Chicks up for a Challenge - W.O.W. Independence from Fat Challenge~WEEK 4

06-21-2010, 06:32 AM
Good Morning everyone. Wow, I didn't even hear my alarm this morning, thank goodness for DH.

Work was good yesterday, today will be ok. WEED was also good.

Well no more workouts after work for me. Since school is over, Makenna will be at daycare and that means she will need some downtime before swim team practice. This was going to be my last week of afterwork workouts, but swim team doesn't move to mornings until next week. Then, Mak swims at 935 m-f annd Tommy swims at 530 m-th. busy me.

W 64 oz
E probably wont get a workout afterwork,
E below 1600
D enjoy my day

06-21-2010, 12:39 PM
Morning everyone. Don't weigh in until tomorrow, probably on the higher side but we'll see. Back to work, ugh! Hope everyone had a great weekend - trying to make this week a good one :)

Jeni - just looking at your schedule makes me dizzy, I'm almost dreading when my kids are into sports - don't know where I'll find the time!

06-21-2010, 12:54 PM
My goal for this challenge was to hit 40 lbs lost (216.5). It's pretty obvious that's not gonna happen. I knew it was a lofty goal - but it's my own fault that I haven't gotten closer to it (lack of consistent exercise).

Week 1: 228.4
Week 2: 228.6
Week 3: Not weighing this week ~
Week 4: 227.5 (was 226.5 on Saturday)

W: At least 64 ounces of water
E: Minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week ~ STILL NOT DOING THIS ON A REGULAR BASIS
E: Average calories within 1600-1700 ~ do a better job of planning and getting in some variety
D: Make sure I have everything ready for the wedding cake I have to make for Saturday ~ a 6-tier cake. I'm a little nervous cause it's my biggest wedding cake ever and I don't get to start baking until Friday afternoon. Plus my new grandbaby is scheduled to be delivered by c-section on Saturday (wish I could be there).

06-21-2010, 04:23 PM
Hey! Im new here & looking for a challenge to join & be held accountable- just wondering if I can join here! & can someone explain exactly what you guys are doing? lol

06-21-2010, 08:52 PM
Daughterofthekind~:welcome: to the group

Kris~6 tiers wow!!!

Emily~Mak wants guitar lessons now too. AAAAA

06-21-2010, 09:34 PM
Got a free trail week at a gym. I was nervous going in there. Some KID planned a workout for me. Warm up with a light jog-10min. DONE!!! Then 8 machines. DONE!!! Then finish with intervals on the treadmill for 20 min. I got up to 6.5 miles/hr. Not sure if that's good or not. DONE!!! wondering if I will have sore places tomorrow.

06-21-2010, 09:54 PM
Jeni ~ I have never made a cake bigger than 3 tiers, so I'm a little nervous. I am hoping I can get off early on Friday so I can start baking (if I can't get off work by noon I'm gonna be in trouble). I may regret waiting until Friday to bake, but I don't have enough freezer space so can't freeze the cakes (and I don't really agree with freezing them) and want them to be fresh. Unfortunately the house I live in the oven is the original 1964 oven and does not bake eveningly so I will be doing all the baking at the bride's mom & dad's house (family friends - the cake is my gift). Twelve cakes - 6 two layer cakes. I will be so sick of cakes and icing. The wedding is at 4:00 pm on Saturday so I plan on starting to set up the cakes around 2:00 - I want to have it all set up at the reception by 3:30 in case people show up early - I think the wedding and reception are in the same room - the Grand Hall at Union Station (train station downtown Kansas City). I am excited to do such a big (and hopefully amazing) cake, but I am nervous about it.

06-21-2010, 11:51 PM
jcatron243~ What's your new plan of attack to get your workouts in?

emiloots~ What's making you think you'll be on the higher side? Maybe you'll get a happy surprise!

MamaP~ Were you able to get everything prepped to make the ginormous wedding cake?

mtiger~ That's an awesome workout! Great job!

DaughteroftheKing~ WELCOME!!!

I didn't get to the gym to do formal strength training, but I did get a 2 mile walk in with my friend plus I moved probably about 300-400 pounds worth of stuff into a different room today. Hoping to feel a little sore tomorrow so I know where to start.


