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09-15-2002, 10:28 AM






*She hath no scale but is in SIZE 10 now








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09-15-2002, 01:16 PM
Well, Amarantha MIGHT be discouraged if she did not keep records and did not realize she hath the metabolism of a sea cow! :moo: She is UP a half pound and is closing out her five-pound challenge at 164, realizing that on July 14, she weighed 168, so her net loss since before starting the 5-pound challenge is four pounds!!! Also, that once upon a time she weighed 247 (went down to approximately 147-something and is now going in the wrong direction; her ultimate goal is as always 135). She also realizeth THAT she hath brought her average calories for the past three weeks (Blue Moon Initiative ... don't ask, it's complicated) to 1855 from much higher. Last week's average was 1784. She burned 2020 in exercise calories. Her clothes are looser SO if the *&&& scale refuseth to move, SHE IS NOT DISCOURAGED BECAUSE IT ******* WILL!!!! :jig:

Now, Amarantha could just go away mad and forget her commitment to reach that ******* goal and become all introverted and miserable, but she hath been in long converse with Elbertine Pep by cell phone and she hath decided the fight against returning to her former weight, which was evil for her heart, soul and body, IS WORTH DOING! :angel: So for her Green Moon Initiative (aka, the time period of her new block on the 21-day challenge, she maketh also a new challenge to herself to lose FIVE POUNDS by Oct. 6. That's pushing it a bit, but SHE WILL DO IT BECAUSE SHE HATH THE POWER O'FIVE!!!

List update followeth again!!! Guinever, in case you didn't see the last post on other thread, what dost thou wish Amarantha to put on your challenge, since you don't have a scale? You are an inspiration to me as you are adapting to circumstances and keeping your commitment to health and today I RAN (aka jogged) for about five minutes in a 25-minute walk and thought of you!!! :wave:

09-15-2002, 01:20 PM






*She hath no scale but is in SIZE 10 now








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09-15-2002, 03:38 PM
Wow Empress A - I'm flattered! Running is one of the hardest things I've ever learned to do, so it never ceases to amaze me when other people decide to start! I love it! And don't feel discouraged by what a stupid scale says - they can be A: Wrong, B: Hateful, or C: Not measuring your muscle/fat ratio as one would like.

I guess for my next challange, I'll try something a little different. Since there is a scale at the gym, I'll just weigh myself with the same clothes each week and only moniter the loss instead of my actually weight. I'll set my goal for October 7th. That should give me plenty o' time!

Good job everyone! Don't feel bad if you gave in to some weekend tempations, I know I did - it's a new week and a new start.


09-15-2002, 04:27 PM
Ok, :queen: Guinever, you are on!!! List followeth! You are right IT'S A NEW START! Run on! As for me, I'll be like The Penquin who used to write for Runner's World, I'll "waddle on!" :jig:

I need to work, work, work today and so far I'm not doing it! But eating is good and no desire to binge. Bye now! :wave:

09-15-2002, 04:40 PM














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09-15-2002, 05:35 PM
Well ladies, this week I have no loss to report, but I did maintain so that's good. I'm not upset since I did have a big loss last week. I still have 2 weeks to make my goal so we'll see what happens.

09-15-2002, 06:25 PM
hi! i lost 2 lbs. this past week, which for me, is pretty good.

amarantha- wow! it is terrific that you have kept so much of the weight off which you originally lost. that is a great accomplishment to be proud of!

well, i wish you all a pleasant remainder of your weekend. have a good evening.


09-15-2002, 11:36 PM
Hi Ladies
well Im not sure what kind ow week I will have I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last few days and I can't say that my eating has been great. No real junk but not as balanced as ussual and my tummy is not impressed with me. Ate breakfast out this mornignon my way to the airport to pick up relatives, not the best thing to do but thats ok. then i did crackers and cheese and polish coil and kalbasa i did find a low fat turkey one and low fat crackers and cheese. (when I went shopping for the food I bought for me first then everyone else) I did a vegie platter and fruit. I did not indulge in the cake. For dinner I went to my brothers and he made salad chicken with the skin removed and vegies so that was good. So maybe I will have maintained or perhaps gone up a bit but given my week I can accept whatever comes my way. Well till Tues weigh in have a ggod week I'll be back then.

09-16-2002, 12:25 AM
Dollar: Sounds like you are doing ok despite your hectic few days! :cp: What a great line that is: "I DID NOT INDULGE IN THE CAKE! :cb: That's a real achievement. :hb:

GOOD NEWS! WSW HATH SENT TWO :dance: :dance: PACKING ... good for her!!! Updated list followeth! :cb:

Bobsgal hath MAINTAINED this week!!! :cp: Maintenance is GOOD, Bobsgale and thou should be highly commended!!! :jig:

Yo, Power O' Fivers, Amarantha hath finally finished her work and is falling asleep. She will skip the Leslie-A-Day, having exercised 60 minutes (pole walking) and eaten 1780 calories. She issueth herself a Leslie exemption. Too cheerful by half is Leslie and Amarantha must sleep!


09-16-2002, 12:28 AM














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09-16-2002, 07:03 AM
I can report 1lb lost- am glad I weigh in as early as I do as it is very very humid here and I feel like a sponge absorbing the humidity. I know it's probably all in my imagination but the air is very heavy -

Am glad for the 1lb as I guessed I might maintain since the past few weeks were big (for me) 2lb losses. Am also expecting the heavier muscle vs. fat ratio to show itself eventually.

But all in all, as our Empress points out, each day lends itself to the next and even small numbers add up to LOSS.

And don't forget what the snail said as he rode on the turtle's back , "Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

Dollar, good for you, buying for yourself first!! YOU DESERVE IT!
We ALL deserve it -

09-16-2002, 11:13 AM














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09-16-2002, 11:24 AM
GOOD NEWS!!!! :queen: KAYLETS o' Meditations hat chased a POUND O' SILLY DANCING FAT OUTTA OUR TERRITORY!!! Woo-hoo! :cp: :hat: Update is above!

Running late; Amarantha's challenge for today is a business lunch at a Mexican restaurant. She's taking her Calorie King counter and sticking strictly to business here (the REAL business of her existence, which though she hates admitting it, is to keep her body fit and healthy AND at a desirable weight, for without this ... as she's learned from her past life ... there IS no existence for her, so it MUST be a focus).

Kaylets: Congratulations again! You are doing fantastically! :cb: :jig:


09-16-2002, 01:14 PM
Hello all! :wave:

Amarantha - Ooooh, but the scale only shows part of the story! Your clothes are looser???? THAT is a victory!!!

Dollar - It sounds like you made some awsome choices. I hope you enjoyed your visit with family!

wsw - Congrats fellow looser!

Kaylets - 1 pound, :dance: buh-BYE!!!!

Bittersweet day... I'm down 2 pounds, thrilled to be in the 220's FINALLY and then when I got to work this morning I noticed my 14 year old fish had passed over the weekend sometime....

My 2 pound loss puts me into the next decade of numbers - 220's!!!! While watching my poor, poor 49ers this weekend I had the realization that I FINALLY weighed less than most of the people on the team!!! Silly thing to be happy to weigh less than a linebacker, but this time last year I weighed MORE than a good portion of them!

I only got 1 of my decks done. My back's gone out so bad that I can't hardly put weight on my left leg. Chiropractor appointment at 3pm today, then home for ice and heat!

My fishy, Pirahna was a Jack Dempsy cichlid This fish has been with me FOREVER - literally almost 1/2 as long as I've been alive. She was a tiny little thing when my Mom was still living in CA and my best friend was pregnant with her daughter who's now 11. Piranah moved with me when my husband and I moved out together in '92 and she survived jumping out of the tank and living on the carpet for who knows how long before I came home, found her and threw her dried body back in the tank. When we had to move in with his parents she came along even though my MIL was strongly against any pet of mine. When I divorced, she survived 12 hours in the car in a 1/4 tank of water strapped into my passenger seat on the drive to Oregon. She'd been blind for about the last 4 years and you had to tap on the lid to let her know food was up there. To the best we could figure she was over 14 years old.
So, I lost my not-so-little fish (she was about 5 inches long) and I feel a little silly, but I'm sad.

I wish her well and thank her for being around with me through so many of my life's journeys.


09-16-2002, 08:12 PM
Punkinseed!! Isn't it so true how much of our lives is intertwined with our pets!

and congrats on the loss-- Its a good thing to weigh less than a linebacker- you are that much further along the journey than last year--

And yes, Empress A-- what's this about looser clothing ? AND starting to RUN ?? Elbertine would be so proud!! You'll now be trimmer and slimmer. Again, look how much further along you the journey you are.....

About 10 am it seemed like my appetite woke up with a vengenance!! Like a bear sleeping all winter-- that kind of starved feeling-- I had strawberries w/ vanilla yogurt but was like a finger in the dike. Then to top it off, coworker came in with the cookies again!! BUT I resisted - they werent chocolate so I did have a fighting chance.

anyway, laundry is calling again- this humid weather and working out is making more laundry!

09-17-2002, 02:54 AM
Punkinseed - Fabulous loss! The hardest pounds to break are the ones that hover on the cusp between decades (AKA - 200, 210, 220, etc...) Be proud! The next 10 will just fall off!
But I'm so sorry for your loss, I've had the same goldfish for years, and even though you can't cuddle or play with it, just having him there is really comforting.

Kaylets - Great snail analogy! That's hilarious, yet true. Congrats on your loss!

As for me, I just had to write because I'm having just about the best day ever and my roommates are sick of hearing me talk about it! First off, I went to the gym, and finally figured out read the scale and compensate for all the differences between it and my scale at home, and low and behold, I've lost 3 pounds since I got to school! (I'm not adding that to my 5 pound goal, however, because I think I have enough time on my new challenge to start fresh). Also, I'm only .5 away (I'm at 25.4) until that damned BMI calculator stops calling me fat - I know you can't always trust those things, but no matter who told me that I looked good, that stupid thing was always there putting me in the "red zone".

Also, the head of the vocal department here called me in to tell me that the department voted me to get a $3000 vocal scholarship in supplement to my other scholarships. That pretty much means that my mother (the caterer) can slow the non-stop working she's been doing for the past 5 years to help pay my tuition. I'm so happy!

Phew! But now I'm just worn out and I have to go to sleep. Have a good night everyone!


09-17-2002, 04:56 AM
Yo! Fearless Power o' Five Team members. Tried to post earlier but it said I had too many smilies, but instead of letting me take some out it erased the whole post, so I went to bed! :cb:

:queen: Punkin o' Friday: I'm sorry for the loss of your Piranha. Pets are so important in our lives. It sounds as if Piranha was an interesting and long-lived fish and very dear to you.

Congratulations on your TWO POUND LOSS and reaching a DECADE mark. I agree with Guinever, the "cusp" is the signal for the body to start dropping pounds like crazy and psychologically it's a great booster.

:queen: Guinever: Wow, you've gone down THREE POUNDS and you don't even wanna count it!!? That's great confidence ... I'll leave your challenge as it is on the list, then, and await even greater accomplishments! :cp: Also, congratulations on your vocal scholarship! You are having a great year and it's just started! :hat: :cb:

I know what you mean about that stupid BMI chart. I kind of make my goals from that, too. It's not a bad guideline unless one has lots of muscle mass (which would be a good thing), then it's useless. I lost 100 pounds and the dumb chart still told me I was overweight. It's irritating but like the scale, only one indicator of success.

Kaylets: Congratulations to you, too! :cp: You avoided COOKIES! That was quite a feat! I probably would have eaten one because not being chocolate would have been a plus for me!

Elbertine Pep is again out of touch with civilization. She gets like that. Moody. Too much pep can be wearying sometimes!

Update followeth!

:queen: Babette, :queen: Byrd, do you want me to update your challenges?

Babette, hope you're feeling more up to par and read this thread. I can't stay awake long enough to post on the 21-day tonight.

There are thousands of mosquitoes (sp?) everywhere around here and I keep getting bitten, so I'm obsessing that I have West Nile Virus, but just want to sleep a long time, so ...

09-17-2002, 04:58 AM














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09-17-2002, 11:08 AM
If I wasn't at work I'd be in ecstacy... it's one of those really overcast, stormy, drizzly, odd sky color kinda' mornings. The rain woke me up at 10:30pm last night and it was wonderful knowing I still had hours left to sleep and could just listen to the rain and drift off again. I could be home, with candles lit, watching movies or crocheting. Perhaps baking cranberry scones... WHY couldn't I be rich instead of beautiful???? :lol:

Yesterday the chiropractor gave me a ton of flak for staining my deck this weekend instead of resting my back. He popped my SI joint back in and I'm doing much better :cb: It's still a little touchy to sit but I'm trying to keep from taking Excedrin for the little pain I have left because I'm donating blood today...

I got my results back for my cholesterol test! 144 - not too bad. My LDL was a little too low (40) and my HDL was also lower than normal (35). So, again, I'm atypical... yup, that's me!

Kaylets - You said no to the evil :cookie:????? WaaaaHOOOOO!

Guinever - That is SO awsome that you're doing so well at school! And you were sooooo worried!

All of you - I sincerely hope you all are right about the next 10 pounds flying off - I'm hoping I won't end up with a psychological stumbling block because of how much it would mean to me to finally get below 224 - what I weighed 3 1/2 years ago when my Grandma died and when I later filed for divorce. To get below that weight to me would truely signal a fresh start and that a new me has emerged!

Amarantha - You take care and buy some bug spray! I'll send you some Oregon praying mantises - don't they eat bugs??

Have a great day everyone! Don't these look like those little mint candies you get at restraunts???? :hypno:

Terri :moo: *snort*

09-17-2002, 07:17 PM
And to think, come morning, it'll be Wednesday..

Yes, Empress A- bugspray and something for Old Dog too- My two guys are needing the same. I'm not sure the heartworm medication is enough.

Guinever! This is wonderful news!! A 3lb loss and a scholarship gain!! How exciting!! CONGRATS!

Punkinseed- remember from Braveheart the battle scene when the English looked so strong and insurmountable?? and remember the arrows of fire that made even the Biggest "rebel" think twice?
and remember what Mel Gibson kept saying as the English got closer and closer and closer?? He kept saying in a strong, calm, confident voice "Steady!! Steady!! " and then at the last possible second, as the horsemen and the footmen were upon them, the "rebels" drove those stakes into the ground and crippled the English. Stay the course-- the reward is that close-- don't give your prize away because "defeat" appears to be the outcome.

