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05-04-2010, 10:22 AM
I recently bought a new digital scale && i don't think it's righttt :( Everytime i use it; it says something different. I weighed myself one day && it said i was 185.6..i weighed myself a couple days after and it said i weighed 181.9...so it's saying i lost 4 pounds in just a couple of days. I dont think so.. I think i need to take it back.. idk. I'm disappointed in my scale, i counted on youu! :(:(

05-04-2010, 10:26 AM
Is this the very beginning of your weight loss journey, like your first 4 days? If so it's quite possible that you are down 4 lbs.

Why not take something that you know the weight of - a 5 lb bag of sugar or a dumbbell and give that a whirl on that new scale of yours and see the results.

05-04-2010, 10:29 AM
Hmm, i never thought bout doing that. Thanks. I'll do that ;) I have a 5lb dumbbell i'll use.

05-04-2010, 10:42 AM
Also, put it on a wood, tile, or lino surface. Even the thinnest carpet will make a scale wonky. I used to be able to make myself weigh 4 pounds less just by leaning back on my heels. Of course I gained a good bit by standing on my toes. I never stood on my toes on weigh in day.... Unfortunately it took me a couple months to discover that the scale was wildly inaccurate - it wasn't till I lost 20 pounds overnight that I decided to investigate.

Now I carry the scale in to the kitchen to get an accurate reading.

05-04-2010, 10:44 AM
It is weird that digital scales are a little fickle since you would think they would be the most accurate. Make sure it on level flooring like wood or tile not carpet. I weigh myself three or four times and then take the average of the weights or sometimes the same weight comes up two or three times and I just go with that!

05-04-2010, 11:06 AM
Make sure you have your scale on an even surface also. I recently found out that my scale has been off about 5 pounds because of where I was weighing at. Our bathroom floor is uneven and therefore where ever you put the scale you get a different number! It is frustrating but at least you know your true number. And on those low self-esteem days its nice to pick a spot where you know it will be just a little less--- just to boost your confidence a little. hahah

05-04-2010, 11:13 AM
I have a very uneven house so I know my scale isnt on point 100% but I do make sure that it's in the same spot all the time. I use the bathroom tiles as my guide. I figure that if I weigh the same spot everytime it'll be an acurate depiction of my loss even if the number is a few pounds off from a level scale at the dr.

Friday I weighed 193 in my bathroom first thing in the morning. At the dr's 2 hours later, in my jeans, sneakers and with breakfast and some water in me I weighed 201. I figure about 4 pounds can be attributed to clothing/food/water. the other 4 lbs roughly is the difference in my scale. I didn't get discouraged, but i use the 193 at my weekly tracking because it's most accurate for my weekly weigh in since I"m using it every week while I see the dr much less often. I happen to go back to another dr this friday and will be on another different scale but I will compare in my head the at home weight from that morning with my 11am weight in clothing and it should be lower than 201 if i'm on track. Does that make sense?