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05-02-2010, 08:48 PM
What was your breaking point? When? What was your life like when you were so far down that you decided THIS time was for real, and that there was nowhere to go but up?

05-02-2010, 08:59 PM
That's easy. I was laid up because I had broken my ankle. I was on my own and stuck on my couch. I had just binged on chinese food and I just decided that I was going to try... for real. No more half hearted attempts that last a day, I was going to actually do it.

I was just so frustrated that the frustration turned into determination.

05-02-2010, 10:01 PM
I never had a rock bottom... or a breaking point... people ALWAYS ask this

I never looked in the mirror and said ew, I didnt see a picture of myself and think omg you're sooo fat...

One day I woke up and said hey I think I'm going to start going to the gym and eating healthy...and almost a 100 pounds later I would say its worked well

I had never dieted before, I had never worked out before...

I'm interested in seeing what other peoples rock bottoms were because it must be a big part of peoples weight loss journey because its really one of the first questions everyone seems to ask me

05-02-2010, 10:16 PM
I wonder if you not ever dieting or working out before is the reason you never had a moment like that...
Because it seems that when people do hit that point, it's after a long battle of trying repeatedly, only to fail or give up. :)

05-02-2010, 10:20 PM
mine was just this past christmas. I knew i had gained some weight after the last couple years of injuries, but really didn't realize how much. My family and I went to NZ for christmas this year and all wanted to go sky diving. Well I was too heavy to go. I was mortified, I lied to them all and just told them I didn't want to because I couldn't tell them all that I was too fat to go, but really its been something I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. well the weather didn't work out so they couldn't go anyway but thats when I decided I was going to change my life around and get back to the active athlete I was all through high school and college.

05-02-2010, 10:21 PM
I've always said that I think my success comes from a lack of failure... I never tried before so I never failed before...and since this was my first attempt and it started out well so I kept with it...it kept me motivated enough to continue on

05-02-2010, 10:23 PM
My girlfriend had gained some weight recently, mainly due to our rather unhealthy lifestyle.

This past summer, she texted me and said "Omg, i'm at 183 lbs. This is so rock bottom." and I went "huh. 183?". I was at 260, which was almost 100 lbs heavier. I had a ton of time to think, so I called her up three days later to talk about it. I was the only one of us who had ever dieted before and I told her that we could do this...but only if she was willing to stick it out to the end with me.

She lost her 20lbs a long time ago but she is sticking it out with me (for the most part)

05-02-2010, 10:34 PM
I was already unhappy with my weight and seeing facebook pictures from my work xmas party was the last straw. I'm glad I started, I feel so much better now.

05-02-2010, 10:52 PM
I have two. I guess you might not consider them both rock bottom, but they both felt that way at the time. Both pretty much broke my heart. Incidentally, both were also at carnivals, which sucks because when I was thin carnivals were pretty much my favorite thing.

The first one was my senior year of high school, and I was with my boyfriend. We were getting on one of those spinny rides where you swing around higher and higher until you're at a 90-degree angle to the ground. Well, first of all, I needed a stool to get into the seat because I couldn't jump that high. So then I'm trying to squeeze the harness shut and it won't go. Two of the ride operators came over and tried to squeeze me in, and they thought it had clicked so they went to go start the ride but red lights on our row started flashing and I just threw it off and flew out of there. My boyfriend was totally oblivious; he thought our row of harnesses was broken. (I'm still with him, and I know he wasn't pretending. He really didn't get that it was about my size, bless his heart).

The second time, the time it really hit me what I had become, was at a carnival in Germany. I was walking around with a friend eating ice cream, and this man walked by, looked at the cone, looked me in the eye with this disgusted face and went, "Dich tier." You animal. My friend didn't know any German, but I know a little. I started crying and just told her my contacts were bothering me. Not to be dramatic, but I can still hear his voice sometimes when I think about eating.

05-02-2010, 10:55 PM
my rock bottom dealt a lot with going off my birth control. i was already overweight then when i went off it a year ago I completely changed. not only did i gain between 20-25 pounds but I became completely withdrawn from the world, i was losing my mind and couldn't even work because it was too much. i went back to school and started drinking all the time, got insomnia, was always tired and sick a lot, had to start seeing a therapist and they really wanted to put me on mood stabilizers.

That was when I realized that I needed to wake up. I have been 20 almost the entire time this has happened and I felt that if I didn't turn myself around quick I would be setting myself up for bad things the rest of my life (i feel around this age is a pivotal time). And thats when I decided to weigh myself too and I realized I was much more overweight than I thought.

05-02-2010, 10:57 PM
ParadiseFalls, I'm sure that German guy will get his kharma, if he hasn't already. I would say he's the animal for being so rude.
As far carnivals...I haven't been to one since I was smaller, but I'm sure that was terrible for you. However, it looks like you're well on your way to being able to ride whatever you'd like. :)

05-02-2010, 11:10 PM
ParadiseFalls, I'm sure that German guy will get his kharma, if he hasn't already. I would say he's the animal for being so rude.
As far carnivals...I haven't been to one since I was smaller, but I'm sure that was terrible for you. However, it looks like you're well on your way to being able to ride whatever you'd like. :)


05-02-2010, 11:10 PM
I don't think it's a requirement to have a rock bottom and I don't think it has any bearing on success. I just happened to have an epiphany. I had never attempted to fix my diet and knew that was going to be the source of my own success. I have always been active and that was taken off the table when I got hurt. I had no choice but to face my eating if I was ever going to be successful. It was just a perfect storm of cirucmstances.

05-02-2010, 11:13 PM
I had my annual physical and my cholesterol, liver function and thyroid tests were all in the scary abnormal range. At that point I realized, okay, either you die of liver failure or a heart attack when you're 35, or you get your act together. I think that's what has kept me on this for so long - its not about my actual weight number or what I look like, its about my LIFE.

