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05-19-2010, 07:12 AM
Wonderful - Wishful - Wimpy - Wowser - Withchy?????? :shrug:
Take your pick. It's Hump Day too.

I think I'll take my coffee out to the front porch and have it on my new wicker furniture. It wasn't supposed to arrive until after I got the porch floor painted but....

My yesterday went right down the crapper with phone calls and drop ins but I did get all the plants for the village and the sale watered. The spinach is still out there - maybe for dinner tonight? Book club was fun. What a delightful group of friends. Liz was very touched by the birthday cake and good wishes. Next book is The Outlander by Gil Adamson and I am planning to spend relaxing porch time reading it. :)

The plan for today is to split and package perennials for the Church sale and nothing can stop me. I may move the car out of sight to stop the drop-ins. Some days this house is like Grand Central!

"Less talk and more action, Ruthie!" Ruthless is on my case. ;)

Happy Hump Day!

05-19-2010, 07:20 AM
Good morning!

Ruth, I was waiting around for someone to start today's thread since I couldn't think of anything witty enough to go with "Wednesday." ;) "Witty" didn't seem like quite the right fit today, lol!

Yesterday was such a dreary day here, it felt like early March rather than mid-May. But today's supposed to be more Spring-like, so there's hope. :)

I have a pot on the stove that needs attention, but I'll be right back!

05-19-2010, 07:24 AM
Watch that pot, Cottage! Yesterday Terri dropped in with plants as I was making cream of asparagus soup and my soup scorched while we were outside looking at village plants. I may have to pitch the pot and it was a good one!

05-19-2010, 07:26 AM
I thought maybe it was for "WTH Wednesday"

Ruth - good luck today! Hiding the car might be a good idea :D. I think it's sweet you have people that want to visit you though.

Cottage - it is dreary, isn't it. I'm not sure it will change very soon. That's okay, my new garden can use it.

Me - couldn't fall back asleep, so I figure I'd check this stuff before getting the kids up. Work, kid's activities, then a work meeting (aka = gripe session. Blech!).

I picked up some WW cranberry orange bread at the farmer's market yesterday. Dangerously delicious!!

05-19-2010, 07:28 AM
I'm back. And Jake's pot of chili is just fine. :)

Sorry about your pot disaster yesterday, Ruth. I could easily get distracted by admiring new plants, though, so you had a good excuse. I hope you can at least salvage your pan! New porch furniture? Hmmmm, I'd better come and check it out! :D

Twynn, cranberry orange bread sounds scrumptious!

05-19-2010, 07:40 AM
Good morning ladies :wave:

Hi Twynn, that bread sounds yummy!

Ruth, today could have been 'Wicker Wednesday' in honor of your new porch furniture!

We've got raw, rainy weather this morning, too, Cottage. I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning it's so dreary out. I hope you enjoy better weather today! We'll have inside recesses and a day with the lights on, but that's OK with me - hopefully the rain will settle all the pollen we've had flying around here! :) I wish Cyndi and Julie had better weather for their Maine vacation though.

I guess I've got another cold. I'd been hoping it was just allergies but I've got that 'achy' feeling and a slight fever this morning. I rarely get colds (probably because of all the germs I've had to fight off after teaching 5 year olds for decades :lol:) but I suppose stress and not enough sleep play a part in things. I'm popping Zicam lozenges and going through lots of Puffs Plus tissue.

05-19-2010, 07:42 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I guess I'll vote for "WTH". Yesterday was super busy and I actually got some sleep last night. Got up prepared to continue my cookie project and decided to do a taste test. My cookies from yesterday are rock hard-certainly not bake sale quality. WTH. I'm not much of a cookie maker, but I think I'm unwilling to continue this project. :shrug:

Ruth, thanks for getting us started despite lack of witty words. I today is a bit smoother. I hope you get the perennials split and packaged.

Linda, I hope the weather perks up. It's drippy out here.

Twynn, lucky you finding WW bread at your farmers market-sounds terrific!

