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09-22-2002, 01:01 PM
Wow..This month has flown by!!!!I checked here earlier and the whole thread was down for updating..Made me worried for a moment!!!Hope everyones weekend is good!!!!Mine, I am just playing around!!!

09-22-2002, 01:33 PM
Hi All,

Not much going on around here, just cleaning a little, and doing laundry. Have to start wearing more of my prego clothes now, I think I popped this week! We went to my mom's yesterday to bring the things over that were in the baby's room. Still have to make another trip...next weekend I guess. Mom found someone to rent out her upstairs to, so DH has to get over there more often and finish painting, and putting the hardware on the cabinets. They are a couple from her church. The husband is the maintainence supervisor and the wife is a teacher at the church school.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

09-22-2002, 02:46 PM
Hi all. Not having such a good weekend here. I think I am having growing pains. Nothing bad enough to call the doctor, no spotting or anything. Just uncomfortable and the more I move around the more uncomfortable it is. I'm definitely calling the office tomorrow though. I guess you gotta pay for no m/s some way! Yesterday I ate every veggie in the house trying to get things going thinking fiber was my problem. Well, they did their job but the pain is still there. UGH. :) :)

Lauren: How fun. :) Getting to wear the maternity clothes. I looked around at Taget the other day, but of course, there was nothing in my size. Guess I will have to look around online or something. No exactly sure how to go about that. My clothes are already tight. Hopefully I can make it with the elastic wastes for a while.

Considering all the veggies I've eaten this weekend I must be doing OK with food!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

09-22-2002, 03:22 PM
hello. :)

I spent yesterday getting my kitchen/laundry room ready for the painter. Everything is moved out & cleaned up. It was very dusty on top of my cabinets! Monday she will start there. Tuesday is the master bed & bath.

When I went shopping Friday I finished getting everything I need for our costumes for my sister's party. I might have mentioned we were doing a song?? And we will dress as my sister at various stages of her life. I will be her college years - I'll be dressed in the FlashDance look - torn up tshirt, etc. My other sis will be dressed as a h.s. track runner. My ds will be wearing my sister's flight attendant uniform & my brother will be a h.s. cheerleader! Should be hilarious. I bought the boys wigs. And the song is written.

RR - we are having a nice relaxing day today also. the weather is a little cooler here and gorgeous.

Lauren - when is your due date?? I've forgotten!

Karen - I sure hope you are feeling better.

have a wonderful day. ;)

Rabbit :flow1:

09-22-2002, 03:35 PM
Hi All,

Still doing laundry...and surfing for recipes. :)

Rabbit- January 17th is the EDD!! My counter says 3 months, 24 days as of today!! :eek:

Karen- It's probably bloating at this point! That's probably part of the problems/pains you're having too. Motherhood Maternity has a pretty decent plus size department. I got a few outfits there. In fact, I just ordered more stuff from them online this past week, because I realized I spend way too much time trying to find something that fits!! They're pretty much in every mall. I remember in the beginning, I just had this heavy feeling in my lower stomach, like I felt like I had to hold it in, or wear leggings to keep it in, know what I mean? Hope the M/S stays away for you.

LA Hopeful
09-23-2002, 01:08 AM
hi ladies

boy what an exhausting weekend. but i'm completely moved out of the original old apartment. turned in my keys and everything. hopefully i get most of the deposit back. i didn't clean very well but the manager didn't seem too concerned about that. there were a few stains on the carpet (bad doggy :() so maybe just carpet cleaning costs..

i ate horribly today. my sister was in town and we ordered pizza. plus i had the new buffalo wings and they threw in a box of cinnastix. i can't not eat those things, they're so yummy!! but i figure i really haven't pigged out in the least since mid-may. so i was overdue :) hopefully there won't be too much damage. my scale is at the new old house (the one i'm moving out of) so i won't know!

hope everybody is doing well and had a great weekend!

09-23-2002, 06:06 AM
Good Morning!!!!I AM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!! Remember when I bought a baby bed from a friend???..well parts were missing and the bedrail wouldnt stay up and then it was soo hard to get down...Lesson #1--BUY a NEW BED!!! Soooooo..DH and I went shopping and bought the bed of my dreams...It is simply beautiful!!!!!I want to put her in it now!!!!I guess I can wait 11 more weeks though!!!!! BTW--I am almost following my diet--need to add about 4 more carbs a day..:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: My sugar last night was great but then this AM..a little high at 97...I have lost 3 lbs since following a "diet." Hopefully, I want get fussed at too much!!!!!!