05-02-2010, 11:15 PM
I've always said that I think my success comes from a lack of failure... I never tried before so I never failed before...and since this was my first attempt and it started out well so I kept with it...it kept me motivated enough to continue on

This is actually a really good point. When people try to change a health behavior, they often gauge their ability to succeed based on their past experiences. For example, I got frustrated when I got stuck at 195 lbs because that's where I had gotten stuck before, so I had a little lapse in faith that I would be able to get past it - kind of like a "oh crap I failed here before I'm going to fail again" but through perseverance and support, I was able to move past it.

Haley - if you had never tried and never failed before, you kind of had a leg up in that you had no previous negative experiences to relate back to :)

05-02-2010, 11:18 PM
A lot of things led to mine.. I have been a singer for a long time and I dont get anywhere because I dont have the look.. so that was a big thing.. also, my parents seperated at the end of my senior year.. my mother moved 18 hours away.. we were super close. I had to take on all of her motherly duties.. I visited for two weeks in January.. which ended up being a month and a half.. while I was there I gained 20 pounds and because I had zero dollars coming in I ran out of money immediately and spent most of my days hauled up in my aunts guest room (where my mother has been staying) with no where to go and nothing to do. While I was there I realized that if I didn't do something about my life I would be doing exactly what I was doing up there for the rest of my life... nothing.. So I began as soon as I got back.

05-02-2010, 11:23 PM
When I found out I was pre-diabetic and my blood pressure was pre-hypertension. But even then the real wake up call was that I was so lonely, and I was having trouble meeting people due to my size.

05-03-2010, 12:06 AM
When my bathroom scale [which goes up to 380, by the way] started weighing me as "Err" rather than a number, that was a pretty big wake-up call.

05-03-2010, 12:20 AM
Hmmmm, well I didn't actually do anything about it for a little over a month but the one comment that finally stuck with me came from the loving mouth of my older brother.

(Please note that this is a bit melodramatic, and is the kind of thing that happens only in my family) We were on a sibling trip in Egypt and were sitting on a bench in Luxor (it was freakishly hot, which is what you get for going to Egypt in June) and I was exhausted and didn't feel like walking the mile or so to the museum and kept begging him to let us take a taxi. So he was pissed off at me and I was 'maybe' crying in public, in a foreign country. And we got to talking and I kept going on and on about how he hated me and how he didn't understand why I was being like I was and finally he said "Frances (pulling out the full name, GASP!), you can't really be happy like that." And he sort of motions towards me in a brotherly and disconnected way. I admitted that I wasn't and that I didn't know what to do. And being the all-knowing man that he is, he said "Don't just do something (profanity) stupid like starving yourself like you always do, exercise and eat like a normal human being. It is going to take a while, like a year. So suck it up and deal with it." And then he awkwardly hugged me. And I cried some more, and we had, by then, attracted some attention from the random old ladies who had been sweeping the street near us. I think they were not amused.

Anyway, because my brother lives and goes to school in England and spends his breaks in China, studying Chinese, I only see him very rarely. I think I'll be seeing him at some point this summer and I'd really like to be in the 130s when I do, because I want to prove both to myself and to him that I can do it. Sort of as a thank you and a 'suck on that' all in one.

05-03-2010, 12:37 AM
I don't think I had a rock bottom as far as weight GAIN goes. My bottom was when I had my eating disorder. The specific worst time I remember is went 4 days without eating anything. I remember those 4 days so vividly too. After I was discharged from treatment (and gained back all my weight PLUS some) I vowed I would live a healthy life style from that point on. It took me about 3 or 4 years to be stable again and I started loosing weight to get back to my goal weight in the right way. My motive is to STAY healthy and do it the right way, for life.

05-03-2010, 03:11 AM
For me it wasn't a rock bottom as such but a drunken conversation with one of my best friends when she told me she had joined Weight Watchers. I didn't even think twice about it and just said I'm joining next week. There was no ifs or buts about it and I am so glad I did. Having her there with me every week has kept me going :)

05-03-2010, 09:24 AM
Effie12, that is like the best brother story ever!

05-03-2010, 09:51 AM
It was three things for me, that all happened at the same time.

My dad always wants pictures of me and my sisters for christmas, so we take them in front of the xmas tree every year. My sisters are both a size 0, and this year I was a 16. I cried as soon as I saw the picture and was honestly embarrassed to give it to my dad. That same day I was invited to an xmas party with my ballet teacher from high school. I was so self conscious, since I've gained almost 100 pounds since I've seen her, that I declined the invitation. She also had invited me to dance in my old dance school's spring performance, and I had to make up something about final exam week so I didn't have to say "No, I'd probably break the stage if I got on it now." It infuriated me that I had let my weight get so bad - and my image of myself get so bad - that I was avoiding things that otherwise I would have been so happy to do. It took me a few months after that (vacations, new semester, excuses excuses) to really buckle down, but now I'm glad I hit that breaking point.

05-03-2010, 01:14 PM
Paradise mine is a lot like yours! I was at Kings Island an amusement park near Cincinnati OH! (Amazingly Fun- and can't wait to go this year) Anyway I got on The Beast which is a rollercoaster and when I pulled the lap bar down it didn't go very far. A ride operator came over and pushed it down farther smashing my thighs further into the seat and then yelled over to another co worker to come check it out. He was like is that gonna be okay the lap bar won't go down any father on her legs. The other guy was like yeah she is fine! But everyone around me was staring and saw why the lap bar couldnt go down as far! It was totally embarrassing. And I vowed that next season when Kings Island opened I would be thinner and not have to face that embarrasment. I'm a dare devil too. I ride anything and everything including the sky flyer- which is where you have a rip cord and they hoist you up a tower on a cable then when your hundereds of feet in the sky you pull the cord and go flying through the air. With the sky flyer you have like this whole body thing around you to hold you in. I would like to try Bungee jumping but I'm always afraid the cord will break lol. Probably wouldn't but I'm a chicken Sh**.