You say it's taken 3yrs to put this extra weight on? If I'm not wrong, it;s taken less than a year to get close- That is an accomplishment- YOU"RE DOING GREAT!!!!

and PS, don't worry about the "girls" - me too- but it will all balance out later- some places lose before others- ( you sure don't want to stop before it all balances out !!

09-17-2002, 07:59 PM
So I'll just say, "see ya later" :wave: . It seems that I need a little time to re-group and get "real" with myself. I'm doing great with exercise, but not so much in the CALORIES department. You guys are doing AWESOME and you can bet I'll be consistently lurking so no misbehaving:nono: , or I'll have to come back and kick some Power O'Five boody :D .

Empress A, thanks so much for keeping track of our goals. Please delete mine for now so you don't have to keep dragging it around.

Keep up the great work everyone :love:

09-17-2002, 09:11 PM
Oh, dang it, :queen: Justdoit!!! You can't drop off this board! :nono: Amarantha will delete thee, but please keep posting once in awhile anyway!!! But it's understandable that sometimes people need to regroup. Amarantha often drops off outta sight sometimes and as for Elbertine Pep ... :wave:

:queen: Punkin O' Friday! What Kaylet said! :) Just delete the idea of creating a head trip because you're close to a certain number. It won't happen ... create a beautiful, wonderful, successful head trip instead ... you see yourself standing in front of the EVIL SCALE just before weigh-in:

The EVIL DEMON SCALE mocks you and says: "Thou art too chicken to even stand on my back BECAUSE all these negative things happened once at a certain weight and thou art afraid thou will never be able to leave these things behind, so ha-ha-ha-ha on thee, I HAVE DEFEATED YOU!

But you, :queen: Punkin O' Friday, just kick the DEMON SCALE into digital life (or whatever) and STEP CONFIDENTLY UPON ITS BACK AND LO, IT SAYS: "OH, NO, YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR GOAL AND ARE NOW FREE TO PROCEED WITH A FRESH START! You give the demon a final kick as you walk away and post the good news on 3FC!

BTW, Amarantha would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if the "girls" in her life would deflat! Sheesh! But I have only one word for you ... bench presses! Keeps everything in good order! Of course, not with back pain ... also push-ups! Hooray. Works great! :cb:

:queen: Kaylets: I've sprayed yard, house, everywhere, but the **** mosquitoes follow me around the state! :)

Amarantha hath signed up for a tai chi class starting next month. She must continueth to expand her exercise horizons. Ending her eating day at 1710, 70 minutes so far of exercise, may let it rest there and do weights tomorrow.

09-17-2002, 09:12 PM
Hi Ladies
Just a qickie Im heading out for my walk and then I have to go back to work for a few hours. well I lost 3.4#'s today that gives me a total of 65.8 and I feel great. Punkinseed sorry about your loss I know how it is to lose pets. Well I'd love to stay around a little longer but work is calling me. Goodnight all.

09-17-2002, 09:17 PM
GOOD NEWS!!! Dollar hath chased 3.4 :dance: outta the neighborhood! Woo-hoo! That's a great loss, Dollar! Update followeth in a bit! Your total of 65.8 down is FANTASTIC! :cp: :hat: :cb: :dance:

09-18-2002, 01:06 AM












:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

09-18-2002, 06:57 AM
Good Morning all!!

I know so much of it is psychological but am glad its Wed !!

Have been invited to a Toastmasters open house. I am thinking of trying this for awhile as this would be a stretch for me as well as a chance to network at the new job. Who knows maybe I can do PR for Elbertine someday if I can get a handle on Public Speaking. I don't know much about the organization- I am hoping its "at your own speed" pace but will know more later.

Have done well w/ water so far this week - we continue to expermiment w/ the new breadmaker- last night 's turned out lumpy- we are trying to avoid any white flour in the recipe but starting to wonder if that's doable. DH found a 'bread thread" so maybe we can get some hints there.

Have a great day all!!

09-18-2002, 08:40 AM
Just popping in for a quick update: 1 pound gone. NOW - the business of a goal... let's see... I'm going to aim for 5 pounds by the 8th of Oct. Should be doable...

Punkin, the TOPS class last night was so motivating to me. Because I have got to get this weight off so I DON'T HAVE TO GO ANY MORE!!! :eek: Took a half-hour after they were supposed to start before they actually did. And then.... omigod.... reading minutes and correspondence and so on. Endless discussion about what sort of game to play, how one might win a juice pak, and so on - hey, let me out of here and I'll buy juice paks for all! AAARRGGHHH!!!! Oh, I walked so briskly leaving there!

Amarantha, hope you enjoy the tai chi! I bet your Pilates will stand you in good stead. Thanks for all your work with updates and so on. Esp. now I've actually got an update to add :rolleyes:

Kaylets, I know that where I live you can get special flour for using with bread machines, and they have all different kinds. I heard on a radio show that it's actually just better quality flour than the usual all-purpose, so I often use it to make bread, even though I don't have a machine.

09-18-2002, 10:09 AM
Sorry I've been MIA. My father was sick but he is all better now. I'm down 4.2 pounds!! My point range for WW has changed too. When I saw that I have a new point range I started to get nervous. I've had the same point range for so long. But I will handle this. Now that my dad is better I will try to check in more often. I know I said that last time but I will definately try this time. :)

09-18-2002, 11:27 AM
Happy Wednesday-the-week's-half-over Day!!!!

Is it just me or has it been a long week???? :shrug:

Kaylets - I LOVED your Braveheart analogy - just for that I'm going to go steal my Mom's copy and watch it this weekend... I will keep this scene in mind in the weeks to come and it is now my goal to be past 224 before my vacation in 3 weeks - I will NOT let a stupid number get in my way. :nono:
Yes, the girls... I suppose I would look a little silly with 40 C/D's on my future smaller frame. I'm one of those women with an upside down triangle shape. I don't have much butt or hips even at this weight - most of it is in my shoulders, back and chest - so yea, I guess the girls SHOULD go!!! (some, not much!)

Justdoit - You better not disappear completely! You know, we're all psychic and will hunt you down, drag you back here kicking and screaming if necessary. Yes, our weight loss goals is what brought us together, but it shouldn't be the only thing that keeps you here - or that you should feel like you have to leave because life is getting in your way. Ok, I'll shut up... you'll be missed, come back soon.

Amarantha - You absolutely crack me up. Demon scale.... Thank you, your words have bolstered my resolution to make it past a dumb number on a stupid digital *machine*.

Dollar - :cb: Awsome loss!!!!! See? Your body was saving it all up for one great loss to give you umph!

Babette - Maybe *that* is the secret to TOPS!!! Annoy the heck outta you with piddly nit-picky nonsense and you'll want to loose weight so you don't have to go! It makes perfect sense! :rolleyes: I donno'... I'm sure some people get a lot out of the meetings, but to me it just felt like a bunch of women looking for something to do - weight loss was a secondary, if even THAT much, concern. LOL.... winning juice paks???

Rycher - I'm sorry your father was ill. Good to see you back here, and with a great loss at that!!! I sympathize about the WW points, I'm on my way to having to step down too!

Well all, blood donation was fab yesterday - my blood pressure is well into the normal range again :cp:. After donating I ate only 1 cookie (mmmm mint Oreo :p ) and a small cup of hot cider. For dinner I had most of a turkey sandwich (no mayo, I added my FF mayo at home) and took out 1/2 the meat to put on my chef salad for dinner tonight! I did have a candy bar... oh well, I was woozy and needed sugar! Don't argue with me!!!! :lol:
I also bought all the makin's for this weekend's equinox celebration. I'm making apple cake (made with oodles of oil, I won't eat much of it for sure!), mini marinated meatballs (bought extra lean beef) and artichoke dip. Can we say "moderation"? :devil:

Peace, love and :cookie: 's

Terri :moo: *snort*

09-18-2002, 01:45 PM
Yo!!! Elbertine Pep here, reporting in from the Continent o' Renewed Vigor and Determination, where she's been walkabout for about a week. Beautiful country here, filled with fresh air, sunshine and trees full o' FRUIT & VEGETABLES, so it is easy to get FIVE a day as recommended by the U.S. government and the Power O' Five Team manager! Amarantha hath ended her eating day yesterday at 1745 calories, 70 minutes exercise. She saith she must work this a.m. so is just sending a general reply to all and an update with her best wishes that this will be HECK OF AN OP DAY!!! Woo-hoo!!! :cb:

Thanks be to :queen: Babette/WN Arabella for the update!!! Woo-hoo, you are on!

No correspondence at Power o' Five meetings! No juice paks (what ARE these?) No singing (well, maybe a little)!

:queen: Rycherbabe: Sorry to hear of your dad's illness but glad he is okay now. Congratulations on your 4.2 :dance: LOSS!!! That means you are the NEWEST WINNER O' FIVE POUNDS O' VIRTUAL GOLD as you have MET AND EXCEEDED YOUR GOAL!!! Woo-Hoo! :cp: :cb: :hat: Updateth when it pleaseth thee!!! :)

:queen:s Punkin & Kaylets: Thou continueth stalwart as ever!! Carry on!! Woo-Hoo! (Mmmm. Apple cake!)

List followeth!

SplittinMySeams: We are here!!! :jig:

09-18-2002, 01:54 PM












:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

09-18-2002, 02:04 PM
AND, NEVER TO FORGET, WOO-HOO!!! :queen: Babette hath chased away a pesky :dance: from the environs of the Block o' Royal Fitness Folk!!! Congratulations to the Wood Nymph Arabella/Babette for this accomplishment!! She is tops in our book! :cp: :cb:

09-18-2002, 02:39 PM
Woefully, I must report (in the midst of such great losses) that I have ADDED .4 lbs this week. And that's after maintaining the last two weeks. So it's been three weeks since I had a loss.

Hmmm - could it be my body is fighting me now to hold onto those fluffy pounds? or could it be that I celebrated my birthday this weekend a mite too enthusiastically? Like with a beer AND cake plus (probably) too much food. I never felt stuffed and I know it was less than I would have celebrated with last year but I think the old bod grasps onto every calorie it can since it has been getting fewer.

At any rate - woeful, yes - discouraged, no. I may yet need to request an extension but am still willing to give myself the chance to make my next 5 lb date though it's been looking doubtful.

09-18-2002, 03:05 PM
Oh Anagram, I'm sorry... isn't it odd how .4 gained can feel like 4 whole pounds??
Perhaps it was the birthday celebration (which if you indulged, you did so rightfully IMO), but it could be other things too. Do you keep a journal? Perhaps there's more going in than you realize, OR with exercising as much as you are you're not eating enough and your body is trying to hold on to its' fuel! You will break this plateau!!!!

Terri :D

09-18-2002, 08:17 PM
congrats to rycherbabe! and to everyone for their hard work and perseverance. well, today was my goal date and i didn't make the entire 5, but at least am down by 4 and that feels good.
i'd like to do another 5 lb. challenge by oct. 20. have a good evening and take care, all.


09-19-2002, 12:23 AM
wsw - Great job! So what if you didn't make the entire 5? 4 is still a great loss.

anagram - I'm sorry you're on such a ridged plateau right now, but as far as I'm concerned birthday poundage does not count! Besides, .4 isn't even half a pound - consider it the weight of the cake you ate :) You'll kick it this week!

As for me, I just weighed in and not only am I down 3.5 pounds this week, but in the eyes of the always watching BMI calculator, I am finally in the "healthy weight" catagory. Just barely over that yellow line, but still, I'm there at 24.9!


09-19-2002, 04:49 AM
GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS!! Guinever hath chased away 3.5 :dance: and is in the healthy BMI category!! :cp: Congratulations, Guinever!! That's a really substantial loss.

Wsw: You've had a glorious challenge and chased four fluffernutters outta town!!! :cp: :cb: :dance: The Power o' Five Prize Committee hath informed that you have been awarded Five (Virtual) Bags o' Gold! It'll be in the mail! Congratulations! List update followeth!

Anagram: Don't worry, that .4 is probably already history! The really important thing is (and you said it yourself) IT'S LESS THAN YOU WOULD HAVE CELEBRATED WITH LAST YEAR! If you maintained for three weeks and gained only .4 of a pound, that's pretty much just a plateau ... you're right, the body clutches to every calorie when we cut even a little. It feels afraid you are going to starve it. At any rate, remember the policy of the Power o' Five, we don't consider a gain a gain until it's a week old, as it is doubtless water weight or something! "Keep a'going!" (That's a line from an old, old poem and it's corny but I like it!)

Amarantha hath ended her eating day at 1990 calories, 55 minutes of exercise. Calories up a bit, but it was a LONG board meeting and stressed her muchly. Last year at this time, she would have stopped on the way home for THREE dulce de leche milks and a candy bar, but as it is, she had had a larger than usual evening meal and a slimfast snack and didn't need to binge at all ... drove right by those demon convenience stores! Woo-hoo! :cb:

09-19-2002, 04:54 AM











:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

09-19-2002, 06:25 AM
Here it is, one of my favorite days of the week!!

Amagram-- ditto what the Empress says- And if that doesnt help, Let me present you with the BIRTHDAY NO GUILT CARD. Why I havent thought of these earlier is totally beyond me, I am sending belated NO GUILT CARDS to all I missed this summer.

Guinever- Congrats-- Perhaps I should check the BMI out myself-
I've been using it at the gym to gauge resitance on the bike but that's all.

Interesting morning on the scale. Jumped on and saw the same as yesterday. A few minutes later, was in the bathroom again, so I jumped on again. And it's reading .5 heavier-- Interesting- have no idea what that might mean- Just glad today's not the official scale day!!

DH found a bread recipe that comes out looking and tasting like bread!! Its a heavier bread, of course, as it is a wheat bread- w/ ground flax and wheat germ. Seems one of the missing ingredients was GLUTEN. Can see how lots of folks would've given up by now- Especially loaf 1 and 2 which looked weird and tasted like cardboard.--I did have a slice but I really cant imagine how one slice of bread add .5 in 5 minutes.

Need to keep pumping the water today- I seem to be getting it down easier -- think it's related to the stress level at work. Luckily, I'm much more comfortable. Even picking up speed if I might say so.

