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05-10-2010, 08:37 AM
New Pages:

I put us back on our Monday- Sunday routine. I hope that's OK....


05-10-2010, 10:23 AM
Good Morning Chicks! I simply cannot believe that it is the 10th of May already. Time is just flying and I feel like I have no control. Today is JC weigh in. It will not be good or so the scale says for no good reason. Puppy class is tonight too. The weight should be falling off of me with the activity Brodie has introduced!

I'm having guests on Friday. Can anyone recommend an outstanding bottled salad dressing? I'm making a salad and would like to have several choices of dressing available. I'm especially looking for a great balsamic one. I prefer lowfat over fat free.

Sloan, as you eye doctor to replace your pads with the really soft bendable nose pads. The ones that come with glasses are pretty hard. Mine replaced them and it helps alot. My hands are looking old too. Any way to replace collagen or keep it from leaving?

Hope the rest of you are well.

Rhonda, are you ok since your fall?

Gotta go get ready for Jenny.

beach bum
05-10-2010, 10:43 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Its officialI'm out of the 170's I got on the scale and I did lose 2.5 last week,now to work on the rest of the week to to get down to the mid 160's.

Too windy to walk today,I have to get on the bike or use one of my walking videos.WATP's with Leslie.

RHONDA-Thanks for the pages, sure any schedule if fine with me
as long as we have a thread to post on.

VICKIE-Sorry you feel that the JC W-I is not going to be good, you might be surprised and see a lose. I use wishbone salad dressing sprays, this way I don't over do the dressing on the salads.

Have a great morning

05-10-2010, 02:01 PM
Good morning:

Yes, Vickie, I'm fine now. I'm blaming the Margaritas from the night before :lol:
I haven't got any dressings suggestions. It should be easy to make??

As for preventing collagen loss....well, "they" tell you all about fish oil supplements and such, but, really, it's the luck of the draw I'm sure. I know that all my adult life I've really taken card of my hands and nothing that you rub ON them will make any difference for this problem. I have very soft wrinkles now!

Congrats, Maryann. I hope to join you sooner rather than later.


05-10-2010, 02:19 PM
I stayed the same and I'm thrilled after Jim's birthday dinner where I splurged. Rhonda, I'll make the dressing if I can find a good recipe. I thought I'd see if you guys could recommend a bottle or a recipe first.

Thanks, Mary Ann! These folks don't need to lose weight so I'm not going to put the spray dressings out. Congratulations on your loss. You must be SO happy. I'm happy for you.

Sandra, what's going on in your life?

Nancy, how's Robin doing with his recovery?

Angela, Paula, Sloan, Donna.....hope you are having great days.

05-10-2010, 02:31 PM
Hi chicks, I got my new contacts today. I was surprised at how well I did putting them in! I'll let you know how I do with them in the long run. My vision is good, but could be a little sharper. Maybe I'll get used to them and things will sharpen up.

I have to go for now 'cause DS is crying for his computer. I'll check in later. Have a great day, y'all!

05-10-2010, 07:35 PM
Rhonda, thank you for the new pages. It's good to be back on track.

Vickie, congratulations on your WI. I'll bet Brodie does keep you moving. I'm getting most of my exercise working in the yard. (And that's not enough.)

Sloan, I'll bet you look cute in your new contacts.

Maryann, congratulations on being back in the 60's. I'll bet you're excited. Did you call your doctor and tell him?

I'm going out to feed roses in a few minutes. They look hungry.

beach bum
05-11-2010, 10:13 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

It sunny out but its cold this morning, to walk along the beach. Going to see what this afternoon brings. I have a appointment with my orthopedic doctor this AM for a follow up for my bad neck/shoulder pain.

Up on the scale due to a huge NY bagel that I had last night instead of a pretzel that I was craving. I'm so:mad: at myself for sabotaging my effects of losing this weekend.

RHONDA-Thanks for congrats,hope I will be able to get down again.

VICKIE- Sorry I can't help with the dressing but that the only ones I use. I was happy until last night now I have to exercise just has hard to burn those calories.

SLOAN-Congrats on getting contracts I had them{hard} years ago before I met Leo ,but I had problems trying to form a callous on my eye lids so I decided to wear glasses instead.

SANDRA-Thanks for the Congrats,but I'm up again for being stupid. I'll call him when I really get my head in order,and not go into stupid cravings.