Karen--YEP..sounds like the bloating to me..THat was horrible!!!TOo big of a belly at night, then the belly was flat in the morning!!!Now, it is big all the time and soo funny to lie down and watch my belly button poke out and jump around..Ms Priss is very active!!!!!I can feel the belly button is gonna stay out soon since it is flat now!!!

La--Soo glad U R out!!!!Just get back on track!!!Cant say I have had those cinimin stix thingees!!!!Guess it is good not to try it!!!

Have a great day all!!!

09-23-2002, 09:08 AM
Mornin' everyone!

Monday mornin after 'nother one of "those" weekends.
Was supposed to go to the wedding on Saturday and chill on Sunday, but unfortunately my colleague wanted to do it the other way round, so went Sunday instead. got hom on sat 02.00 after drinks, got slightly tipsy on 2 drinks and as the cafe/bar I was at is very close and I was on foot, I chose to go back on foot (very safe neighbourhood). Only, I went the wrong way at first...Fortunately I found out in time, had a good laugh about myself, and headed home, this time in the right direction...
On, Sunday: the wedding party (definitely not a typical Greek one!)
We also took a new friend of my colleague's, a Greek from Australia, fresly arrived and really attractive (already taken unfortunately, figures)! Nice company for under way, as the trip takes 2 1/2 hours. We then arrived at somebody's (groom's friend) mansion, on a huge estate, overlooking the sea, in the midst of olive trees and woods. As the couple was very easy-going, they's said that you could just come by one of the days and see them, talk to people, lie at the swimming pool, or use the (private) beach...sigh.
Which we did. We were all so tired we actually slept on the beach for 1 hour or so, and then went and mingled, and had an interesting day with really interesting people, some wacky and into healing etc, some bank directors etcetc, very funny and cool.
Today reality is slapping me in the face once again, and I am going on in the quest for a job (not doing too bad actually). My friend is coming back tonight from her island job, and another friend is arriving tomorrow from France for a week's stay.
At least I don't get any chance to get bored...
LA, good you got out! Forget the carpet, you had enough problems with these people!

This for now, DUTY awaits me (and fun is not far off either!)

Zorba the Geek, ah...Greek

09-23-2002, 01:38 PM
HELLO. :flow2:

I had a nice weekend & today the painting starts. I'm nervous - sure hope I like it. Today was my official weigh in day & I lost one pound. I lost a pound last week also , so I'm happy.:D

Lauren - I didn't realize it was so soon, I guess. RR is due in December & then you in Jan. Wow.:bb:

LA - hooray that you are all moved! ~ I have had those cinnamon stix - they are delicious.:T

RR - enjoy the new beautiful bed! When in December?

Greek - oh that sounds like such a cool place for a wedding.:)

gotta run - Rabbit :flow1:
567.977 miles

09-23-2002, 01:59 PM
I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I had a great weekend and watched lots of football with friends. I didn't do so well with the eating though -- dang all those football munchies!! I took my pup to a Humane Society fund raiser on the beach Saturday morning. She won 2nd place for smallest dog (she's a 4 mo old toy poodle). Then she got to play in the sand for the first time. She was high tailing it in circles then sticking her nose in it. She was a mess but had a good time!!!

I'm still maintaining the weight but I'm hoping its just cuz AF will be here tomorrow. I'll wait to see what the scales say at the end of this week.

Have a good one!!

09-23-2002, 03:54 PM
Just dropped in. Had a great time on vacation. Turns out there are a lot more wineries on the Niagra Penninsula than I knew about (we figured close to 40). So needless to say we didn't visit them all :lol: . We also visited the locks at St. Catherines' (they go around Niagra Falls). That was fun (that's what you get when you let 2 engineers go on vac together :) ). We also visited "Dundurn Castle" in Hamilton, not far from Toronto. I really enjoyed it and recommend it. The play in Stratford was fun and entertaining also. But it's good to be home. I can't believe we've been married a year :eek: . It seems like just yesterday we were planning the wedding.

RR - Glad your diet seems to be working out.

Rabbit - The party sounds like it'll be fun. Hope the painting's going well.

