read them last spring but wasn't ready to start till now.

Mikkijoe Thanks for the aspartame info. I used to be a diet coke addict, had to have one every afternoon. Then I stopped cold turkey several years ago, so that's not the culprit. See above, though - maybe for me it's gluten rather than aspartame!

Beverlyjoy - It's hard to accept that someone we trust with our health isn't worthy of that trust. I hope you can find a better doctor soon.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - New clothes - yeah! Congrats on losing all those sizes.

Kudos to those others who resisted temptations and stayed on plan!


07-14-2010, 10:44 AM
I'm already half way through my exercise for the month!

WI: -0.5kg(new low), Exercise: +60 925/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Houston2Command: yay for Day 15! How exciting! Good job with your sabotaging thoughts!

Mikkijoe: Hope you got the book!

silverbirch: good job with your flexibility--hope your skype call goes well!

Shepherdess: cool to see you and your sheep!

Nuxmaga: good job passing the French bakery!

AmberPr: so glad you got your employee situation worked out!

maryblu: I'm glad you got a correct diagnosis for your dizziness and a treatment plan you can live with

Overlord: yay for being on track!

AnneWonders: hope today is better for you

seadwaters: good job staying on plan, and appreciating that you have one.

BillBlueEyes: way to go biking to an event -- that's a wonderful habit to have. I'm going to start packing up the too large clothes as they come out of the laundry this week, and out of the closet over the weekend. I need more space to see the clothes that fit!

Beverlyjoy: so glad that you are finding your path to stay under calories during a stressful time.

rbp: good job staying on plan even when you're alone -- I have that invisibility syndrome, too. It took several months to stop having the knee jerk reaction that I should treat myself just because I was alone. But, I just realized, that I didn't even think about it yesterday when I was alone for about 3 hours. My new normal is exercise and food prep, but not eating.

07-14-2010, 11:11 AM
Wow,this thread is really active.I am working on day 2 in the piink book,to choose a diet and #2 plan.I am going to give the Beck diet for life a try,in the green book.Back up is a exchange 1600 cal diet.I know I am just getting started again,I got frustrated last night,I am still trying to get unpacked.I delayed dinner to get more work done and then my mother visited with brownies,I was starved and ate 2 brownies,then dinner.Should have stopped there but continued on to eat candy I had purchased awhile ago for "emergencies".Know what I did wrong,delayed dinner and let myself get too hungry and suseptible.Better day today.I will check back in later and do some more personal messages,last day of my unpacking vacation,lots to do.Wendy

07-14-2010, 11:37 AM
Well, my stomach decided to quiet down a bit, so I felt I would be able to do the beginner's workout off the WW Punch DVD. So I did. :) No Walk It Out though.

Other than that, it was a busy, busy day at work and I found myself a couple of times wanting to eat the candy I have out on my counter, but resisted fortunately. It's funny because I haven't had that "I have to have one now" thing for a while. It was pure stress that drove that desire, so I'm thankful to Beck for helping me see that for what it was, lol. Doesn't take the desire away, but it helps to resist it a bit. The other thing that helps, of course, is the planned piece on my way home...knowing that I CAN have it and WILL have it, but in moderation is very helpful. :D Forced portion control is a wonderful thing. :D

The other thing that was "eye-opening" yesterday was the pedometer. For all the running around I did at work, by the time I left, I still hadn't walked a mile, lol. I think at times I tend to over-estimate just how much activity I get. :o

gardenerjoy YAY!!! New clothes and on sale and that fit!!! YAY!!! And major credit for being half-way through your exercise goal!

Houston2Command Yay for diet dorks, lol!!! :D Most excellent backup exercise plan!!! And, WOW, on talking yourself out of sabotaging thoughts!

Mikkijoe Excellent list of credits!!!

silverbirch Yay for achievements that make you tired! :D

Shepherdess Major credit for resisting the doughnuts! Congratulations on your front cover!!! Very nice!

Nuxmaga Yay for driving past the bakery and for realizing that sometimes there are trade-offs when you want something.

AmberPr Yay on filling the sales position!!

maryblu re the personals...I do a multi-quote thing for every post, then just go down the list and respond. I'd never be able to remember everything if I didn't do it that way. But, it's WAY more important for you to post than to try to respond to everyone! :)

AnneWonders Ouch for the wrong will be a better day!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Major credit for staying on plan through all that!!

Overlord I'll second that yay for on track!

BillBlueEyes LOL!

Beverlyjoy Yay for miracles! :D

rbp The hip pain could very well be a gluten intolerance. Before I found out about my Celiac Disease, I had bad pain in my soon as I cut out gluten that went away and I haven't had it in the 5 years I've been gluten free. I also did all the x-rays, MRI, etc. Ditto what I said to's way more important to post than to try to respond to everyone! Do what you are comfortable with. :)

wendy Yay for seeing where you went wrong and making a plan to fix it!

07-14-2010, 12:19 PM
Just thought I would say hi. I ordered the Pink Beck book and the workbook. They should be here today. I'm excited. ^_^

07-14-2010, 12:30 PM
My post from yesterday seems to have disappeared, so here it is again.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010:

Coaches/Buddies, thanks for all of your support. You all continue to inspire me to keep moving forward even though I wish I could run through this journey faster than my current life will allow!

My food routine has been upended with getting in more time for work/research. Maybe someday I will let myself feel like I have time for doing both well! But for now, the time tug-of-war continues.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: totally forgot about weighing!
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast while working
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yese
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: not yet
Left food on my plate: no

BeverlyJoy, maybe your doctor is contributing to your surgery anxiety. Is it possible to change doctors to someone you feel more comfortable with?

BillBlueEyes, man-salads are funny!

CeeJay, hugs to you and glad you are checking in with yourself regarding your feelings.

GardenerJoy, glad you were able to get new clothes. That is terrific!

Lexxiss, don’t forget to take care of you!

new2me2, great job getting in activity, even when you felt less than great.

Rbp, welcome to the group! You sound as though you have solid motivation.

Seadwaters, really glad to hear about your great results with the doctor. Sorry to hear about the knee though.

07-14-2010, 12:58 PM
Hello Hello!

Know what strikes me as funny today? As I read people lists of credits I dont really cringe at anything BUT taking a daily vitamin...seriously! Why oh why would that hang me up and make me question if I can do this? LOL My thought process is really wacked some times! And tomorrow I am going to go get vitamins, I know I have several bottles at home, I buy them like once a year! And usually take them 2-3 times and then quit.

Well my book came yesterday, and I am on page 60 or so already, which puts me up to Day 1.....TODAY! I will say the book caused me to get hypothermia! I decided to take a bath while I read, and I got so into the book that an hour later I was shivering and thought I would die....and of course the AC is on in the house and set at 68 that just added to my ice cube state! But I went outside and sat on the porch for a bit, 9pm and it was still 85 degrees......needless to say I did live!

I also ordered the Walk It Out game for my Wii, and that will be here tomorrow. Everything I plan to buy lateley my town does not have in stock anywhere, boy that is frustrating, but the lack of instant gratification makes me really consider if I need it or not before I pay for shipping!

Maryblu---Today will be personals that are cherry picked for me too! too much to do, and I am at work right now

gardenjoy--great job on half way mark yet it is just the 14th...I believe "stinkin thinkin" would have many of us postpone until the later part of the month and have to play catch up! Great job on being on the ball!

rbp--interesting about how food types or chemicals can have such a drastic effect on pain levels. Pretty sad to think of all the people who take so much pain medication that could possibly eliminate all that toxic crud simply by identifying these things

AmberPR--good news on finding a new sales person, that is a tough job to fill, I am in HR, and I staff for various types of companies. Sales is one of the hardest to find!

Well...good day to ALL, have to get some work done!

07-14-2010, 01:01 PM
Coaches/Buddies, feeling bummed that I some how messed up my post yesterday. Yesterday I found myself giving my St. Bernard encouragement to resist the cat food bowl I placed in a new room yesterday. It made me laugh out loud and then I told her she needed to do the same for me. I only got back a blank stare though.

Went to the gym this morning and my shoulders are ouchie! Have had a very productive couple of days and I hope that continues.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -2 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: ate a peach standing, but I noticed every bite (I had just gotten to work and didn’t want to look like I was taking a break already), ate breakfast roll up in the car on way to gym
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: at lunch only

AmberPr, great job with all of the credits and extra credits!

AnneWonders, here’s hoping today stays on the happy path all day long!

BeverlyJoy, great job with the Super Suds!

BillBlueEyes, great observation about not eating because you are not home.

GardenerJoy, look at you, Hot Stuff, with those big exercise minutes on only the 14th!

Houston2Command, great job improvising when the DVD player didn’t work. And congratulations on a successful first diet day. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Sometimes I really get stuck in diet drudgery.

Maryblu, glad you had a successful neurologist appointment. I am meeting with on for the first time next week, as I’ve continued to have new and annoying headaches since May and am concerned they are related to my fall in March. So glad you are OK & intrigued the fix is with PT.

Mikkijoe, yes, sleep is super important for successful weight loss and memory too. Both things I not surprising have struggled with forever. Yes, acting out the plan is hard for me too. We’ll have to keep being accountable to the group.

MutableParadox, welcome to the group! This is a really fantastic bunch of people and I’m glad you are here.

new2me2, interesting realization about the pedometer. Glad you were able to resist candy. If you’re going to put it out for others, can you get a kind that you don’t like very much?

Nuxmaga, I am inspired by your French bakery resistance and plan to do the same at the farmer’s market today when I pick up my CSA.

Overlord, really glad to hear you are on track.

rdp, it’s such a shame so much of our mental effort has to go towards resistance. I wish it could be easier! Glad you’ve found a potential explanation for your pain and hope you have continued success combating it.

Seadwaters, sounds like a perfect 10.0 for your plan execution yesterday!

Shepherdess, great job on getting in your run. You look terrific. I loved seeing your sheep.

Silverbirch, your home sounds idyllic! I can smell the flowers from your description!

WendyLan, good job for recognizing where you went wrong and I hope today is better for you.

07-14-2010, 01:33 PM
Hello, I began reading the Beck Diet solution recently. I felt I know a LOT about diet, what to eat, how to eat, exercise. I read and study nutrition information constantly. I finally figured out I need to learn to change my mind to change my diet. So, I did some research bought a couple books that were not what I was looking for at all. Then, found Beck Diet Solution. I am really excited about this book.

You may have guessed, I am on the chapter where I need a Diet Coach. I am hoping to find one in real life, but it will take some thought. Until then, I wanted to join your group.

Is it OK to just jump in like this? Let me know if there is an initiation that takes place ;) I have read lots of post and find it very interesting.

Thanks, Alma

07-14-2010, 01:48 PM
Hi becksters.....I am home now and have some, I'll try to get in some personals.

So far today is going well...I was driving home from an errands saying to meself over and over...."Food does not take away will not take away stress....." And...I was able to pass by that McDonalds I thought was calling my name. CREDIT!

Alma - WELCOME - so glad you posted. Lots of folks use this daily chat thread as a coach. Some folks use this thread as a coach along with a separate coach, too.

Futurefitchick - glad you got your workout in - hope your shoulder feels better. Wow…so many credits- wonderful! Yes, I am going to change doctors - I really can’t do it at this time. But, I will as soon as I can. Thanks.

Mikkjo - so glad your books arrived. Sounds like you are getting the idea of how it goes. It’s a process - but, a worthwhile one.

mutable paradox - so glad you posted. Glad you books are on the way.

New2m2 - it’s so wonderful when a Beckism just pops into your brain and helps you to walk away from candy!

Wendylan - good to hear you are choosing a diet to follow. Those brownies are hard to walk away from. As you go forward with Beck you’ll learn all kinds of way to keep your food home environment easier to live in.

Gardernerjoy - Credit for rockin’ all that excerise!!!

I thought I'd have time for more.....

07-14-2010, 06:46 PM
Dear All

Good to see you all, old and new alike. And :welcome3: to all new.

A good day but I need more formal exercise. (I've been i/c the DB solo so my usual gymn visit hasn't been possible.)

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: YYY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: Y??YY

Formal exercise: N

Informal exercise: Y
3/4 hour walking coast & woodland

Give credit:
* have not eaten standing up today
* have not drunk any cordial today
* have read the ARCs three times

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Rpb - your gluten sensitivity idea is interesting.

FFC - Yes! Of course, the tug-of-war! I saw one only a couple of weeks ago at the school sports day. I have different pulls in my life too.

07-14-2010, 10:23 PM
Hello, Beckies,

Alma, I will give you my biased opinion about a Beck diet coach. It is about declaring your intentions, and having to report to someone to keep you accountable. You can find a friend in real life to be your sounding board, for sure, but where else but here could you find coaches/buddies who are also following the Beck Diet Solution, know the program, and can therefore not only be your sounding board/accountability ear, but offer suggestions? I can see no better coach than all of us, but that's just me.

Futurefitchick, I definitely will report back on how the PT fixes or does not fix my loose screw.

Amazing number and magnitude of storms throughout a big region of MN and ND last night and early AM. Once again escaped unscathed..just got a great rain. In driving 30 miles today, though, saw many, many fields of lodged wheat and oats..that driving rain and wind will do that to a ripe field. Mother Nature is not a happy Wohman. ...and that is not good!

That said, the countdown to vine-ripened tomatoes begins!

07-14-2010, 11:26 PM
Hey there,

The last three days or so I have actually been pretty darn good at following a meal plan, exercise, writing down my food, etc, But today… ARRRG!!!!!

[Warning: this story contains graphic descriptions of high calorie foods and shouldn't be read by those on an empty stomach]

It was a dark and gloomy morning....
My mood was kind of foul :mad: and I decided not to walk up past my neighbor's house because I just couldn't bare to put on a happy face if she came out to walk with me. So, I decided to go only half way, come home, and do some strength training with a video- the first I have done all year. That went really well and even had a hard time walking down my stairs because I did so many squats (and I'm happy about that?!):exercise: Had a fried egg, veggie, cheese sandwich on a "thin bun" with spray-on butter. I felt I had done good the first two hours of my day.

When I got to work, I was still feeling crabby. :club: I half joked that I could really use a donut today. I got my wish. A chocolate covered cake donut! It was really good. I only had one and I didn't lick the rest of the icing out of the bag.

However, I was still feeling kinda hungry and decided to have the rest of my yogurt and some smashed up cereals flakes I had in my bag. This actually kept me full through at least 2 or 3. Instead of having some lunch, I thought I'd just have some of my co-workers pita chips. I'm not sure how many I had… maybe 2 servings, but it filled me up. I still didn't feel too horrible. I hadn't planned my eating, I wasn't consuming the best foods, but I was kind-a keeping it under control.:dancer:

And then all the evil happened….:devil:
I came home starving and popped a pizza in the oven for the family. I decided to have a portion of the leftovers from last night (it was a healthy veggie/chickpea concoction) but while it was heating up, I decided I really wanted a treat, so after I ate that (and I was actually full) I made myself an herb-a-life Cookie's and Cream protein shake with a banana and a tbsp. of Cookie's and Cream pudding mix. It was so good, but after every slurp, I knew I was full. Even though it tasted pretty good, I wasn't really enjoying it because I knew I shouldn't have while I was full. It gets worse. An hour later, I ate three pieces of pizza - granted it's those thin cardboard ones, but still!!!! And I didn't go for my evening walk either!!!!!