Have a nice day Have to get ready for appointment with the Orthopedic doctor for a follow up of my neck/shoulder problem.

05-11-2010, 04:32 PM
Maryann, don't be so hard on yourself. Just forgive yourself and move on. You're doing really really well. You're bound to slip every now and then.

05-11-2010, 07:17 PM
Yes, Maryann, don't be hard on yourself. If you're hard on yourself, then I have to be hard on myself, and I don't want to be ;) I've got to throw the M and M's out of this house.

I've taken two stained glass classes this week and the teacher replied when someone asked her "is this good enough?"...."I forgive myself, and don't try to be perfect." By the way, I love stained glass work. It's like sewing but with glass and metal...lots of fun.

We have guests tonight so I probably won't be back. It's my late brother- in- law's cousin's son and a friend of his, passing through Texas. How's that for extended family!?

I hope you all have a good night.


05-11-2010, 08:02 PM
Maryann, I know just how you feel, but Rhonda and Sandra are right. Just dust yourself off and keep on going! You will be okay, besides, you now know how to get that weight off. You'll get it done in your own time.

Rhonda, you definitely have the gift of hospitality. I want to join your extended family!!

Sandra, the jury is certainly out on the verdict for the contacts. I know it will take a couple of weeks to get used to them, but I'm not sure I will be able to get used to how I look. I look so tired without the glasses!

My eating is out of control!!! I have GOT to snap out of it! I'm not eating large amounts, but I am eating really, really "not core" things. I hope this weekend will be a good time to shop and prepare. I know that is the key!

I've got to go get something for DH's dinner. TTFN

beach bum
05-12-2010, 10:22 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Going to make this short as we're expecting rain some time today and would like to walk before it hits us.

Thanks:thanks: for all your support,I know I should be that hard on myself,but its was soooooo good to see the scale move down to the 160's,but this morning I'm down .5 Another lady on another board pointed out that it might be the salty roast beef slices that I had. Sodium is a possibility,as its in everything.

SANDRA-Thanks,thought it was the bagel never thought about the sodium.Always forget to check it out.

RHONDA-Glad that your enjoying your 2 stained glass classes. Don't thing that would be for me as I:devil: HATE:devil: sewing. The only needle I like it knitting or crocheting.

SLOAN-Sorry you got into that out of core eating mode. It happens to the best of us. Just get back OP and you'll be OK. I can't watch my carbs & sodium intake,but one day the old head:tired: will click in to what I doing,& than I lose again.

Have to go, expecting rain some time today and I would like to get my walking done before it too late. Have a nice day

05-12-2010, 12:04 PM
Good Morning Chicks! I'm a busy girl today again. It seems there is precious little down time these days. At least it doesn't leave time for mindless munching.

Sloan, you'll put the brakes on soon. After a while all that non Core food doesn't make us feel too good!

Rhonda, you are enjoying your retirement! That's great.

Sandra, how's it going? You're being quiet again. What's coming up for you guys? Any tournaments.

05-12-2010, 12:50 PM
Sloan, I know how you feel. Just put on the brakes as Vickie said. I'll do the same. Deal??

All of you chickies are my extended family, and welcome here anytime. We've got lots of room, and I'll throw out the M and M's that DH brought into the house!!! :lol:

I've been to see Torture Todd, the guests have left, and I'm going back to the art gallery to work on my piece. The teacher was so sweet. I said that I was concerned that if I came during her work time I would disturb her. She said to not be silly because we were creating art and what would be disturbing about that?!

Have a great OP day...hang in there, we'll all make it. One day at a time, as they say.


05-12-2010, 08:11 PM
Vickie, I was a wayward Chickie but have finished dusting and am back op. We don't have another big tournament till sometime mid-summer. My gf is going to start coming out again next week so we can train together. How is Brodie?

While I was telling all of you to be kind to yourselves, I was working at doing the same myself. So far I still like me so I'm guessing all is well. I normally dodge cameras but the past few weeks I've been captured in all my glory (poundwise I mean) Talk about depressing! Back in 05 a photo of myself caused me to get serious about losing. I'm hoping the same happens now. One photo with me in it was even posted by another archer on an archery message board. Yuck! But I still like myself.

Rhonda, you and Doyle are wonderful hosts. I love it! You're really enjoying your new home. That makes me smile. (M&M's is my candy of choice.)