Heidi, ouch, I hope you don't get too sick.

Me, pool at 9, back to silent auction work at 10:30. Fortunately, that is close so I can easily go back and forth and check on the pups. I may just go back to bed...probably not, but I do need to quit obsessing about these bad cookies.

05-19-2010, 07:46 AM
Debbie, any chance popping a slice of bread in the container of hard cookies will do the trick? That's what I do when my daugher or I overbake my chocolate chip recipe. It takes a few hours to make a difference but it's done the trick for me every time.

Hmmm, I wonder if you have any bread in the house though - I'd have to go buy a loaf if I ended up with hard cookies now. :lol:

05-19-2010, 07:50 AM
Debbie, that's a shame about your cookies. Would packaging them with a slice of bread softened them up? Or, you could crumble them and add some dried fruit and sunflower seeds and sell it as "granola." ;)

Heidi, I hope your cold doesn't get worse than it already is! I used to use Zicam all the time, but I think it's the culprit of my poor sense of smell. I hope the sun returns to your part of the world soon!


Ha, ha, ha! That's funny that Heidi had the same suggestion to soften the cookies as I did! It does work, though.

05-19-2010, 07:59 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Woke up early, heard the pouring rain and went back to sleep. I'm still not very awake and just enjoying my first cup of the day.
I'm not sure what's on tap for the day. It definitely looks like a washout, both cold and rainy. As I just said to Julie it's still better than being home because there are no chores to do just books to read and a fitness room and pool to play in.

I'll be back for personals when I'm more awake.

05-19-2010, 08:07 AM
Morning Everyone

I have never heard of softening cookies with a slice of bread.

Ruth- The front porch and new furniture sound wonderful. I told hubby when we move I want a nice front porch!

Cottage- Chilli sounds yummy!

Heide ick about the weather and the cold. Have a good day in school. My kids only have about 2 weeks left of school. Are you almost done?

Debbie- Silent auction sounds fun! Sorry about the cookies. Don't stress over them.

Me- I was so mad at work yesterday!! One of the girls is quitting and the "powers that be" decided they don't need to replace her. The reasoning is we stay caught up on all the work so they don't think we need another person. This will leave us with two people plus the manager. My reaction was I am effecient so I get punished.

Have a good day.


05-19-2010, 08:10 AM
Ruth... my first thought was "WHAT?" because my brain is fuzzy from a horrible night's sleep. Cute idea. I am reading my book club selection now; we meet next week.

Linda- We had that spring yesterday so maybe it will indeed make it your way today. What a crazy weather year it has been.

Twynn- That sounds yummy. Too yummy?

Heidi - I think your immune system is probably way down right now. I hope the Zicam heads things off. I just got to Linda's comment. The nasal stuff I thought got taken off the market? I used the melts last time.

Debbie - I'm sorry the cookie did not come out well. My son shared his with friends yesterday and they are gone. I am making him another batch today after I get to the store for ingredients. Another day for me to have to resist the temptation of the dough. Sigh.

Cyndi - I hope you get some nice weather. But relaxing sounds good too.

Tammie - I used to see that concept all the time in HR - punish the good. Sorry.

So I have not eaten any of the tempting food I have in the house now for DS1, but I am instead eating too much of the healthy stuff. Sigh. Could be worse. But could be much better. It is funny how horribly I sleep after I overeat in the evening. PT turned out to be mostly measurements on my range of motion and teaching me the exercises to do at home. Even though she had me do some of each and gave me pictures, I still forgot how to do some by the time I tried a few hours later! Oh well. I go back Friday.

05-19-2010, 09:57 AM
Thanks for all the hints! I could try the bread...but in the hour since I've posted, I have used some of my Beck tools and have decided to change gears. I could set them outside in the rain....soften them up, and turn them into something I didn't want to eat and obsess over. I think I'll freeze them today and pull them out at a later date and try the bread treatment...possibly bring them to a church potluck where I wouldn't ever be identified as the baker.

