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09-20-2002, 11:45 AM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
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09-20-2002, 11:53 AM
Hi guys... I havent read from the last post yet so I can't respond. I saw we needed a new thread so here it is. :p

Today is FUN FRIDAY so I am going to clean up this house this morning and taking myself to the movies this afternoon.
I am going to see "The Banger Sisters"... I think that is what it is called. It stars Goldie Hawn and Susan ?. Don't know how to spell her last name. Maybe I will beat Thin.. and be the first to see it. LOL

My food is still not perfect yet... but getting better.
My mood is improving also.
I picked up a medication that I have to take to start my periods... but I am afraid to take it. It causes severe depression in me. I don't know if I will take it or not. It never starts me any more anyways. I need a break from depression. Been there , done that.... don't want to go back again soon.

anyway.... I am out of here for a day of fun. ... well a half day. :lol:
I will catch up on my reading tonight.
Love you !!!! :love: :wave:

09-20-2002, 04:20 PM
How are all, I woke up with a terrible sore throat and runny nose, I guess it's that time of the year again:mad: It's only 45 degree's here today, 8 degree's celcius, yuk. The tree's are already losing there leaves, the autumn color's look beautiful but it's sad to see the green go.

Food has been pretty good, I'm on a chicken tortilla kick right now, I grill a chicken breast cut in strips with a onion cut in slices, then add some dipping sauce, such as honey garlic, or terriaki, just enough to coat. mix it up. Roll it up in a sundried tomatoe or whole wheat tortilla with some lettuce and alittle grated cheese very good and low in calories. I also like to make my own version of French onion soup. Make a big batch of each and lasts me all week.

I may have done something very stupid yesterday :o I signed my kid up for hockey. He's only five so it's not to hectic of a schedule and doesn't cost much but 10yrs down the road when it cost me an arm and a leg and where constaly on the road for tournaments, I'll be kicking myself.:stress: But whose to say he'll like it that much, maybe he'll want to quit and take ballet or gymnastics :?: Hope not.

I can't wait till monday for WI I've been so good lately and am really anxious to see this weight leave, I've even journaled faithfully for the last three weeks, thank god for computers, and Fitday, otherwise I'd be lost. I haven't been very active need to get some excersise in, maybe buy a bike for when it gets to cold. Belonged to a gym once and that's pretty much all I used, I could set it up in front of the TV and ride for hours, I think I'll have to check out Wal Mart.

Well guess I should go get some work done, take care:goodvibes

09-20-2002, 05:23 PM
Baylee... That's WONDERFUL! I'm SO happy for you!:D You're doing SO well. Exercising, eating right... YAHOO! You can SO do this! No stopping until you reach your goal weight! Thanks to all the awesome, rockin' ladies here, :smoking: this thread is going to made up of the biggest LOSERS on 3FC! Whattaya think... should we challenge another thread? :lol: Just kidding--I wouldn't want them to get depressed when we leave them in our dust!

Duckie... Yes, this IS the season for colds and they're SO annoying! Take time to take care of yourself! All that yucky cold stuff aside, I'm excited for you for WI on Monday! Isn't it great to know you've been doing all the right things for yourself and you KNOW WI is going to go well?! :)

2Cute... I'm not familiar with that medication. Why do you HAVE to take it? How bad is it not to have your periods? I wouldn't want to take it either if it was going to cause me to become depressed!

Me? I just got back from JOGGING as I promised! Ya know, it was kind of miserable out there--not TOO hot but SUPER muggy but I did it and I feel great for it! Now I can have shower, make a healthy dinner for hubby and me and head out on the town!

See all you guys in a bit!
Sara :)

09-20-2002, 06:38 PM
Good evening everyone!

Baylee you are good! I had WI today and I only lost 1 lb but I got my 10 lb ribbon so that was incentive. I was afraid I would have gained this week since I did not journal one day this week and then I had the birthday party on the weekend....plus...I haven't started exercising yet which is my goal starting tomorrow! That and journaling all week long! I am determined to do this again! I know I can I know I can I will I will I will! And I have you motivating me! Good job on that 4.8 lbs gone this week! You are on your weigh!!

Duckie I hope you are feeling better! I am on a food kick right now too....only its Hummus! Its only 1 point for 2 tablespoons and makes a 2 point sandwich on WW bread with cucumber slices and bean sprouts! Filling too! I have it as a snack when I am looking for something to eat between meals. I have been having it at lunch too with an apple and 2 points worth of pretzels! And water of course!

