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05-26-2010, 06:49 AM
Good morning. We are hot here already so I am going to go outside shortly to do some of my OWN gardening while it's relatively cool. Mother Nature seems to be really screwed up - May is supposed to be temperate. I wonder if she is going into the menopause because this is one heck of a hot flash. ;)

Another day of village beautification is about to happen. I do pet therapy at noon today and then the doggage and I will relax in our lovely cool house for the afternoon. :carrot: I may even have an afternoon nap since a very short black critter barked a lot during the night and interfered with my sleep. Something must have been going on outside that only dogs could hear - a coyote convention in the back field?

On with Hump Day but coffee first. :cofdate:

05-26-2010, 07:03 AM
Good morning Ruth - your hot flash comment had me :rofl: !

We hit 90+ yesterday, unusual for us. It's a warm one here today, too, but after the cold, wet summer we had last year I'm not complaining. I've got a dentist appointment after school so that will give me a little air conditioner time. :) It sure was hot at school yesterday though - lots of grumpy little kids thanks to the heat, though. (Debbie, the last day for the kids is June 17, last day for staff is June 18.)

I'm eating pretty well, but between my cold/allergies and the sweltering weather I've been a slug about exercising for about a week now. Thankfully the scale and my clothes don't seem to notice yet but I really need to get back into my exercise groove.

Enjoy your Wednesday friends! :hug:

05-26-2010, 07:04 AM
Midweek, and I'm wishing the rest of the week away!! We just found out that 13 teachers, 2 clerks, and 2 custodians will be cut from our school. No word on how many administrators yet. Why? a new high school is opening up, and we're losing 300 students. I'm not quite sure how that adds up to 13 teachers when most of us have classes of about 32-35 right now, but that's what they're doing! And since the physical size of the school grounds is not changing, it's hard to understand why we would lose custodians. Let's hope they don't have to do too many involuntary transfers.

05-26-2010, 07:06 AM
:coffee: Oh, yes, definitely coffee first.

The heat will be on here, too, but right now there's a delightfully cool breeze blowing my curtains. I plan to get any outdoor chores done this morning before it gets too hot. Which reminds me, I want to go down to the garden to pick some fresh lettuce and radishes for my lunch.

Ruth, I bet Jazz plans a nap or two this morning since he was up early. ;)


Heidi, I bet the kids are all antsy right now, with thoughts of summer vacation looming in the near future. The kids get out June 18th here, too, and are counting down the days. Try to stay cool during your heat wave!

Francis, that's sad that so many jobs are being cut at your school. Will they be able to find work at the new school?

05-26-2010, 07:10 AM
Which reminds me, I want to go down to the garden to pick some fresh lettuce and radishes for my lunch.

:drool: Wow! This early in the season? Enjoy your lunch!

05-26-2010, 07:16 AM
Heidi, I've had 3 heads of buttercrunch lettuce bolt already! It looks like everything is growing fast this year. We have scallions and almost too much Swiss chard, and the cabbages and cauliflower are forming nice heads. My tomatoes and peppers are full of buds, too. I hope our summer isn't going to be a wet one like last year. :crossed:

05-26-2010, 07:19 AM
Hot here too, it always makes me extra sluggish (though not as much as it did when I was 90 lbs heavier). Of course it doesn't stop me from drinking my morning coffee. A girl has to have priorities ;)

Ruth - Take it easy in the heat today. Sounds like a cool nap will be good for everyone.

Heidi - I tried biking last night and it was pretty awful. I'm looking forward to normal temps tomorrow and all weekend.

Francis - So sorry about your school. The budget craziness is going on everywhere and it really scares me. Hope today doesn't include anymore surprises and just gets you closer to the weekend.

Cottage - Wow, the heat huh ;) Enjoy the lunch from your garden. Yum! My garden is slow starting. Oh wait, that's me! Certainly no risk of too much rain here. It's so dry I need to hook the hose up ASAP

A few meetings on tap today, but nothing too exciting. I work in a really old building so we have AC wars all day. It will be freezing in our office and I'll sit next to my open window to create a little island of thaw.

Hope your Wed. slides by without hitches or bumps. It's almost the US long weekend!

05-26-2010, 07:40 AM

Ruth - you had me laughing with your title, and with the menopause comment. Thanks!

Heidi - me too on the exercise thing. The good thing is, it always feels good when you've had time to rest for a while!

Francis - that's ridiculous!! It amazes me how education gets all these cuts. WHatever happened to the children being the future?

Cottage - when did you plant your garden? Of course, I only got mine in 2 weeks ago, but they're taking off quite well!!

Me - It's my "short" day at work, but I'm on call the rest of the day with the boss away :(. Hopefully, I can go on a hike too. Have a grilled chicken salad planned for tonight, that oughtta be good in this heat. Last night was a grilled portabella mushroom (and spinach salad), yum!

Have a lovely day!

05-26-2010, 07:59 AM
Ruth - hot flash :rofl: Enjoy the gardening before it heats up. Oh I just scrolled and saw Heidi said the same thing with the same little guy. Funny.

Heidi - I forget that schools out that way don't have a/c since we do here. But I grew up with some hot days in school in June back east.

fcmonroe - I am so sorry to hear that. Lots of cuts with our school this year too. I am glad my son will only have one year to feel the pain.

Linda - Fresh veggies... I am envious.

Cyndi - Keep warm, and cool.

Twynn - A hike sounds like fun. With pup?

I have PT this morning then plan to come home and watch BL while plugging away on the elliptical. Steamy here too and rain on the way. I am glad to have an excuse not to ride a second day in a row since I am sore in certain delicate areas unused to sitting on the bike seat.

DS1 made it safely to his friend's house outside Philly. Today he has an hour and a half drive alone back to campus. DS2 starts finals this morning.

05-26-2010, 10:10 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I just got up :fr:. Actually, woke up super early and just decided to try to get more sleep this AM :cp:

So, running behind, but that's ok. Meeting my friend for dog walking very soon-then the usual.

Ruth, good for you getting something done at home first.

Heidi, wow-late this year for you and the kids. Get walking girl!

Frances, so sorry to hear these last days of work have to include stress.

Linda, I'm jealous, too. We had a frost 2 nights ago.

Cyndi, it's almost the weekend!

Twynn, hope you don't get called back in.

Karen, I have a cushy bike seat. I did special order a bag from REI. It's a bike bag that clips on the back rack, but is a fanny pack. It would have been perfect when I rode my bike to meet my walking friend yesterday.

Ok, I really need coffee!

05-26-2010, 12:12 PM
Good morning everyone,

Heidi- sorry it's hot and you are in still in school, hard to believe you don't get out until June 18th. My guys were done last week, but they also start up around August 15th, I am sure you don't start up till after Labor day right?

Frances, sorry to hear about the cuts, the state here owes our schools alot of money so they made a lot of cuts as well, hopefully before school they will hire most of the back.

DS had his track banquet last night so that is it for school activities for the year. Tomorrow all three of my guys have school physicals, best to schedule them early or you cannot get the appointments later in the summer.

Put in for a new position at my job, we shall see whether or not I get it, more responsbility but a bit less stressful.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

05-26-2010, 06:52 PM
We always start the last Wednesday in August and we usually finish up the 3rd week of June.

Most New England schools have a February vacation, so that means an extra week in the spring and of course we always have plenty of storm days to tack on at the end.