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09-25-2002, 09:26 PM

It has been a struggle for sure these last couple of days because all of that eating last week. But I am under control and am not going to let this get me down. :nono: I know my program works and I need to let it work for me. The infectious disease doctors office called today and wants to see Cowboy tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon. He saw him in the hospital and now wants to check his progress. I won't try to second guess what all he will do.

BRENDA how nice for you to be going on that Cruise soon. I am sure you and Joe will have a great time. You will get a grip on this weight loss thing and go that final lap to goal. I have great faith in your ability.

Well folks I have been drinking lots of water and finding restrooms easy enough so there goes that excuse for not drinking it when I am out and about. :p Bought a new bottle of veggie & fruit wash today and am armed and ready to chow down healthy and lose some more weight. October is just around the corner and brings with it 3 months left of this year. I do so want to make a good showing for these last days of 2002. I always love that fresh start that a New Year :hat: brings with it. Plus the fact that I can look back at 2002 and my weight loss there in and be happy that I didn't squander my days away.

Have a great evening FLOWERS :wave:

09-27-2002, 12:39 AM

I have had such a busy day this day and did manage to stay on program. The doc said Cowboy's blood is clean of any bugs now but...... the cyst is back on his liver and needs to be drained. He has it scheduled to be drained tomrrow at 2. Now that may or may not be caused by his gall-bladder. Here is a catch 22, they want to get that liver thing cleared up before taking out his gall-bladder and if it is his gall-bladder causing the liver problems then it needs to come out to clear up that problem. More tests need to be done and we shall see what unfolds from here on in. He will continue to get his IV drips of antibodies each day in the meantime but all meds taken by mouth have been discontinued. Doesn't need those ones that were designed to fight parasites and made him sick to his stomach in the process.

I feel like I am in a room that has an echo..... where is everyone?

Have a nice night and wake up refreshed on the morrow which is Friday - the eve of the weekend.

09-27-2002, 10:51 AM
Hi Maggie, and any other of you Magnolias who may still be alive,

I understand what you mean about the room with an echo.

Youall must be really frustrated with the merrygoround you're on with Cowboy's health. Is he feeling better, and regaining his strength? One of our nurses at WW last night had been on vacation and gained 6+ lbs. I used you as an example of what can be done, so that made her feel better. We're a long way from fresh seafood, so when we're near the coast, everybody tends to go overboard...........hey, for one or two weeks a year, who cares? The important thing is not to beat yourself up over it, as I feel that's counterproductive.

Did I tell youall what our Hospital group is doing? They 're collecting food each week, based on the amt. of weight they lost, and are going to contribute it to the food drive at holiday time. Isn't that neat? One of the gals shared that she was doing it, because it gave her tangible examples/evidence of her losses each week. Most of us have decided to go back to our original weight for our purchases, so I'll be getting 36# of something......you can bet your life it won't be beef tenderloin:D

My neighbor had her first baby Wednesday, and is coming home from the hospital today, so need to get something ready to take down there.

Happy weekend one and all. TGIF!

09-27-2002, 03:04 PM
MAGGIE: It is nice to know they are zeroing in on Cowboy's medical problem. However, I think, when they can get that Gallbladder out he may start to really improve. If the Gallbladder is really the cause of his problems. He has been having a tough month. We will keep him in our prayers and you as well. It isn't easy being the caregiver. You really deserved that week off and I know you will get back in the swing again real soon.

GRAYBUBS: I am back trying to fill in the echo but I just don't post often enough. Will have to turn over a new leaf. That's such a nice thing that your Hospital group is doing. What an incentive to lose even more weight when it will be for such a good cause.

DH & I were away last weekend for our 45th wedding anniversary. Went to the Mohegan Sun Casino and had a great time. I am not a great gambler but I managed to have a ball and only lose $6. Ate our anniversary dinner at a very fancy place called Tuscany....owned by Todd English of PBS-TV fame. It was set behing a large stone waterfall in the middle of the casino and we felt like we were dining in a cave as we could see out through openings in the 'rocks' and see the water fall.
We are back to normal now and baby sitting both the chocolate lab and some of the grandkids.

