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09-26-2002, 06:10 AM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

09-26-2002, 07:07 AM
Morning Ladies~~At least it's morning when I'm writing this, it's the wee hours of the morning. Boy we let the thread run way over the number of post we useally put on one. I've had some strang things going on here at our house. I done my shopping yesterday and was gone all afternoon. Last night when I was cooking it got a little hot in the house so I went to turn on the attic fan to pull the heat out. I opened the front door and there set a red package on my steps. I hadn't order anything, neither had hubby. It was addressed to me. Hubby said you better be careful you don't know who that is from. Well after I read QVC, I figured it was ok to open. Girls you could have knocked me over with a feather. Would you believe that there was two of the biggest candied apples you ever seen in your life in there. Lordi, Lordi, I have no idea who sent that to me. My imagination is running wild. My kids wouldn't have sent it, or brother's or sisters. The only person I can come up with is my best friend here in Okla. I'll be calling her as soon as she is out of the bed this morning. I ate a half of one of those things last night while I watched BB. Melt in your mouth, that is did. They had a 1/4 inch of caramal on them plus one was rolled in plain, as well as white cho. chips. The other in pecans and plain cho. chips. I don't mind telling you that is the best apple I ever ate. Have you ever had anything like that happen to you. If it does it will get the old rusty mind in gear trying to figure out who the heck was so thoughful. I sure was hoping that is was sent from QVC and it wasn't someone who was trying to do away from me. Guess it was, I'm still alive this morning.

Sally~~Thank God I don't have to make a payment of 600.00 a month, couldn't face that every month. We haven't made a payment to anyone in 10 years. Don't want too either. Your right, for a while you'll need all kinds of little dodads for it, you know to put his personal signerture on it. I do love the smell of a new car though. But guess I'll just buy some of the spray that you can spray in one to make it smell new. :D: Forget that 2 pounds I lost, I ate a apple that weighed 2 pounds last night.

Skeeter~~Sure hope you are getting better everyday. I thank you've had your share of sinus problems. Well I got another cell phone last night. I got Alltel, that's the one everyone told me not to get. I didn't give it a payer for working out here. Would you believe it works pretty good. But I was going to call my sister last night after 9 and tried a few times and couldn't get a line out. Hubby says it's too much money and contrack is too long, so I thank it's going back.

Jo Jo~~Oh I'm so mad, just heard on the news that they are still going after Martha S. on her stock dealings. Ok, you can bet she done some shady stuff. But our leader done the same thing a few years ago, and it seems to be ok for him. Burns my B#** that they will get her and those crocked CEO's will get away with it and they got they got thousands of times more money than she did. How did I get on that????? Better you got that kitty than me. I'm trying to figure out just what to do with these fish while we are gone on vacation. I bought a auto feeder and I'm trying it out now. It feeds them twice a day, but it doesn't time it just right. I guess it's better than them starving to death. Oh, I loved the way BB turned out, almost. I really didn't want to Danielle to get a red cent. Her mouth lost her family $45000.00. I got a bad opinion of her. She thought she was so smart in the DR, that was her downfall. She would have cut him off in a New York min. ~~Oh well Danielle, you can now afford the porch you wanted on that house, of course you'll have to find a way to pay for the house to go on the porch.~~ You know Jo Jo, I know a lot of women that has been S. abused as a child. And it really messes them up. All of them I know have a issue with weight. I've got some experience in that field myself. I also know that some people block out things that is very painful from thier minds. I've wrote you a letter girlfriend, need to move on to the others.

Newnana~~I tell you a mind is a terrible thing to lose, but I'm losing mine. I give everyone a color, now I forget which one goes to who. Here is how I do it. I have a tamplet in my outlook express and that is where I write. I'll send you a copy and see how that works. If you want to do it on the site and don't like writing your post in that little space they give you when you try to add a color here's how I do it. I pick the color, type in x and hit enter. It will show up like this, us say the color is red......COLOR=RED]x[/COLOR then I click inside behind the x and backspace it off and then I type away and can see all that I am typing. You have to have both those things for it to work.Well heck now that I look back the way I put that to explain about colors will only show up as a red x. So I will take the brackets [ ] from the front and from the back, just know they have to be there for it to work.

Kina~~Bless your heart, you have such a busy life, no wonder you have a problem with snacking. Do you ever get any time for Kina? You hang in there girl we don't ever give up. It's those special marks on the scale that really messes up a day or makes our day. Going up it's going of them and it sure depresses up, but the same mark on the scale going down makes our day.

I've wrote so long I don't even know what I wrote. Better get busy doing something else. Have a great day.

09-27-2002, 03:40 PM
Oh Lordi, I feel like crap today, I just come in to pull this to the top even Skeeter couldn't find it yesterday.:D It says in red letters "not Advertising" I am advertising that I feel like crap today. Hope your all are having a better day. bye

09-27-2002, 06:31 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I will sure be glad when I can quit carrying around the box of tissue. :lol: The new medicine has sure helped but my nose is still alternating between running and stuffy. Now I guess I will have to go see my doctor again for allergy medicine.

Marlana~We get so used to getting to this site from the email notification and forget to check the number of posts. I have Alltel for my regular phone service and my internet. They are good for that but I have heard that the cell phone service in this area is the pits. I don't think that it is Alltel's fault but just the fact that there aren't any towers in these woods. Those apples sound great. My friend brought me a whole cake today for my birthday and said that she wasn't going to help me eat it. It is a red velvet cake which is my favorite. My husband won't eat very much either so what am I going to do? Does cake freeze well?

