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05-26-2010, 06:27 PM
Ok so when i was 15 i lost alot of weight by workingout everyday and eating less. i started off at like 220 225lbs. now that i am older i wish i was 220 lbs. i guess back then as a high school kid 220 was to much because i always felt out of place. often when i took pictures i looked like a linebacker. i didint feel normal. i was always taller and bigger than all the girls. i was literaly a freakin lumber jack. I remember getting to h.s feeling pretty much the same and by the end of sophmore year i vowed that i was gonna be normal. and i lost a good 60 lbs. i worked hard and got results. i became a runner and i lifted weights and i was in the best shape of my life!!! i went from 220lbs to 163lbs. the funny thing about this is about this is the other day i was looking at my old pics and realized that i was not looking as good as i thought i was. i looked thin yes but that wasent a really great look for me. i looked malnourished and weak. i realized i was to busy trying to be "normal" i didint see what i was doing to myself. 163lbs is not a good look for me. i know that now as an adult that my body is diffrent. i realized i will never be a small girl. i will never be a girly girl. i will always be that girl nobody messes with because she looks like she will kick sum u know what!!!! and im ok with that. i had to go all the way up to 298lbs to realize that im different and i will never be 130 sumthing lbs and i finally can accept that. some girls just arent meant to be stick thin and honestly i look alot better with some meat on my bones he he :devil:

05-26-2010, 08:49 PM
You are normal..Your loss so far is great, that is a great accomplishment there. It takes time and efforts and to me, you are doing fantastic from seeing your ticker. So cheer up and stay positive!! :)