I'm going to Pigeon Forge in Sept. Hopefully I will be close to my goal weight and then I will do bungee jumping while I am down there. I am already down to 205! YAY! And planning on going to Kings Island in a few weeks actually so we shall see how well I fit in the seats this year!

05-03-2010, 02:11 PM
I've had a few moments - seeing an 8 on the scale at the doctor's office (as in 187), reading that dysplasia can lead to cervical cancer in overweight smoking women (that's when I quit smoking), seeing pictures of myself at friend's weddings. But the real kicker was seeing myself in my own wedding dress and thinking, nope, that's not what I'm going to look like in my wedding pictures, it's just not. Kind of silly that real illness didn't make the difference, but my own vanity has. I think some of that was just that all of this (I'm getting married, we're talking about kids, not as an abstract idea any more, but as a real we're starting a savings account kind of thing) became real and I saw it when I looked in the mirror in that dress.

05-03-2010, 02:16 PM
I can not recall a specific rock bottom breaking point.... I just know that I was flopping around like a fish on the bottom and got tired of it. Although I knew I was unhappy with my size and that seemed to be the bain of my existence, it was when I admitted to the other things in my life that I wasn't happy with that made the difference. When I dropped the first 35 lbs, weight loss wasn't my main focus. My main goal was getting my life in order and weightloss was a side effect. I wasn't spending my days eating and drinking myself into a pit anymore. That was 5 yrs ago.

Now at 180 lbs, I'm nowhere near what I would consider my rock bottom but that's because I feel I have control of my life and there are so many things out there more important than my weight. I certainly feel I could be more active, lose a few pounds.... but that's just because I want to be healthy and look hot in a short skirt. lol.

05-03-2010, 02:23 PM
I can relate so well to most of what you are all saying!

05-03-2010, 02:38 PM
My rock bottom was a combination of different things- pictures threw me off. I don't know if I'm in major denial, but when I look in the mirror I don't see someone as big as I am, but when I see a picture I'm like, 'WHOAAAAAA- that's what I REALLY look like?' Waking up and being stiff as a board- joints aching and huffing and puffing just going up the stairs. Remembering how I used to just love being athletic and dancing and now feeling like a blob. It just hit me right after my son was born in November that I had to change- 2010 could not be the same as 2009.

05-03-2010, 02:52 PM
Probably not a rock bottom moment, but a wake up call was when my doctor told me my cholesterol was too high and if I didn't do something about it, I was going to end up on medication.

I am only 28.. I don't want to be medicated for something I CAN control.

Seeing pictures from family get togethers from Thanksgiving and Christmas added to that too. I couldn't believe how much I had let myself go. I am the oldest of the grandkids.. the shortest AND the biggest. I don't want it to always be that way!

05-03-2010, 02:56 PM
As to photos-- I do not see myself as big as I appear in photos either! There are posing techniques to help that, but still, photos for me are a big wake up call!

05-03-2010, 03:10 PM
I dunno, 11th grade was torture for me because I was so big. I didn't even have any friends at school really. I talked to people in class sometimes, but I was alone at lunch every day. I was really lonely and depressed and stuff, and I knew if I didn't do something, something bad was going to happen to me. My pediatrician had recommended Weight Watchers and I really respected her, so since I had just turned 17 I joined with my best friend.

Fell off the wagon a couple times, but I always got back on. This time I just knew I was getting to goal. And it's been really easy actually.

05-03-2010, 03:24 PM
I think I already mentioned this last year in another thread, but one time I stood on the scale and it said 214. I was in shock. I dieted very slightly, I think I just didn't snack, and got down to 203 or so.

Wow, just typing that I once used to be over 200 boggles my mind! I cannot believe I ever let myself get to that point.

Anyway, this was my worst moment, but wasn't the moment that made me start:

My cousin and I were dancing/partying down in San Diego, and all the clubs had closed and people are crowding the streets, walking home or to hotels, or getting cabs, and I was standing on the sidewalk, and a car of guys drove past with all the windows down, hollering at girls and whistling. I just happened to be kind of watching this car, and the guy in the backseat caught my eye, and said "don't look at me, you're fat"

I DIED. I think I turned white. I was so embarrassed. I looked away and pretended I didn't hear, but that was when I knew I couldn't go by as chubby or voluptuous anymore, I was really, truly, overweight.

I don't really know what happened with me to lose it all, but a friend suggested we all start jogging and do a half marathon, so when I started that and realized I couldn't even run for 1 minute, I didn't want to let my friends down and I decided I needed to lose weight in order to pick up my running.

It's amazing how hard it was to run being 200 lbs. Every single thing hurt. How did I live like that!?

05-03-2010, 04:20 PM
My rock bottom was about 6 months ago, my Bf was having problems being physical with me and made the comment "I have never been with a girl that wasnt teeny tiny" when I asked him why he wouldnt do anything with me......that was like a slap in the face....I had let my once 135 pound rockn body get to 185. a 50 pound weight gain.....I knew then I had to make a change not for him but for me......

05-03-2010, 06:55 PM
My rock bottom was about 6 months ago, my Bf was having problems being physical with me and made the comment "I have never been with a girl that wasnt teeny tiny" when I asked him why he wouldnt do anything with me......that was like a slap in the face....I had let my once 135 pound rockn body get to 185. a 50 pound weight gain.....I knew then I had to make a change not for him but for me......