GG - Good luck with the job hunting.

Jule - Your date sounded like fun. Sorry to hear about your freind.

Liz - Sounds like your dog's great. Good luck with the scales.

Karen - Hope you can stick it out with school you are so close!

LBH - Good luck with the new clothes and cleaning.

Well tomorrow is the beginning of my 10 week challenge to myself. I'm going to go in early and talk to the WW leader and ask that they not let me know my weight until the end. It seems that when I feel fat and bloated I lose and when I feel thin I gain and I think that's messing with my head. So I'm going to go for no knowledge until the end. What do you guy's think? I also think that I'm going to start tracking my journal here again with the others to see if that helps. Hopefully I can get back on track soon!!!!!!!

Well gotta go make a shopping list and go grocery shopping (yuck :p) )

- Tech :spin:

09-23-2002, 04:19 PM
Rabbit--I am due Dec17th but they will probably take her 2 weeks early cuz of the G Diabetes...Hey I am ready!!!!!!I am predicting the first week of Dec!!!!BTW--The crib is at www.babysdream.com and will convert to a toddler bed and then a reg bet..Worth the money!!I got the cherry wood!!!!

09-23-2002, 05:35 PM
Hi all!! Well, here is my sob story.......the uncomfortable feeling turned into real pain and I got VERY worried. I headed to the 'puter and was reading all about ectopic pregnancies and scared myself silly. I went to the doctor today and Peanut is fine!! DH took the day off and went with me because, of course, I was crying my eyes out. We got to see him (it's going to be so hard calling it her if it's a she!!) on the sonogram and see the little heart beating. It was way cool!! Not that I think much of a vaginal sonogram when you are in pain. Turns out I'm having round ligament pain. It may or may not go away, may or may not switch sides.......yippee. I think I would ALMOST rather have m/s.

RR: OMG, that bed is totally awesome!! Beautiful design. Hope she enjoys sleeping in it and has many beautiful dreams there!! Wow, Dec is so close.

Lauren: You are getting close too!! Ya'll are gonna be old hands at this before I get there!! :)

Rabbit: Yeah on the two pounds!! You go girl. You will be my inspiration for after May.

GG: What an awesome weekend. Good luck with the job hunting.

Tech: Vacation sounded like fun. Hope you are all relaxed and ready to go again.

Liz: What color is your puppy? Next time I get a dog I want a smaller one. We have a Rottweiler and a Lab/Border Collie mix. They are too big for my house. :)

OK, gonna go put my feet up for awhile......Doctor's orders to rest!! Have a great evening.

09-24-2002, 08:41 AM
Hi All,

Man, I'm soo busy at work that I didn't even get to post yesterday!

Karen- Ah yes, the round ligament pains. I never heard of them before PG, and now I wish I never had. They come and go, but the last couple weeks have been bad. It's like a stabbing pain that shoots through you and takes your breath away. :cry: I have woken myself up in the middle of the night with it, because I tried to turn over in bed and it came. That's one PG side effect I could do without.

RR- Oh Vicki, that bed is beautiful!! I wish I could have a new one like that, but it's just not economical, because we have twin and full bed frames put away for when he's older, so we'll stick with using my brother and SIL's.

Rabbit- How did the first day of painting go?

Liz-Aww, I can just imagine your little puppy running around the beach. My dog Niki used to do that in the snow. She was a husky sheppard mix and of course loved the snow. She was a nut, but she'd practically disappear in the white snow, since she was off white!!

GG- I have a great imagination and I get a mental picture everytime you explain your escapades! How beautiful that mansion sounds!!

Tech- Glad you had a good vacation! Good luck with the 10 wk. challenge! Sounds like a good plan. I don't think I could go that long without knowing my weight though!!

Oh well, I'm running late today...gotta jump in the shower. Oh, we were supposed to have our consult with the Dr. that's in with the midwife after work last night, but they callled to reschedule because he had someone in labor and didn't think he'd make it back. So we're going at 1:30 tomorrow. At least it's centrally located between our two offices, so we can do it at lunch.

Have a great day all!!

