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06-04-2010, 01:21 PM
Today, for the first time ever in my life, I bought a bikini =)

I remember 2 years ago when I was in a shop with my mum and she made me try on an open-backed swimming costume and I was almost in tears because I felt so insecure.

I never imagined that I'd be buying a bikini after that, and that I would actually be looking in the mirror in the changing room and thinking "not bad" as opposed to wanting to cry.

06-04-2010, 07:21 PM
That's great :)

06-04-2010, 08:41 PM
Congrats. :D

06-06-2010, 06:06 PM
Very proud of you, darling <3 Maybe next year we'll be planning a nice holiday somewhere hot and can BOTH be wearing bikinis!

My Body in Motion
06-06-2010, 06:34 PM
Yay!!! Congrats on your new bikini body!

I can't wait until I can get back into my bikinis! They have been sitting in a drawer for so long, I'll probably have to wash all the dust off of them before I can even try them on!

06-06-2010, 06:36 PM
Congrats!! : carrot:

06-06-2010, 06:45 PM
How incredibly awesome! I don't think I have ever worn a bikini in my life (even as a child. I don't see my mother putting me in one.) I can't even imagine how wonderful it feels to be comfortable in one. How great that must feel!

06-07-2010, 10:04 AM
wow a bikini congrats!

06-08-2010, 12:04 PM

:queen: Dhani :queen:

06-08-2010, 12:45 PM
Well done! I have never worn one so can't even imagine how fantastic is must be to feel good in a bikini. Be proud - you deserve it!