General chatter - Where to Vacation in November/December with kids

05-26-2010, 01:25 PM
My MIL has decided she would like to take my family on a paid vacation this year.

I am in MN and I think November/December would be a good time for the trip to some place warm or at least lots of sun!! There will be 3 adults and 3 children (16,10&7) and obviously need to find somewhere to keep ALL entertained.

We all have passports and MIL mentioned she would like to go on a cruise, but is open to what ever we decide.

So my 3FC friends - Where have you gone on vacation that you would recommend? Are cruises enjoyable for kids? or would a resort stay be better?

05-26-2010, 01:55 PM
Cruises in Nov/Dec are really fun! You may look into taking one to the bahamas. There is a great resort there called Atlantis, it is beautiful! My hubby, children, and I have been a few times and everyone absolutely loves it, and it will be around 80 degrees that time of year. :) This site is if you want to have a look at it! I hope this helps. They also have Disney World Cruises that are a lot of fun for all ages. My kids are 6, 5, 2, and 17 months, so they are a bit younger than some of your kiddos, but there was a lot for everyone of all ages to do at both places. Hope you have a great vacation wherever you go!! Good luck :)