Vegetarian - A day in the life of a vegetarian?

02-01-2000, 08:09 PM
I'm trying to make the shift from meat to meatless, but I sometimes get stuck! If any of you vegetarians wouldn't mind giving me an example of a day in your food life, I would really appreciate the insight.

02-01-2000, 08:38 PM

Raisin Bran
Skim Milk


Health Valley veggie soup (Pasta Fagouli, Pasta Romano, etc.)
Sugar snap peas

Banana bread or blueberry muffin

Couscous with steamed veggies
Pasta with spinach tomato sauce
Veggie lasagna
Veggie chili

I hope this helps.


02-02-2000, 01:33 AM
This is what I have had to eat today,

BREAKFAST: ff, high fiber muffin
ff yogurt

LUNCH: 1 cup Lentil soup
1 kick arse salad with 2 T ff dress
half a pita with tom slices & 2 slices Yves vegetarian slices

Snack: Pudding

DINNER: TVP sheperds pie w milk and possibly some steamed brocoli

For dinner i also eat veg. chili, homemade bean soup, tofu stir fry, cous cous, baked beans, It s really not that hard as long as you get your protein points.

02-02-2000, 05:54 AM
Here's one day from last week and one from this week:
Breakfast - Soy flake cereal with soy milk and raisins
Lunch - "Bacon" (veggie style), lettuce and tomato sandwich on high fiber rye with lemon mayonaise; cut up red bell pepper and cucumber
Snack - fruit salad with 1T coconut
Dinner - Stuffed cabbage (I used a recipe from Cooking Light magazine and substituted vegetarian bulk sausage for ground turkey) with steamed red potatoes
Dessert - orange sherbet and biscotti
Breakfast - Yogurt with oatmeal stirred in, sliced cantaloupe
Lunch - Taco salad with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, green onions, cheese and tortilla chips served with salsa
Snack - bag of popcorn (munched on all day)
Dinner - seasoned black beans with spelt tortillas, salad
Dessert - Cafe twist (a cookie I get from Trader Joe's), decaf coffee and amarretto

Hope this helps. I remember back when I first started (more than 20 years ago!) and my biggest tip as far as weight goes is if you are going to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian, really try and not rely on just cheese, eggs and dairy for your protein. Who said vegetarians were slim? Certainly not me after eating 8 ounces of cheese in a day!

02-02-2000, 10:55 AM
Many thanks. I think that I'm making this more difficult than it really is!


02-02-2000, 09:36 PM
Glad we could help! I remember years ago the first cookbook I read about vegetarian cooking was "Cooking for a Small Planet" by Francis Moore Lappe. She said one of the problems people initially have (especially if they're trying to get their family to eat less meat too) is that we, as Americans, have always defined our meals by what meat we're serving. For example, when asked "What's for dinner?", it's "pork chops" or "chicken". When you become a vegetarian, you lose that "connection". Her advise was to make it a gradually transition so you could start re-thinking your answer to "what's for dinner". I find this a very "freeing" thought, now "what's for dinner" isn't limited to 4 or 5 meat choices, but is only limited by my imagination. Sometimes, I think in terms of a country - like tonight is Chinese night or Thai night; and I've learned not to say dinner is "beans". I now appreciate the different flavors of probably 15 to 20 different kinds of beans and dinner can be lentils, or garbanzos, or black beans. All of these are unique in flavor, just like ground turkey and ground hamburger are unique. Sorry to ramble, but I love to cook; it's a real hobby for me, something I don't want to lose while the pounds melt away. If you need any help, feel free to e-mail me. Good luck!

Polly Esther
02-03-2000, 05:42 AM
its not that hard to make the change. I'm not vegetarian, i'm pescetarian (means I still eat fish).

Daily, I'll eat:

Breakky: 1 egg + 3 egg whites scrambled with a little tomatoe and onion. 1 slice of multigrain toast. A piece of fruit

Lunch: lentil soup or beans/rice/veggies or a hummus & veggie sandwich

Dinner: similar to lunch. Veggie chili, veggie burgers, tofu or fish could be found here.

Snacks: fruit, veggies, ryvita crackers...the usual!

