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06-07-2010, 11:02 PM
My dear family will be traveling for about 3 weeks this summer throughout the West. I am in the midst, of planning, planning, planning. Some of our accomodations have refrigerators and micros. Some don't. Some places are in in urban areas Boulder CO and others are in Yellowstone.

I started thinking about the tips and strategies I am using and though yall would have good ideas as well plus a lot of other folks would really benefit from reading idea gathered in one thread.

I call ahead to see what is meant by a continental breakfast and an exercise room. We will have a cooler with ice, so I am bringing my almond milk, blueberries (they travel well), yogurt, lunch meat, and romaine and cherry tomato salad (travels well) with lemon juice packets. I ahve seen mentioned yogurt with fiber1 as on otpion for a breakfast too. I am also putting together healthier menus for fast food- Mc Donalds Soutwestern Salad and Wendy's small chile, potato and small salad are 2 such ideas. Those who have fast food ideasa that are low CC post those as well.

If there is a travel thread, please move me there. i couldn't find it with casual looking.