JoJo~Are you getting any rain from that storm? The weather channel showed it moving up that way but I don't know which part of the state that you live in. My folks in Ohio got 5" of rain last night. They needed it really bad too. It sounds like you are enjoying that new kitten even though the other furbabies are being jealous. :love:

Newnana~You are so lucky to not have experienced a sinus infection. My ear drum feels fine not even though I am still blowing my nose almost constantly. I can tell you that I am sure tired of that. I think that I will have to avoid the scales for a while with this cake here. Maybe I will get lucky and have someone over that will help eat it. :T

Corina~Good luck with getting those snacks under control. You have lost over 25# and can get it together and go on to you next goal. YOU GO GIRL :cp: :dancer:

I hope that y'all have a great weekend. :grouphug:

09-27-2002, 09:26 PM
Happy Birthday Skeeter!

Sorry I didn't get this done earlier, but like I said I've felt like crap all day and still do. Don't know what my problem is.

09-28-2002, 01:35 PM
Hello. Hope your weekend is starting out nice. I've just been doing not much of anything. I woke up with a stiff and sore back and I'm finally starting to loosen up some. I have to go out to the mall to pay a couple bills and then figure out something to take for a pot luck on Monday. I might just make up a crock pot of spagetti since there will be a lot of salad type dishes.

Skeeter, :gift: Happy birthday to you. I hope it was nice for you and I hope you are feeling better. I have to say.....WHAT WAS I THINKING???? Oh my gosh, this kitten is work!!!! She is a cutie but boy does she need lots of entertainment. She is getting brave now, chasing my older cat who does not appreciate it one bit and she is also being braver around my dog and the dog seems to be trying to get used to her. I played "string" with Lola for 2 1/2 hours last night just to keep her out of things. Right now she is roaming around the house checking everything out. We didn't get a drop of rain from that storm although it did get cloudy and dark out for awhile. I was hoping for some rain to make it here tho.

Marlana, I hope your feeling better today. Have you got a cold, sinus infection or you just don't feel good? I know my allergies are really flaring up, itchy watery eyes and runny nose and even my ears itch down where I can get to the itch. Hate that. OH YUM, I've had those candied apples from QVC and they are soooo good. Someone must think you are pretty special to send those to you!!!!! Did you find out who sent them to you? That was very very nice of them to do that. I've thought about trying to make my own since having the ones from qvc but it was just a thought. :lol: I think I'd rather buy them. When they show them on QVC they talk about cutting one or two up for when you have guests over, heck with that, I'll eat them myself. I might even share with dh.

Well, I've got to get dressed and head out to the mall. Take care everyone and feel better soon.

09-29-2002, 11:53 AM
Here I am, another week gone by and I'm still in the same place I was a week ago, a year ago, 2 years ago. How long is it going to take before I get tired enough of being this over weight to get out of food and stay that way. There is always going to be some kind of road block to mess you up with your diet. Last night hubby wanted to take his parents out to eat Mexican. In the beginning I said I wasn't going to go. Was I not going to go because I don't like Mexican food. NO! I love Mexican food. Was I not going to go because I had been on my food plan all day and didn't want to tempt myself. NO! I told myself I just didn't want to go. I told myself I didn't want to listen to their crap...NO that wasn't the reason. I knew the reason I didn't want to go. I didn't want to go because I was embarrassed to go. I know that his dad has made some remarks about people being overweight right in my house, which was wrong of him for sure. But that was years ago, I need to get over it. He's 84 years old now. I was embarrassed because I was afraid I wouldn't fit into the booth, or my butt would hang over the chair seat. This is a horrible way to live your life people. I write that as tears flow down my face. Why can I not overcome this obsession with food. I've done things in my life that a lot of men wouldn't even try. I have done things when I was younger that for the life of me now I don't know how I done them. But still food is my biggest challenge to overcome. I am bigger than all of you, some of you I'm as heavy as two of you together. But still food rules my life. Food is only the substance, I know that. I could use booze or any number of things, but food is the substance of choice for me. I thank booze would be easier, (well I know it would be), to give up rather than food. But how hard it is to give up, or where it rates on the scale on difficulty to give up doesn't matter, it is the food obsession I have to work on. And you know it's not like I just work on a food plan, that's my problem now, I want to go on a food plan to overcome an obsession with food. Come on, I know better than that. I have to work on my life as a whole. I have resentments, like the one with the comment my FIL made about fat people. Resentment is the # 1 offender in my life. And let me tell you have a lot of them. I love resentments, it takes up a lot of my thanking time. Having little conversations of what I would really like to say to people. How do I handle not saying those things, I stay away from them, and that's ok to a point, but I have really carried it too for. I don't want to be around his family, I don't want to be around my family, and all of us are getting old. I got to change the way I thank now a days. People say things that I just want to jump down their throats right then and there, but I can't do that, I have to be a good girl, so in my mind I jump down their throats and get them set straight. The mind is where my problem is. I have to work on my mind. I expect if you've read this for, you quite tired of reading by now. Before I close, have you all seen that we can have a journal in 3fc's now. I started me one this morning. That is where I should have wrote this book. Some make it private and some let everyone read theirs. Mine is private. Sorry I didn't answer anyone. Maybe later.

09-29-2002, 04:35 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

You know once you get off a good eating plan and eat all that sugar and fat, it's really hard to get back OP. My downfall started Friday and is still going on. Lord help me turn away from the table. :^:

Marlana~Girl, I know exactly what you are talking about. My 35 year class reunion was this year and I really wanted to go see my old classmates. But........I didn't want them to see me. I was in my early 40's the last time that I was around any of those people and I weighed about 120. You'd think that being aware of that would be incentive enough to help me push myself away from the table. I also am embarrassed to go see my family and my husband's family for the same reason. I don't know why I let this happen and just sat back and blamed quitting smoking. It's so much easier to eat cake when we have a good excuse for wanting it. I wake up so many mornings disgusted with myself because I am always slim in my dreams. I got a good start over a week ago and actually lost 5# right before my birthday came along. Hubby wanted to take me to the Chinese buffet that I love and my friend baked a whole cake and gave it to me. She also refused to help me eat it. Now she knew that I was on a diet and had actually lost a little weight, so why did she do that? She even said that she knew I was on a diet when she handed me the cake. I ate my fill at the restaurant and came home and had cake for supper that night. I had more for breakfast the next morning, then gave most of the rest of the cake away or I would still be eating it. Hubby drove by our house after church today then asked me where I wanted to go for lunch. There's not too many choices in these woods but one of them is a Sunday buffet. Yep, that's where we went. That makes day 3 off my plan and I have probably eaten enough to gain that 5# back. So I will start all over again Monday morning to lose the same weight again. I am determined to lose as much as I can before we leave on our trip to the north the fourth week of October. Let's get our acts together and lose some of this excess baggage!!!!

JoJo~I am so glad that you are enjoying that new kitten. It sounds like too much work for me right now. My boys are very good about entertaining themselves but when one is being shown some attention, the other is demanding the same. I have a sick fish this morning. He hasn't acted well for a few days but today actually looks swollen. I can't find that in any of the information on fish diseases so I have no idea what is wrong. I guess that storm kind of headed to the northeast and missed you. We are waiting now to see where Lily is going. It is following the same path as Isidore but no one can predict where it will go once it hits open water again. I don't even worry of pay attention to the news report on storms until the path is pretty well determined. I am calling the doctor first thing in the morning because I am so tired of blowing my nose. I want to be over this.

Hello to the rest of you girls. Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

09-29-2002, 06:54 PM
I guess I didn't say enough this morning so her I am again. I decided not to write to my Sister this morning I would just send her my post. She has a weight problem too, or should I say living problem, and we spend a lot of time talking about it. She wrote me back and said she cryed her eyes out when she read my post because it fit her to a tee. I will not tell all that she wrote but here is what I wrote back to her. She had mentioned that she thought is she would start going to chruch she could get her act together. Here's what I wrote back to her, and I believe this ladies with all my heart. I know that I know, that I know, this is the answer. Here's the letter I sent to my sister.....
Sorry I made you cry, I didn't mean too. I just wanted to confess to you and everyone I talk to what is going on with me. Going to church won't get you out of food. You have to change the way your mind works. We was created by God and he created us in a way that we would function just fine. But he also gave us free will and we run amuck, (that's a word) In the first place we never have established a relationship with him which is a basic need in us all. Since we didn't have a good relationship with him, as our keeper, as our God, we took off on our own to run our lives. Our home as children wasn't exactly up to par as God meant to be, so therefore we had to find a way to handle our problems. As children we didn't have the right to anything except a house over our heads, cloths on our backs and food in our mouths. And we had no control over the house or the cloths, but food was another story, there we had control and when we was sad, or disappointed we always felt better if we could have something to eat. So therefore we unknowingly started a way of life that would only get bigger and bigger as life went on. What we had unknowingly done is placed food in food where God belonged in our lives. Now food made me feel better and took my thoughts off my problems. I've always known wrong from right. Over my life I've done wrong things, and some of them I could come up with in a New York min, others I've berried deep within myself. The same goes for things others has done to me, some I remember very well, some I've shoved down with food, and that is a never ending thing unless I put a stop to it myself. Some things you just can't thank of and don't want to ever again. So food is killing me but at the same time is holding me together. I know that I have to turn my life, my will, my very being over to something greater than myself to handle or I will be right here where I am right now years on down the road. Some people might thank that is easy, but I'm here to tell you it is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, even more so at our ages. Your mind has to go to a different way of thanking, in fact thanking just may be unhealthy for me. Thanking has got me into a lot of trouble. Anyway I'm setting out to turn this around, it is my mind that has the obsession for food, so therefore I must work on my mind. I believe I need help with that one, so I thank I'll be seeking a powder higher than myself to help me. I've been there before, and did turn it all over to him, and you can believe me when I tell you that life was so happy when I could let water run off my back like water on a ducks back. I didn't have a worry at all, food wasn't a problem and as you know I lost 97 pounds. But you know I had one big problem then, and that is that I still had three God's. One was food which I had replaced with God himself, the other was my husband. I worshiped the ground he walked on and he didn't like it because I was turning my life over to God, so he begin to act up and try to go his own way. So that put a kink into my life. And it wasn't long until I placed the old God food right back in my life again. And you can see to where I have come since then. I have to get back on the right track, and you can see where I have to start. Now it's up to you to figure out where you have to start.
Love you very much

09-29-2002, 10:25 PM
Well you made me cry too but it was healthy tears. I just came from a really good church service and then read your post. I am so happy to hear that you feel that way about God. It really warms my heart to know that we will be friends in eternity. We have to do the best that we can while we are here on earth but what really counts is our eternal life. God only put us here to worship him and to witness to others which we tend to forget as we strive to make ourselves happy in material things. God intended for us to enjoy our lives and our possessions as long as we don't put their importance above him. I have lived most of my life in sin of the worst kind and am so blessed that it has all been forgiven. Thank you Marlana for writing such a beautiful post. I could tell that it was from the heart and I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless You.