09-24-2002, 04:15 PM
hello. :flow1:

Hi all. I realized today I have been in a pms eating mode. Not pretty. ~ The painting is going great. She is finishing the kitchen & going to start on the master bed/bath. ~ I have been racking my brain trying to think of party favors to do for the women at my sister's 40th - you know I could do little teas, maybe chocolates, maybe pretty soap. Then today I got the best idea! I'm doing nail polish. They will love that. And I got toe separators to put in each one and cuticle oil. I'm so excited about it now.:hyper:

Liz - congrats to the little pup for his 2nd place ribbon.

Tech - Happy Anniversary!:D

RR - I thought you had said something recently about her coming early, but I couldn't remember when. ~ The crib is gorgeous! :)

Karen - so glad you went and got checked out & that everything is fine! ;)

gotta run.


09-24-2002, 08:27 PM
Hi all. Just a quickie. I'm in class :(. I'm having so much trouble with this final project. A very easy piece has taken me 3 nights of school and it's still not working. I'm going to leave early and go home to get DH to help me. I'm just sitting here going in circles.

Hope everyone is having a super night!!

09-24-2002, 10:03 PM
Well, I am having a heck of a night but now it is better..I couldnt find my oldest 15y/o cat soo DH and SD went to look for her..I almost panicked when Sd ran in and told me she had been washed down the water drain in the road...OMG..I was hysterical and crying..DH called 911 and they told us we could open up the metal thingee...(Remember--Hurricane in the neighborhood--Lots of rain)He and the neighbor opened it up and he gently put SD in the hole and she was able to grab the cat and hand her up to me..She is fine, but very wet and scared..She ate a whole can of food after and I locked them all up together since the weather is soo bad here and getting worse....I am off to sleep cuz Ms PRiss is getting active!!!!!!

09-25-2002, 12:13 PM
Hi All,

RR- Oh, poor kitty, I hope she's all warm and dry and feeling better now! :(

Karen- Hope DH was able to help with the project.

Rabbit- Glad the painting's going good.

I'm getting nervous about the appt. with the Dr. today. I'm soo frustrated with DH sometimes, I just feel like saying, fine, screw it, I'll stick with the original practice if it will keep the peace. He gets soo high on his horse sometimes, I want to scream!! We had a huge argument last night over school. He was supposed to start going to paralegal school next week, and all of a sudden he says he's feeling pressured and thinks he should wait until the spring session! (He's been talking about it for a year, where's the pressure?!) So I told him that I thought he should go now, because at least he'd have a few months of classes before the baby comes...it's a 10 month program. Finally last night he got into more detail about why he wants to wait and made a little more sense, and I said fine, go to the spring session. He said he already sent in the p/w for next week, because "I always have the answers"!! So he basically did it to spite me, even if "he failed out"!! So he's gonna call today and tell them he's got a lot of family stuff going on right now, and if it's OK, he'd like to wait until the spring session. Honestly, men are such morons sometimes!! Oh, we did make up though... :)

Have a great day all!!

09-25-2002, 01:36 PM

Painting still going well. Although the painter and I did not like the color in the bedroom so we skipped that & started on the hallways. Gotta pick a new color. DH will be happy if I pick something dramatic.

Plans still going well for my sister's party. I've been working on a picture posterboard that I think is coming out well. Pictures all through her life. They're fun to look at. Today I've got to run get bags & ribbons for the party favors. :)

Karen - good luck getting the project done!:^:

Rr - I'm glad the cat is okay!:o

Lauren - maybe he was nervous about starting something new?

gotta run - have a super day!

Rabbit :cb:

09-25-2002, 02:02 PM
Rabbit- Didn't you say the bedroom was gonna be green? Why didn't she like it...and more importantly, why are you changing it because of her?! Dark green is a very soothing color for the bedroom, that's what mine was in my mom's house. ...OK, end of my 2 cents!!

09-25-2002, 03:32 PM
Hi all, so is anyone thinking about posting a journal? I looked at a couple of them. I like the idea but don't know if I'll do it -- but I enjoy reading others. :)

I made the mistake and stepped on the scale this morning -- up two pounds. :?: It's TOM so I'm hoping that's the cause. I feel skinnier but the scale disagrees. I'll check measurements at the end of this week.

Rabbit, someday soon we're gonna paint our bedroom. I'm thinking taupe or something similar -- dark and soothing. DH wants to paint the walls black so it's cavelike. :) Your party sounds like it's going to be so much fun!! What a wonderful surprise for your sis.

