Atkins - Atkins: travel friendly ideas (plane)??

06-25-2010, 02:28 PM
I am in induction, and even though I will be moving out of it on my travel day, since you are only adding small amounts of things, i need some ideas of what I can take on the plane to eat. I will be flying all day (about 12 hours). There may or may not be food/time at the airports- but I want to plan ahead.

I know I know worst case I just pick up some day break bars, but I am hoping for real food ideas. I have a bag of almonds and peanuts which i can weigh and measure out- and I can also pick up individual packs of nut butter- but I need to eat things OTHER than nuts/peanut butter (which I know are not okay for induction, but I will be out of it on the day) but obviously they have too high of a carb count to have enough protein for even if I did want to be " nutty" all day.

Ideas?? pretty pretty please?

Thanks so much!!

06-25-2010, 03:31 PM
Found this figured I would share:
Your Low-Carb Emergency Kit

The plane is late. You’ll miss your connection if you stop to get something to eat. What to do? When away from home ALWAYS have a low-carb emergency kit accessible. This can be as simple as a bag of nuts in your purse or something more elaborate. It should contain nonperishable low-carb foods such as:
Protein bars (but watch for suspicious ingredients such as maltitol, and watch the carb count on the bars)
Nuts, seeds, or low-carb trail mix
Snack sausages
Protein mix to put into coffee or diet soda
Tuna in foil packs or small cans
Soy nuts
Sturdy vegetables like celery will be fine without refrigeration for a day or so
Small wax-coated cheeses such as "Mini-Bel".
Flax seed meal for extra nutrition and fiber. Besides adding it to yogurt, cottage cheese, etc, you can add hot water to it to make a cereal at the hotel "continental breakfast". Sometimes there's even peanut butter to add to it. (Also sweetener and a pinch of salt are good additions.) More Ideas for Flax Seed Meal More About Flax Seeds
Whatever you do, don’t be so focused on your diet that you forget to have a great ti

06-28-2010, 06:03 PM
there are definitely some great ideas on that list. I travel a TON for work & do eat low carb, so I've figured out a bunch of things for myself, many of which are one list (but a lot of that list isnt available in Paris where I live)

I do think you'll need to be flexible about "induction" approved foods as the nuts are really helpful and not allowed, but like you I try to make sure I have something other than nuts too. I do buy beef jerky even though I don't like it - and also the small dried salami (I can find those in most countries in Europe - have never looked for them in the States because so many easier low carb options exist). I do take cheese sometimes (string cheese or just a hunk of cheese) but 12 hours in it might be a bit off. I've been known to take a hunk of meat (ham, turkey, chicken breast) in my purse and eat that in the first hour or so - but I dont do that often.

To be honest, even though I try to be prepared and have on several occasions bought a sandwich for some outrageous price just for the small slimy insides, the main thing I've done in traveling so much with low carb is learn that hunger won't kill me. I didn't get fat having a lot of hunger, so dealing with hunger has been an interesting experiment, and sometimes I use travel to "feel" hunger so I know what it's like, what it feels like, and learn that I won't die from it. It's been an interesting learning.

06-29-2010, 08:32 PM
Can you use a lunch bag? This could fit in your carry one and you could take it out once you board the plane. There are small ones which could easily hold a few items and an ice pack. Boiled eggs would be good. Are you a fan of pork rinds? That is a possibility also. Canned tuna is a good one too. Perhaps you can pack a small container with mayo and make tuna salad. The 1 minute muffines made with flax seed are good. You could buy an individual pack of cream cheese (I don't know about your work cafeteria, but mine sells them for 30 cents) - pop in lunch sack with ice pack.

07-01-2010, 04:50 AM
ended up doing fine despite about 7 travel delays in the day.
Started the day with two grilled chicken breasts wrapped in lettuce, had an ounce of sunflower seeds- had a cheese burger no bun no sauce with broccolli at one airport and then a protein bar- couldnt have been avoided- was stuck on a plane for several hours and it was my emergency back up after the seeds lol :)
I realized I had more time in one airport so it all worked out well and i have a great plan for the way back yay!

07-01-2010, 11:15 PM
Way to go!

07-08-2010, 07:41 AM
great job!

extra time in airports can really help - I try to eat in actual restaurants as much as I can instead of stuff on the plane. It helps save my snacks for true emergencies!