Sloan, how long had you worn glasses? I am the opposite and balk at wearing them. I have bifocals but usually just rely on reading glasses.

Maryann, sodium could be the culprit. Congratulations on being down that half pound.

05-12-2010, 08:19 PM
I planted 9 tomato plants today. I don't know what type I like so I bought 9 different varieties and this summer we are going to taste test all of them.
Having everything nicely mulched has inspired me to plant more..

I will list the types later and let you know what we like the best
& what produces the best.

My son planted the hydrangea and I set up a low coffee table
for the deck I had in the attic. It is a round super thick
glass top that goes over a pretty planter type base. I forgot it would be fine outside...

05-12-2010, 09:40 PM
Hey chicks, I wore my contacts today for 8 hours and will wear them tomorrow for ten hours. I don't think they are strong enough, though. I am noticing that signs do not come in to focus as soon as they do with my glasses while driving, also, I have had some feelings of eye strain. The doc's office said to give them a week, so I will do that.

Rhonda, I will try my best to be op all day tomorrow. I will stop at the grocery on the way to school and pick up a few core things for lunch. I can't promise that the brakes will stay on all day, but I promise I will try. Oh yea, toss those M&M's ;)

Sandra, I've worn glasses for around 10 years. I need correction at every level, so I wear progressives. The contacts are not exactly the same, though. I really think the strength of the lens is a problem. I plan to be a trooper and wear them until my appointment next Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes. I like your statements about liking yourself!!

Vickie, putting on the brakes is a good visual image. I will focus on that tomorrow.

Maryann, sodium is the devil :devil:

Nancy, can't wait for the tomato report!

GTG rest. Have a great night!

beach bum
05-13-2010, 09:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Have to go to church so I won't be long Just want to tell you it had to be sodium as I down to the 160's again Yippee !! Here's to a good w-i in Monday

Will be back later

05-13-2010, 09:53 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Cleaning lady is here....woo hoo. Hope we never have to cut that budget item as we are not physically able to do the heavy cleaning.

I had a bit of a meltdown. I had a telephone conversation with a friend who was a complete negative force; complained about everything, wanting to bash the government and life in general. I was so upset when I got off the phone that I didn't even realize that I turned immediately to food for comfort. I haven't done that in so long that it was a complete shock to me. I ate a SBD high protein bar and a large homemade butter sugar cookie leftover from Jim's birthday celebration. Those were both over my calories for the day. It was a real eye opener for me and one I hope to guard against in the future.

Rhonda, I loved Texas. I used to have to go to Dallas ALL the time for work as one of our offices was there. When they moved our office to Dallas Jim and I lost our jobs. I'm over that now....I was mad at Texas for a while for being such a lure to so many businesses! Best barbecue brisket I've had in my life. We had it at a big chain restaurant but I no longer remember the name. I think it was one word and a person's name. Yum.

Angela, I hope you are feeling better.

Paula, how's it going?

Mary Ann, I'm glad the scale is back down for you.

Sandra, I'm glad you are all dusted. Gotta stop sometime and start somewhere! I hope the pictures are not too upsetting for you but if that is what it takes. I still hate to see pictures of myself now. I still look like a Buddha after losing 47+ pounds. Now THAT is upsetting. It's all relative!

Sloan, I could never wear contacts. No matter since I have trifocals and I don't think they have trifocal lenses yet anyway.

Nancy, I love tomatoes. I hope to get enough weight off one day to be able to garden a bit. Jim and I would love to have a couple of plants. I eagerly await your review. Our favorite tomatoes that we buy now at Walmart or Costco are Campari. The are bigger than cherry tomatoes but smaller than regular. They are sweet and meaty. We love them!

I'm back on program and trying to drink lots of water to flush. I have company coming for pizza, salad, and dessert tomorrow. I'll just try to keep my portions small.

beach bum
05-13-2010, 01:20 PM
Hi:) Had a full plate this morning from singing in the choir for Ascension Day Mass,to the senior center to pay for the remainder of our trip to Providence Playhouse to see Jersey Boys and than to a walk along the beach.Where I met a woman that come from up state NY,talked to her for over 1 hr.

Now I'm cooking my dinner, and than going to get some drawers cleaned out so I have more room for my summer clothes. Don't like to cart up my clothes every season from the basement and than back down again. Scared that I might fall when lifting those storage boxes up & down the stairs. especially when I don't have any one around to hear my cry.

