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06-08-2010, 09:46 PM

I lost quite a bit of weight a couple years ago. Having started a new job in November of last year as a baker (around sweets and breads constantly), I've begun to regain my weight. Then, I quit smoking 11 days ago and have been replacing my cigarettes with food. Yeah, extremely bad move, I know. I smoked heavily for twenty years and figured that I could deal with a little weight gain while trying to quit. Now that I've made it this long (I've never made it this long before), I know that I'd never start smoking again. However, the urges are still there, though very slowly decreasing. Needless to say, eating has quickly become a crutch for me when it comes to getting over this horrid nicotine addiction. Then, I have to bake goodies near every work-day.

I know there really isn't much anyone can say to help with all this. I think I just needed to vent. Though, if any of you have any input I'd appreciate it.


06-08-2010, 10:38 PM
I have no suggestions for you, but wanted to give you this: :hug:

Good luck! You can do it, you seem very motivated.

06-08-2010, 11:12 PM
:hug: I have been there! I gained over 50 pounds when I quit smoking and am in the process of trying to lose that and more. Looking back I wish I would have been more strict with myself, you know not eat the cookies, chocolate, etc.
The only thing I can suggest is maybe chew gum, suck on hard candy, be really strict with yourself. If you can change up your routine, like if you smoke after dinner-go for a walk, if you smoke in the car-hold a pen or pencil. That worked for me as far as the quitting part. I didn't try at all when trying to watch my food choices, I guess I thought back then that I would never gain all of that weight.
Good Luck! Be strong! You can do this! :hug: