Exercise! - Ways to variate your excersise plan

09-30-2002, 09:25 AM
Okay I really like the combo aerobics tapes. I have ABS/Chest of Steel 2000 video and use to have Buns and Abs of Steel 2000 (where is it :( ) If you have any of these and u want to get rid of them let me know. So here is my weekly plan and I am always looking for ways to make it more variable:

Mon, Thurs: Gym-treadmill 18 min, elliptical glider 15 min, weight training with free weights and machine. Total time 1 hr.
Tues, Fri: Combo aerobic/free weight tape Total time 1 hr.
Wed: Yoga stretching
Sat: Looking for something new otherwise one of the above or 33 minutes on the elliptical glider and stretching Total time 1 hr.

Give me ur suggestions!
Ms. Chris


09-30-2002, 07:17 PM
Hi Ms Chris.

I read that you do about 3 hours a week of mainly aerobic exercise. This meets the internationally accepted guidelines, but at their minimum - 30 mins on most days of the week (2.5 hrs).

You could try doing about 40 mins on 5 days a week, if you have the time. Build that up to an hour a day and take the weekend off to allow you body to rest and to give you family play time (more exercise but less formal).

I'd suggest:
Mon aerobic session
Tues aerobic warm up and weight session
Weds aerobic session
Thurs aerobic warm up and weight session
Fri aerobic session.

Aerobic sessions: treadmills etc, take a class on land or in water, follow a video, swim, go for a walk.

Weight sessions: free weights, resistance machines, resistance bands, an aqua aerobics class or swimming. Or my favourite, fly a stunt kite sitting down - try it before you laugh!

You could check out yoga, fit balls, Pilates etc for relaxation, stretching, strength etc.

Yes I know water work was in both! Cos it works both and doesn't strain the joints as there is no weight under water.

Please note that I make these suggestions without having the benefit of screening you personally (you may hate water, or have a newly replaced hip joint etc etc). But I hope this info is helpful.