I would dump my boyfriend if he said that to me...

05-03-2010, 07:01 PM
Hope you don't mind if an old lady chimes in here!;) My rock bottom was at Christmas when I went to visit fiance's mother in the hospital. I have known her much longer than I've known him, and she has been very overweight all of her life. She is in her 70's now and her weight has caused her to not be able to walk w/o a walker, she can barely breathe and she just looked so d*mn uncomfortable. I vowed shortly after that that I would do everything possible to not let myself get into that shape. I want to enjoy the last years of my life, however many they turn out to be. I want to be healthy and happy.

05-03-2010, 07:54 PM
I had two:

1. I was turning 21 and just didn't want to exist like this anymore.

2. Then more recently, I realized that there was no way I was going to study abroad looking like this, and now was the time to get it done.

05-03-2010, 08:52 PM
I don't know what my 'rock bottom' was, but I'd say my main thing was going through several hardships in my life. The time I got serious was more about my well being and making myself a better person in general, changing things about myself etc than it was about appearance. Trying to put my life together is a good way to put it.

It would be a heck of a lot to explain, but mainly I am working to get control of my life and gain my own independence.

05-03-2010, 09:00 PM
My senior year of highschool I didn't have anymore friends, (they had all moved away to college already and what not) so I had alot of spare time to pity myself so I started doing some boxing training and working out in my parents garage every day. I was doing like 300 situps a day. I lost a bunch of weight and it was all good from there up until like a year and a half ago and now I'm back to what my original highest weight was...almost 100 pounds more than my lowest weight.

05-04-2010, 03:00 AM
i couldn't fit into my pants anymore after quitting my job and taking 6 months off of school. I have to wear treggings everyday now, (leggings that look like jeans). They have an elastic waistband, like pregnancy pants.

05-07-2010, 01:56 AM
I weighed myself after two years of not even looking at a scale, because my SIZE 18 JEANS were fitting extremely tight...some I couldnt even wear anymore. It came up to 240lbs! The heaviest ever. I could'nt believe it, I was so hurt. I cried and cried and cried. I couldnt help but think "60 lbs from being 300lbs, sooooo close to being considered extremely obese on the bmi chart" I hit my bottom at 240 and I'll never go back...

bama girl
05-07-2010, 02:31 AM
I weighed myself after two years of not even looking at a scale, because my SIZE 18 JEANS were fitting extremely tight...some I couldnt even wear anymore. It came up to 240lbs! The heaviest ever. I could'nt believe it, I was so hurt. I cried and cried and cried. I couldnt help but think "60 lbs from being 300lbs, sooooo close to being considered extremely obese on the bmi chart" I hit my bottom at 240 and I'll never go back...

I think it's interesting that you say that because I'm really similar in thinking with numbers. I had a breakdown when I saw 160 on the scale because I realized I was closer to 200 pounds than 100 pounds.

05-07-2010, 02:39 AM
My rock bottom is that me and my husband have been trying to concieve for almost a year now.. and nothing.. I'm pretty sure my weight has something to do with it and the doc was saying this also.
I want to be healthy for myself and my future kiddos! I know right nwo this isnt how i want to be forever..

05-07-2010, 04:18 AM
I never hit rock bottom but I've been wanting to get healthier for awhile, and something just clicked. I no longer craved snacking or junk food, I was no longer preoccupied with food, I no longer even cared about food. It was kind of weird, one day I woke up and realized I just didn't care about eating anymore.

05-07-2010, 05:02 AM
I have several instances that just really twisted the knife, so I guess they were rock bottoms for me, although I tend to yoyo so there is always some breaking point or other :(

A significant time was when I was shopping for a dress for a new years party. (i don't usually like to try on clothes because I don't like what I see). Anyway, I was actually trying stuff on and was just HORRIFIED at what I saw in the full length mirrors :(. Nothing I tried on fit me right and my flabby arms and wide hips looked ridiculous in everything :( I just broke down and cried there and then.

Another time, more recently, was when I came back to my term-time job after the Easter break. I was talking to a colleague and he just casually decided to point out that I'd gained weight!! I knew I had but it was SO hurtful to know that it was THAT noticeable! Eeek! I've had some serious denial going on :(

05-07-2010, 02:41 PM
My rock bottom was a combination of different things- pictures threw me off. I don't know if I'm in major denial, but when I look in the mirror I don't see someone as big as I am, but when I see a picture I'm like, 'WHOAAAAAA- that's what I REALLY look like?' Waking up and being stiff as a board- joints aching and huffing and puffing just going up the stairs. Remembering how I used to just love being athletic and dancing and now feeling like a blob. It just hit me right after my son was born in November that I had to change- 2010 could not be the same as 2009.

I am new here, but I totally understand this! I seriously wonder sometimes if I have body dysmoprhia because I generally like how I look in the mirror, but pictures are like WHOA. It is amazing how different my perception of myself is!!

05-07-2010, 03:36 PM
Kayhm0711 it's nice to see you're getting toward your bungee weight, lol. I have been terrified to go to a theme park ever since, but I can't wait to lose enough to fit back in all the rides.

05-07-2010, 07:31 PM
My rock bottom was probably when I started having blood sugar problems. I went to a Dr. about it and I closed my eyes when I got on the scale. I was so ashamed that the first thing I told her was I was planning to lose weight. I'm so thankful that happened.

05-07-2010, 07:39 PM
hey that's really cool that i'm not the only one to "hit rock bottom" so to speak. mine came when i was at work and i felt like no one would pay me the time of day, but God forbid... you should see some young thing walk up to **anyone** and get waited on hand and foot!!

anyway... i hope this is allowed but im new here so if it isn't just let me know. but hopefully i can kill two birds with one stone here. I wrote all about my story in my introduction.

so check it out and let me know what u think...?