Sara...jogging! Good for you! I think the earth would shake if I ever got out there and jogged! My goal this week is to go outside and take andrew for a walk in the wagon or stroller and if its too hot or raining then I am going to do my walk away the pounds videos. I know the weight comes off faster when you exercise so I need to get this rear in gear now!

2Cute what meds are you taking? I am taking provera right now to regulate mine! I have a very small cyst and have to go back in another month for another pelvic ultrasound to see if its growing...but I was skipping periods and then having one for 2 weeks at a time then having them too close together then skipping so I have been doing the provera for 3 months now and have to do it for 3 more. This month was the first regular one I have had since. Why do women have to go through this crap...can't men have a share in it? Well I guess they do when it comes to our moods! I am nasty sometimes during and I mean really down right mean...I can feel myself mean...I always warn John in advance when I feel it coming on! Hormones! Yuk!

I really have to run now and get dinner going for my little guy...his daddy is on his way home from work so they can have dinner together! I'll be back later to check in again before I go to bed!

TTFN Michelle

09-20-2002, 06:49 PM
Quick note:
Michelle, what is Hummus and what does it taste like, is it some kind of spreadable meat ???? Curious

09-20-2002, 08:30 PM
Hummus is a cool low fat spread made out of cick peas....sorry i know my name isn't michelle but i couldn't help but notice, lol. it tastes really good on crackers and pita bread, and it's low in points. it's usually in the dairy case, or it. :-D

09-20-2002, 10:11 PM
Hola todos!! Que hay?? (hey how is everyone?)

Tina -
Hmm, I used to be super heavy...until i started taking the pill (actually i just recently stopped and that's going to be scary). Before I started the pill, I would get my period for like 3 weeks...and it would be HEAVY. Then I wouldn;t get if for like 3-6 months...pretty scary. Actually that bring up an interesting question if anyone knows...can being overweight make your flow heavier?

2cute -
Let me know how that movie goes! I recently read an article about Goldie Hawn, so that sparked a bit of interest in me :-D Too bad right now I don't really have the money to see movies now (sore subject).

Baylee -
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE LOSS!! WOO HOO! That's like two sacks of sugar! LOL. :dancer: That's five pounds closer your goal! :lol:

Duckie -
I hope you feel better! :(

Sara -
Sounds like you;re doing really well on the exercises...

Which reminds me..someone needs to kick me in the butt to get me off my BUTT and in front of the TV...EXERCISING...
By the way, thanks for all the nice compliments on the picture...LOL...I'm glad i seem to live up to the aura i exhume..LOL.

I'm waiting for my Irish friend to sign online ::grin::

Talk to you all later :-)

09-21-2002, 02:53 AM
Hi everybody! :wave: It's very late, and I'm ready for bed. :yawn: But I wanted to check in and say I haven't desserted you. I haven't read and I'm not able to write right now either. :(

One of my best friend's brother passed away suddenly on Monday (did I tell you this already? :eek: ) and so I was tied up with funeral stuff besides the normal weekly jobs.

My brain is fried and we're leaving in the morning........uhhhh......in a few hours :o for a supposedly huge flea market in Midland, MI. We've never been there, but another friend and her husband have been going for many years and they asked us to go along. Now, this is the friend who I vacationed with in July and you all know how that turned out! :lol: So we'll see how this one goes.

As busy as I've been I booked a movie gig for this evening, wouldn't be me if I didn't work up until the last minute! :p We saw The Banger Sisters. DH and I really enjoyed it. If you lived in the rock n roll 60's and early 70's you might just be able to relate to this. The scene in the basement is hysterical. I won't tell you about it, you'll have to see for yourself.

I'll talk to you all when I get back home. Love :love: to all.

09-21-2002, 02:59 AM
Good evening/morning friends. I still have not read the last thread so no responses tonight.
I had a WONDERFUL day !!! FUN filled for sure.
I got my house cleaned, went to the movies, hit a ton of garage sales and got some GREAT buys, went out for dinner, got some great photos developed of my grandbabies and oldest daughter, mailed my "baby" a 21st birthday card, and have gotten to play a computer game called "spider".