VICKIE-I can't believe how time is passing by so fast its the middle of May and Memorial Day weekend is almost here.Wish time would not go so fast. Thanks,was concerned that I would have to try harder to watch the dreadful sodium.

RHONDA-Thanks for the invite, don't think I would travel that much now that I'm alone.That's whats makes it all worth while having a nice teacher. You are more relaxed with some one like that than one who is touchy.Hope you able to take a photo of your work and share it with us.

NANCY-I can't wait til I buy my tomato plants but the advise us not to buy them until on or after Memorial Day. on account of frost.

SLOANE-You'll do fine with the contracts they have today comparing to the one I had back 40 years ago. They do take time to get used to.
I the sodium is my biggest downfall and especially now that i low carb brings the craving more so than any other diet,so that's what my doctor told me.

Dinner ready so,I try to be back later.

05-13-2010, 06:44 PM
Nancy, you sound super-organized. I just planted 4 tomatoes and don't still have their names available. I'm interested in which ones you think are best. Your coffee table sounds really cute.

Rhonda and Doyle are coming over tomorrow. We're excited and anxious to see them. I hope the weather holds up and we're not in our "lake" when they get here. Rhonda, ya'll just stay on the driveway if the "lake" is here.

Vickie, I look like a Budha, too. I like what you said about putting on the brakes. Was the BBQ place Ryan's? Just wondering. Speaking of dusting--we live on a state road that's being totally reworked (to the extent that we have a pilot car driving back and forth in front of our place). The dust is horrible. We live north of the road with a heavy south wind bringing all that lovely dust toward us. I hear ya on negative folks. Sometimes Curtis tends to be Mr. Negative. He comes by that via his mother. She was one of the most negative folks I ever knew. But both are/were lovable. Curtis is working to be more positive. Life is good.

Maryann, what did you make for dinner? I'm curious.

I'm op. "Survivor" tonight. Rhonda and Doyle coming over tomorrow. Life is definitely good.

05-13-2010, 07:04 PM
And, then of course, there is Rudy's and Dickey's Bar-b-que. It's all delicious! Rudy's is exactly 5 minutes from us. Oooooh...

I've had a great day which has included getting the final plan for my landscaping for birds and...ta da! finally learning that YES, I can get a gas cooktop installed. We don't have a gas line into the kitchen, but one can be put in, and we're gonna have it done.

Best of all, I put on the brakes after a week of very relaxed eating! Back to the better routine.

And, yes, tomorrow we lay our eyes on Sandra and Curtis...that will be fun.

Tonight, it's off to music on the square, if the rain doesn't start pouring down.

Have a good evening!


05-13-2010, 10:20 PM
Rhonda, I hope you got to go to the music on the square. It still hasn't rained down here but we're to have some later tonight. (Our plants need it, too.)
I'm ready for us to talk about your landscaping for birds. Curtis and I are hoping our feathered friends put on a show for ya'll tomorrow. Congratulations on getting back on plan. And for getting your gas cook stove.

I'm op.

05-13-2010, 11:27 PM
Oh you two are going to have SO much fun!

So all the BBQ places have one word peoples names? I'll have to ask my GF who remembers everything. I just know it was a big chain, multi-level place, loooong waits.

05-14-2010, 12:47 AM
Nancy, you sound super-organized.

I am very organized !!!!! :nose:


beach bum
05-14-2010, 09:54 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Looks like we are going to some rain again,so I guess plans to get out to walk is slim. Going out to eat at BBC tonight,but I told the girls that I'm only going to have tossed salad that has chicken strips in it.

SANDRA-Nothing special, yesterday I had tilapia fish fillet with boiled potatoes and mixed veggies. For Breakfast & Supper my meals are low carbs.
Today I having BBQ Ribs for dinner with 1/2c mashed potatoes and green beans.Watching my carbs during the other two meals,and concentrating on portion sizes.

RHONDA-You're lucky that you have lots of BBQ places to eat.I love BBQ places but its not big up here on the cape,but when I was visiting my DD around Easter I was taken to The Dallas BBQ in Manhattan NY and that was the best place for ribs & steaks ever.

Have a great day

05-14-2010, 10:36 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Special company coming to meet Brodie tonight so I have tons to do. Brodie is at the spa right now so I need to get to business while he is gone. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Be well and be on program.

