Momentum / Flex - Am I eating too little or is this "just the way it goes"?

06-23-2010, 04:48 PM
I'd really like input from you guys. I'm trying not to get discouraged, and I'm plugging along, but....

I'm just starting my 4th week. I get 33 daily points and 34 weekly points.

Week 1 (I had 34 daily for this week): I only had 2 days of 7 not meeting my daily points, and that was only by 1 point. By week's end I had racked up 2 activity points, and had 22 weekly points left. Now, granted I know that the first week is going to be bigger and water weight and etc, but I lost 8.5 pounds.

Week 2: I had 4 days of being a scootch under my daily points. I had 25.5 weekly points left, and racked up 8 activity points. I lost 2 pounds.

Week 3: 3 days of going under my daily a little. 27.5 weekly left, 8 activity. I lost a big fat 0, lol.

I didn't measure myself until yesterday for the first time, so I don't have those numbers to go by.

I didn't really change anything in the weeks as to what I ate, or when I ate. Well, thats not entirely true. The first 2 weeks I had one day each week that I went over by 6-8 points and it was due to a "splurge" food (i.e. hot wings from Domino's, for example). the 3rd week I was mostly "good".

However, also in that 3rd week (and even some days of the 2nd week), I kept finding myself with 7-9 points leftover after dinner....and I wasn't really all that hungry! But I knew I shouldn't go under by that much, so I snacked.

My weigh-in day is Sunday. I've been more conscious so far this week about not going under.

Opinions please? Is this just how it goes? I mean, yeah I'm walking as my activity but it's not power-walking or anything. I don't think I can claim it's muscle building up. IMO, I ate less, I consumed less calories therefore I should have lost Am I being silly for wanting to see those "loss" numbers to give me the "reward"/motivation to continue?
thanks in advance......

06-24-2010, 12:00 AM
For me, after a couple weeks with big losses, I either stay the same or gain a tiny bit the next week. Also, if I have a lot of salt the day before my weight in, I weigh a little more due to water weight caused by the extra salt. Also, I make sure to weigh in first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything, and always wear the same clothes. I had a hard time getting an accurate weight when I was weighing in the evenings - it would vary based on how much I had eaten/drank. Congrats on your weight loss so far, and keep it up!

06-24-2010, 11:14 AM
First, congratulations on losing 10.5 lbs so far! That is awesome! :cheer3:

I agree with MiniAussieMommy, after two weeks in a row with fantastic losses, I would also gain or remain the same. Don't get discouraged! I know it's hard. Unfortunately, we are not always "rewarded" on the scale for our behavior. You will have weeks that you lose, gain, and stay the same. Your body is adjusting to the weight loss, activity, etc. It's not silly to want to see a loss for motivation and justification of all your hard work; I think we all want that! This is also a struggle for me, I know on the weeks I don't lose I try to find as many NSVs about the week that I can. For example, you are walking and staying OP, this is great! Don't let a slow week ruin all the hard work you are doing! Keep it up and next week will be great! In my experience the week after a gain is typically a decent loss ;)

Also, instead of snacking at night could you add more Points to your meals throughout the day? For example, adding avocado to a salad, having a glass of milk or juice at breakfast, etc. I know it helps me to plan my day out in advance (typically the night before), this way I am not surprised by my Point usage. It helps me to avoid having to many Points at the end of the day or to few Points because I ate them all already! Just a thought!

Hope this helps! Keep up the great work! Remember you can't control the scale, don't even fight with it. Work on the things you can control (diet and exercise) and the scale will move, I promise!

Best of luck,
Losing It In Colorado

06-24-2010, 12:49 PM
Thanks ladies!

MiniAussieMommy: Yeah I knew salt would do it, thats why I changed my mind at the last minute against getting Chinese takeout 2 nights before weigh-in. So I felt extra grumpy when I found out that didn't help me out, lol.

LosinitinCO - thanks for the tips! I'm pretty much the poster child for ADD here, so planning out is decidedly not my forte. At this point I'm lucky I'm still religiously tracking! I am still adjusting to that damn hoarde mentality. One day this week I did try to add a little more to breakfast and lunch.....but it wasn't the right way to go. Adding onto breakfast doesn't stave off the 4pm hungry monster. I was starving, had nothing low-points with me, and gave into eating 2 cookies for 3 points. I really beat myself up over that. I also had only 7 points left for dinner and evening, which wasn't quite enough but i dealt with it. I have a feeling it's going to take me weeks more yet to figure out a good balance.