I did give in to the smallest bag of popcorn at the movies... but passed on the bread and friies at dinner. The rest of my day was good food wise.

I did enjoy the movie.... Banger Sisters. It is "adult" language and story line... not for children. But it was also entertaining too. I hate to recommend movies because opinions vary sooooo. Just know it is an adult movie and leave the kids home. It is about two friends who 20 years ago were a couple of "groupies" and slept with all the rock band members. They went their seperate ways and never saw each other again ... until.... now. One is still wild, the other is upper class successful wife and mother and wants to forget about her past. They reunite... and this tells about their meeting again after 20 years.

I have got to get to bed. I go to Missouri to move my folks.

Got to go.... have a GREAT LC weekend.

09-21-2002, 03:34 AM
Just had to pop in and share that even though Thin posted about the movie first... I saw it at 1:30pm and she didn't see it till 8:40pm ... so I still beat her. :lol: :p

Baylee, Michelle and Sara... HEAVEN FORBID I don't want to have any more kids. :eek: I love being a GRANDMOTHER. :lol:
I quit having periods over 10 years ago. The doctor said it is due to my obesity. A woman needs to shed the lining of her ovaries or uterus (through periods) to prevent cancer. I don't remember the name of the medication... I only know.. every time I take it... I get severely depressed. This medication used to work... but not for several years now. They test me to see if I am in menapause... but they say no. Soooo, since I am not in menapause... they want me to continue taking this medication to make me start. :rolleyes: I am suppose to take it every other month... but she agreed to 3-4 times a year. I go to the doctor again in about 3-4 months and I am going to try and get off of it. The older I get... the more depressed I seem to get.
Some people flow heavier when they gain weight... others like me quit all together. Of course not many get as big as me either.

I think , no I know, that I still have mood swings when I "should" be having a period. It sucks being female sometimes.
Got to go now... really. LOL

09-21-2002, 06:16 AM
My goodness......you guys have been busy! :cb: You make me feel like a total slug. Or, I could feel like a slug today, because I have been a slug today. Both the boys were out of school today due to teachers meetings and it wasn't really that bad. They were both really quiet this morning so I was able to get some rest. I swear, I don't know what's the matter with me. I have been so blah lately. I don't want to do anything. Dh is usually very understanding, but last night he said, "What is the matter with you? You don't want to go anywhere or do anything with me?" Then he left in a huff. :cry: He was going to a local highschool football game and all I wanted to do is sleep. And so I did. When he got back, he hardly even talked to me. Then when I got to work, I called him and asked him what was wrong, and he said, "What's the matter with you? You act like you don't even love me anymore. You never want to go anywhere or do anything. What's going on?" I didn't know what to tell him, because honestly, I don't know the answer. I think it's a combination of things. I'm still getting used to thirds.........I'm very unhappy with myself right now and the way I look and you know how that affects you and the ol TOM thing is definitely not helping. I told him I would make an effort to sleep more during the day so I could do more things with him at night. He just said, "We'll see." I can't blame him for being frustrated with me right now. I'm frustrated with me too. Plus, I have been a bear to live with this week. I have bit his head off for the least little thing and he's such a good man. Shame on me. :mad:
I am thinking about trying L.A. Weightloss. Has anyone heard of it or know anything about it? They just opened up a new location here in my town and I've heard pretty good things about it, but I didn't know if any of you knew about it firsthand. WW is such a good program, but I am really burnt out on the points thing right now. It doesn't have anything to do with WW. It is probably the best program on the market, but I need something new to jumpstart me. You know what I mean??

2cute: I sure do with I could take some kind of medication for my TOM. It's horrible. I have terrible mood swings. (of which you have witnessed) :hyper: The flow is outrageous. I have already went through a whole box of supplies. This is one part of the female drudgery I could definitely do without. Good luck.

Baylee: Congrats on the weight loss. You are my hero! :cp:

Michelle: Congrats to you also sweetie. Considering how your week went, I think you did terrific.

Thin: Sorry to hear about your friend's brother passing. That must be really hard. Have fun at the flea market. Come see us when you get back. {{{{hugs}}}}

MissMeliss: Thanks for letting us know what hummus was. Some of us probably already knew, but I didn't have a clue. (as usual) :rolleyes:

SaraJoy: You are my definite inspiration this week! I can't even imagine jogging. Of course, jogging entails moving, and we know how much of that I've done lately. Still the thought is nice......maybe instead of just thinking about it, I may actually get off my butt one of these days and DO IT!

