Weight Loss Support - I'm Having An Off-Plan Meal Tonight...

06-25-2010, 06:14 PM
...and I'm kind of nervous about it!

I'm going out to eat at one this awesome local spot that is famous for their Fish and Chips (Delicious fresh battered fish and hand cut chips oh my!). I've planned the meal into my day (even though I don't know the calorie count I'm just being extra careful, and sparse with my other calories today) and I hiked for 2.5 hours this afternoon so I've pretty much done everything I can to soften the blow on the scale but I'm still nervous! I could change my mind and have a salad or something for dinner but I haven't been to this place in over a year and I've been thinking about their fish and chips for just as long!

Just a little nervous about what the scale is going to say come Monday :o I know one meal isn't going to totally throw me off but I also know I'll be drinking tonight and probably tomorrow night too because I have an album release party to go to. I'll be sticking to Amstel Light though (95 cal/bottle) and trying to go reeeeeaaaalllly slow so I don't drink too much!

06-25-2010, 06:39 PM
drink a lot
don`t weigh this weekend (or if you do, remember you`ll def be retaining 1-3 lbs as water weight so add it to your weight mentally before getting on the scale)
Enjoy! (I love the crispy fried fish edges) Meanwhile I`m having chicken and salad. woo-hoo. LOL