There are many levels of vegetarianism. Slowly work your way into it and it will become natural.

BTW - WHY do you want to be a veggie?

02-03-2000, 08:23 AM
Why do I want to be a veggie? My husband is still asking me that.

It's a sad thought that something walking around died when I could be eating something else.

A great many of the families that I work with have farm animals. These animals have names, they recognize family members (the cow "Molly" who gets all excited when she sees the family's mom come home), and we're killing these guys to eat a hamburger? Eew.

I saw a great bumper sticker: "I'm not vegeterian because I love animals--I'm vegeterian because I hate plants."


02-03-2000, 09:21 PM
Hi calamity! I grew up being a MAJOR meat eater! If I had anything less than "ribs or steak" I thought I was eating "light". Then I started owning dogs, watching them I saw how different they were from each other, what personalities they had, their likes & dislikes and the idea that I was eating animals began to seriously repel me.

I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now. Once I was in a grocery store and was hungry I saw a block of tofu and I thought "Boy, I wish I could eat that right this minute!" and I knew my food tastes had CHANGED. Ten years ago I never would have eaten tofu never mind "craving" it when hungry!

A good product that I get is Zoglos Vegetarian cutlets, chicken patties, mini loaves (which are like meatballs but even better). They are imported from Israel. I am in Canada so I buy these meat substitutes at the health food store in the frozen food section. I have bought them in the United States. I think it was Albertson's. Anyway they are just delicious!
Best wishes to you all!

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02-13-2000, 07:44 PM
Hi Judy,

In which stores do you buy Zoglos cutlets,
mini loaves etc.

In am in Canada also.

Thanks for the info,


02-14-2000, 07:32 AM
Hi!! I buy Zoglos in Capers. They are really good! Even meat eaters like them.

02-24-2000, 01:32 AM
I have been a vegetarian for about 6 years or so, give or take. It's nice to see I am not alone in that here, sometimes I feel like the "only one" when visiting diet/weight loss boards!! A typical eating day for me would be something like this:

Breakfast: Bob's 5 grain organic hot cereal w/a tsp of honey, ICBINB spray (instead of the real butter it calls for) and a half a sliced banana on top

Lunch: Steamed broccoli & cauliflower w/low fat garlic tahini sauce and a piece of pita bread
OR (yesterday's lunch)
Saffroned basmati rice w/chopped leeks, 1/2 a whole wheat roll, sliced celery and carrots w/fat free italian as a dip
lima bean dilled basmati (we eat a lot of rice)

Snack: Apple, or tangerine, or if really craving protein I'll have a tbsp of freshly ground saltless almond butter spread on a brown rice cake

Dinner: baked potato w/salsa or FF sour cream, cut veggies etc OR a few steamed asparagus spears
Lentil Dahl

I'm allergic to soy and don't care for meat replacer products much, so I go in another direction entirely. I do love veggie burgers though, I use the grain-type mix called Nature's Burger in BBQ flavor. I use it for the occasional burger but mostly in tacos w/fat free mini corn tortillas, healthy choice pizza cheese, salsa and veggies. They're really good!!

mimi 2
02-27-2000, 11:59 PM
I was just reading this thread, because I was curious how you could do w.w. and stay vegetarian. I've always wanted to stop eating meat, but thought I would be too hungry, and never lose weight. Maybe I will give it a try.. Seems like you ladies are successful.
Calamity Jane, I also live in a rural area, and the people up the road, get a calf every spring, and slaughter it every winter. I walk up that road everyday, my two dogs greet the calf, because he always comes running up to us. It was so upsetting to find that this loveable animals, with those gorgeous big eyes is someones dinner right now. When you go to the supermarket, you just see packages of meat, but you never see the actual animal.

Another reason to be vegetarian is all the growth hormones, and antibiotics they load these animals up with. Is this one of the reasons that people have all these cancers?

I would really like to give up meats and try vegetarianism for a while. I will still eat eggs, dairy and fish for a while.
WOuld anyone have a good book they could suggest, as far as recipes?
I have the "diet for a small planet".

Thanks for your help.