Thanx! :)


05-08-2010, 06:32 PM
I don't think I had a rock bottom. I just got tired of being fat, and I started to diet. I tried South Beach among others and the only thing that really worked for me was Medifast. So here I am.

05-13-2010, 01:22 AM
There were several times that I should have hit rock bottom but didn't; the time I got on a carnival ride and was too big, the fact that diabetes runs in both sides of my family and my Dad had emergency surgery 2 years ago because of it, huffing and puffing through my job everyday...which is especially hard in the summer because I work at a horse barn, outside....things like that should have made a difference. But they didn't. Because, by nature I'm a lazy bum. I like how I feel after exercise, but motivating me takes some effort.

Realistically, my rock bottom came one night, about to fall asleep with my hubby. We had been talking about weight loss, and I was making excuses as usual. And finally he said, in a choked up voice, "I will love you no matter what size you are...and I really, really mean that. But it won't matter if you die before you're 40. What will I ever do without you?" And he was right, and I knew it.

He's a good one, that boy.

05-13-2010, 02:17 AM
I was in my car with my son and this car of young thugtypes pulled up along side me and yelled mean things to me. There was no reason for this, I hadn't even looked over at them and they just rolled down their window and started yelling that I disgusted them and that I was a fat b-word... It really hurt. I went home and balled my eyes out.

05-13-2010, 02:53 AM
I'm sorry clickit...how sadly pathetic that those kids had nothing better to do with their lives. I wish you hadn't wasted tears on them, but I understand. I am, however, a firm believer in kharma!! :)

05-13-2010, 04:34 AM
I have always been a healthy weight on the verge of slightly overweight since I can remember. I was dating/living with someone I was so in love with and everything was wonderful in our relationship. We've all been there, when you're in love and happy with someone you get comfortable and stop trying to impress them. This compounded with us going out to eat several times a week and going out drinking a fee nights a week resulted in me being my heaviest 165.5. The first time I weighed myself I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I knew my clothes weren't fitting but I couldn't fathom that I had gained so much weight. I wanted to lose the weight but I didn't want to sacrifice our lifestyle and all our dates so my weight remained in that region for awhile.. Then inevitably came the break up. I was heartbroken and completely shattered. After a couple days of being in a complete tailspin I decided to focus on something I had complete control over and focused my energy towards weight loss.

It helped a lot that I was on the best diet I have ever found in my life: spite.

I did it for me bc I wanted to regain control in my life, but seeing his reaction after the first time 25 lbs lighter was priceless :o)

10-31-2010, 10:41 PM
I am sure that I have plenty of rock bottom moments to come, but the reason why I started working out is because I went in for an internship interview with Leo Burnett, one of the world's largest advertising agencies based in Chicago. I was totally pumped: I had a stellar portfolio, tons of public speaking experience, and some previous internship experience. I was shown into a waiting room wtih three other girls my age. Equally stellar portfolios, equal amounts of public speaking expeirence, and equal amounts of previous internship experience. Except they all were size 8's or less. Suffice to say, my rejection letter has lit the fire under my butt to get into shape.

10-31-2010, 11:08 PM
Simple. My old stretched out 16s got raggy and I went to the store to replace them and was horrified to find out that no other 16 in the store fit me. I had to buy 18s, and it took me over a half an hour to find just ONE pair of 18s that were long enough. And I said: "There's no WAY I'm gonna go through this again." So, I bought like, 2 pairs of 18s and said those were the only 2 pairs of 18s I would EVER buy. Spent a lot of time washing them... but it helped keep me focused.

Also. I went to the doctor... mostly because I had a knee that was bothering me... and she asked me "Do you exercise regularly or has the knee been holding you back?" And I was so embarrassed...didn't know what to tell her. I kinda bs'ed a... "Yeah, I try sometimes, but yeah my knee has been interfering" blah blah blah. I was too embarrassed to flat out say "Nope, I don't exercise...ever. For no reason, I just don't." And then I got on the scale.................. need I say more?

Aside from that. I just did not like the overall feeling of "sluggishness" that I had. Like, nothing was wrong really... but I the panting whenever I physically exerted myself was frustrating. Something had to be done.

11-01-2010, 12:27 AM
My most recent "rock bottom" came when I weighed myself and realized I was less than ten pounds away from my all time high weight from high school, the one I always looked at photos of and laughed at because there was no way I could ever be that big again. I stepped on the scale and stepped right off and all I could think about was "ffffuuuuuuu, I need to do something."

Cemented by the fact that I walked into a store for the second time in my life and the shopkeeper said "You've gained weight."

11-01-2010, 01:12 AM
I didn't really hit a rock bottom. I've always thought I was pretty and everything, but not excessively so. It was more that I hit a point where I was scared for my health.

At around 180 lbs, my doctor sat me down and warned me that I was at the weight where I would start to develop health problems. She never told me anything on how to get healthier other than "eat right and exercise." That didn't help me, and I brushed it off. I gained 27 more pounds over the next 2.5 years.

Then one day I stepped on the scale and when it read 207, I finally broke out of the apathetic mood I had toward my weight. It was going to affect my health - and had. My blood pressure was in a "normal" range for the first time in my life (normally it was lower and very, very healthy) and my cholesterol was very high.

None of it bothered me until I saw that scale number and realized what it meant - things were just going to get worse. So, so much worse. I saw myself in a ten years - huge, unhealthy, horrified at what I'd managed to do to myself but even more at what I would inevitably end up being.