09-30-2002, 04:43 PM
I just wanted to drop by and say that I'm having a good day today in spite of my ISP not letting me on line. I had to download MSN and I'm useing it. I don't know how to configure my outlook express yet so I can recieve mail but i can send out from there. I fired off a letter to my ISP but I bet I don't hear from them. I have wanted to eat some things today, but have managed to hold it down to carrots and fruit. I hope everyone is haveing a good day.

09-30-2002, 08:46 PM
hello. I thought I'd drop in for a quick post. I've got supper going so I don't have alot of time. I got home from work and the kitten just wanted to be held and petted probably for an hour or so and now she is running wild, getting into things, etc. My older cat is kinda sorta getting used to her but still doesn't like her much. The dog just goes up to her and smells her so everything is going ok. I think I'm going to start leaving her the run of the house now when I go to work. I've been keeping her in the back room just to be safe.

We had a potluck today at work and I really didn't do to bad at all. There was an oriental slaw that had sunflower seeds and ramen noodles which was really good. I've had it before but couldn't find a recipe for it anywhere. Now I can get the recipe from a co-worker.

It was a quiet weekend. Saturday I just went to the mall and grocery store and yesterday I took a shower and changed my night gown and undies and that was it. Oh, I did dishes and laundry. My house looks like a tornado went thru it. I'll get it done a little at a time.

Marlana, sounds like you've been doing alot of thinking. I haven't been able to read all of your posts but I will. I'm glad your having a better day with your food today. If I start a journal, it will also be private also. I think I need to do that, just to be able to go in and write my thoughts and stuff. Sometimes when I'm writing here, I'm more writing the thoughts out for myself more than you guys. Just seeing it in front of me makes it more clear. So being able to write, it helps so much. I think I'm going to check out that journal next time I'm online.

Skeeter, what is it with all these hurricanes and tropical storms that are coming up suddenly?!! Don't they usually come earlier than now? Seems like last year there wasn't many at all which is good but yet I know you all could of used the rain that comes with them. Is the drought situation getting better there? I know we are in another el nino again and that will have affects on a big part of the country.

Oh, I wanted to tell Skeeter and Marlana, I love getting your emails at work so keep them coming but I probably won't be writing you from work. We've been getting policy emails from the higher-ups about using the internet and email for anything other than work. That doesn't mean I can't receive them. I used to send the ones you send me to some co-workers but I'm not even doing that anymore. I just wanted you to know this so you didn't think I was ignoring you.

Well, I'd better get off here and finish supper before it burns to a crisp. Take care.

10-01-2002, 07:25 AM
Morning Everyone,
How're you all doing? We're doing okay around here; Jeff is still playing with the new truck--he washes it every other day. I told him he is going to rub the paint off of it, but who listens to Mama? :rolleyes: Now he's bought a suede dashboard cover (well, we don't want the dashboard to crack do we?). I thought the Harley was bad--I think this is going to have more accessories than it did. :devil: I did get a driving lesson Sunday; it's a six-speed, and I've never learned to drive a straight shift. My mom tried to teach me when I was 15 and I backed her car into a tree. She got out and said they would get me an automatic--so they did. Anyway, I only killed the engine twice, and I sort of lurch instead of drive, but it's getting easier. I don't think I will ever enjoy driving it, but at least I want to be able to in case I have to.
Mama, I'm glad you're feeling better; I'm sorry you got so down there a few days ago. Sometimes we have to, though, to get back on the right track. I could always talk myself out of thinking I was actually FAT; I was only a little plump, and besides, I had just had two babies in two years (not to mention they were 7 and 8). Anyway, I remember when the bathtowel wouldn't reach around my slightly plump little body one night and UGH--what a lovely scene in the bathroom mirror. I guess it takes a catalyst sometimes. Yuck--I don't ever want to see that in the mirror again. Hope you're feeling much more like yourself today. You've lost lots of weight before--you know you can do it.
Skeeter, I didn't go to my 25th reunion either--partly because I was 96 pounds when I graduated! I know a lot of folks look a little different at 43, but I still felt bad about it. How're your doggies? I found a Maltese rescue group on the internet that just happens to be right down the road from us!:devil: I was looking at all their doggies and found two or three that looked just like my little Jeremy:yes: I got a big veto from Jeff, though; I suppose five dogs are enough....with the two cats and three fish. Oh well. I'm glad you had a good birthday--that's a lovely day for a birthday, you know! You and my littlest one. She is a sweetie though; she got quite a bit of money for her birthday and she bought big sissie a purse and the little girls across the street two presents with her birthday funds. Pretty good for a nine year old, I think. :cool:
JoJo, how's it going? I would love to see the new kitty! I'm starting to want a new animal (see above!) . Not right now, though; we're trying to downsize the zoo. I guess as they go to their reward, we just won't replace them. Up to a point. I will always have a kitty and a Maltese. And probably a big dog. We got about 4 inches of rain from the last hurricane/storm thing that came thru. We needed it though; it must have died out before it got up your way. We've got another one coming at the end of the week, it looks like. Maybe you'll get some rain out of it.
Kina, hope school and work and kids and home and hubby are going well! You're like me, except I do have only one job! Makes one kind of :dizzy: doesn't it? I have another test on Thursday, and I'm NOT prepared for it. I need to get off this thing and get the kids up and study a bit before work I guess. Have a good one!
Better go, I've written a book! I don't get a chance to write as often as I used to, so I get carried away!
Love you all and hope you have a wondermus day.

10-04-2002, 06:52 PM
Well, Marlana has tried to help me know how to do these things in color and we will see if I understand how to do it.

