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06-09-2010, 05:25 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm trying to go on a low carb diet eg Atkin's because I want to lose weight fast. However, I'm having real trouble resisting my cravings, and I've never managed to refrain from carbs for long enough to enter ketosis. The longest I've gone without carbs was 24 hrs and I felt dreadful- exhausted! Is this meant to happen and does it stop?

Also, how helpful is exercise on a low carb diet? Because since you are burning up your fat as energy, then logically the more exercise you do the more energy you need, the more fat you burn? How much exercise should I be doing and of what kind?

06-09-2010, 06:58 PM
Hi Hannah,

I'm far from an expert but I'll answer from experience. First of all, i have seen people lose weight fast on atkins but unless you stick to the plan when the weight is off it just goes straight back on. This is the same for any diet. The benefit of atkins in my opinion is that you don't feel like you're starving yourself, i have lots of energy and eat when i want!

I've been doing atkins for a few weeks now. The first week I felt awful.. I think they refer to this as atkins flu. I was sick in bed for 4 days - I reckon though I had a cold and the change in my diet just made it worse. It'd didn't last though and I was good as new the next week.

As far as cravings are concerned I am the worst person i know. I have tried atkins and many other diets in the past and whatever it is I wasn't allowed (usually crips, cake and buttery toast) is what I would really crave - in the end I always caved to my urges and ended up binging and putting back on more weight than I'd lost. Big mistake! I think to overcome your cravings you need to have a big dose of will power but you also need to be in the right frame of mind. This time starting atkins I was very determined and I just stuck it out.. through feeling ill the first week and all. The second week was great, felt better, cravings were gone, and i actually had more energy than in a long time!! I will admit however that i have slipped up .. I ate a small bit of cake one day and then all my cravings came back and i spent the night binge eating. I felt so sick afterwards and the next day - physically and emotionally! It really did prove to me the importance of not slipping up ... it's just not worth it!

Exercise on any diet is very helpful. The more calories you burn the more weight you lose. If a diet requires no exercise (like some of these 18lbs in 4 days detox plans) it is likely because it is so low in calories that it would be dangerous to exert yourself - that's just my opinion but i can't see anyone saying im wrong ..

In terms of what exercise to do, if you want to lose weight I believe any sort of cardio is best ... walking/running/cycling etc. Sadly this is an area im lacking in though.

Well I hope I have helped and hopefully someone more experienced with atkins and exercise in general will chip in with their thoughts and fill in the gaps that i have left. Best of luck to you :)

06-09-2010, 07:14 PM
I think the long term Atkins-ers can best answer this question, but I had two major issues to push past. First was what seemed like literal withdrawal symptoms. I needed carbs because I was addicted to them. This isn't funny. It is a very serious addiction. I behaved just like I did kicking smokes. It has to be done though. Then you get the flu. Great. First you fight a serious addiction then you're rewarded by getting sick. Yep. That's what eating the standard American diet has done for us. It's worth every miserable moment though. Once you've conquered those issues, the benefits are amazing. Good luck.

06-10-2010, 08:34 AM
Hannah, why do you want to weigh 98 lbs? Atkins is about a healthy WOE not quick weight loss. Which book(s) on Atkins have you read that made you choose Atkins?