LBH, I'll second the motion about men being morons. My DH amazes me sometimes -- but ya gotta love 'em. My two cents about the Dr vs MW: Go with what YOU want!!!! No one but you is having this baby so you need to have your meetings with everyone and if you still want to use the MW then do it. There are pros and cons for both and you should go with what makes you feel most comfortable. (But what do I know...I don't have kids and I'm very stubborn and independent) :lol: :lol:

RR, I'm so glad your cat is okay. I hope you are staying safe and dry from Isidore.

KK, I hope DH can help you figure it all out. I had nightmares last night that I was back in school (I got my BA in 2000 after many years of night school). I don't think I'll ever be able to go back and get my Masters. I hate school. Abby (my pup) is black with a white spot on her chest and chin. Today is her first day with free roam of the house. This week she has learned to jump over her gate so we are testing her out today. Hopefully she won't destroy anything!! BTW, I'm sorry about your friend.

Tech, your vacation sounds perfect. I love visiting wineries. Happy Anniversary!! Good luck with your new plan.

Well, one hour until I see what the pup has done to our home. :dizzy:

09-25-2002, 05:38 PM
Well, the meeting went OK, but I don't know if I really like this guy. I mean, he seems easy enough to talk to, and hopefully I'd never need him, but honestly, he was talking about how this woman (a pt.) was PO'd because the nursery gave her newborn a bottle of formula when they weren't supposed to, and he told us flat out that she said (f-you, f-you...) but he actually said the words!! :eek: I was taken aback, like, uh, you don't even know me and you're saying that?! Then in the same conversation, he said sh*t!! I mean, it's totally unprofessional even if I've known him for years, but come on!! Anyway, I do still like Tina, the MW, so I made an appt. with her for my next check up, which will be Monday, 10/7. DH said he doesn't care for him, but if I can deal with him, fine. He also said the first funky thing that happens, I'm going back to the doctor. I hope it works out.

09-25-2002, 05:39 PM
Oh, Liz, I got a journal, but for now have opted to keep it private. I think it's a cool idea.

09-25-2002, 07:23 PM
Hello All -

RR - The bed is beautiful! You're so excited it's cute. Too bad about the cat. Hope you're staying dry :rain: .

Karen - Glad everything worked out at the doctors. Hope the pains go away soon. Good luck with the program.

Liz - The feeling thin weighing more is why I've decided to not look at the scale for a while. Hope those 2 lbs are just TOM.

LBH - Good luck with the MW thing. Hopefully everything works out good for you.

Rabbit - You're putting so much into your sister's party :eek: I admire you. Martha Stewart I am not!!!!

Well we went to WW last night and I told them I didn't want to see the weight. I bought a 12 week pre-paid so I think I'm going to wait until they run out to look. That will take me to the Tuesday before Christmas. If I can stick with it until then, then I can make it work. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great evening all!!! :D :D :D

- Tech :lemon:

09-25-2002, 09:34 PM
The cat is fine today....Dry and put up in the cat house with the rest of the crew!!!!We are expecting 60mph winds in the morning about the same time I go to work...I am a nervous wreck thinking about it soo will take Tylenol and go to sleep tonight...

Lauren--WEird about a professional saying those things...Glad u liked the MW..I go to the MD on Tues next week!!!!I am gonna beg for a sonagram to see the baby again...I do get that $1000/bonus from DH if a boy pops out, soo I am gonna see if I can spend that money yet!!!!*L*:D :D

WEll, must run..THe weather is a little nasty and we are turning off powers!!!!!

LA Hopeful
09-25-2002, 09:46 PM
hello everyone

well the saga continues.. while driving from the new old house to the old old apartment, i got rear-ended on the freeway :mad: so now i have to deal with getting my car fixed. a coworker of mine was so thoughtful as to remind me that bad things come in 3's. now i'm waiting for the third shoe to drop!! but luckily it didn't drop onto the scale. i'm down another 3 pounds. all this stress is at least good for something :lol:

RR - i'm so glad your cat is ok! i panic every time my dog goes outside here at my parents house. their yard is so huge i'm afraid he's gonna find some way to escape. but so far he's always returned!

Tech - good luck with the WW. i find i'm more anxious when i don't know. i guess i'm a little scale obsessed :(

Lauren - sorry to hear about the dr. that does seem completely unprofessional! i hope everything works out for you. it seems the most important thing here is for YOU to be comfortable!! tell DH next time he has a baby, he can pick whomever he wants.