05-14-2010, 05:47 PM
I'm op! Isn't that amazing?

Vickie, another BBQ place--Angelo's. That's prob not the one you're talking about because I think it is family owned. I remember years ago standing in line to get inside. (Great ribs!) Enjoy your company.

Maryann, your meals sound delicious. Reading about ribs makes me hungry.

Nancy, you are very organized. I'm impressed.

05-14-2010, 07:42 PM
hi ladies, just stopping by quick to say Hello!! Hope all is well with you.

Rhonda and Sandra - enjoy your visit!

Things are going well here. Doing great tracking calories.

05-14-2010, 11:42 PM
We had a good visit with Rhonda and Doyle. I just wish it could have been longer.

05-15-2010, 01:06 AM
I ate too much and feel sick. Serves me right.

05-15-2010, 01:57 AM
Vickie, I hate it when I do that..

If you drink as much as you can it will help flush the extra salt from your system... I think it is the salt & fluids that make the scales jump up after we overeat...

beach bum
05-15-2010, 09:40 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Guess where I'm going this morning now that the sun is shinning again,correct walking along the beach.I missed it yesterday.

Went to a restaurant with one of friends and I was good,only had a tossed salad with buffalo chicken strips. The chicken was hot but once you ate the salad part it started to cool down again. This morning I'm back to the 160's again.

SANDRA-The ribs are called country style boneless ribs that came in a package with 3 slabs of pork with slits on the top for cutting them into ribs. I cut 2 slabs and froze them,the other I made a pork roast. The BBQ sauce that I put on was Kraft's Low carb sauce,with out door grill spices that I bought in Trader Joes. I was delish.....

PAULA-:wave: Nice to see you posting,have a nice weekend and happy to hear your OP.

VICKIE-I agree with Nancy,water is the best and portions are always great to control.

NANCY-Oh do I believe that I known as the SODIUM QUEEN and do you think I would learn,but the water somehow always saves me.

Have to go get ready for today's chores

05-15-2010, 11:26 AM
TEE HEE....I wouldn't have been sick if I had controlled my portions! I still don't feel great this morning. Plan to relax. Will train Brodie and maybe take a walk with him later. It's chilly here today and we have the heat on again.

05-15-2010, 03:14 PM
Vickie, I've been there done that--numerous times. Enjoy your day of relaxation. We're doing the same. I have a graduation party to attend in about an hour. One of my former students received his law degree yesterday.

I need some girl time with Rhonda. I think that would be wonderful. Our guys monopolized most of the talking last night, but that was okay. Now we need some girl time, though.

Maryann, I love country ribs. Curtis isn't much on ribs, so we hardly ever have them. He's a chicken or burger man. (Then he tells me he gets tired of the same old same old.) :lol:

Nancy, has Robin seen all the work you've been doing? I don't remember your posting about that. Maybe I missed it somehow.

05-15-2010, 05:02 PM
He was amazed at how great it all looked...
The clean truck was his favorite...but the pollen
had gotten to it some by te time he saw it.

Having all the weeds gone and mulching down
has made me want to plant more .


Robin wants to have a surgery in a few weeks on a wrist that has been hurting a long time. It would be in a cast for 2 months. I have tried & tried to talk him into waiting a few months to give us all a break from the medical stuff, (going on since january) but he is determined to get it done.

I want to travel with my son a bit in June because he will spend a lot of July with his Dad and then August will be time to get ready for college.
I told Robin that he can do what he wants with the hand surgery , but he may need to hire a nurse because I won't be here all the time in June.

05-15-2010, 07:54 PM
Nancy, you go, girl! You do need some relief from medical stuff.

I'm like you and am wanting to work in the yard. I need to do a lot of pruning. Also, we have several oak tree babies that the squirrels planted for us that we need to transplant from flowerbeds to better homes.

I'm op!!

05-15-2010, 11:53 PM
You go Nancy!

Yes, as Sandra said we had fun, now it's time for the two of us. We'll make it happen.

DH and I have just returned from his 50th High school reunion. He was 3 years ahead of me, but I knew some of the people of course. It was fun, but mostly I'm proud that I just ate until the hunger pains were gone and left the rest. I left 1/2 a baked potato and 3/4 of a pork loin piece (there were 2). I did eat the 1/2 cup of some kind of pudding.