Brings up a funny story....I've never mentioned that I live right across the street from the Wonder Bread/Sara Lee transfer warehouse. A semi comes in the middle of the night for the big drop off, then the small trucks with cute pastries are in and out during the day for individual pickups. I could go over to the dumpster-it's usually filled with mega loaves of outdated bread, it's where all the neighbors shop...I do prefer Ezekial products myself.:lol:

Cyndi, I agree, still far better than being home. I hope you enjoy your vacation day no matter what the weather brings.

Tammie, it's so frustrating when the bosses just aren't in touch with reality.

Karen, ouch for a crummy night's sleep. Glad to hear your DS is enjoying his cookies and his visit.

05-19-2010, 10:15 AM
Good morning,

Sounds like everyone's evenings had some mishaps, mine as well. DD2 fell off her bike so I had put my bike near my car to run and help her up and dust her off and the bike fellover and put a lovely ding in my car.

Then DD1 let our doggie of her chain to bring her inside the house and doggie took off for parts unknown, took an hour going around town to find her.

So much for my one free night at home.

Tonight DD2 has dance and then we have soccer banquet for DD1 to go to. My mom and dad are arriving today. I am off tomorrow and Friday for graduation and graduation party.

Here's to a better day everyone

05-19-2010, 01:33 PM
Hey girls!!
Ahh, day 1 of week 2, phase 1. AKA Day 8 LOL
I'm glad I made it so far! 6 lbs lost in 7 days; not too shabby.
I think after P1 I will only weigh in every week or bi-weekly. I don't want a stupid piece of metal to dictate how I feel for the day.. although sometimes it does affect my mood and resolve.

Did anyone watch TBL last night???? Seriously. Mike is looking HOT, when I saw him at the beginning standing behind Koli I was like, who is that tall hot guy?? LOL HE sure has come a long way. And his poor sister, it reminded me of when Mike Morelli lost all that weight and it just about made his brother fall apart. Now the sibling feels like the fat one :(

Sure hope Mike or Ashley pull it out !! Did you see her kiss him when they were running the marathon? I wonder if they're dating??

05-19-2010, 02:00 PM
Hello Chicks- I wish I had cookie mishaps... make two different types of cookies yesterday and a banana and a pan of rolls. Not good, although I only like baking the day it is made, so i am not to tempted today. I have used the bread thing lots. :)
Did my 6.5 km walk last night and have boot camp again tonight. Have to say I am lov'n exercising, to bad i can't get on the eating wagon.

Love the BL and thought the same thing about Ashley and Mike. That would be the second romance of the season as Stephanie and Sam have gotten together. I can't wait til next tuesday, I am rooting for Ashley. Disappointed in Daris. Makes me wonder if he will gain all his weight back, I hope not.

Well got to dash the school kiddos will be here soon and must get the little ones up from their naps.

Have a wonderful day. LC

05-19-2010, 03:00 PM
Hello again :wave:
Things are loud but happy in my classroom today. The kids' excess energy is keeping me from falling asleep despite my cold and allergy medicines. :lol:

Karen, you're right about the nasal stuff being taken off the market - I believe there is a lawsuit going on . I use the Zicam lozenges and/or melts and have never had any problems with my sense of smell. Taste is weird for 15 or 20 mins right after a lozenge, but all in all that's not so bad for a dieter, right? ;)

Debbie, sounds like you had the best plan for dealing with the cookies. I'm glad you're getting so much from the Beck book. I plan on checking it myself out over the summer.

Littlechick, It's awesome that you're enjoying exercise so much! :carrot: I love my walks, too.

Wow Pearlrose - lots of excitement (good and bad) at your house these days. I'm sorry about the ding in your car. :( I've got several in mine, but the one that bothers me the most is the one I did myself when I was putting the bike rack on the trailer hitch..... I don't know why they're so much more maddening when we do them ourselves. Good luck with the visit, graduation and all the special events going on this week!