Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again....#219

09-27-2002, 12:56 AM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

09-27-2002, 01:33 AM
Hi everybody! :wave: Just a quick post to let you know I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth! :o

I have had more work lately than I know what to do with. The 'bra jobs' are piling up. Actually, the boxes of boxes by my front door are piling up. Did my first K-Mart today. Four more to go. Still have another Meijers and a WalMart to finish.

I move the baby back up to college on Tuesday. Will take mom with me so that we can visit her brother and SIL who are in assisted living and a nursing home about a half hour from son's university.

I haven't even had my evenings free with going to the card party on Monday night and taking mom to see her cousin from Oklahoma on Tuesday night. She was so happy to go, she has not seen this cousin for 45 years. I'm sure she's thinking that that would be her only opportunity to ever see her again as my mom is 81. We also took another couple with us (my mom's cousin who is the woman from OK brother). He suffers from Parkinson's and he hasn't seen his sister in 10 years. They were just thrilled for the reunion.

I am doing the PMS shuffle this week. But my symptoms are not the *****y type, mine are all physical. Sore boobs, headache and tired as ****. I came home today and layed down to watch my soap and fell asleep for 3 hours. :eek:

In the morning I'm headed to mass with my cousins in honor of my aunt's birthday (the one that passed away from lung cancer that I was so close to) and then out to breakfast. I have to do two theatre jobs in the afternoon.

Shell: Welcome to our little group. We're an eclectic bunch. All ages, all sizes, all programs. :D I'm 48, married 26 years, 2 sons (21 & 23) both in college. I've been on this thread since it's beginning in July of 2000. I hope you will enjoy it like I do.

On the subject of the Bariatric surgery: We have just lost a Detroit City councilwoman from complications from her stomach stapling surgery. My vote: Not safe! Not worth the risk! :(

Sorry girls, no time for additional responses. I did read and I know that there are alot of things I should be saying to all of you. You'll have to forgive me though, as my head is splitting.:headache: And I need to get to bed. :yawn: Love :love: to all. I hope to catch up with you properly later.

09-27-2002, 03:21 AM
How are you all my chickies? Very good I hope! Well, believe it or not, I am feeling a little better today! :cp: My food was not perfect, but it was definitely better. I did enjoy exercising this morning even after a night of work and believe it or not, it actually helped me sleep better. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping during the day, simply because it is DAYTIME and the light shines through the window into my eyes (dh says he will be taking care of that problem this weekend) (we'll see) :dz: but today, I slept like a rock till I had to pick up Trey at school and I feel more alert here at work tonight. I just did the one mile, but that was definite progress compared to nothing at all, and to be honest, I think being able to KEEP UP with the people on the video is a success in itself considering I outweigh most of them by 100 lbs. :strong: So, to me.........the fact that I can go right along with them.....not any slower or faster.....but keep the same pace makes me feel pretty good. We went out to a mexican restaurant after football practice and I ate a little more cheese than I should have, but that is all that I have eaten all day, so I suppose it isn't all that bad.

I am seriously considering going back to WW on Monday if I can scrape up the $$. I really like the pre-pay plan, but I know I can't afford that right now, so I may just pay the fee to re-join and go from there. I just need a few more kicks in the butt and I should have enough cahonies to go back. :p We are a little bombarded at work tonight because we are having some power outages, so I won't have time for individual replys, but I would like to welcome Michelle#2 -- This is a wonderful place and I am very glad that you have found us. It takes awhile to get in the groove of things, but once you get to know us, we are just like one big family. I am 32 years old. I have been married for almost 15 years to a wonderful man and we have two boys......Brian who is 14 and Trey, who is 9. I work third shift at an answering service and I love it! Most of my weight came on after I had my children and I just let it stay there since it had found a happy home.....but now I have decided that it is time for it to leave because although it may be happy right where it's at, I'm not happy with it and it has GOT TO GO! I have tried several programs and am about to start WW again, as I feel it is the best program out there. Always remember, that we accept you JUST AS YOU ARE. Sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad, but we are all human. Share your successes and if you need help, we will try to lend a hand. After all, we are all in this together. And.......to answer your question, yes, I do use the weights when I do my WATP videos, but I didn't this morning, because I didn't want to overwhelm myself. :rolleyes:

