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05-07-2010, 07:04 AM
Happy Friday! The sun is just coming up and it's looking to be another glorious day here. :)

I have a load of garden soil due to be delivered this morning, so I must hang around the house for that. In the meantime I guess I'll do some dusting and vaccuming and get the guest room ready for the sleepover tonight. I have to pick up Audrey, Maggie, and their friend Skylar and take them to riding lessons after school, before heading back home again. The girls decided on pizza for supper, so that will be easy. :)

Coffee's ready and there's plenty for all. Sit down a spell and join me before getting on with the day. :cofdate:

05-07-2010, 07:16 AM
Hi everyone! Today's the last day of teacher appreciation week!! I'm so glad. When I refuse the treats the students have brought in they seem so disappointed. I'm not about to let a bunch of teeenagers know I'm on a diet, but all the food pushing has not made this the best week. Plus the other teachers talk about the food too much.

It's nice to be appreciated, but coming in to help me clean my classroom would have been a much better gesture!!!

05-07-2010, 07:16 AM
Good morning Cottage :coffee2: Happy gardening :)

fcmonroe - My Mom lost about 15 lbs after she retired. The kids always gave food gifts and the teacher's lounge was the worst. Good luck getting through the last day of being appreciated ;)

This has turned into a pretty yucky week around here. I'll be happy to see the end of it. Yesterday DW lost her job which was pretty unexpected. Then last night I was putting dishes away and reached out to grab a falling cup. This morning I have a sausage finger so I guess I'll have it xrayed after my morning meeting. After that it will be the weekend and I'm just going to relax, look for interesting migrating birds, and maybe drink some wine.

05-07-2010, 07:21 AM
Good morning, Cottage, and thanks for the coffee. Brilliant but chilly morning out there. My furnace came on!

Cyndi, so sorry about DW's job situation - AND your finger. I hope it's not broken.

Frances, nice to see you popping in so regularly. Yes, help with cleaning the room would be a much better show of appreciation.

Spent most of yesterday gardening and sorting, pricing and labeling plants for the sale on Saturday. Some folks really went all out with potting up hunks of their perennials and starting plants from seed. My friend Terri brought in three truckloads! I don't know how she did it in her wee house which is really a converted cottage. Her husband claimed they have been sleeping in the car the past month!

The work continues at two this afternoon and goes on until seven tonight. We open at nine tomorrow morning and 3/4 of the plants will be gone by 9:30! Folks line up outside starting around 7:30 and it's just wild when those doors open. Think Filene's basement!

That seems to be all that will fit into my day but I do plan some quiet times this morning - maybe with the phone off! My furries will enjoy snuggling beside me on the couch while I finish the last of the binding on that baby quilt which I seem to have been working on for months.

Hope your day is full of snuggles and sunshine rather than niggles and gloom.

05-07-2010, 07:23 AM
Hi Linda and everyone yet to visit:sunny:

Oh Cyndi, I just read...I am so sorry! Relaxing seems like a good thing to do...Take care! :hug:

Frances, it sounds like it will be good to have TAW over...maybe they'll clean for you next year.

Linda, I'm amazed at how much soil you can fit in your yard! I would love to see your yard come mid-summer! Thanks for the reminder that it IS Friday...this week has really gone by fast! I look forward to your party report.

We're leaving in the next 1/2 hr so I'm going to pack the laptop soon. We're over the hill to get the other yard set to automate while Kirk is gone. It's too hard to travel back and forth with the pups without help. We bought some bedding plants yesterday but I'm looking forward to the Botanic Garden plant sale this morning.

See ya'll later!

05-07-2010, 07:25 AM
I'm making lattes for everyone, it's sounding like you all need one this morning. :grouphug:

05-07-2010, 07:28 AM
Ruth - I want to come to your plant sale! I haven't been to a good plant sale in a long time and yours sounds wonderful.

Debbie - Enjoy the plant sale. See you on the other side :)

05-07-2010, 07:59 AM
Good Friday morning.

Cyndi - so sorry about DW's job. I hope your finger is okay.

I have to go wake up DS early to take the AP exam. Not sure why he thinks he needs so much time to get ready. He has another varsity track meet late today. It will be a long, stressful day for me since DH has procrastinated moving stuff back into our office and now needs to get it done before company tomorrow. Major niggles here.

05-07-2010, 09:07 AM
Happy Friday! I'm going to attempt this!
Cottage - I see you're in the Philly suburbs. Would that be North, as in Bucks County? I'm looking for a place to take my Girl Scouts on a trail ride followed by a spa trip, and Bucks seemed a likely place to be able to find both. Saw the riding mention....
Cyndi - ouch and ouch. Sorry, and hope it gets better.
Waisting - good luck on S's AP exam. D took her French one on Monday, but most likely tanked. She's gotten her wisdom teeth out last week, and halfway through the exam her painkillers wore off. Yuck.
The rest of you impress the heck out of me - up and gardening, cleaning, moving. This thread will be great inspiration for me.

Now my day: I'm excited. I've recently reconnected with a bunch of HS friends via Facebook, and we're getting together tonight. I haven't seen some of them since graduation 34 years ago! Thanks to SB, I'm 11 lbs lighter, so while not at goal, I can keep my head high. long as I keep it high enough to not keep drooling at the drinks and snacks that will be there tonight, I should be okay! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can keep it at 2 glasses of wine!
Enjoy your Friday!

