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09-29-2002, 09:55 AM
Good Morining everyone!! I don't know why, but ever since we found out about the baby we are up early every weekend. Maybe it's mother nature getting us ready? Or that we are going to be fairly early the night before. :dizzy:

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!!

09-29-2002, 10:34 AM
Good Morning All!

Karen- Yup! I think it must be mother nature. I haven't set my alarm to get up in months!!

Well, garage saling was a success! It was a whole town and had I known that, I would've made sure I had a map, and mapped our route. Instead, we drove aimlessly around looking for signs! The towns around here seem to do it this way now. It's a cool idea I guess. Anyway, I got a set of matching lamps for $10, they wanted $15. They're small, like for your night table or desk. I guess about 12" or so. They're crystal and glass. And I got a fire engine lamp, full size, for the baby's room, and a matching child size coat rack with a fire engine on top, both for $20. They're really cute. I think I did good, all items are in perfect condition. We must've hit around 15-20 houses, but we didn't start until around 1:00, so most of the good stuff was gone. But that's OK, because I wasn't really on a mission to find something in particular. One lady told us that she put a sign up that said "early birds pay double!", to keep them away. I thought that was a great idea, because you know there's people that start at 7:00, when the sale doesn't start until 9:00.

Have a great day all!

09-29-2002, 10:50 AM
Good Morning!!!
Garage Saling can be fun!!! U can find some treasures out there!!
I wanted to have a garage sale but DH is real picky about people visiting and "scoping" out his house and yard..We just put things out at the road early on the day before garbage day and let people pick it up....It is funny to watch people actually load desks, mattresses etc!!!!!

I dragged DH to BabiesRUs to register things..He was funny cuz he would get soo annoyed as I went forward, backward, turn the buggy around quick etc etc!!!!He said I was nesting!!!!Of course, the funny thing is, this is the first time he has been with a woman that it is her first child....We tested out carseats, strollers etc...He is a trip!!!I then confessed that I had ordered an armoir without consulting him on Friday...He liked it soo I did good!!!!I ordered a bookcase for the baby which will be in Tuesday, soo things are shaping up!!!!

DIet wise...I followed everything almost exactly yesterday, and had perfect sugars...I willl find out Tuesday if I have to be on an as needed insulin requireiment...I did have 4 sugars out of wack soo I will see...I am following the diet exactly except I really cant eat the whole 2200calories..I am consistantly hitting at 11 -12 carbs rather than 15-16....I am gonna work on it harder!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

LA Hopeful
09-30-2002, 03:01 AM
hi all,

well i finished moving out of the icky house this weekend. so now i'm officially living with my parents :lol:

my stuff is in storage until i can find a place. i have/had a line on a house that's available 10/9 but i haven't talked to the girl in a while. apparently the current tenant is being very pissy and won't let her show it until she's completely moved out. that seems ludicrous. but i will probably call her tomorrow just so i stay fresh in her mind.

tuesday i'm taking my car in to get fixed from the accident. they said they might need it 10 days!! and my insurance doesn't cover a rental car so i'll have to pay out of pocket and then i'll get reimbursed later after my insurance company settles with the girl who hit me's insurance company. what a mess.

anyway hopefully this will be the start of a great week. lord knows i can use it! hope you're all doing well :)

09-30-2002, 06:32 AM
Hi Girls!

Another Monday coming up! I have just said farewell to my friend from France, but we will probably meet again in Switzerland or France in Jan when I go skiing with my dad and GF. I am already looking forward to it!. BF, who is still living with me, was in a bad state because of professional matters mainly, and I had to take my friend around Athens so we didn't see each other much. We had a lot of fun yesterday when we were all together and ordered pizza and when my friend read our hands and laid cards (always fun, even if you don't believe in it). My friend is supposed to get married and have another child someday, which made him feel very much better as he hasn't seen his other kids in 2 years (his then GF would not marry him so that she wouldn't lose $ in child support...). Went to a concert in the city square of one of Greece's favorite singers. It started to rain after 10 min, REALLY rain, so they had to call it off. people were holding their plastic deck chairs over their heads so as not to get wet. Funny! Went home and put a cd on instead...
I might also have found a new appartment, into which I might move in a month or two, as a friend of mine is currently living there. It's a ground floor appartment in a neighbourhood that is next to my current one, but only about 300yds from the sea(!) it's 55 m2 which means 1 small bedroom + living room, which is enough for me, but it is also in a very good state as my friend's HB is a builder and has done the place up very nicely. It's ground floor and has a little patio-garden like smt on the side where you can sit. It's also lots cheaper (about 220$ instead of the 310 I'm paying now), so hopefully I'll get it.
Well girls, I have definitely NOT been op this last week, as I was obliged to go out 4 dinner most days. My friend is about 6 ft 5 and 140 pounds, and he still eats a lot, so I had to show him where, and Greek food being what it is, I just went limp and crumbled...Still , went doing exercize of some sort 4 (beach yesterday) times so that's good at least. From now on, will post how much wine (hopefully none) and eat according to plan, so I fit into my smaller home by December! Also, will have to get rid of a lot of stuff (but not my yellow squeeky bath duckie which I am very fond of, makes me remember Ernie in Sesamy street when I was little, we still keep all the toys at home in the NL, you never know!), this is also good because I never get to it! Do you have something childish like this that you definitely do not want to get rid of?????

RR, can't believe it's only 9 weeks left!

Lauren, I love garage sales! I got most of my stuff from house sales (even some antiques), and Greeks like to buy their stuff new, so I get some really good bargains here, too. I'm also thinking of selling all my old clothes in a car boot sale (except for the dresses and weird stuff I collect, like 70 vintage shoes or accessories), to raise some $, which O, Boy, I sure could use right now.

Hope you aren't sore any more Tech, must have been wonderful xcercize though!

LA, hope you get the house

a wonderful week to us all,


09-30-2002, 12:07 PM
hi all. Today is my birthday. :hat:

Had a great weekend at my sister's. the party was great. They loved the party favors. And the song w/our costumes was a big hit. The party really started going after that. :D

But I am tired tired today! And I've got workers here who are keeping me too busy!

Tech ~ hope the hayride was fun - sure sounds fun.:)

Lauren - those emails you get each week sound cool. I'm sure you learn a lot.

Karen - well, yes, I'd sure want that room ready before too! Why doesn't she think you should do that??:?:

LA - good luck househunting!

Greek - that sounds like a nice apartment - hope you get it!:)

gotta run!

Rabbit :dizzy:

09-30-2002, 01:21 PM
Hi All,

Rabbit- :hb: :cb: :hat: Hope you have a great day!! Glad the party was a hit!

GG- That's the great thing about garage saling in a hoity toity area, everyone is getting rid of pretty good stuff!

LA- Glad you're out of the icky place, hope you get that other place! Hope you get the car fixed in a timely manner too!

RR- 2200 cals seems like a lot for someone your size! Are they sure you should have that many?! Glad your sugars have been good though.

We start our childbirth classes tonight!! :D I'm very excited about it. We're taking Bradley classes, which are more geared towards natural childbirth, it's also called Husband Coached childbirth. It's at some lady's house about a 1/2 hr. from us, and costs a whopping $275!! :eek: I just about passed out when I heard that, because it's a good 100+ more than the hospital classes, which are modeled after Lamaze. But it also includes breastfeeding and basic baby care, which would be 2 extra classes at the hospital. I really hope we like it, since we're paying soo much! She said she'll be giving us homework out of the 2 books we have to buy also. I already bought the one book - it's called Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, by Susan Mc Cutcheon. The other one is called The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth, but Henci Goer. I have not bought this one, but I don't like the reviews I'm reading. They say it's very anti-OB, anti-epi, etc. and that's not me, I just desire to educate myself and do my personal best to deliver naturally. I really hope the instructor is not like that, because I think I will call the CNM and ask her for a different name then. Anyway, it's every Monday night from now thru November 9th.

Have a great day all!

09-30-2002, 02:46 PM
Happy Monday All,

Well the muscles have just about returned to normal, which is good since I'm back on the hand cart on Wed :eek:. I made K walk my dog and I took his on Saturday, because mine pulls harder, K did nothing but complain, it was pretty funny. The hay ride was OK it was more of a Hay fight than ride, but I haven't laughed that hard in a while so it was fun. They also had a meal and campfire so we had a good time.

Yesterday wasn't so good pts wise, I think TOM is lining up to visit and I was just hungry all day, plus the munchies. But I think I did better than normal, so we'll see. I'm almost thru with week one of my 12 week personal challenge, and so far so good. I'm averaging at the top of my points range, but I've added activity points in 3 of 5 days. Anyway.....

RR - DH sounds like a typicle guy/engineer you're just not attacking the store in a logical fasion. Glad you had fun anyway, and good luck at the doctors.

LBH - Sounds like you had a good time garage saleing. Good luck at the class.

Rabbit - :cp: :hb: :hat: . Glad the party was fun. Have a great birthday.

LA - Hope the apartment works out for you.

Greek - Sounds like you had a fun week. Good luck with the apartment.

Karen - Becoming early birds with pg :eek: another good reason to remain childless. (just kidding)

Well I need to go grab lunch and go shopping (in that order or I'll buy what I don't need!!!).

Have a great day everyone.

- Tech :cool:

09-30-2002, 07:19 PM
Hi guys. Whew, I'm tired. I actually came home and made dinner tonight. I got so used to coming home and napping then throwing something together in five min (or going out :)) that this wore me out!! :) DH is going to clean the kitchen. Isn't he a sweetie.