You know, ladies, I have been overweight for years. I'd like not to be. I know the reason for it is because I eat too much. Right now I'm trying to eat less and eat more of the right thing. BUT my 50th Reunion from College happens in TN in a couple of weeks and I NEVER thought of not going because I weigh more than I did then. I've been to several reunions. My weight is NOT who I am!!! I refuse to believe that it is. I am tall and so do carry it, BUT that doesn't mean I'm not heavier than I should be. I wear those large sizes. You have to have confidence in yourself; you just must.

I am sorry that some of you are having such discouragement. I guess I feel that I know I don't have any desire to be thin, like a 30/40 year old. I want mostly to be healthy.
Skeeter, I too believe that God only wants our best and that He is forgiving. Praying for each other might help. I used to say that if I didn't have to prepare meals for the family, I'd have no problem. Huh!! I'm alone and that makes me eat.

[COLOR=chocolate]Let's see if I now can post this. Apparently we don't get any reminders unless we write something here, because I almost forgot you all because of no reminders in my email. Have a good week-end. Take it a minute at a time and don't spend all your time thinking about eating/or not eating. newnana

10-04-2002, 07:54 PM
Here's a little "funny" that I just saw in a catalog. A pillow which says, "I'd Give Up Chocolate, But I'm No Quitter." Of course, I'm sure you all know that chocolate is a vegetable AND also a little dark chocolate each day is really good for you. Really! newnana

10-04-2002, 10:41 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I am finally on the road to recovery and starting to fell like my old self. I saw my doctor on Tuesday who was very shocked that I was still so sick after taking 3 rounds of such strong antibiotics. She gave me a shot of cortisone and a prescription for cortisone pills, more of the strong antibiotics and a pill for allergies that I am taking 2400mg a day. I can hardly stand taking so many pills a day but I actually felt better in two days. Feeling that bad for so long sure makes me appreciate feeling Good. :dancer:

Marlana~I hope that you are doing good with your food. I got rid of those 5# again but didn't do really good today. I was doing some fund raising for an outreach ministry today and worked through lunch and ended up making a bad choice when I finally finished. I didn't have time to go home before my hair appointment and had to eat out of a convenience store. It has been 5 months since my last perm but my hair was looking kind of cute. My hairdresser even complimented me on the way I was wearing it considering that it was so straight on top and still curly on all the ends. Anyhow, it is curly all over now but I didn't get a haircut. I am going for the longer locks for a while and see if I like it. I warned my hairdresser that I might come back in within a couple of months wanting my head shaved but I will leave it this way for a while.

JoJo~My grandkids love those little packs of flavored ramen noodles. Then my husband tried them and liked them too. My little granddaughter didn't eat hers one day so I gave them to my parrot because she has always liked anything like pasta. That bird loved them and I keep a package fixed for her. I refrigerate them and give her a big spoonful each day in her clay dish on the top of her cage. She eats every bite. I think that chicken flavor is her favorite so far, the little cannibal. :lol: Yes, last year was very slow with hurricanes but this year is more normal. We would dry up and blow away without the hurricanes each year. In a normal year we would be threatened by several and just get blown away without the dry part. :joker: Sorry. I couldn't help making a joke. We actually do look forward to small hurricanes to keep us wet around here. The drought is better but there are still dry holes that used to be lakes. I'm not sure if Florida will ever go back to it's normal wet, swampy state and this might become normal. Gosh, that didn't make much sense, did it? The biggest problem is that it has been dry for so long that there are housing subdivision on land that used to be under water. When it rains heavy now, all you hear on the news is homeowners complaining about their yards and streets being flooded and screaming for the county to do something. Well duh, what do you expect when you build in a dried up swamp during a more than 10 year drought and it starts raining like it is supposed to in Florida? Those are the same kind of people that get mad because of rattle snakes and gators. HELLO.........this is Florida and they were here first.

Sally~I would be in serious trouble if I found any kind of dog rescue organization, especially poodle or those little yorkies. Probably maltese and sheet zoos(I have no idea how to spell it but that is how you say it) also. :shrug: Why do men have to feel so macho and buy those wonderful vehicles with a clutch and stick gear shift? I used to drive a stick because that's all my husband (ex) would ever buy. Do you know how hard it is to drive a racing type floor shift with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other and two kids fighting in the back seat? I'm sure it was a mother that invented automatics. :cp: We didn't get a single drop of rain from Lily. As a matter of fact that storm pulled all the moisture out of Florida for a couple of days and it felt really good outside in the morning without all that humidity. Hope you enjoy your weekend and get a little rest. You are a very busy lady lately.

Corina~You are another very busy lady and I hope you are taking care of yourself. Make sure you are taking time to do things that you enjoy and getting some quiet time of your own.

Newnana~I am feeling so much better that I sprayed myself with Deet yesterday and worked outside with my plants to take advantage of that cooler, dryer day. It was good to be outside for a while after staying indoors so much for the last 6 weeks. That was for two reasons, the horrible heat and my stupid infected sinuses. My plants were looking neglected and needed some work. One pot of bromeliads had reproduced so many new plants that I now have 5 pots of them with double or triple plants in each one. I would sure like to see them all bloom at the same time. These are the ones with the big long stemmed pink bloom.

I sure hope that y'all have a great weekend. I am going to try to make the most of mine. :grouphug:

10-05-2002, 05:44 PM
Hi Everyone. I hope your all having a nice weekend. I just got home from Wally World. Dh's bd is on the 15th and I was trying to get some ideas. He says he wants jeans and they've got some great prices on mens jeans.

