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06-17-2010, 12:00 PM
I seriously could use some advice, especially if you have been in my shoes, or in shoes that are similar! (I promise if you were in my shoes, they aren't stinky and I don't have a fungus! LOL ~JK)

I have been doing VLC version of Atkins (20 carbs and under) for just about two years. (a couple of weeks shy) This week, I am finding that we are swimming in the pool for upwards of a minimum of 3 hours, and I mean HARD play. I figured (on the daily plate) that I am burning about 1200 calories each day, and not even eating that much. It is HOT here, and I just don't feel like eating. I think some of it is mental. :?: I mean I think about what I "should' eat, and yet I don't want it so I just don't eat. Then I go and burn those calories.... then come dinner obviously I am starving! I feel better today (because last night I ate what I cooked the family: beef tips over rice, broccoli and cheese, and sliced tomatoes) and not really as physically weak.

I have considered switching to do my own version of WW Core, to include the unlimited veggies and fruit but still keep with the reg full fat dressings (because I don't like the extra sugars and additives in the light or fat free). But the thing that is holding me back .... is fear. Fear of gaining and returning to the 227.5 pound mark. Fear of losing control, because on the times I have a "free day" I do completely lose control. I will admit to binging on sugar stuff, and then feeling like crap afterwards. When I do add anything like even a regular serving my body will then hold water from the carbs and it just freaks me out on the scale.

Any HONEST advice you have would be greatly appreciated. (Please, be kind though. I am pretty fragil on this as it is.)

06-17-2010, 03:00 PM
I think you should do what feels right. I also do a low-carb lifestyle (Primal Blueprint) but we can eat tons of veggies(low-carb ones) and fruit but I know I'd be nervous about adding too many carbs back in especcially sugary ones from carrots/potatoes/watermelon,etc Maybe skip the WW Core and try to modify your own plan if you can to fit your lifestyle right now. I completely get not wanting to add in the fake sugary stuff, I too have binged and feel awful afterwards, its never worth it to me. I eat at 7am every morning and my breakfast is full of fats (eggs w butter/bacon/espresso with coconut milk or heavy cream)so that I don't have to eat until 4ish and then its a small meal of meat/fish/veggies and I'm usually good even with all the exercise during the day(sprints/swim/weights). Do you think you're not eating enough in the morning? I'm with you though I'd be worried adding unlimited fruits or certain veggies, that could send you craving more sugar. Even sweet fruits or too many veggies can cause my brain to want more sugar and thats when I start making bad choices, so I try to not even touch the super sweet fruits or veggies.

Again, maybe just modify your own plan some, I don't think you need to abandon what has been working for you.

06-18-2010, 06:15 PM
I am all for finding a plan that works for you. I would propose, if you don't already, to journal what you are eating, weighing regularly, and make changes in small increments. you will then have a record of your body. Don't jsut rely on your best guess. 3-4 weeks out, you will forget. Then 3-4 months who knows?

06-23-2010, 06:41 PM
I have decided to switch over to South Beach. I think that is going to bring the total balance I desire, while still staying within decent carb limits. I am doing it as it is written without tweaking! I have a bad habit of that!

To be honest, I am excited!!! Off to meet the other beachers on this site. Thank you for both of your input. It really meant alot to me.