:nono:After having written all this out, :nono:
It is glaringly apparent what I did wrong today.

I didn't have a plan
I didn't bring a snack
I didn't plan for lunch or dinner
I had some sugar way to early in the morning
I didn't write down my food (I'm still going to attempt it tonight, just to look at it squarely)
I didn't read any cards.
I could've told myself to wait an hour or so before I had my treat. By then I wouldn't have been so full and maybe the pizza leftovers would've been put away….I just can't be hard on myself! I'm gonna do better tommorow.


Tried a new excercise
Took my vitamins
Weighed myself
Ate sitting down : mostly
Gave myself credit Maryblu: What a rain day we had! We just had a soaker too.

Mikkijoe: Ya know what are kind of good? Gummi bear vitamins. You can even have two!

Alma: Hello Alma!

Good Night everyone!

07-14-2010, 11:43 PM
Hello All,
I'm definitely eating less junk since being laid off, since there are no handy vending machines or employee cafeterias nearby. . .I hope I can find a way to harness this change for when I may end up with bad food nearby again.

I tracked my food, credit, and stayed way under my goal, credit. I walked 10,000+ steps, credit.

I have a craft show this weekend, and need to do some food planning--it's a two day show and we are staying over, so lots of potential snacking. Plus one of our favorite restaurants is in the area, so I want to make a plan that includes that.

Welcome to Mikkijoe, Alma and rpb, wendylan and mutable paradox! :welcome3:

07-14-2010, 11:55 PM
Hello everyone, today was another day on plan. I'm still in Stage One, trying to get seven consecutive days of total mastery of the skills. Keep up the good work, everyone.

07-15-2010, 06:15 AM
:welcome: Kelly (MutableParadox) :welcome:

And, even though you've been posting for four months, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

07-15-2010, 06:17 AM
:welcome: Alma (Alma4343) :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

Neat that you found the Beck books while searching for diet/nutrition books.

But how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks while you were looking for a diet coach?

07-15-2010, 06:34 AM
Hi Coaches

A very quick check in - I need to eat before I am too tired and hungry. Had an on plan day even though there was a work Bar-B-Que. Planned to have some meat and salad and that is what I had.

Weight today was down 2 pounds so weird fluid thing happening but I will enjoy the first time seeing this weight for a long time. Hopefully will get to swimming tomorrow and get to work at home

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Y N
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - None - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y Y Y - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y Y N
- Put down fork occasionally - Y Y N
- Weighed myself - Yes - DOWN (a lot) - 213.4 - $1
- Drank water - No - need to fill up my water bottle
- Exercise - No- no opportunity this week

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $28

Working on - :running:
some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all

Have a good day Beckies

07-15-2010, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At one of those potluck dinners given to honor volunteers, I started out doing well, then it dragged on and on and on, so that by the time I got to the main food table my resolve was wilting with my patience. Took a half slice of "1000 year old meatloaf" whose name enticed me, but actually tasted just like mediocre meatloaf. And then a more full plate of stuff, although mostly salads. Actually, not that bad, but it felt like it was too much. And then I had a small piece of three different desserts. Perhaps it was within my high-end allowance for eating out, but the feeling of eating more than I had planned wasn't so good. I hate events that are completely food-centric.

CREDIT moi for skipping some good looking ham, a half dozen good looking pasta dishes, all the liquid calories, and the remaining 18 feet of we-want-to-thank-you desserts. Exercise was a mere 20 minute stroll - but CREDIT moi for it being with my DW in a beautiful place.

maryblu - Ouch for all that lost wheat and oats because "Mother Nature is not a happy Wohman." Yep, our tomato plants are laden with green tomatoes. Looks like they plan to all ripen simultaneously.

Wendy (wendylan) - Ouch for brownies from your mother - gotta get the message to her someday that you're on your own eating plan now.

YesterdayFitChick - Ouch for the "tug-of-war" between real life and real life. And Double Ouch for "ate breakfast while working" - that's being one serious graduate student. But Monster Congrats for being so organized as to have a copy of your lost post. You win Computer Savvy Beck Poster of the Year for that one.

FutureFitChick - Yay for a St. Bernard as a real life Diet Coach. A good peach is worth noticing every single bite.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Neat list of credits, including those 10,000 steps. Harnessing your improved skills at avoiding junk foods seems like a worthwhile goal. Planning ahead for your weekend away at a craft sale seems pretty smart to me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - This is the great motivator for me, when I want to clean up something so I can move forward, per "I need more space to see the clothes that fit!"

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for the "trusty liquid dish soap" applied to all that stands in your sight to stay the course even while trying to work out your health issues. And thanks for "Food does not take away stress" - maybe you could post that on the window of the McDonald's that you passed by to help the folks who are still streaming in trying to ease their stress.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Wonderful, concise summary of the Beck program, "Planned to have some meat and salad and that is what I had." Kudos.

silverbirch - So like the thought of "walking coast & woodland." Need translation help with "I've been i/c the DB solo ..."

Overlord - Kudos for another day on plan. There's no rush out of Stage One - mastering those skills takes some effort.

Amber (AmberPr) - Kudos for reviewing your situation clearly and Kudos for giving yourself appropriate credits. Yep, going forth without a plan is a set up for making bad choices - neat demonstration to yourself exactly how that happens. LOL at "It was a dark and gloomy morning." I have always loved that sentence.

Mikkijoe - LOL for hypothermia while reading Beck in the bathtub - now that's getting into your reading. Hope you work it out with vitamins; I've become a believer in a daily multi-vitamin.

Randi (rbp) - Amazing diagnosis to "gluten sensitivity" - just one more reminder that we are each an experiment of one.

Kelly (MutableParadox) - Good reading that Pink book and the workbook. Feel free to join in even while waiting for their arrival.

Alma (Alma4343) - Yep, the rules are to jump right in, let us all be your on-line Diet Coaches, respond to posters as one of their Diet Coaches, share what you know about nutrition, and remember that there aren't any experts around here so don't be shy. Neat to hear that you're excited by Beck's book - that's exactly how I felt when I first heard about it.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

These are some solutions dieters I've counseled use to help prevent gaining too much weight while they're away from home:

. . .
Carry food with you. If you have a long trip ahead of you, consider bringing along some favorite foods permitted on your diet plan. While in transit, be careful not to eat out of boredom. Also beware of eating more meals that you had planned, due to time changes. Some dieters I work with ask their hotel in advance for a mini refrigerator (or they ask the management to remove the alcohol that is already in the minibar). When they arrive at their destination, they find a grocery store and buy some food and drinks, especially for planned snacks.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.

07-15-2010, 08:16 AM
Good morning Beckies,

Yesterday I stayed on plan but felt like I ate too much, even though it was good stuff. Wasn't paying attention to when I was full and cleaned my plate at dinner when I should have stopped sooner. Need to work on that! And I only read my cards once, maybe there's a connection there. :o On the other hand, credits for staying on plan and eating healthy stuff, exercising, checking in, walking after dinner.

Alma - Welcome! You sound a lot like me, I read a lot and have been dieting on and off forever and know exactly what I should be doing. But doing it is another matter and that's where Beck will help us!

Amber (AmberPr) - It's great that you learned from your mistakes. I know you'll do better! And I love your writing :)

Donna new2me2) - That's interesting about your knee pain and gluten. I read a whole book yesterday about celiac disease and gluten intolerance and learned a lot. It's fascinating that it can have such diverse effects on the body. have some other symptoms and it will be interesting to see if they disappear when I've been off it for awhile. Kudos for resisting the candy!

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Congrats on those 10,000 steps. The craft fair sounds like a planning challenge!

Have a great day --


07-15-2010, 10:17 AM
We have the nephew coming for yardwork today. If it's too hot (95 and humid is expected), we may spend part of the day on indoor projects.

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +45 970/1800 minutes for July, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome MutableParadox and Alma4343!

Alma4343: jumping in is the initiation! Great job!

seadwaters: great job on dealing with the BBQ just as you planned! This seems like an excellent thing to be working on: "some sort of work-life balance so I don't ditch it all."

BillBlueEyes: agreed on the food-centric events. We're skipping the next one we've been invited to because we've got enough challenges going on right now. Credit for staying within the high end allowance and skipping the many things that you did skip.

rbp: yay for the list of credits and the realization that you may be eating too much of the healthy foods. I dearly hoped that switching to healthy foods was going to be enough to get me to lose weight, but it turned out that I'm quite capable of overeating healthy foods, too!

Overlord: good job with an on-plan day and being patient with really learning the skills.

Nuxmaga: way to go taking this time of being out of the elements of bad work food to explore what works for you regarding healthy eating. Yay for a plan that includes a favorite restaurant!

AmberPr: do-overs are definitely part of the game plan around here! Good job analyzing exactly what went wrong while still giving yourself credit for what went right!

Beverlyjoy: "Food does not take away stress" is one of my mantras, too! Good job using it to skip the fast food!

FutureFitChick: great job with all those credits and congrats for 2 pounds down!

Mikkijoe: hope you like Walk It Out! I'm having great fun with it.

new2me2: good job resisting candy on a busy day! When I wore a pedometer, I was surprised that I walked less than I thought. I think to make it sound easier, there's some implication that walking 10,000 steps is as easy as parking the car at the far end of the parking lot. But it always took me some concerted effort like an actual walk for exercise.

Hello to maryblu, silverbirch, wendylan, and anyone else wandering by!

07-15-2010, 11:30 AM
Good morning friends/coaches! I am celebrating today because I just reached my lowest weight in two years! The last time I was even close to this weight was when I was really sick after my last surgery! So, I FINALLY broke the 150 barrier and am at 149.6! Yay, lol. Another charm goes on the bracelet tonight! :D I think it will be the bear or moose charm that I bought in Alaska.

Eating was on plan yesterday and my stomach was still not quite right so I did just about 30 minutes of Walk It Out.

I got a lovely surprise thank you gift card yesterday for Starbucks, so I'm going to plan that into my day tomorrow. What I can actually get there is very low in calories and fat and will even fit into the WW points system, lol.

MutableParadox Hello back! And, welcome!!!

FutureFitChick I think we all want to take our journeys faster than we should, at least I do. I'm slowly learning to take my time though. :p

Mikkijoe LOL about the vitamin! I get funny things like that stuck in my head too sometimes. And, re the local store thing...I live in a large urban area, and no store here had that particular Wii game either, lol. And, re the candy...for some strange reason I have a hard time buying something for someone else that I don't like myself, lol. It's weird, and also dangerous...I once bought a sweater for a friend for Christmas...I ended up keeping the darned thing and buying her something else. :o Afterwards, she commented how much she liked my sweater...I admitted that I actually had bought it for her, but liked it so much I kept it. :o I think in the end I gave it to her anyway. :p

Alma4343 Hi and welcome!! Your post is exactly what I thought when I found Beck. I knew all the nutrition stuff, but really needed to work on the mental aspect.

Beverlyjoy I love your self-talk "food does not take away stress" very true!!!

silverbirch Waving!!

maryblu Glad you escaped the storms!!!

AmberPr YAY on three great days!!! Ouch for the not so good one! LOVED your story, by the are a gifted story teller, lol!

Nuxmaga Yes, I eat much healthier at home, lol. For me it isn't the vending machines, etc., but rather the lack of variety portable food I can bring...I do much better if I can make my stuff fresh.

Overlord Routing for you for your 7 day goal!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Mucho credit for eating on plan even with a BBQ! And, YAY on being down another 2 pounds!!!

rbp Ouch on not paying attention...I've certainly been guilty of that. And, I definitely find I do better when I read the keeps those things in my head. Some of the other things that improved once I stopped eating sense of smell, I got a little color in my face, my sinus issues, and I think even my sense of taste improved.

gardenerjoy Waving to you too! Yes, even with my exercise I didn't make 10,000 steps that day, lol.

07-15-2010, 12:40 PM
Hey there,

Gotta post quick today, lots to do at the office, so no time for personal posts right now

I am finding that DH is back into the habit of bringing me food, NOT on my plan at all. This morning he delivered burger king sausage bisquits at the office. I would not eat those on a normal pre-diet day....but he chose now to bring those to me. The last three nights he has been asking if he can go get me a small ice cream cone. One night I actually let him, because I had set aside cals for a scoop of hard ice cream with berries, and the cone was even less calories.....So Im going to have to have that conversation with him, yet again.

On a good note: I have a friend of mine who just opened up a Medical Weight Loss clinic in conjunction with a physician. She does coaching etc. The clinic also sells a pre-packaged food system as well I think. But anyway, I told her that she needed to read this book to help her clients. She was all excited because she has done a book study on another Beck book some time ago and really wanted to start a study group. THEN she said "I love Martha's books!"
Martha???? Turns out there is a Martha Beck that writes some books and seminars about Cognitive Therepy.......funny.
Anyway, I am seeing her today and we are going to talk about starting a study group with her clients.

AND I am wearing a pair of jeans that I bought on the 1st, that did not fit. They are 2 sizes smaller than I usually wear and they did not fit when I got them. It did take some engineering to get them on, LOL, but now that they have stretched and are pretty comfortable.
So having said that, I might not be too worried about getting on the scale tomorrow. Seems like it has to show something by now

07-15-2010, 12:54 PM
Hi everyone! I don't think I posted yesterday so I'll sum up 2 days today. I have lost 2 1/2 lbs on my first two days! Yay!!! More importantly, I broke the decade barrier!!! I am out of the 170s FINALLY!!! woo hoo.

I wanted to run around the house lapping it and shouting woo hoo! I have not been here in three years!

new2me2 - I am so excited. we broke our barriers the same day! awesome. And I may go adopt your bracelet idea. It never sounded so good.

And for the first time in 2 weeks, I feel like I can try a 30 minute work out without losing a lung. Will do that today.

I do read all of your inspiring posts so sorry I don't respond more one on one. Always 3 projects behind at work!

Have a great day! You are worth it!

07-15-2010, 02:11 PM
I started reading last night. I must say so far everything she talks about hits so true! I am already relieved that it's not just me, heh.

Thanks for the warm welcome and enjoy your day!

07-15-2010, 05:38 PM
Dear Friends

:wave: How was/is your Thursday? My highlight was Armenian lentil soup for lunch and tea. It has a lot of veg in it and dried apricots. I make it with chicken stock plus the bits of chicken from the carcass. If you're busy and if you love something and it's good for you, why not eat it twice in one day?

Plan & log food: Y

Weigh: Y though the scales are on the blink. I am a morning weigher but decided to check them tonight. +1lb after a bath and then, *bonus*, + another 1/2 after a short wait. Who knows how much I really weigh? Will buy a new battery tomorrow.

Read ARCs: YY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY
This is so powerful and it's going very well.

Slow, mindful eating: PPPPP
Y=yes N=no P=partly ?=can't decide
I'm still working on an internal perception scale for this.

Formal exercise: Y
30 mins treadmill; 20 mins yoga; rehab stretches

Informal exercise: Y
Parked at far end of car park

Give credit: YYYY
* I ate what I packed
* I went to the gymn
* I did some rehab exercises
* I got into bed early - even for me!

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Nuxmaga - no handy vending machines must save money, too!

Bill - "i/c the DB solo". I translate: in charge of the dear boy (10) all on my own as the school holidays have started & my partner (DB's father) was away for work.

Maryblu - it's just come to me that your loons are our great northern divers! How lovely! You lucky person. A splendid bird.