Have a great day all- !!

09-19-2002, 11:50 AM
Greetings! :cb: It's Friday eve!!!

wsw - :cp: 4 pounds!!!!!! Yea, so you didn't make your goal date... big whoop, I think it's awwwsome that you lost what you did! I know with me, the 5 pound challenge is what kicked my butt into moving back in the right direction. I think the idea of 5 pounds is great, but the reality of loosing *anything* is even better!!

Guinever - 3.5!!! Waahooooo! :dance:

Amarantha - Fluffernutters?? Didn't we used to eat those when we were kids??? :lol:

Kaylets - Glad work's going better. There's nothing better than that "what AM I doing????" stress. Glug glug girl...

Myself... as I noted on the 21 day thread, my cats woke me up with a crash last night - so much for sleep after that adrenaline rush (they broke a bulb in a lamp). And apparently my stepfather's pretty sick. He's had emphysema for awhile (matter of fact I can hear him breathing in the kitchen right now) and I guess things are starting to get bad. I don't know...
I did have a wonderful phone call from "my guy" that made the night more tolerable (and another just 5 min. ago) so as usual, there's always some good to go with the bad...

Tonight I'm stapling my cat's feet to the floor, taking *another* Tylenol PM and getting some sleep. I love the full moons but they give me insomnia like crazy!!!!



09-19-2002, 01:30 PM
Oh, I love full moons too. Thanks for all the support (and exemptions, passes and extensions). Actually, it was ALMOST four pounds at one point. Got it down to .4 by yesterday and today it's back more or less normal. In fact even got a fleet glimpse of a number I have not seen before. I never intended to be weighing so often but when I swell up like that, it helps keep me going onward. I had skipped weighing over the weekend and may have slipped a bit on the water as well. I also remembered I had a wine too and I seldom do.

Anyway, it was an eye opener to what can/could/would happen the second I give up on my journey. What I've lost so far would be back so fast, I'd never have a chance to miss it. So I'm hoping to have a decent figure to report next Wed. and thanks to Empress A I won't count my gain as a gain unless it's still a gain by Wed.

Good weekending, all.:flow1: :flow1: :flow1: :flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

09-19-2002, 04:58 PM
Good day ladies,
well everyone is doing so well congrats. Well my week is almost over sort of Im done working till the weekend, wow one day off and Im travelling oh well. I went shopping with my daughter yesterday and it was great. I bought 2 new outfits for work because the weather will be cooling off soon and I have nothing to wear. So i got 2 new pair of pants and 2 shirts, I have gone from a 24 to a 16 in pants and from a 42 or 2-3xl to a M-L. it has an amazing impact on ones self esteem. My daughter boought herself several pairs of jeans size 34 last week she got a pair 36 and now they are too big after wearing them a couple of times. So it was a great day over all.
I hope everyone keeps well and has a great weekend.

09-19-2002, 06:11 PM
Yo! It is Thursday, which Amarantha hath declared a holiday for herself, as she worketh all weekend since taking this **** job.

Dollar!!! Thou hast gone from a 24 to a 16!!! That is wonderful! And congratulations to Daughter, too, for her shrinking jean size!!! :cp: :hat: :cb:

Anagram: You are doing wonderfully!!! I know what you mean about the scale loss moving you onward. It's that way for me, too, which is why I keep a strict rule in this house that I get on only ONCE a week (and only ONCE) ... although last week when I was up a half, I did succumb to the urge to get back on ... it said the same thing! :lol:

Ummm, yes, Punkin o' Friday, we did used to eat fluffernutters ... in my case, that's one reason I found myself on a weight loss journey!!! :cb: :lol: Why oh why would anyone feed a child marshmallow creme and peanut butter as a lunch sandwich? (PB is actually an ok food and when I lost the bulk of my weight, it was a great tool for getting off plateaus ... seems a tablespoon a day did wonders for metabolism and also satisfied cravings ... no marshmallow creme, though!).

Also posted on 21-day thread, sorry about your stepfather. Let's hope this is just a false alarm and he'll get through it ok.

Kaylets: Amarantha needeth one of those NO GUILT cards, as she should be working and getting her stories done and resting on Sunday like normal folk, but here she is doing nothing ... not that posting to all the wonderful Power o' Five is nothing, but it doesn't pay bills. Oh, well, there it is. Off to the grocery store. Re jumping on and off the scale ... don't do that!!! :lol: You'll drive yourself nuts! :cb: Glad you got some good bread. If I had good homemade bread (even a healthy kind) right now, I'd eat the whole loaf with tons of diet butter, so I'm glad my breadmaking days are over.

Elbertine Pep hath reached the Amber Shore o' Weekend Funk on her walkabout and reporteth that she sat down and fell asleep for three hours and does not want to be peppy today. Will EP regain her spunk and pluck? :fr: Dunno. Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat station.

Amarantha, though, hath done 35 minutes of weights already and walked in desert 30 minutes. She is now going shopping and paying a few bills so the empire can continue operating. :jig:

09-19-2002, 06:24 PM
When I started this journey (this time), I did not own a scale and was going to keep it that way because I knew how compulsive I could be regarding jumping on every day. I was going to use loose clothing and feeling good as my barometers between doctor's visits.

However I found it hard to join in on challenges, etc. without one and succumbed to buying one. then despite my promise to me to weigh only once a week, I began the odd, extra on and off. Of late I have weighed myself on Mondays to see how much I must get rid of water by weigh in Wednesday. Now this week, it's been daily to see how much I'm returning to normal. What next?

The scale is still in the basement so that I cannot reasonably hop on first thing in the morning and nude. I am trying to keep it more to a time and such clothing as I might reasonably wear to doctor's office for his weighings. But I do find more excuses to visit the basement and when I'm there........ A little behavior modification shall be in order and I will endeavor to return to my original indicators of doing well except on the official Wednesday.

Dollar, a 16! That would take me down below what I have squirreled away in my closet for whenever I'm glad the seasons are changing because a some of my warm weather clothes are really hanging. Some but not all - I wonder how tight those must have been?

I don't even have a job and I'm enjoying the fact that it's Thursday.

09-19-2002, 08:13 PM
Hello all!!

So far, so good with the bread- the first 3 attempts were too nasty too even think about bingeing and yesterday's loaf was done till almost 10pm - I was snoring when DH took it out of the machine. Not 100% sure but since we've switched to whole wheat pasta and etc, the bread, white potato cravings have subsided dramatically. I do see in myself a real connection w/ the refined, processed foods vs cravings. I'd get up on the soapbox about it but its Thursday and don't want to bore anybody.

Woman I work with joined WW's 2 weeks ago. Took the message" eat what you want w/in your points" to heart. From what I can see, the 16 pts she had by 5 pm were nearly all carbs, just a few from fruit. And she was ravenous- Probably has 30 pts a day at this point but was planning on spinach for dinner because this weeks weigh in was disappointing. Its a shame, but we all know what's going to happen. Hope somebody or some thread explains that being that brutal to yourself is, A, isnt necessary and B, isnt going to work.

She did share w/ me this am that she was suprised that walking in the am " made me hungry. I dont' get hungry at night when I excercise" I remarked that she was hungry because her metabolism was "burning" and you need fuel to keep the fire burning. Overheard at 5pm that "this metabolism thing is crazy- I am not used to eating all day"

Is anyone familiar w/ "But for the grace, there go I??"

So, an interesting counterpoint to how it used to be --
Am really glad I am not doing the same things over and over and getting the same results.

Smaller sizes are so EXCITING!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!

Empress A-- here's your free pass, the butler will have it to you in just a moment--

hmmmm-- Punkinseed, did I say things were getting better?? I was all caught up until almost 3:30 and guess what hit the fan!!

09-20-2002, 02:09 AM
Elbertine Pep here, reporting from the Sea o' Lethargy, where she hath embarked about one hour ago! Hoping to get off this ocean soon and back to walkabout on dry land BECAUSE walking is GOOD and maketh me feel happy and contributeth to my famed 20 percent bodyfat. :cb:

Amarantha hath ended her eating day high again at 1970, but she wisheth to note that she hat not broke 2000 in approximately two weeks! :cp: Her exercise is at 60 minutes today, encompassing weights and pole walking on desert. :jig:

Kaylets: I was just clicking on the WW banner on my screen (to support 3FC). I've never done WW formally, but informally used liked the old exchanges program better than points, based on USDA/diabetic food exchanges. I'm still kind of thinking of getting the WW at-home kit with the points calculator and trying to break through this plateau that way. But I do think the points thing is often abused. I used to know a woman who had a Whopper each and every day for lunch and used the rest of her points for candy. Like me, she didn't particularly care for zero point veggies, so she (like me) ignored them and starved herself after she'd consumed all her points in junky stuff. Now I definetely do that with calorie counting, so I guess I don't see what is different about counting points, but the emphasis on fiber is good.

I can see why you would feel much better eating whole grain products as opposed to refined ... fiber helps regulate blood sugar in diabetics (and other people, too, I guess). It has lots of other benefits, like actually burning something like an extra 4 calories for each gram consumed (which may be the secret to the points system). I used to not be able to eat any fiber comfortably but am doing much better with it now and I do feel better. I also think the whole grain products taste better ... I also like the results I get when I take flaxseed oil ... I just use capsules as grinding flaxseeds is beyond my repertoire! :jig:

Have a great Friday everyone! :cb: :dance: :hat:

09-20-2002, 01:54 PM
Happy Friday!

Maia, kitten from ****, this morning knocked my $70 Tanita scale off the 3 foot high cabinet I keep it on... There was part of me that was REALLY mad, and part of me hoping she'd broken it - nope, it still works (good! damn!). Stapling cat's feet to the floor isn't too cruel is it?? :devil:

My stepfather's doing much, MUCH better. The blood tests yesterday showed he wasn't bleeding internally as bad as they thought. They put him on Vioxx for his rhymatoid arthritis - he was taking Advil and it made him bleed. He's got the arthritis, colitis, emphysema and a bleeding disorder called Ostler-Webber syndrome so he's got to be cautious with all his meds. But, so far he's feeling much better. Whew! I told him he scared us and he said he was scared himself... a good sign that he's not as **** bent on killing himself as we thought (but he's still smoking...).

Dollar - It is SO great to be shrinking into smaller clothes sizes!!!! The scale number is great and fine, but to have to buy smaller clothes, that's a real treat!!

E. Pep - Get your butt up and keep walking - there are no naps here! :lol:

Anagram - I'm a compulsive weigher too. Not to talk you in to continually weighing yourself, but I notice it's when I *don't* get on the scale every other day that that's when I'm totally off the wagon. Weighing often for me is a sign that I'm doing ok with my eating and exercising and actually want to see what's happening - vs. total denial and not wanting to step foot on the scale.... So, don't go overboard, but don't beat yourself up too much for hoppin' on.

Kaylets - That is amazing about that woman you work with - it's really hard to just sit back and watch someone do that to themselves. So the defecation hit the oscillation at work again?? I'm sorry.... You want my job?? I'm sitting here wearing my slippers and playing on the 'net. I should get some work done but it's Friday and well, I don't feel like it... :p

I just spoke with my best friend in CA and she was telling me about this woman she works with that made a comment about her food. My best friend has lost about 13 pounds recently from exercise (Curves) and making healthy eating choices. She was telling a coworker who's also been loosing weight about her coup of keeping her fast food order to a small fry with a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the usual free for all and this bit... ahem, other woman, says to her "there goes all your work at Curves". Can you imagine??? I didn't ask, but I wonder if this lady is really overweight and just wants to see my friend fail... I just thought that was incredibly mean and unecessary.

Better do *some* work today.... :dz:


09-20-2002, 02:41 PM
Yo! Yes, :queen: Punkin o' Today, stapling IS too cruel! Sweet kitty was just trying to do you a favor and destroy the Demon Scale! :lol:

EP saith she is up and walking but thinking about a nap.

Unfortunately the comment made to your friend is only too typical and yes, your friend needs to evaluate whether the woman is now or has ever been overweight or is just naturally rude! She might not have meant it to be mean, just thought she was teasing (my psycho ex-friend made remarks like that all the time and didn't understand that it betrayed a hostile underpinning ... she thought it was teasing). Also, there are many people who do not like to see others succeed at self-improvement, so they tear down wherever they find an opening. Please tell your friend to just turn the other cheek, ignore, pity an idiot who would say something like that and WOO-HOO on the grilled chicken accomplishment!!! :cp: And on Curves, which idea continues to intrique me, although I'm opting for tai chi this season. I'll bet your friend is looking and feeling good and there is always someone around who wants to keep that form happening to anyone else!!!

Later, gators! I think I did at least 10 minutes of real work on the story from **** this morning, so it's obviously time for a nap!!! :cb:

09-20-2002, 03:29 PM
Yea, unfortunately this woman was actually attempting to convince my friend that you can not eat french fries and still be healthy... another one of those "diet mentality" people I 'spose. Anywho... friend told her she could think whatever she wanted and she was still proud of her choice and thought it was perfectly fine. I "bravo'd" her and told her she should've ended it all with a hearty kick in the shin... but, that's my temper, not hers... :p

Enjoy your nap Empress A - I will be heading to Ye Olde Post Office shortly, then off to the royal ovens to cook...


09-20-2002, 09:05 PM
Hello all!!

wow, at least you're getting your money's worth for the Danita scale-- A 3 ft fall is a quite a fall - -

so, here we go- the weekend is upon us- found out that part of the oscillation problem wasnt me- I was confused because someone else was much more confused-- and guess what, Tuesday, I move into another level of training so... can't complain that I'm bored!!

Punkinseed, has your friend visited the thread??
Then she could tell us all about Curves. I too am curious. I see it mentioned on a few other threads but I admit I just lurk -- I seem to have found a home here.

Now, I have been thinking about how its been a few threads ago that we all decide to treat ourselves as the royalty we really are.
So, it would seem to me, that some of our references to the Spa, the Palace, etc, etc, don't make sense to a newcomer thinking of joining us.

So, I will start- - I have sent for the "Autumn" selection of tiara's and ordered fresh new gloves. Although I seldom see the laundress or the gardner, for the most part, the royal kingdom has been on autopilot. But still, as Royal Highness, I realize it is a duty to be dressed in clothing that FITS rather than hope it will get me thru until it actually falls off me. Even some alterations would be better than the flapping sound the pants have begun making.