Gloria in MA....watching the rain come down.

09-27-2002, 10:53 PM

AHHHHH.... it is nice to be home again. Waiting around in a hospital :faint: is the pits. Well folks, Cowboy had that cyst drained today and they took over a quart of liquid from it. Continuing to drain it every time it fills isn't fixing the problem. We see our local doctor Monday who is making an appointment with a liver specialist ~ so we shall see. Hope something is done soon so the poor guy can get back to his life. Meanwhile he is exploring what kinds of baby food he likes. Anything to keep his gall-bladder from screaming at him. He said they are actually making some tasty food for the young tots now. :jeno:

BUBBLES a new baby in the neighborhood is so neat to have. Hope you get to babysit sometime. That is an excellent idea to do with that weight loss food. **Blush** that was nice of you to use something I said to help someone in your group. That was real sweet of you! :chockiss:

GLORIA CONGRATULATIONS on your 45th anniversary. What a nice place you had dinner to celebrate it at. I hope you have many more happy years together. There is something to be being back in the normal swing of things...... those grandkids are what keep you young. :dance:

Have a lovenly evening and safe and happy weekend ya'll. :wave:

09-30-2002, 11:32 PM
Hi All,
thought I was in the wrong pew when the Home Page opened! Now I"ll have to go back and peruse it.
Lucky me, a new crown today...........and not on the top of my head! $600 shot to ****. Maggie, i pulled one of your deals tonight. Had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a Cottage Double for lunch, no point soup for dinner, then went to DQ and had a Cappucino blizzard! Brain dead for sure.
Have a good one youall. I have jury duty beginning tomorrow. However, I'm supposed to soak my mouth in hot salt water every two hours, so maybe I'll be excused..........not likely, but maybe.

10-01-2002, 12:31 AM

Another busy day. Took Cowboy for his 8 am IV antibiotics then ran some errands because we had to be at the docs office at 11:10 only to find out that he is still trying to get one of those busy busy docs that are liver specialists to see Cowboy quickly. There is alread a surgeon that is willing to do the job but a liver guy has to OK the plan first. Gotta jump through all the hoops since there is so much paperwork that has to be done these days.

I AM BACK! and showed a loss of 2.2 this evening at WW. On for the next round now.

BUBBLES WOW a sparkling new crown! Bet you don't have to serve on jury because of the mouth washing regimen.

JEAN what has happened :?: This is not at all like you to be gone so long without posting and I am getting very worried about you.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.

10-01-2002, 08:59 PM

A cool drizzeliy day on this first day of ROCTOBER. I should have know it would come because we got the car washed yesterday. :( It isn't really raining - just a soft drizzle. But it did cool things off.

Of all the rotten things to do:nono: ~ the managers :chicken: of this place gave Cowboy the axe while he is down. AH, but we don't have to be out of here real quick which is great because we can't. :snail: They have lost so much money they are cutting staff down to the bare bones. The fires in Colorado wiped out all the campgrounds so no revenue there for them and they lost a big place to someone who underbid them here in California~ I can see them fast sinking and heading for the bankrupcy courts. :flow1: We are OK with this upcoming move for us though for we are and can be mobile but not before Cowboy gets well. He is to see the liver specialist on Thursday and then some sort of operation will be arranged. They can do what has to be done with that tiny opening and he will be an out patient. :twirly:

We went to my folks house for a nice visit and took our laundry along and did a couple of loads there. My mother called and asked me to bring my scissors along ~ she needed a hair cut. She swims every day and when it is short her natural curls come out and she looks great. I cut about an inch off all around that was making her look rather shaggy and weighing down her curls and the rest of it curled right up. She always did like the way I cut it better than the shop so she doesn't hesitate to ask when she wants a cut. I am so glad that I can be here to do that for her. It is funny but I never had any formal training in hair cutting but when I lived out here while growing up I was called upon to cut lots of folks hair.

Have a good month everyone. If you are lagging in your program and need a fresh start this is a good day to do it. We have three months of this year left to make a good showing in.

