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06-23-2010, 06:54 AM
:coffee: Good morning!

We're in for some stifling hot days in my part of the world, but at least the mornings are nice. I'm going over to Richard's parents for a while this morning, but have the rest of the day off. Audrey & Maggie will be getting home tonight and I'll have a full day of work tomorrow and Friday. I really miss my girls and am looking forward to hearing about their vacation. They've been jet skiing and water skiing the past few days. How am I supposed to keep them happy just splashing around in my pool. ;)

Remember to keep yourselves especially hydrated in this hot weather!

06-23-2010, 06:56 AM
Let's put the WOW in Wednesday. I'm not sure how to do that - coffee with SF Irish Cream syrup maybe? The Shasta daisies in the front bed are a visual WOW this morning.

Busy day ahead with schoolwork to pick up, shopping in town, banking, and a 90th birthday party to help organize. I need to try to work in some hospital visits soon too - three friends are in there. One is there for knee surgery but the other two are there for more serious stuff. :(

The garden is soaked again but I may be able to work in some playtime out there after supper. I do love the bright evenings! :carrot:

What's Wow in your world? Come and share. :cofdate:

06-23-2010, 06:57 AM
Drat! She beat me to it again!

Good morning, Cottage!

06-23-2010, 07:08 AM
Wow! it's Humpday! :sunny:

Thanks, Ruth and Linda, for getting us started this AM! I had to chuckle, I'm not too awake-reading Lindas thinking it's Ruth's-Oh, Well! On that note, I'd better grab some coffee! Both Bing and Rudi are both outside already. Be back.............

06-23-2010, 07:10 AM
Good morning early birds :coffee2: More insomnia here so I'm a little groggy this morning. Then the cats were very helpful and decided to play chase half an hour before I needed to get up. Another banner day for coffee in my world.

Cottage - Hope there's plenty of AC and pool time for you this week!

Ruth - The evening primrose and foxgloves are exploding in my bed. I may join you for evening gardening. The weather has really set me back this year.

It's another office morning but I get to spend the afternoon helping prep an even another organization is sponsoring Saturday. I really enjoy the company of the woman I'm working with and she is high energy so it should be fun.

Hope your hump day is a breeze (and has one!)

ETA - Good morning Debbie!

06-23-2010, 07:25 AM
Hi Ruth, Cottage, Debbie and Cyndi! And anyone else who jumps in before this makes it up. I was successful at goal setting yesterday and really got a lot accomplished. I made some small changes in my desk set up that make a huge difference. This morning is the kindergarten moving up ceremony so I'll be into work late.

I'm loving my 15 minutes of yoga in the morning! Now I've just got to integrate the Y back into my regular routine...when school ends I won't get my 1 mile walk every morning as the camp bus stop is right around the corner. Hope everyone has a great day.

06-23-2010, 07:26 AM
Morning everyone! On my second cup trying to pry my eyes open! It is still dark outside, but already hot. It stormed off and on yesterday. I would hang out a load of towels, it would be sunny, then boom, start storming again, I hung them out 3 times and finally gave up and have a semi wet basket of towels on the washer! Thank goodness the new dryer will be delivered this afternoon!!
I'm going to NC in a few days and need to start getting stuff together that I will be taking with me and figuring how to cram it all in a suitcase. Taking the train which should be fun. I also need to go get a couple of books to read in my little compartment.

06-23-2010, 07:34 AM
Hi, Cyndi, sorry about insomnia. Coffee does help. I hope your day is enjoyable and that you're out in the garden before you know it.

Ruth, too bad when friends are in the hospital. I hope you get all your chores done and are able to visit soon AND get some garden time in.

Linda, I'll bet the girls miss you, too, and will be quite happy in the pool.

Mmc, I'm always happy to hear reports of successful days! Yay for morning Yoga!

Cat, I'm glad you have a trip planned!

