Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again......#214

09-16-2002, 03:15 PM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

WELCOME! :wave:

09-16-2002, 03:19 PM
Hey gals,

I don't know if you have witnessed this first hand or not, but I have been told a deranged psycho with serious PMS has somehow gained access to my screenname and password and possibly may have made a post on the last thread. From what I understand, she was seriously in the throws of PMS at the time of the post, and can't really be responsible for anything that was said. I don't think she really realized that she had PMS to be honest. Sources closest to the individual say that after she made the post, she got off work this morning, went home and her eldest child, who should have already been at school informed her he had to stay home from school today because he couldn't find his school i.d. badge, her dh was running around like a chicken with his head cut off stating that someone had lost his shoes, (even though he's the only one that ever wears them) and last, but certainly not least.....her youngest child informed her that since his brother didn't go to school today that he didn't have to go to school today either because he had gas. :dizzy: At this point, the woman, somewhat already dazed and confused, vehemently announced her displeasure at the whole situation and was met by the response of her dh who said, "Gee, I knew when I went to the grocery store yesterday I should have picked up some tampons." Although her dh's response was very crude, he hit the nail on the head somewhat. So it is this reporters opinion that the woman who made the previous post was suffering from serious PMS and should be totally ignored, or you will just have to take anything she said with a grain of salt because four days ago she had her arm around Tony Stewart and she just hasn't been the same since. :cb:

09-16-2002, 05:07 PM
Gee...I wouldn't know anything about that! What's PMS?

09-16-2002, 08:11 PM
Dear Reporter,

You know, I almost asked whether your subject was in the throes of serious PMS but I was afraid she might be more upset if I suggested it. Being of the age where one deals with hot flashes & night sweats I have not so distant memories of PMS. In our house the P. stood for pre or post or present. That covered all insane situations. :LOL:

Tina: Glad you're feelin' better.


09-16-2002, 09:11 PM
Oh, Tina, you are not alone - I have the same feelings - well - not the Tony Stewart ones - but all the rest.

Listen to Thin!!! Don't quit....I don't have a husband, I don't like my job and my co-workers are immature - so I see you as "lucky".

All the while I was pigging out and gaining this weight I avoided mirrors. When I finally did see myself in a picture I didn't recognize me....truly I didn't. (maybe the answer is NO pictures):lol:

Sometimes I wonder if I just don't want to lost weight - enough!
Enough to actually have the discipline to do it. I have to make myself believe "I am worth it"....

Well, I posted so you all know what that means.....One yep One whole day of journaling....aren't you all amazed...:cloud9:..I also did 20 min of yoga and walked for 1/2 hour. I am now going to look for my weights....:strong:

Really, this is me....Lucky....(but not THAT lucky, yet:o )

09-16-2002, 09:14 PM
Arg! You mean I wasted that great soapbox :soap: post on PMS????? Well, fine then! :spin:

I'm here to tell you that my day has gone GREAT!!! :D I was up at 5, kicked DH out of the house at 5:30, climbed back in bed by 5:45, stared at the clock until 6, decided enough of this $hit! :eek: Got up, checked e-mail, read post from crazy PMSer, wrote opinion, got dressed. Was out the door by 7:35, at first bra job at 8:00. Girl I had appointment with wasn't there but did the job anyway. Ran from one side of town to the other to get to WW meeting by 10. Stayed the same after being on vacation! Yay, ME!!! :D Stopped at the bank, had lunch job with #1 son (grilled chicken salad), did PO job, did second bra job (this time manager I made appointment with was in a meeting :mad: ), did another PO job. Finally at 4:30, I stopped at the fruit market and loaded up with all kinds of good stuff. Got home, did Lean Cuisine's, watched a movie. And now...........I'm dead on my feet! :yawn: Can anyone beat my day??????

Oooops, almost forgot.......drum roll please.......I journalled!WooHoo! :cp: The truth be told, I got in all my water and fruits and veggies too! :p

I hate when this thing will not let me post all my smilies. Why do they give us so many if we can't use them all at once? I'll be back.

09-16-2002, 09:15 PM
Now for the list of 10 things, not in any particular order:
1. I'm not at all funny! (some think that's a plus)
2. I love cats, kids, husbands and other furry creatures with all my heart.
3. I have a sarcastic tongue. (some don't think this is too great, but sometimes it comes in handy)
4. I have nice boobs. (DH's point of view)
5. I have pretty brown eyes. (means I'm full of $hit most of the time. Also DH's point of view)
6. I am very opinionated, have soapbox :soap:, will travel
7. I am a successful business owner.
8. I have a great reputation for being trustworthy and reliable.
9. I'm a good wife and mother (just a lousy housekeeper)
10. I'm organized (but you can't tell it from the piles of paper on my desk and elsewhere.....hubby calls it my 'file by pile' system)

Well, that was kinda fun. As I read over the list, I notice that alot of them could be considered bad traits too. :eek:

Since it's Motivation Monday, I have to relay what one of the receptionists at my WW meeting said today. She figured it out and said that when we screw up a meal, we shouldn't be so disturbed about it because one meal is only 4.6% of your week. And even if you screw up for an entire day, that day is only 15% of your week. If you were to subtract the whole 15% from the week's total you would still receive a grade of 85% which is certainly more than a passing grade. I thought that was an interesting way to look at it. So many times we mess up one meal or one day and say the heck with it for the entire week. When if we would just get right back on track, we would only be losing a miniscule portion of our weightloss week. Think about it. :)

Well, girls, I'm off to get some paperwork done. Catch ya all later.

09-16-2002, 09:38 PM
I am really really really pms'ing right now to the point where I am mean so I won't even attempt to post to anyone or do the 10 list! I will catch up with this tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone! I am going to bed before I rip the couch apart or something! I hate it when I am like this! Its not very often either!

TTFN Michelle

09-16-2002, 10:23 PM
Well, I had a pretty good day I suppose....went to my thesis class (after getting up late again...I was going to start my walk away the pounds video, but I was too tired cause I had slept less than 4 hours..::sigh::...slowly but surely!!)
I've decided to do my thesis on the teen self image, and how that relates to socioeconomic status, as well as peer image of poverty/wealth...gotta look for some journals...i need 5 good sources by Wednesday..egads!! :eek: All I ate today was two sandwiches and Manicotti...I am pretty sure I stayed under my points, but I'm not going to eat anything else just to make sure.
Yeah, yeah I know that I should be JOURNALING but I'm just being realistic with myself here :lol: I'll never keep up with it. I keep track of points as i consume them..usually by writing them down somewhere but I have a pretty good memory about that stuff. I also drank like 5 glasses of water...i'll have a couple more before I go to bed this evening.

Tina -
No need to apoligize for what was said...it served its purpose..you dealt with what you were feeling...as cruddy as it may have sounded, it was the truth...which does indeed set us free, I think :)

Speaking of PMS...I just went off the pill and am prepared to deal with whatever consequences I am soon about to pay *clutches stomach* I was practically dying today in class, this guy TJ kept giving me these sympathetic looks, I felt kind of silly but I've never really been good at hiding my emotions from the world...I'm pretty transparent. :)

Thin -
Sounds like we both like to get on those soapboxes every once in a while, eh? I'm pretty opinionated myself...yeah that can be a good or a bad thing, but in my experience it has drawn cool people toward me. Namely my best friends :lol:
Yeah, I don't like the smiley limit either!! *growls* Did you have any luck posting those pictures? Hehe.

Ok ladies, I must away and do some research *dramatic exit stage left*

09-16-2002, 10:54 PM
Thin, I may have found my TWIN!!!!

I'm not at all funny I think you are!!!

These are me too.....
I have a sarcastic tongue.
I have pretty brown eyes. (means I'm full of $hit most of the time-been told this many times.....)
I have a great reputation for being trustworthy and reliable.

I entered my food into Fitday...(not sure this is really me...may have been taken over by an alien) and did well.....on to day 2.

09-17-2002, 07:57 AM
MORNIN' :wave:

Just stopping by for a quick "Hello". It's a beautiful day. I AM going to go for a lunch hour walk today if it kills me. We get so few glorious days that I want to enjoy the few we get.