10-02-2002, 10:26 PM

OK folks...... I brush my teeth and use breath mints so why is everyone avoiding me? OH ~ and I use great smelling perfume - never miss a chance to smell good.

10-03-2002, 02:11 AM

I am not good at doing this thread by myself my fellow FLOWERS I would love some company here. Hello out there ~ please come out, come out where ever you are.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

10-03-2002, 11:00 PM
Please don't give up on all the flowers. We want to know how Cowboy gets along if nothing else. I worked the hospital group tonight, and am back over 250 by .2. I am not happy. I hope it's because I was drinking a bottle of water as I was weighing everyone and didn't have a chance to void it before I weighed.
It's stilll hot and sticky here. Enough already! The air is on again tonight.
Will youall go to another campground/state park? Will you stay in California? When you're looking for places to go, remember to get someplace where you can ride that new bike:)

How's your dad? I'm scared to death you're not checking in because of being away.........I hope that's not the case and you're just overwhelmed with school.

Love to all,

PS I DID have to do Jury duty,and they'd take a break while I went to soak. Today I had to get new glasses as my others fell apart as I was reading the paper this AM. So now I'm thinking about a home equity loan to pay for my medical crap for this week. I could have had fun with the cash!

10-06-2002, 12:04 PM
Good Morning Magnolias.....

JEAN: Where are you? Your absence is so unlike you we are worried about you and your father. Hope you will let us know what your status is.

MAGGIE: Know you said you were not posting anymore and I can understand that but hope you come here and read the posts. How is Cowboy doing hope you and he are settling in your new digs and that his health is only getting better. If you have a chance, let us know.

GREYBUBS: I think you will remember 'No water before weigh in'? :lol: I have done Jury duty before and it is a lot of hurry up and wait. Bring a good book and if your lucky you will finish it before they call you!

Nothing new here, just the same old, same old. Going to have a family gettogether next weekend. Don't know how many can make it. GK's are getting older and into more sports etc. DD#2's kids are into football (Pop Warner) and cheerleading. Last Sunday the spent 7 hours on the football field. DGD did not cheer her brother so it was 2 games they had to sit through. Ugh!!:rolleyes: Today we are going to the opening ceremony of our church's centennial. They will be dedicating the new front doors and blessing a new cross on the roof. Light luncheon after in the church hall.

Gloria in MA.....getting ready to go out.

10-07-2002, 06:12 PM

OK I am back..... guess if I have to I will come here and talk to myself ~ kinda like a journal. It is better to have a roomful of FLOWERS for it makes this trip down the road to thin easer and much sweeter. :chockiss: Where is everyone these days :?: I see BUBBLES and GLORIA came here during the week. You know I have everyones e-mail address except yours Bubbles. If you don't mind my having it, would you please "personal message" me and give it to me that way?

My weigh in is today and I am lugging around extra water in my system for it is so hot...back up into triple digets here. Thought for awhile fall was here but ~ I was fooled.:sorry:

10-08-2002, 10:45 AM
I received your email this morning Maggie. I wish I had more time to post. I like your thread because it is small. Where did Jean go? I will try to email her. I hope things are improving with Cowboy. I appreciate the emails you send me.

I am doing lousy on program. I think that is partly why I haven't posted much anywhere. It is depressing. I do well for a few days and then blow it. One day I will grab hold and hand on.

Take care!

10-08-2002, 11:57 AM

We were in the triple digets again yesterday ~ WOW it is still summer around here. I was so right about what would happen at weigh in but didn't think it would be such a big gain. I am still packing water and think I will drink LOTS of it today. Try to get this flushed out of my body. This week will be dedicated to drinking my water. I got that set of "bands" I ordered and am going to also take a good look at those and get a program set up to get some exercise.

SHARON I don't know where Jean is. I have e-mailed her and get no answer. Her father was having some health problems and she from time to time has computer problems but I don't really know what is keeping her away. Sorry to hear you are having such a struggle. But girlfriend, you are still in there trying and that is what will get you to goal one day.