Rabbit: Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a great one and that your candle wish comes true. How cool that the party went well. MIL is superstitious about doing stuff for the baby before it gets here. It's some Jewish thing. I'm going to disappoint her and get everything ready.

RR: How fun shopping for the baby!! DH's aunt has already said that she is buying the stroller. I'll let anyone buy whatever they want!!

Lauren: Wow, that is expensive. I was looking at our pamphlet last night and thought $135 was high. I'm going back and forth on whether or not I want an epidural. I sorta do when I think about pain relief, but when I think about the needle I DON'T.

Tech: Glad to hear that the muscles are getting better. Maybe you won't be so sore on Thurs. since you've done it once. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

GG: I think I'm going to start calling you WACG. Wild And Crazy Girl. Keep on having lots of fun.

Gotta go feed the dogs and supervise the kitchen detail. Have a great evening.

09-30-2002, 08:29 PM
Tech--WOW...U solved the riddle!!It is the logical guy type engineer thing..everything with a purpose in a logical manner!!!Hey, I am a pg nurse that does thing spur of the moment totally illogical cuz we deal soo much with people who are basically very illogical!!!!

Lauren--Have fun at the childbirth classes..I am soo frustrated..Now she wants to add some insulin cuz I had 2 sugars out of whack..Once when the cat went down the drain and the other when I had to pick up SD#1's cat that had died last week...I dont do the 2200 cal...Way too much food...I do good to get in 1500...I write down all calories and can honestly say..I have not even picked a nibble at all.....I will see at the appointment..I am also gonna cry for a sonagram!!Hmmm..and just so happen to have my VCR tape in my purse....Is that obvious??????

WEll...hello to all...Time to bathe Tootie and then myself!!!!Cross your fingers that the insulin will not happen tomorrow at the MD's!!!!!

10-01-2002, 06:12 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RABBIT! XRONIA POLLA (Many years!!!) Hope you had a wonderful BD, and I see you had a very nice weekend too!

Hey Lauren, Don't get stressed! Just do what seems right for YOU. I was comparing things with here (you're better off in a lot of ways): Lamaze classes, Bradley classes, here in Greece it's a lot more complicated: almost no classes, find everything out for yourself, or get tutored by: Grannies (who sometimes used to still swaddle(!) their babies when they were young), any woman having had a child, their husbands, your mum ("oh, I remember like it was yesterday YOU were such a ... baby!"), your aunts, your friends, unknown passers-by, and last but not least, your gynecologist, usually introduced to you by one of the above.
One good tip I got from my gran: she always slept through the night from about 12-7 am, and trained the baby not to wake up for milk in about 10 days after the babies were born (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), by just letting it cry for a while and feeding it somewhat later every night, and the baby would wake up just a little later every day, up to the point it slept through to 7 am, so she had a full nights sleep ALWAYS, both with my dad and his brother, who apparently did very well on this system, and I think the main hitch is feeling sorry and giving n to the crying. HER mother was so upset when she saw this, because she'd given birth to 9 kids, and had to go through endless sleepless nights... Anyway, I have no kids yet, but I might try this one when I grow up...
I hope the classes are worth it, and reading into the subject is also good. Don't let all the separate opinions swamp you, though.

KarenK, I also though MIL wants to make sure everything is 100%before they decide on anything. Not specifically a Jewish thing though: they do it here too!
AND: you might find REALLY superfantasticacious stuff at incredibly good prices in a few months, and be sorry you've already bought so much! One thing I like going out for buying stuff and having good looks around in lots of shops (here it's lots of little businesses, each with their own style) in stead of doing it on-line, but I realize the distances here are slightly less, so it's easier to do things on-line sometimes. Don't hurry though, only buy what you like so much you'd feel bad about if you hadn't (die-hard shopaholic's advice) and what you WILL use. Apart from that, you'll probably get loads of stuff from friends (and MIL)

Tech, sounds you had a really good time! Stay on track with the challenge!

RR, too bad about the insulin! Does it get out of limits when you stress out or maybe the dr wants to keep the calories up to counteract these reactions. Have you told her you have problems following the eating guidelines? Maybe you can take a balanced supplement to avoid the insulin that way (?) Good luck at the MD's!

Have been very good and had a wild night: stayed perfectly op all day, no wine, cleaned up some summer stuff and went to bed (haha, Gotcha!)
Called my sis, and we grumped a bit at each other: she about my personal life and BF, and me about WW, as she went last week, saw at weigh-in she was up 1 pound, and got a bit dispirited so she went away immediately after and didn't attend the rest of the meeting. Anyway, she's started her new job today, so I'm not going to bother her now


GG (stands for Gaga)

10-01-2002, 10:20 AM
Hi All,

Well, class was pretty cool...once we found it!! :rolleyes: The lady lives a good 20-25 minutes from us, but it took us 35 minutes to get there because DH, who knows her area better than me, decided to take a road that he said runs paralell to the one we were supposed to take. I don't know why he couldn't just go up 2 more lights to the correct street!! So we didn't have the landmark to turn at, and it was all screwy, but we ended up only 5 minutes late and she said she likes to start on time, but gives everyone a week to find their way.

Anyway, there are 4 other couples. Three of the 4 others go to the same midwife as us! One goes to an OB, but said they plan on a MW for next time! That was kind of reassuring. Only one couple had been going to her for awhile, and they all had great things to say about her. Funny thing was, nobody seemed to know about the Drs. history, of course I told them!!

I told DH he's not gonna be able to relax me, because I'll be too busy laughing!! We both agreed that I have no problems relaxing, it's tensing up I have problems with! :lol: Anyway, we have to read 2 chapters of the book I have for next week, and we have exercises we have to do, like kegels (50x a day), which I'm horrible at! And outer thigh exercises, so my legs don't get tired and shake during pushing.

Karen- I was gonna ask you if your MIL was Jewish, because I read on another message board that they don't bring anything into the house before the baby's born. That's nuts!!

RR- That's interesting, is the insulin levels stress related??

Have a great day all!

10-01-2002, 12:03 PM
hi all!

I had a nice birthday. I really didn't feel well all day so last night I put on my pajamas early and watched tv - exactly what I wanted to do! I was so happy when the workers were out of my house for the day!

I went to the store and bought myself a little tiny cake for my bday (since I was alone :( ) and thought I'd have some for dessert (after my lean cuisine for dinner). And then one of my friends dropped off an apple crumb pie for me! :o Needless to say I had some of both!:sssh:

Lauren - thanks for the birthday wishes! ~ good luck at your child birth classes. ~ I had the shaking legs thing, but I think it was after it was all over with . . .

Tech - thanks! ~ Hooray for the activity points!

Karen - Thanks! ~

RR - good luck at the doctors.:^:

Greek - thanks! Yeah op!

gotta run. Have a super day! October already!

Rabbit :df:

10-01-2002, 03:08 PM
Hi everyone! Having a pretty good day here -- I even got a compliment about losing weight. WooHoo!! I took my measurements over the weekend and since the beginning of Sept I've lost 1/2" in chest and 1" in hips. However I gained an 1" in my thigh - at least I know it's all muscle. I'm starting week #3 of this new training program and I'm glad it's almost time to change it up. I'm still bummed I haven't lost any weight but oh well...it will come in due time right???

Rabbit, Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Too funny about the cakes!! I would have done the same thing -- heck, your birthday only comes once a year (thankfully) so just be good for the rest of the week to make up for it. :)

LBH, I'm glad you enjoyed your first class. Did DH have a good time too? What is it with men and directions?? :lol:

GG, I think I've been making up for you in the wine drinking area. I've been on a kick lately and have to have 1-2 glasses every night. I hope the new apartment works out for you.

RR, sorry about the insulin. I hope you get your sonogram wish.

Karen, I've been trying all these recipes in a cookbook I bought recently. It's called "5 Ingredient, 15 Minute Cookbook: Cooking Light" and it's the best!! So far I've tried about ten recipes and they've all been awesome and low fat. The best thing is everything is really really easy -- a requirement for me to cook.

Tech, your hayride/campfire sounds like fun. Sorry you're dealing with TOM hunger. I just finished with that last week. Good luck with your exercise tomorrow.

LA, have fun with the parents. Better you than me!! :lol: I love to visit home but would go nuts after a couple of days (my mom is a major chain smoker that complains about everything -- very negative person but I still love her). I hope you are able to move into the new place soon. In the meantime enjoy your time with your family.

Have a good one -- tomorrow is hump day!!

10-01-2002, 07:13 PM
Hey....GOod News!!!No insulin!!!! She was pleased with the results of the other sugars and dont think I can sustain a good level if she gives me the insulin..She didnt want to bottom me out any.... I lost a pound this visit but she wasnt upset..I am now up 9 lbs total....I get the sonagram in 3 weeks!!!!
Have a great evening!!!

10-01-2002, 07:19 PM
Hi guys. I'm at the torture chamber known as school again. How do you guys with lots of responsibilities do this pg stuff? I'm so darn tired that I can't function. I feel like I am in a fog bumbling around. Ooops, gotta go. Teach is here. Have a great evening all.

10-01-2002, 07:38 PM
Hi. We had a show in the Chicago area this last weekend. Had a micro-burst storm pass over and around 36 of us had our tents destroyed (we were among the 36!!). Thankfully we pack up and take away our product every night so all we lost was the tent and some of our display items. Many of them left their product in the tents over the night and lost everything!!! I've got new parts ordered and hopefully they will arrive before we leave thursday evening for Kansas City.

Everyone think kind thoughts for my husband and cooler weather - we are so swamped with wholesale orders (I've got to learn to say that we are full when we are first full not when we are past full - hmmmm, kind of like my old binge problems). He's working as hard and fast as he can to fill all the orders but its really hard to work when the studio reaches 120 degrees (and thats not infront of the glory hole!!)

Update on my friend. It is brain cancer and they can't operate. They did sugery today to put a shunt in so they can do chemo/rad directly to the area. Last week she was o.k. enough for the hospital to send her home on her birthday (35) but that night she was back in emergency and even stopped breathing for a few minutes. The only one they are letting in to see her is her husband for about 10 min. at a time. Its such a b#$@%ch you know??

My eatting plan is kaput right now. Going to try and refocus. I'm up a few lbs again. I quit the metiformin - I just didn't like getting hives everytime I did anything the least bit physical or outdoors, plus I seemed to gain on it - not lose. Bummer.

Today my DH is 40, I made a cake and he just wants veggie pizza. Not like its much of a birthday for him since he worked in the studio all day and since we just got back from chicago we don't feel like going out for dinner.

I must get on to the bookkeeping chores!!! bye, jul

10-02-2002, 05:03 AM
RR that's great! Phew!

Lizzard, you're doing well! when you're working out and having results measurewise, the extra muscle is probably why it doesn't show on the scales, so don't worry about it. The more muscle you have anyway, makes you expend more cals, so you lose fat more easily, etcetc. I've upped my training schedule with the help of a friend of mine (girl that's into Olympic Weight Lifting and looks like a fitness model and not like an Eastern european wardrobe: she used to be really unfot and pearshaped until she started weights) lately, and although my eg my arms have stayed basically the same size, they're much stronger and shapely now. I lost several inches off my back and my backside went up in a few months :). So it's going well, but it doesn't show on the scales because of the muscles...
I don't think 1-2 glasses of wine are doing that much damage, but you could water it down (1 part water, one part wine) so you drink only half and it has about the same taste too(they do this a lot in the restaurants here, and most people don't notice!).

At work things are tense: we don't know what's going to happen: So I'm looking for a job, have to move, no $$$ (sigh): On the other hand, some offers are oending, and things at home are better now. I have a wedding on Saturday, and my sister is coming over for it (it's her boyfriend's sister that's getting married), so i can look forward to that!

This for today
Have a nice Wednesday everyone, and be well!


10-02-2002, 05:04 AM
Ah, stayed op as well yesterday! One day at a time...

10-02-2002, 08:23 AM
Happy Wednesday Everyone :D

Woke up before my alarm today, so I decided to hop on the puter real quick before showering for work. (Let's hope I don't have Karen's problem :eek: )

Totally blew my points for yesterday. We went out for dinner after WW last night and I really wanted deep fried milk fat (otherwise known as cheese sticks) and at 2 pts apeice they sent my total into the dumpster. Oh well, time to put it behind me and move on. Right. I've got the hand car at work today so that should be a work out and then we should take the dogs for a walk they were full of energy last night, but we weren't.

RR - YEA on not needing the insulin!!!

LBH - Can't help on the canning, my mom used to can, but when I tried I didn't have much luck. Good luck.

GG - Hang in there. You'll figure out everything soon enough. Also do you use a translating program or type in english? Just curious :?:

Jule - I can't belive this heat for the beginning of Oct :eek: Hope it breaks soon for DH's sake, working in the glass building at work stunk on hot days.

Rabbit - Glad your b-day was a success. Hope the painters are done soon. Have you found a bedroom color yet?

Liz - Congrats on the inches!!!!! The weight is sure to follow eventually, just hang in there.

Well, off to get ready for work, and on to WEEK 2 of my challenge.

- Tech :spin:

10-02-2002, 10:13 AM
Hi Tech,

Don't worry about the extra points: I read somewhere that "overeating" once in a while might actually do the body good (in conjunction with ketogenic dieting, and it's not gospel), and if it's any consolation, my gran has made her irresistible (light) stuffed tomatoes so I will very probably overeat today, too: she makes 'em so good you want to eat them all (fortunately I am not allowed to by gran).

Intesting question (what made you wonder?)! Actually I never use translation programs, because they never come out right (=they stink), + you get really strange + freaky expressions(see below): translating is for the most part choosing fitting expressions for a text, according to type of thing you are translating, literal translating mostly makes no sense (it makes a text look like it's edited by a dyslectic 2-year old) and the English you are using: for example, when I translate stuff into Queens ("real") English, I always use "s" in stead of "z", + other specific spelling and expressions (colour, harbour et.cetc., and if I used "wicked" for "cool" you'd think I was some kind of mildly concussed person). I am just a slightly geeky person with an inclination towards picking up languages just by listening to them and reading stuff (whatever I can lay my hands on, basically). I do use dictionaries, and then just use what "fits", but not with English, usually I can do without, unless the text is a real pain in the ["a...."/ "backside"/"posterior"/"bum"/"tushy"/"head"] (please fill in appropriate word).

well, my day is almost over, so "I'M DOING IT today..."
(Literally translated Greek expression meaning: I'm off...);)

Gooodbai outa Atina, chave ai naise dai ol!

