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05-19-2010, 09:52 AM
I had lost weight before and new that i had gained it back... well ladies,,,i weighed myself this morning the first time in months and i had gained 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!! 210 pounds!!!!!!!!!

i had been doing the calorie counting for about 5 days ,,,,,so i probably weighed 215 before that...

i am discouraged!!!! please give me some uplifting words or advice!!

i want this more than anything right now in my life,,,it's like i can't move forward with anything til i lose weight,,,a career,,,activites with my child,,,,I"VE NEVER BEEN NAKED IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND WHO I HAVE BEEN WITH FOR 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

05-19-2010, 10:22 AM
Hello! Think how you felt yesterday after calorie counting for five days and sticking with it ... a little proud? A sense of accomplishment that you strung together several days without sliding? Put up a sticky note with the number 5 on it and then at the end of the day today, exchange it for a 6 ... and then a 7, 8, etc. Keep a visual reminder of how many days you've been on track and THAT number will certainly be making the number on the scale a lesser number. As one increases, the other will decrease :)

You CAN do this! I gained 20 pounds in less than a year, and am working to get those suckers off ... but don't let your LIFE stop until the weight is off ... because the time will pass anyway. You might as well have fun while the time is passing -life won't wait for us! Day by day, meal by meal, you CAN do this - sounds like you really WANT it and that's half the battle.

Make great choices today - every one builds upon the next. Have a super day! Think how you'll be feeling to see that scale drop - 205, 201, 199, then low 190s, etc. - think of the accomplishment you'll feel!

05-19-2010, 10:31 AM
Go play with that kid, and go get naked with that husband.

You can do both of those TODAY.

Maybe not in the way you picture it in your head, but believe me -- neither will care. They just want to be with YOU.

Then just carry on with what you are doing. Keep the food log. Learn about your eating habits and take good notes. Even if you go off track, keep up the food log. Get some exercise at least 3x per week. Don't worry too much about what it is or how long it is for. All those things can be built upon.


05-19-2010, 10:57 AM
Hi and welcome! If you want to loose weight so badly at this moment of your life I have to say congratulations, you already did your first step towards success (motivation is great help in dieting)!

Do you have plan in place? Calorie counting works great, trust me, so go ahead and plan your menu for days and keep going!

Do you have plan in place? Calorie counting works great, trust me, so go ahead and plan your menu for days and keep going!

My experience in dieting was next (just an idea, which may help you ):
1. I started loosing weight on calorie counting and fast walking every day for 1 hour.
2. When I staled, I switch to intuitive eating to maintain and decided to take a break from loosing for a month. Continue walking…
3. Started low carbs to lose last few pounds and started running 2 times a week on the empty stomach for 30 minutes.

Also, I am blogging every day, writing down my menu, exercise and feelings …helps me a lot!

05-19-2010, 12:33 PM
First of all, don't beat yourself up. The negative thoughts about ourselves are a big reason that we end up gaining it back or struggling to find the lasting motivation to lose. You are where you are, it is what it is. It's not where you will be probably even a week from now, so take it in stride.

I know how you feel. I started out just a few pounds heavier than you and the number itself got stuck in my head (and is still there actually...but way in the back) and I just kept thinking, "My lord, HOW did I get HERE?" The answer to that question doesn't matter now.

Focus on small goals...losing that next pound, the next five pounds, fitting in that one pair of jeans. Have a little tunnel vision...it helps. When I started, I just kept wondering how in the world I would ever lose forty four pounds...but when I started congratulating myself on every little ounce lost and every mini goal reached, it started to fly by and got pretty easy.

YOU CAN DO IT! The other ladies above both gave wonderful advice. Astrophe always does!

05-19-2010, 02:21 PM
thank you so much for the support!!!!!!! i am going to keep everyone updated with my journey!! one day i will have some nice after pics lol. i just took my husband lunch and told him that i need his patience until i get to my ideal weight,,,it will be worth it in the long run. thanks again to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-19-2010, 03:18 PM
Okay you gained 10 lbs. Think about this, you could have kept going on your downward path, gaining weight and avoiding the scale.....but you didn't. You saw that you needed to step up and take charge. You took the first step. Yea, it sucks to see a gain, but realize that it could be even higher. You are taking charge by getting back in the game. I've had moments where I gain and I start to feel that maybe it would be easier just to give up....but I don't. While it may be easier it wouldn't make me happier. Keep moving forward. You're human, you will make mistakes but you need to know that you can do it!