Faith Based Support Groups - Can You think of something Happy in your life

06-29-2010, 02:43 PM
I discovered after along day, or maybe just when my day is the pits; if I would look back and think of something that really made me laugh, how that would make me feel so much better!

Today, please share with us all something that really made you laugh so hard it brought tears to your eyes!

I went to six flags, in Dallas ,oh about 25 years ago, with my husband and his boss and wife and we got on one of those roller coasters that was not a big one just enough to really give you a ziz. I got to laughing so hard tears came to my eyes, it was so much fun and the expression on my husbands face, love it! His boss thought I was crying because i was scared that made me laugh even more! They kinda thought I lost it I wanted to go again but hubbie did not!;)

06-29-2010, 08:38 PM
1) Your story reminded me of the time when I was about 12 or 13 y/o and we went to our local fall fair; and right to the midway to go on the rides and play games in the booths. We always went on this one ride that they called the Sizzler (I think) -- well, this ride weaved in and out and I always ended up on the outside for some reason.

Well, this day, I don't think I was feeling too good becuz I started to feel ill but I tried not to be ... well, just as we swung right to the outer limits by the guardrails (where all the families were waiting) ... I :barf: ... ya, I did ... everything I had eaten that day ... in one big, l-o-n-g stream ... flying through the air ... and all you could hear was this great, big m o a n .... from the crowd!!! I still laugh my guts out over that one (hahaha) and wonder how many got a nice splash of my lunch that day ... hahahaha ...:D

2) Another time I laughed the hardest was when NUMPSTER and her DH came up to have a holiday with us last; we rented this really nice chalet cottage and we were playing a board game that DH had crafted (and we gave it to them as a wedding gift). Well, all of a sudden my DH started moaning and squealing and squirming and rolling on the floor making all kinds of wierd noises; and I thought he was having a heart attack or something ... but he wasn't. He was a having a "charlie-horse attack" on the back of his thigh ... just out of the blue ...

Well, you had to be there to see the expression on his face but I started laughing and laughing and couldn't stop; I laughed so hard that ... and oh, how I hate to admit this anywhere in the world, but ... yep, I tinkled ... right there in the kitchen ... :o I cannot think about this without laughing to this day ... :D

3) An earlier time was when we had a lovely BBQ and picnic in our backyard when we were kids; and some bees started hovering around our table. Since I had been stung by a whole hive of bees when I was a child (becuz my eldest brother decided the best way to get rid of a bee hive in the apple tree was to throw apples at it ... NOT!) Well, then later, I went to play in the sandbox and the whole hive of bees came after me. I was only about 4 y/o then -- what a nightmare.

I got over 75 bee stings from my head to my toes; well, that's the last count my mother could get. So, I had to stay up until midnight becuz that many stings could possibly kill you: thank GOD that I was rescued by a neighbour. So anyways (and this is related, honest) ... naturally, we were all terrified of them!!! :(

Just after we had all sat down to our nice BBQ steak dinner; mom and dad on one side and us girls on the other ... well, mom tried to calm us and tell us they wouldn't sting us but I could see the doubt even on her face, so up I went -- with my siblings right behind me, and we ran and ran and ran ...

Then I heard my mother's voice calling my name and it seemed like everything was in slow motion ... as I turned and saw it ... the whole picnic table and the food and plates ... tipping upside down on top of my mom and dad. Have you ever seen coleslaw flying through the air and landing in someone's hair and on their face ... :lol: and well, macaroni salad too?

Oh, and my dad was sooo :mad: ... and didn't even stop to help my mom get up. Well, I won't tell you what he said: I'll let you imagine it ... #$@%&*+ ;) So I ran back to help my poor mother get up and we quickly picked up the table; and thank goodness, the salad bowls had actually landed upright! So she told us to rescue the steaks, and put them back on the BBQ; clean up the mess and make my dad up a new plate; then we resumed our picnic (mom was always a quick thinker), but dad sulked in the back kitchen alone with his dinner (don't tell him I told you that).

Us girls cannot recall this incident without laughing still. The BBQ picnic that was ... well, a calamity of sorts, but hilarious nevertheless!!! :lol: If I think of some more, I'll share them later. :D

06-30-2010, 01:25 AM
Those are some good ones Rosebud!

I remember when I was around 6 years old that my Dad would go hunting for the very large Bull frogs and my sister Suell would cook the legs and they tasted like fried chicken. My Dad nudge me and said watch Suell, she battered the frog legs salt and peppered them and put them in the skillet to cook. Dad nudge me again watch, (he did not take the ligaments out of two of the frog legs) they got hot and they jumped clear out of the frying pan, my sisters eyes was big and goes Ohhhhhhhhh they are still alive! Those frog legs was jumping across the kitchen with my sister right behind them, and Daddy and me laughing our heads off! She caught them, but boy was she mad at first then she started laughing with us!