See you all tomorrow. Keep on :dancer:

07-15-2010, 09:06 PM
Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I had actually started a healthy eating plan prior to reading Beck. But, it is definitely helping me a lot. I am trying not to skip any of the steps. Do you put everything in a calendar? I am fortuante to have plenty of time to get the things I need done like shopping a cooking. I DO put workouts in my calendar. So, I was just wondering what you put in your planner/schedule/calendar. I use mine for both work and person, tried to put in the Beck stuff, but it seemed so crowed I don't want to miss anything.

Today's credits:
Ate sitting down
ate mindfully
formal exercise (spin class)
unplanned exercise - walked with a friend 3 miles
Have been on plan for 5 full days!

Have a great Friday!

07-15-2010, 11:10 PM
Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great Thursday!

Today was 100% better then yesterday.
I wasn't feeling so crabby this morning. I had an eating plan and pretty much followed it. The scale even registered at 206 - which is great since it's been jumping up anD down all week. Must have been that rainy weather we had up here yesterday…

:cheer2: CREDITS
• Plan my meals in advance : yep
• Log calories : yep
• Check-in : yep
• Take my vitamins 2x a day: yep
• Read response and advantages cards : nope
• Weigh myself : yep
• Eat sitting down : yep
• Exercise twice a day : yep
• Always have water/tea ready to drink: nope
• Gave myself credit

New2me2 & Houston2Command:
Congratulations on your newest low weight!
That is so great!

07-16-2010, 12:40 AM

Back from 2 hotel nights. In a nutshell, did great on Tuesday, not so great on Wednesday and pretty well today . 2 out 3 I will take it at this point.

Credit today for:

doing weights
reading response and advantage cards
eating sanely and on plan
planning tomorrow and packing up lunch.


07-16-2010, 05:19 AM
Hi Coaches

I have noticed a bit of sticking the finger in my bottle of peanut butter happening - not something you put in your plan as appropriate eating behaviour. Will have to nip that in the bud. I have been focussing on making healthy choices generally and it seems to be happening. Doing all the reading around the green monsters helped with that I think. I am staying within my calorie range and cycling it up and down between 1700 and 1900. I seem to be losing weight everyday and today it was down another .6 to 213 # - another number I haven't seen for a while. Made sure I got to aqua-fit today and had a massage to try and sort out this low back which is still really bothersome

AmberPr - Glad things are on track and not crabby - a relief I imagine. Had a plan and followed it - always good. I had to LOL at "it is glaringly apparent what I did wrong today" - credit for regrouping, identifying the areas of the program that could have been strengthened, and finding credits in your day

Beverlyjoy - yay for bypassing McDonald's even when it was calling your name and you have been feeling stressed. Hope things are sorting out

BillBlueEyes - When I read your posts, in many ways it makes me happy that I have a relatively inactive social life LOL. Not near so many temptations that you seem to take in your stride so well

CeeJay - "2 out of 3 ain't bad". Hope things stay sane

Donna (new2me2) - Hooray for breaking 150 - and for reaching your lowest weight in 2 years. Yay for another charm - such a good idea

Gardenerjoy - Hope it wasn't too hot for any activity today. The work-life balance thing is taking a bit of a dive as I didn't manage to get to gym all week. I am really not sure how to fit it in with work. When I get my weights I can do it at home but until then ...

Houston2Command - YAY for being out of the 170s - terrific work. Hope the work-out had the desired effect and none of the scary ones!

Kelly (MutableParadox) - Welcome and good reading - you have found the right place to be here

Mikkijoe - Good luck with the conversation with your DH - and YAY for fitting into those jeans

Overlord - Glad you are trying to master the basic skills - a really good foundation for what follows

Randi (rbp) - You remind me to focus on feelings of satisfaction or hunger which I haven't thought about for a while so thank you

SilverBirch - Armenian lentil soup sounds fantastic. A great list of credits. Eating sitting down is surprisingly important I have found - astonished that I didn't
Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - N
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y Y N Y - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y ? ? Y
- Put down fork occasionally - N Y N
- Weighed myself - Yes - DOWN (again) - 213 - $1
- Drank water - No - need to fill up my water bottle
- Exercise - Yes - YAY :swim: $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $6; Week = $34

Working on - :running:
Still on work-life balance

Have a good day Beckies

07-16-2010, 07:00 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - After I gave a pint of blood, they offered bottled orange juice, coke, or water; "Water," CREDIT moi. Then they offered chips or cookies; "Neither," CREDIT moi. The great un-evolved part of my mind kept thinking, A pint's a pound the world around.

CeeJay - Yep, 2 out of 3 on a business trip isn't bad. Kudos for recognizing that and giving yourself credit.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for skipping a food-centric event just because you don't need the extra food. I'm becoming jealous of your nephew. Does he clean out junk from basements?

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Sounds like a stellar day with a new low scale reading, aqua-fit, and a massage. You just got to figure out whose finger is getting into your peanut butter and have a chat with them, LOL.

silverbirch - Seriously drooling over "Armenian lentil soup", for the lentils which are my favorite food ever, for the dried apricots that should go into everything, and for the chicken stock made from a chicken instead of a can. Thanks for the translation.

Donna (new2me2) - Congrats on breaking the 150 barrier. Neat that you'll have one charm to remember both Alaska and that goal.

Houston2Command - Congrats on the new decade. Running around the house to celebrate is such a better choice then eating.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for "100% better then yesterday." Kudos for getting exercise twice a day.

Mikkijoe - Yep, you gotta talk to that DH about saving you from under-eating. Seems that SO's are like the body - working to counter starvation when you're trying to lose weight. LOL at "I love Martha's books!"

Randi (rbp) - Stopping when satisfied rather full is one of the hard strategies. Not to mention cleaning the plate for the children in China, LOL.

Kelly (MutableParadox) - Yep, it's not just you. Wonderful feeling to find yourself in a VERY LARGE club.

Alma (Alma4343) - Kudos for "5 full days!" - you're barreling out of the starting gate there. I didn't write all the stuff into my calendar even though it sounds like a good idea.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

How Not to Gain Too Much

These are some solutions dieters I've counseled use to help prevent gaining too much weight while they're away from home:

. . .
Use the strategies you've already learned. Take this book with you. Reread how to differentiate hunger from cravings and how to tolerate them; how to use anti-cravings techniques; how to prepare for unplanned eating and overeating; how to get back on your diet after a slipup; how to handle disappointment and the unfairness issue; how to deal with food pushers; and, especially, how to prepare for eating out and drinking alcohol. You've learned a tremendous amount if you've been practicing the skills in this program for the last month. Use that knowledge!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 224.

07-16-2010, 08:25 AM
Hi beck folks, coaches, has been kind of 'crazy' and somewhat stressful. I haven't been happy with my GP (as you well know) I've been able to speak with some other doctor's who have addressed my questions and been very helpful. I am grateful for that.

I have been doing some stress eating. Today I've gotten up, read my arc/rc and got out my journal/workbook/spiral to keep track of the important beck things I need to do to have sanity with food. I am hoping for willingness to draw that 'line in the sand' and move forward with good eating.

I hope you all have a great day.

Hello and welcome to all the new folks. It's wonderful that you have all found Beck!

07-16-2010, 10:33 AM
Good morning everyone,

Another day on plan, and it included dinner at a restaurant - kudos to me! I was very happy about my planning and my choices. I ate a little beyond satisfied at dinner but not overly full, which is progress for me, and I left all the rice on my plate (it was white rice, no value there for me!). I enjoyed the baked sweet potato, but I gave half to my husband to cause I knew I liked it too much to leave any of it on my plate!

I've been weighing daily and tracking, and decided that Friday's going to be the day where I update my ticker, and it's down a pound :cp:

I have been using the pink book, just got the green book from the library and started it. It seems to make more sense to me so far, not the ideas which are much alike, but the charts and flow of the program. If I were starting over I'd use that, but for now I'll just keep practicing the skills that are hardest for me (slow, slow, slow and stopping when satisfied). So far I'm not having trouble resisting unplanned foods, but I know that could (will) change if I get under stress or whatever.

Credits: walking after dinner, staying on plan, 2 hours tennis (doubles), reading Beck, reading cards twice, eating lunch & dinner slowly and mindfully, checking in

Beverlyjoy - Stress eating is my pattern too. Journaling and reading is so important at stressful times, I hope that helps you.

BillBlueEyes - Kudos for resisting the bloodmobile goodies! Last year when I gave blood I thought "Great! Free cookies!!!" :o Hopefully I'll have the skills to do as well as you next time.

silverbirch - That soup sounds delicious. Is there a recipe somewhere?

Houston2Command, new2me2 - Major congrats on breaking a decade barrier!

Have a great day!

07-16-2010, 11:20 AM
Good morning all! Thanks for all the congratulations...more might be in order, lol. The scale was down .2 pounds more today, lol!!! Yay! :D Today is the official WW weigh-in so I'll see what their scale says, but frankly...I'll go by MY scale if I don't like it!! :D :D :D I won't change my ticker though until I get that next .4 off. :)

Credit moi (okay, maybe only HALF a credit)...I was going to stop at Starbucks as planned, but I wasn't hungry, so didn't. NOW before ya'all get excited...I think MAINLY the reason it was so easy to obey that feeling is because I was extremely LAZY and didn't want to make a stop, lol. :o :D But I deserve at least HALF a credit for thinking about the fact that I was not hungry. And, maybe a quarter of a point for obeying the lazy feeling. :p So, tomorrow I take my car for normal maintenance service so I'll stop on the way to get my Starbucks!

Last night I did about an hour and a half of Walk It Out...long story, but probably got about 45 minutes of good fast walking out of it.

I've been reading my cards...putting them by the computer is working! Oooh, I just had another idea...I think I'll put them in little plastic name badger holders and hang them up so they'll be even more visible. That will be my weekend project.

Mikkijoe Ooh, DH sounds like he might have a little bit of food pusher in him...hope your talk works, lol. Wow, funny about another Beck with CT, lol. How wonderful that you will have a friend who you can talk with! CONGRATULATIONS on getting into those jeans! I still have my small ones waiting for me, lol.

Houston2Command CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! YAY AND DOUBLE YAY! Amazing feeling to break those barriers isn't it?! Even more so to break a decade long one!!!!! I am VERY excited for you!!! I decided to do the charm bracelet so I could see every accomplishment reflected in a charm! Each charm means something...a 5lb loss, a barrier broken, etc.

MutableParadox Beck does hit true doesn't she, lol. I couldn't believe how many things I thought were only ME.

silverbirch Oooh, your soup sounds wonderful! The dried apricots sound very interesting. :p

Alma4343 I was not very organized when I started Beck...guess I'm still not, lol. I kept a little diary, but really only recorded a few things. I didn't really have a place to write down all the things she said to put in the journal. I think in a few months when the excitement and progress is slowing down, I'll reread the pink book, or actually maybe start the green book again, lol, and get a dedicated journal of some type. It won't be fancy either...I think just a nice spiral notebook will do fine and there will be plenty of space, lol.

AmberPr I'm so happy your day was better yesterday! Yay for on-plan eating and a good scale reading!!!

CeeJay Yes, major credit for two good days!!! A not so great day does not negate the good ones. :)

seadwaters(Cheryl) I am so happy that the cycling is working!!! Major credit for nipping the PB in the bud, lol. YAY on the weight loss!!!

BillBlueEyes Wow, credit indeed! LOL at the un-evolved part of your mind!

Beverlyjoy I'm so glad you found some doctors who have been able to answer your questions!

rbp Major credit for on plan and even at a restaurant. Major credit for knowing your limits and working around that!!!! Congratulations on your weight loss!!!

07-16-2010, 11:38 AM
Super-fast check-in. Will do personals later. Hi to everyone. Traveling over weekend home to parents, always an eating challenge for me. Successfully used resistance based on my food log last night when going out with friends and deciding to have iced tea instead of a hard cider since I'd used up all of my calories and hadn't earned (through activity) any extras. Yea!

07-16-2010, 11:48 AM
We spent the day yesterday spreading mulch in the heat. I perfected my form on the "rake lunge." Dear Nephew did the hardest part -- shoveling it out of the truck. I counted some of that time as my exercise time yesterday, because I feel it this morning!

I got on the ball and managed to feed us, including the 20 year old, out of my own kitchen. Chicken salad sandwiches for lunch with tossed salad and an afternoon snack of homemade frozen yogurt made with local blackberries. The yogurt was a lovely shade of purple!

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +60 1030/1800 minutes for July, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: congrats on losing a bit everyday and feeling like you're getting on top of things!

BillBlueEyes: yay for giving my blood. In my small town, all the church ladies made vegetable soup and dumped it in one big pot -- now, that's a good way to replace nutrients after blood donation. I was so disappointed when I moved to the city and they offered me plastic-packaged cookies.
Yep, DN did some basement clean-up for us last summer! He's definitely a blessing! We're encouraging him to stay in college as long as he wants and/or become a teacher so he still has his summers available to help us out!

Beverlyjoy: hope you're finding your way to food sanity today!

rbp: yay for all those credits, including a successful restaurant outing!

new2me2: definitely being too lazy to get a treat and responding to that deserves a credit! When I think back, I'm sometimes startled by how much energy I put into my overeating.

CeeJay: 2 out of 3 is great -- especially when today is one of the days going well!

AmberPr: yay for all of those credits and a much better day!

Alma4343: I only put things in my calendar when I'm struggling. Otherwise, Beck tasks work better for me on a list or as things that I just do everyday.

Silverbirch: yay for the yummy Armenian lentil soup!

MutableParadox: I had that experience with the Beck books too -- it was like she was reading my mind.

Houston2Command: congrats for making it out of the 170s!

Mikkijoe: good luck with the husband-training! Hope the study group idea works well.

FutureFitChick: yay for a super-fast check-in! Sending you calming energies for your trip to visit a family -- always a challenge for me, but I'm getting better at it.

07-16-2010, 12:37 PM
Boy oh Boy, Well I got that accountability thing covered! :o

I am now partnered with my friend who just opened up Medical Weight Loss Center of Yakima. She has a special computerized scale that measures BMI, BMR, Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Metabolic age, Visceral Fat Rating, Total body water, and of course weight. She has a pre-packaged diet plan to help get things started if they want, but pushes well balanced, whole food diets for the most part. She coaches various excersize programs, and NOW has added the third leg to her business........YUP you guessed it! ME, and a pilot program study group based on Becks.

So in about two weeks I will be teaching what I am learning.......of course she will be right there too. But nothing like setting up accountability huh?

07-16-2010, 02:57 PM
Hi all, another 1/2 lb gone. and good riddance. I am firmly in the 160s and never going back.

I never made it to the gym. The cough acted up again and I couldn't do it. Went to doctor today and got meds for viral bronchitis. lovely. I can only blame the airport and the 50 people I see every day who claim to also have it in varying forms. ugh. I have an inhaler for 2 weeks and robitussin w/ codeine. Woo hoo. Since I can't drink on my diet, this is the next best thing. just kidding.

So i will continue to rest the lungs and focus on the food. I am 5.5 lbs to my all time high weight from about 4 years ago. wow. I can still remember saying I would never get that high again. I'm sure you all can relate. That was when I lost 30 lbs over 3 months. I kept it off for about 4 months and then gained it all back. I am so scared of ever doing that again. I am in a very different place this time. It will be harder to get it off but easier to keep it off. I am a completely transformed person (thanks to some life training since then) and I trust in my integrity to be the person I want to be.

