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06-05-2010, 02:58 PM
I just saw Pig2Twig mentioned. It sounds intriguing, but doesn't come up when I do a search.

Will somebody please fill me in on what this plan is?

06-05-2010, 03:58 PM
I have no clue lol, maybe google?

06-05-2010, 04:17 PM
Uhh I don't know what that is BUT I think it sounds stupid. I may be fat but I'm not a pig and my goal is not to be a twig.

06-05-2010, 04:33 PM
Here is an article I found about pig2twig -

Vegetan tells a story that is all too familiar to a lot of us and of how Neris and India’s ‘Pig2Twig’ diet snapped her sister out of a vicious dieting circle that kicked off every Monday morning.
Every Wednesday evening the diet would end through sheer deprivation and starvation leading her to nosh her way through a whole chocolate cake. Instead of the slice she would normally treat herself to. India Knight and Neris Thomas were veterans of this whole Monday to Wednesday diet disaster scenario and Vegetan tells us “this is not just a diet book. It is a fun read, looks pretty and prepares you for the hard times ahead. It is not an ordinary diet either, there is so much food to eat out there while you lose weight. You do have to give up sugar though (even fruit) at the start and take a lot of food supplements like Chrominum Polynicotinate to control cravings. And give up the drink.
“Does it work? Well if you stick to it by the letter like my sis did, the results are very encouraging. She lost six pounds in the first month, five in the second and two stone in the five months she’s been on it.”
“The other exciting things is, the weight loss is all over so you don’t end up with a flat chest and a huge arse looking like some weird genetic amalgamation of JLo and Kate Moss. My sis is bouncing around in size 14 dresses now and looking amazing.”
“What is the downside? Well you could get mighty grumpy on the second week, depending on how much junk like sugar and ready meals you consumed in the past. My sister didn’t get that grumpy, but she has inherited the family gene for tolerance (unlike me!). You have to consume vast amounts of supplements, including Vitamin B complex (to metabolize carbs), Co-Enzyme Q10 for energy and wash them down with a lake of water.”
“The weight loss gets less as you progress, but you will be too busy buying smaller clothes to care about that.”
“Get this book. It acts like an encouraging non *****y friend.”
Thanks Vegetan – a ringing endorsement! And if you want to know more about this diet head over to the Pig2Twig website (http://www.pig2twig.co.uk/)

The article is here - http://beaut.ie/blog/?p=3289#more-3289

06-05-2010, 04:37 PM
The name is "Neris and Helen's Idiot-Proof Diet" and it's had a couple of past mentions but, because of the name, it got mistaken for The Idiot Proof Diet that gets such a bad press.

"Pig2Twig" is the name of the forum www.pig2twig.co.uk , so I've been calling the diet that, to make sure people knew I wasn't trying the bad one.

It's a low-carb diet, with a two week Phase 1, a Phase 2 and a Phase 3. I don't suppose (and neither does it) that there is anything mind-blowingly new in it; but it was written by two women who unashamedly admit that what had made them fat was the fact that they loved to overeat. They lost 5 stone each, and they took about a year to do it.

They talk about emotional reasons for over eating; they talk about how unattractive bony-skinny is. The Pig2Twig thing is British humour - they were fat through their own forks and became comparatively twig-like at 5 stone off: believe me, they are still healthy-looking wenches.

The whole book is chatty, which might not appeal to some but I'm enjoying it. The first 2 weeks (Phase 1) there is their own blog/log for how they were doing and how they felt; clothes and exercise advice; recipes.

Not everyone's taste, I know, but it's working for me.

06-05-2010, 05:23 PM
Thank you very much! (I never thought to Google for it--I just searched the boards here. *slaps head*)

The name just caught my eye, and I think it was on a post of yours where I saw it, Rosinante. Sounds interesting.