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05-27-2010, 04:05 AM
I'm on my third stall since baby. I hit 192, after a brutal battle to move from 197, and then...just...stopped.

It's taking its toll. If I cheat, I don't gain. If I stay on plan, I don't lose.

So why not cheat?

Of course, at 2AM with nothing but a bottle of water next to me the answer is obvious. It's less obvious when my kids are screaming for spaghetti and I have a meeting coming up in 20 minutes.

Sticking to it was so easy when I was losing. Even if it was a meager .5 pound a week, it was easy. 3 weeks without a budge is taking its toll. Any advice?

05-27-2010, 06:23 AM
As I've gotten closer to finished with the weight loss portion of the project, I've had some multiple-week stalls, and one absolutely horrendous plateau early this year. And yet, here I am, all the same, within five pounds of goal. After that plateau, and in between those stalls, I've knocked off another 35 pounds or so, even though it often felt like NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. Because I stuck with it. Because I kept reminding myself that eventually, my goal would be to maintain the same weight range, and when I get there, my lifestyle isn't going to change, other than (I hope!) adding in a couple of hundred calories.

It does, in fact, suck when you're actively trying to lose weight, and doing all the stuff you should to make that happen, and yet, your body seems to not be cooperating. But what is the alternative? To give up and start the slide back to where you were when you started, to abandon all that hard work and effort that's brought you to where you are now, which is, frustrating or not, a heck of a lot better than where you began? I don't like that alternative. I dislike it a lot more than I do being in a holding pattern, thus, I stick with it, because eventually, the weight comes off.

05-27-2010, 07:23 AM
It's taking its toll. If I cheat, I don't gain. If I stay on plan, I don't lose.

So why not cheat?

You know why not. You know that the "don't gain" won't last for long.