Mary: Hello sweetie! :wave: Hope you are ok.

Duckie: You have no idea how much I have missed you and how glad I am to see you back! I have always tried to let my kids do the sports they have wanted to do. My dh used to play football and he used to push it on our older son & he just didn't care for it and that was a really bitter pill for dh to swallow. He likes wrestling instead, but my younger one is really into football, so dh gets to re-live his glory days. Sorry your feeling bad. {{passing Duckie some chicken soup, tissue, oj and aspirin}} Feel better.

I don't know where everyone else is, but GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE! :lol: This thread is filling up and filling up fast! You just may miss something. Hello to Malia, Lucky, (probably still on the man hunt) Susie, J-ann -Where are you?! I miss my family when I don't see you everyday. Of course, you could just have a life. Hope you are all well, and I hope to see you tomorrow.

Love you much,

09-21-2002, 09:28 AM
Hi, everyone sure has been busy.

I have to leave in a couple minutes...my SIL and three of our friends are coming to go garage saling and to a yearly "fest" in a town near us. They have flea markets and crafts plus food, :eek: (luckily I don't like what they serve) a book sale at the library Hippee (Mary). A few years ago I bought a classic collection of old books there and love them...Tolstoy etc.... Anyway, that's my morning.... In the afternoon we will be back home to get the kids and take them in for the "kid" part of the day. I haven't planted my Iris or tulips yet. I did put up a "thing" for some Trumpet Vine I planted but then an old friend stopped in. One of those I shouldn't have let get away in my past..but, alas...he is married now.

Tina: Don't you just hate it when you go into one of those "funk" times. Just remember...we have all been there and have lived through them.

I had better go and find a jacket...43 here!!!!! brrrrr

Will let you know how life here ends up here on the prairie for today later....Baylee, Congrats....now we can shiver the fat off!!!! :lol:

09-21-2002, 10:37 AM
Good morning everyone!!

I finally have something weight related to report AND as usual lots of unweight related stuff!

Well this morning I made the pact like you others to not come on here until I have done something constructive in the house AND exercised! So here I am to report both! I cleaned the bathroom, threw in a load of wash, changed the sheets on the bed and did my 2 mile walk away the pounds video! The sweat is pouring off my back as we speak! OR rather as I type! I let the little guy out in the backyard with the dog and put that dvd in an moved my fat arse! I also found a Richard disco sweat dvd on ebay that I ordered about a month ago and never opened....I may try that one this afternoon if I get real ambitious! I want this weight OFF OFF OFF!! Another thing...I even journaled my breakfast! AND....I am working on glass number 4 of my water right now! I am half way there for the day! Once I cool off I am going to run over to Acme....they are having there $1 produce sale. I want to make the veggie soup. Thats zero points and a great snack midday when you have the munchies! You can acutally make a zero point meal with the veggie soup and a salad with balsamic vinegar for the dressing. I've done it before...it really fills you up!

Tina I just want to say I LOVE YOUR HUSBAND! What man EVER complains his wife doesn't spend enough time with him! OMG those have been my favorite words to the men in my life all my life! My ex and now occassionally John...YOU are the LUCKIEST woman I know! As far as the moodiness...you need time to readjust to that schedule of yours. Working nights never lets you adjust totally because on your days off the timing is all wrong! Just remember to take care of yourself too, we all need time to ourselves! Last night friends of ours were all going to the local bar where another friend bartends, I was tired and really didn't want to go so I told John to go ahead and go...I think he was shocked slightly...I guess his ex always threw a fit when he went out with his friends...but we all need time away from each other. He rarely goes out and is always home with me and Andrew and he works so many darn hours he needs time too! Its a give and take in any relationship...I know I know...I just babbled about nothing again! Anyway...smile, do what you have to do to make yourself HAPPY and then pay attention to that hubby! Oh and as far as LA Weight loss...don't they make you buy supplements and stuff? I had a friend who did that but then gained the weight back....I don't think you should be embarrassed to go back to weight watchers! Many people do it over and over and over again just like ME...I lost 97 lbs and gained it back but I don't care what anyone thinks each time I go back...at least we are there trying to fix ourselves! I am an avid fan of WW because the plan teaches you how to eat and control REAL food...I tried other plans like nutrisystem etc but you eat their food and then you don't know how to control real food! But...you have to do whats best for you sweetie! Remember...YOU first!!

Lucky...have you ever heard of the word D I V O R C E? LOL That friend of yours could be a catch again! You just never know??? Your knight in shining armour is around somewhere...I finally found mine! I moved to Pennsylvania from Rhode Island back in December 1998. I had met a guy on line who lives here and I had an Uncle who lived here. Well I met this guy the October before and I knew that nothing would become of us...but I decided it was best to move from RI to get away from my husband ....and I figured that if I didn't move and at least give the relationship a try I would never know for sure. Well we are still friends today...but at one point I knew we werent' heading anywhere and I was driving home from work one day and I said..."OK God..you put Bob in my life to get me here...now why am I here?" And wouldn't you know...within that week John asked me out and the rest is history!

2Cute it really does suck being female! I would like to see one man go through labor! LOL Even with my weight as high as it was I would only have a period for 3 days and I loved it! It was normal flow but only 3 days. My friends use to get pissed at me! Now with the provera its 5 days....oh and another thing...I would like to see a man go through a period with cramps and all! They would never make it!

Duckie...hummus is cooked chick peas also known as garbanzo beans. THey add flavors like roasted eggplant (my favorite), lemon, forty spices, garlic etc. the one I get is from Tribe of two shieks. Like Mel said you can put it on crackers or pita bread or use it as a dip for raw veggies. I love it as a sandwich...2 slices of WW bread and 2 Tablespoons of hummus is only 2 points total and a filling snack or lunch. I have been taking that and an apple for lunch for a total of 3 pts. Can't beat that!!

Baylee just think....you lost a 10 lb bag of potatoes and 2 lbs of butter! Try carrying that around with you all day long and you will see what a difference it is! I like to visualize that way...makes me not want to gain it back...I would be exhausted after carrying a 10 lb bag of potaoes with me all day! You are doing a great job...

Thin.....you never did tell me how to get a job like yours! You have had your share of funerals this past year! Whats up with all that? I hate funerals! What happened to your friend's brother?

Mel....consider yourself kicked! IF I can do it...then you can too! So start shaking that booty!!

Ok I think I covered everyone here...where are the rest of ya's ??
Susie, Kat....??

I need to change Andrew's clothes he is all dirty from playing in the dirt and then we are off to the produce sale!

TTFN Michelle

09-21-2002, 11:25 AM
Remember Me? Geez, I miss a day of posting and the threads are just whizzing by! Funny how missing a day feels like a week! Have I been that busy in the past two days? I guess so...dh and I were both off yesterday, an unusual occurrance. We had a breakfast "date" after kids went off to school. I had to get some sleep in after that (working nights SUCKS!) When I woke up around 3:00, my sister called and asked me to meet her at the ER, she was having trouble breathing. Turns out she's got bronchitis, they gave her a breathing treatment and some prescriptions and sent her on her way after about 4 hours of sitting and waiting...and waiting...and waiting... so much for my day off! We were going to go to the movies last night (I'm dying to see "The Banger Sisters!") I just didn't have the energy to go anywhere after the ER adventure...just home, sweet home.

My daughter came in with a gang of her friends and hung out with us. It was fun. I like the fact that they feel they can come here, hang out with us and will talk about anything. One of her friends is gay and apparently, the parents of my daughter's boyfriend have decided that their son is not allowed to hang out with him any more because of that. We also found out that they felt that my daughter is from "the wrong side of the tracks," but once they met her, they loved her. This coming from people who apparently were from the 'wrong side' themselves, once upon a time. He came into big $$$ somehow and now they feel the rest of the world is beneath them. Nouveau riche. I wonder if they realize how much the "old money folks" laugh at them. The sad thing is, their son is really a nice, down to earth kid. He loves coming here, always thanks us for being so normal. He literally HATES his parents. How sad.

I tried to post individually, but my brain is fried and I have too much that I need to accomplish today...I'll try to get back here later...to get a better post in...

Hang in there, gang!

PS...I have exercised 5 out of the last 6 days!

09-21-2002, 03:20 PM
Michelle, you give me hope!!!!! :love: I moved two years ago from the big city to a small town so the pickings are slim but.......:angel: now why am I here That is a good idea...I will ask that every morning and see what happens.