I've got a kitty playing with my shoes and my ankles. Man she's got some sharp claws. Our other cat is declawed but I'm not sure if I'll get this one done or not. I've been told its very painful and some people say its cruel. I can't decide. My other cats did fine. Lola and the dog are doing ok together. The dog went after Lola when she tried to eat some scraps we put down for the dog. Chels didn't care for that at all. We have to put Lola up when we eat cause she is so bold she'll try to take the food out of your mouth. You'd think she never has anything to eat. Anyway, they will lay next to each other and Chels will chase her playfully but so far thats it as far as trying to get them to be friends. Lola seemed a little interested in the dogs tail earlier today. Chels is a little sensitive about her tail, jumps if you get near it.

Skeeter, how we spoil our animals/birds, huh? I just LOVE my furbabies. The kitten is taking a bit getting used to but she can be so sweet at times, mostly when she is sleeping. She loves to cuddle. I sure am glad to hear you are finally getting better. You've had a rough time of it and deserve to feel good. I think we got some of that hurricane that went thru LA. We got some rain Thurs night and part of yesterday and it got pretty windy. Your hairstyle sounds really cute. Sometimes I think about getting a perm but I get it cut way to short. They'd have to use the really skinny rods on me and I'd come out looking like a poodle. Plus the thought of smelling the perm solution and catching the drips, plus it burns my skin and I come out with red welts on my forhead and the side of my face, it just sounds like to much trouble for me. I do like my hair permed tho. Maybe next time I need a haircut I'll think about it again. I let my hair go about 2 1/2 to 3 months between cuts so it should be long enough.

Newnana, You are so right that our weight is not us!!!! I think I'm going to steal your chocolate saying and use it in my signature!! Thats so cute. And I'm a true chocoholic. Ask anyone!!

Sally, I would like a new puppy but we've got plenty. We have a small zoo. If I were to bring a new dog home, I think that would put my old cat over the edge for sure. Oh, I caught her playing with the kitten for a few mins the other night. As soon as she saw me watching, well, that was it, she started hissing.

Oh, last night I gave dh a facial. I ended it with a mask that dries slowly and is green. It was soooo funny. He could only take my laughing for a minute or two before he stomped into the bathroom and washed it off. I keep telling him his face is so soft. I think I'll either have to promise him sex or get him drunk before he'll let me do it again. :lol:

Well, I need to get off here now. Take care everyone.

10-06-2002, 09:40 PM
Hello Girls~~I've managed to find a few min to write you a few words. I have so much to do between now and Friday that I'll be really lucky if I get it all done. We are leaving then on vacation for two weeks. If I just had all the things done I have to do, I'd be glad to get up and leave tomorrow. I've already smoked some meat...Ribs..Chicken...Brisket and balona. We would eat out more but we go into a wilderness area, well at least no towns close. I've still got some sewing to do, and the pool to put away. I also have a doctor's appointment on Thursday. I didn't tell you all I don't thank, but I know who sent the candied apples....Our Newnana! She and I have become pretty good friends over the last 3 years. That was really nice of her.

Jo Jo~~I'm sorry to say I was doing better, now I'm doing worse. I guess what set me off was my daughter called me about 3 days ago to ask me and I quote..."I don't know what to do about Kassie, she's out of control and I'm going to have to put her in a home." That done it, sent me off the deep end again. What did she expect? The child stays nights by herself!!!

Sally~~It seems like I'm climbing a hill and I just about get to the top and here is comes again, the biggest rock you ever saw and it runs over me and takes me right back to the bottom. I've made it to one reunion since I left highschool and I had lost 97 pounds when I done that. Right now I wouldn't go to one if they had it in my front yard.

Newnana~~Looks like you got those colors figured out. I've had two letters from you the last two days and I haven't had time to answer either of them. You had some very nice things to say to me, thank you very much. I've said the very same thing about preparing meals, if I didn't have to cook those big meals for hubby, I could lose some weight. I'm sure your right, I would eat too many sandwiches if that is all I had.

Skeeter~~So glad your feeling now, you've really had a bad month now. I guess you've decided to let your hair grow longer. I just gave myself a haircut today and I cut it short just like I like it. I can't get anyone else to cut it short enough. I wear my hair kind a like both Newnana and Jo Jo. I used to cut my own hair years ago before I broke my elbow, but I can still do it. I sure like it, just the right length for fishing.

I guess that does it for me, it's 7:45 and I'm going to bed. I'm so tired and my back is hurting. I won't be back in for about 3 weeks. I hope I come back to all of you losing 10 pounds. ;) bye bye for now.

10-07-2002, 06:26 PM
Hi everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know I am still kicking and living busy! I am feeling better since my fainting spell which I am very happy about. I started getting my exercise regularly just not has intense I had been doing. My husband thinks that I just finally over did it. He says I need to take more to for taking a small rest than worrying about all the little things. I wouldn't be a mother and a wife if I didn't worry about all the little things. But things are better thankfully.

Although we had a surprise call from DHs X wife. Which honestly was bound to happen escpecially since we mailed her a letter with our updated information of our address and tele #. We only sent it to her since it is court ordered. This year would have been 3 years since we last talked to her and it will be 4 years since she last seen our son. What a MOM! So you can see I am fighting every thought of cramming my mouth with junk food to ease my stress levels. Well!

Okay I must go my son has a science project due Wednesday and we need a couple of things from the Hobby store. Talk again. Sorry I haven't stopped in in a while. I hope everyone is doing well. Bye.

