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purrfect sapphire
05-11-2010, 03:48 PM
its been over a year for me.i too go back to what works.i have no excuse at all.but luckily i am back to what i was weight wise. in the time off. i relized iam addicted to carbS! i admit i lovecarbs but they worked against me even if i was watching calories. so iam on low carb diet i can eat 2 low carb meals and 1 meal( usually dinner )of anything including carbs but at a resonsible portion. funny thing is im NOT AS HUNGRY. Go fiqure!
so my second day of really watching it....down .4....not much but it is for me. i cant diet with others (friends) cause they always lose faster than me.so this is the best way for me...little at a time...and no competition and no one watching what I EAT! oh i hate that...lol.