I decided on the spot I'd eat healthy cold turkey. I started that day and have not gone back since. Now I'm 50 lbs down and thrilled with my loss so far. I love how I eat, how I feel, and that I can run 25 minutes without a problem now. I LOVE it.

Great thread - I'm glad it was revived.

11-01-2010, 02:33 AM
i haven't had a truly "rock bottom" moment about my weight in years, but i guess one of the things that triggered it this time was when my mom came to visit me this summer. we went sight seeing all over Japan together and there is this one picture she took of me, ringing a bell at a shrine, and it's full body, from behind, and i just couldn't get over how terrible my backside looked! lol. i mean i'm pretty much aware of how fat my front side is but i rarely actually see my butt, haha... so i thought "i should probably lose a bit" eheh...

also at that time, i saw my mom for the first time in a year, and she had gained a LOT of weight. i'm pretty sure she was over 250lbs... everytime i looked at her i kept thinking "she's so fat! i don't wanna look like that!!" and it made me sad for her too. so we made a pact to try and lose weight together after she went home. (she also promised me a samantha thavasa bag if i lost 10kg, eheh...)

11-04-2010, 11:18 AM
My rock bottom happened at my highest known weight, when my bf and I had a late dinner of a Big Mac, Fries and Coke each (not unusual for us). I just remember lying in my bed with my stomach completely distended and puffed out feeling like I was going to die. Eventually I felt so sick that I vomited it all up and started crying. I've never purged food on purpose, and it was an involuntary bodily reaction. I realized that my body was LITERALLY REJECTING MY CHOICES.

Started the Belly Fat Cure. Have lost 39 lbs, still eat at McDonald's (just less, and different things), have never felt better. Will never go back.

11-04-2010, 03:42 PM
my first rock bottom happened when I saw pictures of myself in photos of when I went to italy in 2009. I wanted to cry. I looked so big in all the pictures and none of them was flattering. I wanted to chop off all my fat with a knife from my kitchen. I felt so low and I cried myself to sleep and for a while I decided to dress pretty low key like in jeans, t-shirts, no makeup, and become the plain Jane tomboy that I had been for 17 years. Then this year, I decided that I didn't want to be like this so I slowly changed my tomboy ways. It was a slow change, when it started with makeup, girl size clothing, and a new hair do. Now I've decided to time to shed the weight. On tv, I always hear someone say its not what matters on the outside, its what matters on the inside but honestly that's not true. Being big has never been anything but a curse. I don't feel comfortable eating around other people and I won't step into a bathing suit. Big for me at least isn't beautiful its more like a curse from ****.

11-04-2010, 03:50 PM
Rock bottom for me had to do with receiving awful news. My best friend died, and I was all alone when I found out (and in a foreign city, traveling). After the crying part, my guess is that most people would turn to some kind of vice--chain smoking, drinking, whatever. I didn't smoke. I didn't drink. I did, however, consume a giant sandwich...and a supersized order of french fries...and a "family size" brick of chocolate...and an entire box of muffins.

Suddenly I realized how absolutely pathetic I felt. I also realized that food wasn't going to fill the void. Shortly thereafter I started googling weight loss things, and stumbled across 3FC for the first time. I was a lurker for about a year, and finally joined this summer :)

11-05-2010, 08:30 AM
It was a few things...

I noticed that when I slept, I tucked my hands and half of my arms into my belly folds, and it grossed me out that I was able to even do this.

I noticed that I would rest my head/neck down onto my double chins.

DH said I started to snore loudly and at times, he woke me up from my sleep because he heard me choking. (Sleep apnea much!?)

DH called me out on eating multiple family-sized meals at a time.

I took naked photographs of myself to try to see what I *really* looked like and I was soooo horrified.

I couldn't keep it up. I was so unhappy...

11-05-2010, 12:57 PM
Playground, I am sorry to hear about your friend. He or she gave you one last gift though: your health.

11-05-2010, 06:24 PM
Aww, thank you. It's true- getting on a "healthier track" has definitely been a huge blessing :)

11-05-2010, 07:42 PM
My rock bottom happend at my new job. At my old job, I weighed between 150-160lbs. I slowly gained weight once I started my new job (I sit ALL day & there's junk food EVERYWHERE!). My new boss saw a picture of me out with friends on my computer screen saver, and he asked me who that cute girl was. I told him that that was me, and he laughed and said "no way". After arguing with him, he finally realized that the picture was me and said "I seriously didn't recognize you. That picture doesn't even look like you!" I was crushed and extremely embarassed! :( I knew that I had gained weight, but not to the point where my old pics looked like a totally different person. That was when I knew I had to do something. I now use my old pics as motivation to stick with my good eating habits and excercise. :)

11-05-2010, 07:51 PM
The second time, the time it really hit me what I had become, was at a carnival in Germany. I was walking around with a friend eating ice cream, and this man walked by, looked at the cone, looked me in the eye with this disgusted face and went, "Dich tier." You animal. My friend didn't know any German, but I know a little. I started crying and just told her my contacts were bothering me. Not to be dramatic, but I can still hear his voice sometimes when I think about eating.

What a horrible man!!! No one deserves to be spoken to like that! Good for you for losing weight, but do not let it be his voice in your head that keeps you going. Let it be your own voice saying "I can do this!" Good job on working so hard, and keep it up! :)

11-06-2010, 02:52 AM
Gosh, I've had so many moments that I thought were rock bottom and then I keep going back to old habits.

I think right now my rock bottom is the fact that I keep disappointing myself by not sticking with the low calories/ workout and making up excuses. Also having 98% of my jeans not fit and feeling like my shirts look digusting everytime I put them on is a pretty low point for me. It almost feels like sitting here writing this feeling like **** for 2 weeks of good that's turned into another 2 weeks of cheating is my most recent low point.