10-10-2002, 07:48 PM
Hi everyone. Hope your week is going well. Monday is a holiday and I'm taking tomorrow off. Dh has been off this week because of his wrist, arm. Its most likely carpal tunnel and will need surgery as he is having a lot of trouble with it. I had surgery and it wasn't bad at all. Recovery is harder than the surgery.

Theres not that much going on to tell you about. Its just been a really busy week at work (whats new, huh!) It felt like Friday to me.

Marlana, what is the latest with your daughter. What is that woman thinking???? I hope she isn't telling Kassie that. That would be horrible for her mother to tell her. I can imagine that did set you off and I can understand why. I don't even know her and it makes me mad. I hope you have a nice vacation. Where are you going? (I wanna know cause I may come and try to find you :lol:) NOT!!!! I'm not a wilderness gal. Try to have fun and R E L A X!!!!

Corina, glad to hear you are still here, just busy. Ewwww, I bet dh's ex is the last person you want to hear from. If she's not contacted you for 3 years she may as well of kept it up.

Well, tonight is my pamper myself night. I am going to do a facial, maybe soak in the tub, watch some tv, relax. Dh wants cereal for supper tonight. I almost wish he was working tomorrow so I could have the whole day to myself but thats ok. We've got a few things we want to do anyway.

Take care everyone.

10-11-2002, 12:03 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I seen to have recovered from the yuckies. I still have two more days of medicine to finish but I am feeling great now. That was just in time to start my preparations for our vacation. :cp: We are leaving on the 22nd of this month and won't be back until about the third week of November.

Marlana~I sure wish you a wonderful vacation. I hope that the weather is good for you and that you get to fish to your heart's content. A trip to the mountains in an RV sounds like heaven to me. I am going to have to settle for my own bedroom at my Mom's. She has a wonderful new house that borders a golf course on one side and a wildlife preserve on the other. It is a really great place to hike. My boys love to walk the golf course in the evenings and chase deer and rabbits. My mom wants to learn how to use the WW 123 program. I am taking all my books and some weekly journals that I made. I would be great if we all followed the plan while I am there. Yeah, I am wearing my hair a little longer and permed to see if I like it. It is easy enough to cut it off if it gets to be a hassle.

JoJo~You are so right about spoiling the pets. I would hate to admit to some people the things that I do for my pets. :lol: Only an animal lover would understand. I shopped yesterday for all the supplies for my bird to go to her sitter. She has her Cheetos and ramen noodles as her snacks. We also picked up a new bag of doggie chocolates for the boys. I have my sitters all lined up for a three week stay. I am starting to get so excited about going up north and seeing some of the trees change colors. I am even looking forward to the cooler weather. I hope that you got the stuff that I sent to your job. I sent one to your home called granny groovin. That is the funniest thing that I have ever seen. I play it just about every time that I get on this computer.

Corina~I sure hope that the fainting spell was just a one time event. You need to see a doctor if it happens again. I'm sure the call from your husbands ex wasn't a pleasant one. I would rather live in another state from my ex but at least he lives in another town. I don't have to see him at all now that the kids are grown.

I will do my best to write more often the next week since Marlana is going to be off on her wonderful wilderness vacation. I sure won't be the same with her gone. Y'all have a great weekend. :grouphug:

10-13-2002, 04:21 PM

Not much going on today. Dh is trying to hook up the dvd player I got him for his birthday. Usually I do that stuff but I read the directions and they didn't make much sence to me so I'm letting him figure it out. Dh has some kind of stomach bug. He was sick to his stomach and had diarreah all night. He seems better now tho.

I've got to figure out something for my great niece who will be 4 this week. Her bd party is next weekend. The kid has everything and wants everything. I just don't know. If there was time for it to be delivered without adding priority shipping, I think I'd order something off qvc. I will probably just wait till next Saturday morning and then go out and buy something. I just don't want to go to Toys R us. I hate shopping on that end of town. Traffic is horrible.

Skeeter, wow, your taking a long vacation. I hope you have alot of fun. Do you golf? Maybe you can learn if you don't. Thats just something I've never been interested in. I've got a 12 year old cousin who is beating his granpa now. Skeeter, I'm having one of those days where I think I should of stayed in bed. I don't know what I was thinking but I used my Norton systemworks and was deleting programs I don't use anymore and I selected a folder that I thought was empty but it ends up its a backup folder for some of the programs I use. I'm just to flustered to figure it out now but I'm going to have to retreive that folder and reinstall it. Plus this small vaccume I bought for getting around that floor boards and small spaces, its like one of those Shark vacs, well, that beater bar head won't work now. Plus the kitten has been driving me crazy. Sheesh, she just goes and goes. She is really sweet when she wants to be held and loved. Right now she is hiding because I was vaccuming. I need to go to the grocery store still and I just don't want to leave the house. Maybe if dh decides to run out and rent a dvd. Hmmm. I don't even want to get dressed. Man, am I a sorry case today or what?

Well, I'm going to get going now. I just wanted to make sure internet pages loaded after I ran my maintinance and repair programs. Take care everyone.

10-15-2002, 06:44 PM
Hi! I know it is very awful of me to not check in so often. But there isn't enough time in my day. Actually i have been going to bed as early as possible so that I won't be yawning in class.

We haven't heard from DHs--Xwife since Oct. 3. We didn't talk to her when she called she had left a message was all. She said she would call back later but that we could call her (both DH and I say "I don't have anything to say to her") so neither one of us plan to call her. She hasn't made anymore attempts to call although suddenly we are recieving all these wrong number calls. Then the other night someone called but we had the line occupied with the computer so the voice mail answered...whoever it was just listened to the greeting and hung up after the beep. But the worst they called at 10:58 PM!