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow. Love you all. :love:

09-27-2002, 07:18 AM
Tina just something to think about! Call weight watchers and ask them for a financial aid application. If you qualify I think the weekely meetings are only like 6 or 7 dollars a week! I am going to see if I qualify now that I am only working part time! It sure helps. My secrerary at my last job in RI did it. I signed a letter for her on our letterhead because she just started and didnt have pay stubs yet.

I gotta run for now and get us ready to leave in a half hour but I will be back this afternoon to post again!

TTFN Michelle

09-27-2002, 09:07 AM
Thin….Hmmmm “Bra Lady” has sore boobs….News at 11!!!!!
We will all be here waiting for your funny, informative, knowledgable posts!!!:D

Tina: Are those tapes you have the ones where you march around? Do you feel it's a good workout?

It's 28 and foggy here today....sure hope it warms up cause I get off early today.

Okay...don't forget if you have any advice on srapbooking I need to know and insight into time management....and MOST important "the hunk"!!!!!:love: :strong: :flame:

Have a good Friday. :goodvibes:

09-27-2002, 09:15 AM
Good morning Michelle #1:wave:

Thanks so much for your welcome! Great name by the way, :lol:

In regard to your question about where in NH I live...I live in Greenland--near Portsmouth. I am about 45 minutes from Boston. I live about 10 minutes away from the ocean which is really nice!! Have you ever been up this far?? Fall is a lovely time to visit the White Mountains!!

Please tell me a bit about yourself. Are you married? Do you have children? Do you work?

I see you are doing the Leslie Sansone tapes too:) :strong: I think that doing this 3 times a week is great!! How long have you been doing this program? Do you do other exercise as well?

Good luck with the assistant property manager possibility. That sounds nice and close to home. Hope you get it!! :flow2:

I look forward to getting to know you better. These boards are just great!!

Have a great day!


09-27-2002, 09:23 AM
Hey Lucky:wave:

Thanks for the welcome!! You are right--you ARE a great bunch:cb:

You really should visit NH. As I just stated to MichelleK, it is beautiful in the Fall here. The drive up through Franconia Notch, etc. is breathtaking!!

I am trying to get to know everyone here, so sorry if I ask the same questions:) Are you married? Do you have children? I see that you like to garden. Where do you live?? I see that you are putting in tulips and iris today. I LOVE tulips!!! The first year we moved into this house I spent about $400 on tulip bulbs!! Can you believe it?! :dizzy: It was a spectacular display come Spring. That was about 8 or so years ago, and I really need to replenish. I am just obsessed with gardening:flow1:

Have fun today planting. I hope that you don't get washed out from the rain!

Take care:flow2:


09-27-2002, 09:32 AM
Hey Thin:wave:

Thanks for the welcome to this group:) Wow! You have been with this group for a while!

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling that great this week--darn PMS:sp: Don't you just hate being female sometimes!

I agree with you on the bariatric surgery issue. I know some have been helped with it, but it scares the heck out of me. My younger sister's friend was thinking of doing this. She is only 21. And she really isn't THAT overweight. I talked her out of it. For now, anyway. There is so much that you have to deal with AFTERWARDS. It certainly isn't for me.

I hope that you are feeling much better soon, Thin:grouphug: I send you cyber:m: No calories:)

Take care and have a good day! :flow2:


09-27-2002, 09:32 AM
Just a quickie!

Tina: Go for the financial aid like Michelle said. Last year when my DH was laid off, I did that. I told them that I didn't want to quit coming to meetings, but that I couldn't justify the money when I had other bills to pay. It worked and they gave me 8 renewable weeks.

09-27-2002, 09:45 AM
Hey Queen:wave:

Thanks for the welcome:spin:

Congrats on getting your workout in!!! You are so right....doing SOMETHING is better than doing NOTHING at all:) And it is extra great that you are able to keep up with them. Doesn't that make you feel good?!:strong: Do I understand correctly that you work a night shift? That must be really hard. How do you get any sleep?? I am such a lite sleeper that I would never be able to sleep during the day.

I hope that you are able to start up WW again, if that is what you want. I have never tried WW but my aunt and sister go quite often and they like the program. I have heard it is the best.

Where do you live, Queen? How long have you been a part of this group? It sure makes it easier when you have others to share with:flow1:

I hope that your day is a good one and that you get some sleep:cloud9:

Take care!


09-27-2002, 09:50 AM
Hi again everyone:wave:

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the warm welcomes that I have received from this group. Over the years, I have tried posting with different sites and much of the time, my posts go largely unanswered. This is one of the first sites that seem to really embrace new people and make them feel welcome!! I really appreciate that!

I am off to do my workout:strong: :cb: :flow2: :dancer:



09-27-2002, 01:24 PM
HI guys :wave:

Boy was I surprised to see so many posts this morning. Last night we were on the last thread and I was just too tired to start a new one. Thanks Thin for getting us going with a fresh thread.

I don't have time to post. We are celebrating my baby's 21st birthday tonight and I have got to get to the store. I offered to take her out to any restaurant of her choice or a home cooked meal... she chose the home cooked meal. I am making all of her favorites. Her favorite cake is Angel Food. An angel for an angel.

Tomorrow I am headed for Missouri again. It is my parents 62nd Anniversary. All of my family are coming in for it. We were suppose to go tonight but we opted to celebrate my daughters birthday at home first. She wanted to go dancing tonight with her sister and brother. They don't get to do a lot together with both girls in college in different states. THEN...Sunday... my husbands family is having a reunion. :^: I am going to be all smiled out by Monday. :lol: A girl can be nice for only so long. :lol:
I will be grateful to be home alone. LOL

I am a little frustrated... I promised myself LAST year that I would be 50lbs less for this year. Oh well. There is always next year.
Okay... I am talking too much. I will read and respond to everyone Monday. Have a great weekend,
P.S. Welcome to the newbies. I didn't get to read yours yet... but saw some new names. Welcome.
P.S.S. ..... I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night. :D

09-27-2002, 04:04 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

I had WI (Not Wisconsin) and lost...tadaaaaa....2 1/2 lbs for a total of 12 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks! I am motivated! For a treat I got myself some steamed shrimp and chinese vegetables from the chinese restaurant I like! I am stuffed for 7 points!!! Plus I got in some veggies too! I love shrimp!!

Michelle #2...I haven't been through NH in years! My sister has a friend that grew up in NH and I can't for the life of me remember exactly where....if I heard it I would remember...but anyway...they moved to North Carolina a couple of years ago. OK a little about myself....I was bred, born and raised in Rhode Island...I was married for 19 years and decided I had enough abuse and left the state and filed for divorce one year later (I told him I would wait a year) then in the meantime I met a wonderful man here from Philadelphia, we dated, he moved in and we now have a beautiful son who just turned 2 on Sept. 11th. He bought me a house and a brandy new car so I figured I better keep him around a bit longer! LOL He is the most wonderful guy in the world! As for me...I am 42, and I lost 97 lbs on WW back in 1999 before I got pregnant and since I never learned how to maintain weight I grew it back! I know how to lose and I know how to gain but never got to the point of maintaining...and my DR said NO losing weight while you are pregnant! So...here I am doing the plan again because I know it works if you work it! I use to walk 3 miles a day before baby...but its so hard now...so I just started doing the WATP tapes. I love the Richard tapes too...I alternate so I don't get bored! I do go out for a walk with the stroller now and then when the weather is comfortable but its not the same as when you get to swing your arms! Ok..work...before baby I was doing Commercial Property Management....I managed office buildings, apartment bldgs, and shopping centers. I had sites in PA, DE and NJ. After Andrew was born I decided not to go back to that...so now I am just working part time doing medical billing, contemplating going back into residential property management. I am also going to school for a bachelors in accounting! My next semester starts on October 25th. I registered for 3 classes, I think I am in trouble! I just downloaded the course syllabus' and have a load ahead of me! BUT>>.>>I will do it! It will keep me out of the kitchen hopefully! When I go back to visit my family in RI I am about an hour from Boston...maybe we can meet sometime!!

