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05-27-2010, 01:28 PM
Hi!! well lately i been really doing good at the gym. a few months ago when i first started my journey i always felt like i didint belong. i would go and do some cardio and stay in one particular area. i would never go upstairs where all the men are. upstairs there is weights and alot more things i can do but i always stood downstairs because i didint feel right for some reason. maybe i was embarrased afraid someone would look down on me. but now that i am actually doing this and getting results i walk with my head held high. I do belong there! I walk up there all sweaty and i do my crunches and my sit ups and my weights i dont give a rats *** who looks at me because i deserve to be there!!!! maybe this was just in my head maybe nobody was saying or thinking any of this maybe it was me just being insecure as always thats probably the case. that just shows right there in how messed up my head was. i am glad i am making changes in my life.