W~ 90 oz H2O
E~ Gym!!! Strength Training and Cardio
E~ Stay within WW points
D~ Move more stuff out of my room, make at least one trip to my storage space

06-22-2010, 01:04 AM
MamaP~ Were you able to get everything prepped to make the ginormous wedding cake?

I got part of my cake board centers cut and the ones I didn't get cut I got marked to cut. I also got my waxed paper circles cut and marked to cut the centers out. The cake I'm making has a center column construction so I have to cut the center out of each cake layer, each cake board and waxed paper circle. I have to place a waxed paper circle on top of each tier because I'll be placing fresh flowers on top of each tier. I really hope I get the holes in the exact centers or my cakes won't be centered on the stand. I also figured out I am short one size of cake board that I need - so I will have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow night. I'm glad I figured that out today instead of Friday.

06-22-2010, 08:13 AM
Daughter, WELCOME!! Here's the explanantion!!

W - Water intake. Set a daily goal for how much water you're going to drink. Although there is conflicting research as to how much to actually consume in a day, we all agree it is important to drink lots to stay healthy. So make it a goal!

E - Exercise. Efficient, healthy weight loss isn't going to happen unless you incorporate some kind of physical activity in your life. Everyone does it differently; some go to the gym, some work out at home, and some find ways to sneak in little bits of exercise all throughout the day. Set yourself a goal, even if it's small. Little bits done often WILL add up over time!

E - Eats. Being that we all have different eating plans and weight loss philosophies, this is sort of a wild card. Whatever plan you're on, set yourself a plan-appropriate daily eating goal for the day. Don't forget to make it specific!

D - Daily goal/Daily affirmation. This is another wild card. It doesn't even have to be weight-loss related! This is the spot where you list something you want to get accomplished. Or, you can use "D" for a a daily affirmation - it's an opportunity to say something good and positive about yourself. Sometimes, when we fall short - and we ALL do sometime - we are tempted to berate ourselves. Although it's good to recognize when we don't reach our goals, it's also good to remind ourselves of the awesome parts of ourselves. So go ahead and remind yourself of that in the "D" part of WEED.

W 100
Walking from and to the garage where my car has to go today!
E On plan
D Suck it up and keep going.

06-22-2010, 10:54 AM
Mindy~6.5 is good. Interval training is great! I'm so glad you are tryig out the gym!

Kris~I cant wait to see pics of that cake!!!!! I don't have an atrtistic bone in my body and I envy all of you guys that do.

Kim~I hope you get your stuff moved. Are you sore yet?? :) I love that feeling.

MM~Thanks for doing the expanaintion of WEED for daughteroftheking. I hope your cars ok.

My workout schedule is going to change, but I will be getting them in. Kim, I don't workout everday afterwork right now anyway. I work 12 hour shifts 4am-4pm. I also walk an average of 8 miles a day while at work. I do do 15 minutes of core training every morning before work. As far as my off days~I am going to be doing morning workouts again starting on Friday. I will run 2miles at 5~take my cardio sculpt class at 530-630. Then I will come home and refuel. Then I think I am going to get in an elliptical workout and strength training from 830-920. Thiss will be my mwf schedule. Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun of my off days I will run 5k and strength train. I'm really just going back to the workout schedule I had Jan~March. I do want to start swimming so I may swim for 40 minutes in the mornings on Tues/Thurs/Sat

W~ 64 oz
E~Today is the last day of my 50 cardio/10 strength/15 core workout.
E~Less than 1500

06-22-2010, 11:13 AM
Strike the workout plans for now. Makenna has a headache still (gone on 2 days now). So its to the doctor to check for a sinus infection. poor baby. I cant help but wonder if its still something from the hives she had friday.

06-22-2010, 11:24 AM
Here's the cake I did for my daughter's wedding. I need to find pictures of the other wedding cakes I've done - I haven't done very many because I usually only do them for friends and family. They stress me out and I am definitely an amateur.

06-22-2010, 11:39 AM
Kris~That is amazing. You are very talented!

06-22-2010, 12:18 PM
Hey chicks.

Super quick post. My weekend got shanghaied (sp?) and Monday was full of negotiations at work. Today is more of the same, but I am here, I am planning to be POP with eating today and hitting the gym tonight.

Catch up with gym visits, cake baking and stuff later!!!! Be good!