I know what I want out of myself and I know I can do it especially with 3FC help!

11-06-2010, 10:33 AM
I had made an appointment to visit my OBGYN... 7 months after my 6 week post partum check up. I had been having a lot of pain and problems. At my pervious appointment, I was 275...10lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight. Perfect...I could keep the weight loss going.

Unfortunately...that's not what happened. I went back to work...depression kicked in...office job...a lot of bad food & choices...no exercise...and I had balooned up to 310lbs. I felt awful. I still feel kind of awful. But the 7lb loss has made a difference. I don't feel as bloated or uncomfortable...and that loss is only the beginning.

11-06-2010, 11:27 PM
after my second pregnancy I kinda stuck to a "healthy" but I didn't count calories diet. I lost a bunch of weight and started out my third pregnancy 20 lbs lighter than my second. I then gained up to about 190something I think near the end of my third pregnancy. I had him in October, so I was like "I'm gonna take it easy through the holidays and just kinda eat healthy, like I did last time!"

well...yeah that didn't work. March/April of this year rolled around and I stepped on the scale again and I realized I'd had a seven lb baby and BARELY was 7 lbs lighter 5-6 months afterwards. I weighed in at 185. Sometime in that time frame I started to really count my calories and try to make a real effort to lose the weight vs "meh." like I was doing before.

I think the biggest shock to me was that it REALLY WORKED! The whole "counting calories" thing actually worked! Before I think I just minimized the effect of a 200 calorie snack. I was accustomed to carb counting (I'm a gestational-therefore-future diabetic, the nutritionist grilled carb counting into my head and I can do exchanges in my sleep!), but not to calorie counting. It was like a huge shock to me! LOL!

11-07-2010, 02:48 AM
My rock bottom is current. I was at my highest a couple of months ago 165. Which officially makes me obese. For some reason, the number creeping up wasn't affecting me. Some close friends of mine had been talking about very large people they've seen and thought there were disgusting and started talking very negatively towards overweight people (never anything toward me) and it made me feel incredibly bad for the people and for myself because I fell into those categories. Finally, I went to the doctor about some acid reflex and the only thing she told me to do was lose weight. :( The comment made me feel really angry. I'm not sure if I was as angry at her, or angry at myself. I have vowed to get on the right track, but I'm not sure what I need to actually make my changes last.

Sanna Maria
11-07-2010, 07:46 AM
I think the number on the scale was really shocking to me, my scale shows in kilograms, and I somehow understood that going over 90 would be crossing a line that I did not want to cross. It showed my weight gain was getting totally out of hand and I was teary and despairing over how on earth I was going to stop gaining. So I knew deep in my heart this time is for real, no excuses, this is extremely serious and I will have to reduce my calories no matter how hard it feels. Buying bigger clothes hadn't been an eye opener but the number on the scale was telling me I could no longer fool myself that I was anywhere near the size I've been most of my life.

11-07-2010, 09:02 PM
I think rock bottom was when someone at work thought I was pregnant due to weight gain. He meant absolutley no harm by it.. there were 3 girls at work that were pregnant and I was one of the younger girls. Unfortunatley for me around the time they got pregnant was the same time I was gaining weight quite rapidly. Mind you this was an older man.. and he asked me "soo do you know what your having yet..." at first there was a really akward pause because I wasnt sure what he meant. AND then it dawned on me.."omg he thinks im pregnant" i sheepishly told him no im not pregnant i know ive gained alot of weight tho.. to where he turned red and appologized a million times. But it was none the less one of my most in the face realizations that I had gained too much! Im at a new job now.. so they just think im fat.. they didnt watch the weight go up.. but im determined to lose it this time!

11-20-2010, 03:56 AM
The worst was when I came stomping into my living room in the dark, wearing Uggs (from the kitchen) and didn't see one of my cats. I stood on his claws as he pulled away and crushed two. I was destroyed, my cats are my WHOLE WORLD and all I could think was that if I wasn't so heavy and greedy my baby wouldn't be in so much pain. I am so ashamed. He's fine now though, thank God. Cats are so stoic, he was purring like five minutes after.

The other incident was when I was so sick with tranquilisers, cigs, coffee (15 cups w sugar measured by hand, WTH?), & food, that I had to get out and walk in the middle of the night to try to get some peace. My brain was on fire, my stomach was killing me, when one of my mum's friends out late with her dog, stopped me and asked me when I was due. I'm clueless about pregnancy but she didn't batt an eye when I said "seven months". I didn't want to embarrass either of us!!

Something clicked and I thought, what's going on? Something's very wrong here. Started a week later.

11-20-2010, 10:12 AM
Daing reading these stories make me so sad!! Thank you all for sharing them.

I didn't have a "rock bottom". I used weight as a security blanket to weed out the guys who only focus on the physical aspect of girls. When I met my husband he thought I was sexy and fell in love with me at my highest weight. I promised myself when I found the one, I would lose weight. And that's what happened. From day one of our relationship I started to slowly work on my weight loss (June 2009). No turning back now :)

Oh plus I want to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy when we start trying for babies and I'd rather start that journey when Im small ;)

11-20-2010, 08:06 PM
At 197. I've always carried my weight well but then I started noticing little physical things that really bugged me like dimples in my arms, etc. Also, at 189 my doctor told me I should lose weight as my blood pressure was getting high. One day I just woke up (literally) and decided to diet and was successful. Just like when I knew I had to get braces, I woke up one morning and was like "Okay lets go get this started!" haha.