In my dream last night, I was wandering around some place like a food court in an airport. I had just eaten a small healthy meal and my friend was looking for some food to grub out on. We ended up at a counter where she bought something like chocolates and the man offered me a free slice of yummy looking cheese pizza. I stopped, thought about how I felt nicely full and comfortable and wasn't hungry. I thanked him and turned down the pizza. I was dream resisting! I guess in part it came from reading Day 18 or 17 from Beck last night about an hour before bed. I took the time to contemplate how I felt comfortably full and resisted food I didn't need and wasn't on my diet. I thought that was so funny when I woke up today and remembered it! :)

07-16-2010, 06:28 PM
Dear Friends

:wave: Thanks for being here.

Plan & log food: Y. Nothing appeared out of the left-field here.

Weigh: Y. No new battery yet but a favourable number so that's OK. :)

Read ARCs: Y

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY.

Slow, mindful eating: PPPPP
Y=yes N=no P=partly ?=can't decide

Formal exercise: N

Informal exercise: several hours walking around a beautiful city. Had to go & collect my sunglasses which had been mended (free of charge, it turned out). :cool:

Give credit:
* for organising sunglasses to be mended, for taking the opportunity to do some lovely walking
* for eating sensibly at lunch & so fitting an ice-cream at a gelateria into the plan
* for having only a low fat hot chocolate when I got back, tired and paralysed in the L shoulder.

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y.

Seadwaters: it's your finger in the peanut butter, I suppose. When I find myself doing that, I'm sometimes a bit low on 'good' fats. Or sometimes I'm just a bit low on sense. The skill lies in working out which one it is .... And I'm working on that.

07-16-2010, 09:29 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

I think of Beck principles often as life continues to get patients are getting better, but the addition of 1 family member in our home has just knocked the organized chaos up a notch. The rest of the family will show up Sunday. Food has been pretty darn good and I am grateful for that. Miss you all. It's been hot here but mornings are cool. I chose fruit over chips this afternoon *credit* and really tried to think why it is that the chips soothe something that the fruit doesn't??? I enjoyed the fruit, anyways!

07-17-2010, 06:26 AM
Hi Coaches

Forced myself to the gym - and very glad I did. I feel good after some weights. My at-home weights haven't arrived yet. Made an appointment with the trainer for Monday afternoon to make sure I left work on time and I got to the gym

No more sneaky peanut butter today. Need to make sure I have my snacks as I have been having main meals only.

Have to run as still in the middle of cooking

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - N - $0
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - yes - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y Y N N - $0
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y ? ? Y
- Put down fork occasionally - N Y N
- Weighed myself - Yes - Up - 214.8 - $1
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - Yes - YAY :exercise: - $1

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $39

Working on - :running:
Still on work-life balance

Have a good day Beckies

07-17-2010, 07:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - WHOOOOO HOOOOOO - I went to Costco when they were serving FREE samples - counted about 10 stations - and had NONE, as in zero, 0.0, de nada. That's only my third trip to Costco; the first two were sampling disasters. CREDIT moi some ten times.

Interesting, I had looked at a jar of roasted portobello mushrooms and red peppers, thinking I might buy them but wondered what they tasted like, when . . . at the end of the isle FREE samples of them were being handed out. Now a taste of portobello mushrooms and red peppers wouldn't have affected my food plan for the day. However, I had decided to work my Resistance Muscle since I'd so overdone the sampling on my first two visits. So, I just said "No" and continued shopping. Said "No" to another 8 stations that included Beef and beans and a portion of an Angus Beef hamburger. Finally, I had to stand next to FREE M&M's in the check out line being given by an outgoing, friendly, and gorgeous young thing with a winning smile. But I was on a roll, "No."

Did I mention that they were FREE?

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at "rake lunge" - who says you need a gym membership. Love the story of your Church Ladies merging all their vegetable soups for an after blood donation snack - I would have had that and felt noble for doing so. I'll drop by to do some yard work if you feed me "homemade frozen yogurt made with local blackberries."

FutureFitChick - Great use of your Resistance Muscle choosing "iced tea instead of a hard cider."

Beverlyjoy - Glad you found a different GP who worked with you. Good luck in finding a permanent replacement.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - And the money keeps dribbling in. Making an appointment with your trainer is such an obvious demonstration of how much easier it is to do something when we plan. Just need to figure out a way to make an appointment with our food plan of the day.

silverbirch - Pretty neat to get your sunglasses fixed, get in a exploring walk, and then "eating sensibly at lunch & so fitting an ice-cream at a gelateria into the plan." The good life.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Glad that your patients are healing enough to have the rest of the family over. Let us know what you decide about the soothing nature of chips vs. fruit. Some foods do seem to service some old stuff in us.

Donna (new2me2) - LOL, OK then, 3/4 of a Kudos for ignoring Starbucks. Hope the WW scales pleased you yesterday.

Houston2Command - Ouch for a cough; Double Ouch for viral bronchitis - hope you're back to full vigor soon. Doing "Dream Resisting" is a sure sign of internalizing your strategies. That's pretty neat.

Mikkijoe - Yay for signing up to lead a Beck discussion group. Can't think of a better way to learn the strategies. Kudos for just moving forward with that idea.

Randi (rbp) - Good day there: Congrats on the pound down. Kudos for the restaurant performance and those two hours on the tennis court.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

During the Trip Home

You're on the way home. You tried to follow your predetermined diet plan while you were away. How did you do? You should be giving yourself credit for everything you did right. But maybe you slipped some. Are you dreading getting on the scale?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 225.

07-17-2010, 09:22 AM
Good morning Beckies,

First setback since I started -- I ate unplanned and not-so-healthy food after dinner last night. No good reason that I can think of, no stress, nothing special, just that silly beast that takes over sometimes and says "Eat!!!!". My resistance muscle wasn't strong enough. Oh well, I'll continue practicing and read the "Don't get discouraged" chapter again today. I have to remember I'm only a couple of weeks into this and it's a lifetime thing. I find I'm better at resisting for short bursts, like walking past an ice cream place or free Costco samples, or when I have to order at a restaurant. I have the most trouble when I'm home for hours and hours and I know there's something I shouldn't eat and I want it anyway and it feels like my resistance eventually gets worn down.

I think I'm going to start crocheting an afghan -- that keeps my hands busy and I can't eat while I'm crocheting ;)

Credits: I did a workout dvd (first time with this one since my hip has been improving and it feels OK today - yay!!!) I stayed on plan thru dinner, checked in, read cards once (clearly need to get back to twice), ate dinner slowly and mindfully.

Mikkijoe - That's great about the Beck group, being a leader certainly bumps up your accountability!

gardenerjoy - I've got mulch in my future... do you loan out your nephew?

new2me2 - Congrats on the weight loss, and definitely go by whichever scale gives you the best weight :D

BillBlueEyes - Good work on your Costco trip!

Have a great weekend!

07-17-2010, 09:47 AM
Morning everyone!

Hubby and I are on a social trip! We came to the big city of Duluth, MN for an annual get-together with friends. Last night we went bowling, today the guys are going golfing and the gals are going sailing (rummage sailing that is!) This afternoon we'll head over to the party. Tomorrow, if we're not too pooped-out, I have tickets to the airshow. This should be fun.

On the eating side...yesterday started out without a plan. I knew it was going to be a hectic day and I just didn't want to try to puzzle it all out. We ended up having a late dinner of pizza and beer at the bowling alley.

Today I'm going to plan to eat light before the BBQ. Protein for breakfast. Apple for a snack and a salad for lunch. For this afternoon: Yogurt/protein snack before we get to the party. Battle plan: marinated chicken breast, cut up veggies, fruit of some-sort, unsweetened ice tea. I know I'm going to have a few alcoholic beverages (although I had enough last night to make it not so appealing), but I'm going to purchase a four pk. of those one drink servings of wine and some carbonated water to mix with it -- so at least I'm recognizing it and planning for it .
Actually, this process of writing down what I'm going to do today started out much more vague and I've ended up really fleshing it out into a plan as I write and edit this posting… it's working! I'll let you know how I do today.
:cheer2: Credits
Spontaneous exercise: bowling
Ate seated
Chose beef jerky instead of a candy bar at the gas station
Planning for a BBQ
Checking in
SeadWaters: Great job trucking along! The weight is flying off!

Mikkijoe: Wow, that's incredible! What a neat setup.

I'm heading out - catch you all later!

07-17-2010, 11:46 AM
Two weeks in a row, I did long low-intensity workouts on Friday and got a nice drop for the official weigh in of the Summer Beach Party Biggest Loser challenge on Saturday morning. It didn't work this week -- I ended up bloated and achy and had an up tic on the scale. Food was kind of odd, yesterday, and that probably effected it, too. Oh well.

Off to shop at the Farmer's Market!

WI: +0.15kg, Exercise: +120 1150/1800 minutes for July, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

07-17-2010, 12:21 PM
I would count yesterday as one of those "perfect days". I took a spur of the moment vacation day due to weather. Perfect summer lake weather. Of course I gardened for most of it, but oh, well. Got in a nice cooling swim and float in the mesh part of my Fun stayed cool.

So, what could make a perfect day like that even better? DOH..*dancing, of course. Around 6 or so I was tired from so much sun and fun, but sucked it up, made the sacrifice to drive the hour one-way to take in my favorite band, and it rewarded me with 4 sets of kick-*** blues! Outside to boot!

Speaking of blues, dear Ceejay, the blues festival late in July is bringing me Duke of my favorite, favorite, favorites. He *never comes this far west..or at least this far inland. Never thought I would get to see him. *sigh. The only bad news about that is it is the same time as Tall Ships in Duluth, so we will be making that loonnnggg drive for only one day. So much to do, so little time. I think we Minnesodans get a bit manic in summer, doncha think, Amber? Can't imagine what it must be like in Alaska, but I have heard stories!

That said, still feeling really pist at myself for this weight gain. I *know how to fix it; I *know how to get rid of this 10#, so why don't I just *do it? I think I am not alone in this. We *know what to do; we know that Beck strategies work; we just don't consistently do it. Do my Beckies agree? The truth is: Beck Diet Solutions work. ..a no-brainer, just do it. I think I just need to act as if I am a Beck follower..just pretend for a while until it becomes so. I just wish Pinot Noir didn't taste so dam*** good with Caprese! And Roasted Beets with Walnuts and Goat Cheese, and Salmon on the grill. *sigh. Repeat to myself: Just do it, just do everything Beck tells ya to do..just do it.

07-17-2010, 12:54 PM
Hello Coaches and Buddies,

I have had a good week so far. I am counting calories and trying for an average of 1400/day. I am right there. I have done great on the exercise this week. Spin class tow times, weights once, and 3 three mile walks.

I am to the part of the book where I am supposed to focus on 5 pound goals. I didn't realize how hard that was going to be. Don't get me wrong, I love even losing a couple pounds, but I do keep picturing the big picture. I am going to really have to work on this one.

If the sun appears in Seattle, I am going to take my boat out for a ride on Lake Washington today.

Have a great day everyone.


07-17-2010, 03:10 PM
Hello All,

Rode my bike to the farmers market and loaded up on cucumbers. I think all of BillBlueyes comments made me have a cucumber craving. Any ideas for a simple marinade for them? Also, bought a lemon cucumber. I had never seen these before.

I realize I forgot to answer one of your questions Bill. I found the 3 fat chicks forum a while back when I was researching food delivery services. When I decided to read Beck, I search 3 fat chicks for Beckies and found all of you.

Thanks for your help

07-17-2010, 03:28 PM
Well, Donna loves me some WW scale AND home scale readings, lol. WW had me down 1.8 pounds this week. My own scale wasn't much different, so I am a happy lady. My scale showed me down even a bit more today...just two-tenths away from a full 14 pounds lost!

Eating is "on-plan" even when there isn't a plan, lol. I've stopped writing out my food plans since I mostly eat the same thing every day, but the two things I try to do always are only eating when hungry and then only enough to be comfortable.

So Starbucks was in the "plan" today, but alas, I was running behind and my car service appointment was at 7:30 and I also needed gas, so elected NOT to stop again, lol. At some point in my life I will get that Starbucks, lol. Actually, maybe I'll just walk down and get one tomorrow, lol. Planned treats are not an emergency! :D

Exercise last night was an hour of Walk It Out.

FutureFitChick Great job in strengthening your resistence muscle!!

gardenerjoy OMGOSH!!! LOL on the rake lunge!!! :D :D Oooh, the blackberry frozen yogurt sounds wonderful.

Mikkijoe Wow, lol!!! You betcha you have that accountability thing covered, lol.

Houston2Command YAY for another half pound gone!!! Boo on the bronchitis! Very funny about the dream, but major credit for it even though it was a dream! That's your subconscious speaking, lol.

Lexxiss I am so impressed with the way you tried to think through why you wanted chips. I haven't quite got to that point yet, but am hoping I do soon, lol.

seadwaters (Cheryl) Lots of credit to you for working out when you weren't inclined, lol. Making an appointment to workout is a very good strategy as well!

BillBlueEyes Okay I continue to be impressed with you, lol. Passing up one or two free samples would have been major credit in my book, but passing up 10 is amazing!

rbp Good for you for moving on after your setback and for not letting the negative self-talk talk you into feeling bad about that. LOL on the afghan...yeah, I think the computer is my afghan. :D Yay for no hip pain after your exercise!

AmberPr Sounds like you are having a great time...hope you get to go to the airshow! I love your plan for the BBQ.

maryblu Your day does indeed sound perfect!

Alma4343 I do the same thing with the big picture. It's kind of freeing though if you can put that aside and just focus on that first little goal. This is one of the reasons why I decided to do a charm bracelet and add charms for every 5 pounds lost and for any other achievement or milestone I thought needed recognition. So far I've got three charms on...two were for 5 pound losses and the third for breaking the 150 milestone. I'm only 1.2 pounds away from being able to put on that fourth charm for another 5 pounds lost...1.2 pounds sounds like a pretty doable goal right now, lol.

07-17-2010, 03:30 PM
Alma, sometimes I just sprinkle a little olive oil, lemon and salt on my cucumbers. I may have to walk to the farmer's market tomorrow when I get my Starbucks and get me some cucumbers, lol.

07-17-2010, 03:38 PM
Just wanted to check in and see if my weight tracker signature is working. I've been following, and then not following, Beck for two plus years, but I know all that matters is what I do today. How do I get my weight tracker signature to appear?

07-17-2010, 03:55 PM
AnnZ: the weight tracker will appear when you've been here 20 days and made 20 posts. It's one way 3FC keep spammers at bay. Welcome!

Alma4343: Here's my favorite marinated cucumber salad recipe:

07-17-2010, 05:29 PM
Coaches/Buddies, at my mom and step-dad’s house for the weekend. For the first time I felt comfortable enough to tell them about my weight loss strategies, in spite of the fact I’m not feeling successful at them at all right now. This is a first time ever. Until now, only my husband has known about what I’ve been trying (and you).

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: travelling so don’t have a scale
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: ate lunch in car yesterday
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: somewhat
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: not yesterday at all!

Alma4343, welcome! I put my workouts in my digital calendar. I make the time for the meal planning sometimes, but am still working on this. I should go back to put these in my calendar to make it more realistic and ease the feeling of “where did my day go?” Also, you are right to just think about these five pounds. I lose track of that often.