Me, more of the same. Yesterday just got moving GF needed help picking out a couch so we left right after VBS. I got home and there was an email about doing a home check for a potential dog adoption. It was also our first farmers market, which was FAB! But....I didn't get home till nearly 7. I'm off to pay some attention to DH-he's still in a good mood about my schedule, and I need to keep it that way. The dogs so enjoyed their morning walk so we'll rerun there at 6, then off to the church. I'm packing my own treats and didn't eat one brownie yesterday.:cp:

Have a great day everyone.

06-23-2010, 08:03 AM
Good morning chickies!!

COttage and Ruth - you two think alike! Cottage won by two minutes :D. Cottage - it is going to be pretty nasty today
Ruth - glad you got some me time this past weekend, you sound like you have a busy day!
Cyndi - you've been influencing me, I'm thinking about getting a bird book. I see so many on all my runs, it would be fun to start knowing what I'm looking at. The marsh is especially chocked full!
Cat- if it's miserable here, I can't even imagine being down there!
Matilda - the morning exercise thing does help, doesn't it?
Debbie - you are such a wonderful friend, she is lucky to have you in her life! Way to go on no brownies!

Me - I'm finally getting back into running, I took nearly two weeks off. It was nice to not figure out when to squeeze it in, with the kids getting out of school and the boss going on vacation (read: working more!). Unfortunately, I"m acknowledging with this weather that the only good time to do it is before the DH leaves, so I was up at 5 am today. But, it is DONE!! (and I get to take a nap after work ;) )
My garden is growing fabulously, but my yellow squash appear to have blossom end rot. Doing Mr. Google, I'm either overwatering them (I don't think so, I water nearly daily, but only a couple minutes) or they don't have enough calcium (a potential, with that rhubarb?). Sigh. I want my squash casserole!!

Have a great day ladies!
(speaking of ladies, what happened to the couple with the husband here? Are they still with us?)

06-23-2010, 08:18 AM
Just changed my avatar because I realized Cottage and I have similar garden pics. I just read her post and thought "I don't remember writing that!" Duh!
Time for another coffee before I set out for town.

06-23-2010, 08:37 AM
Good morning!

Linda - Did you want to jet ski and water ski! I ache all over just thinking about it.

Ruth - I always scan down for my avatar too. My current one does not stand out as much as my original younger self. Are those YOUR flowers? Pretty.

Cat - Sounds fun! I have never ridden a train (unless you count the touristy kind). Have a great trip.

Debbie - Not one brownie! Good for you. I need to find time (and the motivation) to get our farmer's market.

Twynn - I remember a couple of men in the time I have been on here and I think we scare them away!

:wave: Cyndi, Matilda

I'm off to the dentist for the second time this week - but for DH. He is having a follow-up consultation for some very heavy duty work (and unbelievably expensive) and wants a second set of ears. I bet he wishes for a second set of teeth too! Getting my hair done today and have not gone this long between coloring in a while - when did I get so gray?

06-23-2010, 09:01 AM
Ruth, I had a nice giggle over your confusion on my behalf. But your new avatar look just like my hollyhocks! The saving grace is that mine are just a tad darker, though. :lol:

Cat, your train trip does sound enjoyable. I love to travel by train; you get to see the countryside and relax at the same time. I hope your dryer arrives in good time today!

Debbie, my mission in life is to keep my DH happy, although he's not too hard to please, thank goodness. Hooray for you for resisting the brownies!

Twynn, I'm usually up before 5, but it takes true dedication to get out and run at that early hour. Good for you! Stay cool in this sweltering heatwave!

Karen, I would love to try jet skiing, but no way do I want to water ski. I'm glad I wasn't there to watch the girls doing it, I would have been having a heart attack, LOL!

06-23-2010, 04:30 PM
good afternoon ladies,

checking in, been awhile but I do want to say hi :wave:

working really hard to stay on plan and exercising during the summer some days easier than others:shrug:

off and running DS2 is off to basketball then home to take DS1 to work.

Have a great evening. be safe and hydrate!!!!!