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06-28-2010, 09:34 AM
I am now taking 1,700 MG's Metformin Daily (850 AM and 850 PM).I've still had a couple readings in the 200s,but also a 175 and 176.Have only been taking the higher dose 6 Day's Today..it is grrreat to see these numbers after Month's of high 200s and even 300s!

06-28-2010, 10:00 PM
great news butter. How are you doing with the side effects from the metformin? Have you tried taking a folate or b complex to ward off the leg pain? HOpe it works well for you!

06-29-2010, 02:09 AM
Well,other than running to Bathroom every 10-15 minutes,there is no Leg pain (yet),but I only been taking 6 Day's.Usually it takes 2 bottles before the Leg pain sets in.I take double doses Folic Acid and B Complex QD as well as Elemental Calcium BID.