Baylee, thanks for the girlfriend poem....so true.

Well, I garage saled from 8AM to 1PM and came home to drop stuff off. Not sure about the afternoon but this evening we are going to a concert, having a bon fire and maybe checking out a dance. I think it will be all "too" young for us but we will see.

Later, :grouphug:

09-21-2002, 08:40 PM
I'm still here not much to report I'm overly tired and still running.

09-21-2002, 10:17 PM
Hello again! Where da heck is everyone? Having a good time I hope and staying on your eating plan and exercising...thats it...you are all exercising!

I have been very successful foodwise today. I have 34 points to spend and I only ate 23 of them and that included my snack tonight with Andrew. We have a snack together every night after he has his bath. He had chocolate pudding and I had a WW fudge brownie sundae cup. It really wasn't worth 4 points but since I had them to use I indulged! I had a Healthy Choice dinner tonight and I made the veggie soup. I ate that alot when I lost the weight the first time. No points and its a filler upper! I threw in the leftover roasted eggplant and asparagus I had in the fridge then threw in chopped up baby carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms and fresh spinach. I love the spinach in it...kinda like having escarole soup! I make my soup thick and hearty and when I need veggies and don't want soup I just spoon them out with a slotted spoon and serve them that way already cooked! Its a quick and easy side dish! When I get home from work I usually have a bowl of the soup and it holds me over till dinner!

Tommorrow I am going to cook the fish I took out today. JOhn is still not home from work and probably won't be before 10 tonight so I had the HC dinner and I have a Stouffers dinner for him. I get a couple and keep them in the freezer for when he has a long night at work. He'll call me and let me know he is on his way home so I will have it ready for him when he gets here.

I never did do my Richard video today. When Andrew took a nap finally at 3 I layed on the couch and out I went till he woke up at 6 pm! I was tired! Must have been that walk away the pounds video I did this morning!

Lucky your guy will show up when you least expect it! I met John at my job I had at the time. He was a vendor who rented space from us. When I told my cousin about him when he asked me out ( I kept putting him off) she said just go out you don't have to marry him! I said but I don't think he is my type! Then we went out and a week later I was talking to her on the phone and I said I think I'm in love and she said with who? And I said John....and she said I thought he wasn't your type and I said "I SAID THAT"? she started laughing hysterically! You just never know when mr right will show up...sometimes it takes time to realize it!

Mary glad to see you are still with us! Take a break and relax!

Well now...I guess I should go throw the clothes in the dryer and pick up the toys and then jump in the shower myself! I'll catch you all in the morning!

TTFN Michelle

09-21-2002, 11:23 PM
Michelle, I don't have much time....but I appreciate the encouragment. My intention is to find someone very soon so I will still have 40 years to be with him. :love: :hot: :faint:

I stayed at the bon fire until now, 9:30PM, but was freezing...had to get home to a quilt.....:flame:

Talk to you tomorrow...

09-22-2002, 12:34 AM
Hi everyone,

First day of fall and we had a very hot day. But there's some odd weather changes, everyone's sniffling and sneezing. I'm praying I'll be in good health by Oct 4th. My heel gives me pains if I don't wear proper support. I bought my film and video tapes. I'm on to Italian. I briefly learned the basics in French, but upon conversing with my oldest sister. She made such terrible fun of me, I kind of lost heart. My coworker took five years of french, said I did well for two weeks. I'm taking it as sour grapes. I've tried on my clothes a zillion times and I'm porking up on my back. I lost an inch on my midriff and waist. Half an inch on my thighs and calves. What can I say, my bod is contorting mysteriously.

Lucky, I thought you had a dh. I'll be on the lookout in Europe for you and me both. Lot's of eye candy. Slim pickings here too or shall I say picky pickings out there. I have to prove myself and lose 60lbs before I turn any heads around here.

I promised myself to touch base with you all. I'll be doing alot of surfing this week, getting the info. Take care,

09-22-2002, 12:46 PM
I found this on Dr. Phil’s website:

Five Steps to Your Weight Loss Goal

Follow these five steps to create a strategy for your weight loss goal.

1. Set a very specific goal.
Remember that losing weight requires a change in thought and behavior, so set goals for your emotions and weight.
Don't just set vague goals like, "I want to lose some weight." Be specific: How much weight do you want to lose? How do you want to feel? Close your eyes and visualize yourself after you've reached those goals. Use this visualization to feel commitment and inner strength.