Liz - try not to worry about the 2lb. if you feel skinny, you ARE skinny! it's all about the attitude :)

KK - good luck with school and the peanut. i hope everything is going better for you!

GG - good luck to you too with your job search. i seem to be wishing lots of luck today!

anyway, almost time for dinner. that is one nice thing about living at home. lots of yummy home cooked meals!!

talk to you all soon.

09-25-2002, 10:00 PM
Hi all. I feel SO much better today. I only have the pain when I have to go to the bathroom. I can live with that.

Lauren: Bummer about the doctor. That's a little weird for my taste too. I've known the doctor I work with for three, almost four years now and he would never talk like that in front of us. It's NOT professional AT ALL. Maybe he thought he was putting you at ease or something. Sure hope things work out well for you.

RR: Oh my, poor kitty. Glad to hear that she is good and dry now. SD was very brave to allow DH to lower her into the sewer!! I don't know if I could do that!! Tell her we're proud of her for that!! $1000 bonus for a boy?!! Wow, here's keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

LA: Geez, you are having a string of bad luck. Don't walk under any ladders or break any mirrors!! Sounds like a dream to be home having meals cooked for you. Hope she's making nice light stuff for you(sounds like she is, Congrats on the loss!!)

Rabbit: You are so creative. I'm totally impressed.

We went to babies r us tonight. I wanted to get an idea about beds and stuff (prices, YIKES) so that I could get some ideas for our room previously known as guest :). I couldn't believe how expensive the cribs are. But, looking at it that they convert to toddler beds and then to double beds I guess $500 or $700 isn't that bad. We will have to put our current double bed in the attic until the kids ready for it. I don't think a crib and it will fit in this small room. I want to do the furniture moving before I get a belly. I'm not buying anything, I just wanted to see what's out there since I never paid attention!!

OK, gotta go watch our Smallville tape (Tom Welling is *so* darn cute!!) Have a great evening.

LA Hopeful
09-26-2002, 02:59 AM
hey everyone,

just wanted to let you know about this book i read called "jemima j". it's sort of bridget jones-ish but i really liked it (didn't care much for bridge). it's about an overweight londonite who is in lust with a man at her office and then starts to turn her life around by eating right and exercising. i could really relate to a lot of it because i've often been down on myself because of my weight even though i knew deep down i have a lot to offer as a person :)

so if any of y'all have time for a quick, fun read, give it a try!

09-26-2002, 05:27 AM
Hi everyone,

I was away for two days, called in sick, that's why no posts.
My best friend from school has arrived. he now lives in France but needed to go on business here, so he added a few days of vacation!!!needless to say, I'm very happy he's here!
We had a ball going around Athens as he's never been here before. On tuesday we went for dinner on the seaside. Beautiful weather and temp. I had seafood canneloni (only 3), and at one point I bite something hard, so I have a look at it and say:"hey a Pearl! how cool! Turns out to be my gold tooth that finally gave in and got unstuck. From way cool to "oops! how embarrassing". Lucky for me it wasn't with a new date or smt...
i then called my dad to ask if the tooth was still on warranty (he fixed it 10 years ago), or I could send it back... this is a good opportunity anyway to go home to the Netherlands to get it fixed.
Yesterday we did the tour of Athens and got really raving drunk and sentimental, talking about the times he came home to us, about my mom (whom he loved very dearly), his kids that he is not allowed to see anymore by his ex (long story but Definitely not his fault) etcetc.
I guess I haven't been good at all with food, but at least I went to the gym on schedule. Thank god I don't have scales to weigh myself!

09-26-2002, 05:45 AM
this is such a productive thread! It took me all of 1 hour of furtive glances here at the office to read all your news, to check the crib (really beautiful!), and to update myself on y'all!

Isn't black a rather gloomy colour for a room? Makes everything so small and dark! Well, maybe I'm too conventional: I sloshed to colours type yellow myself all over my appartment 3 years ago: sunny and warm. My kitchen is that really heavy-duty Greek island violet-blue, combined with light yellow (when i came in it was puke seventies brown orange and faded greyish cream).
Green is a nice soothing colour, too. I was wondering about the painter: is she plain painting or "fancy", I mean like marbling the walls etc?

