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05-28-2010, 09:53 PM
Ok... today was kind of my cheat day. Not intentionally.

It was my last day to hang out with three of my friends. I'm leaving on vacation and then moving starting Wednesday, and today was our only day where we all had the morning free (all of us only had one early morning final to do). So... we went to 59 Diner. I got the Avocado Burger w/fries... an oreo shake, and a diet coke. I ate hardly any of the french fries... polished off the shake... and brought some diet coke home with me.

And... that's all I thought I'd have. I'd get closer to my daily limit. (I'm supposed to be eating around 1500... lately it's been more around 1100). Well... unfortunately for me... it wasn't.

My mom, little bro and I went on a car trip. We had to drive 4 hours to my Grandparents' house. And... the car was HOT. The AC was on HIGH, we even had a fan on in the back. Nope... still WAY too hot. (stupid texas weather... :p ). So... we stopped by sonic. I got a M&M Sonic Blast. I didn't want anything with ice... and it was the only other cold thing there I could think of. And it worked. Cooled me down. And I only finished around 3/4ths of it... and then I felt sick. I hate the lingering taste of stuff in my mouth... especially something sweet like that.

So yeah... and then I got to my grandparents' house. Chicken smothered in BBQ, sweet peas, and baked potatoes. But I didn't stuff my face. I actually didn't stuff my face at all today... just ate as much as I felt I needed... which was good. But now my stomach feels nasty. All that sugar... :dizzy:

Oh well. Heading out for a run with my dog... as soon as my darn Zune charges... urgh.. ;)

ETA: Just calculated it all. 2700 Calories. Yup... no wonder my stomach hates me right now. ;)