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06-28-2010, 07:03 AM
Good morning! I don't know about your weather, but it's been hot and sultry here. and we had a heavy thunderstorm last night that only seemed to make things worse. Ah, well, it's summertime! :)

Audrey & Maggie are in pony and hunt camp every morning this week, so I won't have to pick them up until 11. That will give me time to do some tidying up around the house and get the laundry started. With this heat, I'm sure they'll want to go swimming this afternoon, so that's the plan.

Other than that, I'm just trying to keep cool! It's been a crazy year so far. First record snow, and now record heat. :dizzy:

How's your day looking?

06-28-2010, 07:18 AM
Hi Cottage,
We've had the same weather. I've been running the A/C all weekend and looks like I'll have to keep doing that (except when we are not in the house) through Tuesday night. I can't stand humid weather, plus it brings unwelcome visitors sometimes (giant waterbugs). Luckily my cats are on top of that situation so I rarely find them alive, but living on the first floor means we are their first stop.

Last day of school today, and first day of camp tomorrow. I'm very apprehensive, as I'm sure my son is. I can't let him see my own anxiety though, because that will almost certainly make him more worried.

It'll be a slow week at work, with time to complete a lot of organizing and prep for next semester. We got invited to friend's next weekend out at the beach, which means scheduling a pedicure, etc.

Hope everyone has a great day!

06-28-2010, 07:20 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Hi, Linda! Ouch! Thank goodness for your pool! How nice to have some late mornings at home.

ETA-:wave: Mmc. Wishing you a semi-normal week (whatever that means)! I'm glad I don't have waterbugs here lol.

We're set for hot weather, too, but nothing like yours. With our altitude we just don't get the humidity. I would really like to have a routine week here, but I need to get mucked out so I can enjoy it. After a weekend with off plan food, I'm ready to get back to basics for a few days. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the pool this AM and will try to fit a bike ride in, too.

Have a great day everyone!

06-28-2010, 07:32 AM
Good morning :coffee2: The heat and humidity are here too but no AC in our house (old house, wrong windows). It's still the weekend for me because I worked a long day Saturday. I'm going to try to get a little outside stuff done between raindrops and then some grocery shopping.

Cottage - Sounds like the pool is getting a workout this summer. Wish I could help with the zucchini problem! Good luck with the heat.

Matilda - a weekend at the beach sounds lovely :) Hope all goes well with the start of camp

Debbie - I'm with you on the basics. Friday and Saturday were crazy and eating was not stellar. Happy mucking

The cat is staring at me. Guess that means it's past time to feed her ;)

06-28-2010, 07:33 AM
Good morning everyone....Just back this weekend from our Fl vacation. Back on plan today as I was not at all on plan while on vacation. Glad to get back into the routine and good habits! Hope everyone is doing well! Missed reading and posting here!

06-28-2010, 07:56 AM
Good morning. We are wet but don't have the heat that you "southerners" are stuck with. It'll go to 80 today but the rest of the week shows 60-70 plus overcast and rain!

I think I've given up on gardening for this year. Cucumbers and peppers are still in their pots. Yesterday I planted some parsley and basil in pots to keep on the deck. That seems to be the only solution with this weather. I may need to enlarge the deck and grow out there.

The Girls' Soccer team leaves for Sweden next Monday and today I am going to town to get their "foreign" money. They will be in London as well as different places in Sweden so I have "orders" for both pounds and kronor. One of the coaches, Anders, was born in Sweden so will be doing any translating for the girls and parents. We did insist everyone learn hello, pleas, thank-you and a few other essentials but it should be interesting. So far there have been no drop-outs although Briana is very upset about leaving her cat for two weeks. What an adventure it will be for them!

Nearly seven so I'd better crank up the week. This is the we hit the weekend. Around here, with tons of Americans at cottages for the summer, we celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day together.

Have a good day and stay cool in every way. :cofdate:

06-28-2010, 08:08 AM
Mornin' chicks...

It is freakin' hot here. Well, it's only 75, but with this pending storm, it is quite humid. I convinced myself to get out of bed and go on a run despite not sleeping well (we don't have AC!!). While waking up, I had a message on my FB account that my college roommate's husband died unexpectedly yesterday. I didn't know him well, but it still leaves you reeling...people aren't supposed to die that young. I still went on my run, but needless to say, it wasn't a very good one.

My zucchini are almost ready, what is everyone's favorite thing to do with them?!

06-28-2010, 08:19 AM
Twynn, that's really sad about your former roommate's DH. It really hits home when things like that happen to people we know.
My favorite way to use up zucchini is to lightly brush it with olive oil and throw it on the grill or roast it, then top it with feta. Yum!
I also enjoy it raw, with hummus.

06-28-2010, 08:20 AM
Cyndi, what a luxury to have a Monday off! I hope you can take it a bit easy!

Lisa, good to see you again! Super to be jumping right back on plan!

Ruth, Wow! The soccer team is heading out! Thanks to all of their dilligent fundraisers! Oh, well on the garden. It is so much work, and I'm sure you will still have a bountiful harvest. I put lots of things in pots this year. Ahhh....Delta will be bustling with touristas!

Twynn, I'm sorry to hear about your roommate's DH. Very tragic! Good for you, getting out to run, anyway. Glad to hear your zucchini are almost ready. My favs are just diced in salad, added to OP pizza and tossed into almost any sauce or dish imaginable-I'd even pitch them into a Taco Bake or egg casserole. I have 3 that will be pickable very soon!

Ok, I might not get back here. I have some food prep before heading out with the doggies, and I have yet to decide just where to start with the house. :wave: to all of you yet to check in!

06-28-2010, 08:30 AM
Good morning all! It's supposed to be 95 here in North Cackalackey!!! Ughh, I don't feel like doing a whole lot when it's so nasty outside. I'm starting my second week of phase one today. I haven't lost anything in about 3 days, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It's back to running for me at the gym, and I promised my DD we'd go for a swim.

Have a great day!


06-28-2010, 09:01 AM
I think I've seen recipes to take the seeds out of the zucchini, fill it with (blank) and grill it. Hmmm...might have to look into that.

06-28-2010, 09:08 AM
Zucchini usually makes it into more than one meal a day here in season. We use the spiral slicer and make salads, lots and lots of salad;, saute it for omelets; and grill it brushed with marinade. I also dry quite a bit for crockpot stews in the winter.

06-28-2010, 10:57 AM
Good morning all--Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

I love zucchini. I just made some by broiling it with some asparagus and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious!

It amazes me to read some of the comments about weather in places all over the country. I am in south Texas so I can sum up the weather in one word : HOT. We do have a possible hurricane heading our way, but here in San Antonio that just means rain and more humidity.

Have a wonderful day and good luck with you eating this week! I am on day 8 of plan 1...with only a few missteps along the way. My question is, should I add days to phase one to make up for this slips from the plan?


06-28-2010, 11:09 AM
Oh yum, I love zucchini. So jealous of you ladies who can grow your own!

I had a pretty non-beachy Saturday due to World Cup festivities but I'm back on track now. Just had a mini breakfast cheesecake with blueberries for breakfast and about to pack my bag and head to lab.

Have a great day yall!

06-28-2010, 07:17 PM
Zucchini is one of my favorite things to eat!

Tonight I'm going to make something with artichokes yay- I bought a small jar ages ago and never used it. I figure some artichokes and chicken with parmesan cheese and garlic? If I don't have parmesan I'll use whatever cheese I have- to me it's ALL good :D