Ok...phew! I said a mouthful there huh?

2Cute...enjoy your weekend! We'll be here when you get back!

Baylee congrats on the 2 lbs gone!! We are pretty close to losing at the same rate! You can probably get the WATP tapes at Walmart or Kmart or Target. I think they are cheaper there! I had ordered mine from ebay because I have a dvd player and I couldn't find them in the stores in dvd. Its hard for me to get out walking with Andrew and like you said winter is coming!!

Thin....come back and post!!

Ok I gotta get out of here and go cash a check so I can pay the sitter. I have to pick the boy up at 4 pm. I have to get dressed...John was home early today and he wanted to play! He told me to post my weightloss later!! LOL :dizzy:

I'll be back! TTFN Michelle

09-27-2002, 04:40 PM
Did Ya miss me???? :wave:

I'm on vacation so I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. :) I can't believe there's one whole thread between this one and my last post. You gal's have been gabby.

Food's been good and not so good. Leaning more towards the good side the last day or so.

Today we're getting Isidore's rain so I've been a "good girl" and have been cleaning house. Tomorrow it's early AM at the pool, then, I think strength training starts, but someone else said they think it doesn't start til next Sat. (Sure the only weekend I'm away all Fall ... That'll be my luck.). Then I'm off to a dog show in the Finger Lakes to watch/meet friends. Then we're going out to dinner. Should be able to stay OP. I'll be too busy to think about food.

So I'll be back to gab on Sunday.

Welcome to the group Shells.

09-27-2002, 05:05 PM
Okay... I SHOULD be doing a thousand other things but I thought I'd make a quick post first. Do you think I can do it? :lol: I guess my biggest news is that I think I've broken my mini-weight-loss-plateau! There was a few weeks where I was working SO hard... exercising everyday, eating SO healthy, etc. but it seemed to be coming off at a snails pace. When I stepped on the scale this morning, it said.... get this... drumroll please... AND THE WINNER IS...

197 POUNDS! YAHOO! :D :smug: :lol: That is 73 pounds down!!! I WAS 270 POUNDS ON MY 25TH BIRTHDAY IN APRIL AND NOW I'M 197!!! hee hee... I'm 5'7" and I have a large build... wide shoulders...uhem... large chested, :lol: so my ultimate goal of being 150 pounds is quite reasonable! Yah! 47 more pounds to go! That number sounds SO small now seeing as how I USED to need to lose 120 pounds! ....um... thanks for the opportunity to be a loudmouthed bragger! :lol: I'll stop now!

My hubby is SUCH a sweetie. He went out today to Pier 1 Imports (I'm not sure if you guys have them down there... it's like the Pottery Barn) and bought me a huge candleholder/plate thingy that I had described to him a few weeks ago and a bunch of yummy smelling candles. He did it... just because! I had mentioned it purposefully because our anniversary is next month and I was hoping...:devil: but I didn't think he'd just buy it for NO occasion! Well... it turns out that he picked up the wrong one. :) He told me earlier that if it wasn't the right one he wanted me to exchange it because he wanted me to have the one I loved SO we're actually heading out in a few minutes to exchange it. What a sweetie, eh? No kidding... I'm SO spoiled. His opinion of me spending too much $$$ on clothes recently is "I like you to look nice and have stylish clothes. Don't feel guilty... you've never enjoyed shopping so much (because of my weight loss) so it's nice that you're treating yourself now." I'm SO bad... A friend of mine asked me last night if she could clone him!

Baylee... I'm SO happy for you! Another 2 pounds is WONDERFUL! You are doing an amazing job! I'm SO glad we're doing this together!