MEL: Good Luck on your thesis. Teen Self-image. Now there's a topic for discussion if there ever was one.

Off to work.

09-17-2002, 09:52 AM
Hey gals,

Sorry about my meltdown yesterday. The thing about it is, even though I was seriously PMSing, (and still am):dz: I have somewhat regained some of my sanity today. I do want to say though, as pathetic as it was, everything I said on the last post is true. It wasn't just the PMS talking. I have a way of keeping certain things to myself & then when the ol' TOM hits, sometimes unfortunately, they come out. Everything every one of you said to me hit home and made me feel better, and I dont want a one of you to think you wasted your time trying to pick me up. PMSing sometimes lets things out that I normally keep in. When I sat there at the desk typing those things, they were truly coming from my heart and they are still inside me. I'm just not letting them flow as freely, because it doesn't do me any good to get down in the dumps, I have to do something about it. I know that.

J-Ann: Thank you so much for all your helpful advice. I really appreciate you. Although I haven't known you very long, you have become a very important part of this thread and I hope you know that. ;)

Lucky: I am so proud of you. Congrats on your journaling, walking & did you find those weights yet? You are absolutely right you know, I have to feel that I am worth losing the weight. It's just a matter of making the effort.

Thin: You are so funny. No, I definitely cannot beat your day. Reading your post just wore me out. To have such a busy day and getting in all your fruits and veggies and journaling.......that is awesome! Also, I hope you don't think you wasted your :soap: on me. It was a wonderful post & it did my heart good to hear it. I even printed it out and put it in my scrapbook for times when I get down. I love you Thin and thank you.

Michelle: Sorry if the PMS is catching girl. It's a &%$#@! isn't it? I don't get this way very often, but when I do, I can be a bear. Have a good day sweetie and at least you had enough sense not to post instead of looking like an idiot like I did. I even thought about going back and deleting the entire post, but I decided not to, because even though I should have maybe worded it differently, they are my true feelings.

MissMeliss: Thanks for all your good advice. I appreciate it. Like you said, as cruddy as it sounded, the post I made was the way I feel, I just need to find a better way to deal with it. :o Very good topic on your thesis too. I've got a 14 year old I can ship your way if you want him. He's a little lazy and forgetful and is known to stuff things under his bed so he can announce, "Mom, I'm done cleaning my room!" But all in all, he's not that bad. :lol:

Baylee: :lol: I guess you almost did have 12 women immediately pissed off, didn't you? My TOM is absolutely aweful. I go through about two boxes of tampons not to mention pads as well. I have some fibroids too and when I'm on my period, I hurt like you wouldn't believe. It feels like someone kicked me in the stomach with a steel toed boot. The pain is almost unbearable sometime. I am generally in a good mood and I really try to keep an eye on myself when it's about PMS time, so I will be on my best behavior, but sometime this monster just gets out of it's cage!!

Kat: My dear dear friend. Thank you for pulling me up when I was down. Thank you so much for the PM. I am keeping it so I can read it when I am in the throws of PMS again. (not that I have to have PMS to get down) I thank you so much for being there for me. Your humor and love are just one of the things that bring me back here everyday no matter how I'm feeling. :love:

Mary: Sounds like you have been super busy at work. Did you know what you were getting into when you took the job? I bet your wonderful at it though.

Hello to everyone else and I hope I didn't miss anyone. I need to go back to the insane post to see if I missed anyone that posted to me after it, but I'm scared to go back. I don't want to get near it again!! :yikes:

Ok, here we go: (you sure are making me use the old brain this moring Kat)

10 Things I like about me

1. I love people
2. I am a good mother & wife (like Thin---horrible housekeeper)
3. I am very generous
4. I think of others before myself
5. I do have very nice eyes
6. I seldom get into arguments with people
7. I am open to new ideas
8. I always try to treat people the way I would want to be treated.
9. I never meet a stranger
10. I am always willing to help

They may sound silly, but I was truly honest about this and I had a hard time with it too. There isn't a whole lot I like about myself, but I will try to change that. Not that I would want him to be any different........Lord knows I would never want him to say, "Gosh Tina, you need to lose some weight." But in a small way, dh is part of the problem. He loves me just the way I am. For most people this would not be a problem, but with him being happy with me, it makes me complacent with the way I am. Inside I am unhappy, but when he comes up and tells me how beautiful I am, sometimes I start to believe it, until I look at a picture and see what is real. Ok...........I'm heading down the PMS road again, and I do not want to go there, so I will hush for now. :grouphug: to everyone. I really do love you guys.