11-21-2010, 02:45 PM
July 12, 2009: my parents have finally come to visit me in Los Angeles, though I had moved across the country to California 6 months before. Excited to pick them up from the airport, I stand beaming to greet them as they get off the plane. They almost walk right past me in the waiting area-- not because of large crowds, but because I had put on almost 40 pounds since they had last seen me. Though they reacted kindly and out of love and concern, they correctly identified areas of unhappiness in my life that had led me to eat, and eat and eat.
Pictures from that weekend (which also involved my cousin's wedding, in which I was the maid of honor) still horrify me. Lavender, shimmering sleeveless bridesmaid dresses taken from unflattering angles. WHAT a nightmare. I should submit them to some bridesmaid dress disaster website. Surrounded by an extensive Polynesian themed buffet, I felt fat, out of shape and miserable. Add to that video taken of my "official toast" and you have a picture of a "rock bottom" that is documented, moment by moment, in our family archives.

Though the memories of a fun time surrounded by family were ultimately positive, I vowed to make a change.

11-22-2010, 11:34 AM
I don't remember the date, i think it was in september. I was trying to find something to wear and was trying on my jeans..and realized that not ONE of my jeans fit me anymore. I almost started crying. I remember having to wear belts with my jeans because they were too big around my jeans and now not one of them of buttoned. I had gained 20lbs over the course of a year..the last ten over the course of 3 months, hence the jeans no longer fitting. Thats when I decided something had to change.

11-26-2010, 09:20 PM
My horrible relationship and the way I felt about myself was my breaking point. I knew my weight was crappy and I needed to change something in my life because I was always down and negative. So once the new year started and my relatiohship was going down the toliet I began doing things that would keep me busy and help me lose some weight. I began walking to and from work in the winter time. (More of a lets see if it pushes his buttons for me to do that, because he would freak out at me going for a run at 8 at night even if it was completely sunny out.) Then once the relationship completely failed, I moved back across the country home...I had not dropped any weight at all, but everyone who knew me couldn't believe how much weight I had gain. I was told I was fat, and constantly ridiculed on how I could become "that" big...That was my final straw, (I knew it myself but to hear it constantly just made me want to lose weight and show them up) I made my mom become my chubby buddy (she's stick thin but due to other issues shes had I think it's helped her out alot to become physically active.) The weight started coming off quickly and I began to feel more confident plus I was loving the compliments from people at work. I also got a few other people to join me into weight loss (we wouldn't work out together but we were eachother's motivations and always talked about working out and different foods to eat and stuff.) Now I've moved back to (where I left...) and I've been maintaining my weight pretty good, but once I'm on my own at the end of the month I'm going to get back into working out (because then I don't have to worry about extra money to feed two other people.)

11-26-2010, 11:34 PM
It was at the end of December in 2009. I was miserable. My legs were so fat that my right foot was starting to turn outwards when I walked. I looked down one day and noticed I was walking funny. I asked my (then) husband if I always walked that way. He said yes. I asked him why didn't he tell me. And he said that he thought that it was just the way I walked. I went to the doctor's to get on birth control and the doctor didn't want to put me on it because my blood pressure was 151/91. My weight was around 335 at the time. My highest weight being 340 a few weeks before that.

I also noticed that I couldn't turn over in bed anymore with it being very slow, difficult and painful.

My size 26 pants didn't fit anymore but I squeezed myself into them.

I just knew that I was going to die if I didn't do something. I decided that 2010 was a special year. A year for change. Since then I have:

-Lost 62lbs.
-Got divorced.
-Went back to school.
-Gained some hobbies.

I'm a new woman. :)

11-27-2010, 12:06 AM
I just knew that I was going to die if I didn't do something. I decided that 2010 was a special year. A year for change. Since then I have:

-Lost 62lbs.
-Got divorced.
-Went back to school.
-Gained some hobbies.

I'm a new woman. :)

You're my ideal! You've accomplished so much within a year! :hug: You just gave me inspiration! Thank you.

Focused Lani
11-27-2010, 12:23 AM
My rock bottom was when I had to quit a job I loved due to my weight. I developed heel and hip problems and couldn't stand for 7 hours a day anymore (I'm only 26!!!) The worst part is everyone was confused and upset about my leaving, including my boss, my co-workers and my husband. I couldn't tell any of them the real reason because I was just so ashamed, so I blamed stress. So then I was at home all day with my toddler, becoming increasingly isolated and depressed and I found that I could hardly fit into my old clothes anymore! And with my leaving my job our finances died so it was not like I could afford to buy anymore. I've always loved working but I wont even apply for jobs because I've lost all confidence in my abilities to do a decent work day, plus I think no-one in their right mind would give my a job because of my size. It had put a lot of pressure on my relationship and I think my husband is pretty much just fed up! :( So I HAD to do something.

11-27-2010, 05:50 PM
My rock bottom is now. I'm 2 years post partum and my scale hasn't budged even though I've tried numerous times to lose weight. I'm finally seriously interested in someone and I realize now that I don't want him to see me in anything less than bundled up in a coat hah. I'm not losing it for him but because I realize now that whenever that opportunity comes up, its going to be the same. I also realize that a lot of my being single has a lot to do with my weight and I really just don't want to be unhappy and alone for the rest of my life. The extra weight I have on now is what I deem my "bad relationship" weight so maybe if I can finally get rid of that then I can finally move on.

I feel really different this time though so I have 100% faith that this is the time!

11-27-2010, 09:20 PM
I don't have a rock bottom, but I do have a sad love story: So in 2008, while in undergrad I met the man who I consider to be the love of my life and then I moved away to transfer to a cheaper school and we continued to communicate and we fell in love and then I looked in a mirror one day and realized I did NOT want him to see me this way, so I purposely distanced myself from him and I abandoned him. And all because oh this damn weight. It pisses me off that I let my size get in the way of true love and I will regret it for the rest of my life.