05-07-2010, 10:32 AM
Good morning,

Ruth- good luck with the plant sale

Cyndi- sorry to hear about DW and the finger- hope it is not broken

Debbie- safe travels to the other side

:wave: to everyone else.

Today wfh- lots of work to do and then tonite I am going to site of graduation party to make sure we will have enough chairs and tables as their was a guffaw and now there will be two parties there at the same time- but atleast we found out it is friends of ours and our sons are friends so it's all good.

Have a great day everyone.

05-07-2010, 12:44 PM
Hey everyone! Just a quick drive-by for me. My DS was up with croup last night so we didn't get much sleep. Today I have to go get our hardwood floors ordered (woohoo!) and be back in time for the pest control guy to come and take care of our ant problem. I hope you all have a great Friday!

05-07-2010, 12:46 PM
Cyndi, did you have your finger looked at yet? I hope it's OK! Maybe you just jammed it. ;) I think a birding weekend is just what you need after this rough week, and I hope the weather is nice for it.

Ruth, that plant sale sounds like lots of fun tomorrow! If I lived closer I'd certainly want to be there! Rest up today, as it sounds like it's going to be a busy morning tomorrow.

Francis, I'm happy that you're jumping right in, and I hope your last day of TAW is a good one!

Debbie, I hope you made it over the mountain in time for the plant sale!

Karen, I hope your day is going smoothly and that you'll be rested and refreshed for your company!

Cate, I live in the western suburbs, in Chester County. There are lots of nice trails in Bucks Co., and some really great spas there, too. That sounds like it's going to be a fun outing for the scouts. Have a good time at your reunion this evening!

Pearlrose, it's sounds like all is turning out well for the graduation party. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!

I just picked some fresh Swiss chard from the garden and am going to cook it up with white beans and mushrooms for my lunch. It sure is satisfying to go right out to the garden to pick your lunch. :D

05-07-2010, 02:41 PM
Good morning/afternoon everyone!

Cottage, have fun with the girls tonight!

fcmonroe, good for you! Stay strong!

Cyndi, so sorry about DW's job! Unexpected unemployment is just awful... DH and I have been there a few times. I hope there is no major damage to your finger!

Ruth, I wish I lived near you and could come shop your plant sale! It sounds spectacular!

Debbie, Have a great day! Hope you find some lovely plants at the sale!

Karen, I hope moving the office stuff around is as least stressful as it can be. Hopefully it will go smoothly and quickly! Enjoy your company.

Cate, Don't you love how FB reconnects you with people you haven't seen forever? I do! I don't think abstaining from treats will be hard, you've already lost 11 lbs, why would you want to go back? You can do it!!

Pearl, Good luck with the grad party!

Chelsea, Sorry about your son! I hope he feels better. I'm so jealous of all the makeovers your house is getting!! I hope you post some before/after pics when everything's done! :)

As for me, today will be a lounge-by-the-pool day. A friend from out of town is here visiting to house-sit for her aunt (who is also a friend of mine) and will be coming over with her son. I haven't seen them in a few months so I'm really excited to spend some time having fun in the sun with them!

I wish you all a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!!

05-07-2010, 03:14 PM
Procrastination is the name of the game here today. I hate cleaning!

Cate - Have a great time. That sounds like a lot of fun. Facebook is so great for connecting.

Rose - I hope the party planning goes smoothly from here on out.

Linda - I have never had swiss chard. What does it taste like?

Kelly - Sounds relaxing. Wear sunscreen!

Okay, I am going to Costco and the grocery store now and maybe DH will have made great progress while I am gone.

05-07-2010, 07:43 PM
The finger is not broken as far as they can tell (she said sometimes it doesn't show on the xray for a few days). The more likely reason I have so much swelling is that I probably had a ganglion right at the point of injury and it burst. I was saving a large and heavy mug from hitting the floor.

Other than that annoyance the day was pretty good. The meeting wasn't as boring as anticipated and it was a good day for driving.

Not sure if there will be much birding this weekend between the rain and the wind. Even all local is fun this time of year.

And now for the weekend!

05-07-2010, 07:53 PM
Hi:wave:from the Western slope! C-O-L-D here! We saw snow on both passes.

Cyndi, I was hoping to have an update on your finger!

Ruth, we posted at the same time this AM. I so wish I could come to your plant sale! I hope you find that quiet time this evening!

Karen, I hope the house finally got clean! haha on niggles!

Cate, looking forward to hearing about your reunion. 1976?? That was my year. I got a chuckle re:your comment about the early morning busy-ness. I don't know about the later posters, but the early crew seems to run well on caffeine!

Pearlrose, have fun at the party! Pics??

Chelsea, hope your Son is better and the ants are worse!

Kelly, :beach: No words needed!

We made it to the plant sale and they didn't have what we wanted, so we were cruising out the entrance empty handed and guess what?? We saw our best friends from home(160 m)-the ones we traveled with to Arizona this Spring! It was so funny and we wouldn't have seen them if we had bought anything! Got home in time to go to a luncheon with Mom, which was great because some people didn't recognize me since they haven't seen me since I lost weight. Home finally...leftovers tonight...there are plenty here. Yay!

I think we can officially call it the weekend!

05-07-2010, 08:03 PM
Whew! Made it through teacher appreciation week without sampling any of the "appreciation". I'm so glad that's over!