2. Work out a detailed strategy.
Willpower doesn't work! To lose weight and keep it off, you must have a strategy.
Plan ahead: Get rid of your expandable clothes, stay away from fast food, and keep healthy food in your pantry.

3. Identify small, measurable steps.
Implement steps that will fit your lifestyle, not somebody else's.
Be sure to move toward a positive goal, not just away from being fat. Every step you take will bring you closer to being who you want to be.

4. Create a healthy, realistic timeline.
Where will you be in a month? Six months? A year? Fit your goals to your calendar, and stick to it.
Don't expect to see huge results overnight; take the time to change your lifestyle, and you'll change your weight.

5. Create meaningful monitoring and accountability.
If you know you have to report your progress to someone, you'll be more likely to stick with your plan.
"Go public" with somebody you trust. Find support when you need it, and celebrate your victories!

This is from Dr. Phil’s message board and I found it “food for thought”.

Sweet I can so relate to what you said about being single. I can use the excuse that I am not dating because I am fat. Take that away and what will my excuse be. Maybe there is just something wrong with me.This way I pick the reason

Isn’t .This way I pick the reason profound????? I NEVER looked at it this way but I feel I resonate with it so it is probably true for me.

Part of another Dr. Phil’s message

I got lucky. I was a guest on the weight show that will be aired soon. What I finally understood is that being overweight is a form of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. The big problem is that I am doing it to myself. I wouldn't ever allow anyone to hit me, but until I talked with Dr. Phil, I didn't realize that I was the one who was allowing someone to continue to abuse me, and that person was me. It was one of those "AH HA" moments.

( I will TRY to quit posting Dr. Phil’s stuff here but since the program was on weight I went to his website and keep finding things that I find fascinating – so I KNOW you, my dear friends, will too) :lol:

Malia, keep your eyes open at all time for me!!!!! This way you will have an excuse to watch all those men!!!! :lol:

Baylee, that was definitely exercise….

Well, I am off to the parade…it is freezing here…I turned the heat on!!!!

09-22-2002, 01:18 PM
I came on here to post at 1:00am this morning and the forum was closed for maintainance! Ahhh! I think I checked back twice in about 15 minutes before wandering away from the computer dazed and confused! :dizzy:

Friday night I had WAY too much fun and felt it on Saturday morning when I woke up! :o That's okay; hubby and I had a quiet, stay at home, day yesterday which suited us both fine! You know, I've been going out every weekend recently which is a HUGE change for me. Because I felt bad about my weight, I had lost all interest in going dancing... NOW, I'm starting to love it again! On Friday night, I had SO much energy on the dance floor, I was literally jumping up and down!

PLUS, I had SUCH a great jog yesterday... without even realizing it, I jogged 35 minutes non-stop! Yah! I find that when I jog a couple of hours after dinner, I have the most energy. Dinner is my largest meal of the day PLUS, by that time, the sun has gone down and I can jog in the cool of the night. Unfortunately, that isn't always the most convienant time so I often end up jogging in the afternoon which just takes a bit more effort.

Oh... hubby just woke up and he's clutching his throat and saying he feels terrible. He's got a particularily nasty cold... I should take my leave of you gals to see if I can help the poor guy out somehow. I'll pop back later for some individual replies!

Sara :)

09-22-2002, 01:18 PM
Wow I was starting to have withdrawals when I couldn't get into the site! I'm glad its back up again!

THe good part is it forced me to do my exercise video so that is out of the way now. I even checked out my new richard dvd. I always watch it first then the next time I do it. I was dancing around to the music some too! I love the richard videos...you have so much fun doing them that you dont' realize you are exercising! If you don't have one you should check one out!! I love them all! I like to watch the end where they all dance down the line and it tells you their name and how much they lost. One lady lost 155 lbs and several lost over 100 lbs. It can be done! We just gotta move these bodies!!

Baylee....I think each area does something different. Here they give you a dark pink ribbon that says I lost 10 lbs then for every 10 lbs thereafter they give you a gold star to stick on it. Its kinda neat when you start collecting the stars. My last one had 8 stars on it! I think here they give you some kind of token when you hit 100 lbs gone. And then they have a white ribbon when you make it to goal I think! They use to give you a pin when you finished maintenance with a diamond chip for each 10 lbs you lost on WW. I'm not sure if they still do that or not! Oh and Baylee...I would count all that work as exercise for sure!!