Have a good day everyone. :wave:

10-08-2002, 03:01 PM
I think it will actually be a bit cooler today. I hate this heat Maggie. I would rather be bundled up than so warm. Do you have air conditioning? I went out and bought a bunch of vegies and I am making a vegie soup. I have it luke warm and it is still good. I can't stand cold soup. I am still trying.

10-08-2002, 03:03 PM
I just discovered I don't have Jean email address here at home. Can you send it to me Maggie?


10-08-2002, 10:47 PM
Hi Maggie,
I would be happy to send you my email address if I knew how to do it. I'm such a dunce! How do I email it to you?
Tonight was weighin........I gained .8.......:mad: It's my own fault. Next week will be better.
My new glasses are in and I'm thrilled! I'll forego swimming in the AM to get them. The temporary frames I have are driving me crazy.
I took my friend with RA to her doctor's appt today, which turned out to be an all day affair. Her appt was in Roanoke, about 2 hours from here. We got there, only to be told that the Dr. was in Christiansburg on Tues. You understand they called Friday to confirm her appt. I thought she was going to colllapse or dissolve into tears. Her choice was to go on to Christiansburg or wait another month to see the Rheumatologist. She was worried about me getting back here in time for Fat CLass. I told her we were going to C'burg, as it was only another 45 minutes, or would have been had we not gotten lost a few times. Anyway, we made it, and the doc told her he was going to put her on a new wonder drug within two weeks, as soon as the paper work goes through. She's thrilled! The RX is given by infusion, and is tres cher, but he says if she can tolerate it, she should see a marked improvement immediately. Cross your fingers for her! Thank the Lord for Cell phones! While she was in with the DR. I was able to call home to get someone to cover for me at WW until I got there. We then called Charlie, Marilyn's husband, and had him bring my car to the WW mtg. and meet us there. I got there at 5, but they'd already weighed probably 3/4 of the group. The earlier we get there, the earlier the ladies arrive, so it's a no win situation.
How's Cowboy?
Have to take Jimmy for his bedtime constitutional.

10-08-2002, 11:13 PM

This day has been spent drinking lots of water and making trips to the lu. It must be working because my rings are looser. :dance: That is me dancing to the lu.

SHARON Yes we do have air conditioning. Without it we would surely be melting. :o Veggie soup.... YUM that is so good. Do you ever put some of it in the blender and then back in the pot and make it a bit creamy that way? I don't like cold soups either - mo hotta mo betta. I will e-mail you Jeans address right away my dear.

BUBBLES that was sure nice of you to be with your friend like that today. I sure hope that those new meds do agree with her system and help her out of her misery. New glasses! I need new ones. If you want to send a "personal message" to me with your e-mail address: At the bottom of the posts here you will se a bar with the different things to click on. Profile, PM, Search, Budy. Click on the PM one and then type me a message with your address in it. Then when I log on next time I will see at the top that I have a message and voilla - I will have your message to read. I will send you a message and you will see better how they work that way. Look at the top of the page when you log on and it will tell you that you have a message.

Cowboy feels good and doesn't feel like that cyst is filling up again. He has a CT scan and cyst draining appointment for the coming Friday and we should know more after that.

I got the best strawberries yesterday! Two of them make 3 ounces of great tasting fruit. The owner of the field said it is an 8 million dollar crop. I had forgotten how great it was to live so close to the worlds best strawberry fields.:snooty:

Have a great night folks and wake up refreshed to do what ever you do on Humpday.

10-10-2002, 01:17 AM

It is still warm here tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler as it is being forecast. Got an e-mail from Jean and she is back in town now so maybe we will see her here soon. I rather like this thread having two pages - sure makes it great not to have to start a new one so often. What say you?

BUBBLES got your PM with our e-mail address ~ thanks for I will add you to my Magnolia list. Hope your new glasses are what you expect and they fit comfortably.

Everyone have a great evening and wake up refreshed.

WELOCME HOME JEAN sorry to hear about your Dad but do know that you were with him and that sure means a lot to you I am sure. Come back and post when you are rested.