GeekGirl :) :) :)

10-02-2002, 11:22 AM
hello all. :)

I had pie again last night. I'm not sure why she brought me a whole pie??

Liz - thanks!~ Hooray on the compliments! ~ Your cookbook sounds good.

Lauren - sorry I can't help with the canning either.

RR - great news! :D

Karen - maybe you won't be so tired after the first trimester?

Jul - sorry about the storm! ~ good luck in Kansas City! ~ Hope it cools off for dh. ~ so sorry for your friend.

Greek - good luck on the job hunt.

Tech - well, today is a new day. ~ yes, I've found a bedroom color - again! It is going to be walnut wash. This time I think I'll like it. :^:

OK, gotta run. have a fab day.

Rabbit :flow1:

LA Hopeful
10-02-2002, 04:13 PM
hi guys

so much to read and no time to do it :( i hope to catch up real soon though!

i just wanted to stop by because i put on a pair of jeans this morning that i've had for years. 4 months ago i couldn't even zip them closed. 2 months ago i could zip them closed but i could hardly sit down. and this morning i put them on and not only do they zip, i can sit down and i don't have to unbutton them! :lol:

i'm having a hard time getting an accurate reading from my scale since it's on carpet now instead of tile floor. but once i (hopefully!) find a new place i'll get more accurate readings. as long as it's not going up i'm happy :)

hope you're all well!

10-02-2002, 04:15 PM
Road Runner, I hope you are able to find a safe place to get away from the hurricane winds and rain. I pray it doesn't hit New Orleans again as they already had a deluge from Isidore. I'll be praying for everyone's safety as this is going to be a really bad hurricane. Please let us know how you are doing.

10-02-2002, 06:58 PM
Thanks Liz!!We are told to expect about a week without electricity cuz we are not gonna be soo lucky with Lily .I just got back from buying tuna, chicken and water and getting prepared for no electricity..Work said to bring 2 days of clothes and expect to stay and work without going home...I did 20hrs/day after Andrew but this year I dont know how I will do it 7 1/2 months pg, Gest Diabetes and short of breath just walking sometimes...Keep everyone in your prayers...I will post when I can if the power stays on!!!!

10-03-2002, 03:38 AM
Good luck in sitting it out, RR!

have a nice day all,


10-03-2002, 07:03 AM
They told me to stay home today since I wouldnt be too much help..DH is off work and the kids are home from school soo everyone is together...It is just really bad wind and rain right now but the worse is not here just yet..I am up early checking on the cats of course!!!
Take care!!!

10-03-2002, 08:40 AM
Hi All,

RR- Stay safe!! I'll be praying for you all down there!!

LA- Congrats on the pants!! :dance: I guess you're keeping it in your bedroom? Can you bring it back and forth into the bathroom with you? Maybe you have a large piece of something hard you can put it on, like a big book, or piece of scrap wood?

Rabbit- Walnut wash? Will that match your taupe headboard though? Sorry, I love to decorate!! :lol:

GG- So, do you speak english over there, or Greek, or Dutch, or what?! :lol: I have fun trying to figure out what people mean sometimes when they say certain things!!

Gotta jump in the shower! Have a great day all!

10-03-2002, 09:35 AM
Weeeeeel (insert Texas drawl), Lauren...

1.With my gran and around town I speak Greek
2.With my boss and some friends and most family I speak Dutch.
3.With customers and some friends I speak English
4.With my friends from Serbia I speak Serbian (the story behind this is: I met a women who now is one of my best friends here in GR, but who only spoke Serbian when I met her and 3 words of GR. But in stead of teaching HER Greek, I picked up Serbian. It's a nice language to know, but you get real pain in the tongue from all the srtvrt's and krtvrtprdjt's etc...)
5.With some people I'm not on speaking terms at all:devil:
6.With some people I prefer body language ;)
7.When necessary I also speak a bunch of other languages, although lately I tend to get my tongue into knots while switching languages, unless drunk, then I get REALLY brilliant again (or so I think).
8.I speak German, but only with nice Germans (not many of THEM around!, hah!)

Yeah yeah, I know I should have become a simultaneous translator or smt (this is what my dad says anyway), but 1.It's like being a walking PC in stead of a person to the people you're working for, and 2.It's BOOOOOOOORING!