03-01-2000, 04:09 AM
I'm from South Dakota. That means meat and potato country and good luck finding any fresh gourmet veggies. I looked for shitake mushrooms for three hours the other night! I am never hungry with my vegitarian ways. I love mushrooms, and I use them as a replacement for meat in most italian foods. Portabello mushrooms have a hearty flavor and a thick texture so they work the best for this. I have sooooo many awesome veggie cookbooks. My favorite is "The best vegitarian cookbook ever." It has pictures for every step. It also tells you what to look for in buying fruits, veggies, and grains, how to clean them, and keep them fresh. You don't really realize how creative you are until you don't eat meat. I've tried many things that just make people cringe. Just start making substitutions and you will figure out what replaces what.

03-01-2000, 09:21 PM
Thought I'd pass this on - I got the WW Versatile Vegetarian cookbook for my birthday in December and so far, the 4 recipes I've tried were excellent. My hubby even licked the bowl clean after I made the White Bean Pesto Dip. I highly recommend it.

03-06-2000, 09:55 PM
Hey, I made a good thing the other day and thought I would pass it on. Before starting to try to lose weight I loved egg mcmuffins (no meat) & sometimes would eat ... I am ashamed to admit it..TWO. Well, the other day I bought Pritkin w.w. english muffins, 2% american cheese, egg beaters and morningstar (fake) sausage patties. They were so good & much healthier than a regular egg mcmuffin. My 6 foot 5 inch, 185 lb. husband said they were better than the original thing...and he does not need to eat low fat etc. Try it!

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03-11-2000, 11:18 PM
Hi everyone,

I'd like to join in here if you don't mind. I am not a vegetarian by all means, but I have always thought I probably could be one. The truth is though that I do like meat also, just not tons of it. I would rather have a plate full of carbs & veggies with a tiny piece of meat. So, in my quest to eat healthier, I have decided to have one vegetarian dinner per week. Like Calamity Jane, I am having a hard time coming up with meals. Perhaps it is because I am new to this but it seems like the meal is not complete without a piece of meat. I am probably making this harder than it needs to be. I should probably use something to substitute the meat so that I feel like I am actually having meat. Like for instance, Millieb mentioned vegetarian sausage instead of ground turkey, etc. Are eggs considered a vegetarian food?

This next month my meatless dinners will consist of (I plan my meals out for the next month):

Pancakes (yes for dinner), w/ a fruit cup
Manicotti Florentine
Portobello Layered Mashed Potatoes
Eggplant Parmesan
Vegetarian Lasagna

I liked hearing the story about the cows with personalities. I never new they would get excited to see someone. I have to tell you about the TV show I saw the other night. True story in England (I think it was England), a farmer was attacked by a wild bull. A cow named Daisy called the other cows over while the man was being attacked and the cows formed a circle around the man so the bull could not get to him. Lucky they did that because the bull would have killed the man. I was so amazed.

Anyway, sorry for blabbing.


Amelia Lee
03-17-2000, 07:22 PM
WOW-- how great to find this topic! I was raised heavy meat eater on the coast. Lots of fresh seafood too. Now I'm 400 mi away from the beach and gave up seafood when I couldn't have it fresh. Gradually gave up meat because hubby couldn't get cholesterol levels down. Both parents died of cancer, and I believe they cancer is genetic because families eat the same food-- chocked full of hormones, antibiotics, etc... like someone mentioned above. Whoever heard of a vegetarian that needed to lose weight?????? Why I gained 10 lb the month I gave up flesh foods!! It opened up a whole new world of eating for me. And yeah, consuming 8oz of cheese/day is easy to do. So, the battle continues.

1 pc whole grain bread toasted
1 slice cheese melted on top

pasta w/ nutritional yeast & seasonings
grilled veggies

repeat, but get fresh garlic on the pasta since I don't go to work tomorrow!
cantaloupe for dessert

03-24-2000, 11:42 AM
I "eat mostly vegetarian meals".. i can't really claim to be a vegetarian per se, since i do eat a bit of chicken now and then, and regularly eat fish. Mhami ovo-lacto-vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy. Those who choose not to consume any animal products at all would be considered "vegan".

My average day..