09-17-2002, 11:41 AM
Good Morning my lovelies...

I had the greatest post going last night...all color-coded, just the right amount of smilies, funny, cheerful, etc...along came my daughter who just needed to use the computer for just a second, I swear! I come back 20 minutes later and the computer's off, my lovely post gone with the wind...*sigh* There's another teenager for you to study, Meliss!

Boy, I think I did start an epidemic! I'm like Typhoid Mary with PMS! I never used to get it like I do now...I always thought it was just BS too...I'm always surprised by it...I will get these overwhelming feelings of, "God, I hate people!" usually when I'm at work and when I stop and calculate how many days away TOM is, I'm like, "Oh, yeah, PMS!...And don't crowd me! I'm a bit claustrophobic on a good day...don't invade my personal space when I'm PMSing! grrrrrrr! My family lovingly refers to me as "Cujo" on those special days.

Lucky! I am so proud of you! I knew you had it in ya! As a matter of fact, last night when I sent to reply to your post, I had to go write down all my stuff for the day first...just because YOU did! Keep it up!

Thin... I think you and Lucky are both funny! And I love your "opionated-ness!" You always have good advice, keep it coming!

Baylee... YOU"RE *&%@$%# RIGHT THERE'S SUCH A THING! (kidding)! I'm glad you had a quiet night at work...Sometimes, I'd rather it was busy, it makes the time go faster...but don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

J-ann... Have a nice lunchtime walk. It is nice out today...what a great way to clear your head of "work stuff" and re-energize. I used to love a lunchtime walk when I worked days.

Michelle... Hope you're feeling better today! Did the couch survive the night?

Tina, baby... Don't apologize for your feelings...and don't delete them!! They're part of you. This is the best place in the world to get them out, cuz we UNDERSTAND!!! Okay? OK. And, by the way...your hubby is right...you ARE a beautiful person! We all are! What we see in the mirror or in a photo is really only a part of who we are. The fat does not define us...at least we shouldn't let it!

Mary... Your library is one happening place! I want to go there! Ours is so...boring...just books! I want to learn how to quilt...have been saving material for years to make a patchwork quilt...how hard could it be?

SaraJoy...How is Moses today? I'm glad he's feeling better...wouldn't it be nice if we could put our pets on our insurance? They're definitely part of the family!

Malia... what's happening? Countdown to Europe...are you packing?

Steph... how are you? Pop in and give us an update!

2cute, are you home yet??? We've missed you!

All right, I'm outta here...lots to do today...ooh! Did I tell you? I've been to the gym TWO DAYS IN A ROW!! ~and~ I went back to Curves last night after a 3 month hiatus! They're opening one in my town, about a mile from here, I can't wait. Such a good work out in only 30 minutes. I am feeling the effects today! I raced from there over to my gym for a 90 min Yoga class last night...it feels good to be moving the bod once again, AND eating right AND drinking my water AND journalling!

This time I'm really going...Have a great day all...

09-17-2002, 02:05 PM
Yes Kat... I am here.
I am sitting here crying as I read all of your posts.:cry:
I have been in this funk for soooo long I don't know if I am going to make it out of this one or not. :cry:
I did get a smile from Tina's post :) ... thanks.
It is just toooo painful to read of everyones success right now.
Not neccesarily weight loss success.... success is willingness.
Willing to journal, willing to exercise, willing to try again.
I don't seem willing to do what it takes.

Please know.... I may not always be here posting... but you guys are ALWAYS in my heart. I am just sooo overwhelmed with my failures... failure to be a good example to my daughters, failure to be a good wife... not perfect.... but not even good.
I read your 10 lists and say... "I used to be that way".
I don't know where I have gone. I don't know where the old me is anymore. I "used" to entertain. I "used" to be the first to greet newcomers. I "used" to be able to say...."yes I am fat , BUT I do this and I do that" Now all I can say is... "I am FAT". :cry:

Maybe I could blame it on PMS. LOL But my periods have been messed up for 10 years or more from my weight. No one to blame but ME.

Wow... I bet you wish Kat didn't ask about me. LOL
Sorry... I wasn't even going to post. I don't know why I did.
I guess it is because all of you are soooooo kind and loving.
I guess it is because I miss you.
I guess it may be because you guys are my refuge from the real world. I don't know. I didn't want to be a downer.

Now that I have quit crying... should I delete this.? No.
I do still know one thing... airing your emotions is good for you.
I am a true believer that we all should NOT hold stuff inside.
I hold everything inside... I always have. That is one reason I am fat. I need to let it all out more.... and so do all of us.
Now... I need to not wallow in it.
Thanks for listening. I think I needed that good cry.

So you don't worry about me... I am headed for Missouri in the morning. My sister goes to Houston for her follow-up on her cancer .. so I am going to Missouri to watch after my parents.
I love my parents... but this never ending caregiving sure takes its toll on a person. I feel sooooo sorry for my sister who is the MAIN caregiver. I don't know how she does it.

(I just wrote a note but it sounded snotty. I deleted it because I don't know a "nice" way of saying what I want to say.
Basicly...it said... don't make up excuses for my failures. I know you all are loving human beings that will want to make me feel better. There are no excuses... many many people have a MUCH harder life than mine. I just need to grow up and deal with it better.)

All my love. 2cute

09-17-2002, 02:10 PM
2cute...I just want to say welcome back. No pep talks or excuses, just welcome. We are always here for you.


09-17-2002, 03:23 PM

I love you. I miss you. Come back when you can. I know whereof you speak. We are walking the same road right now, if you'll look under that bush to your right (the one with the pink flowers) that is where I am hiding. Come get me out and we will walk the road together and figure out the best path to take. I say we go down the road less traveled. The one where we don't beat ourselves up for past mistakes, the one where "trying" is a good thing.....much better than not trying at all. The one where we see ourselves just as we are and we begin by liking that person, flaws and all and see what we can do to make it better. Come find me 2cute..........I'm waiting for you.

09-17-2002, 03:26 PM
I've been reading all the posts, last night and this morning, and hadn't posted; Kat's post gave me just the push I needed! She said she'd been to the gym 2 days in a row! I haven't jogged since before the weekend--Moses was so sick, we had my friend's wedding and I had an annoying cold--and I think I needed Kat's dedication to get my butt out there and jog this afternoon before the rest of my students come. SO... right after this post, I'm gonna JOG!

I've spent the last couple of hours putting pictures from the last 2 years into an album... FINALLY! It's nice to have them all organized into the right timeline! Later tonight, I may spend some time making captions for them as the album I bought has room in the middle of the page for a brief desciption. Oh... and if I think of it, I'll get my hubby to help me post a picture of us from the wedding tonight!

2CUTE... I'm so sorry you're feeling so unhappy! I'll do my best to NOT comfort you (as per your request) :lol: but I WILL make a suggestion to you. It sounds as if your life is GO, GO, GO, always being everyone else's caregiver but (possibly) neglecting to care for yourself. You need to take some YOU time where you can relax, unwind and figure out what YOU need to do to make yourself happy. (I realize you have certain obligations but there must be some time in the near future for this.) Who do YOU want to be? What do YOU want to accomplish? What do YOU have to do to make these goals a reality? All the women here know all too well how much the spirit can be affected by excess weight... I think all of us can FEEL your pain! You know, before I began dieting this spring, I was beginning to feel TERRIBLE about myself physically and it was definitely affecting all other aspects of my life. I came to a point where I knew I HAD to lose weight not only for my health but for my HAPPINESS! Once that decision is made and you've COMMITTED yourself to it, you have to stand firm and realize your goal IS within your reach!