AmberPr, I love your graphic food warning and actually really appreciate it. There are some days I can’t tolerate to hear about something because it will send me off track. Really terrific job on analyzing what went wrong on 7/14 and not beating yourself up because of it. Keep up the great work (and selfishly it is a really good role model behavior for me)!

AnnZ, yep, this is a constant struggle.

BeverlyJoy, glad to hear you are finding a doctor that you are more comfortable with.

BillBlueEyes, sorry to hear about the uncontrolled feelings of eating at the 7/15 potluck. Great job in passing by the mean desserts. Yeah, peaches here are mediocre, even at the farmer’s market. I miss South Carolina peaches at summer camp. Your blood pint & food made me laugh! Great job at “Just Say NO!”

CeeJay, glad to see you back!

GardenerJoy, thanks for the positive message about the 2 pounds down. I feel like I’m doomed to keep losing those same two over and over again! No! That is stinkin’ thinkin’! Still loving seeing your 199! I have a giant pile of mulch in my driveway. I have been trying to put out a couple of wheelbarrow loads everyday, but I’ve been really busy since I bought it! Bummer about today’s up tic on scale.

Houston2Command, congratulations on your loss! Love the dream resisting!

Lexxiss, sending calming thoughts your when while family descends upon you!

Maryblu, glad to hear your weren’t bothered by the storms. Can you blow them a couple of states south please? Thanks for sharing that even pros like you continue to have times of struggle.

Mikkijoe, great news about the Beck study group. That is great. How did the conversation with DH go? Neat that you are jumping in full force with the Beck study group. What brand of scale is that your friend has?

MutableParadox, I have to agree about the feeling of “coming home” when reading Beck.

new2me2, congratulations on breaking the 150 barrier! That is so exciting. I really like your charming charm bracelet idea too.

Nuxmaga, great job on recognizing your improved eating habits without the vending machines around.

Overlord, hope things are continuing to go well. I think I’d make myself crazy trying to be perfect for 7 consecutive days. I think it comes down to not having confidence that I’d ever be able to do it and fearing potential failure. So, I’m only making small incremental progress, but the scale movement is in no way inspiring to me right now.

Rbp, great job on all of your credits from 7/15. Other than the meal/diet plan, what other differences do you see between the pink and green books?

Seadwaters, I loved your working on “work-life balance”. I feel like in order to get the weight loss program moving, I have to take away from my work. Then my work suffers and I have to focus on it, meaning my weight loss work suffers. Augh! Really glad you are seeing scale progress! Great job on getting to the gym.

Silverbirch, what is i/c? Also, can you describe the typical meal pattern in Wales? I know you have tea, but what does that entail and what do the rest of your typical meals look like?

07-17-2010, 06:20 PM
Dear Friends

Weigh: Y

Read ARCs: Y

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: PPPPY

Formal exercise: Y
15 mins treadmill, 20 mins yoga.

Informal exercise: Y
30 mins along the shore. Lots of minor damage around after a Force 11 gale. A friend's boat capsized and had to be raised by divers.
Maryblu: I hope your friend is making good progress. A capsized boat is sad but nothing compared with her injuries.

Give credit:
* for seeing the way out of a family crisis and not going in for emotional eating. A box of chocolates was involved as a peace offering and I had one. Not a problem.
* for continuing to eat all food sitting down. I am convinced this is the cornerstone of my weightloss campaign.

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Alma: just a little vinegar is good with cucumber.

Bill: credit where credit is due. You have made headway against free samples. Continue to push back is my recommendation and they will buckle. They have to.

Onebyone: :wave:

FFC: i/c is 'in charge'. Meals here. Thank you for asking!
Breakfast: I have shredded wheat or porage with berries, cottage cheese, nuts, wheatgerm, skimmed milk. My SO wd like a cooked breakfast (bacon, fried egg, sausage, fried bread & poss other bits & pieces) but usually has toast and peanut butter or jam & eats a cooked breakfast at work. Our son has porage & honey or toast & PNB or bread & cheese with a glass of milk.
Morning snack: for me, at present, apple & hummus
Lunch, about 12.30 pm (until v recently I called this dinner): for me, pile of raw veg, tin of fish, seeded biscuit (= N Am cracker), or leftovers.
Afternoon snack: apple, hard boiled egg
Tea, about 6.30 pm (my SO calls this dinner which sounds pretentious to me but I am old-fashioned; my friends call it supper - nowadays it's most people's cooked meal). We cook from scratch in our household. I always have (55 in August). And - possible shock alert - have never had a microwave. SO's family were one of the first to get one ... Anyway, tonight we had spaghetti carbonara with green salad. SO made it, it's DB's favourite and I ate a little bit.
When we are at home we lay the table and all eat together.

People vary a lot now, though, in what they eat and when. Ask away if you have any more questions. Other people's 'normal' is fascinating.

07-17-2010, 07:58 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Not much new to report here. It has been a good food day, however, and I am greatful for that. Family dynamics are affecting me and I am trying to stay in good spirits and not eat away my emotions. I will have 4 days with my immediate family all together-which hasn't happened for a long time. When certain subjects come up I am trying to let my personal opinions just slide. It is far more important to me to stay calm and eating healthy, than all churned up.

I've been reading everyone's posts! Thanks, all, for being here!

07-17-2010, 10:14 PM
Hi Beckfolks - There's been a whole lot of stress this past week - much of which I haven't elaborated on. It's kinda piling on higher and higher. I need to keep reading my rc and do what I know works. It's way to too easy to slip out of food sanity. I will work harder to get back what I had.

Thanks so much.

07-18-2010, 12:13 AM
Thank you all for the welcoming words and encouragement. My biggest step today was getting reconnected with this forum, but I did do a couple of other steps.

Read ARCs: N
Weighed: Y (and reminded myself my weight isn't who I am)
Ate all food sitting down: YYNN
Slow, mindful eating: N
Credit: Went to the YMCA when I could have talked myself out of it
Spontaneous moving: Walked dog
Planned exercise: 20 minutes on the treadmill
Didn’t eat because of short-term hunger, cravings and/or emotional eating: N
Planned and monitored my eating: N
Followed my plan: N
Get back on track right away: N
Reported to Diet Buddy: Y

07-18-2010, 12:33 AM
Hi Beckfolks - There's been a whole lot of stress this past week - much of which I haven't elaborated on. It's kinda piling on higher and higher. I need to keep reading my rc and do what I know works. It's way to too easy to slip out of food sanity. I will work harder to get back what I had.

Thanks so much.

Sending you a big hug!!!

07-18-2010, 05:46 AM
Hi Coaches

So much for work life balance - I have been working this afternoon and now I need to go and cook dinner and chill out. I took down the curtains in my office yesterday because for the first time in ages I feel inclined to do a few things around the house - I have the energy. I was going to sand and put the first coat of paint on the woodwork around a large window. The sheet is still up, no painting started, but I got the curtains washed at least. Hopefully I will get it started soon - I have a lot of painting to do.

I haven't been very hungry for a while which is a bit of a relief. But I need to plan to eat enough or I would be way under if I didn't follow the plan. Looking forward to gym tomorrow and maybe aquafit as well if I am OK

I bought a yoghurt maker and have started my first batch - I am interested to see how it turns out!

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes - $1
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - NO - $0
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y Y N N - $0
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y Y ? Y
- Put down fork occasionally - N Y Y
- Weighed myself - Yes - down - 213.8 - $1
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - Nope - $0

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $4; Week = $4

Working on - :running:
Still on work-life balance

Have a good day Beckies

07-18-2010, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did my gym (CREDIT moi) during the hottest part of the day with DW accusing me of merely going to hang out in an air-conditioned place. Had never thought of my gym as a place to cool down, LOL.

I've been pleased with my eating lately since I've had to admit that my scale wiggle has been all above my declared maintenance weight by a few pounds instead of above and below. It's not far enough away to change my ticker, but consistent enough for an objective observer to note. So I've halved the portion of oatmeal each morning which hasn't been missed since I eat so much fruit with breakfast. I've sometimes skipped my afternoon snack if dinner was happening early, and sometimes substituted cucumber for the whole wheat pita bread to scoop up the cilantro and garlic hummus. And sometimes eaten just a bit less at a meal than I might have otherwise. No big deal, except that it is a big deal for me to take any action at all rather than wait until I've piled on 80+ pounds and am forced to admit what's happened. CREDIT moi for the small step of making small adjustments as Beck suggests that thin-people would make.

maryblu - <sigh> . . . if you can't control yourself discussing those "perfect days" you're gonna find the entire Beck Board moved to Minnesoda as your next door neighbors, LOL. Gotta love the simplicity of your advice, "just *do it . . . just do it . . . just do it . . . just do it . . . just do it" Seems like you got the answer. I join you in having to shave off a few pounds that have snuck back on.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for yet another "Exercise: +120" - despite the heat. Ouch for the "up tic" - but they do happen.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for "Did spontaneous exercise: yes" despite the traveling and being at your mom's. Neat that you're feeling comfortable about your weight loss strategies. (Our peaches have just turned into to-die-for; now I gotta try that grilled peach thing.)

Beverlyjoy - Sending supportive thoughts as you work to bring calm to the stress. Yep, keeping a hold on your food sanity is one good step to holding onto calm.

AnnZ - Good insight, "all that matters is what I do today" - similar to maryblu's "Just Do It!" You got the right answer from Joy (gardenerjoy) about the ticker. Since you've been on 3FC for 10 months, you easily pass the 20 days test; all you need to do is make a few more posts and then you'll find that the ticker option appears when you select [User CP] for the User Control Panel.

And Kudos for "Credit: Went to the YMCA when I could have talked myself out of it" - you're getting yourself back in the saddle all right.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for that work-life balance interfering on your day of rest. Neat that you're back into doing stuff around the house. Can't wait for reports on your yoghurt maker.

silverbirch - Ouch for a "Force 11 gale" - that's some wind. Kudos for facing the family crisis without wallowing in food to try to make the difficult feeling go away. Thanks for the affirmation, "Continue to push back is my recommendation and they will buckle. They have to."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Sending supportive thoughts for four days with immediate family. Kudos for planning to let your "personal opinions slide" - interesting isn't it that long term relationships with immediate family aren't seeking opinions so much as stating their positions - again, and again, and again. Kinda hard not to want to say, I think you mentioned that last time, LOL.

Donna (new2me2) - Now that's a new one for Beck, "Planned treats are not an emergency!" You remind me how often I think of food as a super high priority item worth dropping any activity at hand.

Amber (AmberPr) - Your social trip to the city with a bunch of friends sounds fun; LOL at "going sailing." Big Kudos for having, not just a plan, but a Battle plan. Yep, a "late dinner of pizza and beer" and friends is a hard one to fight.

Randi (rbp) - Ouch for that beastie that says "Eat!!!!" I've heard that cry myself. But Kudos for facing it head on and seeing that you can find an activity to counter it. With Congrats for being able to even think of an afghan in the heat.

Alma (Alma4343) - Yay cucumbers (from the man with a fridge overflowing). DW googled for cucumbers and yogurt and got a bunch of ideas. I've also done my favorite balsamic vinaigrette (no oil). Thanks for your story of how you found us here.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

During the Trip Home

Are you dreading getting on the scale?

Tell yourself, When I get on the scale, I might be heavier . . . That's okay. I planned to gain a little weight . . . As soon as I get home, I'll have more control over my food and my environment, and I'll lose it again. Make your trip home your symbolic transition from vacation eating to dieting.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 225.

07-18-2010, 11:13 AM
Yesterday was the big 45 Pounds Gone Forever closet clean-out. I weighed 240 for most of the last 15 years, so it was a lot of clothes -- two very large laundry baskets full, plus a bag of stuff too worn for Goodwil that will go to fabric recycling. And, about 10 items of professional clothing still hanging in the closet that will go to an organization that provides interview clothes for previously incarcerated women to help them get a new start on life -- they are requesting clothes at both the extra large and extra small ends, so my size 20 suits and jackets will be put to good use.

We're about to get clobbered by a thunderstorm. Everything got ominously dark in the last few minutes and the radar screen is showing a huge system headed straight for us.

WI: -0.35kg, Exercise: +0 1150/1800 minutes for July, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitChick: glad you're feeling comfortable sharing your weight loss goals a little more widely.

Lexxiss: good to hear you're still coping with things. Really helpful to realize that giving opinions is less important than staying calm and healthy. I need to work that into my family interactions!

Beverlyjoy: sending warm and supportive thoughts your way! So sorry that you have so much going on right now.

AnnZ: that's a helpful list of tasks you made--credit for that!

Silverbirch: my family in the country always called the noon meal "dinner" and the evening meal "supper" and I have a hard time using "dinner" for any meal because it has such an ambigous meaning in my head. I eat "lunch" and "supper."

seadwaters: I go through phases of not being hungry, but needing to eat to fuel my exercise, and then into other phases where I seem hungry all the time. This weight loss stuff is weird! Looking forward to hearing how your yogurt making goes.

BillBlueEyes: yay for recognizing the scale creep and doing something about it!

Waving at CeeJay, new2me2, onebyone, and anyone else who wanders by!

07-18-2010, 11:27 AM
Good morning everyone! Well, the scale is holding at my low of yesterday, so I am happy this morning. I didn't think there would be a drop today since I had a rather "carby" dinner, lol. One of my gluten-free friends at work was going on vacation and gave me some sliced ham that she had in the refrigerator at work. Ham is a safe food for me as I rarely eat it, but a ham sandwich sure sounded good, so I planned that for yesterday. I had it on a gluten free bagel and it was yummy and within my plan, but a bit more carby than I like to eat at one time. I have one more bagel left and I may have another sandwich today or my alternate meal of psuedo chili, lol, haven't decided yet.

Exercise yesterday was an hour of WIO. I haven't been sleeping again and I don't have the energy for a full out workout, so the WIO is working just fine for some activity.

AnnZ Hi Ann and welcome back to Beck!

FutureFitChick Credit for you for feeling comfortable talking with your parents, but I think you are way more successful than you think you are. Success can be measured in a lot of ways...I think we ALL would like success to equal weight loss, but sometimes just getting the mindset working right is success in its own right.

silverbirch Your 30 minutes along the shore sure sounds like a wonderful way to exercise!

Lexxiss and Beverlyjoy Major credit for holding it together amidst stressful/emotional times!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Yay for energy! I'm missing some right now, so, yeah, it sounds like something to cheer about, lol. Hum, seems to me like I bought a yogurt maker, but I can't imagine where I put it. :o Since I can't eat dairy I was going to try to make it with coconut milk. Can't wait to hear how yours turned out.

BillBlueEyes Major credit for modifications to eating plan!!!! Yeah, I'm putting food less and less as a priority and that's amazing to me.

07-18-2010, 11:29 AM
gardenerjoy You posted whilst I was composing mine! Be safe during the storm! MAJOR CREDIT FOR CLEARING OUT THAT CLOSET!!!! That is fantastic!!

07-18-2010, 05:51 PM
Dear Friends

Another good day. I weigh in every day but Sunday is my comparison day. I have lost 5lbs! At least, I have today. It may take a while to settle. I've changed my profile figs etc over there <- to show what's going on.

Plan and log food: Y

Read ARCs: YY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: YPNNP
Managing to do this is very good for the digestion. My digestion is not as good today as yesterday. Interesting.

