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12-15-2000, 01:54 PM
I'm changing as of tomorrow to vegeterian. For weight loss reasons. I need to lose 48 Lb (25 kg). Does anyone have stories or success on losing weight, and advice. Thanks


12-16-2000, 09:29 AM
Hi Purityplus!

Going vegetarian can be a very healthly lifestyle. I'm not a total vegetarian, but I've greatly lessened my meat intake over the last year or so.

Are you a WW member? If so, your center should have a booklet on WW options for vegetarians.

I see by your profile that you live in NZ -- I'm not sure about the availability of vegetarian "convenience products" but here in the States there are more and more vegetarian products that fit well into WW and other weight loss programs, such as veggie burgers and veggie corn dogs. Your local health food store might have some good products to check out.

You may also wish to post something in the "Buddy Up" or "Support" forums of 3FC. There were several active threads earlier this year that dealt with vegetarianism and weight loss.

I hope this helps - please reply or PM me if you'd like to talk further. :)

05-14-2003, 02:29 PM
I actually gave up meat a long time ago as an experiment. It was really just to have 1-2 meatless days per week. I felt so much better than I never ate it again. I do eat seafood - fish & shrimp only.

A veggie lifestyle does not necessarily mean low fat. There are a lot of products for vegetarians that can still be very full of fat. Fer instance, when I go to a restaurant & sometimes I have to ask if there is a meatless entree off the menu. They will point me to cheese enchilidas - which is not the lowest point choice.

Strict vegans do not have any eggs or dairy, but I really enjoy my yogurt & I have tried some of the soy alternatives to margarine & cheese & I wasn't crazy about it. The health food store will have a lot of things that are good & can fit into WW program. I like buying bulk items, like: 16 bean soup mix, instant refried beans (no fat), Brown rice, pilaf, rice crackers, TVP. TVP is textured vegetable Protein & is used in making veggie chili. Morningstar farms has lots of great things in frozen veggie burgers, & crumbles so you can cook just like you always did. Me & DH love the chick patties. They are 3 points each & get stuck in you teeth just like real chicken.

Lemme know how U do

08-12-2003, 05:01 PM
I have to agree with the above reply. Vegetarian definitely does not mean low fat. I have been a vegetarian for five years and I have had a slow (but sure!) weight *increase*. The typical vegetarian diet usually includes way too many carbs with not enough protein, so I definitely recommend eating a lot of soy products (for protein) and maybe even a protein powder. Also, don't forget your multivitamin! B vitamins are ONLY found in meat products and they are very important, I personally take centrum performance because they have higher levels of B vitamins as well as ginseng and ginko for an extra boost.
Also, make sure you watch your dairy intake! That is what got me, too much cheese. :(
Good luck!!

08-28-2003, 05:03 PM
I agree with you - I turned vegetarian 20 years ago and gained 25 kgs (about 60 lbs.).Probably cos I didn't turn veg. for health reasons so I didn't bother with the calories. And the problem with being veg. is that actually one consumes more calories as the carbohydrate intake goes up, unless one is passionate about vegetables, otherwise in any meal meat is substituted by bread, pasta, rice etc. And of course the accompanying fat.

I have since the last year joined a weight loss programme which sort of alternates high protein days with carbs. I turned non vegetarian to be able to follow the programme - i lost 16 kilos. But I have to admit I no longer enjoy meat. So when I went the diet I became veg. again and promptly regained 12 kilos. Now I have rejoined the pogramme albeit half heartedly and I hope after I knock off the weight to turn veg. again except this time i'll be careful