I hate know-it-alls. I hope I'm not coming across as one... I just know how you're feeling and want to help! By the way, I can think of a few things for your 10 list! You're a dedicated friend. (Why do you think your so missed when you're not around for a few days?!) You're great support. (You've encouraged countless women here!) You're devoted to your family. (You're always taking off to help them, young and old!) And, you can tell by your posts, that you are very intelligent and articulate! Of course, I'm not going to mention those things... I wouldn't want to make you feel better. :p

Gotta get jogging before those piano students arrive!

See everyone in a bit!
Sara :)

09-17-2002, 04:41 PM
Whew! I'm back from jogging! I feel better for doing it already!

Baylee... Thanks for the poem! I'm gonna give my hubby a big kiss as soon as he gets home from work...er...that is, right after my students leave!

I'm starting to get excited about my one-on-one volunteer interview with our local sexual assault support center tomorrow afternoon... then I start my official training the following Monday night! I think I'm gonna do a bit of reading from some of my old women's studies textbooks to get prepared for it!

Now that I'm all sweaty and gross looking, I'd better hightail it and get looking presentable before my students get here!

Sara :)

09-17-2002, 05:06 PM
BAYLEE: Your poem is WONDERFUL. Just what we needed. THANK YOU for sharing.

2CUTE: :grouphug: We're here to help if we can. Don't go too far away. :grouphug:

SARA: Woman, you tire me out. :) :) :) But you also INSPIRE ME.:angel: You are doing the right things to help yourself and help others. You're doin' something right! :cp: :cp:

A quote: When things go wrong .... Don't go with them.


09-17-2002, 06:05 PM
Hi all remember me;) I'm still around and have been reading your posts. It's sounds like were all in need of a great big group hug :grouphug: I've been wanting to post but need the extra kick in the pants to do so, and Baylee your poem gave me the kick I was looking for.

I just started bawling when I read your poem, it's so true, I have a five year old son, and am not the greatest loving, kindest mother he could have. I need to relax more and learn to enjoy the time I have with him. Not worry about the mess he makes when he eats dinner, or that he's always spilling something, or even get mad and yell at him when he's playing in the tub. I'm feel like I'm a very angry person and he takes the brunt of all my outbursts and it's not fair to him. I would love to have another child, but I'ts not fair to them to be brought up with an unhappy and angry mother. :bomb: I gonna hang this poem on my fridge and look at it every day to remind me to relax and enjoy him, he's a good boy, trying to be a kid and I'm trying to tell him to growup and stop acting like a kid, I need to back off and let him be himself, with all his messes and mistakes, he wont be my little boy for ever.:twirly:

With that said, in order for me to be happy and enjoy life I need to take control of myself and my weight issues, I know it's been along time since the last time I posted. But I started back on the healthy way of life, ( my way of saying diet, don't like the word ) On September 2 and have lost 6lbs so far and am feeling better already I am determined to lose this weight, my first goal is to get down to 295 lbs, my fiance weighs 220 lbs and wants to get down to 195 lbs, I'm goind to try to beat him to it even though it's still 100lbs more than him it's still a mini goal, and if I beat him he has to take me on a date, a real one not just fast food and a movie to take home.

I've been posting on Fitday.com for the past 2 weeks and it's really keeping me in track, I'm trying not to eat more than 1500 calories per day. It also lets me see how much cal are in certain item's, like a bag of chips has 800 and some calories, and I've been choosing fruit and high fibre foods instead. They've changed my shift at work ( i now work 5 and 2, instead of 8 and 6) so I have more time to use the computer. If it wasn't for the computer and all the wonderful weight loss sites and guides, I don't know where I'd be. The computer is my major motivational coach.:genie:

I'm gonna try once again to be more regular, and post more often, hope all are getting over there pms bouts:yikes: maybe that's why I'm so angry, can pms last all month long:^: anyways bye for now

09-17-2002, 08:47 PM
Augh!! I don't have time for individual posts today..but I read all your posts, I promise!!