Michelle... You too! Yah! That is SO great! Our group is so full of LOSERS!

Our Christmas Card Exchange List has a total of 7 names and addresses right now. Keep them coming! In November I'll PM everyone on the list with the list so we can have a holly jolly time receiving cards this year!

I think hubby's kinda waiting on me so I should take off for now. Be back in a bit!

Sara :)

09-27-2002, 05:07 PM
Hello my darlings...

Hmmm...I thought I posted this morning before I slept. (Another night shifter, Shells) Welcome to our little group! I think you'll like this crowd, we ARE humble and loveable! Oh, I know! I sent my info to Sara for the Christmas card exchange...I think this is going to be fun! I told Sara we should include pics, if possible...I'm too technologically challenged to post mine on-line.

Good Lord, Lucky...28 degrees? Weren't you just complaining about the heat, not too long ago? I have been doing some scrapbooking lately. I got started a few years ago, when a friend had a "Creative Memories" scrapbbooking demonstration... I bought a bunch of things, albums, paper cutters, templates, border papers...(I usually go overboard and then lose interest *or time* shortly afterwards.) I dug out all my goodies and started a new book for all my vacation pics. I'm sure any craft stores you have nearby will have all the stuff you need. Get a book from the library first, or perhaps, see if there's someone nearby doing demonstrations...it really is fun, and the end product is a treasure.

Tina...:cp: Good for you! Get back to WW, you know it works, and keep on exercising! Again, I'm giving myself the exact same advice! I found my points counter yesterday, and excitedly resolved to use it...this morning I had the BEST omelet for only 4 points! 3 egg whites, (1), 2 T. shredded cheese, (1.5), 1 slice bacon, crumbled (1) and mushrooms (0)...Sorry, make that 3.5 points! :T

Mary...Are you feeling the effects of Isidore much?? We got a lot of rain last night, today looks like it should be cold, but it's actually quite warm, mostly humid. Try to stay dry, down there!

Thin...You are one busy woman! How nice of you to be bringing all these folks together! That must feel real good...but I know the PMS does not. It sure doesn't seem to slow you down though!

Michelle...YOU GO GIRL! 12 lbs is awesome! I'm so proud of you! And you too, Baylee...and Sara!!! Our current "losers!" You gals are doing great...you all keep me inspired. I am counting points again...it really is the best, most realistic plan around.

Duckie...I hope this finds you feeling better...I love cats too, but I'm deathly allergic...I get all wheezy and sniffly, watery eyes...it IS hard to resist picking them up, but if I do, I wash my hands immediately after...I'm the same way around horses too...'course I don't pick THEM up! Feel better!

Steph...I LOVE the Rag Shop! I could spend hours in there, trying to decide what else to buy. Funny how I can waste time shopping in there, but seem to have NO time to finish the projects I start!

2cute ...and...... she's off!...again! Have a great weekend...tell us about it when you get back! Keep your chin up!

Well...I've got to end this MEGA post...hubby wants to go to Atlantic City tomorrow, come back Sunday...We have to bring our son down that way for a scout camping trip, so he figured why not just stay down there and have some fun? ;) ;) Why not, indeed? I'm game! So, I may or may not see you guys again til Sunday! Horrors! Maybe I can find an 'Internet Cafe' to keep in touch...and then again...maybe not! Whatever...

Have a great weekend, all...keep moving! Keep drinking that water! Eat those fruits and veggies! Think thin!

09-27-2002, 06:09 PM

Sounds like everyone's doing pretty good, trying to get back on track or stay on track. I wonder how many lbs we have all lost together since joing this site, I know, before I found this site way back in Feb, I didn't really think I could lose weight, was destined to be fat for the rest of my life, It's been slow and I've gone off track alot but I still have 25lbs loss due to the motivation I get from these boards.

I'm feeling alot better, my appetite has also come back. I really got the muchies, yesterday and to day. Have made any terrible choices still doing pretty good food wise. I was wondering, do any of you get the muchies more, the week before TOM visit's. I'm hoping they'll pass.

