Weight Loss Support - Anyone else ever experience Mystery Weight Loss???

05-29-2010, 05:05 PM
Okay...so I posted Thursday and was so excited to have reached 170 lbs! I was also really surprised because the night before, after taking my son swimming, we had gone to CiCi's (pizza buffet) and I had definitely eaten too much...I was expecting to have gained and instead, I was down a pound....

So...I weigh this morning and I'm down to 169! And the odd thing is that last night, we had the same routine...swimming and then over indulging at CiCi's. What gives? I normally don't weigh this much and I'm not really used to this... (I did weigh three times this morning just to make sure and I got the exact same number each time.)

Also...I'm pretty sure that TOM is coming up. I should be GAINING or at least retaining, right? Does anyone not gain or retain water? My cycle is possibly a little out of whack because of the pregnancy thing from last month but...Idk.

It just doesn't really add up

05-29-2010, 05:11 PM
I personally don't notice too much difference in my weight loss habits when TOM comes around... I don't really retain. In fact, this pat time around I still managed to lose a little, despite TOM. Everyone is different!

As for weight loss despite weird eating... Yeah, I've had that happen to me. Not too often, but here and there... Just enough to make me kind of excited, but still know I can't stay in the habit of eating that way. :) It's a fine line... And one that we can't always count on!

05-29-2010, 05:19 PM
A loss is a loss. And who doesn't like a mystery? If you really want to find out, then I suggest writing into unsolved mysteries. ; ) Good luck on your journey.

:queen: Dhani :queen:

05-29-2010, 05:24 PM
The body is a complex system. You may well have lost 2 lbs of fat a week or more ago and been retaining water since then.

Weight management would be so much easier if the relationships were that linear!

05-29-2010, 05:27 PM
heh the week I had a nice 6300 calorie defict I lost nothing
the week I had a 500 calorie deficit I lost 2 lbs.

I am sure this trend will not be consistant.

05-29-2010, 06:36 PM
happened to me a couple times..came home from an all you can eat buffet.next day i lost weight

05-29-2010, 08:25 PM
I had that happen a week ago.
I was craving cheese curds from A & W for days. I had crept up a pound over the previous week and was feeling hungry and deprived so I decided to just give in and eat them, then get back on track. The next day I was down the pound plus more.
Go figure.

hope junction
05-30-2010, 09:24 AM
I usually have the opposite effect--when i cheat, it shows. BIGTIME. like if i go off my diet that plus my extra water retention from the extra carbs leads me to gain a few pounds. But, conversely when i do stick to my diet i tend to see pretty steady weight loss.

The only exception is my TOM. I must retain a lot because I always know when its coming....it means I don't lose any more weight and sometimes gain for about 4-5 days. I don't mind though because after its over i lose like a pound of a day and its kind of exciting. keeps me motivated.

05-30-2010, 09:42 AM
Those losses could have been the result of the work you've done the previous week, just like those pizza incidents may not show up till NEXT week.

05-30-2010, 09:58 AM
@Hope: Same thing happens to me. Last night I got a little OP and I'm up two pounds, but I'm feeling like it's more bloat. Meanwhile, I was freaked out because I'd been losing a pound a day for the last few days, and I was kind of scared. Just because I felt like it was going too fast. Now, I need to work again just to get it off >_<

Lori Bell
05-30-2010, 10:47 AM
Those losses could have been the result of the work you've done the previous week, just like those pizza incidents may not show up till NEXT week.

Oh I totally agree with Robins statement...mostly because it happens to me often. The thing with all you can eat buffets, that in a few days you'll be feeling it....wether it's from a slight weight gain, or a mysterious plateau.

It seems like alot of people complain about plateaus, but I think most often plateaus are a result of what you just described. A person overeats, doesn't gain, and then they "maintain" even though they are back on plan.

Oh and CiCi...really? (YUCK!! :D)

05-30-2010, 11:22 AM
I was off plan for a week or so. I gained a couple of pounds and then lost. I am at 197 where I was before going off plan. I'm going to get moving again, though. I'm ready to see the 180's. Going off plan, even for a little bit, does stall your weight loss. I have learned it the hard way.

I'm going to go back to sticking to my plan like glue... it felt so good.

05-30-2010, 11:33 AM
Yes! This has happen to me before! I went one night to T.G.I. Friday's and I ate things I really shouldn't have. Even cheesecake for dessert! The next morning I had lost 2lbs. O.o Like someone said, a loss is a loss. It's just really weird. LOL