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05-27-2010, 11:14 AM
They're HUGE! I mean, I think it must matter in many ways. How you body reacts to different foods, the different things you'll "allow" yourself to eat when stressed (at least for me), even if it's something small. Crazy!

I'm thinking this now because I just had a great week. I lost 3 lbs, and I haven't lost that much in one week (almost even in one month) since I (re)started this jounry back in August!

Last week Tuesday was the first day of summer vacation for me. I'm a grad student, and on Monday I turned in my last paper for the semester, and this week I've been taking a "stay"cation (right, a vacation where you stay at home). I haven't been working (I'll start my summer research soon), I've just been relaxing, cleaning my apartment that got insanely messy and dirty over the course of my crazy semester and going for nice walks in the sun. And the weight has just melted off!

I found it so much easier to make healthy choices this week than before. Sure, there's always that desire to stuff my face with food, and I don't think that will ever go away, but it wasn't hard to shove that desire aside because I just felt so great!