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06-17-2010, 01:40 PM
My gym is doing a challenge for the month of July. You get points for exercise. Then there are prizes for the winners... But I can't wait until July to get started. I want to start now. After Calorie Counting for a while, I have gotten a feel for what I should eat within a day and now I am doing more Intuitive Eating. It is actually working, b/c I hit the point where I usually jump off the wagon and gain weight back... but this time, instead of gaining, I am maintaining.

So now I need a little PUSH. I am going to focus on eating veggies everyday, exercising 6 times a week (even if it is just a leisurely stroll around the block). And daily weigh-ins. (Mostly just to keep me on track, not to obsess as I know weight fluctuates up and down day by day)

Here it goes:

6/17: Bag of veggies with lunch; wogged around Hartford 45 mins.
6/18: 214.0; Bag of veggies with lunch; Strength Training
6/19: 212.8 (whoo hoo!)
6/21: 215.0; Bag of veggies w/lunch; jogged 3.21 miles in 44:27; Veggies with dinner
6/22: 216.0 (wtf?); Spinach & tomatoe on Sammich for lunch, green beans with dinner; Zumba in the evening (fun!)
6/23: 215.4; Bag of veggies with lunch; 32 mins on TM (2.4 miles of intervals); veggies with dinner
6/24: 214.2; Veggie with lunch; strength training; salsa on dinner
6/25: 215.4; Veggies with lunch; ONE HOUR on the TM. :) (4.15 miles)