Congrats Sara, Michelle and Baylee, on your losses hope to join you with a loss on Monday. I've bein losing about 3bls a week so far so we all seem to be losing at the same rate. It must be a healthy rate.

Kat, you make me laugh, the picture of you trying to pick up a horse keeps on poping into my head.

All you guys that talk about your wonderful husband's, STOP !!! Your making me so jealous. Just kidding. Actually my fiance, is a great guy, a little lazy around the house ( no make that alot ) and not very romantic, I never get surprises, or taken out on dates or for dinner. I can have what ever I want, whenever I want, as long as it's in our means. And he's never harrased me about my weight, always complimenting me and saying I'm sexy, but I'ts hard to accept these compliments when I know I'ts not true, and that he's also attracted to the supermodel types, I guess any man is. Anyway's it would be nice to get a surprise, or to be asked what would you like to do today. Well Enough of that,
this is suppose to be a quick reply,

See you guys on Monday, offf for the weekend, two days to clean house and do laundry, yeah.

09-27-2002, 09:47 PM
:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: Sara!!!! I am so proud of you...now I just have to follow your example.

I planted the Iris, raked, burned and dug but didn't get the Tulips in yet...will do that in the morning before cleaning the shed.

Kat, thanks for reminding me of the library...I go there all the time but my brain must be off...I am off to check on scrapbooking on their web site right now!!!!

09-27-2002, 10:07 PM
Sara: Way to go girl we are neck and neck . Keep it up.
We got loads of rain Wed and Thurs from Isadore but it's gone now;

DH and I had a huge fight last night. He was telling me a story of being in the navy while we were watching ER (after the @$$ Dr got his arm cut off, and he said I wasn't listening to him. I was looking directly at his face. How could I not be listening to him. He freaked out and started yelling so I cried all night and got up this morning with swollen eyes and had to go to work. He called me today and asked if things were alright between us and where was I taking him to eat tomorrow. (I got paid today).

Well I better quit flapping my mouth. I'll catch all of you later

09-28-2002, 03:31 AM

Aughh!! My best friend is up from georgia visiting..and i've been like out of the house all day....i think i'm still eating well..i just wanted to check in..and i'm rather excited because on tuesday i go back to weight watchers!! YIPEEE!!!
How is everyone??? :-D
lots of love!!

09-28-2002, 07:06 AM
I'm here guys......at work right now and we are extremely busy due to lots of power outages.....just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and I love you lots and I will make a big long post tomorrow. :love: :grouphug:

09-28-2002, 09:48 AM
Well, pooh...it's dark and rainy - I sure hope it clears up since I want to clean that shed....

I could clean this computer room....I want to re-arrange but need a shelf and table to complete my plan....:mad:

09-28-2002, 11:12 AM
Good morning everyone!

Andrew and I are off to toys r us to exchange a birthday gift. He got two of the same thing. I also am going to Barnes and Noble to check out the prices for books for my 3 courses. And to order them if they are cheaper than the textbook supplier through the college. This college is strictly self study classes and home, on line, videos etc. So they don't have a bookstore on campus just a supplier to order them from. I want to get started on writing my papers for the english class so I have some extra time!! They also have a textbook swap on the college website and one guy has a book I need. I am just waiting for a response from him as to how much he wants for it!!

Its pretty nice here weather wise! The sun is shining the wind is blowing and its nice a cool just like fall should be!!

Lucky you can come clean my house if you want. It looks like a tornado hit it!

Mel...good for you going back to WW. We will have another to keep us on our toes and motivated! Hope you had fun with your friend!!

Baylee I need the light competition to keep me going and motivated. If everyone else can do this so can I!!

Mary sorry to hear about your tiff with hubby! Hope he is kissing your hiney now! If he is...enjoy it while you can! LOL

Kat join the bandwagon! We are on a roll....get that book out and start counting AND WRITING what you eat! There isn't anything you CAN'T have...you just can't have EVERYthing on the same day!!

Sara you are so awesome! I wish I could lose that much weight in 5 months! Did you get your little package yet??? I figured by tuesday at the latest!