Hasta La Vista Babies! & Bom Dia to all!

Ole from Greece :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

10-03-2002, 11:23 AM
RR: Did I hear right that the storm has been downgraded?? Maybe it won't be quite as bad as expected. I hate wind! I just freak out about the least little bit of wind.

My friend is not well at all. They did the shunt operation and after the first treatment she did not do well at all. I'm afraid I'm going to get a call while we're in Kansas City this weekend.
Another friend's son was in a bad truck wreck Sun. early a.m. He was put into chemical coma yesterday due to brain pressure spikes. Surgeons don't hold out much hope for him either. He's 19.

Enough depressing news, the good news I've finally designed the kitchen redo and I'm very excited about it...now to just save up a bit more money and I can get started on gutting the whole thing.

We're leaving tonight - so I better restock the truck!, jul

10-03-2002, 03:15 PM
Hello!!The storm downgraded right before it hit..We are just now getting some wind 40-50 mph..THe yard is a mess, the power keeps blinking on and off but tends to stay on...It is mainly just wind and rain now!!!
Thanks for the well wishes!!WE have lucked out again!!!

10-03-2002, 03:19 PM
hello friends.

Having a pretty good day here - will be SO glad when the plasterer and painter are done. The plasterer will be done today. The painter will be back a couple of days next week. Painting is looking great. :)

LA - hooray on the jeans! :D

RR - how's it going there? I heard it was downgraded, hope this is true.:^:

Lauren - oh yes, it is a light brown color and looks super with the taupe brown headboard.

Jul - so sorry about your friend's progress and also the teenager. Hope you get better news on both soon. My prayers are with you & them. ~ good luck on the kitchen redo.

later all!

Rabbit :snail:

10-03-2002, 04:38 PM
Hi all. Things are OK around here. I'm probably being put on temporary disability at work because of the no heavy lifting restriction. Sigh. I didn't want to use up my time now, that's for sure. I also don't want to do anything that may hurt the baby. I have to go see the doctor again tomorrow and let him tell me what to do. If he'll write a note saying I'm 100% then my boss will work with me making sure I get high level patients. If he's mean and says nope, you gotta be on the no heavy lifting, then I gotta be off starting from tomorrow until it's lifted. Sometimes I hate being a therapist. I feel guilty 'cause I'm not sick and I'm capable of working, just not lifting heavy people. My boss is cool with that but HR is being a total blankety blank. OK, enough griping. Thanks for letting me vent. :)

RR: Hope you are doing OK. Glad that you got to stay home with your family. Hopefully you won't loose power for too long.

GG: Wow, I'm impressed. I only speak english with a small(extremely small) smattering of Spanish.

Jul: I'm so sorry about your friends. I hope things work out for the best, whatever that may be. Hope you have a good show.
And good luck with the kitchen.

LA: I think what Lauren said about a scrap piece of wood or a left over floor tile would work great with your scale. Cool on the pants!! Wish I could say that!!

Alright. Going to get a shower and get ready for the dreaded school. Hope you all have a great evening.

10-04-2002, 04:31 AM
Jul, sorry to hear your friends are not doing well. Pray for them. I also hope you have a good weekend.

RR, I also read Lily is going down and the Bush has announced a compensation scheme for the region. How's everything.

To all, have a good weekend and op time!


10-04-2002, 10:20 AM
Hi All,

Karen- Sorry to hear they may put you on disability. Can't they just figure out a way around it, like give you easier patients, or someone to help you lift them? If the doctor puts you on STD, that doesn't count towards the standard 6 wks. What kind of "maternity leave" do you get? I only get the standard 6 wks. at 60 or 66% pay, can't remember which. 8wks. for c-section. So if I want to stop working before I go into labor, that takes away from my 6-8 wks. :(

RR- So how are things there? Everything still standing in your area? I saw one building on the weather channel this AM that was just 4 brick walls left standing! All they were talking about on the news and radio was about the water moccasins swimming around in the flood water, and warning everyone to stay out of the flood water! :eek: Of course the DJ's around here are like, hmm, New Orleans, a great place to visit for MG, or Jazz Fest, but not to live!! :lol:

Jul- Your friend and the teenager have been in my prayers...and especially they're families.

GG- :lol: I know a couple words, or phases in Italian (I think they're insults actually!) that DH taught me. He doesn't speak Italian, but his Nana taught him. She doesn't speak Italian either, when her parents raised them, they had decided that they came to America and they were Americans and that was that! They actually wanted to fight in the war against Italy!! Anyway, that's all I know besides english. My dad's mom taught us a word in Dutch when we were little, that she told us meant "dirty person". It's probably some curse word, or means scum bag or something. I'll try to sound-spell it: shmeelop?? Like "feel", but with shm instead in the beginning? Sound familiar?!