2cute -
Failure can be pretty overwhelming, huh? It weighs on you...and you really DO end up wondering like you said "can I really even get out of this" I don't know how it is for you exactly, but it helps me to imagine myself as the person that I want to be. Yeah I want to be "thin"...but WHY do i want that? because i want to have a healthy, long and fulfilled life...and not have to worry about being held back.
Ok, this may sound cheezy but I am a huge literature fan, and I think Mark Twain is beautiful at constructing sentences, hehe. He said this about failure:

"It is not in the least likely that any life has ever been lived which was not a failure in the secret judgment of the person who lived it."

I guess my point is the operative phrase would be "secret judgement"...you're doing the right thing by telling us you feel like you're "failing" but the truth is...you are not. If you're still coming here, eagerly seeking support, and still have that passion to go on...even a mustard seed size...we can build on that. Start over tomorrow. Today. Now. Concentrate on ONE thing today. Just ONE. Drink your water. Go for a walk. Tomorrow do another. Please, just do this for yourself, you owe it to yourself :)

Ok girls, I needed to say that...but right now I have like 5 sociology articles to read and I need to do a written proposel of my research topic. Woo hoo. :dizzy:

Good night/day to all!!

09-17-2002, 09:07 PM
Baylee, WHEW, you got out of that one! "PMS was and excuse".

I haven't had PMS either - at least not that I have noticed :lol:

Your #3 - if you can make 6 good husbands couldn't you FIND me just one? :?:

And, YES, I am very happy to know you, Baylee.

Thin, I wish I could come to one of your "bra jobs". They probably aren't as exciting as I imagine. :cb:

Congrats on your maintenance...and while on vacation...:dance:

Good thing you have #4 (I have nice boobs) considering the jobs you do!!! Have you ever thought about how much of your life revolves around boobs? :fr:

Thanks for the WW story. It does make things look entirely different.

So, day #2 and I once again - yep - journaled.....I am pretty pleased with myself.

Tina: I love your posts....even the PMS ones. You are so lucky to have your husband. Usually you hear the man is making fun of or hounding his wife to lose weight.

Kat, I have been thinking for months that I want to quilt too.....I want to do the sewing machine type...faster and easier. Doesn't Yoga make you feel good. I love it. Some day I want to be able to do power yoga. Congrats on the exercise...my hero!!!

Wow, 2cute you have a lot on your plate..(no pun)...Remember we are alway here and ready to listen.

09-17-2002, 09:10 PM
Sara, glad Baylee's poem helped. We never know when what we do or say might make a difference.

Melissa: you said exactly what I have been thinking...."We should be who we wish to be". What I focus on stays in my life so if I focus on my fat it will stay. Thanks....

09-17-2002, 09:22 PM
Hi Duckie! Welcome back! I was just wondering about you...Glad to see you're still hangin' in there!

Baylee...Thank you so much for the poem... another reminder for us to stop and smell the roses, live for today, count your blessings, and my favorite; Don't sweat the small stuff!

Tina, you had me in tears with your post about taking the walk together. That's what we are doing here, we're all on the same journey. Some of us have times where we're off on a tear, way ahead of the pack, and there are times when we're just ambling along...there are also times when we're barely hobbling down that same road, but there is ALWAYS someone there to lend a hand. What a wonderful analogy!

2cute...at the risk of giving unsolicited advice, let me just say that you are one of the most caring, giving people I "know," it's time to give yourself a little credit for all that you do. Love yourself, you deserve it.

Sara...I'm so glad I inspired you! That's what you've been doing for me all along with your jogging and your phenomenal weight loss! I went out to the park today with my doggie and we had a good hike over a nice hilly trail. Tonight after I dropped my son off at karate, I had just enough time to hustle on over to Curves for my 30 minute sweat session. I feel good!!

Hope everyone has a good night...I'm off to bed and back to work tonight...:(
that just took the wind out of my sails!

see you on "the road!"

09-17-2002, 09:32 PM
Hey Meliss and Lucky...you were posting at the same time as I was...I didn't want to 'snub' either of you! What wonderful advice you gave, Mel...you are wise beyond you years!
Now get back to your homework, young lady!

Lucky...2 days!?! I think the entire time I have been posting here, you have been speaking, reluctantly about your need to start journaling...and now you're doing it! *sniff* I'm so proud!