Formal exercise: Y
25 mins treadmill, 25 mins yoga. My gymn is quieter at the weekend so I may change my routine from M-F to Sat-Wed or Wed-Sun - or something. The aim would be to get more brain space (on Sat and Sun) and more work time (M-F mornings).

Informal exercise: N

Give credit: Y
* for thinking flexibly about gymn/work/home/everything else balance

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

Debbie: good luck with the family dynamics! They can be tricky around patients. :hug: You already know that food doesn't help. Rise above it.

Beverleyjoy: we are here for you. :hug: You also know food doesn't help. 'Food sanity' is a great phrase.

07-18-2010, 06:34 PM
Coaches/Buddies, made it through the family visit OK. Wish my step-dad had it a little easier, as my mom is a food pusher and takes things very personally when he doesn’t eat 2nds like she things she should. He just had a stent put in his heart in April and has lost 50 pounds since then. She’s been slowly loosing, I think largely in part to Bayetta, although she says her appetite is down quite a lot. Still, I will it were easier for all of us.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: did not weigh
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes, and made new one for NO CHOICE!
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: not really
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no, I’ve not been good at that at all in the last day

AnnZ, great job with your accountability!

BeverlyJoy, keep going, you beautiful thing at 199! I’m so happy for you. This stress will pass and you won’t dare let the stress diminish your fantastic progress, not even an ounce.

BillBlueEyes, great job at keeping things on track with small changes. Enjoy your peaches!

CeeJay, waving to you!

GardenerJoy, what a great feeling to clean out your closets. What made you set 45# lost as the goal to do so?

Lexxiss, sending you calming and stress-reducing thoughts with your chaotic home right now. You can get through this. Don’t let their stress make you any further than your 11 pounds remaining to goal. That is not fair to you or all of your hard work.

new2me2, thanks for the kind encouragement. Way to go on happy numbers on the scale.

Seadwaters, happy for you and increased energy! Glad to hear you’ll be at the gym in the morning too.

Silverbirch, thanks so much for sharing about your meals. I really find it interesting to try and learn what is “normal” or “average” for meals in other countries. My husband shared this with me recently, which was really interesting, regarding a week’s food supply for families across the globe.,29307,1626519_1373664,00.html These two focus on school lunches around the world. And, congratulations on another loss!

07-18-2010, 07:03 PM
I've posted here a couple times just to say hello. Today is my Day 6 in the book. Finding a diet coach. I do not know anyone IRL that will be understanding enough to be there for me. I do know that the people on this forum are some of the best people out there though. So I am choosing to use this forum as my coach.

I've put my ARC list in my siggy since I am on here so often I will always see it.

My two diets I chose are: WonderSlim which is what I currently follow now. It's a shake based diet with low fat/lower carbs/more protein build. For me this is a healthy diet choice and I enjoy this. If I decide that for any reason WonderSlim is not working or not ideal for me I will be falling back on a low GI plan due to being pre-diabetic.

I find the hardest thing to do now is eat slowly and mindfully. I have no trouble eating sitting down or with out distractions, but I have always eaten fast. I am however working on it!

Edit: Another thing I forget is CREDIT. Yay me for doing this post even though it is daunting to join a new group of people. ^_^

Alright, done overloading this post for now. Thanks for listening. I will be more involved as the week progresses. Have a good Sunday.

07-18-2010, 10:05 PM
Kelly (MutableParadox), I know you will be a great contributor/mutual diet coach to our group. Just your user name reinforces what I have said so loudly and often about my dear Beckies:

We are an extremely smart and diverse group, led by our own fearless leader, BillBE.

Gardenerjoy, what a significant undertaking---getting rid of clothes that are too big and you are confident you will never need again. Yay, to 45 pounds gone forever! So be it. "I wish it were easier for all of us". *sigh. Amen. And thanks for the websites on school lunches around the world. There is a part of me always puzzled and guilty about the fact that we have to work to *eat less food when so much of the world is hungry.

Beverlyjoy, sorry for the stress. I hope you can keep the Beck program close and maintain control over that part of you life. You have done so very well; I hope you will give yourself credit, and *empower yourself to continue the success you have realized with Beck. It is so ironic for me that the time I *can control my eating is during sadness/stress; I have no appetite during those times. I eat when I am happy, and since I am happy about 95% of the time....well...I *struggle!

BillBE: these pounds have not snuck up on me...I knew there was no way that I would not gain given my behavior. I am *amazed the gain is not less. I always say. "better lucky than good."

'Lo to all my other dear Beckies.

07-19-2010, 12:06 AM
Hello all, hope you had a great weekend! I really had a nice time with friends yesterday, found a couple treasures at the sales and did 50/50 with the diet plan. That said, I'm really glad to be home and I'm really ready to get back on track.

I started out with an eating plan yesterday but, because we were so busy rummage "sailing" and the guys played golf so long, I ended up having Chinese food for lunch. I have no idea how to count those calories. I had Chicken and broccoli- about 1/2 to 3/4 of the portion-- no egg roll, no beverage. At the party, I stayed half on plan, but I know I had an extra glass or two of liquid calories, but I did switched to water after dinner and passed on the raspberry pie. It was half way successful for a party. :dunno:

I also had a short talk with someone who has been trying to help me with my eating plan. I haven't been losing like I think I should. So much of the time my calorie count is 1400 to 1700. Based on the Beck plan and others I have read, I should be at 2100 - not enough calories. He's really stressing for me to eat more protein too. Because I walk so much, he thinks my body is eating up the carbs and then my muscle which is in turn lowering my metabolism. (I'm not sure if this is related, but all summer, when I walk, my legs ache like I justed a new high intencty workout. Do you think this could be my muscle rebuilding all the time because I keep loosing it, instead of adjusting???) I'm going to start watching my protein intake. He's suggesting 75 grams a day. I'll let you know how it goes.

I just finished figuring out my food plan for tomorrow. I'm using the recommendations from the Beck plan. I thought I was going to have to have a protein shake for one of my snacks, but after seeing how much protein is in beef (dinner), I'm going to forgo that! My plan is to have the same B/L/Snacks all week so that It's not so time consuming to figure it all out -- just dinner to figure out!
:cheer2: Credits
Ate seated
Figured out plan for tomorrow
Checking in
...... hmm I need to pay more attention :o
Gardenerjoy: Think that bloating could be salt?

MaryBlu: Yep, it's a short season of run, run, run! Hope the line to the Tall Ships isn't so long this year. I understand they've got the kinks worked out of that. (You can have all that great food, just plan for it!)

Alma: Wow, you are really hitting it hard! I'm loving the "little" rewards of this plan, vs. the pass fail of so many past diet plans. Every 5 lbs. counts!

New2me2: Congrat's on the weight loss!

FutureFitChick: Those family dynamics are so hard. I know I always feel like there's more I should do, but really, it's up to them...

Silverbich: Congrats on the weightloss! That's impressive.

Debbie (Lexxiss) & BeverlyJoy:
Big hugs. This to shall pass.

AnnZ: Congratulations for staying on track. Every steps is forward progress.

Cheryl (seedwaters): Have fun with your project.

BillBlueEyes: That's great that you are correcting right away!

Gardenerjoy: Hope you're planning to fill up that closet with some fun stuff!

Kelly (Mutable): Welcome! I supplement with protein shakes and actually did an herb-a-life 9 week challenge. I'm curious to see how it goes for you!

Good Night, sleep tight-- don't let the cookie monster bite! :cookie:


07-19-2010, 05:53 AM
Hi Coaches

Took my lunch and stuck with what I took so CREDIT to me. I also made it to the gym tonight and enjoyed my workout so that has to be good. Will try to - oops definitely - make it back Wednesday after work as well. It is in my diary. I had no snacks so feeling a bit hungry tonight and will be pleased to finish here and get my dinner! Tomorrow is a sick day because I am getting my central line (portacath) removed (what they use to administer chemotherapy). It is some sort of landmark so that is nice. Some say you should keep it in in case - I say they can put another one in if they need it. This phase is over and done and there will be no phase 2 - time to move on.

My yoghurt was a total success - of course I had to do a test run when I already had a kg of it in fridge - now I have 2kg - the dogs will enjoy it. I didn't use their mixes and potions but made it from scratch with organic milk and starter etc (found a recipe on the web that used the Thermos etc). It was great and I will continue

AmberPr - Glad you are back in your food comfort zone - it is difficult to be out and about. Yay for getting your plan worked out for tomorrow. Your idea to stick to the same snacks, breakfast and lunch is something that a number here have said they do - and it helped me work out a sensible food plan. The Beck food plan is pretty high in protein and if you pick protein snacks as recommended you will have no trouble with the protein content

BeverlyJoy - Sending hugs and supportive thoughts your way :hug:. If you need to offload and elaborate - if you think it will help - go for it. I wish food sanity on you - I am always impressed when I see how far you have come.

BillBlueEyes - Great plan to take control now of your eating and possible weight creep. It is so easy for inertia and habit to lead to ignoring it. Thanks for the reminder - but you better hang around and remind us all again when we have hit maintenance

CeeJay - :wave:- hope you are hanging in there

Debbie (Lexxiss) - The whole family - ALL together - is a challenge for one day. 4 days you say? It sounds like a plan to give up on personal opinions in that context - your calm and healthy mantra seems rational. Sending soothing thoughts.

Donna (new2me2) - Ouch for lack of sleep - always challenging to be overtired. Yay for a staying at your low - mine keeps swinging around!

Futurefitchick - Family visits are always a mixed blessing - credit for getting through it. The credits you had are powerful ones - I have trouble with leaving food on the plate because I always serve exactly the portions I plan - maybe I should put on extra! Bit risky for me I think. Thanks for the web links - lunches looked interesting

Gardenerjoy - Your closet clean-out sounds amazing - "45 pounds gone forever" - what a milestone. Hope the storm was kind to you

Kelly (MutableParadox) - Great range of coaches here - you made a wise choice. Yay you indeed - give yourself credit for finding and using your coaches and making a plan and giving yourself credit!

SilverBirch - Yay for the weight loss - always a happy event when the scale is down

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO - $0
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Yes - $1
- Logged food soon after eating - YES - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y N Y Y - $1
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y N Y Y
- Put down fork occasionally - Y N Y
- Weighed myself - Yes - honestly can't remember - up I think - $1
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - Nope - $0

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $5; Week = $9

Working on - :running:
sensible snacks and remembering to have them

Have a good day Beckies

07-19-2010, 07:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At dinner last evening I left some mashed sweet potato on my plate; CREDIT moi. I almost never leave food on my plate so that felt good.

Exercise was several journeys on my bike, CREDIT moi, just here and there, but they all included not stopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's to indulge in the samples.

maryblu - Joyous statement there, "I am happy about 95% of the time" - worth reveling in on its own. I suspect that most of us would agree with your insight, "I knew there was no way that I would not gain given my behavior" if we were paying more attention. I have this tendency to cringe when I weigh myself on the day after an indulgence and, when I'm don't immediately see a gain, then think there was no effect. Just a touch of denial, that.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Goodbye 45 pounds and all the clothes sized to cover them. Kudos for working so diligently to see that your stuff goes to good use, especially admiring getting some professional clothes to the recently released to help overcome the huge prejudice they face at reintroduction into society.

FutureFitChick - Congrats on a successful family visit without it being derailed by your mom-the-food-pusher. Big Congrats to your step-dad for responding to his stent by losing 50 pounds; encouraging role model for you.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Goodbye portacath - thanks but goodbye. Kudos for letting it go; you're done with that - "time to move on." And Yay for too much yoghurt made from scratch with organic milk. Your dogs lead a good life, LOL.

silverbirch - Congrats on the 5 gone, and Kudos for the re-planning your exercise to adjust to your environment. Some days I like a quiet gym to do my workout in peace with all the equipment just for me, and some days I'm motivated by the masses of bodies moving, lifting, and sweating.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for a ham sandwich; Double Yay for a Planned ham sandwich. Kudos for "food less and less as a priority" - what a neat place to be.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for "sailing" treasures. And Kudos for being clear in monitoring your eating while on your vacation with friends. The quote from Beck today is worth noting - back on plan without trying to overcompensate. I've become a believer that protein consumed just before or just after strenuous exercise helps prevent that ache and also contributes to muscle rebuilding. The advice for amount of protein per day isn't universal - you're left with the old experiment-for-one that goes for most issues of your eating plan.

Kelly (MutableParadox) - Yes indeed, Kudos for giving yourself credit for joining a new group - it is a bit intimating to do that. And Kudos for charging forward in your Beck program days up to that challenge of the Diet Coach. Yep, we're all willing to serve as your on-line Diet Coaches and ask that you serve as Diet Coach to each of us.

That slow eating thing came as a surprise to a bunch of us. Must be some desire to get it all down before the full signal cuts us off.

Readers - day 32
Prepare for Travel

During the Trip Home

Plan what you're going to eat for the rest of the day as well as tomorrow. Many dieters try to quickly undo their weight gain by overly restricting their eating when they return. Avoid this temptation because it will put you at risk for overeating within a few days. Make sure to reestablish your helpful eating behaviors, such as eating everything slowly and while sitting down, planning your meals in writing the night before, and monitoring everything you eat. Also, call you diet coach as soon as possible.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 225.

07-19-2010, 07:31 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Life and my relationship with food continues as I welcomed all the family to my home yesterday. Interestingly, I had a seriously unplanned emotional response (which included unplanned food) in the first hour after everyone gathered in my yard. All I can do right now is acknowledge it, and try to plan for a better day today. The collateral damage was minimal but I did not enjoy the power which I gave away in eating food not on my plan. I did get to ride my bike further than I have in the past 3 weeks which was nice.

I am enjoying a quiet morning and am going to read through my Beck chapters relating to emotional and unplanned eating. I'm not able to plan my meals a day ahead while family is here, but I have the techniques I need to make healthy choices-I just need to make healthy choices-today.

Thanks for posting, everyone. I read every word each day and appreciate all the insight which is so freely offered here.

Beverlyjoy, my heart goes out to you today and every day! I know this is such a difficult time and I know you will get through it because you have worked so hard to establish food sanity. One day at a time, friend. :hug:

BillBlueEyes, "CREDIT moi for the small step of making small adjustments as Beck suggests that thin-people would make". Very powerful! I always appreciate wisdom from successful maintainers.

Cheryl (seadwaters), Thanks for sharing your continued successes! I especially enjoy hearing of your increasing successes with exercises. I thought of you yesterday as I was on my bike-I feel more committed to healthy food choices when I am exercising. Yay! for having energy to do extra things! It is an great reward for exercise and healthy food choices!

AmberPr, *credit* for making much better choices in your present moment...skipping eggrolls and raspberry pie and getting through it are great life choices!

maryblu, "these pounds have not snuck up on me...I knew there was no way that I would not gain given my behavior.". I thought about the same thing yesterday after eating crappy food-it will show up somewhere, especially if I keep indulging. I always appreciate your insights...thx!

Kelly (MutableParadox), Thanks for trusting this group as your diet coach choice. *credit* for jumping in although it seems daunting. You are making great progress with your WL!

FutureFitChick, thanks for sharing your successful visit with family...inspiring for me. Thanks, also for encouraging words. I, too, wish it were easier, but it is what it is.

silverbirch, congrats! on your WL. *credit* for working on "balance" in your life!

