General chatter - work let me go, then pressed undo- must vent

05-26-2010, 12:27 PM
I so freaking hate my job right now. 27 days ago they gave me a 30 day notice of seperation. Today, they tell me that they are keeping me.

Okay, so most people would think, "What's the problem? That's a good thing? Right?"

Well... I just spent 27 days going through various emotional angst over it. I was ticked, from a logistical stand point. But not really upset. I was wanting to go back to school in the Fall- now I don't have to feel guilt from quitting. I can spend time at the pool this summer. I can pick up tutoring for money, something I've always enjoyed. I was going to get severance pay, and then maybe unemployment.

Now I'm stuck at a job I've been wanting to get out of for a while. I should fill in- I'm a college graduate working as a receptionist making little over minimum wage. Not exactly my dream job. Hence my wanting to return to school. But the thought of quitting makes me feel so guilty. Makes me feel like I'm putting too much pressure on my husband, who is also not quite where he wants to be. (Chemical engineer working as a lab technician.) We want a house soon... can't save for a house if you're not making moeny.

So I am so torn right now. Do you know what it's like to think you're going to be done in one more day of work (I have vacation planned, so day 27 is more like 29) and then be told you're not done at all? It would be like two days from the last day of school they decide to take away summer break. But I know this makes more money for us and has better insurance.

I'm just so frustrated! ARG! Any advice? Thoughts? Virtual hugs? I can't wait to go home tonight and get a big :hug: from hubby. Followed by a big talk....

05-26-2010, 12:38 PM
You aren't stuck at the job. You can leave, take a vacation and then look for a new job.

05-26-2010, 12:39 PM
Makes you wonder if they decided to do that to see if you'll quit and then they will get out of having to give you the severance pay. I can see how you are torn ~ I hope it works out for you.

05-26-2010, 01:06 PM
Thanks Seagirl- It's good to remind me that I'm not as "stuck" as I feel.

And MamaP- That is a very interesting thought. I'm bad at seeing deviousness, so I hadn't considered this. Very possible that's what they did. Wouldn't surprise me.:no:

05-26-2010, 02:37 PM
Ug that sucks! I had a job that let me go once- I was really upset when it happened but I was glad to get the severance pay.

If you really need the money don't quit. Stay as long as you need to (unless they change their mind again) and don't feel guilty about quitting- they sure as heck didn't feel guilty about telling you they were letting you go!