Breakfast: toast and lite jam, or cold cereal... sometimes a scrambled egg + egg whites, or french toast. Milk.
Lunch: whole wheat pita spread with hummus, lettuce, tomato slices, and whatever else i find handy (kalamalta olives? sliced roasted beets? you name it, it's been in my sandwich!). Lite yogurt and a piece of fruit.
Dinner: Tonight's contained shellfish... made a stew-soup by sauteeing some garlic, onions, red peppers and mushrooms, tossed in a few handfuls of spinach (from a bag of pre-washed stuff.. very handy staple item to have around) and a diced tomato, frozen black tiger prawns and a squeeze of lemon. Added some water and steamed till done. My dinner entree is often a lot like this... i don't follow set recipes so often these days.. just chuck whatever i have on hand into the pot, and voila... amazing it usually turns out, really! *L* Yesterday i had "lasagne"... replacing half the noodles with slices of baked eggplant, using mushrooms instead of ground beef, and cutting way back on the cheese (recipe calls for a pound of mozza? ohhh yeah, those were the days!).

I have been using the Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks for years and highly recommend them. I also make great use of my local library.. test those cookbooks before you buy! I'm glad to hear someone say they've been pleased with the WW Versatile Vegetarian.. perhaps i will treat myself to a new book one of these days!


03-26-2000, 08:42 AM
I use the Low Fat & Fast series of cookbooks from Vegetarian Times magazine all the time. There is a general one, and three ethnic ones: Asian, Mexican, and Pasta. Even my meat-eating husband likes most of the stuff I make from those books; Veg. Times actually publishes a Low Fat & Fast magazine but I can't find it around here. The regular Veg. Times magazine is stellar too.

The trick for me was not trying to replace meat. If you're trying to fill that meat-sized hole on your plate, you really limit what you could eat, and I always ended up substituting something with a ton of cheese or eggs. Or both Sometimes I'll eat a cup of brown rice with a steamed sweet potato chunked on top, covered with some Thai peanut sauce. Vegan and under 10 points if you use an absolute drenching amount of sauce.

Other books that are good: anything by Deborah Madison, the Moosewood books (though some of the recipes in the low-fat book are simply awful), books by Lorna Sass (vegan books, so no dairy or egg).

Sample day from my food journal:

Breakfast (5.5 pts) -
1.5 cups Kashi Good Friends
1 cup milk (I'm not wholly vegan and I hate soymilk)
1 cup calcium-fortified orange juice

Lunch - (7 points)
1 cup brown rice
1.25 cups Bean Salad #5*
big glass of V8

Dinner - (9.5 points)
1 cup Caribbean black bean soup (uses coconut milk)
Kale stirfried with olive oil, red pepper flakes, and garlic
Whole wheat dinner roll

Snacks - (5 points)
A can of whole beets that I insta-pickled by draining and replacing the liquid with plain white vinegar
1 Brown Cow yogurt (an organic brand that's whole-milk, though they also make a nonfat)

* Bean Salad #5 is basically 2 cans of starchy beans and 2 cans of green or wax beans, dressed with a full prepared package of Good Seasons FF Italian dressing.

05-11-2000, 08:13 PM
Pulling Up.

05-24-2000, 05:15 AM
WHere do you get teh SHepards pie? Did you make it your self, if so what is the recipe Originally posted by Erika:
This is what I have had to eat today,

BREAKFAST: ff, high fiber muffin
ff yogurt

LUNCH: 1 cup Lentil soup
1 kick arse salad with 2 T ff dress
half a pita with tom slices & 2 slices Yves vegetarian slices

Snack: Pudding

DINNER: TVP sheperds pie w milk and possibly some steamed brocoli

For dinner i also eat veg. chili, homemade bean soup, tofu stir fry, cous cous, baked beans, It s really not that hard as long as you get your protein points.