J-ann with all that running around you should have burned a few calories there!

Duckie you are doing great too...we can all do this together!

Tina come back and post!!

Thin....where are you? Doing your bra thing? COme out and post!

Ok I am off to do the errands! TTFN Michelle

09-28-2002, 07:22 PM
I have been cleaning my computer/library room and need a break. It isn't so much the work but the planning...I have a small space for all my stuff in this room so I have to put a lot of plotting and planning to get everything back in here but it a different spot.

It has been a long day and a lot of work just to add a small work area for doing stamping and "maybe" a scrap book or two.

It must be that "getting ready to hunker down for winter" time, right Baylee?

09-29-2002, 08:34 AM
Well this is very discouraging! I need help on the weekends and no one is around to post! Thats not fair you all have a life and I don't!!

Get your hiney out here today and say a few words of kick butt for me! I did manage to stay within my points yesterday...I only got in 5 glasses of water and I did not exercise!

Ok I'll be back so you all better come out and play today before you run off to do your fun thing!!

TTFN Michelle

09-29-2002, 10:23 AM
Ok so I am going to be the lone poster today!

Well I have something to report! I just got back from a 2 mile walk! The weather is so nice and cool and John is off so he could watch the boy so I got my headset and off I went. If you want a good walking tape you should try and find the music to Beverly Hills Cop II. I have been walking to that tape for almost 4 years now. Its great because it has some slow paced music and then some faster pace music that kinda makes you want to hop and dance and skip down the road! Oh God! Can you see it now...this bod skipping down the road in public! Ugggghh!!

Ok I am off now to take the boy for a costume for Halloween. Big lots has them for 7.99. I think he might be a bumble bee this year! We shall see! Last year he was a LION! Roaaar!!

I'llllll be back! I hope you will too!

TTFN Michelle

09-29-2002, 11:07 AM
There! Anyone else? Now, can you do the same for me? Actually, I have been pretty good these past few days...Got lots of walking in yesterday, and I have been utilizing my Curves membership at least 3x a week, if not more. I think...no, I KNOW...that regular exercise is the key to all of this. (No $hit!?!) Yes, I know that's obvious, but when I'm actually getting regular exercise, not only does it burn the calories, but I don't feel like eating poorly and blowing all the good the exercise has done...now, if I could just stick with that!

We had a nice day yesterday. Dropped our boy off and headed to a nearby state park...there was a restored village there, was once a grist mill...we had the dog with us and walked for a while there. 'Then we headed for the ocean...walked for a while on the beach and just soaked in the sun...what a beautiful day. Then we headed over to Atlantic City...we couldn't do too much with the dog in tow, so we strolled on the boardwalk, taking in the sights. At one point, dh said,"why don't you go in and try to hit the jackpot for us?" OK! and off I went, into Trump Plaza...proceeded to lose $25.oo in a slot machine...quickly...so I headed back to the boardwalk. I'd rather have something to show for my expenditure than an empty quarters cup! After that, we headed home, with the intentions of dinner and a movie, and both promptly fell asleep...PARTY ON!

Michelle...did you find an outfit for your little cutie? My son was a cop for three years in a row, starting from about 5 years old! Hey, he finds sometihng he likes and sticks with it! I think this year he wants to be "Dr Evil." He certainly imitates him well enough! (that's all I hear out of him, but he IS funny!) (You know...the guy from the Austin Powers movies) I told him I am NOT shaving his head!

Well...I thought this would be a nice, long, chatty post...but it seems that my daughter has other plans for me. I have to drive her to play practice. I guess I COULD go food shopping, while she's there...Today's exercise will be weeding, weeding, weeding, mowing, raking, etc...come on over Lucky, you're good at that stuff!

Have a great Sunday, gang...

09-29-2002, 11:18 AM
Michelle #1: I am here....:wave: The weather is just not co-operating with me this weekend. I FINALLY finished re-arranging my computer/library room and have been doing laundry and hanging a picture I got last weekend at a garage sale.

