General chatter - Food Poisoning Weight Gain (I'm NUTS)

06-03-2010, 09:28 AM
Late last night, I had a skin flare after my shower. My face turned bright red and even using my prescription skin cream the skin swelled to an orange peel appearance (usually a reaction to certain triggers - overexerting myself during exercise, too much grain/high-carb foods...). I couldn't trace a specific trigger (sugar is a possibility, because I did have more sugar than usual, this past week, but it was still less than I usually have to eat to experience a flare this severe).

In the middle of the night night hubby got very ill, but recovered very quickly. We wondered if it was mild food-bourn illness from a new restaurant we had tried for lunch.

So, I got up this morning, and my skin is still inflamed and greasy (the greasy should have been a clue). Then I weigh myself and I'm up at least FIVE lbs, and my ring is so tight I can't get it off (a ring I've been planning to resize, because it's usually so loose). Even restaurant sodium couldn't explain this much weight gain.

What insane thought pops into my head "I wonder if the skin and weight gain could be my reaction to whatever virus/bacteria that hubby had reacted to (with chills, diarrhea and vomitting)."

Then I realized that my period is due (a MUCH more logical explanation for both the skin and the weight), and I had to laugh at myself (and invite others to laugh at me, by posting here).