LA, as they say in Greece; someone put the evil eye on you (superstition), but no worries, my auntie will un-evel it in no time (she seems to be an expert on it. It just involves praying, so don't worry about it...

love to all for now (boss in office)

Greek-on-a quest for a job...

09-26-2002, 09:52 AM
Popped in real quick to update my journal for yesterday Day One OP!!!! Thought I'd take a peek at what's up here. Sounds like everyone (except LA :( ) is doing great :D .

I have the day off, so I'm catching up on stuff. We have an appraiser coming this am, and then I've got to go shopping, plus I'm helping at the church this pm. Hmm...doesn't sound like much of a day off....

Hang in there everyone.

-Tech :D

09-26-2002, 12:01 PM

I bought the other items I needed for the party & then dh took me shopping for my birthday and out to dinner (he will be gone on the actual day so we celebrated early). I've got tons of work to do today for the painter since I will be gone all weekend.

Lauren - when I looked at swatches with the painter I decided against green. I have a taupe headboard made of fabric, like ultrasuede and the green looked bad with it. So I picked a taupe color, a shade lighter than I'm doing in the rest of the house. We needed to change it yesterday because she started putting it on the walls and it is too light. It looked so close to what I already have. So I picked a new shade yesterday - cinnamon ash - maybe a little bit of a rosy taupe.

Liz - what is the new journal like? I will have to check it out when I have time. ~ sorry about the gain, probably just tom.

Tech - I am having so much fun doing the stuff for this party that I don't want to do anything else! ~ good luck with ww. Yeah op!

RR - hope you are doing okay in the stormy weather.

La - sorry about your accident. ~ hooray on the 3 pounds!

Karen - the dreaming and preparing stage is so fun!

Greek - have fun with your friend.

gotta run - expecting the plasterer any minute!


09-26-2002, 01:29 PM
Hi all. I had to go to the doctor for the history and physical portion of the exams. Why they can't do it all at once I can't figure out. It's a good thing though 'cause I started bleeding this morning. Everything is still OK. I have a much cuter picture now. You can actually see Peanuts head and bottom in this one!! :) At least I picked a day when I already had an appointment. Now I'm banned from baths, heavy lifting and FEEP for a whole month. I told the doctor that hopefully I was getting all the problems over in one week!!

Hope everyone is having a super day!!

09-26-2002, 05:38 PM
Karen--U take care of yourself!!How many weeks are U now???
Speaking of the crib--the one I got was $649 but on sale for $429.00..I couldnt pass it up....I justify it because my friend is giving me a swing, carseat, clothes, breast pump etc etc!!!!Keep us posted on what is happening with U....

The storm has gone but now it is just clean up!!!We lucked out on this one!!!!

WEll, off to cook supper!!!!

09-26-2002, 08:14 PM
Hi All,

RR- I think the storm is making it's way up here. We're supposed to get up to 4" of rain tomorrow and lots of wind.

Karen- Hope everything's OK. Don't forget, I spotted through most of my 1st tri. It was just an irritated cervix. Are you gonna scan the pic and post it?! :D

Rabbit- The cinnamon color sounds cool.

Tech- Hope you enjoyed your day off!

Have a great evening, I'm off to watch my soaps!

09-26-2002, 09:17 PM
Hi again. I'm at school. I'm supposed to be programming. :( I still haven't figured out where to start. DH helped me with the problem I was having on Tues, thank goodness. I am supposed to be writing a shopping chart module. I haven't the faintest idea where to start :).

RR: I am now officially nine weeks pg. I have a LONG way to go yet. Hope you didn't have too much damage from the storm.

Lauren: I didn't remember about you and spotting. I'm just glad that it happened today. DH hasn't seen this picture yet, I can't wait to get home and show it to him. I have to leave for class before he gets home. I was going to get him to scan it to send to my parents so I will see if I can figure out how to post it. Is yours posted here somewhere? Did I miss it?

OK, guess I better go do a better job of pretending to work!! Hope everyone is having a good evening.

09-27-2002, 08:05 AM
Karen- DH scanned the early pics (8wks., I think) and I posted them on my picture trail site: Baby Pics (www.picturetrail.com/LBH)

09-27-2002, 10:16 AM
Lauren, I just saw you and the baby pics! Awesome!

horrible day today, am thinking of staying op but afraid I cannot because of friend staying over.

dont' have much time I'm swamped (this has to be on a Friday...)

nice weekend all,


09-27-2002, 11:54 AM
hi all.

just a quick post as I'm getting ready to leave for the weekend.

Karen - you take care of yourself!

RR - sounds like you got a good deal on the crib.:)

Lauren - I'll have to check out the pics when I return! ~ also, I didn't like the cinnamon ash color!! :o Back to the drawing board!

gotta run - have a super weekend.

Rabbit :wave:

09-27-2002, 03:05 PM
Just a quick post to tell everyone to have a good weekend. Do something nice for yourself. :)

I'm hoping to get lots of exercise by helping a good friend move to his new house on Saturday (he's in a wheelchair so everyone's joining in to help him out). Sunday I want to go rollerblading -- even if it's just for a half hour. Besides that, no other plans.

Have fun!!

09-27-2002, 09:06 PM
Hi all. Having a lazy evening at home watching tv and playing on the 'puter. DH caught me trying to look at a prego website and I got in trouble. I'm still banned :).

Lauren: Petey looks good to me!! DH scanned Peanut's picture but I haven't gotten it posted anywhere yet. Soon hopefully.

OK, shows back on. Have a great evening!!

09-28-2002, 09:55 AM
Hello All,

Yesterday was not so good OP, but not as bad as previous weeks, so I'll take it and move on. It's the trend that's important as my WW leader says and mines going in the right direction.

I worked the hand car (old railroad piece) at work yesterday and man am I sore today :shrug:. I knew when I was doing it yeasterday that I would be but the reality bites.

We're going on a hayride tonight w/church. It should be a lot of fun and our pastor is dieting and she's doing a main dish so it shouldn't be too bad pts wise. Hopefully. Then tomorrow we're going to K's sisters so hopefully I'll do OK there to.

Karen - why are you banned from PG sights? I must have missed it.

RR - hope you're drying out OK. We got rain yesterday from the storm but nothing like you :rain: .

LBH - Hope you didn't get drowned yesterday.

LA - Good luck with this move :) .

Rabbit - You probably won't see this until you get back, but, good luck with the party :hat: .

Liz - have fun helping your friend move and rollerblading.

To everyone I missed Have a great weekend :dancer: .

- Tech

09-28-2002, 11:10 AM
Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing ok!!The weather is beautiful!!Cool and nice!!!I have been trying to get the nursery up to par since I will be full term in 9 weeks..U just never know when Ms Priss wants to come visit with us!!!

Tech--It is a good soreness!!!Hope it is better today!!!Have fun on the hayride!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

09-28-2002, 11:29 AM
Hi All,

Well, it's gorgeous today here too!! Right now it's 70, going up to 77 and windy. DH has a firemen's parade today, and I'm going to hit some garage sales with my friend...what a perfect day for it!

Karen- What is DH being soo paranoid about?? Just tell him you're trying to get as educated as possible! If you sign up at Babycenter.com, they'll send you an email every week telling you what your body and the baby are doing each week! About.com has something similar.

RR- Wow, 9 weeks!! Are you going every 2 wks. now? You'll have to take pics of the nursery and post them for us!

Tech- The hayride sounds like fun! I would love to go on one, but DH says we'll wait til next year and bring Petey. Maybe get some mineral ice for the sore muscles.

Have a great day all!!

09-28-2002, 07:42 PM
Hi all. We had a productive day today. Got some shopping done at Cosco and worked in the yard this afternoon. Took advantage of the soft ground from all the rain and weeded two of the flower beds. Boy, did they need it. I was very lazy this summer. There were also these big things growing that I didn't know if they were flowers or not (from prev owners). They try to come up every year so I let them this year. Turns out they were just humongous weeds. They grew over 5'!

Lauren: DH and the Doctor both banned me from the web sites 'cause last weekend I had convinced myself that I was having an ectopic pregnancy from the pain. If it hadn't lasted so long, so consistently I wouldn't have, but they didn't get that part!! Hope you had fun at the garage sales.

RR: Wow, what fun! Getting the nursery ready. MIL doesn't want me to bring anything for the baby into the house until it's here! I don't think I can do that. I will wait a good while, but I want the room ready BEFORE I have the baby. I want to come home with nothing to worry about.

I think I'm going to stretch out on the couch and rest my aching back!! Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.