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06-14-2010, 02:17 AM
4 tsp honey mustard
4slices of light white bread
4 half oz of swiss ff cheese
2 oz thinly sliced ham
2 tbs ff milk
1 lrg egg white
cooking spray
1 tsp powdered suger optional
low cran berry jam optional
spread 1 tps of mustard over each slice of bread and add ham and cheese, mix egg white and milk together, dip in egg white and milk mixture to evenly coat, then put in hot skillet and fry like a grilled cheese for about 3 min or until golden brown add jam and sugar if desired! very very very good!!! it is 4 pts for one sandwiched

Ok so the spin is beat the egg white/whites until it forms peaks. I learned this when making that fluffy batter around chicken strips it rocks. I haven't tried it on the monte cristo but I just know how good the chicken strips come out. Not of course we also fried the strips. But any ways I will buy the stuff in the next few days and let everyone know how it turns out.:D