South Beach Diet - Phase 1 sweet cravings and artificial sweeteners..

06-19-2010, 05:49 PM
I'm having a hard time accepting that artificial sweeteners and things such as suger free gelatin, crystal light packs etc are OK to have. It scares me and feels like it's too good to be true.

I've been working with a nutritionist for 6 months prior to starting this that BANNED all artificicial ANYTHING from my diet. It was so restrictive that I didn't lose weight.

I have heard/read that artificial sweeteners will make the sugar cravings worse. Isn't the point of phase 1 to eliminate the cravings?

If I have the crystal light, splenda etc in phase 1, when I'm done with phase 1, will the cravings really be gone?

I just had a nonfat greek yogurt snack with packet of crystal light, chopped pecans and sprinkled with a few tsp of unsweetened coconut and felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. I made a cottage cheese thing for tonight ..blended cottage cheese with SF strawberry gelatin and tasted..delicious!!

Are these things truly LEGAL??

Part of me says "look..forget the whole artificial thing..." What's the lesser of two evils? I can get the REAL sugar OUT of my diet and actually start to LOSE weight and worry about "cleaning it up" (ie; artificial stuff) later..right?

I just want to know I'm doing the right thing.

Here's what I've had so far today on day 2: (oh, I'm in the midst of a horrible acute allergic reaction to either my tetanus shot or muscle milk..we don't know which but am now on high dose steroids)
scrambled eggs w/ ham and cheese
taco salad..lots of greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, grd. turkey w/ low sodium taco mix, shredded low fat cheese, salsa
snack: nonfat greek yogurt w/ crystal light pack, chopped pecans and a little coconut
3 pieces cauliflower w/ roasted red pepper hummus

Someone tell me how I'm doing??


06-19-2010, 06:41 PM
Artificial sweeteners ARE allowed on all Phases of SBD, but if you can do without them, all the better. The concept of this plan is to eat whole foods and avoid foods with artificial ingredients, and all artificial sweeteners are full of it.

Many of us find that artificial sweeteners do cause sugar cravings and other unpleasant side-effects, while others can consume it with no problems at all.

So what it boils down to is that it's a totally personal choice.

Your menu looks pretty good, but you may want to try to include a serving of beans (they would have gone great, added to your taco salad), and try to get in 2 cups of dairy. Including both of these in your daily diet will help cut down cravings and keep you feeling satisfied, as well as keep things "moving" along.

06-19-2010, 07:29 PM
HI! I say, if you choose not to use the artificial sweeteners, great.
If you choose to use them, keep an eye on things to make sure they don't make you crave.
I use artificial sweeteners and I haven't noticed that they make me crave at all. Also, I hate plain water so i am able to drink more and stay hydrated better vs if I was drinking plain water.
Finally, I find using sugar substitutes more enjoyable than not using them. so if I find they are not making me crave or stall I will use them bc I want the max enjoyment possible (LOL). That said, though, I am still trying to find what works best for me as I have been stalling. I don't think it's from the AS's but if nothing else works I will cut them down a lot and see if that helps.
Good luck!

06-19-2010, 07:33 PM
Thanks!! I'm going to see how it goes for the next couple of days. So far, no cravings (knock on wood)

I will have a cottage cheese thing tonight so that makes another dairy serving..and I did have some string cheese.

Shucks!! I didn't think of the beans with the taco salad. DUH!~!! I will have this a lot this summer, so thanks for that reminder!

I'm lucky in that I'm used to plain water. I'm just looking for ways to jazz up the plain yogurt and the cottage cheese. Other than that, I could live without the artificial sweeteners although a little splenda here and there is fine with me.

Thanks again!

06-19-2010, 07:56 PM
I believe cottage cheese straight up is classified as a cheese, but if you mix yours with yogurt as I do, then yes there's a dairy as well. I usually have my cottage cheese with yogurt plain, but when I couldnt have flavored yogurt in P1 I added splenda to cut the tang of the yogurt. I also liked it with a few slivered almonds. Slivered or chopped nuts are great bc you can have such a small amount for a great crunch.. livens things up a bit.

06-19-2010, 09:10 PM
I have a sweet tooth, so artificial sweeteners SAVED me during Phase 1. I can usually satisfy my cravings with fruit, but with no fruit on Phase 1 it would have been much harder for me to get through it. I don't experience any side effects or cravings from the artificial stuff. That's just me though. The great thing about SBD is that you can tailor it to your own needs. :)

If you like peanut butter, try the "SB peanut butter cup" recipe that's on here. It's TO DIE FOR.

06-20-2010, 08:20 PM
I'm with you on the artificial sweetener anxiety. I'm not much of a sweet freak to begin with, but any time I have had them I have found they increased my cravings. I also am nervous about how artificial they are and some of the things I have read about aspartame. For me, it is easiest to avoid them. Having said that, if I must, (like when I was at the Cheesecake Factory and really wanted some cheesecake) I choose something with Splenda. But keep in mind I do not use any sweetener on a daily basis in coffee or anything like that. I guess what I am trying to say is that if I were you, I'd use them when you really need a sweet fix, but don't get too attached to the idea of having something artificially sweetened every day.