06-03-2000, 01:16 AM
What great ideas. I'm not vegitarian(nor can I spell it) but I have two days every week that I don't eat meat. I find this helps towards my WW goal.
Suzette- 9 lbs to go

06-06-2000, 05:10 AM

Sample veggie day:

Breakfast: 1 slice toast w/ peanut butter

Snack: 1 orange

Lunch: pasta with tomato sauce

snack: frozen yogurt

supper: BLT with Yves Canadian Back Bacon (really good and if you use high-fiber bread and no mayo or butter the sandwich is only 3 points), tomato soup

Other ideas:
- veggie lasagna
- pita pizza or regular pizza (examples of toppings: mushrooms, green peppers, pineapple, olives, tomatoes)
- create-a-meal stir-fry (buy from grocery store, really easy and just don't add meat)
- grilled cheese with soup
- veggie wrap (you can buy them in Canada at a place called Badass Jacks, all you have to do is put some noodles or rice in a wrap and grill up some mushrooms, veggies and add teriaki sauce. They are very good and only about 4-5 points depending on size of wrap)
- macaroni w/ light cheese whiz
- fettincini alfredo (light options available) :)
- macaroni w/ can of diced tomatoes (it's actually pretty good)
- pasta figoli(sp?) soup, WW recipe
- cheese quesidillas with or without avocado dip
- veggie sausage w/ hashbrowns
Just to list a few things. :)

I have a really great receipe for veggie lasagna that uses Yves Ground Round as a meat substitute. Email me if you'd like it.

I've been vegetarian for almost 8 months, right before Canadian Thanksgiving and I can't image it any other way. I agree with the others that you just have to be a little more creative. :) Good luck.


06-10-2000, 04:44 AM
My all time favourite veggie cookbook is "The New Moosewood Cookbook". Its the sequel to the original, and they have a third excellent one called "The Enchanted Broccolli Forest"

My second favourite is "The Horn of the Moon Cookbook", recipes from a small vegetarian cafe in Vermont that I used to eat at all the time.

06-11-2000, 09:09 PM
I've been a veggie for over 5 years now & love it. Here are a few of my normal meal selections:

Morningstar Farms "chik" pattie, breakfast "sausages" or breakfast patties
Vegetarian chili or soup (yes, for b-fast--normally Health Valley brand)
Waffes with low cal syrup
Kashi cereal with Soy or Rice Milk

Lunch or dinner:
Morningstar farms products!!!! (they have "corn dogs","mini corn dogs", "ham" & cheese many good veggie substitute products)
Vegetarian pizza
Pasta dishes
Veggie burgers, "hot dogs"
Bean & veggie burritos
Subway's veggie burger sub
Blimpie's veggie burger sub
Tofu chinese dishes

I generally eat smaller meals & then snack a lot. Here are some snack ideas:

Fruit or yogurt
"power bar" essentials bars (2-3 pts)
Twinlab "soy sensations" bars (2-3 pts
Soy nuts
Flavored mini-rice cakes (bbq, cheddar, sour cream, etc)

I'm at goal on WW. Its so easy to be a vegetarian on WW because the foods we eat generally have a higher fiber content--especially the meat substitutes.

06-12-2000, 04:05 AM
WW & vegetarianism go together quite well, actually. In fact, when I achieved lifetime ~ 10 years ago, I became veggie along the way since protein was so limited on the WW plan back then. I like my veggies pretty much plain (esp. squash on the GF grill!), although I have some good recipes for some veggie casseroles and such. There are lots of good hints up above regarding veggie meals. I would also recommend reading "Diet for a New America" by John Robbins and his sequel, "May All Be Fed" to learn more about the importance of vegetarianism upon the environment and your health. These books helped me tremendously in my decision to become vegetarian. Enjoy your newfound healthy lifestyle, Dee (PoohsHunny)

06-14-2000, 04:36 AM
Hi, just found this...I'm veggie but new to WW and trying to change around the recipes on the CD ROM is driving me nuts!I have a carnivorous husband and a 2 year old son who is all for eating animals...I asked him if he thought it would be OK to eat the cat and he said not much chance of support there.
I do have one great diet tip, for those, who like me enjoy creamy pasta sauces and hate the texture of tofu.
Try making a sauce from a potato, a carrot and half an onion cooked in a little water,then add a pack of manrinated or plain tofu and blend it all until smooth. You can add all kinds of things to the basic theme, roasted red peppers, pine nuts (not very slimming, I know) and basil or fresh tomatoes are all good.
No matter how you feel about animal welfare,eating meat makes no sense for your health, or the health of the planet.Meat these days is full of all kinds of hormones and chemicals.I read the other day that our homes are more polluted than the outside world because of the chemicals we use for cleaning our homes and our bodies and the rubbish we call food!
Anyway, time to get off the soap box and on with the diet!