Skeeter~~~I haven't had another fainting spell, thank goodness. DH's X does live in another town but it isn't very far and she does come into town quite often although we don't see her at all. But legally we have to give her current contact information. I don't want to take the chance that if we were ever to end up back in court that she could say that we didn't tell her about where her son was located. Because the judge could simply say "Well Mr. R you did not furnish the non-custodial parent with contact information therefore she could not exercise her rights for visitation. For that reason I am ruling that the child be placed in the custody and care of the non-custodial parent from this day forward." That would just kill me inside! Because I know whe wouldn't care for him. She has given birth to 4 children from 4 different men. I'm not knocking the fact that they are from different men. But what irks me is that she does not have any of them except for 2 in her care. At that the only reason 2 are in her care is because one of them no man wants to step up to the plate and claim parental rights and really her mother takes care of that one. Then the other one who is only a year and a few months had to go through a paternity test because I guess the father did not feel (for some reason) that it could possibly be his. I wonder why. More than likely she does have custody of that one but her mother cares for it more than she does. humph!

JoJo~~~We really didn't expect for her to sign for the letter we sent her. Our son doesn't want to see her or even talk to her. I wish she would just stay away but she has to rub ego from time to time and be the ever so loving mother she thinks she is. I don't understand her and I certainly do feel for her because she is missing out on so much. I know I shouldn't feel for her but I have a heart and I am a mother. I couldn't see myself missing out on any of my children's lives.

Marlana~~~I hope your vacation is a very relaxing time for you. I sure do hope I will be 10 pounds lighter when you get back. This morning I weighed in at 192! Wooho only 2 lbs away from my mini goal. I am looking forward to the 80s.

I missed some info on Kassie. I think she is your grandaughter...how old is she? I hope by the time you come back from vacationing things will be better. I can somewhat understand how you feel. God bless you and your family.

Sally~~~I have only one job now along with 2 college courses, 4 kids...well 5 if you include the big one(DH)LOL.

NewNana~~~how are you. I haven't personally given a welcome shout out to you but don't mind me. I'm quite busy most times so I don't give much energy to the website. Actually I have been working on my own website because my English class requires us to have and maintain a website. I will share my website address with all of you.

As I mentioned, in my post to Newnana, I said I would share my assignment from my English class. On one condition...that all you who visit will sign my guestbook and mark your spot on my guestmap. That way I will look very important. Teehee!hahaha. Just kidding with you all but I would appreciate it if you would sign them. Thanks. Okay here is the website address....

Okay enough said I have to go now! Talk again

10-15-2002, 08:55 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I have been working and planning for my vacation. That list is getting shorter. :lol: I cleaned my house yesterday and groomed both dogs today. Now I can give them another bath the day before we leave and ride with clean dogs. I have always hated that long two day ride up north but this year, I am looking forward to it. That's two whole days of rest for me with no work to do.

Marlana~I hope that you are having a wonderful time. :dance:

JoJo~No I don't golf but my stepfather does. My mom buys him a membership each year for his birthday. It is a gorgeous course but it is really hilly. We don't have hills in Florida. A lot of people that live in that neighborhood walk the course after it closes to golfers. My dogs love it there because they get a chance to chase deer and rabbits. It is usually after dark by the time we get home though. I think that we all have those days where we wished that we had just stayed in bed. You didn't say if you were getting my emails. None of them have come back.

Corina~I visited you website and really liked the way you have it set up. It wouldn't let me mark the map though. I tried several times and it would give me the window to fill in my name and info but would vanish before I had time to do anything with it. I did sign your guest book though. WTG with your weight loss. Keep up the good work.

I hope that you missing ladies are having a good week. We miss you in here. I will be gone for 3 weeks and I will miss all of you guys. I'll try to come back again before I leave. Y'all take care.

10-15-2002, 10:45 PM
Thanks Skeet! I don't know what happened with the guest map. But I messed with it a bit...hopefully that fixed the problem.

Okay I have to go I have had a horrible headache that doesn't want to go away even with Tylenol. ugh...you can imagine how I feel. I think I will hit the sack early. Bye.

I hope to hear from everyone sometime soon.

10-16-2002, 09:37 PM
Hi everyone

Not much going on tonight. I thought I'd get in here and add a quick post.

Corina, I can't understand a mother who doesn't see her child. I know someday she will want a relationship and if her ego is so big she won't understand how the kid can reject her, well duh!!! Men do it all the time but it sounds so strange hearing its a woman rejecting her child. I went to your site and tried to put myself on your map. I want to go back and see if it worked. One of the pop-ups locked my puter up when I tried to get rid of it. I just wanted to let you know I was there. Good luck on making it to your mini goal. Sounds like your on your way.

Skeeter, I am not good on car trips. I'm just to impatient plus I get really nervous in heavy traffic. You'd thinking living in CA for several years and driving in LA traffic occassionally, I'd be ok with it but I'm not. People tell me that if I was doing the driving it wouldn't be so bad cause I'm the one in control and paying attention to whats going on around me. Oh, I am getting your emails and I thank you for sending them. I can't reply to you from work cause, well, one gal got fired and that was one of the things they used against her. They wanted to get rid of her anyway and since she'd used the internet and email for personal stuff, well, they fired her. I got the granny one on this puter but I deleted it at work cause if I clicked on it, well, that would be putting me out on the internet during working hours. Sheesh, If they don't want us on the internet, why give us access???? I use it to look up correct address's and phone numbers.

Well, I'm going to get off here now. Take care.

10-18-2002, 09:06 PM
I'll start a new thread. See ya there. :dancer: