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05-25-2010, 06:58 PM
Ok... I'm noticing in various threads that most of y'all on here love food. Love to eat food... want to eat food, etc.

I... I dunno. I try and think about various foods. I feel nasious. Now... before anyone worries... I eat. And there are foods I'll grab and eat. But not necessarily always because I WANT to eat them, but because my brain has made the connection "this tastes good, I'll like it".

But when I'm sitting in my room or on the bus, or elsewhere, just thinking about "what do I want for dinner"... with everything except a few things (like corn :p I have a corn obsession... and real corn, not processed corn or corn flavored things), I feel nausious. I don't mentally and sometimes physically want to eat it.

I only started my "diet" (more like a lifestyle plan) a week ago. And this is a feeling that has been consistent for like... the past year... at least.

I do eat. I'm not saying I don't. And when I eat the food... unless it's really greasy, oily, or fatty, I'll chow it down and enjoy it. But just thinking about food... I mentally don't want it.

Right now I'm sitting here thinking about what I want to have for my evening snack once I get back from horseback riding... and nothing is coming to mind. I don't want a banana. I don't want an orange. I don't want frozen berries and yogurt (used to be a staple for me in Germany), I don't really want anything. But I know I need something. I'm only at around 1100 calories right now (this is the maximum) that I've eaten today. And that's including a donut I had in class today.

I dunno... I'm just reading all of these things about people saying how they "want to eat this" and "want to eat this"... and just can't really relate...

:dizzy: (no reason for that smiley... I just think it looks funny... :devil: )

05-25-2010, 07:42 PM
I know I don't sit around dreaming about food, thinking about what I'm going to eat next, or when. I never have. But I do like food. I can work up a pretty good fantasy thinking about a nice thick tuna steak cooked on the grill with a little lemon. Yeah baby. But as much as I'd enjoy that now it's not like I spend a lot of time dreaming about tuna, or any other food.

Still, girlfriend, you didn't get to be overweight by not wanting to eat. Maybe you got there by not thinking about food, that's really just as bad as thinking about it too much. Maybe you weren't thinking about the second donut. Or the size of your portions. But one way or the other you liked food enough to put extra amounts in to your body.

Personally, I'd rather have gotten these extra pounds because I enjoyed pretty near every calorie I've had. If it doesn't taste great why eat it? I'd be kinda sad to have gotten fat doing something I hated.

05-26-2010, 12:12 AM
Like you said... I'm pretty sure it was that I just wasn't thinking... or I ate what was in front of me. Not at all because I necessarily like it.

I mean... the ONLY food I've ever "dreamt" about eating... or looked forward to eating were:

Squid (grilled or fried)
Octopus (still haven't tried it!)
Shrimp (and then I made it... YUCK!)
Corn (ALL THE TIME... Corn is like... my... love... :D )

But other than that... I just don't crave food. I'll say "that looks good"... but I eat more because it's habit... and because I always had to. I grew up in a family where if I didn't eat something put in front of me it was considered rude. I got yelled at once because I didn't want to eat this salad that our neighbor made for us (it was made up of mayo and a couple veggies!! And by this point I had developed a real hate for the taste of mayo... because I used to put WAY too much on my ham sandwhiches)

So I guess I got into the habit of... "oh... here's food... eat it". Not a "FOOD... ME LIKE FOOD"

I mean... now... I guess that mentality is beginning to change. I have to catch myself sometimes... because I go to grab something... just because it's there. Not because I really want it... or I'm hungry. But now I'm finding I'm eating way less, and actually feeling content and full...

But... I dunno... I never understood it when people would say they drool over certain kinds of foods... yeah... they taste good... but nothing has ever made my... well... taste buds explode. Except for corn. I love corn. :p

ETA: I used to grab a candy bar at the store... just because I had associated good feelings with it... but not because I necessarily loved the candy bar. Today... I looked at it... and felt like I was going to gag. I just didn't want any of it. And I realized this... it was weird. I think maybe this is why I'm eating way less calories than I should... because food doesn't excite me. Other things do.

05-26-2010, 01:32 AM
Hmmmmm... I know the feeling you're describing. Thing is, it's only happened to me when I am in a state of mind where I'm feeling really disgusted with myself and down and out.

My suggestion to you would be to make the effort not to eat just because, and to explore new and healthy foods. Maybe go to food network and look at some of their recipes, or check out some healthy cookbooks? I know when I get blase about my diet I always turn to my cookbooks to inspire me! :) But then again... I love food. I actually love healthy food more than junk food! There's nothing more delicious to me than steamed broccoli or summer squash. But I am probably way in the minority there.

Good luck, girlie.

05-26-2010, 07:55 AM
I think it's probably just a matter of word choice for you. Instead of trying to figure out what you "want" to eat, make your decision based on what would be good or healthy for you to eat. For example, don't base your snack choice on whether you "want" an apple or an orange.

When I was very young, I didn't like any foods because they were really vivid to me. Flavors, textures, etc. It seemed overwhelming. But obviously I got over that. ;)

Also, when you say you love corn... Is it the corn or is it corn with butter? If you could never add butter to corn again, would you still love the corn?

Count yourself as lucky that you aren't driven to eat some foods (except for the corn :lol:). Just keep exploring.


05-26-2010, 08:35 AM
Not buttered corn. Corn. :p I love corn. Butter... ruins the taste and flavor. I honestly have no clue why I love it so much. But... I'm obsessed with it. If I could... I'd have it every day...

I dunno... I eat. I just don't particularly enjoy eating. I eat mainly out of habit. I do enjoy ethnic and cultural foods... but that's mainly because it reminds me of living overseas, and the country I used to live in... not because I particularly love the food itself.

05-26-2010, 02:04 PM
If by corn you mean sweetcorn, I'm with you! Sitting here eating a bowl of it atm :p

I sometimes go off food like you mentioned too, especially around TOM I've noticed, the thought of eating makes me want to hurl!

05-26-2010, 02:27 PM
:)Sometimes i'd like to have that problem, but at the same time it wouldn't be good, I LOVE to cook i've always loved trying new recipes, now i just try new healthy recipes, It would also be nice to not want food around TOM ALL i want around TOM is junk like super greasy chili cheese fries, cheetos, all the bad junk, I literally avoid all that in the grocery store, and i don't go into the store when im getting fuel so i don't have that temptation....Lame i know but it's the only way im able to do it for now, I also think its a good idea to go with whats healthy instead of what sounds good to you, everytime i think oh that sounds soooo good, it's usually not really healthy.

05-26-2010, 05:43 PM
Deedee11... that's also the odd thing. I LOVE to cook. I love to experiment with my food and try new things. My specialties are salsas, guacamole, and queso stuff. But for the most part... I still don't feel like eating it. I'll have like... a small taste... just to see if it tastes how I'm wanting it to... and then it'll stay in the fridge and not get eaten.

And it's not just TOM (that's Time of Month right?)... it's all the time. Like... at TOM (still... am I understanding this correctly? :p ) I have major stomach aches and don't want to eat... because I know it'll upset my stomach. Like... I am constantly running to the bathroom around that time... it's just what happens.

I dunno... The things that usually do sound the best to me are things that are clean. Lately (the past year), I've been having this obsession with "clean" food. It has to LOOK clean... and taste clean. By clean... I kind of mean bland in a way. And those things are almost always stuff like salads, fruits, and veggies.

I'll eat it... but it doesn't mean I enjoy it. I dunno... it's really weird. I was talking to a friend of mine about this... and other things... and... I just really... don't find pleasure in eating. I find pleasure in a ton of other things... just not in eating. I associate eating with pleasurable things... but it's not the eating itself that is pleasurable to me. Does that make any sense?

Like... I would go out and get candy bars because I associate eating candy bars with watching a movie, secrecy (long story), having fun with my brother, and so on. Things that make me feel good. But the food itself doesn't make me feel good.

I dunno. I'm realizing some of these things, and now... when I look at food... most of the time I just don't feel like eating it... because I just... well... don't want it. I've dissassociated myself from it. I'm eating slower because I'm trying to enjoy the food... but... I'm not.

I dunno... it's just weird.

And serendipity... sweet corn... non sweet corn (like the kind of corn they give to animals)... any kind of corn. I just love corn. :p