Donna (new2me2), *credit* for continuing on during times with little sleep. I have sleep issues, too, and sometimes it IS important to scale back a bit when sleep has been short. Other times, I feel I need to just keep

gardenerjoy, Wow! I felt great just hearing about your thoughtful clothing purge! I, too, am never going back. Somehow, after all those years, it just feels different now. Yay! for onederland!

CeeJay, :wave: Thanks for stopping by to encourage others!

AnnZ, Welcome! I find keeping connected with 3FC tops my list! *credit* for reconnecting!

Alma4343, Welcome! I hope you got your boat ride in the other day! I find I don't track everything all the time-I get too overwhelmed. I try to keep tabs on what I'm working on at the moment. Last fall I tracked every minute of exercise for months-once I was confident that my daily routine gave me lots of minutes I quit tracking and kept exercising!

Randi (rbp),Welcome! Good job working on not being discouraged after unplanned eating. I think it is essential when looking at long term changes in WOE.

Houston2Command, " I trust in my integrity to be the person I want to be." Very powerful! Thanks!

Mikkijoe, Welcome! I'm glad to hear you will have real life accountability in addition to the coaches here! Every little bit helps! Ouch! I just read about DH bringing you food that isn't on your plan....ouch again! I hope it is resolving itself, and if not, that you can feel comfortable to ask the coaches to help with a solution. My DH doesn't have a weight problem and it is really important to me that he understand mine.

Shepherdess, I enjoyed reading your article in the Wyoming Livestock Roundup! *credit* for working hard on your passions!

Overlord, Nuxmaga, onebyone, Wendylan, AnneWonders, :wave: :wave:

I hope I have not missed anyone-certainly not intentional. In reality, I don't see my life getting any less complicated in the near future with my Mom and my pup. In the next week, as the family migrates back to their homes I hope to get back in a "new groove" with all my added responsibilities.

07-19-2010, 10:21 AM
Yesterday's storm was just a bit of wind and some welcome rain for us. We're about to get another one, but it's much smaller in scale. I need to tie my tomatoes up a little better, they're getting windblown.

Quick post today, but I wanted to record my new low after complaining about the scale over the weekend!

WI: -0.5kg (new low), Exercise: +60 1210/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitChick: I cleaned out my closet now because I just now acquired enough clothes that fit to let go of the ones that didn't. The last time I got to 200, my weight popped right back up again. I was refusing to buy new clothes because I still had more to lose. I think that sabotaged my loss because, subconsciously, I needed to gain again to fit into my clothes. This time, I have new lovely clothes and I'm getting rid of the old ones, so my unconscious is going to get the message!

seadwaters: yay for removing the portacath! That's a reason to celebrate! So cool that your yogurt turned out! I may have to try that.

Hugs to Lexxis, Beverlyjoy, and anyone else who wants them. Hope you all have a good start to a good week!

07-19-2010, 11:30 AM
Good morning everyone! Another sleepy Monday, lol, although I DID get more sleep last night.

I was up slightly on the scale today, but that was to be expected with my "carby" sandwiches the past two days. It should go back down again...I'm out of bagels, lol.

My total Walk It Out time was 1 hour and 45 minutes yesterday. Spontaneous exercise...well, I guess I'll count the laundry since I avoid doing that until absolutely necessary, lol.

silverbirch YAY!!! Congratulations on 5lbs lost!

MutableParadox Glad you've decided to join us!!!

AmberPr Eating out is always challenging, but it sounds like you did a great job!

seadwaters (Cheryl) Wow, congratulations for finishing phase 1 and moving on!! I bet you are so happy to have the CL taken out.

BillBlueEyes Yay for leaving food on your plate...especially mashed sweet potato!!!

Lexxiss You have some of the most profound statements!! You said "but I did not enjoy the power which I gave away in eating food not on my plan." This is major!! We DO have the power and we DO give it away, don't we?!

gardenerjoy I'm so happy the storm was not serious! Some places got hit pretty badly over the weekend! Yay for a new low!!!!

Waving to maryblu, FutureFitChick

07-19-2010, 11:32 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - At dinner last evening I left some mashed sweet potato on my plate; CREDIT moi. I almost never leave food on my plate so that felt good.

Exercise was several journeys on my bike, CREDIT moi, just here and there, but they all included not stopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's to indulge in the samples.
Kelly (MutableParadox) - Yes indeed, Kudos for giving yourself credit for joining a new group - it is a bit intimating to do that. And Kudos for charging forward in your Beck program days up to that challenge of the Diet Coach. Yep, we're all willing to serve as your on-line Diet Coaches and ask that you serve as Diet Coach to each of us.

That slow eating thing came as a surprise to a bunch of us. Must be some desire to get it all down before the full signal cuts us off.

Yay for leaving food on your plate! Awesome. And, thank you for inspiring me!

Hello Beck friends:wave:

Life and my relationship with food continues as I welcomed all the family to my home yesterday. Interestingly, I had a seriously unplanned emotional response (which included unplanned food) in the first hour after everyone gathered in my yard. All I can do right now is acknowledge it, and try to plan for a better day today. The collateral damage was minimal but I did not enjoy the power which I gave away in eating food not on my plan. I did get to ride my bike further than I have in the past 3 weeks which was nice.

I am enjoying a quiet morning and am going to read through my Beck chapters relating to emotional and unplanned eating. I'm not able to plan my meals a day ahead while family is here, but I have the techniques I need to make healthy choices-I just need to make healthy choices-today.

Thanks for posting, everyone. I read every word each day and appreciate all the insight which is so freely offered here.

Kelly (MutableParadox), Thanks for trusting this group as your diet coach choice. *credit* for jumping in although it seems daunting. You are making great progress with your WL!

I think you are handling everything so well! I know it is hard when there are guests/family around. It is great that you are acknowledging this and being positive! Keep it up! Also, thank you for the kind words!

Quick post today, but I wanted to record my new low after complaining about the scale over the weekend!

Grats on the new low! Good job!


And Good Monday Morning to everyone. :)

07-19-2010, 11:36 AM
Good morning everyone! Another sleepy Monday, lol, although I DID get more sleep last night.

I was up slightly on the scale today, but that was to be expected with my "carby" sandwiches the past two days. It should go back down again...I'm out of bagels, lol.

My total Walk It Out time was 1 hour and 45 minutes yesterday. Spontaneous exercise...well, I guess I'll count the laundry since I avoid doing that until absolutely necessary, lol.

MutableParadox Glad you've decided to join us!!!

Today is a sleepy Monday. Credit for the exercise and double credit for the laundry! Ugh I dislike laundry so much. haha.

Thanks for being so welcoming.

07-19-2010, 01:32 PM
Hello Hello

Well Monday morning, here it is! I am suffering a little bit from too much sun this weekend. Not in a sunburn manner, as I have had skin cancer and I take very good care of myself not to get burned. But I just had too much Sun, and my body reacts as if I had a pint of vodka! Headache, cloudy thinking, upset stomach....pretty much a sunshine hangover LOL BUT it will wear off soon and I will be fine

This weekend was great, and I will rarely post on the weekend as it is dedicated to my family time. We started Saturday with Green smoothies on the porch. Kale, Romaine, Lemon, Cilantro, Ginger, Banana, Apple and Bluegerries. Taste was great, texture was horrid!!!! BUT that problem solved itself since the Magic Bullet that we were using to blend it was smoking when we were done!
Next day we made the same thing with my new "Ninja" and it was very smooth....We needed more cilantro and lemon, but it was good.
We made a vegetarian Lasagna Saturday that was fantastic! Probably the best lasagna I have ever made, and I am a good cook! We substituted half of the ricotta for tofu, and it was not missed. Packed the sauce with carrots, celery, green and yellow squash. Great stuff!
Sunday we spent the day at our large park where Luis Palau was there with multiple Christian bands, Extreme moto-cross, Skateboarders, etc. I packed a cooler of lunch supplies and we did well, had a great time.
This week will be short I have a business meeting on the West side of the state Friday, so we will have a 4 hour drive there Thursday night, I will be in the meeting most of the day while kids and DH are in the pool, then we will stay an additional day and play a little then drive home Saturday. We are going to pack some foods, to be healthy as well as save money.

Anyway, working on lots of projects, and trying to get this study group off and rolling soon, we have a start date of Aug 4th I believe.

Amber, protien kickers I personally would suggest; Beans, quinuoa, tofu, cottage cheese, these are nice additions that dont have a drastic effect on the fat grams!

Seadwaters: congrats on the removal of the portacatch! Thats fantastic news

Wish I had time for more personals, but not phone is ringing off the hook

07-19-2010, 03:31 PM
I’m finally sitting down and actually planning. I’ve been saying that I need to plan, but haven’t actually done it. I’ve just been lazy about it. I’ve been so busy with so many other things that I haven’t wanted to bother with planning. I’d like to say that I haven’t had the time to plan, but the truth is that I haven’t bothered to make the time. So I finally took a few minutes this AM to make a plan. It doesn’t take much time and it will, in fact, save time when I’m getting groceries. Imagine that, organization saves time.

I’m still going strong on marathon training. I’ve got less than a month left and am feeling really positive about it. There are always things that can go wrong, but I know I’m doing what I need to do to be successful. Now if I could only transfer some of that commitment to my eating. . .

07-19-2010, 03:34 PM
Just a cherry-picking of personals today. I’ve been reading and enjoying all your posts when I can, but I continue to have trouble with this site from my home computer. It’s just frustratingly slow and I get lots of error messages. I’m taking the opportunity today to mess with it since I have a lot of work at the computer anyways.

Welcome MultableParadox and Alma4343! And yes, MultableParadox, you’re in good company.

Maryblu, my condolences to all those in ag in your neck of the woods. It’s so humbling to think about how we are at the mercy of the weather and there are few industries that feel it more than in ag. I thought of you when I while watching the rodeo the other night. One of the girls carrying the sponsor banners through the arena was riding a very pretty Arabian.

New2me2, congrats on breaking the 150 mark! Your animal guide charm is well deserved.

SilverBirch, Armenian Lentil soup sounds amazing! You’ve given me a great idea, though I’ll probably skip the chicken bits. Big congrats on 5 lbs down!

CeeJay, great job on doing so well on an out of town trip. 2 out of 3 days is great!

Mikkijo, I just noticed that you are from WA. Love the state; great people! I grew up in NE WA and met my DH while we were in college in Walla Walla. It’s wonderful that you’re spreading the Beck message to the weight loss clinic. LOL at sunshine hangover. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Houston2Command, hope you are feeling better. Yay for being firmly in the 160’s! LOL at dream resisting—it must mean something.

BillBE, I’m giving you a belated congrats on resisting all those FREE samples at Costco. You’re resistance is an inspiration to me. Great job taking action when you objectively analyze that scale info!

FutureFitChick, great job enlisting the support of your family! I know how hard it is, but now they will be aware. They can contribute to a healthy food environment and you have a good answer when you need to turn down food.

Beverlyjoy and Lexxiss, hugs while you’re under so much stress. I know how hard it is to stay on track when anxiety and stress start to get out of control. Sending supportive thoughts.

Seadwaters, yay for the extra energy to do stuff around the house. Your commitment to exercise must be paying off.

Gardenerjoy, yay for cleaning out the closet and putting those clothes to such a good use! Congrats on another new low.

AmberPr, best of luck figuring out a good eating strategy. The plan in the Green Book worked really well for me, but I did have to tweak it a bit. Dieting is such a personal thing. You just have to experiment until you find what works for you. I read once that most people who successfully maintained a weight loss designed their own plan rather than relying on a set program.

07-19-2010, 04:00 PM
Shepherdess--I am in Yakima, not too far from Walla Walla. And have lots of friends who have gone to school there, in fact we just hired our associate Pastor from there. Love our sunshine here, as long as I am not directly in it. I was raised on the west side of WA or the WET when it rains I go outside my office and watch it, since it will only last 20 minutes or so! I love the smell of new rain, but hate the smell of floods! (west side smell!)
Its funny the people are different in WA as you go over the passes too! Maybe the clouds effect people, I know there is so much more depression on the west side because of the lack of sunshine

07-19-2010, 05:34 PM
Dear Friends

A wet, wet day here. I wrestled with a few financial annoyances. I wrote some good paragraphs. I moved forward with some domestic stuff involving dust bunnies, a large box and a pile of jigsaw puzzles. Success, I suppose. It comes in all shapes and sizes. We, above all, should know that. :)

Plan and log food: Y
There was a half-planned chocolate involved. It kept wheels moving in a civilised way.

Read ARCs:YY

Eat all food sitting down: YYYYY

Slow, mindful eating: PYYPY

Formal exercise: Y
30 mins treadmill; 35 mins yoga & stretching

Informal exercise: N

Give credit: YYY
* I went to the gymn
* I ate the food I packed
* I seem to be in the swing of eating all food sitting down.

Post on 3FC or text friend: Y

I'm glad all you new people have hopped aboard. But I love all you veterans too. And I think about those people who've just stopped for a while. ... And you lurkers.

07-19-2010, 07:30 PM
Coaches/Buddies, went to the gym this morning – almost got there on time for once. Started out the work out in pain and ended the work out in different pain. Ugh! Celebrated a co-workers birthday with lunch at a tapas restaurant buffet, at which I did not get seconds and chose food very well. Yea!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: 251 (not sure where I was last time I reported)
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: somewhat
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: yes
Left food on my plate: no

AmberPr, good job with your plan and I’m glad you’ve got an advisor in real life too.

BillBlueEyes, great job on no stops to the grocery stores! Yes, step-dad is encouraging role model, but he tends to be able to drop weight REALLY fast (e.g. 50 pounds since March/April). I can’t do it that fast because I turn in to a super grouch and feel like I’m going to completely lose it!

GardenerJoy, so great you’re at a new low!!! I can’t wait to see your updated ticker. Great advice on the letting go of clothes before they hold you back!

Lexxiss, sorry to hear about your power being taken from you. But, you are strong and I know you’ve got it back now! This was one of the first successes I’ve ever had with my family around the issue of dieting – and I started dieting when I was about 12!

Mikkijoe, I’m glad to hear about your sunshine hangover (not that you had it). I think I’ve had similar experiences and never associated the two. Your green drinks sound interesting and the lasagna substitution of tofu for ricotta is ingenious. I will have to try that.

MutableParadox, great job so far! Thanks for posting. I’m in your position too where I don’t have good IRL support. Good job on posting, finding your diet, and formalizing your coaches.

new2me2, great job on the exercise!

Seadwaters, I’m so excited to hear about your landmark! That is great! I love making homemade yogurt. I’ve been doing it in a crock pot from the recipe I got here: It’s cheap too!

Shepherdess, cheers that you are feeling so good about the marathon training! I’m not sure how much my family can actually support healthy eating. My mom does all of the cooking/shopping, and she couldn’t resist serving sweet cinammon bread for breakfast, all the while knowing both my step-dad and me are trying to lose weight. I guess I will always hope that someday she’ll be able to support me more in a way that I need in this and in life in general. But, I guess I should accept, as I finally was able to with my dad (before he died), that I can’t expect the ideal parent I crave; she just isn’t capable of more.

Silverbirch, great job on appreciating your accomplishments and getting to the gym!

07-19-2010, 07:56 PM
Yogurt.....whole sugar and dyes....Me Likey ALOT

07-19-2010, 10:21 PM
Just checking in for the day. I am trying to "get to know" everyone by their posts.

