Weight Loss Support - Anyone ever been embarrassed for their signifcant other b/c of your weight?

05-05-2010, 07:16 PM
I was wondering if anyone is embarassed for their spouse/ significant other? This is pretty pathetic, I know, for me to be embarassed for my husband, relating to my weight.
I was doing ww to get to 135 lb goal weight by this May for a very special graduation for my DH from a master's program. I will be meeting all his classmates he's been with for the past three years. Well, we found out we are expecting back in Sep of '09 and I'm due one week before this big graduation. Not only am I not at the goal weight but I not even close to my usual weight. I would have felt uncomfortable at my usual weight, now I'm just embarassed for DH. Plus the baby belly will likely be gone, so I don't even have that obviously visable exuse. Just a saggy tummy.

So I actually feel embarassed that DH has to introduce me to his classmates as his wife. Also, he is graduating a medical program and I'm an RN so its two fold because I'm supposed to know how unhealthy being over weight is and I've seen class photos and no one in his 40 person class is over weight except DH.
Dh has never made me feel bad about my weight and still tells me how great I look, but I feel embarassed that he has to bring me to the graduation being over weight and everything still loosy goosy in my belly from having a baby, especially because he has a class full of very fit, atheltic, healthy, young people.
I don't feel embarassed for myself, just for DH. Does that make sense?

Has anyone else ever felt this way? :?:

05-05-2010, 07:20 PM
When my boyfriend and I first met, I weight 170 and he weighed 200 pounds. He lost 30 pounds when we moved in together because I keep him more active than he use to be because I like to go out and do stuff and what not. But he then handed off his bad eating habits to me. Now the role has reversed. ha Sometimes when we are out together I wonder if people wonder why he dates a fat girl...but it doesn't ruin my day or anything.

05-05-2010, 07:25 PM
I was 225 when I started my weight loss journey...lost 25 pounds...got pregnant...gained 25 pounds...now 11 months PP down 45 pounds.

I literally exercised the whole pegnancy, controlled my food intake and left the hospital weighing 215. Don't ever feel embarrassed when you are pregnant - you are growing a precious baby in there. Be happy for your husband and his accomplishment!


05-05-2010, 07:44 PM
Thank you for your responses ladies. I know a few days before graduation I am going shopping to buy something new to wear, mostly because I don't own anything that will fit me post pardem. So that will help. I'm looking forward to having our new little baby and getting started on weight loss again!