DH is off today, hopefully he'll get some things accomplished! He was gonna go to my mom's to drop some stuff off and finish the painting, but it's raining out this AM, so he can't bring the stuff over. I suggested that he hang the shelf in the kitchen, so I can get my cookbooks and stuff up, hopefully he'll do that. It's a good rainy day project...for starters. He could also sit and go through his boxes of comic books and make sure they're all in order...but I'm not gonna push and make him mad at me!

Have a great day all!! I'll be here trying to spread my own sunshine, since there's none outside!! :flow2:

10-04-2002, 12:14 PM

All the work yesterday went great. Spraying the ceiling was not as bad as I had feared. Now there are only 2 days left - wed. the bedroom/bath will be done (again! :dizzy: ) and Friday the ceilings will be repainted - because ofcourse the spraying did not match. I am thrilled with the painting. :D

Saturday night dh and I are going to a grand opening of a Cheesecake Factory that is a benefit for the National Children's Cancer Society. I'm looking forward to it. Must eat sensibly all day so I have points for a little cheesecake.:T

Karen - sorry about the temporary disability. :(


It is rainy here today, they say it will cool off tomorrow. I hope so, I love fall weather.

Rabbit :love:

10-04-2002, 04:37 PM
Hello!!!The well wishes worked!!!!No flood waters..just lots of limbs and debris but that is ok!!!

Karen-That boss sounds sort of harsh to me..We get off 12 weeks after the baby comes...If U have the time, U get paid, if not it is taken without pay...I Have 6 months PTO saved soo I will get full salary and $2000/month extra for short term disability...I have no restrictions but I just dont do bed lifts or wheelchair people heavier than me..GOod luck with this dilema!!!

Lauren--I guess ya'll are getting the residual rain!! IT is sunshine and nice here!!!

GG--U are talented!!! I speak nothing but English!!!!

Rabbit--Cheese cake factory??? FOrget the directions after the opening!!!!

Take care all!!!

10-04-2002, 04:53 PM
RR- I think every other state besides NJ has better maternity benefits!! And then there's the company you work for too. Mine being extremely stingy!! I can't believe I work for one of the largest pharma/CROs in the country, and all we get is 6 wks!! :mad:

Rabbit- Cheesecake...one of my favorite desserts! It has to be the really good NY style, rich and creamy!! BE CAREFUL!!

10-04-2002, 05:58 PM
RR - glad all is well! :) ~ Luckily the Cheesecake Factory is not close to me so I won't have to worry about being there much.

Lauren - thanks for the warning! I need it.

Rabbit :goodvibes

10-04-2002, 08:51 PM
Hi all. Well, I now have the next three weeks off. They are going to decide now whether I have to use sick time or short term disability. I want to save the sick time cause I can have three months off when Peanut gets here, otherwise, I'll just have two 1/2 or so. Oh well, I'll hope for the best.

RR: It's not my boss, she's a jewel. It's the HR department. They are being real hard-nosed about it. I'm glad that you survived the storm OK. I'm also echoing the others, stay out of those snake infested flood waters. Shudder..........that's the stuff of nightmares!!

Lauren: Can you use your accumulated sick/vacation time? That's what I have to do. Unfortunately, they make us use that first so when I go back I will have nada time off if I or the baby get sick. That REALLY sucks.

Rabbit: They are building a Cheesecake Factory not even five minutes from my house :0. I'm going to have to restrict my trips down that road. Unfortunately, Target is down the same road. I have to go to Target, I mean, I gotta buy diapers, and baby wipes and baby clothes.........of course, I could get them all in one trip instead of one at a time.................... :)

OK, gotta go work on my project for school. My class wants to hire DH for a tutor. I told him to go ahead, it would be extra money for baby stuff!! :) Have a great evening all.

10-05-2002, 12:09 PM
Karen- yes, I have to use at least 1/2 my vacation time, before STD kicks in. So I get 6wks. STD, plus at least 1 wk. vacation, 2 if I use it all. I didn't want to use it all, in case I needed it later in the year, but DH has 4 wks., so if the baby's sick, he can take off...even though I'd wanna be home with him. :( If I was due the second half of the year, I'd have to use all remaining vacation time.

10-05-2002, 10:27 PM
Hi all!! Wow, it's quiet around here today. Hope everyone is out having lots of fun. DH has been tutoring a classmate and me in Java today. Half of my class wants to hire him because everyone is having such a hard time with the project. He told my classmate that he would be happy to do it. She is already setting up the sessions!! She's going to pay him with piano lessons. He's excited. I think I will do his laundry as a surprise. (I stopped doing his when I started school and his pile is higher than I am tall!!)

Lauren: Wow, that really does suck!! I don't know if DH would be willing to keep Peanut while it's small. He doesn' t know anything about babys. :)

OK, I gotta go get my nose back to the grindstone!! Have a great Sunday!!