So, tomorrow is the day I have picked to skip lunch. I actually do not know the last time I missed a meal. I am actually a little excited about it. I realized in the challenge to determine hunger level, craving or desire that I REALLY don't know what hunger feels like anymore. I think I have cravings A LOT, but it doesn't seem like I am hungry often. (And, this is even while sticking to my calorie plan)

Oh and thanks for the cucumber ideas. They were really good.

I will report in on how I do with skipping lunch.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Today's stats for me:

Read Advantage cards x2 Yes
Read Response cards Yes
Eat slowly and Mindfully Yes
Give credit Yes
Spontaneous Exercise - Yes, kayaking small lake by my house
Planned Exercise - Yes, Body Pump class
Write Tomorrows Food Plan - Yes
Track Today’s food- Yes
Weigh weekly- Wed Not time
Take Vitamins- Yes

07-20-2010, 12:17 AM
:cheer2:I followed my food plan today! :cheer2:

Mondays are always a catch-up day for me at work. Having my meals planned was one less thing to think about - and I'm really full tonight. I'm planning to have the same B/L/ and snacks, so that plan is ready to go, except I still have to figure out dinner. I'll do that soon.

:cheer2: Credits

Read Advantages Deck: nope
Read Response Cards: nope
Weighed myself: yep
slow mindful eating: yep
Counted some credits: yep
Exercise: 2x
Tolerated hunger and non-hunger every time I wanted to eat: yep
Recognized fullness sets in after 20 minutes: yep
Stopped eating when food was gone: yep
Calmed down before I ate: yep
Contacted Diet Buddy: yep
fork down between bites: nope
leave a bite: nope
eat seated only: yep
no seconds: yep
lots of water: some
feel fullness: yep
TASTE the food: yep
Beck book: nope

:write: Hi, How are you?

Seadwaters: Congratulations on the milestone!

BillBlueEyes: Leaving food on your plate is a great way to save on calories.

Debbie (Lexxiss): I'm glad you're taking the time to review your Beck's. It's such a great tool for getting back on track.

Gardenerjoy: Hope you're having a great day and I'm happy your scale is wiggling!

New2me2: That "Walk it Out" sounds like it really keeps you going. I'm thinking I'm going to have to invest in it this winter.

Kelly (Mutable): Hope you are having a great Monday!

Mikkijoe: Your smoothie recipe sounds interesting. Do you have a recipe? I'm trying to incorporate more beans - I have about four recipes I like. Chili, Cowboy Salsa, baked beans and bean soup. I need a few more.

Shepherdess: Making a plan has been the most helpful thing for me. Best of luck with the training!

Silverbirch: Yeah for taking care of business!

FutureFitChick: I love a buffet! :cheer2: Yeah for healthy choices.

Alma: Hope your lunch test went well!

07-20-2010, 01:06 AM
*sigh. ANOTHER perfect day. Ate outside on the lake at a great Mexican restaurant..split a delightful meal and then spent time walking along the lake..perfect temp..perfect breeze..the breeze was actually a caress. *sigh.

As much as I resent how freakin' fast summer is going, there is so much to look forward to doing/seeing; too bad it is all jammed up. Tall Ships is the same weekend as the Blues Fest (across the entire state) as girl's week on the island, as a trip to Mayo to help a friend as some surprise thing I have agreed to in the middle of ND! The mania continues. I just hope that by jammin' it all in, I can make summer go more slowly. ..yeah...right...*that'll work.

Alma, it is neat that you are excited about skipping a meal. It is a good way to gauge hunger, and I need to do it again. It is just a good reality check on so many levels. Thanks for reminder!

Mikkijoe, thanks for the lasagna tip and the reminder that you can really change things up with a little imagination.

07-20-2010, 05:58 AM
Hi Coaches

I got the portacath out - a less invasive procedure than having it in and while I was pleased to get rid of this little under-the-skin invader it did its job well. I was even able to drive myself home. I bought coffee (grounds) on the way home and "decided" to have an unplanned celebratory ANZAC biscuit. By the time I picked up the coffee I had forgotten it and left the store without it - sigh

My (Big/elder) sister is coming on Friday for the weekend. She is leaving my fathers 15yo blind, deaf and frail dog as she is going overseas for 4 weeks - she has never really gone so this is fabulous for her. The dog thing is a nightmare. My two bullies will give it **** and it will freak out when my sister leaves - oh well - we will manage. The whole food thing will be interesting. I live alone for lots of really good reasons.

I waited 20 mins last night because I was still REALLY hungry after dinner - it did sort of settle down

Alma (Alma4343) - Good luck with your "hunger" day tomorrow - it is interesting to see if hunger is actually recognisable!

AmberPr - You sound like you are doing well. I came up with a list of dinners I liked and could live with and basically rotate them - my 'go-to' meals. When I am rushed and hungry and get home from work late they save me. That and having a list of what is in the freezer so I can make quick plans in the morning

BillBlueEyes - Leaving food on plate - I need to practice that or even try it in fact. Credit for not making any food stops

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Seriously unplanned emotional responses are what families tend to create - not always bad of course but difficult to manage where food is concerned! Expecting my sister has almost tipped me over the edge

Donna (new2me2) - Good thing you are out of bagels! Lots of exercise - you are my hero

Gardenerjoy - Glad the storm spared you and cooled you down. YAY for a new low - you are doing so well. The yoghurt is really easy - you just need a Thermos of some description. And it turned out just like Jalna Biodynamic plain yoghurt - which is the yoghurt I used as the starter. I will need to experiment more

Futurefitchick - Credit for no seconds and sensible choices - doesn't it feel good! Home made yoghurt certainly is cheap and it is fun! I will have to think of flavours to incorporate

Maryblu - Summer will be back - as always

Mikkijoe - What an interesting smoothie / green monster. I will have to try it. You sound like you have a busy week ahead

Shepherdess - Yay for making the time to make a plan - you are doing well. Especially when trying to focus on marathon training. That must mess with your requirements

SilverBirch - Yay for successes - against dustbunnies or diet planning

Credits - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - NO - $0
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes - $1
- Made food plan - Not really - $0
- Logged food soon after eating - YES - $1
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Posted to the list - Here I am
- Ate seated every time - YES - Y N N - $0
- Ate mindfully and slowly - Y N Y Y
- Put down fork occasionally - Y N Y
- Weighed myself - Yes - honestly can't remember - up I think - $1
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - Nope - $0

TALLY (only red ones earn money!) - DAY = $3; Week = $12

Working on - :running:
Trying to fit everything in (Work life balance again)

Have a good day Beckies

07-20-2010, 07:22 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did fine with my eating at the spread at a memorial service for a friend, CREDIT moi, until I got to the bowl of candied pecans. OUCH OUCH OUCH. Everything I've learned with Beck seems to evaporate when I face a large bowl with roasted/candied nuts. Know that I've reported this here before. Obviously it's a trigger food/situation for me. Gotta work on some strategies to counter that since bowls of nuts appear at functions all the time.

Exercise was limited to riding my bike to the memorial service since I knew that parking was going to be very limited and not taking my car would leave a space for others. But CREDIT moi for the short bike ride anyway.

maryblu - Just savor these "perfect day" after "perfect day" - think of them as your reward for staying on plan, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, our tomatoes are also outgrowing their cages and need some long stakes for additional support. We were driven inside from the patio last evening by rain - by lightning, thunder, and drops of rain that never turned into a good watering for the plants.

Shepherdess - Kudos for planning - the staff of life. Love the sardonic insight, "Imagine that, organization saves time" - I need to engrave that on my forehead to get it into my brain.

FutureFitChick - Super success at the tapas restaurant - Kudos for that. Ouch for the pain, and particularly for pain changing locations. Are you doing anything for it?

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - It's a big deal to forget an "unplanned celebratory ANZAC biscuit." - best of both worlds: you had your brief indulgence and then don't have to absorb the calories. Good luck with your frail dog visitor for four weeks - I suspect that the pack will sort itself out, although maybe not as you, as head dog, might wish.

silverbirch - LOL at the insight that success, like dust bunnies and others, comes in all shapes and sizes. Funny that "dust bunnies" survives the language gap - wonder if there's a similar phrase in other languages. Kudos for all that "food sitting down."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Both Ouch and Yay for the upwelling of emotions that arrive with family. Kudos for recovering and keeping your course. We'll be cheering you on as their stay continues.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for sleep. I'm almost overwhelmed with articles touting sleep as a natural defense against every ailment known to mankind. I like the notion that if you avoid doing laundry long enough then you can count it as exercise. Wonder if I could apply that principal to doing my taxes, LOL.

Mikkijoe - "sunshine hangover" is a new one for me. Kudos for such a fun, mindful weekend with your cooler of lunch supplies.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for "TASTE the food: yep" - I've really enjoyed the experience of slowing down and savoring each bite. Enjoy today as the first non-Monday day of the week.

Kelly (MutableParadox) - And Good Monday Morning back atya' with a Good Tuesday Morning thrown in.

Alma (Alma4343) - Good luck with your hunger skipping exercise at lunch time today. Love that image of kayaking on a small lake by your house.

Readers - day 33
Eliminate Emotional Eating

Just about everyone with a weight problem eats for emotional reasons from time to time. One dieter I worked with, Pam, ate when she was anxious or sad. Patricia ate when she felt overwhelmed. Robert ate when he was lonely or bored. Lucy ate when she was angry.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 227.

07-20-2010, 11:05 AM
Hi everyone. Sorry this sickness has me spinning my wheels trying to keep up with everyone. I went to the gym yesterday and sweat more than normal for 30 minutes on the bike. I think it was good to sweat some out. my coughing is subsiding some but now I have a good old summer cold. the cold sweats, runny nose. the whole shibang. bleh!

I am going to the sauna and gym and lying down the rest of the day until it's time to get my daughter.

Good news: My weight loss for week 1 of my diet is officially 4.2 lbs. yay! super yay!
I am still eating on plan 100% Credit.
Very happy with my mindset. Will be back and better tomorrow!

Have a great day!

07-20-2010, 11:29 AM
Morning friends!

Well, yesterday was...strange, lol. I alternately felt kind of sick and then kind of well, lol. I'm not sure what was didn't seem like the gastro flaring up...maybe just a 24-hour thing (there were many trips to the bathroom--sorry for TMI, lol)...who knows, lol. Anyway, I'm feeling better so far except that my throat/ears are sore yesterday evening and today a little. That's usually the first sign of a sinus/ear infection, but can't see what could have caused it (it's usually food related).

That said, it didn't affect my eating, in fact I was more hungry than normal yesterday. Eating WAS on plan though except for a last minute extra piece of chocolate decision on the way home (did I mention I was more hungry than normal--all day, lol). :) first I thought maybe I should just not do anything, but Walk It Out was calling, so I did about 45 minutes of that at a slower speed. It's better than laying on the couch. :D

I'm back down today plus some....I have now officially lost 14 pounds! Yay!

Mikkijoe Wow, a sunshine hangover, lol! I love those little Magic Bullets, lol. I've killed three of them! :D And, I now have two Ninjas! MUCH better and so far I haven't killed either one! Your Sunday in the park sounds very fun! My sister used to live in Yakima, and I never made it up there before she moved! :(

Shepherdess Major credit for planning! :)

silverbirch You are right, success comes in all shapes and sizes!

FutureFitChick Ouch for the pain while and after working out! Major credit for good food choices!

Alma4343 Will be thinking of you as you skip lunch! :) I could have written the same thing about had been a long time since I'd experienced real hunger!

AmberPr Yay for being on plan!!! Yes, Walk It Out has been good for me, lol. It can be as energetic as you want or as gentle, so it's a good thing to have for me, who largely is a couch potato, lol.

maryblu Your summer plans make me tired, lol! But it would defiintely be a GOOD tired! :D

seadwaters(Cheryl) Wow, I think major credit is involved even though you wanted that FORGOT about it, lol! Hope all works out well with your sister's dog! MAJOR credit for waiting 20 minutes even whilst you were REALLY hungry!

BillBlueEyes Hum, yes, ouch for the pecans, lol. Maybe it would help to visualize all the OTHER hands that have been in the nuts, and who knows where those hands have been?? That sometimes works for me, sometimes not, lol. LOL re the laundry...yes, I let it pile up as long as possible. My laundry room is outside around the back of my condo unit, so it involves walking...many trips, lol. Then I have to lug it all see, it really does get counted as exercise. :p :o

07-20-2010, 11:31 AM
Houston2Command Aw, hope you feel better soon! CONGRATULATIONS on 4.2 pounds lost!!!

07-20-2010, 11:50 AM
We seem to be stuck in this pattern of getting a thunderstorm every morning -- another is heading our way. But, it's keeping the temperature down and has been nice in the afternoon. So, not much to complain about in late July. It also means that I don't have to water my garden every day.

I got my tomatoes tied up yesterday, so they should cope a bit better this morning.

I weeded for an hour or so and spent another hour or so working on cleaning up an old dry creek bed, a landscaping feature that hasn't stood the test of time, acquiring a layer of dirt and mulch over most of the length. we're hoping to rebuild it into a more workable dry creek bed. If anyone has experience on that sort of thing or a book to recommend, let me know.

I didn't count the yardwork in my exercise, since I was able to do some Wii Walk It Out later in the day.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +40 1250/1800 minutes for July, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Glad to see everyone so active here and, for the most part, finding lots of things to give themselves credit for.

07-20-2010, 01:20 PM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Thanks for all the kind and supportive words! Busy, busy here and some family dynamics flyin' around.(between my DH and sibling-ACK!) I'm sticking as close to plan as possible considering I never know where the next meal will be. Today is a super traditional mexican place which actually has very good options. Everyone leaves tomorrow-then it will be back to DH, Mom and I.

07-20-2010, 03:08 PM
Coaches/Buddies, went to a new doctor today to help with fibromyalgia pain, and unfortunately I got home feeling worse. ☹ I’ll try it for a few more days (chiropractic and acupuncture), but so far, not impressed. This is really interfering with my ability to concentrate of reading for school/research and get any work done (for work or at home). Ugh. I will create a “Get Back on Track” RC today.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -0.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes, and made new one for “I’m not fooling myself when I don’t stick to my plan!”
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food right after eating: no, finished up yesterday’s today
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: not yet

Alma4343, good luck on skipping a meal. I had a really tough time with that my first time. But, you sound very positive about it, so I know it will be a breeze for you and very educational.

AmberPr, I love your “Calmed Down Before Ate” category. That is really wise.

BillBlueEyes, so excited that you live in a place where you can actually get to places by walking or biking easily.
GardenerJoy, great job with the yard work and Wii.

Houston2Command, I hope you feel better soon! Congrautlations on the -4.2 pounds!

Lexxiss, more hugs to you in the chaos.

Maryblu, here’s to slowing summer! Let me know if your technique works!

new2me2, sorry to hear you aren’t feeling 100%.

Seadwaters, so happy for you! What’s an ANZAC biscuit? Good luck with the temporary addition to your kennel club!

07-20-2010, 04:41 PM
Busy day for me! Happy Tuesday!

I am giving myself credit for:

Sticking on Plan
Writing down everything
Remembering to give myself credit
Being positive

I feel icky today because I was off plan for a week or so and now I'm retaining water. Ick. That was the whole purpose of looking into the Beck book. I'm liking it so far, but I need to really sit down with it more. Anyway, there is my brain dump for now. Back to work. =X