Empress A- Don't know much about the at home kit but for 3 mos online, its pretty reasonable and you have an online pointfinder.
The threads over there make it sound like you can find sliders all the time on Ebay if you want one for the grocery store - the other thing you might want to consider, I've seen comments that WW is being revised as of the first of the year- I am sure the Website will reflect that change immeadietly-- Wonder if you'd have to get a new home kit -- There are lots of threads over there but 3FC could teach WW's a few things on sorting and searching threads.
But, its there 24/7 which I like because its so much more convenient. No offense to anyone but in my experience, the good WW leaders have very crowded classes and frankly, are few and far to find. I've met 4 or 5 terrific ones, even 1 lady here in DE who must be 60 if not older. But she would only do day meetings and its was tough to follow her.
Lots and lots of folks around here know the plan so
if you had questions....

anyway, I've gone on too long--

Babette, sorry to hear about your loss-- you're right, of course-
but it doesnt hurt to be reminded- every minute counts-

09-20-2002, 10:39 PM
Yo! :queen: Kaylets, dost thou mean we are not perfectly comprehensible to newcomers?! Can't see how that could be! :lol: :cb:

Amarantha enjoyeth the picture of a tiara-topped Kaylets with silk clothing flapping in the wind as she floats off to create a meditation for our elucidation! :cb: :dance:

Thanks for the info on WW. Really the only thing I like about the at-home kit is the little points calculator, but for $99, I think you're right about going with the online. I'm really considering it, but haven't decided, since most of the tools seem to be things I can create with spreadsheets ... but I think I'd like to give it a try. On the other hand, I may wait and see what WW new plan is. I know I'm just not interested in going to meetings; I do too many of those as it is! :jig:

I wonder how many points there'd be in dulce de leche milk? :fr:

Power o' Five Team, it's the weekend and the full moon and I for one am REDEDICATING myself to this struggle to rid the world o' pesky dancing pounds! :dance: NO MORE!!! Woo-Hoo, let's get some POWER O' FIVE ENERGY GOING FOR THE WEEKEND AND GO, TEAM, GO!!! Never give up that ship. WE CAN DO THIS! ... signed, Elbertine Pep! :cb:

09-21-2002, 07:07 AM
Dulce la leche isnt in the points library but if you have an idea of the calories, fat and fiber ( I bet I know the fiber content) I'd be glad to get the number for you.

Silk pajamas sounds great-- I was thinking of new black dress pants but you are soooo right--why not dress like royalty at home too??

oh, and PS regarding the flax seed-- DH found Organic Whole Ground Flax Seed Meal by Red Mill--have only done minimal research but there are theories that its better absorbed than the oil. DH even has a baggie of it at work to sprinkle on yogurt and salads.

Rye bread in the breadmaker this am!!

Found a "yogurt Maker" (really is nothing but a big thermos type bottle) for cheap at Goodwill. The gift tag was still in the box, think its from the 70's as is dayglo yellow but I figure, for experiment ' s sake, who cares what color the container is??

Is anyone familiar w/ Richard Simmon's theory of full length mirrors ?? I was very resistant initially. I was convinced I wouldnt like what I would see so why bother? Well, habit is everything.
I am glad I put the mirror 2 years where I did, and I look daily- and like the scale, try to use what I see only for motivation. And, I am glad to report, sometimes, you really do like what you see--

Which makes me realize, I was a real Queen of Denial. But I have given up that crown. ( at least most days!!)

Q Babette, Good for you!! tying a string of days together!!

Q Punkinseed, glad to hear they quickly found some relief for your stepfather. One of the hardest parts of that journey is being supportive during depression.

Its going to be a great day- tomorrow may bring rain!!

09-21-2002, 10:52 AM
Yo! Happy Saturday, Power O' Five Team! Still very unhungry but also unmotivated to exercise or work ... tons left to do for deadline!!! BUT IS AMARANTHA DISCOURAGED??? OF COURSE NOT! Today she will MEET her fitness goals at least and get a start on deadline! Yes! :cb:

Kaylets: Have heard RS talk about the full-length mirror thing. I have always had one by my scale in my gym room. I actually have always liked what I saw, big or small. I don't live or die by it, it's just another checkpoint like the scale. I look pretty good for an old bat!

Have fun with your yogurt maker. Gosh I remember those things from the old, old days. Haven't seen one in years. My mom had one and tried to make yogurt. Don't remember the result, though.

Here's to the migration of another :dance:!!! Yay! :hat:

09-21-2002, 11:03 AM
P.S. I think the dulce de leche has 240 calories and 9 grams of fat per cup, no fiber (big surprise there)! That's iffy because the label says there are approximately two servings in a bottle but it actually is a 12-oz. container and when you measure out the milk you get only 1 1/2 cups, SO I wonder if they are trying to sneak even a higher calorie and fat content by us! When I was drinking that stuff every day (sometimes three or four bottles at a binge sitting), I gained weight quickly counting it as 1 1/2 cups, when I counted it as two cups, I lost or maintained, which seems consistent to me with the fact that there are the calories of fat of two servings in the bottle, even though the serving size must be LESS than stated.

On top of that duplicity, this drink is put out by a well-known local dairy AND it has the picture of a well-known baseball player (presumably an athlete who would know better than to drink milk saturated with caramel and fat).

That said, I don't believe it is wrong to enjoy such a treat once in awhile on a weight management program, it's just that the tiny little serving and not knowing exactly how many calories are in it make it off limits for me. I am too lazy to write the company about the calorie count, I just leave it alone!!!

Need to work!!! Here's a banana or FIVE! :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

09-21-2002, 01:04 PM
Hi Ladies
Well we have had a couple of good doses of rain inthe last couple od days. The first one was thurs night and all it did was make the humidity much worse. Yesterday with the humidex it was 33 here, a little too warm for us this time of year. We got hammered again last night and that did the trick the humidity is gone and the temp is much more seasonal. My cousins is here from England and has been having a hard time with the heat the past week. Never did he expect it to be this warm over here in Sept, he was glad it was cooler today. My daughter has taken him to Canada's Wonderland today, they should have fun.
Well it has been a hard week this week Im really trying to stay on track but I seem to be doing some picking at foods and that isn't like me (not in the last 8months anyway) but I have been run off my feet with no relief in sight and this week is the anniversary date on Mon of mther passing away 2 years ago and on the 25 Wed my father in law passed away 3 years ago. My younger daughter turns 16 on the 26 and she just doesn't like having birthdays anymore. She was very close to her grampa and he died the day before her birthday and my mom's funeral was on her birthday so she too is having a bad week. Then to top things off Im not at work today like I should be because when I left this morning I got almost to work and I came so close to having another car accident just like the one in June it shool me to my core. I got to work and the first person I saw knew something was wrong and I just fell apart and asked them to call my hubby to pick me up. Im ok now and the nausea from it is getting better.
So Im going to have to work extra hard the rest of the week to stay on track. Im just going to take it easy today and not do too much, Im putting together a surprise party for my daughters birthday and she doesn't have a clue about it so while she is away today at her boyfriends I can get lots of planning done. Maybe this will help her get past the bad memories of her birthday and replace them with good ones. We are expecting about forty people of all ages. The thing Im most stuck on is the menu. If any of you have any ideas let me know. About half of the people will be 16 I don't want to spend a fortune on food. Buns and cold meat and some salads is what I have come up with so far any other ideas. Well time to go veg in my car for awhile. Have a great day everyone. Sorry I seemed to have dumped a load of woes today.

09-21-2002, 01:55 PM
It is always a hard time when someone passes around a birthday or other otherwise happy date. My Dad passed on my nephew's 16th birthday. And my daughter in laws father passed two days before hers. The first five years she didn't want to mention her birthday at all. About two years ago, my son was able to arrange something pleasant for her and it seems to have helped so maybe your surprise party will too. After all, a daughter doesn't turn sweet 16 every day.

I'm sure you were frightened half to death at another near accident. Be nice to you too because you've been through a lot.

09-21-2002, 03:11 PM
Dollar- I'm really glad you took the day off- I know I'd be a mess too- I think teenagers will pretty much eat whatever is in front of them especially if its finger food so I'd put out a vegetable tray laid out in an attactive way- maybe even a couple of dishes so its just not sitting there all by itself. And how about a fruit tray too?
Parties are where everyone loves to nibble, go back and nibble some more. I bet most of the guests would be secretly relieved that there were cherry tomatoes and baby carrots to munch.
Pretzels and plain popcorn maybe too? lots of diet soda and bottled water too -- I'm out of ideas... I know there are a lot of other good ideas out there-

Empress A-- looks like 1 cup serving is 6 pts- Not a bad treat if you really love it. Especially if you had someone to share the rest of the bottle. But with enough activity points, even the whole bottle would be ok. That's what I like about the WW's program- I decide.

I'll check in again later!!

09-21-2002, 06:10 PM
Amarantha hath returned from the Royal Shopping Mall and Fantasy Food Fiesta (aka: the food court)! Wanted cookies, hot dogs, ice cream, Orange Julius, Godiva chocolate. Settled for :fr: a BIG MAC and ate half with a 10-oz. bottle of orange JUICE! It was noon, so the clerk said, "You mean orange SODA?" Amarantha saith, "No, JUICE!" Amarantha felt proud and is now back to not feeling hungry.

Dollar: I'm sorry you've had such a sad week. I know how those anniversaries can make you feel and then to top it off you had a near miss that brought back feelings of your car accident. It is good you didn't try to work ... sometimes some rest can put the world to rights again and you certainly have earned some downtime.

The surprise party sounds fun! :hat: I think Kaylets' ideas are a good addition to your buns, meat and salad. Can't think what else anyone could want, except maybe a punch of some kind?

Kaylets: Thanks for the points info. No, that's not a bad treat, trouble IS I'd drink the whole bottle and the two other I'd be sure to have bought if I even went there! :dance: Still, I may have some tomorrow AFTER my weigh-in.

Anagram: Hello!!!! Here's a banana! :cb:

How many smilies will Amarantha be permitted to put in? :cb: :fr:

That's probably enough! No, one more! :cb:

09-21-2002, 07:34 PM
Am watching a PBS fundraiser- Gary Null is being shown- He says, "you don't have to listen, it all up to you, BUT, when you go to bed tonight, look in the mirror and realize, if you don't change your habits, that what you look like tonight will be best you will look for the rest of your life. If you're very lucky, you'll stay the same, but for most of you, this is the best"

Interesting- I don't even know enough about him to even have an opinion on Gary Null's program but that one comment hit home.
A bullseye for sure. I say--

THE BEST IS YET TO BE !!!!!!!!! I say, I know more now than I did before and can do better than I did before!! (Thanks Oprah!)

BTW, am drinking plain club soda w/ Davinci Vanilla Syrup. Have finished one glass and am going back for another. Its tasty!!

09-21-2002, 10:39 PM
Thanks for quote, :queen: Kaylets! On Saturday night, I need all the reinforcement I can get. I've read some of Gary Null's books in the past ... an interesting health advocate. If memory serves, a long time ago I had a book by him on raw foodism.

The DaVanci and club soda sounds good, like an Italian egg cream. I can't drink carbonation, though, so I just put it in cold water on ice. Also had some on skim milk over ice awhile ago.

Resting today, back to work tomorrow.

You are right, "THE BEST IS YET TO BE!!!" :cb: :cb: :cb:

Not to mention, "IF IT'S TO BE IT'S UP TO ME!!!"

Amarantha endeth her eating day at 1755 calories, 95 minutes of exercise. Her overall calorie average for the Moon Initiative is going down a bit each week and is now at 1836.

Power o' Five Team!!! We MUST continue onward and downward on our quest to rid the fitness world of :dance:, FIVE at a time!!! Woo-hoo! Who's better than us? NO ONE! :cb: ~ Signed, Elbertine Pep

09-21-2002, 10:41 PM
They ARE cute though!

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

09-21-2002, 10:43 PM
Nope, they gotta go!

:cb: :fr: :jig:

09-22-2002, 12:47 PM
Yo! Emp. Amarantha is again mad because her scale did not go down, though she hath done EVERYTHING in her power to make it so!!! She hath brought her calories to the level recommended by the nutritionist. She hath exercised. Ergo, she proclaims that she hath stomped the scale into the earth and is retiring from all 3FC posting forever! :fr:


BUT she hath decided to retire her moon initiative and her five pound challenge and reevaluate her efforts. She wishes all who wish to continueth with this challenge well, but would like to propose a new idea ... or rather an old idea ... she'd like to revamp the holiday "lite" group we used to have on this forum and would like to post a scary Halloween challenge thread ... and in fact, she thinketh she will!!! :fr:

09-22-2002, 01:18 PM
Nay, Nay, Nay, we cannot lose our Empress A. I certainly do understand your scale frustration. You seem to be doing more than everything right and the demons of the diet world do seem to be armed against you.

Reassess - I'm sure it will be enlightening somehow. But your challenge has enabled (and entertained) us and we appreciate your efforts. So stay, stay, stay.

But of course, I'll joing your scary thread as well.

09-22-2002, 05:50 PM
Nay, :queen: Anagram!!! :cb: The Empress hath retired to a hut in the forest where she hath become the Good Witch Amarantha!!! She hath posted the Scary Halloween Challenge thread and do join if it pleaseth thee!!!! :cp: Amarantha apologizes that she can no longer maintain her attendance and list making on this thread as well ... she did start it, but she's like that ... flighty ... which is WHY she hath become a Good Witch instead of an empress (though she's keeping the title as an honorarium) ... because a Good Witch oft takes FLIGHT on her broomstick ... (apologies to all who beith offended by discussion of the craft, can't help it, Amarantha just wants to be a witch)!!! :fr: Amarantha encourageth all to keep on with this challenge if it pleaseth thee and join in on the witchy thread as well. She will post the list sans herself one last time, then someone else can take up the mantle if it pleaseth them. :)


09-22-2002, 05:52 PM










:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

09-22-2002, 07:48 PM
Well ladies, 2 lbs gone this week. 3 more to go by Oct 1.

09-22-2002, 07:57 PM
Just been away for a day and am suprised as what has happened in just one day.

Amarantha - First of all, I know everyone will agree that starting and maintaining the 5lb thread and list has been a job well done. You have done a terrific job at staying on top of the List and always went out of your way to welcome newcomers. You will have very large shoes to fill. Your attention to detail is amazing. We owe you our thanks for your efforts. We have made new friends and have found that although we are all very different, we have much in common. I think I understand why you feel you need to leave --I just hope its not because you feel unappreciated!!
I have enjoyed our discussions and your point of view as we seem to share the same sense of humor.

Personally, I hope there is enough interest to keep the 5lb thread going. 5lbs at a time helps me stay focused as its a goal I know I can achieve ( someday!)

09-22-2002, 08:41 PM
I'm sorry to hear about Amarantha leaving us please don't get discouraged. It is possible that you are excercising so much that you are not giving your body enough calories. You could be under enough with the excercise that your bady has shut down and is holding the weight. My daughter had the same problem, she would use say 24 of her 27 points excercise 6 pts a day this leaving her with having used only 18 of 27 pts. So she had to use all her 27 points or more and then do her excercise pts and if it dropped her below her range she had to have a snack to bring up her pts back into the range. I knoew everyone has a hard time seeing that concept but that is how our bodies work.
I have seen this happen to a number of people at my ww meetings and once they corrected the problem the wt started to come off again. Even if you leave the thread please consider this possibility and give it a try so you are not getting discouraged my no wt loss. I know you do your plan differently by calories but the principle is the same perhaps your calorie intake is too low from the excercise and perhaps you have to aim for the high end of your allowed calories. I find staying to the high end of my points works better than staying near the low end of my points. So good luck to you and we will miss you.

09-22-2002, 08:43 PM
Kaylets you are so right about the incentive this thread gives and I sure hope that we keep it going.

09-22-2002, 11:02 PM
Only feel unappreciated by the DEMON SCALE, :queen: Kaylets!!! :D I think you are right about the 5-pound chunks being a good way to focus ... it's just that I'm not getting anywhere and to continue I need a new challenge ... and Halloween is such a neat holiday!!! I'm gonna SCARE those pounds off!!!

Dollar: I think you're right, too, about raising calories or cutting exercise ... am taking the day off from exercise today. Feel kind of under-the-weather and may have been pushing too hard!

Onward to Halloween I go!!! :fr:

09-22-2002, 11:12 PM

09-23-2002, 07:41 AM
Weighin this am shows no loss, but good news NO GAIN. A few days this week the scale was pointing upwards so I'm glad to see that was just those few days.

Dollar, thanks for the reminder on how resistant the body can be. I always think of a fire burning or a pot of water on the stove. The less wood on the fire ( or water in the pot) the smaller the fire.
I guess that's part of the reason the Wendi Plan works so well for some trying to break a plateau. DH feels as though he's on a plateau also. His losses have slowed to a lb or two each week.
( now he's seeing what it's like for women to lose!!;) )

Have a little survey for Monday - Maybe its to distract from Monday but here goes: ( My answers are in blue so noone feels they have to be first)

Did you watch the Emmy Awards show last night?
I saw the first hour, then had to sleep!

How many servings fruits and/or vegetables do you try to get in everyday?
I love both so this isnt a chore for me- I guess I have btwn 6-10 servings a day.

What was your inspiration (motivation) to make a lifestyle change?
My pride. A cashier gave me a "senior citizen discount" without asking if I was a senior. And I was 46 at the time! and do not have grey hair!

What's your favorite word ? ( to borrow from the Actor's studio)

This morning there are only 4 questions, I thought I had 5 but I think 4 will do.

As Babette says so often " Let's make this a good one!"

09-23-2002, 09:28 AM
Good distraction - I'm not ready to face week yet.

No, I didn't watch any of the Emmys. Have seen more than enough on tv this morning already.

I love fruits, veggies too. Try for the official five. Sometimes way over, sometimes don't quite make it.

My main motivation was finally feeling I could move about fairly freely a year after my second knee replacement. After not moving well for years, I felt I had to try to lose some weight to make the most of the new knees and also to protect them as I do not want to need any more. Plus I'd just like to get back to being as healthy as I can be. I appreciate the "senior citizen" story as it happened to me at about that age but I did/do have the gray hair.

My favorite word - gee, lots of them but today let's go with "Rococo". Always brings a smile to my face for some reason.

Up, up, darn body and let's make today a good one - nice brisk air, geese honking above, a trip to doctor for first time since weight loss. Hope my fav nurse is on - she'll at least appreciate my efforts.

09-23-2002, 10:43 AM
Good morning ladies.
the sun is shinning and it is warm then last night it got down right nasty here about 530 the temp just took a dive after it having been a nice day.
1. No I did not watch the emmy's
2. I usually have 5-6 a V-8 usually helps me get in last few I may be lacking but I do enjoy my fruit and vegies.
3. My daughter's weight gain and the battle she was having, plus the changes in my life when I met my birth brothers in Jan. It was like a whole new life opened up to me, it was time for a change.
4. Awesome, it just seems to say so much when you just can't explain how great something is.
Well I did something yesterday that I never thought I would ever do. We went to this place near us called the Elora gorge, my family goes all the time but not me. Why don't I go because they always go down inside the gorge but I could never do that, too many rocks and stairs, just not good for my knees too risky. Well no more, yesterday I went and I went down all the stairs and I even climbed the rocks and walked over throught the river. My 11yr old son found this way to go back up the cliff by climbing through some narrow spaces and over the big rocks, He said "mom you better not come this way I don't think you can make it" well was he ever shocked when I followed right behind him. We then had the stairs to climb back up the last portion and I never missed a beat, I turned to my son at the top and said to him "so you want to do it again" his reply was "yeah right are you crazy" I was thrilled because it was such an AWESOME challenge for me to complete by the time I reach my goal anything will be possible.

09-23-2002, 11:21 AM
Wow that is so AWESOME that you were able to do that. What a great Monday morning inspiration!

09-23-2002, 12:25 PM
Icky, nasty Monday... I'm up 3 pounds with no excuses (other than too much food, not near enough water and I've GOT to start exercising!!!!)

I believe this is called a "self-fulfilled prophecy" - I said I'd screw it up and I did - big surprise there huh? Well, that's it, I've had it... Today I'm scheduling in exercise as if it were a doctor's appointment and no more food in the mouth that isn't writen down first! :nono:
My goal, long term, is to be around 200 by the beginning of the new year....

Kaylets - Yes, if anyone wants to know the lowdown on WW just ask me - I taught the 123 program for WW for almost 3 years. I can do it in my sleep... Thanks for the idea of getting the WW calculator on Ebay too!
I have a full length mirror on one of my bathroom doors - when I get out of the shower it's RIGHT THERE in front of me - no denial in my house... I actually like it there though. It's either a wake up glimps, or a wonderful reminder of my progress.

Steph - Congrats on the loss!! :cb:

Dollar - Wow, you must've had some accident to be shaken up again! I'm sorry... I've only been in one bad accident, a 4 car pile-up and I was the last to be hit. It was awful and to this day I still look in my rear view mirror if I have to stop quick.
Happy early birthday to your daughter - I think the surprise party is a wonderful idea, but I can totally understand her not caring to celebrate... hopefully someday that'll pass.

Hag o' the Hut, ahem, I mean, Amarantha - congrats on the oj choice and I totally understand your needing to change challenges. If you always do what's not working, then you'll never get anything changed. Keep changing until you find your perfect muse!! I personally, enjoy your calling yourself a witch - there's not enough of us in the world in my opinion.... ;)

Hugs all!

Terri :moo: *snort*

09-24-2002, 04:19 AM
Though A. hath retired to a hut in the woods to await Halloween, she'd like to take :queen: Kaylets' survey, though it is technically Tuesday, so ...

Did you watch the Emmy Awards show last night?
No, TV is a nightlight to me! :)

How many servings fruits and/or vegetables do you try to get in everyday?
Don't really count 'em but should. I don't digest produce very well, so mostly grind them up in smoothies ... even the veggies. Could do much better in this regard and that's where I think WW would help if I decide to go with that sometime.

What was your inspiration (motivation) to make a lifestyle change?
Unfortunately (or the obverse), there's been lots more than one lifestyle change, because sometimes I regress. The first time I lost major weight and started exercising was when I was covering a senator's speech being held on top of a tall monument on the 4th of July in the midwest. I'd neglected to arrange to just hang with the press group being herded around and climbed up all these stairs in the heat, argued with the security people, and then they allowed me to get even closer and had to climb more. It occurred to me then that a reporter ought to be in good physical shape. Another time was after I'd gained THAT weight back and moved to desert ... could see my shadow for the first time in years because the sun was always out ... had been in denial again about the weight gain and then saw my shadow one day ... the "click" turned over in brain and I lost 100 pounds!

What's your favorite word ? ( to borrow from the Actor's studio)

Thanks, :queen: Kaylets o' Meditations! :)

09-24-2002, 07:28 AM
Did you watch the Emmy Awards show last night?
No, I hardly watch tv. But we just got digital cable (for the Sopranos!) and I intend to take it up!

How many servings fruits and/or vegetables do you try to get in everyday?
I aim for 7-10, and usually manage at least 7. I love them, and feel so much better when I have enough!

What was your inspiration (motivation) to make a lifestyle change?
Oh dear! I've been motivated/in denial on a swinging door basis for years now and gradually losing weight (like 10 pounds a year :rolleyes:. I'm now struggling to get super motivated. I try to build motivation in, for example by joining TOPS so I have the WI coming up. Every day is a challenge to light that fire! :flame: But thanks for the reminder - I will make a bigger effort today! One little mental trick I use is to pretend I have a motivation on/off switch in my brain that sometimes gets accidentally switched off and has to be reset. So I click it back to "ON" and that seems to help!

What's your favorite word ? ( to borrow from the Actor's studio)

Punkin, I'm with you on the mirrors! Although I WISH I had a full-length one in the bathroom - what I've got is one that cuts me off at my widest point and is surrounded by nasty white walls (one of the things that needs to be done in this house - paint to a color that won't reflect light on every bulge and wrinkle) and brutally bright lights. :eek:

Also with you on the need for more witches. I would be one if I was brave enough. Think that I just need to pull in some elements of pagan/wicca into my life, in any case.

Amarantha, I am going to drop in to the Halloween challenge and post a pledge in a minute - then maybe I'll be able to post some progress after ce soir! Incidentally, do you use html for all your colors? I remember liking this color in your posts and taking a quick look at the code to see what color it was and clicking on "burlywood" - which didn't turn the color I wanted at all. Then I took a closer look and saw that your post had "burleywood" with an "e" and when I tried that it was the right color. Hmmmm... I wonder if we could actually use other colors that aren't listed...

Kaylets, I loved your analogy of the fire and the water in the pot. Not that I ever am in danger of too little fuel my own self :rolleyes: Re: senior citizen thing - I was surprised that you were my age, because you seem young to me, spirit-wise!
I intend to emulate!

dollar, congrats on your hike - it sounds fantastic! Sure feels good to be able to do stuff like that, doesn't it. :D I recently went on a hiking trip and was actually better on the climbing parts than my SIL, who probably weighs 30-40 pounds less than i do. :smug:

Anagram, I love the word "rococo" too - brings a smile to my face, but total bafflement to the faces of most people I'm talking to....

Okay, I had better put on my "work" hat if I'm not going to spend the day posting here... Let's make it a good one! :cool:

09-24-2002, 07:32 AM
Good morning all!!

We still yearn for rain but the the temperature is nice- right now in the low 60's - shouldnt go higher than high 80's - So much more comfortable !!

Dollar- I am so excited for you!!! Look at what you gave up to gain!! I have more thoughts than time - I promise more later!

Punkin- don't despair- Here is a NO GUILT PASS- remember you're tripping over the rock analogy??

I've run out of time-- I'll be back later

Lets make it a good one!

09-24-2002, 10:11 AM
Went to dr. yesterday first time since "getting serious". Eager to weigh in (since I figured they'd be shocked!). Anyway, nurse asks what I think I weigh and I blithely reply "ONE thirty five" (my fantasy weight) instead of "TWO thirty five". She didn't flinch but started in the two hundreds anyway (she has eyes, bless her). Only after I was weighed did it dawn on me what I probably said, I asked her, and she said I did specify ONE. I think I'm REALLY thinking positively.

I was a bit under but can't claim a loss until it's there tomorrow. However, I asked nurse to check back to when I'd last been that weight or under. April 1993, chicklets. so I figure that makes me almost ten years younger as well as lighter.:lol:

09-24-2002, 12:00 PM
Oh, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, could you be... would you be... won't you be my neighbor???? :dance:

OK, got THAT out of my system...

My cats knocked over my Tanita scale AGAIN - so it's gone under the sink until whatever rabidity they apparently have has passed. Scale's ok again - I must admit I'm impressed with it's bouncing capability - I give it 4 :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: for durability and ability to crash on to floors unharmed...

Kaylets - THANK YOU!!!! My Mom has always said that I give advice better than I take it. I'll take your "No Guilt Pass" and carry on...

Anagram - Thank goodness you had a great nurse!! I donated blood last Tuesday and accidently said 130 instead of 230 and she stopped me and said "what? are you sure?" Bit.. uh, ahem, well, she could've said that a little different.... I covered with a graceful, jokingly said "oh, you mean NOW and not my goal weight". Why did I spare her? I donno', I could'a been rude...

Babette - Ah, to bring a little Pagan into all our lives probably wouldn't be too bad (oh, no one get offended, I'm not talking about the religion part of it!). Go hug a tree, talk to a bug, celebrate in awe the changing of the seasons.... There's a little God and Goddess in us all!

Well, enough from me for now - guess I should do some work... ick.


09-24-2002, 01:32 PM
Yo!!! Though retired to a hut in the woods, GW Amarantha (now a Hag) feeleth the need to :wave: on this thread also. Seems she oft forgetteth and cross replieth sometimes!!!

Babette: I just type in the html but only use the choices listed on the reply screen ... must have added an "e" to burlywood, but I like it. Maybe you are right that more choices are available. I wonder if this would work ... (doubt it) ...


09-24-2002, 01:34 PM
Nope! :shrug:

09-24-2002, 01:57 PM
I just inserted a marquee stating that inside the definition I'm writing for the "common language runtime" - ha! Now, hopefully I'll remember to take it out again before sending to my editor, else he'll have caught me goofing...

I always liked writing text and having it make things happen - hey, it's magic!!! Hmmmm... let's see now...

<weight=160>babette </weight> :wizard:

Ah, well, a nymph can dream, can't she...

09-24-2002, 03:09 PM
Punkinseed - I was lucky nurse is so pleasant, I would not have liked reply you got at all. Nurse has had to battle weight herself though not in my league. Other nurse would have been even happier for me as she is in my league and battles all the time. Dr. of course didn't notice but that's ok. I'm hoping my new cholesterol numbers will knock HIS socks off (well, first I have to fast and go have the blood drawn).

09-24-2002, 09:58 PM
Dollar!! I am so thrilled for you! Not only did you impress your family but I know, you are impressed too!! AND the best is yet to come!! How great to go w/ your son and not have to watch from the sidelines anymore!! And the person who did it all is you!! You made the choice to make change. What an example for your son!! He doesnt realize it now, but he will never forget how much you suprised him !! He thought he had you all figured out as too overweight, too old, too fearful, -- but he saw that you could make real changes, struggle, but keep up the fight. I hope someone had a camera. Although I know you'll never forget the look on his face when he realized you were right behind him nor will you ever forget the feeling of " I can do this myself".

And to know that I can do the same thing, one choice at a time, one meal at a time.
Or to quote someone else, instead of saying lbs she likes to say " Stick of buttah" - ( Assuming its the one lb stick). Its a great visual don't you think?

Hmm, that Tanita has been taking a beating- You may want to contact Consumer Reports- that's wear and tear they might not have thought of--

The nurses generally are so busy you can't let what they say get in your way. I will stop on that note.
Except, I know what its like to feel a lot smaller than you actually are. Its like your age, you still feel 18 only smarter. You still feel 140, its just harder to find clothes that fit--

Just saw an interesting Brownie recipe- You take an ordinary brownie mix and prepare following the instructions. Then, you add in a can of Black Beans. Supposedly, the fiber content in the beans is high enough to overide the sugar, butter, etc. Supposedly, a piece equals 2 pt- DH says "what will they dip in chocolate next? "

Babette, been meaning to start following The Sopranos myself but didnt I miss the premier this past Sunday?? We have the digital too but I have to admit, I don't have time to take advantage. And the recording problems are annoying too.

Time to go get ready for the am-


09-25-2002, 07:04 AM
Good Morning, Power o' Fivers!

I missed my WI last night - ran into a guy I knew from university when I was at the library and decided to chat rather than rush away. My scale this morning has me exactly the same as last week, though... i think I may start weighing myself every morning again. I find it helps to keep me motivated, trying to make that number go DOWN the next day.

Punkin, is the Tanita scale one of those fat-measuring ones? I covet them! I'm fairly sure that some of the time when I haven't been losing any sticks of buttah :dance: I've actually been gaining muscle.

Kaylets, black bean brownies....hmmmm.... I have to admit, I wonder sometimes how much fiber offsets the fat in stuff. I hadn't heard of it offsetting sugar, but I guess it would compensate for it by being slower to digest.... And black bean brownies sound like they might actually be good....

Anagram, isn't that funny, that so many of us have given our weight as "1- something" instead of "2" something... Just can't get our heads around THAT concept! :?: I've done the same thing, too. Hopefully, when I actually make it to Onederland I won't start saying "2-something" :rolleyes:

Let's make it a good one!

09-25-2002, 07:18 AM

Almost at my favorite day of the week!!

Still inspired this am I upped the bike to 30 min and actually was huffing and puffing- evidently, was pushing myself-

but oops, I see that its that much later -- have to get out of the door-- maybe I need a laptop to bring on the bike!! ( This multitasking obsession is part of what made me overweight in the first place!)

On to making it a good one, choice by choice. (to borrow from Babette)


09-25-2002, 09:58 AM
Well, I finally did it. I lost the five pounds. It seemd like the hardest five pounds to lose. :D I need to go back and read through this thread. It seems like I've missed a lot. :)

09-25-2002, 10:31 AM
Congrats, Rycherbabe! Great feeling, isn't it?

Today I'm down 2 lbs over last Wed. But that included a .4 lb gain. So I'm FINALLY at 1.6 down towards my second five. Don't see how I can make it by next Friday but close will do. In fact, right now, just the effort will do.

09-25-2002, 11:50 AM
:cb: Go Patti!!! :cb: Congratulations!!!!

Kaylets - :lol: THAT'S what it is!!! I *do* feel like I should still be 140... if I just didn't feel so crappy (and if my clothes actually fit) I'd actually believe it!!!
Seriously, when I was working for WW I heard a story about a member who got to goal by putting a piece of tape on her scale and writing "135" on the piece of tape - so every time she stepped on the scale it read 135 instead of her true weight. She made it to goal all the while doing exactly that - believing she was already there. The idea of this was, was that if your brain sees it, your body will do what it takes to make it so.

Babette - Yep, it's the kind that measures body fat - however, I believe that part of my scale hasn't been accurate - I can weigh 4 times and get 4 very different readings. Either that or I've lost 30 pounds of ONLY muscle because it hasn't shown any real change in body fat, which I find very hard to believe. It used to be very accurate, but with my ex messing with it, 3 years in storage and a couple moves I think something in the foot pads got tweaked. After Christmas I thought about buying a new one and giving mine to my Mom - who really just wants an accurate digital scale (hers is the old dial kind).

Well, till later all....


09-25-2002, 03:28 PM
congrats rycherbabe and anagram on your weight loss! Way to go!

i'm getting obsessed with weighing myself in between weigh-in day and i'm 'fessing up to this in an effort to give that behavior a rest. just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone. take care, all.


09-25-2002, 07:21 PM
Kaytlets, thanks for the wonderful words. I did not meet my second five challenge as I had hoped. A a mtter of fact I went up this week 3 lbs very disappointing but I knew with hoew busy I was I wasn't right on track and when I have too much fiber in my diet my system shuts down for a few days and that is part of the problem so Im hoping that next week it will be all gone and then some. Your words have given me that inspiration to make it happen. If I work real hard maybe I can make that 5lbs down by next week and I sure will try. Thanks a gain .

09-26-2002, 08:25 PM
Thursday and rain!! real downpour, wipers can't keep up with rain, :rain: :rain:

A recurring family issue has resurfaced so things have been off schedule lately. Actually ate out two nights in a row, stayed pretty close to program but just another example of how "Unexpected events" can turn a schedule upside down.

Last night DH and I didnt even think of supper until after 7, tonight was at a better time but again, out.

Luckily, both of us thought to get on the bike or treadmill both days and we both managed to remain in control (emotionally) rather than let the situation control us. The excercise might have nothing to do with it -- might have just been that THIS time, we weren't going to be manipulated. Perhaps its an example of that quote " No one can take advantage of you unless you let them" --

It's a shame when you have to "arm" yourself to deal with family-- you'd hope that would be the last place you'd have to "arm" yourself-- Unfortunately, its one of those situations when you're told "Well, its your fault anyway, you shouldnt have lent, bought, given, helped, me when you know I don't pay, return, etc back"

Interesting how this morning's thought of the day was
"You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist" Indira Ghandi.

But, it's still going to be Friday in the morning- and there's no changing that!!

:rain: :rain:

09-26-2002, 09:07 PM
Grrrrrr...my internet went down all of yesterday - it's amazing how far behind you can get when that happens!

Anyway, last few days have been crazy eating days - lots of random snacking and no real meals. I probably way overdid my calorie limit, but I figure since I never stopped going to the gym, I can't be too far behind.

Congrats to everyone who lost weight this week! :dance: There are just too many pepole to name them all! (And that is a great thing!)

And to whoever told the story about the woman who taped her goal number over the real scale number - I did the same thing, and it really does work. I taped it just above the real number so I could see both, but before I got on the scale, I would concentrate hard on the goal and visualize seeing the number I wanted to see. I think it really helps combine the powers of your mind and body.

Good luck everyone! I'm sending out good vibes from here - :goodvibes

09-27-2002, 06:52 AM
Rycherbabe!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
5 down is 5 gone!!

Need to get the car to the shop and etc so I just wanted to post the thought of the day
" Remember that Friday is the day you refrain from all negative comments" from Life's Little Instruction Book.

And that includes about myself too!!

09-29-2002, 01:38 PM
Just occurred to me that I might (GASP!) actually make my 5 off by Oct. 8, so it behooves me to ensure the thread doesn't get lost.

Let's GO!

09-29-2002, 02:08 PM
Yo!!! Fivers, congratulations to all of you who've made a success of this challenge!!! :wave: :cb: :cp: :hat:

It's a good thing Amarantha hath removed herself from the roster, she would've kept bringing it bad luck, as she's actually UP a half pound this week!!! :cb: But now she hath several weeks to get to her Halloween goal ... the weight gain was inexplicable, as she's doing everything ******* right!!! Sigh. Going to recrunch the numbers after deadline is over today!!!

Just saying :wave: and will now scurry back to scary hut in the scary halloween challenge wood!!! Wooooo-hooooo!!!!

09-30-2002, 07:25 AM
Hello all!!
Just 5 more days till the weekend is here again!!

Scale was big tease all week long - but this am the official count is .5 down- which I will claim as .5 GONE!!

QVC is showing a Total Gym that DH is very interested in- we have low ceilings in our basement so most machines are too tall-
This is the same one Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley promotes.
Hope DH doesnt expect me to look like Christie !! :o

I was smiling yesterday as CNN showed a story of a very clever Canadian farmer who was dealing w/ a beavers' dam that would flood his property. He was taking apart the dam every day to find it rebuilt the next day. Finally, he realized the beavers were frightened by his voice. He set up a radio to play all night long for 3 weeks. It was an all news station. Beavers left. The question was did the beavers leave because they didnt like the station he was playing. Very clever.

This weekend was very full, gardening, a short trip to Philadelphia to see Cirque du Soleil, fleamarket, etc. We even put a composter in the backyard. Hope to keep the momentum going for the rest of the week.

Today's thought is from the "Life's Little Instruction Book" again,

"Remember that success or failure is seldom an accident"


09-30-2002, 09:15 AM
Good Morning ladies,
Im a little discouraged today I don't think Ive had a veery good week this week and Im not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. I think I told you we were having a surprise 16th birtday party for my daughter well it was a great success she had no idea what was going on. So with that over and my company gone that was visiting from Scotland maybe I can get refocused. I think I have also been fighting a stomach bug, so I will see how things go. Ill check in again tomorrow.

09-30-2002, 11:10 AM
Well 2 more lbs gone so that's 4 lbs towards my 5 lb goal. I don't think I'm going to lose a lb by tomorrow but that's ok. I'll set a new goal after I get weighed at the dr's tomorrow.

09-30-2002, 09:09 PM
Good luck on tomorrow's weighin! Its nervewracking the night before weighin- its certainly no time to be told " its just a number" -


Which brings me to my Monday survey. Its only one question this week ( after all Monday is now Monday evening).

What is your weighin tradition? I remember some ladies that would take off little tiny stud earrings, not wear underwear, etc
for a lunchtime weighin. I knew another lady who wouldnt eat or drink anything until our noon weighin.

now, since I'm doing WW's online, I weigh in first thing in the am, with as little as possible on- and that means no watch or eyeglasses.

BTW, Aramantha, about the bad luck thing-- NOT! :lol:

09-30-2002, 10:41 PM
Since I usually wear clothes when I weigh in at the doctor's, I now only weigh in when I'm dressed and when it's "later" in the day, either late morning or early afternoon which is when I'd be weighing in at the doctor's. So often in the past I would be disappointed when I weighed at the drs to find I was several pounds heavier than at home where I weighed in starkers and first thing in the a.m. Now I know with what I weigh a pound or two difference is no big thing but I just didn't like that little discouragement so changed my "weighs".

10-01-2002, 07:26 AM


Amagram- I can relate!! I started going to an early evening WW class after the WW at Work ended. The leader was so terrific I would still be going but that place ended and she only does day classes. She deserves her own award for inspiration, I'm guessing she was in her mid 60's- I think I'm under guessing- -
I still miss her!!--- ANYWAY- my point is this- I started wearing the same exact outfit each Weigh in day- Got so people would see me in the black dress and say "WW's today?"

Dollar-- meant to ask -- Did anyone ask where all the "sugarry, fatty and etc" food ? I bet not. And I wonder if you had lots of vegetables left over?

Got 15 min hard bike riding in this am and am so glad I did because its hard to top that feeling.

Today's thought of the day is from Joseph Campbell, a man I admire:
"Follow Your Bliss"

10-01-2002, 08:40 AM
I feel like I'm in recovery mode today, partly, I think, because between getting chilled on Sunday and working about 12 hours a day the last few days I seem to have a bit of a cold. I think I'm going to devote myself to getting my house in order today - always makes me feel so much better. DH started stripping wallpaper on the weekend and now my dining room and bedroom both look night-marish, esp. the bedroom, with half the paper off, some hanging in tatters. But I can see how much better it will look painted, so that's motivational. MIL returns for a visit next week - maybe I can get it done first.

BUT -- must remind self to get a jump on work for the month, because I don't ever want to face another end o' month workathon...

Having a little difficulty getting back OP. My plan for today is just to eat only when I'm hungry, and only at the table when I'm alone.

Have a great day, All!

10-01-2002, 11:49 AM
Hi, power o' fivers!!! It's a beautiful new month and everyone is doing beautifully.

Joseph Campbell is also a favorite of mine and it was great to be reminded this a.m. to "Follow your bliss!" Thanks, Kaylets.

10-01-2002, 08:19 PM
:spin: :flow2:

As I was walking thru the parking lot this am, I said, these pants are really flapping- wonder if maybe..... so, I went to the store at lunch and that YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!
you heard about 1pm EST was me in the dressing room.

They fit!!!
Size 14!! May not seem like much to most of you but this is a major day !!! When I started this journey 2 years ago, I was wearing 24 Womens-

Don't get me wrong, a pound up and I won't be able to sit down but that's motivation isnt it!!

Have a good day!

10-01-2002, 10:29 PM
Kaylets - that YIPPEE you just heard was me cheering for your victory. Not seem like much? You've got to be kidding! Size 14 would be the end of the journey for me. So don't sit down.

10-02-2002, 07:47 AM
Its that middle of the week day.

Still grinning about my size 14. Went into the closet and found a dress that fits again. ( Also found a few that don't so, I did have a reality check)

and yes, I know that maybe those pants were mismarked- but sometimes it IS all about a number isnt it!!

:dizzy: :dizzy:

Today's thought is :

Celebrate the Journey

10-02-2002, 10:26 AM
Good Morning ladies Im a few days behind here. Your Mon survey I wear the samething everytime I weigh in or at least the same weight in clothing. I don't eat supper until after weigh in. With the cooler weather coming I actually took my jeans with me last week and weighed them and my skirt that I usually wear to compare the difference it was .8 difference. So now I won't feel so bad if Im up or not down as much when I start wearinfg the jeans.
Kaylets the question about the food, well I made mac & tuna and potato salad with ultra low fat miricle whip and fat free sour cream
I actually had lots of food leftover because the teenagers didn't eat much of anything not even the chips. So it worked out ok. I did have a small piece of cake it was good until I got some of the icing on my hands and when I went to wash it off it felt so greasy, so when we took the rest home and I was tempted to eat some I remembered the greasy feeling on my hands and didn't have more.
Good news Im down 1.4 this week so that is about half of what I put on last week. I did not make my second challenge but I feel so much better knowing I lost this week after being very upset with my gain last week. So I think it is time to set another goal, with this 1.4 I would like to be down 5 by the 15th.
Have a great week everyone.

10-02-2002, 09:10 PM
I lost .8 this week, making it 2.4 towards the five pounds. Really DON'T think I'll make the 5 lb by Friday (he, he). I'll need an extension, please. Still, it's 7.4 lbs down since I hit this challenge and that way it doesn't seem too bad.

10-03-2002, 10:39 AM
Well I didn't meet this challenge. I lost 4 of the 5 lbs so I don't feel bad. My new goal is 5 lbs by Halloween. Actually I want to lose 6 by Halloween. That will put me at 250 lbs and a total loss of 25 lbs since I started on July 29. Congrats Anagram and Dollar on your losses. Kaylets- Way to go on the size 14. I would love to be in a size 14. My 24's are getting very loose now and I tried on a pair of size 22 jeans yesterday. They were tight, but I got them on and buttoned with out having to suck in so I figure I'll be able to wear them in another couple of weeks. Very exciting! Does anyone measure inches? If so, how often? I think I'm going to measure once a month. I did my first measurements on August 26. I remeasured on Sept 29 and lost 1.5 inches in my hips, waist, and each of my arms. I also lost .5 inch in each of my thighs. That's a total loss of 7 inches in about a month. How about you?

10-03-2002, 08:09 PM
One of my most favorite days of the week, even television is good tonight- My favorite show ER is back from summer reruns and if I don't stay awake long enough, we'll watch the tape during dinner tomorrow.

Bobsgal, 4 out of 5 is terrific!! Isn't that like 90% ?? When you think about losing 90% vs gaining--- You are going to get where you want, its just going to take a little longer- It's almost as if you just hit heavy traffic -- its just going to take a little longer- (because the options are dangerous and scary). AND Congrats on your size down!! Its so motivating!!

Read a thread where someone had tried the "stacker pills" seen on tv. The first day after taking them twice, a few hives appeared. Don't remember where. She stopped taking them. By the next day, the hives were gone. About noon time, she started taking them again. By the third day, she was covered w/hives when she woke up- swollen, puffy, - her family rushed her to the emergency room. They gave her something, don't remember what, to take the swelling down and that allergy treatment of pills that last 7 days. AND a very stern talking to about taking stuff w/o knowing what the ingredients are or what the side effects could be. scary stuff.

It's kind of late in the day but I'm going to list it anyway-

Today's thought of the day is: "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket......."


10-04-2002, 07:22 AM
We did it!! On Monday, the road seemed long till Friday but here we are!! I know for me, Tuesday seemed the longest of all but then maybe I was just in "heavy traffic".

So glad "lilli" wasnt as bad as they expected. I know people were flooded but still the predictions initially were frightening.

Anagram - I heard your Yipeee and thanks- hope you're pleased w/ your weighin !!

To borrow from Babette, let's make this a good one- !!

Today's thought is:

" Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got" -Betty Ford

10-07-2002, 07:15 AM
So here we are!!

Weather was all over the place this weekend, very humid and warm Saturday- in fact, I think the humidity got the best of me-- I just ran out of steam by 10 am and couldnt do much of anything for the rest of the day. Sunday was much much drier and 25 degrees cooler- DH and I did Day 1 of the Total Gym- not well but it was the first time we did Day1 -- one thing led to another and by 2pm the garage was reorganized. DH gets credit for the bulk of it as I lost steam midway and had to lay down for awhile before I could continue.

Amazing what you can find !! Am thinking about having a yardsale and can use the garage for a "staging" area now.

Don't know if cooler weather turned up my appetite but I was feeling that "starving" sensation :devil: even after going to bed. Opened up one of those fliptop cans of pineapple which took the edge off -- Good thing there wasnt anything dangerous in the kitchen or I would've been in trouble.

Today's thought of the day is:

"Today's the day" Mel Fisher- Treasure Hunter

10-07-2002, 08:43 AM
Giving self the thumbs up because, even though I didn't make my challenge, I WILL make it. I've been doing great. Took off the four pounds that my weight jumped after the ugly cookies/ice cream incidents. But that just gets me back to my starting point. I think I'm going to aim for 5 off by the nineteenth. My Halloween challenge is looking iffy, but we'll see.... I looked at a calculator to see what kinds of calories were being devoted to the painting and so on and I should have lost over a pound over the weekend just from that :cool: More of that tonight :(

Kaylets, must be something in the air --- DH and I were bonding through chores all weekend. Not sure that's the best way, I think some kind of spa experience might be preferable :s: But... we got the dining room painted - it had ancient, peeling wallpaper, now it's a muted beigey-yellow.

And the bedroom had hideous vinyl wallpaper with big stripes and all pinks and blues and birds and ribbons and stuff :p We'll finish it this evening (more bonding :rolleyes: ) in a muted pale sage. DH thinks the color is a bit dark, but I love it. I have to fight tooth and nail to get him to agree to anything other than off-white, which I am so tired of!

Re: weigh-in tradition - when I was going to WW I started wearing my lightest clothes and taking off my watch, shoes, and jewellry, because the scales register 10ths of a pound. Now I just wear lightish clothes for TOPS and don't worry about earrings. Howe'er, if I weigh at home, it's first thing in the morning, post-pee and pre-clothes! :eek:

Thanks for putting in the "thoughts for today" - I love them!

Dollar, Bobsgal, Anagram -- CONGRATS on your losses!!! :cp: :cb: I intend to emulate you, and actually LOSE this weight, instead of just shuffling it back and forth :rolleyes:

Yuppir, let's go out there and make this one count!

10-07-2002, 10:09 AM
Another 2 lbs lost for me. 2 seems to be my lucky number these days. But as long as the numbers on the scale are going down, I don't care. 4 more lbs left to go for my challenge.:cb:

10-07-2002, 07:01 PM
Didnt post my weigh in this am!! Its the same as last week!!
At least its not a gain! Wonder if that old theory about "set point" is true. Ah well, Just have to wait it out- IN MY SIZE 14's!!

Oooppss - even I'm getting tired of hearing that!

Ran out at lunch to grab some flavored water- ran into a store I don't often go to- grabbed 2 waters and everything was great till about 4:45 when I spun the bottle around while on hold. 100 calories a bottle!!!!!!!!!4 :cry: :cry:

Had just opened the second bottle- it will have to water the plants I guess-

Just goes to show you-- you have to be watchful--

BOBSGAL!!!! Good for you!! You are doing terrific!! and yes, we measured ourselves and then promptly lost the measurements!
thanks for the reminder, we should do it again.

Babette-- don't forget, slow but steady wins the race- and for sure, I've seen some ugly wallpaper but never have I seen anything like you're describing!! I bet there was matching shag carpeting too!!

Well, got to go to the store and return the breadmaker- It didnt shut itself off and got very hot- scorched the top of it and must have burned itself out- won't go on - DH thinks he'll make bread in the oven and use the credit for a DVD player.

10-08-2002, 07:30 AM
Sometimes its just the little things! DH saw Oat Bran English Muffins and we had one each w/ veggie burgrs this am. DH really enjoyed his, feels the English Muffin has "more flavor " and makes him "more full". I agree, the change was nice. I'll know about 10 am if I'm still "full".

Tried Day 2 on the Total Gym- DH is two days ahead of me as I took a break-- His weight was down 4lbs this am- he's been on a plateau for nearly a month. Could just be coincidence but either way, DH says he's sure he'll look like Chuck Norris soon!

Time to make the lunches!

Today's thought is
When theres a hill to climb, don't think that waiting will make it smaller."

10-09-2002, 07:40 AM
Just a quick post to say hello and hope all is well with everyone-
(Running a time crunch this am)

Oct 9th's thought of the day is:

"Growth is the only evidence of life" John Henry- Cardinal Newman :genie:

10-09-2002, 09:49 AM
Good day folks well I weighed in last night and was indeed disappointed lost only .6 but then again it was a loss not a gain. My leader did however point out that last week I was wearing shorts and this week I was wearing jeans and there is a 1lb difference in the weight of them. ( I know because I weighed them) so that isn't so bad. Im amazed at how hard it is for me to adjust to the temp change usaully I look forward to it being cooler because I always feel the heat even in the winter. Now with all the weight loss I can't seem to stay warm, I guess I'll just have to go shopping for more clothes isn't that a shame.haha.
Have a good day everyone.

10-09-2002, 12:25 PM
Down .2 - I had expected a gain so I am thrilled. So back on plan now that I'm home again.

10-10-2002, 07:42 AM
Congrats ladies!!! Showing a drop on the scale, even one we wish was larger, is a loss-- You are making progress-- even though I know sometimes it feels like your standing still.

Remember when you were a kid and "can't wait to be older" --
If we only knew then !!!

Today's thought is:

"If you don't know where your going, you'll wind up somewhere else" --- Yogi Berra


10-11-2002, 06:56 AM
Hello all!!

We did it! It's Friday! and here on the East coast its RAINING!! 24 hrs of rain so far, raining steadily, not too fast -- Probably won't break the drought but it's making a big difference.

Has anyone noticed the link on the 3FC home page " Other Dieters" - some folks have really nice sites- I don't know why I never noticed the link before-

Today's thought really hits the spot for me- went to bed late and woke up thinking " shouldnt excercise when you're this tired"-
Yet, I know that "warming up" the motor will make me feel less tired if I just try--

Today's thought
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are"-- --Theodore Roosevelt

:genie: :rain: :rain:

10-12-2002, 11:13 AM
Seems like most of the rain has passed but it still feels like a rainy day- DH has baked 2 loaves of bread and a dozen apple muffins so far- Hope to get a big pot of soup on too-

Myself, just been putzing around online calculating WW points, made a few phone calls- FINALLY updated my address book- amazing how many addresses we collect !! Am nearly finished w/ "Lake News" by Barbara Delinsky- I think I'll ride the bike till the book is done.

Saw last 15 minutes of an interview by the author of "Fit from Within" --didnt get the woman's last name - her first name is Victoria ( I think) --the part of the interview I did catch she was explaining how if you just make the best possible choice everytime you are faced with a choice, you win everytime.
I will have to find her book- hmmm- rainy days are good library days!

Today's thought is
"You miss 100% of the shots you never take. "

Not sure who said this one- I think its an athelete but just couldn't remember who when I bumped into this quote last night. Anyone else remember?

10-12-2002, 03:40 PM
Just saw this and couldnt resist sharing because its just soooo true!!

Reason for a Weight Gain:

Lack of salt.
TOM (time of the month)
You are wearing green.
You are not wearing green.
What you had for dinner last night.
What you didn't have for dinner last night.
Lack of exercise.
It's Saturday, Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Thursday.
You're having a good hair day.
You're having a bad hair day.
You used more hairspray/gel/mousse than normal.
You have tennis shoes on instead of sandals.
You have sandals on instead of tennis shoes.
You forgot to take your shoes off.
The sun is shining.
It's raining.
You forgot to use your turn signal when turning into the parking lot at your meeting.
You don't even drive a car.
When it's too hot, my body's holding on to the water. After all, it needs to hydrate itself, doesn't it?
When it's cold, because my body is holding on to food to use as heat.
When it's just right, my weight gain is because of ...ummmmm....uhhhhh...
Alien invasion.

Sometimes, it just happens. You have a choice. You can THROW all your hard work away, because of a "bad hair day" or you can keep plugging away.......

Keep plugging away!!!
:lol: :dizzy: :lol: ;)

10-12-2002, 07:32 PM
Thanks for sharing that, Kaylets!!! I enjoyed reading it! :wave:

Gosh, that's so true ... there's always that moment of choice that you can identify as the turning point in throwing away a good OP day. And tomorrow always seems like a good day to start, when today is just as good! :cb:

10-12-2002, 07:46 PM
Hope you are all having a great weekendI know I am. I have been having a really good week this week staying in my points all week I have even managed to bank quite a few. I decided that I would treat myself this weekend, we went to the farmers market today and I got a new fall coat, I love it. After we left the market we decided to go out for breakfast, I thought to myself well this is where I can use some of my banked points.So I had a lovely breakfast and didn't eat again until dinner, no need to I was still full oh I did have a cup of grapes for a snack. After dinner I aded up all my points for the day and low and behold I didn't use them all or touch any of the points I banked. Maybe I will have some popcorn tonight while I get cozy in my chair to watch the movie we rented. It has been miserable weather wise here all day so hopefully tomorrow will be better. Have a good one folks.

10-12-2002, 07:57 PM
Thanks for sharing the excuses, Kaylets. Probably used each of them at one time or another. Still reasonably happy with my food choices but not exercising much this week. Weather is rainy/gloomy here too, dollar. I've got to figure out some warm/cuddly thing to do too and put this machine to bed. Will probably at least watch Trading Spaces.

10-12-2002, 08:00 PM
Just went back in posts to check out where, when, how much on this second challenge. I'm down 2.6 of the five but it's been forever.

If I buckle down the next two weeks though, I think I can wrap up this one. But my Halloween challenge is in dire jeopardy.