When we return home we're calling Nutrisystem.


05-16-2010, 01:13 AM
Hey Chicks! I'm on my way to bed. Rhonda, let me know if you are interested in the things Jim loves on NS. I just tried the buffalo pretzels and they were fabulous. I'm thinking about placing an ala carte order! I'm glad you had fun.

Nancy, no on could fault you for feeling that way. I'm sure Robin just wants it all over but he needs to be fair to you too. Mom used to make them for me. YUM!


05-16-2010, 11:19 AM
Yesterday I ate more carbs than I normally do, and ate them earlier in the day.I was just about sick by mid-day. I think it is a NSV to be able to notice that difference.

We're off on another adventure today....BBL


beach bum
05-16-2010, 03:33 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Had a mad dash to church this morning after having a caffeinated Pepsi last night where I couldn't sleep and than relying on 1 sleeping pill I had a hard time getting up for church and I missed the choir practice just before.

When I told the choir director she did say she understood.Went to brunch with one of friends and than home to relax and get the whiskey barrels cleaned by pulling out the weeds and than fertilizer the soil so they are ready for my tomatoes plants that I will buy toward the end of this month.

Nothing else is now, I got the .5 off this morning so hopefully it will be a good W-I or a maintain for Monday W-I.

SANDRA-Leo & I loved ribs,but not the baby back they tend to burn on us when we grilled the, I always used the country style ribs but the once with the bones. Now it only me I prefer the boneless.

RHONDA-Congrats :carrot: son your NSV I can tell also when I have more carbs than necessary. I found a trick from the SBD site that you eat fat or protein always with the carbs that sort of offsets the carb count.

Nancy-It time to take care of you,but than again if Robins wrist hurt him he should have it looked at.

VICKIE-Never heard of buffalo pretzels are they the same spice ingredients they use in buffalo chicken?????? Sound yummy.

05-16-2010, 04:30 PM
Ya'll should see Rhonda's muscles! She's buff--and gorgeous, too.

Rhonda, that is a fantastic NSV. And it sounds like you made excellent choices. Eating out all weekend is difficult. You get an "atta-girl." Girl time!!!

Maryann, when I was first reading your post, I thought you meant you had to rush to church to go to the restroom because of drinking Pepsi. :lol:

Vickie, I've been turning in circles and have landed on the Slim Fast Program.

I'm on my way outside now to work in the flowerbeds. And guess what. I'm op!

05-16-2010, 04:49 PM
You go girl! Slim Fast will work. I like their bars better than the liquid though.

05-16-2010, 09:32 PM
Just got back from my son's Baccalaureate service..

It was a boring message which is a shame because it seems like a
great time to get a speaker that will deliver a simple message the
kids may go away with...

With this being my youngest it is sobering to know that I have either
taught them well or not ..but it is done...

While raising them I have been through a rough marriage & divorce, single parenting , co parenting and negotiating parenting with a high strung step parent... Through it all I tried to make them toe the line and kept my expectations for them high for character.. I am proud of both of them.

Those boys have been my life for 20 years , sometimes feeling like
me and them against the world... Both were strong willed and kept me on my toes to stay one step ahead of them..I was pretty good at catching them
when they were doing something that needed catching ;)

So now in 2010 it is time to stretch my wings and explore my hobbies
and interest.. As I watch him graduate I know it is time but I wish I could just have one more day with him as a baby to rock to sleep.. One more chance to hold his tiny feet in the palm of my hand when I rocked him..
One more chance to play in the waves at the beach, play hide and seek,
or catch fireflies... Maybe he will do all that with his kids one day and
I can share that joy!!

If you have little ones spend just a little bit extra time tonight tucking them in because very soon they will be grown !!!!

beach bum
05-17-2010, 10:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Have to go to the bank this morning and get my CD renewed as it matured on Sat. I think I'm going for a 6 mo-1yr,as I don't know if I will need the money.

W-I this morning I'm up .5 from last week.Hoping for a whoosh next week.

Nothing new, going to get ready to do my walking before I head to the bank

SANDRA=That was me under the sleeping pills that made me twist my words around :D

NANCY=What a wonderful post I cried when reading it. Time does go fast and you must cherish every minute. I'm sure you did a great job bringing them up as a single parent & your boys will appreciate all the hard work you done for them. Believe me, it will come back to you with your grandchildren as the years go on.

Have nice day