07-16-2010, 01:10 AM
You know, Bootsie, when I first read this thread you started, I thought we would get lots and lots of stories (small and large) on what made people happy ... I cannot believe that you and I are the only "happy people" in this world ... :lol:

So, I will tell you some other things that make me happy ... my furry babies have always brought so much JOY into my life that it would take pages to explain them all. Our two girls (who are in heaven now) used to crack us up with their daily antics. We would play games with them every day and our little SWEETIE was so funny and clever that she would always make us laugh how she would think ahead how to out-fool us in the game ... she was a smart one.
Both her, and her daughter made us laugh continuously throughout our lives and we are so grateful to GOD for bringing those two bundles of "LOVE WITH FUR" into our lives ... :D

Other things that make me laugh are funny people, those with wit and a good sense of humor; plus jokes and funny stories and cartoons. The birds we watch summer and winter and their funny antics; as you know, farm animals are the same. WE used to laugh at the chickens and ducks a lot.

We have a collections of funny movies and shows here; some old classics and some newer ones. DH and I watch them over and over; we never tire of the funny stories.

Children make me laugh -- just hearing them laugh makes me happy. Ever listened to a group of kids in a park or school ground ... they chatter and giggle and laugh all the time. Children are naturally joyous ... :D

07-16-2010, 09:51 AM
When I give my testimony, I joke that considering what my childhood was like, I turned out pretty good -or- Susan B**** more than meets the eye.
From the outside, I look pretty normal ;)
I don't have to look very far to experience joy. My fabulous husband, three amazing kids, an amazing SIL, a beautiful grandchild, good health, a good job, a nice little house, a cute little car.

Statistically, I shouldn't have turned out that good.

I got a God-smack the other day while reading hymn lyrics.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;

Oh! That's what that means!

07-16-2010, 05:41 PM
SUSANB ~ I understand what you mean; my DH came from a really rough childhood, and we sure had some hard times (esp financially) -- but GOD kept bringing kind, Christian people into our lives who blessed us and helped us a lot. I learned later on, that our grandmothers were praying for us every night.

It is true that GOD is faithful; when we put our trust in him, He will come through for us (hence, we prove Him o'er and o'er); but first, we have to believe and trust Him, then He can and will show us how much He cares. We also feel that we have been blessed in our lives.

WE may not be as rich in $$$ or material stuff like some people are, but we have everything we need. We also get many of our wants and desires too; and becuz of the LORD, our priorities are different than for others too. We constantly notice that the people around us with lots of dough and fancy cars and mansion-like houses are no happier than us; actually, sometimes I think that we are happier than them.

Like Paul said, "... for I have learned, in whatever state I am in, to be content" (paraphrased); (Philip 4:11/12; 1 Timothy 6:6/8) I think there is a peace and contentment that comes with "knowing the LORD and having faith in GOD" that is a great gift in itself, plus the assurance of a grand future with Him also.

DH and I were talking about that just recently that we feel very blessed and that GOD (and his angels) is helping us realize many long-term dreams; BUT the biggest blessing to me is being the daughter of a heavenly King; and having salvation for all eternity through Him (Jesus). :D

07-20-2010, 01:02 AM
You know I need to think of something happy in my life and what a better time to think of my daughter, 39 years ago, 11:45 PM, since tomorrow is her birthday!. Nine pounds and eight ounces Dark brown hair and just so beautiful! Had her natural too. She would make those coo coo sounds. OH the first time I got hold, MY LITTLE BABY GIRL! Precious memories never die.

07-20-2010, 08:54 PM
Today, I was thinking that I had many, many happy times in my life -- like hanging out with my girlfriends and joking around when in my teens. We did a lot of fun things like going swimming, to the park, going to fairs and the CNE in Toronto, playing baseball & touch football with the guys (which was a gas) ... I'm sure that comment shows my age too! ;)

Going to my grammies house for a holiday was such a special time for me (and all the kids I'm sure) -- me and my Gramma would get telling each other stories and jokes, and giggle and giggle until my Grandfather would say "Are you two girls ever going to go to sleep?" Then we'd laugh even more (I always slept with my gramma when I was young and he slept in another room). :)

Other happy times were going to the fairs we had in our small town; playing games and going on the rides on the midway. My birthday sometimes fell on or near the Thanksgiving weekend, and the fair was always held on that same weekend; and it would last for at least 3 or more days, so that was like an extra special birthday gift to me.

Great memories ... :D