250/231.8/229.4 (5# challenge)/???:o

10-12-2002, 08:07 PM
Anagram I hear you my Halloween chanlenge is also in jeopardy, I think it will take a miracle now for me to lose 9 more lbs in time. I think I set my sites a little high. Oh well that is ok I will take whatever comes (or comes off I guess) a little lost is better then none at all.

10-12-2002, 08:31 PM
I love Trading Spaces!!! Who's your favorite designer?

And you are soooo right Dollar-- If we weren't trying where would we be?? Wishing we were trying!!

And who says its too late ?? Don't give up your challenge yet!!
This game has lots of innings left!!

I use all of you for inspiration!!

:D :D

10-13-2002, 08:11 AM
Hello all!!!

Hope today is exactly what you want it to be!!:)

Just read a post that hit home-- I'll paraphrase-- and hope I repeat it correctly-- Doctors feel that aprx 2600 calories a day will maintain your weight. Which makes me think about how those extra pounds were put on. For me, it was more quantity than quality, that's for sure--

Today's thought is :

Never give up on a dream, because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

If anyone knows the author of this one, please share.


10-13-2002, 09:31 AM
Ah, yes, currently addicted. Frank is my favorite designer. Doug is a pain and so are two of the girls. Do like Jennifer too. My sister and hubby just did their own Trading Spaces type redo of their bedroom. She said it takes lots longer than two days but they spent lots less than $1000. They're now tearing wallpaper off bathroom. Said that looks easier on TS, too. Marathon on tonight but I know I've seen at least two of them. I MIGHT paint my old tv trays. That's as far as my ambition goes right now.

10-13-2002, 10:29 AM
I read somewhere that what the cameras don't show is that there are other "helpers" -- which if you think about it, paint doesnt dry the same, etc, etc- I like Vern too-- he is a class act-

Have you ever seen the BBC show Trading Spaces came from?
I think that one is even better. I am blanking out- is it called Changing Rooms? there's a gardening suprise show too called Ground Force- they do amazing things especially w/ small spaces.

10-13-2002, 11:18 AM
I've never seen the 'original' but would love to. Like Vern, too, but couldn't think of his name. I figured there had to be helpers because people not used to painting, sewing, etc. just can't get things done that fast.

I've seen things I've liked by all the designers but the personality part spices things up a bit and I'm sure they push the "persona" thing. I'm fairly new to it, just started watching this summer so was seeing all reruns until recently. I've watched a few "while you were out"s - ok. And I like "Curb Appeal" on H&G. Not a big TV watcher anymore so I'm glad I'm "semi hooked" for a while. Could use a little inspiration/motivation in that direction too.

10-13-2002, 11:27 AM
Trading spaces I love it, I did figure thought that there were other people helping out. Just way too much work to do in that short time especially for Tye and Amy in building all the stuuf the make. I love frank don't think he has done a room I don't like. Doug well I don't really like him but I did like the room he did with the zebra stripes on it.

10-13-2002, 11:33 AM
Yes, that's a good one too!! Don't you love the Virtual ideas at the end?? Wish someone could do that to for me!! So I'd get a beter visual of what I really (will) look like now and LATER!!:) :)

DH has just invited me to brunch- we are going to the farmers market for weekly produce pickup. Hoping to get some soup made and in the freezer -- That's one plus about the cooler weather coming back, those winter recipes !!!

I'm looking forward to the filling up the birdfeeder and watching how many birds come to visit.

Maybe get to the library, too to look for "Fit From Within" by Veronica Moran.

Is the marathon on this afternoon? On TLC?

10-13-2002, 06:18 PM
The marathon is on this evening. 7, 8 and 9 or 8, 9 and 10. Don't exactly remember.

Fashion show this afternoon turned out pretty well. they sold chances of four baskets. The first one was the Chocolate Lovers (how about that for a dieter?). they called my name and I was thrilled. the second was a Pampered Woman, full of candles and creams and stuff (haven't looked yet) and they called me for that one too. I asked them to draw another winner for the Chocolate one as I didn't feel right taking two. A third was a Snack Lovers (another diet no-no) and the fourth (in which I had put two tickets) was a Wine Lovers (wine and cheese). Then when they did door prizes, I won a $5 gift certificate to a little shop they tell me is really nice so I'll have to go find it and spend lots of money to go with my gift certificate. Most of the time I don't win anything and could hardly believe my ears. Food was good but I only ate half (talking too much but that's ok for the diet). Saw lots of people I used to know, etc. So not bad.

Doug did a room last night that I really did like.

10-14-2002, 07:07 AM
Anagram- Lucky Girl!! I'd have been tempted to keep the chocolate basket !! Good for you! Some folks would say that cosmic forces are rewarding your good efforts!! Sounds like you had a great day!

Monday is my "official" weigh in day and am thrilled that this Monday am I can reporta 1.5 lb loss[/COLOR .

I "rested" for 3 weeks and even as of yesterday, thought I would see the same number again this am. DH's plateau lasted 4 weeks until we began the Total Gym, I wonder if that's what helped get 1.5 off me too. I am still at a very low, slow level but it feels wonderful as each rotation involves stretching. I have an old shoulder injury and really feel a big difference. ( This is all IMHO)

Need to get the rest of the morning rolling-- Hope everyone enjoys Monday!!

Today's Thought is:
[COLOR=darkblue]"Remember that in life, as in football, a fumble is not always a bad thing" from Life's Little Instruction Book :genie:

10-14-2002, 09:23 AM
Great Monday morning, all!

I do seem somewhat cosmically energized today, Kaylets! Hope it lasts till noon!

And congrats on that 1.5 loss. That's more than the pound in your motto.

10-15-2002, 07:33 AM
Hello All!!

Weather is very chilly ( for my part of the world :)) w/ storm warnings-- overslept and am very achy and stiff--
This time change can't come quick enough for me!!

This is a good day to make the best choices -- I'm going to try and string best choices in a row--

Today's thought is

"You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning" Billy Wilder

10-15-2002, 09:40 AM
Amen on the achy this morning. Pretty good frost here last night. Am satisfied with yesterday food and water wise but no exercise for a week now. Although more active in house. Maybe will do pool tomorrow to keep from permanent stiffening.

Am hoping to get daughter and family to come home over the weekend to get away from "sniper territory" if he's not caught by then. Now he's in son's area too. Can't think about it but can't escape it either.

10-15-2002, 08:49 PM
It is very scary to think what this indivdual(s) must be thinking to have made him (them) hunt people.

We are about 2.5 hrs from this area but very close to I-95 -

I think he will be caught by accident as so many of them are caught- pulled over for a bad light or another kind of traffic violation. I also hope that because there are so many eyes, it won't be long now that he is caught and stopped.

I know everyone is hoping and praying for this to end.

10-15-2002, 09:03 PM
I hope you all and your families stay safe and away rom this head case shooter.

I have made my 5lb challenge I lost 2.6 this week and Im so pleased with that it feels great. I hope to have another good week this week and to stay on program again it worked so well this last week. I always do stick to it but I guess not as good as last week. Well everyone have a great week and I will continue to check in.

10-16-2002, 07:36 AM
:rain: :rain: :rain:

Wind is blowing and rain is coming from every direction!! Even the dogs don't want to go out!

Need to leave early as traffic is going to be interesting.

Am continuing to string good choices in a row- was sorely tempted yesterday afternoon but 2 big bottles of Walmart Cranberry 0 calorie water took the edge off. I did eat an extra Pria bar but stayed OP intstead of the middle range I was aiming.

Today's thought is:
A strong, positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug----Patricia Neal

10-16-2002, 10:00 AM
Weigh in day - Wahoo! I'm down 1.6 for the week. We're having the wind and rain too - sort of a glum day all around so nice to have a perk-me-up and nothing does it like a weight loss.

Love that quote too, Kaylets. Powerful little things - our minds.

10-16-2002, 05:49 PM
I am just wondering about something has anyone ever experienced the loss of not enjoying the foods you use to. I have completely gone off chocolate and I use to love it,it just doesn't do a thing for me anymore. On the weekend I had extra points like lots hadn't even made my points for the day so I decided to havve a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese icing it was a good size peice at that. I ate the whole thing and then said yeah well just didn't do it for me, I just find the stuff far to sweat for me. Am I just nuts or what, hey I don't think it is a bad thing it makes watching what I eat so much easier. It isn't even just the sweat stuff it is anything greasy or with heavy sauces just don't do it for me. Anyone have the same thing.

10-16-2002, 06:56 PM
Yes, gratefully, I've noticed the same. I appreciate not having the sweet cravings but when I do allow myself some of my old favorites, they just don't taste as good as hey did. I'm having a day today where I feel I want something but don't know what it would be so so far, I haven't had it.

I've noticed much more than I was previously aware of that when I tire out, I want to eat. I guess I was just doing it to keep going. I did have some cheese and pretzels a bit ago which didn't seem to help much and I know this is when I'd have had the real sweet stuff a couple of months ago. My physical cravings are a lot less but the psychological ones are still there from time to time.

Back to my cup of tea and then dinner. Chicken breast and green beans tonight probably with a piece of angel food cake. Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting sounds so much better.

10-17-2002, 07:30 AM
I too, have noticed my cravings are lessened-- unless I am near something that's still warm from the oven or am near the smell of things cooking. Baked goods still make my mouth water just by smelling them but when I smell burgers or foods cooked w/ grease, my stomach does a little lurch. A couple months ago I went to a candle party and found my mouth watering as I was smelling some of the little candle samples!!!

I know from past however, I still can't have anything that might tempt in the house- Amazing what we'll put in our mouths even if we're not so sure we're going to enjoy the taste!!

Long, long time ago, a Weight Watchers leader shared this experience and I've never forgotten:
She had been at goal a long time and had even been a leader nearly 4 or 5 yrs. Her daughter was in Girl Scouts and the cookie sale was starting up. My leader figured she was "safe" so she volunteered to be the "cookie distributer" . When the cookies arrived, the leader did great-- matched up all the cookies to each girls order, got the orders to each girl, not a box turned up "missing". Even her daughter's customers recvd their order in record time. Then, the following weekend, about 3 am, the leader found herself in her daughter's bedroom, trying to wake her 11 year old up to find out where she had hidden the box for her father.
Isnt it true though? As soon we let down our guard, ----

You're right, our taste buds are reasserting themselves, lots of things don't taste as we remember. So why do we feel as though we have to finish eating them?? I saw a post that made a lot of sense -- it said " it costs the same if I eat it or throw it away" -- took me a little while and depending on how you look at it-- It might cost less in the trash- could cost me a loss!!

Got to get lunch made!!

Have a great day all!

Today's thought is :
It's easy to make a buck-- It's a lot harder to make a difference"--- ---Tom Brokaw

10-18-2002, 07:30 AM

First morning all week I felt more like myself when that alarm went off- little chilly in the house though this early am!! Had to turn the heat on to take the edge off!!
Hopefully, it won't need to go back on till tonight-

Did anyone notice the post re the Oprah show? I have listened to Oprah and Bob Greene's "Connection" tapes-- he makes a lot of sense and is very down to earth and friendly. Hoping to tape the show.

Here's to the best possible choices today!!

I feel a Monday survey in the works too!!

Today's thought:

"You canít get much done by starting tomorrow" :genie:

10-19-2002, 07:16 AM
Hello All!!!!!!!!

so far so good as far as the scale-- this week seems be a big water retain/release week--scale has been holding steady, haven't seen it go up once this week- ( I tend to hover w/in a 2-3lb range) But of course, weighin Monday will be the true test.

Plans today include a haircut and meeting some friends from the previous job for lunch ( that's one reason for the haircut!!) Since my new pants are a size smaller than the jeans--( I never realized how different the cut is between jeans and dress pants)
guess what I'm wearing!! Yes, I'll admit it, I'm going to make it really obvious but don't forget, DH's going w/ me and he's lost 2x as much as I have!! They don't even notice me until they've stopped looking at him! :dizzy:

If it sounds like I mind, not really-- His health is so improved that in the long run, his losses are really going to benefit me in more ways than one.

I mentioned last week I had bumped into Victoria Moran being interviewed on television. Found one of her earlier books in the library; skimmed the book quickly and now am rereading more closely. She has a very gentle way of making you realize that the
"battle" can be won without fighting our bodies-- What also impresses me is that her advise is from her own experience. This is not a book written by a "medical" professional who has never experienced any real weight issues.

So, today's thought comes from Victoria Moran

"Take the responsiblity, not the blame"


10-19-2002, 10:25 AM
Sounds like a good day for you. Enjoy! I agree on wearing the smaller pants. I've still been wearing a lot of things that are getting pretty big and am beginning to think I'd better wear more of what's right for now. Still have some from eons ago but I'm not a style hound (besides I'm at an age when anything goes). Have only bought one matching top/bottom and two new tops or so but I keep wearing bigger things thinking "well, I'll get one more wear out of them". Project for next week - try things on and sort more by size now than season.

Sister says smaller size slacks I gave her are a godsend right now. She's a half pound shy of a 50 lb loss since beginning of year. Maybe I'd better tell her to hold on to them when she drops another size because maybe I'll be in them by then. (fingers crossed - I hope, I hope).

10-19-2002, 07:45 PM
Isn't great when you can get into the smaller sizes. It makes me feel so good about myself and when the clothes fit right more people notice how much wt you have lost. Have a great evening everyone.

10-20-2002, 09:38 AM
Hello all!!!!!

Slept in an extra hour or so and feel GREAT. Guess the scale was in a good mood too because what it showed I don't even believe!! Let''s see if it shows that number again tomorrow or even next week!! Who knows, maybe it was giving me my weight if I was on another planet ......

NonScaleVictories still seem to be a big theme in my life. Dh and I shopped for produce yesterday, made a pot of lentil soup for dinner w/ enough for Tuesday's supper too, made 3 loaves of Whole Wheat Bread (by hand, the breadmaker burned out and was exchanged for a DVD player) and are on our way to the Walmart to pickup the week's supply of flavored water before it gets busy there. The NSV is that its not such a struggle to remember to plan-- - ITS BECOME A HABIT - and here's the upside-- the rewards are more than the numbers on the scale too-- Its a true sense of tiny changes buiding to an enormous conversion. A conversion masterminded by me!!!

Today's thought is

For those who are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store." ó "A Tale of Three Wishes" by Isaac Bashevis Singer


10-21-2002, 07:42 AM
I thought we were getting too long- I've started 5lb #6- I'll look for you all there!