The picture is a garden with the same colors as my couch & chairs...How lucky is that?????

I heard this from Dr. Phil. He was talking to couples about sex...ones wanting more than the other. One woman had lost weight and, thus, wanted it more and longer (the time spent doing sex not his ______!!!!!). I loved the comment Dr. Phil said and thought it was something for us to think about....he said, "I understand, when you get a new body you want to take it out for a spin!"...:lol:

09-29-2002, 12:02 PM
Sara How do you prepare your salmon? I love it but only know how to make patties!!! :chef: :lol:

I eat a lot of chicken and saw you had that as a dinner also. I have posted this before but thought I would again for you. I take :chicken: breasts, coat them with taco seasoning, put them in a crock-pot, and cover them with salsa. When it’s done I divide the batch up into containers and freeze them for quick meals. I love it because you can make it mild or spicy depending on the salsa you use. :T

Kat: I fell off the wagon journaling and now you bring up EXERSIZE!!!:yikes: Are you trying to ruin my Sunday? :rolleyes: I suppose I should be thanking you????? I have to start this week out journaling again and starting to seriously exercise. :jig: I keep blaming it on time but I also know if it’s something I like to do I DO find the time. I have to :strong: if I want to :dance:. AND if I want to take this body out for a spin! (refer to last post on that comment). :smug:

How many posts is it again before we start a new thread?????

09-29-2002, 01:08 PM
Lucky I like Dr. Phil...he is so funny sometimes! And he really just says these things off the top of his head! He doesn't realize how funny he is! I had a new body..well semi new before I got pregnant....I just want that body back for now then work on the new new body!

Kat....you are right about the exercise! It does work and while I was out there pounding the pavement I was saying I don't remember being this tired so early in the walk! I had walked almost every day since I had started WW back then. The lbs were melting off of me. I lost the 97 lbs in 10 months. Just think...by next we could all have that kind of weight off of us for the summber!! Anyways....I built up my stamina and kept adding more streets every couple of weeks and it felt so good. I can't wait to add the next street....it gives me something to work toward! Little goals! LOL Geeeesh...isn't that the whole idea of weight loss....little baby steps!! It kinda just clicked as I was typing that! LOL

Well I took Andrew to the store with me so he wouldn't be in the way of his dad putting the shingles on the shed. We got his Bumble Bee costume for $7.99. I almost bought the exact same costume in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago for $14.99 but decided to wait to see if I found something else I like better! He doesn't have a say in what he wants to be for Halloween yet...being that he isn't talking yet and doesn't understand the whole concept....so I get the fun of picking out the costume...I think next year I will probably have to let him decide for himself!
Anyways....while I was in Big Lots getting the costume of course I had to shop around...well let me tell you...I am going to start doing my grocery shopping in there for canned goods and dry goods. Those prices are sooooo low! Spices for .48, black olives for .79, hormel kids microwave cups .79. I could go on and on. BUT the most valuable thing I found in there was a LOW CARB PASTA....yup! .79 lb. Its made in Italy and it is only 160 calories for 2 oz dry AND 7 grams of FIBER and 1.5 grams of fat! That makes it only 2 points per serving instead of 4 points like regular pasta!! So if you have a big lots store near you! Do I sound like a commercial? I am going back to get more on friday if I like it enough....I'll let you know. Maybe I will cook some up tonight with dinner! I got a really really good deal on Healthy Choice dinners for 40-50% off plus I had coupons! I got them for around $1.00 each or $1.25 each. I usually will have one of those for dinner when John works late or I forget to take something out of the freezer! Sometimes I have one for lunch too with a piece of fruit!

Ok enough of me for now! I have to get this room cleaned up and then the rest of the house. THe cable guy is coming over to install the internet stuff for me tomorrow afternoon. I have to clean off this desk! When I get my new email address I will let you all know that too....though I will still have msn until November since its still free. My year is up sometime in November!

OK....I need more of you to come out here now!

TTFN Michelle

09-29-2002, 01:17 PM