06-22-2010, 12:34 PM
Morning ladies -

Have to make this quick, 167 this morning :( Hot and opressive here, just makes me feel gross all the time. I'll try and catch up on personals later! Have a great day everyone :)

06-22-2010, 07:16 PM
Makenna has fifths disease. So yes, the headache is related to the hives. The doc thinks the headache and rash will be gone by friday. She isn't contagious which is good.

06-22-2010, 09:15 PM
jeni.. hope your little ones gets well soon.

im slowly losing what i gained . i was 238.8 2day. im planing my meals i dont wanna ever go back up to the 40z again. .lol

06-22-2010, 10:09 PM
226.4 this morning . . . 30 lbs lost.

Drank tons of water today (130+ ounces).

And . . . I got all my cake boards cut.

06-22-2010, 10:11 PM
Hey ladies! Sorry this is a fly by post... Will catch up on personals hopefully tomorrow!

W~ 90 oz H20
E~ 30 Min. cardio
E~ Get in a yummy, healthy meal at work
D~ Stay in WW points and TRACK points!!!

06-22-2010, 10:36 PM
Didn't go to the gym today. My arms are a little sore. I did a 2.5 mile walk. Tomorrow I will hit the gym again. Get this!!! TOM is back least 10 days early. WTH???? I sthis a sign of real menopause coming along???

Mama- Have fun with the cakes. Something I have never tried.

Jeni- I remeber Fifth's disease. It was very pretty.

06-23-2010, 06:24 AM
Morning ladies.

Mak is ok, she doesn't look too bad thank goodness.

Tommy is going nuts not swimming, he's cracking me up lately.

Food wasn't too great yesterday. No workout either, ick.

W 64 oz
E core
E below 1500
D stick to my plan.

06-23-2010, 09:46 PM
WOW!! Nobody posting much today. I just finished 3 miles of intervals. It is harder to do outside vs. on a treadmill. Felt like I was in a sauna the whole time. I beat the thunderstorm though. I also had a surprise Monday. It was not mid cycle fun but full blown TOM....11 days early. WTH???

06-23-2010, 10:05 PM
jeni.. my mom got a tread mill that i am using too. i tried it yesterday and it wasnt so bad. my brother was trying to kill me with an incline of 10 and speed of 6. for my first time i did fairly well. im gonna try again 2day.

i can see why you love it its very fun..

w 64+
e 30 min on tread mill
e sbp1
d finish my book

06-24-2010, 12:09 AM
mothermavis~ How are you doing?

jcatron243~ Still a lot left to move, but I have until the 15th of July, so I figure if I chip away at it a few times each week, there will be next to nothing left to move. Is your daughter feeling better?

MamaP~ That is an AMAZING cake!!!

Nixmom~ Are you doing better today?

TIARA~ The pounds always seem to come off way slower then they go on, don‘t they? How did you do on the treadmill today?

mtiger~ Great job with your intervals!!! If you get TOM at a weird time next month as well, I would check with your doc.

Today was rough at work as I was presented with a pasta temptation and unfortunately caved… I’m still going to patch things together though and turn things around tomorrow, as if it didn’t happen. I have a CRAZY busy day. Just discovered that my license expired months ago, so I need to get that renewed and then head up to the “big” city in VT, roughly an hour away to get a new SIM card for my phone because mine apparently has something wrong with it, so they’ll give me a “free” new one. Although I think the hour drive kind of kills the “freeness.”

6/24/10 WEED

W~ 90oz. H20
E~ 2-3 mile walk
E~ Lunch on the go, bring snacks to avoid fattening stops
D~ Stay w/in WW points!

06-24-2010, 12:40 AM
Hi everybody,

I got back from my mom's monday evening but have been busy and exhausted from the trip. I did a lot of gardening and yard mowing while I was there.

MamaP- that was a beautiful cake. When did you say you had to make the next one? If it was today how did it go?

KimL-Great attitude, just get back on the horse tomorrow and a week from now you won't even remember the pasta.

jcatron-sounds like you have your hands full with the kids. How are they doing? I'm sure once things settle down you can begin your new workout plan.

mtiger and TIARA- great job on the workouts!

emiloots- It's hot here too. Tomorrow is supposed to be 100 degrees but feel like 104. Can't wait. :rolleyes:

W: drank some
E: 45 minute ellipticle
E: 1146 calories
D: get a workout in before work and try not to dread work after 6 days off

06-24-2010, 06:32 AM
Yaya its Thriday!! My last day of work until tuesday, maybe, I have jury duty tuesday.

The weather was so beautiful the last two days, I really wanted to go outside for a walk, but no time. I hope its nice tonight.

I cant wait to workout!

Mindy~ my cycle has been freaky too. anywhere from 20-29 day cycles.

Tiara~thats a crazy workout. I usually top out at 6 or 7 incline but I run 5mph when I do inclines.

Kim~we all give into temptations. They are all over the place, we just have to learn how not to make it into a frenzy when we do.

Hope~glad you are back.

W 64 oz
E walk after work if its nice
E less than 1500
D make it through.

06-24-2010, 12:50 PM
Thursday . . . finally. Now to just get to Friday. I might bake the top two tiers of the cake tonight (but not sure). I'm still hoping I will get off work early tomorrow ~ otherwise I will be up all night long tomorrow night baking and have to have that cake done and at the reception hall by 2:00 pm on Saturday. I got all the pieces to the cake stand washed and ready to go, the cake pans washed and ready to go and have all my supplies gathered for my baking (have to go bake at someone else's house because my oven is 46 years old (original to when the house was built) and it sucks for baking.

Jeni - I hope your daughter is feeling better.

KimL ~ Thanks. Hang in there (I'm not sure I could resist pasta right now - I haven't had it in months.)

Hope4me ~ Thanks. Hoping this cake is just as pretty.

mtiger ~ Great job on the workout, especially in the heat.

Tiara ~ congrats on the treadmill workout. I got rid of my treadmill because it just bored me and I never really used it (but then again - I don't seem to consistently use any of the equipment I have).

06-24-2010, 01:17 PM
Mindy - when I'm off birth control my cycle is all wonky. Mother nature sure likes to play her little tricks on us

Tiara - enjoy the treadmill, I always found it easier to run on the treadmill than outside, harder to make excuses too b/c there's no 'bad' weather in the house :)

Kim - stick with it, WW can be tough (I always found myself out of points and eating 0 pts soup for dinner!)

Jeni - hope you find some time to yourself to take that walk!

hope4me - scorcher again today, and it's only mid-june! Thank goodness for central air :flame:

MamaP - hope your cake comes together, the cake you did for your daughter's wedding was beautiful

Nothing much here, going to see a viewing of FRESH tonight (it's about sustainable agriculture and changing the way we think about food) can't wait. Tomorrow we're going to a Phish concert in NJ while my in-laws watch the kids so it should be a good start to the weekend. Food today has been good so gotta keep it that way.

06-24-2010, 09:12 PM

Done with my long work week. Yay! It was a very interesting day. Our normal group of 17 was down to 9. I actually got to try my hand at running the show for about 4 hours (when we were at our shortest on personel) It was actually good, but I am a control freak.

No walk tonight, but I did make quite a few extra laps around the plant today figuring things out. Its my last night of quiet befor the crazy days of summer start. (meaning swimming morning and night M_F)

I cant wait till DH gets home. A glass of wine is in my future.

06-24-2010, 11:39 PM
hope4me~ Yard work can be a great workout! How are you feeling today?

jcatron243~ Just think, were you feeling super excited to do exercise last year or the year before? Good luck with your super crazy swimming weeks!

MamaP~ What did you decide with your cake?

emiloots~ How was FRESH?

I leave for NY tomorrow, and I’m not sure if I will be online at all over the weekend, so I want to make sure to wish everyone a great OP weekend! I did much better today and stayed within my points as well as avoided eating evil food at work tonight!

6/25-6/27 WEED

W~ 100oz H20
E~ Healthy snacks while on 4 hour car ride
D~ Stay within WW points all 3 days, use min. 10 bonus points…

06-25-2010, 11:32 AM
I have a feeling I will be up all night tonight, unless I get off work early and I don't think that's gonna happen. I started baking last night (was up until 1:30). I was hoping to get at least two tiers (4 cakes) done - maybe three tiers. I had two cakes that didn't raise so I had to throw them out ~ I have never ever had that happen before. So over 3 hours worth of baking to get one tier (two layers) of the cake baked. I have ten more cakes (5 two-layer cakes) to bake tonight. ugh!

06-25-2010, 11:35 AM
Kim~Have a good Weekend. Yes, I have been excited for excercise for a long time. I've been working out faithfully for almost 4 years (August). I am in very good shape, I just wish my weight was lower.

My morning workout didn't happen today. I woke up at 11pm and couldn't fall back to sleep. Once I did I decided to keep my last day of sleeping in.

W64 oz
E 50 minute cardio 10 weights 15 core Done with my workout. It was a good one cardio wise 60 min, but I didn't get in any weights.
E Keep them low. I have a wedding tonight.
D housework. Yay (laced with sarcasm)

Krs ~posted at the same time. Good luck with those cakes. I hope you get off early.

06-25-2010, 09:44 PM
Went to the gym yesterday. Did the same basic workout. Had a funeral today, so most of the day was taken up with that. Got home and did a 5 mile walk, with some jogging intervals thrown in. My 2nd TOM of the month is over, so I'm curious what will happen with weight now.

Family went out for pizza last night for my daughters birthday. Pizza always makes me gain...and it did. Darn!!! I have been on track today so hopefully I will be back down tomorrow.

Mama- Good luck with the cake.

Emiloots- My cycle is usually spot on or off by a day. No clue what this is about.

Jeni- Enjoy your time.

Kim- NY?? Going to the city??? I love visiting there and going to shows. Wish I could go soon.

06-26-2010, 01:04 AM
I love NYC too. So much fun!

06-26-2010, 11:59 AM
Morning everyone. I had a rough day yesterday. WEED was ok, but found out my DH is losing his job after 10 years, darn economy. We'll come out ok, but it is still a shock.

On tap for the day~Library~summer reading kickoff is today. Getting Maks ears pierced for her birthday present.

W 64 oz
E 50 cardio 10 strength
E 1500 cals or less
D have a good day

06-26-2010, 12:19 PM
Morning everyone. Hope everyone has a great day. My grandson arrived this morning at 8:48 Eastern time (North Carolina). My daughter and Maddox are doing great. Two weeks early and he weighed 9 lbs 2 ounces and was 21.5 inches long and he is BEAUTIFUL! They have sent me several pictures and a couple of videos via text already and I got to talk to my daughter a while ago.

My cake is coming along. I was up until 2:30 this morning getting all the layers baked and skim coated. I took a four hour nap and have been working ever since I got up. The end is in sight! I have two tiers completely iced and decorated, the top tier as decorated as I can (have to finish it on sight), and the last two tiers iced and ready to decorate. Hopefully they will transport well ~ then assembly and decorating with fresh flowers. I will post pics within the next day or so.

06-26-2010, 02:21 PM
Kris~I cant wait to see the pics!

My workout is done, although it was a bit shorter than I wanted. I ran out of steam because I didn't eat before I went. 40 minutes cardio 10 weights.

06-26-2010, 04:52 PM
Kris, can't wait to see the pics!! Both the baby and the cake!

Jeni, Sorry about your husband's job, that sucks.

06-27-2010, 03:42 AM
Just got home from the wedding and I am exhausted. The cake was a huge success. It made me really nervous cause it was so tall, but it was beautiful and everyone loved it. Here are couple pictures of the cake and the beautiful baby. I am going to bed . . . 35742



06-27-2010, 08:11 AM

Wow, beautiful perfect baby!

Wow, Beautiful, perfect cake!

Enjoy the rest, it appears you've earned it this weekend!!

06-27-2010, 12:42 PM
Kris~I second what MM said.

Makenna's birthday party at Chuck e Cheese today. A smarter person would cancel the party and save the $$, but I cant do that to Mak.

She did a great job with her ears yesterday, she was nervous but she did great.

Not much WEEDing going on here today.

06-27-2010, 06:56 PM
I am reading a Jillian book and trying to calorie cycle with the amount she says I should be eating. It seems high, but I am giving it a shot. Gotta do something. Also trying for some longer workouts. Nothing less than 45 min, but shooting for 60.
Kris- WOW!! The cake is beautiful And the baby....even more beautiful. Congrats!!!

Jeni- Jobs suck these days. My sone can't find a job, my daughter gets fewer hours all the time and my ex is now laid off. Hope we make it. It is getting tougher everyday. Good luck, I feel for you.

06-28-2010, 11:20 AM

Here is the link!