Lucky.....I like Dr. Phil...keep quoting...something will stick with us one day!!

Malia...you'll be on your way before you know it!

Well I sure hope some more of you come out to post today. I am going to take Andrew to Toys R Us after he finishes his lunch. They are having a digital photo session there for ID just incase you ever need to identify your child for whatever reason. I hate to even talk about something like that happening but you never know today!

I'll be back to catch up to you all later! TTFN Michelle

09-22-2002, 01:45 PM
Hi all.. I tried to post last night but it wouldn't let me in. Grrrrr

Well ladies... this is going to be short and sweet. I had a pretty good day yesterday over all.
We took the back roads half the way there. Ate breakfast at an Amish restaurant and did very well. I was very happy. We also stopped at a few garage sales on the way.
Once we arrived to move my parents...things went a little array for a short time. Lots of complications I won't go into. But thankfully everything calmed down about 2pm. My parents started relaxing we spent a nice afternoon together. They were SOOOOOOOO HAPPY to be home. :D :D I sure hope it goes well for them. I think my dad would break down in tears if he had to go back to that nursing home. I AM NOT looking forward to that day.

My husband and I had a nice evening together. We grilled chicken and it was yummy. :T My food was acceptable all day. I passed on gravy and cinnamon rolls and biscuits at breakfast. I passed on chips, cookies, ice cream and pop at lunch.

I had the strangest sensation while waiting on the chicken to cook. I sensed a total feeling of contentment. :eek: Gee... was that odd. :lol:
I was at peace with the world. I was at peace with my parents being home. I was at peace with my food choices... even though not perfect... not bad either.
I was at peace with my husband.
It was odd. LOL

Now I have to go. It is getting later by the minute. I sure hope this contentment continues today. I promise I will try to get caught up reading soon. I just don't seem to have time to both post and read at the same time. :rolleyes:

09-22-2002, 02:24 PM
Just wanted to stop in for a sec. Bad weather on the way so I can't stay long. Spent 13 hrs. outdoors yesterday with the tracking students and guests from out of tow. Gothome and crashed. Tried to get here this AM but the site was down. :(

Anyway I'm off to close windows and put away stuff that might blow away.

I'm going to try an exercise tape later today. You gal's will get me moving yet.


09-22-2002, 07:11 PM
Hey chicks...

I went into withdrawl this morning when I couldnt post...what do I do now??? So I went to bed. I slept til 5:00. I hate this shift! I want my life back!

I havent' exercised this weekend. I did get 5 days in last week, so I'm feeling good about that. I know I well get to the gym tomorrow. I got a lot of work done in my scrapbook yesterday...forsaking everything else (like housework)...but it was fun. I'm like a kid sitting there with my scissors and colored paper, making borders and cutting the pics into cute shapes...hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

Malia...wow, the trip is almost here! I think you're doing great with all your languages...I know you'll have lots of good stories for us when you get back!

Lucky...is the bonfire a party? Sounds neat. I want to go. It has been HOT here again...and humid....blecchhh....I WANT FALL! ...and the need for bonfires!

2cute...I'm glad the folks are settled in...I'm sure that has a lot to do with your feeling of contentment.

Michelle...I need to make some of that soup...I really like it, but it's been too DAMN HOT for soup around here! I have a few Richard videos, I should blow the dust off and give him a try again! My son is just starting karate...he was showing me some of his kicks and I told him I learned all that in Kickboxing class...stunned, he looked at me and said, "YOU can kickbox?" (the little ****!) I told him we can do my TaeBo video together and I'll prove my kickboxing prowess! :yikes:

Tina, where, oh where are you and did you exercise today?

Baylee...you may have inspired me to do my rugs too...I HAVE a carpet cleaner (never used) but it is time to break it out!! Maybe tomorrow when kids are at school and dh at work...Good for you getting your sticker, you are doing so well! Our WW meetings are like Michelle...pink ribbon for 1at 10# and a gold star for each 10 after that...once upon a time I has 3 gold stars on my ribbon...*sigh*

Just got a "can you pick me up, Mom?" call from my daughter...so I have to run...Hi to everyone else! Love to all...