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03-08-2000, 08:51 AM
(obvious, but a great way to eat mex)
shredded iceberg/romaine
chopped tomato(measure!)
chopped avocado(Mmmm...
grated cheddar/jack cheese/sour cream

Saute ground beef or turkey or firm tofu, and add 1 envelope taco seasoning. Mix according to directions and spoon judiciously onto salad. Top with grated cheese. Some low carb salsa is good on this. So is sour cream. Or ranch dressing.

The taco seasoning has msg, which is a problem for some people according to the Hellers. But this salad is a lifesaver when I want something hearty and spicy. All the tabasco you can eat. Enjoy!

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01-27-2003, 04:56 PM
Bringing this up for TazCat...enjoy :)