06-25-2000, 02:58 AM
go to they have some cool info on cooking.

Polly Esther
06-26-2000, 11:18 PM
I'm a lazy's my day (more or less)

Breakfast: Instant oatmeal, a piece of fruit, a small glass of skim milk

Lunch: chopped raw veggies (ie: tomatoe, cuke, celery, pepper) tossed with a 1/2 c. of chick peas and some seasoned vinegar; a piece of fruit; a fat free pudding for dessert

Snack: a few baked tortillas with bean dip

Dinner: the fastest and tastiest is left over brown rice, canned mixed beans - stirfry until warmed thru. Top with salsa. Throw together a big colourful salad.

Snack: a little fat free yogurt or a banana or (this is a little weird) -cooked frozen corn (I love corn) *LOL*.

06-07-2004, 02:15 PM
bumping up this thread :)

07-24-2007, 04:41 PM
Hey guys. I'm a newby. I've been pretty much vegetarian for a little over a year.... sometimes I slip up though. oops... This is one of my favorite books because the recipes are all easy but still delicious! You can get it at

Student's Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Quick, Easy, Cheap, And Tasty Vegan Recipes

Vegan World Fusion is also awesome with beauuuutiful photos! :)

I joined Weight Watchers yesterday so I'm still trying to figure it all out!!!!

04-23-2008, 10:48 PM
:] I'm trying really hard to switch, also. You guys have some very good tips! I guess I'm not completely a vegetarian, but I never eat red meat, and I'm now trying to limit my poultry and fish. It's kind of hard though when you live with a family who eats homecooked dinners every single night, and all have red meat or something like chicken or fish in it.
And actually, in response to what mimi had said earlier in her post, I would think it would be simple to do. I haven't had meat since the day before I started (okay, it was four days ago. :] But that's still a big deal for me.) and I've actually lost more weight than I had with a diet that included meat in it.

Thanks for the tips!!!

12-28-2009, 10:35 AM
Wow everyone!

I am so impressed! I was reading through your posts and am so happy to see that many people's reason for becoming vegetarian is compassion for animals :) I thank you for showing me that there are still people who can see there is no difference between a pet and a cow! :) I love this forum!

10-04-2010, 02:46 PM
now I feel bad, I became a vegetarian cause my mom told me I couldnt do it haha

just discovered boca chick patties, 3 points and some thin hamburger bun..easy and yum

06-21-2011, 03:03 PM
I know there are thousands of vegetarian cookbooks out there, but do any of our resident vegetarians/ vegans know of any cookbooks that don't depend on tofu/ soy recipes? I can't seem to find any, and buying the other books means I only get to enjoy 1/3- 1/2 of the book. I don't like tofu, and I personally don't want to eat a lot of soy products due to the whole mock estrogen/ cancer issue (cancer runs in my family, why help it out? ya know?). I think I'll be using a lot of beans & mushrooms (I love them) for "meat replacers".

10-09-2011, 02:15 PM
My favorite cookbook: Easy Vegan Cooking by Leah Leneman

Yes, it's vegan, but you can substitute and add eggs/dairy/cheese whenever applicable.

You know how you buy a cookbook and maybe make one or two recipes from it and then it sits on your shelf but you don't want to get rid of it? Well, with this book I seriously have made about three quarters of the recipes in the book, and every one turned out awesome.

I've been vegetarian for about 20 years now, I do eat prawns and white fish, sometimes raw tuna/salmon in sushi. I do eat organic non-antibiotic-ridden eggs and I do eat cheese.

I won't post my daily food list, but my go-to lunch is always some sort of burger that I either make myself quickly (i.e., bean burger) or if I'm in a rush I use the veggie burgers that I get from Costco. I pair that with rice. I may put a slice of cheese or a dollop of guacamole or avocado.