Really going now...love to all...

09-18-2002, 01:20 AM
Here I am again ... except this time I am a little more stable. :lol:
I did not perfect my woe but I certainly improved on it. :D
My hubby brought home LongJohnSilvers' fish and I only ate 2 and some corn. Then just before coming here to post... I gave in to some carrot cake that was sitting out in fromt of me all evening. That can be avoided just by putting it up where I don't stare at it all night. :rolleyes: I didn't do perfect... but I certain made progress... and anyone who knows me knows.... Progress not perfection.... and ... practice makes progress. ;)

I am headed for bed. Just couldn't go without thanking everyone for their silence and their advice. :lol: I love all of you sooo much.

09-18-2002, 10:03 AM
Awww...Baylee, that is so nice...and so true! (although I ALWAYS sing out loud, off-key and make up the words if I don't know 'em!)

Quickie post for me...I'm off to the gym! I'm going to see about a few personal training sessions. One of the trainers there is a woman who was once heavy. (you'd never know it by looking at her!) She's very down to earth and sweet, not at all an intimidating hotty in spandex. I'd like to give that a shot again. We'll see.

See you later!

BTW, Baylee...are you showing the exercise place that you're mad at them by not going...but still paying? Or is it pay as you go? I was (am) paying $39/mo for almost 4 months and not going...and I wasn't even mad at them!

09-18-2002, 10:38 AM
Kat- you mentioned that you go to Curves. Since you're also in NJ, how much does a membership cost. There is one opening near me, and it sounds like a good workout, but I've heard that Curves is expensive. Just wanted to know.

09-18-2002, 11:01 AM
I am walking out the door... Just had to say good morning and let everyone know I feel better and stronger today.
PROGRESS.... Yea !!!!!

09-18-2002, 01:30 PM
Just stopping in for a quick post. Well, it's WI Wednesday and I've lost a total of 2 pounds this week. That's less than normal... and I've been working harder than ever! I think my loss is starting to slow down (boo!) and it's possible that I'm gaining a bit of muscle from all my jogging. So, last Wednesday, I was at 64 pounds lost and this one, I'm at 66 pounds lost. Those last few pounds that will take me below the 200 mark are dropping off at a snail's pace (for me). You know, it feels good though... no matter what, I KNOW I'll keep at it until I weigh 150 pounds. I've made that committment and I'm 100% devoted to it! I've already lost 66 pounds... what's another 54?!

Baylee... Gym memberships/dues can be SO unfair, eh? That's terrible that they wouldn't extend it because of your surgery! My hubby's (unused) gym membership has been taking $20 too much out of his account for the last 5 months. He's complained numerous times, they've said they'd correct it and send us a check and, as far as I can tell, they haven't done anything yet! IF I end up signing up for a membership in the late fall because I can't jog outside anymore, I will NOT authorize direct debit... I'll pay for the year upfront if necessary but I will NOT have them accessing my bank account and taking out whatever "fees" for as long as they see fit! I've heard too many horror stories! :mad:

2Cute... I'm glad you're feeling better today! Glad we could be here for you! :love:

Kat... Wow! Off the gym again... we'll keep each other inspired, okay?! I promise to jog today too! Wow... that's a real find... a personal trainer that used to be overweight! Hope she gives you amazing advice that you can pass on to all of us! :lol:

Duckie... I don't think I got the chance to welcome you back and on track! I was wondering recently where you slipped off to! Btw, I think the fact that you show such concern and awareness of how you interact with your son, makes him luckier than a lot of children! The parents that fail to recognize that they might not be doing everything 100% right might be the ones with the most trouble!

I've gotta get moving. My hubby is gonna be home from work for lunch any minute and I have to drive him back so I can take the car to my volunteer interview later this afternoon... and I'm still in my housecoat! I'm so lazy on Wednesdays! :o

Hello to all my other lovelies out there... Mary, Malia, Mel, Michelle, J-Ann, Lucky, Tina, Thin, Susie, Steph (where the heck are you?), and everybody else that my do-do memory is forgetting! :lol:

Sara :)